Monday, July 21, 2008

Cabinet to discuss Merc purchase

Policy is to buy the Perdana for official cars. The Terengganu state government's decision to splash RM3.43 million on 14 units of Mercedes E-200 Kompressor for the state's exco members will be brought to the Cabinet for discussion, says the DPM here.

Let's see if Menteri Besar Ahmad Said can get the Agong to support him again this time. The Palace was instrumental in putting Ahmad Said there after the General Election.


  1. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Must have gotten hints from the mostly negative comments in the various blogs!

  2. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Could you please clear something up for me, Ahmad Said said he has already bought the cars (see news article "..sudah membeli kereta...").

    If this is true, then what else is there to discuss?

    Lost Cybertrooper

  3. Anonymous4:40 pm

    It's absolutely right that we should support local industries, all things being equal. I think a Perdana is cheaper to maintain compared to a MB E-class. Maybe success has come too soon to the heads of the new state government.

    Another thing: if the Opposition controlled states were to do the same thing i.e. buy foreign cars instead of local, there will be a huge outcry from BN for being unpatriotic. Let's see how BN deals with their own kind on this matter.


  4. Anonymous4:59 pm

    There must be records kept to show the cost of maintaining the fleet of Proton Perdanas over the years. It would be interesting to compare the cost of maintaining the new fleet of Mercedes with the cost of maintaining the Perdanas. If found to be more costly, who will take the responsibility to replace Perdanas with Mercedes?

    I just cannot believe that Perdanas cost more to maintain than Mercedes. Who are they trying to kid?

  5. Well, I learnt something new today. It is cheaper to maintain a MERC then a Proton...

    And it has to be that particular Model.

    The petrol Consumption must be better too.

    And it will save the state Government Loads of money in the long run. Yeah right... You spent millions and then talk about saving. Is this guy from Dungun or Dungu?

  6. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Stop wasting money on unnecessary things.
    'Ahmad berkata kerajaan negeri terpaksa membuat pembelian tersebut ekoran kos penyenggaraan Proton Perdana terlalu tinggi kerana mudah rosak dan tidak tahan untuk perjalanan jauh.'
    but then again, are u finally accepting that proton cars are in fact low in quality?
    we should let Tun M answer this to the Terengganu.

  7. Sure hope they will come to their senses. It is always the best. The best for who, sure if you consider all the plus of a mercs, you will not even dream to buy any other cars probably.

    Whose money are they spending anyway, buy your own and take care of the official car, do they really care.

  8. "Belanja berhemah ?", "sacrifices ?"

    I don't think so.

  9. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Very unwise move and decision made by the Terengganu government. Cost-cutting is just a lame excuse. Its obvious.

    They could just replace with a new perdana v6 instead of buying more executive e200 compressor mercz. What a waste of money.

    Although honestly I favor the merz than the perdana v6, but taking into all circumstances and considerations I fell that is better to buy perdana v6 than the merz e200 compressor.

  10. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Kabinet akan menyokong tindakan Kerajaan Negeri Treengganu dengan alasan bla bla bla... untuk menutup kritikan terhadap UMNO Trengganu.

    Md Said sudah mula terhutang budi..awas..ada body yang kena balas nanti...kluangman

  11. Anonymous6:06 pm

    In my opinion, there is no one to be blamed except those who elected these nincompoop as their MPs. Serve you right or padam muka. So think intelligently next time when you vote someone in as your MP.

  12. Dear Rocky,

    This would not have happened with a strong and prudent Central Gov.


    More on the Merc@

  13. Anonymous6:24 pm

    there are other makes of cars like Toyota Camry, Honda Accord which are cheaper than merc

  14. Anonymous6:36 pm

    If he's got any brains, he should think twice about the whole matter. Don't think anyone on the streets of Terengganu or Malaysia is enamoured with this foolish childish self aggrandiszing decision of Ahmad Said and Co.

    What kind of culture or example does he reflects? Rotten greedy self-serving politicians.

    While here, we are all belt tightening as a result of the drastic increase in the cost of living

  15. Anonymous6:44 pm

    I'm only surprised that it took that long to resist to change their cars. After all, they form the state government in March 08. The excuses they made on the Proton cars are nonsense. Four years old car, driven by chaffeurs should be in near showroom condition. If they say thousands are spent on maintenance, let's see the itemised bills. We've been screwed as taxpayers for sure.


  16. Bro,

    Diharapkan pihak-pihak menyokong bekas Menteri Besar dulu agar tidak keterlaluan mensensasikan isu pembelian Mercedes ini.

    Tanyalah menteri-menteri kabinet yang pakai Merc. berapa anggaran kos penyelenggaraan sebulan...untuk jangka panjang. Buatlah statistik perbandingan baru boleh komen orang. Patutlah Istana tidak mahu memberi anugerah kebesaran sempena Hari Jadi Sultan....sebab Sultan murka kepada puak-puak UMNO dulu yang merosakkan Terengganu. Hidup Institusi Raja sebagai benteng terakhir ketuanan Orang Melayu!!!

    Yang Keliru:
    Jawatan 1 : Antara Najib atau Ku Li
    Jawatan 2 : Muhyiddin

  17. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Couldn't they just get the new Nissan Sylphy/Bluebird if they don't want to risk a new Perdana with its problematic transmission? Its only +RM105,000 for the luxury package.

    I suppose this is what they really meant by "Ubah Gaya Hidup" (Change Your Lifestyle).

  18. Umno-led gov is being consistent...hyprocrite..that is. They just screw the rakyat like there's no tomorrow.

  19. If they want to sell their 'unsafe' cars for really cheap, I wouldn't mind driving a Perdana V6... hehehe

  20. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Typical of UMNO leaders - before they could settle down in their new job environment, they start living the life of a successful businessman - spending everything they have been endowed with, living nothing to run the actual business finally winding up leaving hutang everywhere. Real idiots to make such a decision, when the state of Trengganu appears to be the poorest state in the peninsula. Just a bunch of morons.

  21. The Star reported a few reasons to buy Merc. But why not Toyota? It has the same advantages and price is cheaper. Toyota is the top seller in the world now.

  22. Bro, how come THE Proton MD and Proton Chairman are keeping very quiet about this matter which concerns THEIR product. Shouldn't they be singing praises and rolling out the positives about their top of the line Perdana V6 Limousine. Their "elegant" silence is deafening, OK lah, OK lah we don't mix their brilliant decision to sell MV Augusta for 1 Euro to some company which later sold it to BMW and Harley Davidson but for this time give some macho defence of Protonlah in the face of the criticism of Proton cars by another brilliant guy, the MB of Terengganu no less.

    If the cabinet agrees to MB Said brilliant rationale then Proton can kiss goodbye to future purchases of Perdana V6 Limousines from the Malaysian Government, susah lah Proton macam ini.

    So Mr Proton MD and Mr Chairman, hello, where are you, hello, hello..

  23. Anonymous9:08 pm





  24. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Why cabinet wants to discuss now, after purchase made? YOu mean if cabinet x agree, they will return the cars?? and incur losses. Why cant the tganu state govt. decide? c'mon this is about cars, dont the cabinet have much more important things to discuss? LIke running the country, for goodness sake. EEEEEEE so sickening. They keep on doing these foolish things, over and over again, spending money like its their granfather's,looting , worse than pirates.

  25. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Actually i do support the move away from using Proton. It's a smart move towards a liberal and transparent automotive market. Why should the government supported a dying car maker with the people's money.

    And it is true, that Proton cars are a pain to maintain.

    But that said, for me, the real question is why Mercedes. Why not a Toyota Camry? That's a lot cheaper, especially if it's going to be tax-free.

    That's why if any state government is going to depart from the federal policies, they HAVE to implement the open tender system or face public fury.

  26. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Mestikah setiap keputusan Kerajaan Negeri mesti refer to Persekutuan..!!???

    Hak keputusan Negeri,,mesti dihormati,,

    Hang Gibit.

  27. Kena siasat:

    i. Siapa yang buat kertas kerja?

    ii. Siapa yang beri arahan untuk buat kertas kerja?

    iii. Siapa yang meluluskan kertas kerja?

    iv. Apakah asas perbandingan yang dibuat?

    v. Adakah unsur-unsur lawan tokey dijadikan pertimbangan di dalam membuat keputusan ini?

  28. Cheaper maintenance! Really ???This is ridiculous !...can't believe they will come up with such excuses to justify their desire for that model.What a shame !

  29. If they want to lelong the perdanas, please inform me as i want to know who will buy these unsafe national cars.

    This is really too much...

  30. Anonymous9:48 pm

    hoiii..i havent received my royalty yet.
    wait till state's account is credited.
    lamborghini? hmmmm
    on second thought royce is ok too...

  31. I wouldn't mind if they buy Accord or Camry. Merc is simply too much. At least Accord and Camry are better than Perdana V6 and lower in maintenance costs as compared to Merc. Am I wrong?

  32. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Is not right la! must buy BMW 7 series, it safe cost and save life in long run. Why don't you change your decision now, just cancel the order, don't worry about the deposit! just buy BMW... Trust me! 7 series! trust me..OK brother!

  33. Anonymous11:08 pm

    What a waste of money ! When everyone is crying to make end meets , this guy suddenly decided let's buy mercedes to save cost !!! where's the amanah ?? Oii terengganu people , change your govt laaaarrrr....


  34. Anonymous11:13 pm

    let Dr M see what quality proton has! I think majority of DR M families and relatives are the supplier of Proton spare-part! That why he gain alot. Even umno people rejected proton!

    Can proton compete with foreigner! Let khazanah answer and what is their plan

    zamri, pbbss

  35. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Just like what Alibaba @6:44pm put it ..If they say thousands are spent on maintenance, let's see the itemised bills...The bills might be inflated, there might be double billing or even fictitious billings.

    The above now warrants some audits.

  36. Anonymous12:20 am

    I was told by a Proton insider tne Perdana's gear box overheat after prolonged use. He said Proton has overcome this problem by installing a fan to cool down the gear box in newer Perdanas. If Ahmad "I wanna Merc" Said had checked with Proton's big wigs, he would have been informed of this.

    Aku nak Mesidis

  37. Here I am thinking of changing to bicycle and there they are changing to Merc. If it is not Petronas money, then it is tax payer money. Or else, money grew on the trees in Trengganu ??

  38. Bru,

    patutnya they buy the new triton lite-luas,besar dan tahan lasak, only RM 58K, then put the canopy at the back so they can carry 4-5 people per car. therefore, they should only buy 3 the most of it to carry all the exco-sangat jimat duit. tapi tentunya low standard to them...

  39. inilah sikap orang melayu yang baru mendapat kuasa dan kekayaan. atau tidak kaya berlagak kaya.
    atau kaya free (dibaca duit rakyat) inilah masanya hendak joli duit rakyat. nanti bila hilang kuasa sudah tidak berpeluang lagi...biar pape asal bergaye!

  40. Anonymous8:58 am

    It is reward time after the hard work put in after the 2008 election.

    Smart move for the ex-co members/MB but pity the poor rakyat.

    The MB sure has long term views, after five years the ex-co can 'buy' the Merc at a song.

    Malaysia Boleh and UMNO boleh...

  41. Anonymous10:20 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Terengganu is the second poorest state in the country. Kesian rakyat.

  42. Cyber Trooper,

    You appear lost. Take heart! The goings-on are meant to mislead. The rakyat get lost, while the politicians (read UMNO) get away with their agenda. In this case, Najib was merely offering a self-serving solutions to his fellow politicians. Since the Merc have already been bought, they can always be auctioned off to the Politicians at dirt cheap price. Who's going to question the loss as the amount will become negligible in comparison to the RM 5 billion of wealth in its kitty.

  43. Anonymous10:42 am

    Sdra Rocky and all those bloggers,

    Over the last 24 hours, so much had been said about Trengganu's decision to go ahead in their proposal to purchase the merc based on "cost saving and effective performance of the vehicles" which i agreed that the MB has made a prudent decision.

    I am not sure whether the MB is an accountant or auditor, but what he had said justified the means to replace the proton executive cars based on their high maintenance costs.You don't need an accountant to justify the reasons in order to replace the cars which is a long term positive decision. MB does not want to waste public funds, like some other states including Melaka, who despite the high maintenance costs will still continue to use the proton cars.

    There should not be a sense of patriotism to defend the use of the national produced car, if quality and durability had to be taken seriously. I agreed with MITI Minister Muhyddin that proton cars for export need to be competitively oriented and not just based on complimentary sales and economic relations with the importing countries concerned.

    In conclusion,I don't see any reasons for the matter to be debated in Cabineteven though Trengganu's action contradicts the earlier government decision that all state cars for the senior members of government should be proton. If the the earlier decision is without any variation clause for exemption, then Cabinet should clarify and amend the rules.


  44. Anonymous11:27 am

    I was wondering if anybody can draw up a table for comparison between the two cars?

    price/petrol consumption/maintenance/parts replacement/depreciation/resale values.. etc..etc...

    of course where status image is concerned, Merc > Perdana ...


  45. Anonymous11:34 am

    It is an open secrete that all proton gear box are very sensitive and hence costly to maintain.Everytime the gear box breakdown, it will take weeks if not months to replace therfore taking into time lost in repair plus the repair cost it is justified to say that it is more costly to maintain a Perdana than a Merc if not why all successful businessman buy Merc instead of Perdana. How to measure TIME cost lah? Fairplay

  46. Anonymous12:17 pm


    Itulah, dulu bila Pak Lah tak nak lantik Ahmad Said tetapi terpaksa akur dengan pilihan ini, kita bersorak. Padan muka Pak Lah. Tak malu. Nak lantik MB pilihan sendiri pun tak berjaya.

    Baru 3 bulan, kita dah mula lihat true colors Ahmad Said. Padan muka kita. Dulu kita yang bersorak Ahmad Said berjaya kalahkan Pak Lah. Sekarang Ahmad Said berjaya habiskan duit kita.

    inilah dinamakan balasan tuhan.


  47. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Now we know that power/position makes one's head "swollen". Why merc? Even if maintenance cost of our local car is too expensive why not some other make, with cheaper maintenance cost, fuel saving and good 2nd hand value. Why merc? Prestige lah tu. Kenal 'kepok lekor' lagi ke? Sekarang mungkin bertukar ke 'steak' pulak. Keropok lekor banyak tulang, lekat kat tekak.


  48. I saw the state secretary had a new mercedes two months ago and the newest merc bearing exco plates have also been seen around KT for some time now. Anyway they claim that the royalty minyak is not being used for the new mercs - no need to when they have started logging the water catchment above the new TNB dam in Hulu Terengganu - thats 12,000 hectres of pristine forest, which will produce a huge income. No one seems to care about environment these days,but why logging now in oil rich Terengganu, and in a water catchment area above an expensive dam.

    The Terengganu forest is being split in two, by the new dam, by the huge throughway cut for the power lines, and a new road. So its not just about trees, water, global warming, but also about a rich biodiversity being broken into pieceS - elephants, tigers et al.

  49. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz ?
    My friends all drive V6s, I must make amends.
    Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends,
    So Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz ?

    Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a color TV ?
    Dialing For Dollars is trying to find me.
    I wait for delivery each day until three,
    So oh Lord, won’t you buy me a color TV ?

    Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a night on the town ?
    I’m counting on you, Lord, please don’t let me down.
    Prove that you love me and buy the next round,
    Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a night on the town ?

    Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz ?
    My friends all drive V6s, I must make amends,
    Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends,
    So oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz ?

  50. Anonymous4:48 pm

    The most important issue isnt whether the state government's decision is justified, a case can be made either way [I cant honestly say that a V6 is cheaper to maintain than a german car cos the V6 does not more frequent maintenance and each time its not cheap either]. The main issue is why the cabinet thinks their input is required and why reviewing a decision that has already been made takes precedence over more pressing matters brought on by the current economic climate.

  51. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Typical umno goons....tau melaram saja. Kerja belum nak buat dah sibok mengkayakan diri masing2 dengan duit rakyat. Just wonder what Khir Toyo is saying about all these purchase? He has been a real busybody disturbing and critizing new S'ngor state govt without realizing that the new govt is now busy cleaning up all the rubbish left by umno after many2 years of abusive rule. Sheeshhh...stupid malay umno goons..!

    Cicit Pak Lah

  52. Anonymous5:55 pm

    To All Malaysian,

    I , Mr KALAHARI , rakyat Terengganu of 50 years of age, male , residing in a safe place close to DPM residence ( in case of trauma) ,fully circumcised ,never been 'liwatied'or otherwise, and of sound mind and great physical health... hereby declare in the presence of Mr Rocky's Bru ,of whom am sure, of much sounder mind and of even better health than me (the liwati clause is left emptied for the reason that I am not of any knowledge of his personal activity past and present) solemnly declare that the followings, the best of my knowledge,were made whilst under no serious threat on my live and manhood .


    1. Their presence ( our EXCO in Merc E200) in the car would transport their mentality to world class level,most probably to German level of efficiency , as oppose to average Malaysian Mentality while riding Proton Perdana....Terengganu need this badly.
    Eversince the purchase the average IQ of our representatives had improved significantly much to the delight of Terengganu people. For your information the Terengganu average IQ was much lower prior to the purchase as, though small in number, our representatives has contibuted little to the total score.

    2. While rakyat was asked to hidup 'bersederhana' it is very important for the leaders (by being in the MERC E2000 Kompressor Car )to show to the people that ,the abundance of money and luxurious life must be kept as a long term goal by Terengganu people. Its achievable through politic ,specifically being UMNO leader.

    3. Since Terengganu is an oil producing state ,Terengganu Goverment has to prove to the world that the petrol fr Trg can be used for any type of car regardless of makes. We wouldnt want European Union refusing Petronas oil on the basis that there is no track record of usage .Therefore The State Goverment is willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the country. Terengganu people weep for our leaders selfless thoughts ..Imagine going at such high speed and risking their life and neck for the sake of Terengganu people!!

    4.There are many unemployable ex drug addicts in Terengganu that need vocational training .The first thought of dear MB was to train them in handling and repair of common Malaysian car,thus needing Proton cars as they need repair constantly .The rakyat welfare was always on his mind.

    Our dear MB has been having sleepless night before coming to this difficult decision and possible repercussion from everyone.
    Decision like this must only come from a great man like him, our Dear Leader Kim Ahmad Said II.
    In fact we ,the rakyat of Terengganu proposed a 70 foot statue of himself with outstretched hand built on Bukit Kijal( it can be a major tourist attraction to Kemaman) as our symbol of undying support befitting his contribution to the state , he refused .Much like Caesar who refused to be crowned ,we have leader of similar stature in present time and a place called Terengganu. And other Malaysian think that he shouldnt be chauferred driven in MERCEDES E200 Kompressor? Are you jealous of us or what ???

    5. The urgent need for the welfare of people of Terengganu (such demanding lots these people) must be attended to urgently.The question arise to the speed of delivery that the goverment can deliver has to be from 0 to 100 km/h in the shortest of time ,to which PERDANA fail miserably.
    Imagine how the speed of MERC E200 Kompressor would invariably induce our decision makers to make the decision in the fastest of time.
    Terengganu people for your information, are bracing ourselves for the speed-of-light developments to come. If we become fully developed by 2011, the Merc E200 Kompressor is a small price to pay...we would probably ask for Independence as we wouldnt be able to cope with other slow thinking Malaysian.

    6.Terengganu people for the lack of want are very lacksaidal in their attitude.They need to look at themselves in the mirror and realise that they are poor people.They apparently had not waken up after all these years.The glistening shine of PERDANA had failed to induce the Terengganu people to look at themselves and change for the better.The sincerest hope of the new Terengganu Exco is that the new Merc E200 would do just that...for the people to change once they look at themselves on the reflection on MERC E200 Kompressor that passes by.Such brialliant idea is wholly support by us .

    7.This new car is the reward to all Terengganu people ,so that they'll be proud of their leaders .It is in a way to announce to all Malaysian that Terengganu never lack of leaders who are capable selfless,first world mentality and able to abuse( sorry for typo error )... use...the public money for the betterment of their own people.

    8. It has been a great pain for the leaders while chauffer driven in Perdana in the past,to see the suffering of the people due to the slow nature of Perdana.This would invariably affected their thought process much needed into thinking in how and means to siphone the royalty money for the benefit of rakyat.
    Whizzing in MERC E200 Kompressor has eliminated their sufferings and rakyat of Terengganu are all too happy to lend in their support for this.

    9. It would be an embaressment to all Terengganu people to see their leaders sitting on the roadside as their Perdana being repaired ,that surely look stupid to everyone who passes by.
    The Terengganu MP and ADUN must never compromise lest they be seen as of lower mental acuity (stupid) by their peers from other state.Since being percieve as stupid would mean that they are the best amongst the stupids that Terengganu can offer as their leaders , this is a big NO, NO.
    DPM wouldnt understand this .The late leader of an Indian party was driven in Merc ,bought by members contributions just to prove that their leader was a sucessful person.....why cant we Terengganu people do the same ....if you got my drift.

    10. These EXCOs are leaders of excellence(in how to make money disappear), selfless in their deeds(they would enrich their kins and allies though), farsighted and visionary in their decision( must scoop within 5 years of service) ,phlegmatic in their outlook (they love to label themselves as leaders with'anjakan pardigma'whatever that means), singularity in purpose (to enrich themselves) and unquencable in their charity deeds(building endless roads and rentseeking)....why cant they be chauffered in MERC E200 Kompressor ?

    Rakyat Terengganu just dont understand the big hoo ha

    Its the whole truth nothing but the truth


    Signed and dated on 22nd July 2008
    Witnessed by The Commissioner of Loath
    66 Jln Sodo
    Off Jln Jgn Pandang/Main Belakang,
    40400 Bukit Kenny
    Kuala Lumpur

  53. Dear Bro,

    Mesyuarat UMNO Taman Cahaya, Ampang Selangor akan diadakan pada pertengahan bulan lapan....nantikan usul yang ditunggu-tunggu...

  54. Dear Bro,

    Have u seen the program "HUJAH" yesterday nignt on TV9?

    The Title is "Mencari Pemimpin Bersih". The moderator kaitkan dengan suasana politik semasa....and 2 panels both University Profesors hentam UMNO gila-gila kaw punya.....

    CAyalah Prof. Agus yang memilih tajuk itu....

    From UMNO Taman Cahaya

  55. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Since dah beli kereta Merz tu,,and confusion timbul,,sedekah saja kat Rumah anak yatim,,,dapat juga mereka rasa,,,,,,

    May I suggest,,pakai duit Royalti minyak yg akan d deri and BUY CITROEN PICASSO 2.0i,,,lagi jimat cum RM90K,servis every 15000km,,Banyak lagi kelibihan compare with Japanese or Korean Cars,,

    Our PROTON MGT,,Pls ensure the R&D Department,,,bukak mata do comparison dgn Kereta Continental,

    Akibat Che Det,,,LOOK EAST POLICY..banyak kereta-kereta TIN MILO,,sekarang d jalan Raya,

    Remember in the SEVENTIES,, kilang kereta FIAT,,,OPEL d JB,,now PROTON pon bole tutup,,if the economy continuies downward trend,,,MALU,,,50 yrs MERDEKA,,,


  56. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Mohamad Taib, Khir Toyol, Ali Rusty, what have you got to say to your brother Ahmad Said. I guess you all will just keep that filthy gaps of yours shut...kuman seberang laut nampak, gajah depan mata buat tak nampak jer!!!

  57. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Dear Rocky;

    True it's not Petronas money or taxpayers' money they are using...Terengganu is famous for its keropok lekor so it must be some sort of barter trading i.e. keropok lekor export to Germany in exchange for the merc...don't you all know that Ahmad Said was once upon a time a top keropok salesman?


  58. Anonymous9:01 pm

    I wonder why people are so uptight about the decision to buy Merc instead of Proton. Why complain? Afterall the people voted them to rule the state. So let them rule the way they think fit. In fact why complain anything at all? The people deserve for what they get from the government that they have chosen. All other cabinet members are stupid not to use Merc. They should all join in the fun & flair of using German technology. For that matter why fly MAS? Better fly other carriers that score higher in terms of service. Money should not be a problem, right? Especially if it's not their own money. Now you see why their children are all sent to overseas universities instead of local ones? And they buy up properties overseas whilst they promote "Malaysia - the second home" to foreigners.

    2nd class citizen of Animal Farm!

  59. More than RM30,000 to fix a gear box? ACA should investigate because the whole Perdana without tax costs less than that.

  60. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Aiya ... the cabinet wants to review because if KT can buy Merc why cant they??? after all they are the cabinet. who are these KT exco? some punks on the beach? Pm and DPM may be driven around to their official functions in potong but secretly they want to be in merc or beem beems too. How can buy japanese? no class right?

    The potongs in KT may have been expensive to maintain because their cost may have been inflated to cover all the middle men. after all the last MB was not that straight. Can some investigative reporter please go dig some dirt there? Other thing to check is whether the car was used for non official business...Golok anyone?

    KB Kelantan

  61. UMNO politicians in Terengganu is sending a message to Dollah and Najib.
    Talk too much....they all will opt to PAS or keDAILan.
    Never in the history of 50 years in you find a group of elected UMNO as they like..with no approval.
    What they are doing is also sending a message to Dollah and Najib...they will stop being "yes men".
    Najib said Dollah and he are daily ...using Proton a bunch of bullshit....for show only.
    There is clear double standards...even with in UMNO party.
    50 years have made them lost their bearings and they think...they own the country and the people.

  62. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Ok la Tok Mad... I accept your argument that Perdana can be expensive to maintain but must you upgrade to Mercs? There are more reliable Camrys and Accords out there. Cheaper too than the E200K.


  63. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Wakil rakyat Terengganu memang layak mendapat kereta Mercedes Benz kerana Terengganu adalah sebuah negeri yg kaya raya kerana hasil minyak yang banyak....tetapi yang memiskinkan Terengganu adalah Kerajaan UMNO dan saudara-mara...Jadi kalau nak marah, marahlah Kerajaan Persekutuan...Kami rakyat Terengganu bangga kerana wakil rakyat kami ada kereta mercedes...Yg dok sakit mata tu pasal apa...? kalau nak, pi la mintak kat Pak lah...

    Org ganu

  64. Dear All.
    For me beside the answer who Merc instead of Proton? I also want to know who profited at least RM700K from this deal..

    Who Profited RM700K?

    Shiok Guy

  65. DiSarawak Ketua Menteri pakai 'Roll-Royce' dan Menteri kabinet lain pakai Mercedes 300S class keatas dan tiada siapa pun bising atau ambil tahu. Paklah dan Najib buat tak tahu saja. DiSabah Ketua Menetri dan kabinetnya juga pakai Mercedes. Kenapa kalau ahli kabinet UMNO negeri Trengganu pakai Mercedes Najib bising. Kenapa? Kerana Ahmad said bukan pilihan mereka untuk membolihkan mereka (Najis PakTulah, Khairikeji, dll) unkuk mendapatkan wang petrolium.... politik pakLah dan Najib, adalah politik tamak.

  66. How did we run a country for so long without

    #1. Established Guidelines, Budget, Process & Evaluation for purchasing assets?

    Is there nothing More urgent of the State & Nation for the Cabinet to discuss than to waster time talking about this trivial matter?

    There should NOT even be a need for this to come up to Cabinet level if #1 was adhereed to!

    Do you think any Board of Directors in, say General Electric, would need to touch on such topics when the company has processes in place & is well run?

    I say GE because the size of our country's budget is not that much less (or even more than) a company the size of GE!

    This is HOW INCOMPETENT our Country's leaders are!

  67. Anonymous9:38 pm

    MERC cheaper to maintain than Proton... If they "considered" all angles, should have taken a Toyota or Honda la.
    Problem with Malaysia we let these politicians get away with the stupidest justification.
    They give us shit reasons bcos they can get away with it...
    So whats the ppl in Tganu goin to do about it??

  68. Anonymous1:44 am

    (heha) : aab, " hahaha...serve you all right ! you all INSISED this fellow to be mb & now complain why he spent $$$$$ on merc instead of proto cars ? ....hahaha !!"

  69. Harharhar..!! Padan la muka Terengganu pun..dulu beria-ria sangat sokong si Said ni.. Keluar mulut rimau masuk mulut buaya!!

  70. Anonymous8:02 am

    Please stop arguing about the good, the bad of Proton Perdana. I am proud with Malaysian (can) make car although it is not as good as others.

    And the ugly: Continue reading the story created supporting my argument because I am Anok Penyu Putih from South China Sea.

    I agreed with the saying "in politic either you kill or being killed".

    Ceritanya begini biar kawan terangkan satu cerita lawak " Citer Negori Kayo" :-

    Bentuk tubuh Negori Terengganu ini sebenarnya terbelah kepada 3 bahagian iaitu Utara ibarat Pantat, Tengah ibarat Perut (Ibu Negeri) dan Selatan ibarat Kepala.

    Kepala adalah yang terkaya pernuh dengan makanan dan yang tercepat membesar.

    Pantat adalah yang terkecuk, terganas dan terbusuk.

    Perut adalah yang termalu sebagai hanya tempat simpanan sementara makanan dan sisa tahi.

    Pada masa ini dan akan datang, makanan akan dikecapi oleh mulut di Kepala dan tahi busuk akan cuba ditolak sekeping-keping ke ruang asalnya iaitu Pantat.

    Berbalik dulu kepada sejarah penyu. Di Kepala, telah lama disolek dengan tiada tandingan oleh MB paling lama entah ghaip kemana. Tetapi jurusolek bertauliah pada masa itu termasuklah yang sekarang menjadi kepala yang keras dari Kepala.

    Sebelum jurusolek ini, Pantat telah pun diberi peluang menjadi MB. Tapi Pantat mengsia-siakannya dengan membusukkan dan melomorkan tahi-tahinya keseluruh tubuh dan tidak menghormati Badan kerana terlalu tamak membalas dendam sekian lama tertinggal kurun kerana makanan asyik lekat di Kepala.

    Pada masa kini, di serata tubuh terlebih harta perninggalan Pantat iaitu tahi-tahinya. Tahi terlimpah jua hingga ke sekitar Kepala.

    Keras oleh Kepala ialah memperjuangkan lebih banyak makanan untuk ditelan. Seperti diketahui, makanan telah pun dicoretkan berwarna-warni di atas tisu milikan najis tetapi tiada coretan hitam-putih oleh ketua Pantat kepada Negori Kayo yang darahnya disedup kering. Tak tahulah, makanan hanyut kemana.

    Kepala di tenganukini sangat marah terhadap ketua Pantat. Mata belum celik atau sengaja buta warna walaupun terang-tereng bendera negori pun hitam putih.

    Mungkin makanan diperlahankan ketua Pantat kerana tidak senang dengan cara Kepala menanduk dengan sepanduk "Serahkan Makanan Kamu Kepada Kami" disepanjang landasan setibanya ketua Pantat tempoh hari. Yang cuainya, warna bendera tidak diterangkan.

    Kepala risau bila makanan yang dijanjikan akan tiba, entah tiba entah tidak. Makanan amat diperlukan untuk memjinakkan kuda. Dengan tak sabar setiap hari, Kepala menoleh dari tingkat ke arah permadangan indah Seberang Takir. Yang giat diuli oleh penguli najis bersebelahan periuk beruk.

    Kepala runsing tertakir seperti sejarah Seberang Takir sebelum makanan tiba. Kepala perlu berpusing ligat untuk menjahit segala organ taat di Kepala nya ke bahagian Perut dan Pantat. Limpahan tahi lama perlu dibersihkan supaya Kepala tak jatuh terguling.

    Perlu difahami asal Kepala besar yang bijak ini. Ia dijahit oleh Badan ke atas Perut dan Pantat yang tidak mahu menerimanya. Bukan senang Kepala berpacak, dengan muka dikeras-tebalkan sambil hidung bertahan menahan bau-bau Pantat dan tahi-tahinya.

    Dalam proses menenung kain songket, jarum telah mula dicucuk-jahit antara angota Kepala dengan angota Pantat disemua bahagian. Mana yang kuat terpaku dan mana kurang akan rebah. Lautan jernih kelihatan tenang, menjerit-jerit jerung tiada orang yang tahu.

    Segala-galanya terciptalah sebuah kisah indah bagai mentari pagi di laut cina selatan. Mengecohkan seluruh sesawang blog pertandingan antara Telur Perdana melawan Batu Mercedes. Membazirkan urat-uratan otak sekalian blogger yang mendebatkanya.

    Yang paling sedih serta teramat sedih ialah Badan ketua kepada segala Badan.
    Mengimbas dari dulu hingga sekarang, organ-organ Perut yang baik baik telah dibedah-buangkan oleh sejarah Kepala lama jugak oleh Pantat selepasnya. Beeeruk pakar bertelunjuk sana-sini, Badan sedih tubuh dipecah-belahkan.. Pantat dilucutkan, tak pasti Kepala insaf berpegang amanah. Hari Besar, Badan titikkan dawat hitam dalam sejarah. Tanda kenangan lelehan airmata yang teramat sedih.

    Kami darah-darah yang amat tawar mengalir, tidak menentu didalam Negori sepatutnya Kayo. Dijanjikan sebuah perbangunan yang tidak pernah kami lihat, betul tu..... kapal layar ferari memang tak pernah kami tengok.

    Anok Penyu Putih.

  71. Anonymous1:54 pm

    (heha) : service charges for the 'perdana' are :
    1) semi syntetic engin oil rm...
    per tin ( normal rm 99.00 )
    2) oil changing rm.... ( usual
    rm5.00 only);
    3) shampoo washing rm....( rm7);
    4) waxing rm.... ( rm28 saja);
    5) vacuuming rm...( rm8 only);
    6) rm....., rm....,rmrmrmrm...?
    7)....ayoooo, manyak lagi lah !

    never mind, totalnya : rm175,229.97
    for one perdana & rm132,375.76 for another since 2004 (due to frequent breakdowns)--the Sun.

    mb :" so, it is better to buy NEW merc which cost lesser maintenance, ok ? UNDERSTAND !? dun talk so much lah, saya belanjar
    teh-tarik, ok !"

  72. Anonymous2:01 pm

    najib :" pm dan aku pakai v6 saja,
    you & exco ( 14 buah kereta ) mau merc kah !? cukup BERANI lah lu !! you pun berHINA v6,kereta buatan malaysia tak baik ah !! "

  73. Anonymous2:06 pm

    (heha): " kereta pun sudah membeli,
    buat apa cakap lagi, sudah lah ....!"

    OK, let me offer rm166,666/= ( 2nd hand already what !) for that merc bernombor TAS6666 , ok !?

  74. I fully support the Terengganu State Government's decision to phase out the Proton Perdana V6 and replace the fleet with Mercedez Benz.

    1. If you were to compare engine capacity, they're both 2,000cc.

    2. Perdana is infamous for its faulty gearbox. Proton was supplied with faulty gearboxes for the Perdana by Mitsubishi. According to the agreement, Proton cannot repair the gearbox. So, if your Perdana's gearbox is misbehaving, there's nothing Proton can do about it (although it can attempt to repair it) but to replace the whole gearbox with a new one. Perdana's gearbox is more expensive than BMW's gearbox.

    3. I believe that all Exco members clocked in a lot of mileage compared to cars for personal use. They have to "melawat kawasan", and travel to the State capital or federal capital often. So, they need a reliable car in terms of after sales service and safety on the road. While Proton Perdana is nice to drive while it's still new, it doesn't have the quality to withstand an extended use.

    4. Malaysians are used to Japanese-based cars because they're more fuel-efficient compared to continental cars. But if they've used continental cars, they will appreciate the sturdiness of continental cars. My family has a 30years old continental car which was brand new when it was bought. We spent only RM15,000 to overhaul the car. It still feels like new even after 30 years and the road handling is much better than our new Proton Perdana. Btw, we had to change the gearbox of the Perdana several times since we bought the car. And its fuel consumption is higher than our old continental car.

    5. From my experience, Japanese-based cars (including Proton which was based on Japanese technology) are like disposable cups. The function of a glass tumbler and a paper cup is the same. But you can use the glass tumbler over and over again if you care for it. You can't do that with a paper cup.

    6. Just for your information, Mercs are being used as taxis in Europe. So, please don't make a big deal out of this.

    7. If you think your Exco members don't deserve a Merc, then please don't ask them to sacrifice their time for the rakyat. You don't know that they have to give up a lot of things in life to serve the rakyat.

  75. Anonymous11:46 pm

    (heha) : Jane Smith dear, you have CHANGED your perdana
    gearbox 'SEVERAL TIMES' ?
    = AT LEAST 3,4,5,6..TIMES !! sure or not, dun play play lah !

    About the mercs in tregganu, please stop the fuss because our honourable pm has already given his ' GREEN LIGHT' ! ok !?

    NOW, let's chat about the 'repair bill' amounting to a 'mountain' ! please tell the TRUTH all those involved !!...@#$%^&*...! ( uoy tink they so naive ah !)

  76. Anonymous4:52 pm

    (heha): about repair bill :
    1) ex mb wants to SUE people for talking about his TS12 bill lah !
    2) Ronnie liu 's new 'gear box' =
    RM23,000.00 !! WOW...WOW ...!
    3) Proton oh Proton ! your perdanas
    are really ... @#$%^&*...sigh !!
    4) MB : look into his house lah GOT
    3 (tiga) mercs !!
    5)MB, referring his old benze
    : "kalau bini masih CANTIK, buat apa tukar !? " ..
    'ada olang sudah tukar bini lah !'
    6) Sarawak chief : mine is RRSS..I repeat..RRSS lah, so what ! want me to use perdana ah ? ....!!"
    7) Proton oh Proton ...SIGH !!

  77. Dear Heha,
    If our family's Perdana which clocks in an average of 12,000km a year have to change gearbox every year, what more the Perdana used by the Exco members. They probably clocked in more than 20,000km per annum. We have never changed the gearbox of our 30 years old continental car.

    I myself is driving a small continental car for 11 years now. Despite the fuel hike, my full tank today only costs me RM80. And I don't have gearbox problem. My friends who sometimes hitch a ride from me always ask, "oh you bought a new car?" But I'm still driving the old faithful.

  78. Anonymous2:31 am

    Dear jane,
    how much does your new gear box cost ? Ronnie's one = Rm 23,000.00 wow! can't REALLY believe & a NEW aeroback is only RM 26,999.00 ! a gear-box is ALMOST = A NEW AEROBACK dengan 4 roda which can touch 130km/jam , can the 'box' do that , hahaha !
    btw, those exco cars ( aged 4) are still under warranty, how could the bill be so high one : eg. in 2008,( about 6 months) , TAG6996 =28561.08, TS12 = 27923.41, TT3 = 36726.64 but TAH222 = 470.00 & the least (since 2004 )is TT6 = 15069 but the MOST is TAG6996 = 175229.79 & 2nd is TS12 = 131449.83 !!
    Now Proton is sending a team there to clear the puzzle & let's wait !(heha)