Friday, August 08, 2008

Blogger arrested for doing a doggy

The Inspector-General of Police told reporters in Kuala Lumpur a while ago that the blogger Penarik Beca or Bakaq is being investigated for "humiliating" the police force.

How did Bakaq humiliate the force? The blogger apparently transformed the TIGER on the police emblem into a DOG!

I don't agree with the act of doggying the cops that way. Like the hippies calling the police PIGS in. Like most of you who are unhappy with some bloggers' decision to raise an inverted flag on Merdeka as a sign of protest.

But is it seditious?

As I see it, Bakaq's detention is another example of police over-reaction. Bakaq's defaced emblem is nothing compared with the missing RM1 million syabu stolen while in the cops' possession in Johor Bahru this week, to cite just one latest example.

The decision to pick him up in the middle of the night did more damage to the police force than a hundred of Bakaq's worst postings on the cops.

I would like to appeal to the IGP to release Bakaq immediately, without charge, and use the feedback given on blogs and on the Net to improve the image of the Force.

There are many Malaysians out there who still hold the police in high esteem, so don't piss them off (or let them down).


Esky said...

Dear PDRM,

please do things that make the rakyat respect you, instead of only demanding it but doing nothing to deserve it. Have you guys got nothing better to do, like solving murder, rape or robbery cases?


emmer said...

Marah mcm mana pun kat siapa siapa, apsal kena gelar orang "anjing". Bila dah terima akibatnya, yg lukis gambar anjing pulak menyalak nyalak lantang, kan kelakar tu. Lu pikir la sendiri, Tuhan kalau marah kat korang pun tak dak bg gelaran yg bukan bukan ... udah udah le tu !!

bumi-non-malay said...

This is call Police State, Intimidation....doing whatever it takes to Supress Freedom for Rakyat Malaysia.

They too have a periok nasi of Corruption to defend....and the systems of law and order & justice have long disappear....

Best hope is still change of government, bring in a Mat Salleh Top Cop, Flush the system clean, Raja Azlan Shah as Chief Justice..Flush the judiciary....we await these Dreams for a better Malaysia

Anonymous said...

The PDRM do not need anyone to humiliate them. They are doing an excellent job themselves. From the RM1m heist to their handling of the various SDs and the sodomy case, the RM980m Israeli communications system and the RM100m supply scandal, the defacing of their logo pales in comparison.

The blogger did wrong to deface the logo. At worst, he should be charged with mischief or vandalism. Sedition? Thats pure abuse and intimidation and trying to kill an ant with a sledgehammer. And by doing so, PDRM is again humiliating themselves.

PDRM Admirer

kluangman said...

Adalah menjadi hak dan tanggungjawab polis menjalankan tugas yang di amanahkan, cuma rakyat perlu diberitahu dengan jelas akan 'kesalahan' yang dilakukan untuk membolehkan rakyat belajar, memahami dan menghormati polis.

PDRM akan terus hilang penghormatan dan kepercayaana rakyat jika terus bertindak, tetapi membisu dalam memberi penjelasan - why, where, when, who, which.....

Tangapan yang negatif dalam 'first impression' mengakibatkan 'damaged has been done' yang berada di kalangan masyarakat akan sukar dipadamkan jika penjelasan yang diberi adalah lewat dan kabur.

Anonymous said...

i give my highest respect to the police force but they also gives me headache sometimes.there have been many situations that reflects the their improfessionalism.but then again we just can ignore their other achievements as well.

about Bakaq,the original altered logo and article is from malaysia today site and was posted by RPK.ironically,the altered logo and article had been removed from malaysia today.

so,why not rpk also arrested under the Sedition Act?is this all have been planned well?

Anonymous said...

The blogger did to exercise his freedom of expression. And that expression sure reflect a fair substantial portion of the rakyat's feelings and sentiments of the Polis right at this time. Many had expressed there's nothing 'Royal' about them for the partial and questionable ways they did their work (or lack of doing it). The doggy is rather mild. That blogger could have made it worse if he had really want to. Yeah, go and bark at the blogger now and let your guilty men in Johor get off scott free for the sting they did on the RM1 million syabu. That's how good the Malaysian Polis is when they get to work, or rather get not to work at all and getting paid more handsomely the short-cut and criminal way.
Malsia 1206

Anonymous said...

>> transformed the TIGER on the police emblem into a DOG!
any diff now - tiger or dog ?

Anonymous said...

i disagree with the alteration of the's like an insult to Her Royal Highness because as we all know it our police force are called "Polis DiRaja Malaysia".that means the police work under the Agong and alteration done to the logo reflects the an insult the Agong and sovereignity of our country.

this is my about yours?

but i still hope that Bakaq case will resolve as quick as possible and hopefully there's no harm done towards Bakaq.

Anonymous said...

Another one got caught today, it's all over the papers. "Blogger Held For Sedition", "Another Blogger Detained in Malaysia"...

But did you, in your three-piece psychology and 1950's pre-independence brain, ever take a look behind the eyes of the blogger? Did you ever wonder what made him tick, what forces shaped him, what may have molded him?

“Damn bloggers. They're all alike,” you said.

You bet your ass we're all alike... we've been spoon-fed baby food at school when we hungered for steak... the bits of meat that you did let slip through were pre-chewed and tasteless. We've been dominated by sadists, or ignored by the apathetic. The few that had something to teach found us willing pupils, but those few are like drops of water in the desert.

“I am a blogger, enter my world,” I said.

This is our world now... the world of the electrons and bytes, the beauty of the baud. We make use of an already existing technology without being paid like those journalists who write for the government-controlled media, and you call us criminals. We write... and you call us criminals. We seek after knowledge and truth... and you call us criminals. We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias... and you call us criminals. You steal our nation’s treasures, you wage wars, you conspire, you murder, cheat, and lie to us and try to make us believe it's for our own good, yet we're the criminals.

Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like. My crime is that of telling the truth, something that you will never forgive me for.

I am a blogger and this is my manifesto. You may stop this individual, but you can never stop us all... after all, we're all alike.

Anonymous said...

The police should be doing their job by ensuring that the streets are safe for the public. They should serve and protect instead of behaving like thugs going all over the place intimidating the rakyat.
They should get tier priorities right!


Unknown said...

What if the letter B for Bloggers is called B for Bullshit. Many people find many bullshits in blogs. Whatever. Some people need it anyway.
Abt the syabu thingy, there could be internal politicking within the police.

Anonymous said...

writHe dare wit' thee, brudder.
Desi won't mind being a topDOG! -- YL

Srikanth Siva said...

sad!! Do Malaysians even know what human rights feels like anymore?

Anonymous said...

Pak Beca! Pak Bakaq Penarik Beca!
Apa postingmu?
Kamu tak tahu di mana harus bermula.
Mereka sumbat kamu ke dalam liang lahat yang gelap.
Tanpa hidayah.Tanpa terang cahaya. Tanpa alamat.
Ada haba. Tak ada angin. Tak ada jendela.Tak ada jamban.
Terpelosok dengan hanyir darah luka penjenayah
Malam nanti,tidor di tilam konkrit,kawanmu beratus-ratus nyamuk helikopter.
mengacau mimpi memeluk isteri tercinta
Tak tahu kapan tong besi akan terbuka.

Pak beca! Pak Bakaq beca!
Apa postingmu hari ini?
- Ketika haus aku minum dari ludah bangsa.
Sambil bercanggung aku mengharungi waktu bebas dari dari siaran media
Aku dipeluk oleh jembalang tidak berupa.
Tidak serupa manusia.Tidak bernama.
Aku mengaji di sini. mengasuh memupuk memujuk jiwaku yang meronta.

Pak beca! Pak Bakaq Penarik Beca!

Di setiap simpang meradang anjing dan musang.
Kamu terkurung dalam kotak kaca
Para pengadu meludahi kamu dari mimbar putrajaya.
Mulut kamu digam .
Kamu dikutuk dan disalahkan.
Tanpa belas kasihan.

Pak beca! Pak Bakaq Penarik beca!
Nasi bungkus ikan masin togey rebus
disorong dengan sepatu ke depanmu.
Pak Bakaq beca, apa postingmu?
-Kebenaran adalah bulan.
Keadilan adalah bingtang.
Ketaqwaan menjadi Alam.
Dan perjuangan adalah keberanian berkorban.


Saya... said...

















Anonymous said...

The Police have been busy hauling in Opposition politicians and bloggers lately for "investigations" and getting their statements. Why don't they stick to their business of policing instead of wasting time on these petty issues. The country is still reeling with high crime and corruption. What happened to Nurin's case? What are they doing to eliminate corruption in the force? I see our neighbourhood patrols not doing anything to summon indiscriminate parking, illegal jaga keretas, careless driving right under their noses.


Anonymous said...

Dear Brother Rocky;

Do you the police are really protecting our security? They feel nothing wrong when syabu worth RM1m missing in their custody rather Bakaq's posting (l'm not second his action actually).

Police will never learn from the past...l hope my expectation untrue.


Anonymous said...

Yeah...I am still one of those who think our policemen are okay; not as bad as hell yet. So please let the man out and take the dog thingy with a pinch of laughter. Where is our sense of humour lah. If the policemen just laugh along with it, rakyat will reciprocate in understanding and not further mistrust. w9

monsterball said...

They don't like to be call DOGS.
Had Bakaq said from Tiger to Kittens...they may close two muslims love cats.
DOGS are haram to Muslims.
Whatever it is...we are standing lend our support to this brave blogger.
Reminds me a little of Patrick Teoh...when Pat was young and furious against police corruptions.

A Voice said...

I second you bro.

There are worse and worst seditous remark made under the Sedition Act. Why be sensitive over this?

Did what he did translate to any of the following:

3. (1) A “seditious tendency” is a tendency—(a) to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffectionagainst any Ruler or against any Government

(b) to excite the subjects of any Ruler or the inhabitants ofany territory governed by any Government to attemptto procure in the territory of the Ruler or governed bythe Government, the alteration, otherwise than by lawfulmeans, of any matter as by law established;

(c) to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffectionagainst the administration of justice in Malaysia or inany State;

(d) to raise discontent or disaffection amongst the subjects ofthe Yang di-Pertuan Agong or of the Ruler of anyState or amongst the inhabitants of Malaysia or of anyState;

(e) to promote feelings of ill will and hostility betweendifferent races or classes of the population of Malaysia;or

(f) to question any matter, right, status, position, privilege,sovereignty or prerogative established or protected bythe provisions of Part III of the Federal Constitution or Article 152, 153 or 181 of the Federal Constitution.

I trust the police to be fairminded.

Respect shd be earned and not forced onto.

Anonymous said...

Which is even worse, a blogger drawing a picture of a canine animal or the Americans calling theirs Police Inspector Generals and some others as Hitler's goons; or do they want God Himself to do that.

Some humans are LOWER than the animal species .... God says .

To Penarik Becha suffer a little bit now rather than later.

Jane Smith said...

Isn't it typical of the police to show that they're the authority and they can arrest you anytime?

That's why a lot of youth wants to be a policeman although the salary is low. They can wear the uniform and show some authority even to those who drives a BMW.

When Bakaq did the doggy thing and got arrested in the middle of the night, it's they're way of showing him that they have the "power".

This is really sickening. Showing off power to oppress people. They should show off their power to protect the people. They should show off their power to create fear amongst criminal minds.

What crime has Bakaq committed that he has to be arrested in the middle of the night? Okay, he defaced the police emblem with the doggy image. The police should not treat Bakaq like a criminal. Can't they just sue him for defacing the emblem? No need to arrest. No wonder our cells are full. The police's idea of solving the problem is stuffing people in jail.

Abi Ayyub said...

This is so unfortunate, but then again when in power most people forget who and where they are.

This is a situation that might just lead to the people being fearful.

Are we in trouble or what???

Anonymous said...

1. The Police have lost RM100 Million of our money buying substandard and useless personal protection equipment for their patrol cops. The IGP says he does not know how it could have happened. He will investigate. Meaning no one will be held responsible, especially not the IGP. No heads will roll.

2. The Police say that an RM1.0 billion contract was awarded to an unknown company which ultimately was found out to have ex Israeli Airforce people as Directors. The contract was for communications software so that their walkie talkies could all talk to each other.

First the IGP said they told the Home Ministry as soon as they found out. The Home Minister says there are no ex Israeli Airforce guys who are directors. But n'theless they have downsized the contract to only a teensy weensy RM42 million.

The balance RM958 million will be spent later, over time.

Give me the contract and I will show you how to make the police walkie talkies all talkie talkie to each other. And I think we can do it for RM50 million.

No one in the Police, especially the IGP will be held responsible for this bungle either.

3. In Gemas Police station one Policeman lodged a police report that he did not get his cut of the monthly bribe collection that was going on in the Police station. In retaliation a Sargeant at the same station lodged another Police report against the first Policeman accusing him of selling Police equipment to the besi buruk guys.

Is this for real? Are we living in Malaysia? Again no one will be held responsible for this, especially not the IGP.

3. Then last week Policemen stole Syabu worth RM1.0 million from another Police station in Johor. Only two Policemen have been arrested. Has the Syabu been recovered? Again no heads will roll, especially not the IGP's.

What I want to know is how do you move RM1.0 million worth of syabu? Dont you need a small lorry, a van, trolleys, labourers and so on to carry the Syabu and load it onto a lorry or a van? The TV showed the Syabu laid out on top of a long table. It must have weighed a few hundred kilos. How did they move the Syabu? Surely more than just TWO policemen were involved. But only TWO have been arrested. This is difficult to believe.

To say that the entire Police force is not corrupt is to be naive.

To say that the Police force is competent is to be naive.

To say that the Police force has integrity is naive.

To say that the Police force has a sense of shame is naive. They have no shame.

No one takes responsibility for the corruption and the goof ups.

shemeq said...

I think most of us are rather numb (which is bad!) with a lot of issues in this country, or at the edge of our territory which we are losing. Everyday, everybody (rakyat) complains. Confused. Another day come, another bigger and more ridiculous issue comes out.

I was not shock (at all), when the police asked more questions:

How come reporters know about the missing drugs? And more importantly How did reporters know that someone used acid to break the padlock?

Only THOSE things matter to them? Selectively?

What about the missing evidents? How did it happen? Who (insiders) involved?

Some times I feel like betting my ass that these kinds of cases (like others) will just subside from the face of bumi Malaysia.

Until when?

I love Malaysia.

Thats why I put Jalur Gemilang upside down.

I miss the pride I used to have when I introduced myself to foreigners:

Hi, I am from Malaysia (proudly!)

Those days are gone.

Will it even coming back?

My fingers are croosed.

eddy said...

Well bro, YB Jeff Ooi has said that the internet does not exist in a vacuum, so saudara Baqaq must understand that when he purportedly replaced the tiger with a dog on the PDRM emblem he is in fact derogating and dishonoring the Men and Women who wears and had worn the emblem on their head.

Thru out PDRM's history, many in fact sacrificed their lives with honour in defence of the country's security against the threat of the Communists and hard core criminals etc. One should see the PDRM holistically in their role as enforcer of law and order in this country. We should be grateful for their sacrifice and not make uncalled remarks about them just because of some black sheeps in the force.

Anyway, maybe the IGP should show some leniency in this case and ask Baqaq to issue a public apology and settle the matter quickly lah.

Anonymous said...

For me, this is quit heavy case. Pak Bakaq is not supposed to do like that. Walau macam mana marah sekalipun kepada polis, kita tak boleh menghina mereka dengan mengubah logo polis yang sedia ada. Ia tidak ubah seperti kelakuan kanak-kanak yang suka menconteng setiap gambar muka di dalam surat khabar atau majalah..

BlueMoon said...

Commenting is one thing but doggying is another thing altogether. The writer should have known where the boundary is; what to do and what not. So much have been written and circulate in the net, sometime with seditious and malicious intent. Its time for someone to be accountable and take responsibility of what he or she writes.

Anonymous said...

I guess that serves him right..Don't do anything foolish man..what??u think this is USA? Don't ever poke fun at any emblem...Unless u are stupid enough to use your hand before your brain..What do u expect us to call u? A second Anwar Ibrahim in the making???

Anak Kelantan.

Anonymous said...

Woof! Woof!

Woof! Woofs!

(feel free to translate..)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree..

Dead night arrest is more damaging.. If they leave those postings alone, it'll be just that, postings..

Of course, as the malay proverb goes - "Siapa makan cili, dialah terasa pedasnya". Variations exists but the message is the same - Whoever eats the chilly, he'll suffer the spiciness..

Who has suffered blurry eyes whenever seeing various signs of the Malaysian Police?

PDRM -> PRDM - Police Raja Di Malaysia
Mesra, Cepat dan Betul -> Mesra, Cepat dan Brutal.
SB - Siput Babi.

And host of others..


Da Real Deal said...


Where do you draw the line between the do's and don'ts in the blogsphere? Who are we that every institution has to kow-tow to us even when they are being rediculed?

Yes the shabu loss is shameful and they are dealing with it. Not all police personnel are upright officers I agree, like not all journalists covering politicians are straight. But we do not condemn the institution.

Lets try not to behave like we bloggers are above the law.

Anonymous said...

You said:
"Bakaq's defaced emblem is nothing compared with the missing RM1 million syabu stolen while in the cops' possession in Johor Bahru this week, to cite just one latest example."
I say it's nothing compared to the rape of a young girl in the police station! What happened to that case??? How come there's no follow-up?? Shouldn't the IGP come out and make a statement on that case? Who is that cop? Is he charged like the rest of the rapists held for rape? Is he going to be penalised at all? Is he discharged dishonorably from the force? I want to know. We demand an answer!


Anonymous said...

There are many Malaysians out there who still hold the police in high esteem, so don't piss them off (or let them down).

yeeaa saya sokong 100%

Anonymous said...

Yes, POLICE.... please come to your senses. You are becoming a tool. How long are you going to be treated like C4, hammer, screwdriver, toilet seat, urinal,drug addicts, robbers,etc....Wake up. I remember 20 years ago, our Police force is one of the best in the whole world. Even Botak Chin, Kalimutu, are hiding from the police but yet falls under the hands of the police. Then whenever a crime is committed the police will spring into action and within days the criminals will be napped. Such was the confidence and effiency of the then police force or mata mata. The public looks up high on the police.
Now..... we can't find any good thing to say about you.
Apa dah terjadi....Is it the race thing here? Don't get me wrong I am not really a racist but can anyone tells us what the f**k is happening?
Comeon Wakeup, stand tall and be independent. Tell those ministers to fly kite if they ask you to do silly thing which is beyond the law.


nasa said...

You are definitely right bro! I agree with u that the police should take note and action on what being responded by readers of any posting related to the police.Not to scold the blogger who wrote it! The blogger bring out the unsatisfaction of people to public, so that everybody, include the police will realise it. This way we can make Malaysia a better living country.

Unknown said...

as the saying goes "respect is earned" and respect cannot be earned by force

Unfiltered-Madness said...

Saya merasakan kes syabu dan kes penghinaan kepada lambang HARIMAU ini adalah dua kes berlainan.

Penjenayah kes syabu berkenaan perlu dibawa ke muka pengadilan.

Juga orang2 yang menghina lambang HARIMAU yang bukan shaja digunakan polis malah negara kita pun patut dibawa ke muka pengadilan.

Kerel Bort said...

wow.. so unprofessional and act based on emotion... Maybe it is enough to give warning via media first and get the public to agree with what that fella do is wrong.

Either way, I agree that this guy gone beyond the boundary. It is disrespecting other's people badge. However angry of us at some other people, it is only appropriate to call name to that fella, but once you started to include their family, a hit will be called upon u.

Please have brain, if the other party doesn't.

-not mentioning who's have who doesn't have- siapa makan cili dia terasa pedas.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with dogs Bru?

Tiger is only a symbol.

But dogs save life. Including policemen's lives.

I salute the faithful police dogs!

If the police and all of us work hard like a dog, this blessed land will be better.


sal said...

How is that seditious? Ridiculous.

Or they just want to instill fear among bloggers? Unlike in 1998, everything can go as planned, but, not in 2008, ramai sangat yang buat pendedahan dgn berita-berita ekslusif.

Anonymous said...

I agree on the major points here. Firstly, Bakaq should not have "dogged" the emblem.

The local cultural sensitivities must be respected. For the Malays, it is `menghina'. Changing it to "donkey" might have been acceptable.

However, I vehemently disagree with the police's manner in arresting him - Picking someone up from his house at midnight should be reserved for those in the "Common Criminal" category ... violent gangsters, drug pushers etc.

Unless there were indications that Bakaq had intended to shoot it out with the police should he be aware of their presence. Which certainly was not the case.

Yes, unfortunately our police HAVE OVER-REACTED AGAIN!! Try and be more professional for a change.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Will Rais Yatim's proposal for a law to punish foreign based websites realised? Will his campaign to "inform" foreigners about the Anwar case work? May be we need to visit history.



Anonymous said...

Woof Woof...grr!

Bakaq was naughty. But the police which pledged to exercise "extreme restraint" with PKR supporters, seem to show little restraint with others.

What Bakaq did was testament to the respect enjoyed by the police in the eyes of the public.

Instead of cleaning their own house (and acts) they home in on the critics.

Seriously over-reaction. You know how if a stranger walks past a house, a big dog will just growl, while a small dog will yapping all over the place.

The police's action in this case is like that small dog.

Just cos they have the might.

Lepas tu, pegi cekup orang tengah malam. Lagi menyampah orang.

Don't u already hear how the police are referred to as "anjing" by everyone?

Bakaq just took it a little further. Mebbe they shud sue him.

This is sedition?

Pegi mampus la!

Anonymous said...

(heha) Rais: " dun you hang the flag upside down, use other methods to show 'distress' like
conference, discussion, write articles on anger, tak puas,feeling
...bla...bla...bla...ok !?"

Unknown said...

One of the most important unit in the police force is the K9 and the most reliable member of that unit is the dog.

Justice for Penarik Beca!

Anonymous said...

Police zealousness can be very deterimental to the public. Suka-suka they put you in jail for a few days.

Salak said...

Not enough just to release him, Rocky!

They must minta ma'af!

And nangis sikit?!

ahoo said...

You are absolutely correct, correct, correct ! They have more crimes to fight than to hold a blogger in the lock-up lah. What happen to the many unresolved murders ? What happen to the RM 70 million wasted on MRR2 repairs ? What happen to the never ending snatch thieves, car jacking, break-in, rape etc ?

Are we living in a country with rule of law or they select the law to rule us ? Too many questions in mind and hope that justice prevail as there are some judge that are still God fearing and just.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame the police. Blame the head of the police. His head should be replaced by the head of the dog.
I hate him. He lost my respect.

Because of him I lost my respect to all other police officers too. My dear Ustaz Hassan Azzahari. Can you do something to your son!


Anonymous said...

That guy Bakaq whatever his name is deserves to hauled up by the police. What if his face we draw a dog and body of a man, is it a joke? Hes an adult what kind of muslim is he? A dog is considered taboo by muslim malays. If we touch a dog we have to undergo a cleansing ritual several times.PDRM the majority are muslim malays. Its so unbecoming of him and blog readers some are students and young citizen of malaysia. what would they thimk when uncle BAKAQ refers police as dogs. If his family are being robbrd or worst raped who do called? hah , calling the police dogs?You guys are too emotional must be a follower of Anwar Ibrahim. He called the police chief dog thats why hes got black marks on his face. Bakaq Bakaq baik lah tobat sebelum terbakaq dalam neraka nanti

Anonymous said...

Pak Rocky,
I agreed with Tuan syed Imran.
In Holy Quran, Dog was mentioned many times.
(Ma'ida)5/5 ;
(A'raf)7/176 ;
(Kahf)18/18, 22 : A, Commandments, Eating and Drinking; Game caught by trained hunting animals or birds (jawarih) /A,
Amsal ; .........Dog lolling out its tongue(kalb)/A, As-hib-al-kahf;(kalbuhum 18/18, 22).
But i never know if Tiger was mention in the Holy Quran.

Anonymous said...

tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, have a heart the logo is the symbol of an organisaton, if Pas's logo being change from bulan to muka syaitan surely Pas member angry. So, please remember PDRM is our protector you like it or not

Rimau Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Now,now,now, the IGP is saying that the Blogger humiliated the police. How about the police humiliating ANWAR by sending a full force of police to arrest him and put him in the lock up for 1 nite for the purpose of recording his statement. Is this necessary? Isn"t this more humiliating? After all the dignity of the police force is already down in the drain, so what the big fuss of being humiliated this time.


ybk said...

Now IGP is saying the Blogger is humiliating the police. What about the police humiliating ANWAR during his arrest just for the purpose of recording statement. Isn's it more humiliating by putting him in the lock up? So what is the big fuss when the police are humiliated. After all the dignity of the police force is already down in the drain.

Anonymous said...

"Tindakan yg tepat" bole dikatakan kepada tindakan pihak polis menahan bloggers penarik beca. Tindakan menukar lambang polis kepada kepala anjing dan sebagainya adalah satu tindakan yg biadap.

Satu dua polis yg melakukan kesilapan kenapa dihukum kesemuanya.

bloggers juga tertakluk dalam undang undang .. kebebasan bersuara perlulah disertai dgn tanggungjawab.. bukan ikut sukak sukak lu aje..


Anonymous said...

PDRM brought all the negativities upon themselves with brainless actions, childish show of force to create fear, soiling themselves and as well as their emblems themselves, shooting their own legs themselves, sodomizing their own force themselves, the list goes on and on. Scandals upon scandals has been swept under the carpet, contributing to their questionable professional credibility.
The police "used" to be a friend of the people, it no longer is. Their lack of professionalism and abilities now shine brighter than the sun.

Worst of all they have soiled the good name of the Monarchy by their gangterism, corruption and above all their credibility to protect the people in a true and fair manner. The current (and recent past) top officers of the force has dragged the good name of the collective down in the mud and are now mostly perceived to be Mat Rempits in uniform.

The Police force are no longer fit to carry the title of DIRAJA.

The people are merely pointing out the facts about it and if all these labels are untrue, prove us wrong.

Regain our respect and your credibility.

Prove that the force is still worthy to carry the title DIRAJA.

Anonymous said...

you are right bumi-non-malay.but if the government changed after some time the problem will repeat itself.i think east malaysia state should be freed from malaysia.forming our own new country.but it should be done peacefully.


Unknown said...

Flying the flag upside down is unpatriotic. There are many other ways less dramatic.

I get the feeling that bloggers super ego is a tad too over-inflated these days ... sigh

Salak said...


May I suggest you do a poll?

It's neater. In any case, it's difficult to really comprehend being dragged to court even though one understands what it means.

Good day, Man!

Anonymous said...

Dear 7 Eleven,
You said it all, the Police is a useless force and only exist to intimidate people and be a lap dog force to UMNO. The IGP is worthless and has no integrity whatsoever. It is a shame for them to continue to be called Di- Raja, the Agong should revoke that and remove Di-Raja.
Fcuking Police

Anonymous said...

dogs : " woof,woof !"
humans : " niamah, niamah !"
tigers : " roar, roar !"
saifool : " more,more !"
uncle pet : " coming,coming !"
aab : " zzzz, zzzz !"
velu : " ayoyo, ayoyo !"
najib : " ........!?"
rocky : " .....?"

please help me for others ....ok !

Anonymous said...

hey guys,the arrest of the anwar maybe not under the polize chief's command.i think it is some top politician's know,there are many malaysian people who think for themselves only.but still got good is not a bad should know that some human is malaysia is just behaving worst than,they are worst than dog.i never heard about dog killed other dog.but there are lot of people who killed people in malaysia.last one,i don't think God say dog is dirty or a kind of bad animal.i may never ask God about it,but do you?

animal lovers - safe our earth