Thursday, August 14, 2008

The 18 Billion Ringgit Man

Govt stalls RM11.3 billion deal to consider RM18 billion option. Why?
Today, the Government was supposed to have signed a High Speed Broadband (HSBB) agreement with Telekom Malaysia to get us further into the Information superhighway. The project, to spread over 10 years, will involve a total investment of RM11.3 billion. Of that, RM8.9 billion was to come from TM and RM2.4 billion from the Government.

The signing ceremony did not happen. It was called off hastily last Friday after a group of businessmen from Pahang succeeded in drawing Putrajaya's attention to their RM18 billion proposal.

And so, the Cabinet Committee on Broadband, chaired by the DPM, will meet next Wednesday (Aug 20) to study the Pahang group's detailed proposal. The business pages have reported quite a bit on the news, and rightly so - the difference between the two proposals is a whopping RM6.7 billion! The blogs, however, have somehow ignored this development, perhaps because bloggers didn't think the Government will seriously listen to the Pahang group's sales pitch.

The usual way to take this kind of news is to tell yourself that maybe - just maybe - there are good reasons to consider the Pahang group's proposal, even though it's going to involve so much more money. Perhaps there serious defects in the TM's proposal? Perhaps with the RM18 billion proposal the Government does not have to cough up a single sen, eh?

If this was a case of giving all available options due consideration, why left it till the eleventh hour? Invitation cards for the signing ceremony had already been sent out, according to a news report. Foreign investors are already nervous about Malaysia; why give them another reason to go somewhere else to do business?

Personally, what nearly made me fall off my chair was the news that Pahang Menteri Besar Adnan Yaakob will lead the Pahang team (in his capacity as Pahang Technology Resources Sdn Bhd chairman) to present the RM18 billion proposal to Najib.

I mean, just look at his picture above. And please read my CCC 9 posting on the guy to understand my reservation.


  1. Anonymous7:22 pm

    oh my godddddd ....i think if the malays keep voting for UMNO, it will be for their own funeral they will be digging in this country.

    chinese and indian has never plundered this country like this. in fact historically we contributed to the economy, job creation and financing of public infrastructure (thorugh taxes) more than the malays.

    i think it's really time for the malay community to really wake up as to who are the people that really cheated, plundered and robbed their own kind under the guise of NEP.

    we chinese and indians are minority, we can always leave because we are accepted everywhere. as in the case of malays ... you better start take serious actions in the choice of your preference on who you want as a government and the kind of society to establish.

  2. Anonymous7:49 pm


    why do we always make losing business deal?

    bad businesss

  3. Anonymous7:54 pm

    If he is leading the team on 18 billion deal.......I may fall off from my chair too......

    Pahang is blessed with natural resources and beauty...and this moron just does not know what to do with it.

    I wonder what is he doing in his office everyday? just play solitaire or what...?

  4. Interesting to see who is going to cough up the RM18billion now...the rakyat can only cough up blood.

    Najib pun orang Pahang gak, beb...Jiran sekampung...kenalah utamakan orang kampung dia gak tak?

    Calling off a major, major deal at the eleventh hour...sure enough will scare off the last of the remaining investors...who the hell wants to come with the possibility of such a thing happening to them...I thought Najib supporters claimed he was highly intelligent? Well, maybe if the gomen doesn't have to cough up a sen for this deal and he saves us almost RM3 billion..then yes, "oh what a catch of a PM".

    Don't fall off your chair Rocky, not good for image as macho man...tak cool la

  5. Anonymous8:24 pm

    anythinglah!! we have been robbed so much before and I hope after this with a little bit more I get 1Mbs speed for the RM88 I am paying. It has been crawling from 200 to 799kps. Maybe then I can see the MB's act without jerking video. Look at so many educated man, and the Sultan still allow this man to remain as the a MB. ooopps rakyat also voted him in again.

    Yes Adnan you are absolutely right with you F$^# off sign to the rakyat. We deserve it.


  6. Anonymous8:30 pm


    I win my bet.

    I dared you to say something, at least a little, about this but you didn't -->

    [Mahathir and Musharraf both abused the Judiciary - Raja Aziz Addruse]

    What do I get for winning?

  7. so thats how the government is going to help the rakyat, with the petrol subsidies, by spending on another 'mega-bucks-get-crony-rich-quick-scheme'. do you notice something, before all the deals involved millions of ringgit, now hearing billion dollar deals by touted to 'Help' THE RAKYAT IN THE LONG RUN SEEMS TO BE the norm, is this actually a sign of a feeding frenzy by the sharks and buayas of politicians, to drain this country dry of all its resources, or is this a sign of the re-evaluation a' la zimbahwe (currency)of our malaysian currency?

  8. Najib is from Pahang and depends on Pahang for his survival.
    How on Earth can we expect him to decide otherwise?!

  9. Bro Rocky.

    Lemme see. Here's an UMNO Warlord payin' a visit to a Numero Uno Supremo UMNO Warlord, both from Pahang, about an RM18 billion proposal?

    I wanna be in the deal, ya know what I'm sayin'? Is 0.1% too excessive? Oughta be enough for holiday in Paris for two...

  10. Salam saudara Rocky,
    Selalu saya baca artikel saudara dlm blog ni kerana saya sendiri bekas pekerja media di radio station. tapi nila first time saya gelak besar baca artikel saudara.kena sgt2 la gambar tu bila saya habis baca artikel tu.alahai pemimpin umno ni...

  11. Malaysians...pls wake up!!!This is typical modus-operandi of UMNO-led corrupted goverment...who governent money.I have every doubts that there will be saving for government by accepting additional RM6.7 Bil offer from the land of 'biadap MB'..let see this time,how much our money gone into these bustards pockets.

  12. Simple maths shows commission of 1% on RM 18b is more than 1% of RM 11.3b

  13. Yo bro
    The economic landscapes don’t change
    Flip-flop again
    What will be the effect on investors?

    The pull strings
    Barging for right to be heard
    In the last minute call
    What the BN government up to?

    Private investors
    Footing all the bills?
    Nay the people will pay
    As usual with this flip-flop BN government

    The foreign investors cautious
    About the economic activities here
    This is another serious weakness
    In the administration of the nation

    The last minute effort
    To ride on the gravy train is it?
    A whopping $18 billion project
    By one company…….!

    No open tender
    No transparency
    Why never learn yet?

    Let the Permatang Pauh by-election
    Be the signal to drown the corrupted leaders
    Time we have a clean and efficient government
    Running the affairs for the people

  14. Anonymous9:34 pm

    sori topic...

    Mongolia claimed its first ever Olympic gold medal after judoka Tuvshinbayar Naidan beat Kazakhstan's Askhat Zhitkeyev in the men's -100kg class


  15. Anonymous9:42 pm

    The whole government and probably of its 70 -80% civil servants are all leaches and vultures. They could eat and suck everything Malaysia has. With the existing few hundred thousand bloggers, even if you add another 500,000 I wonder we could change the fate of Malaysia.


  16. Anonymous10:09 pm

    what the farm! another example of good decision making by our prestigous govt people. Huh...what will Dato' Zam say next? Sure...stimik is not that gud although some would miss-understood the 'up to 2Mb claim'. But, comparing a state own company vs. an telecommunication incumbent, one does wonders what the hell is goin on here, plus...why the last minute decision?

    rakyat biasa

  17. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Fortunately for the country, there are many Malaysians (eg. Rocky's bru and Jeff Ooi, and others) who are not cowed by the heavy, oppressive hand of the government to point out what is unjust and wrong.


  18. Anonymous10:36 pm

    I would think that TM certainly is a more qualified party technically to make such a proposal compared to the MB of Pahang.

    I suppose the MB is only a figurehead. Lets wait and see who provides the technology. And I think the Govt. should ask a very simple question. Why would the Pahang state involved in a business it has no expertise? And why couldn't the Govt negotiate directly with the technology supplier instead of going thru the Pahang state Govt companies?


  19. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Satu lagi projek skim-cepat-kaya BN!

    Diilhamkan oleh Mahathir Mohamed, diterbitkan oleh Badawi & diarah oleh Najib.

    Selamat menonton!


  20. Anonymous10:54 pm


    that sign is easily understand by any layman.thats going to be the theme from him.
    oops forgot there's a great differential. 10% of that equates to 670million. another submarine purchase, eh?


  21. Anonymous11:19 pm

    I just don't like these RM billion dollar stories. When Renong folded, it had almost RM30bil loans from all banks in Malaysia. Last week, the Star BizWeek said that MMC had net debt of RM15.3bil as at 31/03/08. Now another RM18bil is to be plundered from the Malaysian banks. This is what the real NEP is all about. It is not meant, and shall never be, for ordinary Malay like you and me ... Wali Kota

  22. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Over at Screenshots, Jeff Ooi's latest post resurrects the story about a hugely profitable contract to build patrol boats for the Navy being awarded to an UMNO crony.

    But as is usually the case with financial dealings conducted by the Umno-led government, this story had an unhappy ending. The contract turned out to be a major financial disaster eventually costing the government, and by extension the rakyat, hundreds of millions of ringgit.

    Go over to Screenshots to read the whole story.


  23. flip...flop..flip...flop..

    has ringgit been devalued much?

    Rm11.3bil or still worked out to be rm3.4mil/day OR rm5mil/day worth. Wat the fuck are they Installing? gold plated fibre optics?

    Honestly, how much of these 18 billion will cctually go down to the actual contractor?s

  24. Anonymous12:05 am

    OOOPS! What happen bro? How many more postponement? How many more proposals? Looks like something is brewing here. I wanna know. You didnt say anything about the minister in charge. Has he got no say in this? Something fishy...


  25. Anonymous12:12 am

    quite lucky lagi laaaa.............what happen if after signing ceremony, then they just appear, dig out the signed contract and reaward to that grand grand son of mat kilau????? lagi haru biru.........don't that never happen........

    DPM bagi muka kat org pahang la tuh.........

  26. So Dollah, since you are menacing the country with your son-in-law, let me have the chance to mess this country my mentri besar, I also wanna be corrupt as you are.
    Hell to Dollah, Najib and Anwar.

  27. Malaysians of today are much smarter and out-spoken than yesterdays.
    Plus with internet much expected.... frauds....cheating are revealed.
    Government did not sign the agreement...knowing Malaysians are no more fools.
    Looks like UMNO need alot of pay off 12th election debts...but cannot make this deal to such us again....high and dry.

  28. Anonymous12:45 am

    Sapelah advisor Sains dan Teknology Malaysia ni... lama aku terlibat dengan kerja kerja telekomunikasi.

    UTM + Gov hanya akan sepend lebih kurang 12 billion sahaja untuk develop HSBB. Anyway still mahal. Namun demikian, sebahagian daripada kos seperti infrastructure sudah sedia ada. Oleh yang demikian kos yang terlibat kebanyakkan nya kos kos "teknology"

    Dengan 18B, diorang ingat cukup untuk menyediakan infra HSBB? Nak sediakan satu ibusawat pun diorang belum mampu. 18 billion tidka cukup untuk mneyediakan ibusawat, gateway, manhole, duct space yang baru.

    Yang paling penting, ini adalah project yang besar, adakah mereka mempunya kepakaran dan juga orang untuk maintains network mereka?

    Adakah project ini benar benar viable dalam tempoh yang terdekat.
    Masih ingattak berkenaan dengan Equal Access dimana pengguna telefon boleh mneggunakan perkhidmatan maxis, digi atau Time semasa membuat panggilan. Kengkononya untuk memecahkan monopoli perkhidmatan oleh TM. Ape sudah jadi? Company sleain daripaa TM tidak mampu menyediakan ifnra. Bila talian rosak, tidak ada sapa yang datang repair. Ibusawat pun diorang tidak ada macamana nak handle calls?

    Sesunggunya memang benar sabda nabi bila orang yang tidak pakar dalam bidang yang diketuainya makan kita akan lingkup...

    Yee..kita sedang menuju ke arah itu.....

  29. Anonymous2:30 am

    anon 7.22 pm

    " fact historically we contributed to the economy, job creation and financing of public infrastructure (thorugh taxes) more than the malays."

    ya, it's always you people contribute "everything" and we always "plunder" it all--- please stop this type of nonsense comment. It tired of reading where you people lumped everything together and blame everything on the malays. Stop the malays bashing. Don't make me "hunus the keris". by the way i'm not an umnoputras



  30. Anonymous4:07 am

    Media massa arus p’dana akn m’perdayakan rkyt & m’cari helah utk gagalkan Dtk Seri Anwar Ibrm di P/Pauh dgn berita palsu - m’jatuhkan nama Dtk Seri & menanam rasa syak wasangka. Jom boikot! Jgn beli s/kabar & jgn p’caya berita radio/TV. Sebar kpd kwn2 di P/Png & P/Pauh.

  31. Dear Rocky,

    What is new in this Bolehland...

    What happened to our friend with his 4h floor boys & their Corporate vehicles in this new charade...or are they already positioned behind the scenes ???

    Win-win for them & Lose-lose AGAIN for this nation & rayaat !

    They sure are Desperados ala KIASUs
    pushing their luck with the P.P bye-elections just round the corner ...

    Maybe they need the funds up front for their campaigning to wrestle the P.P seat...

    Thank you BN for giving the rayaat more "Bullets to usher" BN to its "EXIT & DEMISE"!

    Devine Intervention works Wonders !

  32. Anonymous7:54 am

    My comment below is way off-topic and it's not related to this one. However, I couldn't comment at that post (maybe because it's too old?).

    And I hate it when something I had spent a few minutes on would just go to waste. So bear with me, okay, Rocky?

    It's about that piece by Rehman Rashid that was supposedly anti-bloggers...

    Okay, so this post is 18 months old. BUT some of the things mentioned are still relevant.

    Anyway, I've only gotten an Internet connection since last month; so I have a lot of catching up to do.

    I've read Rehman Rahid's piece here, and I feel that most of you folks have over-reacted. Surprisingly, Rocky and Nuraina A. Samad too!... people who I consider "level-headed".

    But perhaps Rocky's state of mind then saw him being too suspicious of anything and everything connected to NST and bloggers ... maybe a tad too sensitive(?)

    When this post came out, the NSTP suit against him and Jeff Ooi was the hottest topic in town ... and Rocky must have been under a lot of pressure ... a bit paranoid too, perhaps?

    IMHO, although I'm going against most of you here, I feel Rehman was accurate enough with his opinions.

    It's a fact that many bloggers write crap - either concerning the content in their posts, or their language. OR BOTH.

    I feel Rehman was referring to them, and not to each and every blogger. However, he should have made this point clear.

    As to the personal bashings against Rehman ... Well, if they are true, then he's one creep and jerk, as far as his relationships with women go. But let's not allow this to prejudice his writings, for these are different aspects altogether

    - a.k.a Mart Anon

  33. Anonymous7:55 am

    Those who keep voting in BN are digging graves for all Malaysian (esp their own children & grandchildren)

  34. Anonymous7:58 am

    Those who keep voteing in BN are digging graves for all present and future Malaysians. alingling

  35. Anonymous8:30 am

    Even before the RM11b deal that was supposed to be enked with TM, there were companies that put in their proposals to fiber up the whole country for only RM6b. But the so-called "cabinet committee" just choose to ignore ....

    i suspect that it cost much less to do this!!


  36. Daripada mengibarkan bendera Malaysia yang terbalik yang lebih mendatangkan mudarat kepada imej negara dan rakyat sedangkan sasaran kita ialah 'pemimpin yang sakit' maka wajar setiap gambar pemimpin yang sakit ini kita terbalikkan (lihat blog Husin Lempoyang).

    Kajian harus dibuat untuk mengetahui berapakah jumlah rakyat Malaysia yang dilanda bimbang/murung dan stress akibat kekalutan politik hari ini. Jumlah yang terjum bangunan mungkin akan meningkat di masa akan datang ..

  37. Anonymous8:52 am

    Or perhaps this is the last opportunity for cronies and crooks to suck as much of our hard-earned money as possible before the fall of the BN government.


  38. just curious, does it got to do with the the event happening at the end of the year?
    By the way, to anonymous no 1, a person can go anywhere because of the skills and knowledge not because of the colour of the skin.

  39. Anonymous9:08 am

    this is not the first and certainly not the last if people keep voting them,,,this thing happens over and over again and why it is so hard for the people to see this....LETS VOTE FOR A CHANGE!!

  40. Anonymous9:19 am

    y the hush?? what can we do?? u guys just talk but never do anything.. dun care u r chinese, malays, indian.. what can we do??? write in blogs?? express everything?? what the use?? NO USE one!!! U can talk big but no BAlls!!! Talk DPM do this, Pm do That... so what.. everything still like dat one...

    The dude that hate hypocrite blogger

  41. Anonymous9:22 am

    As I understand it, Najib has a lot of say in this deal. So if it comes from Pahang, he has to listen to it even if it cost a bit more.

    If this deal is pushed by Pahang MB, then its as good as dead. Najib is not going to hand that much money to Pahang MB to cream off at this juncture. He also know there is full of snake pits in any proposal by Pahang MB especially one of this size. Najib is not qualified to be PM but he is not stupid. In all the corruption he has gotten himself in, he kept most of it which is how he got this far.

    TM deal is still safe. The guys at TM are not the smartest people in the world but in the block that they are in, they are...

  42. Anonymous9:24 am

    apala.. member aku tgh training 2 bulan pasal hal ni tetiba je cancel.. apa dah jadi?.. caun123

  43. Anonymous9:24 am

    well good for state agency. or crony company.

    well done najib because people is making more and more money. which people - BN people especially person that has network

    vote for BN and we are making them plenty rich.


  44. Hey Rocky,

    Don't you realise that stories of the kind you write are going to put you in trouble ? It's a matter of time when an injunction would put a stop to your whistle-blowing articles and you be sued your pants off for defamation. Or, perhaps not... since you're a shade less repugnant than us ???

  45. Rocky,
    That is the way things are done in Malaysia. Award the project to the highest bidder who will pay the lowest bidder to do the job. They need the difference to finance the next GE. Who knows Petronas may not be able to pay the special bonus like they did during the 2008 GE.

  46. Anonymous9:58 am

    Dear Friends

    Don't forget that all these billions are our hard-earned tax payer money. And that the Government authorities are supposed to be responsible stewards of this money.

    By the way, I remember Stalin saying that a few deaths (in his ruthless plan to industrialise the USSR quickly) is a tragedy and that a million deaths
    is merely a statistic. In Malaysia, wasting a few ringgit is a tragedy but wasting billions (to achieve "developed country" status)is merely a statistic??

    P.S. Anonymous 7:22 pm -- you haven't heard of the Chinese and Indian "Babas"
    in the "Ali-Baba" businesses that profit from government-launched rent-seeking schemes?

    Phua Kai Lit

  47. Bru, I thought you stopped accepting "anonymous" comments?

    Anyway, some people are being a bit too much stereotyping Malays as being the worst among the races here. Just because Umno plunders somehow it is generalized by some as being Malays who plunder from the government coffers.

    Also, some may take offense to statements like:
    "chinese and indian has never plundered this country like this. in fact historically we contributed to the economy, job creation and financing of public infrastructure (thorugh taxes) more than the malays."

    Can this person seriously believe what he/she is saying? What about the non-Malay ex-Works Minister and his MRR2 issues, just to name one of many. Is it not a form of plundering as well?

    It is obvious that the Malays who do not contribute to income tax are actually providing services to this country by being involved in sectors and jobs that the races mentioned above are not interested in like being school teachers, fire fighters, policemen, armed forces personnel, etc. They make for their lack of taxes paid by contributing their services to society.

    Somehow in the mind of these really racially polarized people everything is caused by NEP.

    There are many tax paying Malays who have made something of themselves without the assistance of NEP.

    And to say that:
    "we chinese and indians are minority, we can always leave because we are accepted everywhere. as in the case of malays ... you better start take serious actions in the choice of your preference on who you want as a government and the kind of society to establish."

    We too can pack up and go elsewhere, don't think that we can't. If the person making such comments actually mixes around with some Malays he/she will actually realize that. Although I do admit that Umno is at fault for creating an education system that keeps the Malays here (with poor proficiency in English), it should also be viewed that there are Malays out there who are just as marketable elsewhere around the world.

    The founding fathers of this country built this country based on mutual respect between the races. It is clear that that mutual respect is slowly but surely fading away. It is a horrible education system that has made us what we are today. Who do we blame? Umno? While Umno is to blame for implementing a one sided and destructive pro-Malay education system, the non-Malays too have compounded the issue by adamantly keeping their National Type Schools. Can't we all get along like before the 80's/90's?

    My two cents on the matter....

  48. Anonymous10:14 am

    I had acid reflux reading this.

    Who is this "group of Pahang businessmen" who can take precedence over a conglomerate that has experience in the telco business?

    The price difference here is huge. Big enough to make the nation collectively gasp, especially now in our "ubah gaya hidup' phase.

    I even took into account that the Pahang fellas may have a bigger plan for that 18 billion package.

    However, this is something that needs hawk's eye scrutiny.

    Cos it came from this Adnan fella, who is a politician, not a business man, not a telco man.

    The govt can put it to rest by just making public the two package details.

    If they will not, and this RM18 billion goes through, then the Cabinet should be indicted for misuse of public money.

    We should not just sit and bitch while they rape and plunder this country into stone age.

  49. Anonymous10:20 am

    That is the Pahang MB?? Didnt that picture shows a very out of control constipated gorilla? Hmmm... dangerous!!

  50. All my bros,
    Touch little bit on UiTM fiasco.I dont understand why the students made so much noise and some 'idiot' politicians try to stir up this issue???Pls bear in mind all public universities in Malaysia are funded thru our income tax money and every Malaysians have the RIGHTs to share what they PAID for..Does this asking too much????

  51. Melayu Lama...

    it's creepy man..I wrote the same stuff you did..then I deleted it...great minds think alike..must be the non-fiction stuff...

  52. Anonymous10:43 am

    "18 billion".. ? OMG...!
    Why must that Pahang MB be involved? Can he be involve for these business deals? I thought our MBs are suppose to take care of the state & rakyat only.

    Where is the money gonna come from? From us the rakyat lah...! Why do they have free hand in playing with our money & the rakyat got no right to voice out???

    How much do they intend to pocket for themselves?

    From "13 billion" to "18 billion" NO joke lah!
    When are all these gonna stop?
    We must all sign the petition & present it to our Agung !
    These powers to be are killing us Malaysians...!
    I fed up lah !


  53. Anonymous10:44 am

    U guys are missing the BOAT!

    High tech business is sexy.

    In the context of M'sian cronies - its even more sexier because of the amount of MONEY involved & without needing to lift a finger to do any real job. It's the formula pioneered by the mamak & the rest of the unmo cronies are learning FAST, before the umno ship sink!

    Like all cronies jobs in M'sia, the top cronies get the huge 1st cut while those inverted pyramidal structural 'sub-cronies' skin the rest. With the end result of 'High Speed Broadband MRR2' for all to see!

    This High Speed Broadband business SHOULD NOT be given just to the cronies, TM &/or Pahang group!

    It should be an OPEN tender in the 1st place.

    The OPEN competition among ALL will ensure that:

    1)the final cost will be very much less than the billions either cronies are putting forwards.

    2)the project can see fruitful & speedy completion, without delays & cost over-runs. With these cronies running the show another 'High Speed Broadband MRR2'will be in the making.

    3)the subscrption fee pay by the endusers will be very much competitive, unlike the IPP & tolls operators. Its a given that both these cronies will put in financial clauses just to squeeze the endusers, in the claim to protect their billion investment.

    Thus, cut the crap, make this a REAL transparent open tender to the BEST operator in the world to compete.

    ONLY then the Joe M'sian will really benefit.

    Unless, of course, U want to bring in all the craps of national security(?), bumi interest(?), etc etc.


  54. Anonymous10:45 am

    annymouus 7.22, please leave, you can vote with your feet. we dont need rude people like you.

  55. Anonymous11:15 am

    The government should make absolutely sure that there is total openness and transparency in the negotiations for this deal.

    Otherwise, the ordinary people, the rakyat, cannot be blamed for thinking that this is another incidence of Umno ministers collaborating with each other to channel public money into their own private bank accounts through shady, secret dealings.

    Syak Wasangka

  56. Anonymous11:16 am

    Dear All,
    Actually, the 18B proposal is the same 11.3B deal. Only with new presentation materials and a new "consultant in the middle"!

    The race is UMNO, not all Malays plundered the nation.

    Kunta Kinte

  57. /// Bung Karno said...
    Simple maths shows commission of 1% on RM 18b is more than 1% of RM 11.3b ///

    Aiyoyoh, Bung Karno, you fail your maths lah.

    The comission should be 1% on RM11.3b + RM6.7b (RM18b - RM11.3b).

    The padding up of the quotation from RM11.3b to RM18b is pure "profit" and it is all mine...

    In practical terms, this is how it works. I will win the contract at RM18b, but immediately sub-contract it to the original contract for RM11.3b. Viola!!! I immediately make RM6.7b - not bad for a day's work.

  58. i wonder who u r... ;)

  59. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Here we go again. I guess it's too much to expect Malaysians to take the trouble to at least read up on an issue before condemning.

    Here's what I understand from the news articles. HSBB will cost RM15.2b over 10 years with the govt contributing RM4.8b and TM covering the remainder. The RM11.3b is for the first phase. The scope is to wire only the urban areas with fibre optics.

    This group from Pahang claim that they can wire up the whole country for RM18b without the govt having to fork out a single sen. So, in effect, they are offering more for less.

    Sure, one might be suspicious about their credibility. But if you were the govt, wouldn't you at least hear them out? I can just imagine the condemnation on the blogs if it emerged that the govt went ahead with the HSBB anyway without considering this new proposal.


  60. Anonymous12:29 pm


    "the 18 billion ringgit man" write up on your blog does not amaze me, coz everybody knows what umno is.

    the best part is, that pic showing a big male ape with glasses telling us how small the size of his brain is using a sign language.

    and the joke of the day is, this creature is the chairman of an IT related company. amazing!

  61. And they have no shame, no guilt, at all.

    frankly, they don't care.

    and if our DPM goes on allowing this kind of nonsense he can say goodbye to a lot of things.

    i am aghast that he has allowed this kind of shenanigan.

    Is Malaysia still third world?

    this is bad business dealings, for heaven's sakes.

    OUT with this kind of REGIME!

  62. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Another record in the Guinness Book of World Record. UMNO keep it up and probably put the whole contry on eBay for auction.


  63. melayu lama makes sense but in this fastmoving world, if you want to make 'sens' as in money, you need to flow with the big tide or get engulfed. The mandarin language is more widely used in the world today than the malay language. Just as the west are learning mandarin, those in China and elsewhere are racing to learn english. The malay language is fine but its use at the moment is limited to a few countries for the very reason knowledge, commerce and so on have been built on other languages. If we can't learn or communicate with others in the most commonly used language, how can we trade, improve or even interact better? That's why the chinese parents, and some of the malay parents, send their children to chinese schools because the option of going to a national school where the chinese language is only taught badly taught two hours a week is not enough.

    Meanwhile knowledge is growing exponentially in the english language, and even the japanese academicians are good in writing out the research in it, for another reason it increases their recognition in international circles.

    Therefore using asymmetric arguments to justify the continuation of status quo vis-a-vis the malay position in Malaysia may actually be counterproductive, if you want to concede things.

    Yes the old times were better. People didn't calculate so much how much for me by how less for you, and so on. The only solution now, today, here, is to grow our opportunities and economy as fast and widely as possible. That means embracing all that is liberal, not parochial, adopting all that is pragmatic, not idealistic, and just plain sight being harmonious with one another.

    However the biggest problem at this moment is that the malay moderates are too cowed by the ultras in their midst and that's because of political, racial and religious considerations.

    The other races can make noise and raise concerns, but the flipside of doing so is to inflame the problem to grow bigger by kneejerk reaction. So it comes down to malay moderates doing their concerted part to really put a final and lasting stop to all this nonsense and crap that has been going around for decades. It really comes down to you all.

    If you don't do it, we will continue to have wallops of your money drained off from a Shah project today, and the guy becomes a bankrupt but still can get a passport to live nicely in Dubai tomorrow, without you getting one whiff of where your money has gone, and incidentally that's money you could have given to your mother, wife or mistress. Or, even for yourself to buy that new subaru impreza, you know the one with the vent on the bonnet and the satisfying roar as you hit the highway to impress her....

    Or, from the seven billion of your money that's the difference between tmb and adnan-najib incorporated, you can do wonders; how many free pc's for the mosque, school, even electric generators for those bumi's in the remote areas of Sabah and Sarawak? Or, maybe like Selangor, free and faster broadband for idiots like me who keep on banging at keyboards draining away the last vestige of sanity.

    What Umno is doing is right-in-your-face double-standards. Moreover, flipfloppy lies. For instance, money politics is ok at the top because it was a supreme council decision. Please show how the minutes were worded.

    We keep on wanting something without thinking whether what is being fought to be retained is commonly shared value in the rest of the world with which we must be more inclusive in order for us to live and save and die happier.

    Meanwhile as we continue to argue amongst ourselves, those who're in the syndicate of cronies incorporated would have ordered extra large suitcases to cart off your money tomorrow while still conning you to agree it's all about ketuanan or constitution or compact or what-next. Why? because those are their shields.

    Remember Hans Gruber? (DH-I):

    "Hit it again. I repeat. Hit IT again."

    His 'IT' was not about i.t.

  64. rocky,

    "Perhaps with the RM18 billion proposal the Government does not have to cough up a single sen, eh?"

    Oh come on, we are not that naive, or are we? Someone has got to pay that 18 billion. Those organizations are not charitable organizations. I have the feeling, if the government does not have to cough up a single sen, then we the users will have to.

    Perhaps they are thinking of an "information superhighway toll" concept. THe bigger the cost the more we users have to pay.

    The big picture is, we need to make this country to be more cost competitive and investment friendly.

    By the way, yes, the plumbing (IT infrastructure) is important. I just hope they don't overlook the important of contents to fill the massive bandwidth.

    This is exactly the case where you can visit the national or state libraries, museums and archives - they are big, but they are real "EMPTY".

  65. It is the Malays that kill the Malays. Not the non-Malays that kill the Malays. Malays should be more afraid of themselves than they should of the non-Malays. It is not easy for non Malays to kacau the Malays, but the Malays will kacau the Malays without having second thought.

  66. Anonymous3:50 pm

    There are two types of people in UMNO.

    The first type is called the "What, me ?" type. This type when caught with their hands in the country's till, will say "You are mistaken. There was no theft. The money happened to fall into my pocket. If you don't believe me, I can get the ACA to do an investigation."

    The second type is called the "I can do anything" type. This type when caught with their hands in the country's till will say "Yes, it was me, but I have every right to put my hand in the till. I am a bumiputra and a Muslim, so I am entitled to put my hand in the till. If you don't believe me, so what ?"

    This is why all fair-minded Malaysians should vote these thieves out of power. It's now or never. Make them abandon ship for Perth or London, or Surabaya or Medan.


  67. Anonymous4:00 pm


    Its only 1 MIC fella as compared to like 10 other Malay UMNO Ministers...but BN all the same!

    As for the jobs you mentioned...i must say this, its all for bumi only with credit in bahasa. So we the nons have dificulty in getting there. As for teachers..the standard for nons are different from bumis..which is lower for them (bumi)

    Sorry no disrespect here..but fair enuff the UMNO-BN started all this crack-pot sh**..and we the rakyat are taking the hit.

    I have no offense but only feel sad when these things happen. I am also not A MIC person for that matter even MCA the nut shell NOT FOR BN AT ALL!!!


  68. Anonymous4:44 pm

    I just wonder if these people are aware of the technology and business implications of a national high-speed broadband network.

    In the first place, Telekom Msia is the incumbent gorilla that controls "last mile access" to subscribers' premises. They are not going to give this up without a fight.

    In Singapore, the govt has separated the ownership of the proposed broadband network from the users.

    It would also be interesting to see how the RM18 billion will be financed. Will the govt have to give a "letter of comfort" (remember Port Klang Free Zone?) or an explicit guarantee? Islamic bonds?

  69. Anonymous5:04 pm

    This is an excellent austerity drive, INCREASE the budget and make more MONEY for self..or group. What a shame!


  70. Anonymous5:51 pm

    This guy has got a scary looking face. He reminds me of a japanese yakuza movie. And he is in the team on 18 billion deal??.....wah lagi scary! they don't even care about perception anymore.


  71. Anonymous5:53 pm

    (heha): maktab mara murids2 creating havoc everywhere against the 10% intake of non-bumis : REASON is they are scared to be beaten FLAT & undertanah in all subjects including ' islamic studies ' !!

    ok lah...OK LAH....... rocky..... please...PLEASE tell all of them :
    " we dun want to masuk your sekolah
    lah, we prefer colleges & uni of HIGH STANDARDS ONE...OK...ok.../ HAPPY & PUAS !?" YANG BERhitam-hita semua !!pada bulan ke-7 ( julai) kekender babicina, the hell akan buka & semua hantus2 akan kelua takut nanti 'mereka' ingat awak semua berHITAM2 ada lah keluarga..sila berAWAS...AWAS...OK !? JAGA-JAGA !

  72. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Has anyone been keeping track of how many flip flops this Lah Lah and gang have done?
    What do you mean by "making the foreign investor nervous"? Damn, Investors are scared shitless now with this kind of flip flop mentality, especially at last minute back out. Which Investors gonna have faith anymore?
    RM18B.....what is the standard % used to compute "commissions" by these Datuks and MPs these days? Maybe you can enlighten us so we can use the calculator and work out the figures.

  73. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Rockyfella, Pahang Menteri Besar Adnan Yaakob, as shown in the infamous video recording, was merely trying to teach some upstart PAS supporters how to stuff 50-dollar bills into their arseholes in the event the Islamics should come to power in Pahang.


  75. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    The Pirates are back in town. Udahlah tu yob, hentikanlah buat kerja shuffling and siphoning kekayaan negara ala Daim buat back in the 80's. Kalau camni lah caranya, our beloved country is sprilling fast back to Myanmar status (worst than third world)by 2020.Anak cucu aku akan kencing atas kubur pirates bedebah nih satu hari nanti.

    Prof R.

  76. Anonymous10:59 pm

    "..we chinese and indians are minority, we can always leave because we are accepted everywhere. as in the case of malays ... you better start take serious actions in the choice of your preference on who you want as a government and the kind of society to establish."

    Oh my god, how 'kiasuness' some non-malay professionals think they are. I'm just humble guy amongst thousand others from malay ethnic group that are successful without UMNO's pathetic NEP aid (even education). I've worked in the UK, Germany, oil-rich GCC countries, India, Africa, etc. I know some people like to gloat about the presumption that India & China will become the next superpower nation but I fail to accept that argument ..

    apologize for deviating out of context . .cheerios

  77. Anonymous8:04 am


    TM is going to spend RM10.4B on HSBB. You honestly think they won't charge you anything for it?


  78. So what is the problem? Is this not the Malaysian way? is this not the wayof the Barisan nasional Government? nothing surprising.

    If at all what was surprising is that this did not come later, like after the first deal has already been signed. Then you dumpt it and go for the second.

    Come off it, bro, like as if you don't know that it is always easier to sell this Barisan Nasional government a 234 ringgit spanner than to sell them the same for RM20.

  79. Anonymous1:44 pm

    We the Rakyat, should evaluate and determine the kind of Leaders we want for our beloved country, Malaysia

    Here are the Top 10 Qualities of a Good Leader

    By David Hakala


    Leadership can be defined as one's ability to get others to willingly follow. Every organization needs leaders at every level. Leaders can be found and nurtured if you look for the following character traits:

    A leader with vision has a clear, vivid picture of where to go, as well as a firm grasp on what success looks like and how to achieve it. But it’s not enough to have a vision; leaders must also share it and act upon it. Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric Co., said, "Good leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision and relentlessly drive it to completion."

    A leader must be able to communicate his or her vision in terms that cause followers to buy into it. He or she must communicate clearly and passionately, as passion is contagious.

    A good leader must have the discipline to work toward his or her vision single-mindedly, as well as to direct his or her actions and those of the team toward the goal. Action is the mark of a leader. A leader does not suffer “analysis paralysis” but is always doing something in pursuit of the vision, inspiring others to do the same.

    Integrity is the integration of outward actions and inner values. A person of integrity is the same on the outside and on the inside. Such an individual can be trusted because he or she never veers from inner values, even when it might be expeditious to do so. A leader must have the trust of followers and therefore must display integrity.

    Honest dealings, predictable reactions, well-controlled emotions, and an absence of tantrums and harsh outbursts are all signs of integrity. A leader who is centered in integrity will be more approachable by followers.

    Dedication means spending whatever time or energy is necessary to accomplish the task at hand. A leader inspires dedication by example, doing whatever it takes to complete the next step toward the vision. By setting an excellent example, leaders can show followers that there are no nine-to-five jobs on the team, only opportunities to achieve something great.

    Magnanimity means giving credit where it is due. A magnanimous leader ensures that credit for successes is spread as widely as possible throughout the organization. Conversely, a good leader takes personal responsibility for failures. This sort of reverse magnanimity helps other people feel good about themselves and draws the team closer together. To spread the fame and take the blame is a hallmark of effective leadership.

    Leaders with humility recognize that they are no better or worse than other members of the team. A humble leader is not self-effacing but rather tries to elevate everyone. Leaders with humility also understand that their status does not make them a god. Mahatma Gandhi is a role model for Indian leaders, and he pursued a “follower-centric” leadership role.

    Openness means being able to listen to new ideas, even if they do not conform to the usual way of thinking. Good leaders are able to suspend judgment while listening to others’ ideas, as well as accept new ways of doing things that someone else thought of. Openness builds mutual respect and trust between leaders and followers, and it also keeps the team well supplied with new ideas that can further its vision.

    Creativity is the ability to think differently, to get outside of the box that constrains solutions. Creativity gives leaders the ability to see things that others have not seen and thus lead followers in new directions. The most important question that a leader can ask is, “What if … ?” Possibly the worst thing a leader can say is, “I know this is a dumb question ... ”

    Fairness means dealing with others consistently and justly. A leader must check all the facts and hear everyone out before passing judgment. He or she must avoid leaping to conclusions based on incomplete evidence. When people feel they that are being treated fairly, they reward a leader with loyalty and dedication.

    Assertiveness is not the same as aggressiveness. Rather, it is the ability to clearly state what one expects so that there will be no misunderstandings. A leader must be assertive to get the desired results. Along with assertiveness comes the responsibility to clearly understand what followers expect from their leader.

    Many leaders have difficulty striking the right amount of assertiveness, according to a study in the February 2007 issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, published by the APA (American Psychological Association). It seems that being underassertive or overassertive may be the most common weakness among aspiring leaders.

    A sense of humor is vital to relieve tension and boredom, as well as to defuse hostility. Effective leaders know how to use humor to energize followers. Humor is a form of power that provides some control over the work environment. And simply put, humor fosters good camaraderie.

    Intrinsic traits such as intelligence, good looks, height and so on are not necessary to become a leader. Anyone can cultivate these leadership qualities.

    Truth Seeker

  80. Anonymous2:42 pm

    please be fair rocky.

    I think the government is not too stupid.
    The price difference maybe due to the package itself.
    Maybe the Pahang group offer much better package in term of coverage, technology, services, etc, etc.. Maybe the early package was a cukup makan package..

    Think rational before you make posting. I see some idiots already jump into hasty conclusions now.

    Yang benar

  81. Anonymous10:19 pm


    Think reporters today are lazy lots. Look at the stories they are churning out on the high speed broadband. They should go extra mile and figure out what this High Speed Broadband Technology Sdn Bhd is about.

    Do they know that it is a 2 dollar company vying for an RM18 billion project?

    Do they know that HSBT is operating from a penthouse at level 26 of Etiqa House on Jalan Pinang?

    Have they asked the company to reveal their biz model?

    have they asked HSBT how many years of experience they had on broadband biz?

    Have they asked about how they are going to finance their project?

    Come on lazy reporters? Get off your slumber


  82. Anonymous12:37 am

    entahla roxta, entahla. adnan is SO base.

  83. Anonymous1:57 am

    (heha) ; hey, what has happened to the case of ' a RM50 carjack billed as rm5700 x ? pieces ' !? and ' rm30k allocated for a chinese school repairs BUT only 3k was used up & 27k pocketed by the contractor !?

  84. Anonymous8:16 am

    and what happen to the RM30 million senior cabinet minister? sure get away one. Dato Mirza kenalah. dia kacang putih.


  85. Anonymous8:27 am

    RM18 billion divide by 26 million, each msian (include baby, children), pay RM692.30 ?? RM11.3 billion, means RM434.60 each. So a family of 4, why pay RM2769, instead of RM1738 ?

  86. Anonymous9:10 am

    even if telekom get the contract i was made to understand that the tender is secured to several company already, even the media planning and promotion job for the HSBB has been given to a well known party close to the game's referee. well, even both side has it's discrepancies. Yang kaya bertambah kaya, yang miskin tak dapat pembelaan si kaya.

  87. At this point in time, extra cost means better? Did I hear Pahang? Pekan's DPM chairing it, Pahang MB?....Pahang leading the cyberworld?


    Can someone tell me why?
    Is there a doctor in da house?

  88. It's really funny and it's really typical Malaysian mentality; making comments without thorough study and analysis and the worst part of it all, the negative and untrue comments were then followed by many other similar comments. This is what is termed as 'the herd-mentality'. The word 'herd' is a collective pronoun normally related to animals.
    The detractors to the Pahang Technology Resources' proposal must have had their own agenda. Do not get unneccesarily alarmed or jealous. Let the Cabinet Committee and the Cabinet listen to all proposals from all quarters. I am sure the Government will decide what is best for the people and for the government. The PTR's proposal never intended to displace Telekom Malaysia or any other TELCOs but instead it would provide a common broadband infrastructure accessible to all TELCOs and their subscribers. This project is intended to be financed through private funding, which will release the Government of financial burden but at the same time providing the people with ICT facilities at an affordable price. Of course some profits would be made at some stage but the main question is where do the profits go to? If PTR is given the opportunity, certainly the profits will go to the rakyat as PTR is a state-linked government agency. Details need not be listed down as PTR does not want to backbite or badmouth any quarter. Let the Cabinet Committee and Cabinet listen to any proposals from any quarters and let the Cabinet decide. This is not a case of when the deal is closed, dirty money changes hands either in the form of commission or discount during procurement of capex or whatever. REMEMBER, THE RAKYAT ARE WATCHING. PTR IS VERY MUCH AWARE OF. Based on PTR's proposal, the RM 18 Billion includes both OPEX and CAPEX. The first rollout will amount to RM 10.5 Billion only. Please do not get easily irked up! Let any quarter for that matter submit its proposal and let the the Government decides. The PM does not decide nor is the DPM, much less the Minister. The Cabinet collectively will decide. As for cancellation of the signing ceremony, that is not for PTR to respond. Many personalities who would have been involved must have had other priorities to attend to. The photograph depicting MB Adnan showing the 'fuck you' sign was in response to all sorts of vulgar signs including 'fuck you' sign directed to him during the Sanggang by-election which BN won handsomely. It should be all right as long as he does not fuck or sodomize anyone.

  89. Broadband broadband... I've been silenced by failure of my wireless. My frustration was addressed by the retailer and the network card was replaced immediately.

    And I hope Celcom hears this. Please improve the speed. Sometimes I can dress up and put my make up altogether while waiting...

  90. Anonymous8:24 am

    I agree with dsn somehow. Semua commentator hanya melihat pada whether HSBT is right or not to get the this project compare to TM. I think what we should focus is do we really need this project? RM2.4 billion from the gomen still is a huge sum just to invest on certain areas. I am not sure about the HSBT's proposal but The Edge did comment on this HSBB for the last two or three weeks. Again, the right question is do we really need this project?


  91. nyampah ngok adnan yakob to,name je menteri,perangai mcm budak gengster....meluat

  92. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Dear Light,
    Blog awak semua tentang Islam tapi sama2 Islam menyampah, meluat tuduh org macam gangster.

    Melayu Islam mcm Light

  93. Anonymous2:40 pm


    ... nice one ... the reporters should also look into najib and istana pahang relations to hsbt ....

    ... govt and tm will cough up the xtra dough ... tm will then 'award' to hsbt ...

    ... in the end .. money go into the perompak rakyats' pocket ...

    - jamban

  94. The RM2.4 billion can bring water and electricity to so many poor people...all over the country.
    No..that's not important.
    It is always huge huge enrich themselves.
    Just sit back and in space...and few projects..
    approved or rejected...not is their ways of thinking.....I am trying to expose.....crooked bridge...Bukun dam...Penang second bridge.
    And mine you..ours is a very small country...YET...people are living in cow electricity. UMNO is playing at the weaknesses of Malaysians...thinking we do not care for others them.......year after come to the point....UMNO is arrogant they can be...keep ignoring Malaysians.......and do as they like.
    Desperate to have more keep up with their corrupted lifestyles....lets wait and see next move.
    I have a strange feeling....they want to bankcrupt the country...enriching themselves..before loosing control to Anwar....just like what Mahathir did...before he retired.