Thursday, October 23, 2008

Commission charges Sime Darby and KPMG bosses

Something to hide? Remember June's "big mess" in newly-merged Sime Darby, where five top execs had to go? Well, The Star seems to have out-FOXed the other dailies with a report of the Companies Commisison of Malaysia charging Sime Darby's Human Resources top honcho for faling to show it the papers with regards to the sacking. The Commission also charged KPMG Corporate Services Tan Kim Chuan for failing to cooperate with the Commission's investigators.

Something's foxy, but I told you that already back then. I wonder if Brenden Pereira, who appeared briefly as Sime Darby's spokesman in June, will make do another one .. More at SimeDarbyWatch h e r e.


  1. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Ishak Hamid is the Head of Human Resource,and yet he is not showing good corporate governance by purposely refusing to comply with the Authorities request.Sime Darby should issue him a Show-Cause Letter.
    If the Board allows him to thumb his nose to the authorities,then in future,other more junior executives will do the same without any repurcussion from management.
    Tun Musa is known to be a no-nonsense Chairman,so I think early intervention is required here to safeguard Sime Darby's credibility.


  2. Wonder what is happening to Sime Darby. They have left several of their properties deserted since several months ago. There used to be security guards but now there is none. Those properties seems to have been abandoned.

  3. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Let the Industrial court decide on the reason for sackings,why must the CCM get involved? Please dont play politics here my advise to CEO CCM.

    What happen to ECM Libra investigation,scared of Pak Lah ka?

    Look here Sime has given their employees a good bonus,thanks to EVP Haji Ishak.Those 5 desrve it when times are good they never respect their responsibility and let the rogue traders gamble PNB money.

    Why the EVP Human Resource of Sime has to undergo the investigation,its too foxy to blame him...

    Go and entertain other complaints lah CCM...Sime Darby name shouldnt be tarnish just because of the sackings and political gimmicks that is ongoing.

  4. Anonymous7:49 pm

    pls visit:

    This guy is so racist, i'm ashamed to be malaysian!!!


  5. "The Commission also charged KPMG Corporate Services Tan Kim Chuan for failing to cooperate with the Commission's investigators."


  6. Going back to the Tun Salleh-Bar Council episode, why no help from Zaid Ibrahim ?
    And Tun M must be having a good laugh.
    Tengok siapa yang kena...

  7. Al Fatihah to The GREAT Samad Lefthanded

    -semuga Allah mencucuri rohnya-


  8. When Tun Ismail Ali was chairperson, political interest never encroach into day to day business in SDarby. I'm sure DrM tried to muscle into the company's vast reserve - in name of national service but brother-in-law never yielded an inch.

    Today, the once bluest of blue should be tagged SBarmy. The working culture, its staff has taken on a more pronounce 'Ketuanan' culture.

    Almost two months ago, I suggested shareholders and staff sell off/take profit when counter was at RM$9 or so. Had anyone listened, they wouldn't be stuck looking at it today at RM$6.40 and still under selling pressure.

    This once bluest of blue has a a rich heritage that tracks the nations growth in industry. This fall from grace is just another sad instance of UMNO's rotten hand turning gold to dust.

    Go on, try dispute that Rocky when the writing is on the wall pasted in caps. Sad, sad, sad concerning the company's pedigree all coming to naught.

  9. Anonymous1:09 am

    "The Commission also charged KPMG Corporate Services Tan Kim Chuan for failing to cooperate with the Commission's investigators."

    Year of Statutory Declaration
    Year of Sueing by politician
    Year of charging companies "local and foreign"

    Like this all foreign companies cabut.....CCM are going against their vision and mission statement getting involve on unnecessaries running of a global company like Sime Darby,lain kerja tak ada?

    Just bought Sime shares 50 Lots,hope to gain from future appreciation.IOI even better at RM 3 its a good buy.In Sime we trust to lead the way to rationalise their performance.The company should buy back their shares or just give their emplyees the ESOS.Its the right timing.

    I wont be surprise Shearn & Delamore to back up Sime to fight the case on.Sue back SSM if they fail their duty.They cannot intefere Human Resource matter which are pending in Industrial court.

  10. WARNING: This is totally off-topic

    It's me, the guy formerly known as "Mart Anon", who has now morphed into "Mat Cendana" of Cendana Blues: Addicted to Politics, and is also "Cendana287" of the Recovery from Drug Addiction blog which, thanks to your post in early Sept, had boosted the then two weeks old, zero-rank blog, into PageRank 4 status (I hope this sentence is confusing enough to warrant a second reading heheh!)

    Anyway, an interesting comment came in just now at the old post of Malaysia Stoke City Supporters Club: I dream of, which was about our hope of having a Malaysian Stoke City supporters club. A journalist from Stoke found that blog and post, and had left a comment. It's unfortunate that I can't give him any good news to write about:-(

    Well, maybe one day, we'll have one... Until then, let's hope Stoke City will repeat what they did to Spurs a few days ago and get those points to stay up there in the Premier League.

  11. Anonymous8:18 am

    that why malaysian companies are not properly manage! But the way, who is sime darby chairman??

    zamri sunway

  12. Anonymous9:13 am

    No comments.

    Next issue, please.


  13. Hallo Musa Hitam.

    Apa crita? Ini tak boleh dibiarkan ni.

    Lu kan Champion Keikhlasan & Kejujuran.

    Tak kan diorang menipu bawah hidung you kot?


    What a joke! Pasal orang macam korang UMNO nampak tua dan tak relevan

  14. Anonymous5:41 pm

    When the government gave the green light to merge the three giant plantation companies, the rationale then were to enhance synergistic effect. Have they not thought about may be the merged entity is too large to manage? Now after merging so many things crop up one after another, so what's next, de-merge????????

  15. Anonymous6:46 am

    dear rocky - voice of the people,

    i m sorry to out of topic a bit.
    but try to get some attention here.When can people in Sg Buaya getting the promised Interchange some 13 years ago,until now they didnt see it yet?
    i am sorry, but land and general was the developer then,but what happen now?YB come and go,but yet nothing happen.
    PLease if you can highlight this to people concern, we thank you.But if you want to delete this,i concur.

    anon sg buaya.