Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Court throws out Chegu'bard's petition

10 AM, 4 June 2008: A Seremban High Court judge has rejected an election petition on the Rembau parliamentary seat (Khairy Jamaluddin vs Chegubard) during the March 8th general election.

Chegubard, who filed the petition wrote in his blog that he had expected the decision "as the BN can't afford to lose another seat".

Read his posting on the Court decision at Chegubard's blog (see Blogroll). One of the reasons cited for the petition is the number of ballot papers issued for the Parliamentary
election was more than the number of ballot papers for the election of State seats under Rembau.


  1. So is Mat Sabu's.
    Now just wait for Khalid Nordin's.

  2. Anonymous1:58 pm

    How can the judge just throw the case out without considering what has been stated. Is there truly more ballots than voters ? That could easily be verified, perhaps the judiciary is not as independent as we believed it to be. That arrogant, slimmy slithery, SIL got away again, and why has the f..king EC not said anything...another one sided deal.

  3. Anonymous3:16 pm

    One of the reasons cited for the petition is the number of ballot papers issued for the Parliamentary
    election was more than the number of ballot papers for the election of State seats under Rembau.


  4. Anonymous3:30 pm


    keturunan Zulkarnain.

  5. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Wonder how many more petition will be throws out by the BN’s Court.. and all petitioner have to bare the cost. Where is the justice. What System is this.

  6. Salam brader,

    1. Tolong datang baca blog saya sekarang juga...ada topik baru dan panas.

    2. Kes Chegu Bard ini considered 'bad' already.

    3. Sebab hakim dah tahu nanti Chegu bard akan masuk UMNO juga akhirnya.

  7. You never post my comments.

    So no comments .

  8. Anonymous10:35 pm

    correct, correct, correct? Natural Justice

  9. Anonymous12:50 am

    mana boleh main buang petition macam itu sahaja.
    after all the fuss about the so call lingam judicial crisis for a judge who was not made a chief judge immediately after all the big talk.. .. we wd tink that the judicial system is more transparanet now.... NOT

    madam triple correct

  10. Anonymous11:47 am

    Frankly, it is about us, Malaysian.. just say it. Now is Pak Lah's time to get all the privileges from this country whether in the area of economy, law or whatever, why not commissioner to investigate on current mismanagement? You will see even if PR were to run the country, then Anwar or whoever is PM in waiting will get the same privilege too!

    Even our members of Bar Council too named Ambiga of whoever will also look into their interest too esp lawyers who are so good using their knowledge in law to turn around to work for what is best for them. Is it so written on their face.

    When Tun is in power, all the lawyers along that are in power. I was wondering why none of the Bar council did not pull away the practising license from Lingam when he went to holiday with Eusoff CHin as they seemed to be so strict abt ethical. In medical profession is so transparent abt this as their interest is people welfare/health or life/death.

    Everybody is so so eager to announce abt Lim Guan Eng flying on economy class recently. Frankly, I have been seen few BN ministers on economy class to fly back to Sabah or Sarawak or Kelantan too.. I guess new people from PK can bring a better sensational news than the old brooms. It reminded me of PAS last time when PAS new comers such as Takyuddin and few others first time won the election, we just amazed at them and gave them such a big credits as how simple were them, how humble in their clothing, non branded goods, a very decent house and having such a simple life and a simple WIFE. But look at him now! A few houses not to mention bungalows for few WIVES (of course they cant have girlfriends..), cars, no longer visit to kampungs, the way they talk, the place they eat so longer warongs but 5 stars hotel, etc etc. The upgrade comes after a few winnings in Kelantan, dont talk about governing the country. Same as Anwar.. So do not talk too soon for these people, too early to give them credit. Since then,I understand more now why BN MPs are so 'business minded' since they have been in power for so long!! Believe me, try to focus on one of PK MPs to see their progress over a period of time when they are in power, you will understand what I mean. If they were to govern the state for long, they will be like BN.. History confirmed how a powerful people changed as they power grew over the time. History repeats itself..

    We only BN PM who has passed the baton to their kids. But have we look thru our elected PK MPs? Lim Kit Siang passed the baton automatically to his son, Lim Guan Eng, and appointed him to become CM when DAP won. Karpal Singh has his son in parliment, nominating him to be a candidate, and of course the president... Wan Azizah, has the whole family in the party.. My My.. Why we can accept this practice but criticise other to do it? Is it because it is ok for PK but not BN? Remember.. These are the people we wish to change for us, no croynism or nepotism. How to be one when we condone them when they just taste their power. Again, WE RAKYAT WHO ENDORSE THEM FOR WRONG DOING, no one else. When will be the ending? After the passing the baton in holding the position to their next kins, what's next?

    Pak Lah was clean initially, but after a short 5 years, realising the power he has, he changed. Same as Anwar.. Tun definitely will have greatest power, after 22 years.. But I still admire him for able to control such a power to lesser degree of abuse compare to Suharto, Marcos etc. some might not agree on my view.

    To all lawyers. After dealing with few lawyers in Malaysia, my respect in these professionals has gone down to nil for knowing them so biased in their view. Charging their fees not to client worth so little than the effort/advice they provided. Sorry! I am sure plenty people sharing opinion.

    Food for thought!! Non of these parties have no interest for themselves.. Choose the candidate who has works for people not the party!! Too much power in people will bring disaster to the good nature of a person. DO not be a biased and blinded by these MPs whether they are PK or BN because they are all politicians. Be open to MPs without being any prejudice to any parties as long as they work for us!!

    Thank you.


  11. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Keturunan zulkarnain

    Apa kena mengena silat cekak dgn badrul ni? Bila cekak sokong dia? siapa bad ni? cekak takda kena mengena dgn badrul. Perjuangan bad pun jauh dan untuk samarata semua kaum. Takda kena mengena dgn cekak!!!


  12. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Kalau ini pun tak nampak "ballot papers issued for the Parliamentary
    election was more than the number of ballot papers for the election of State seats under Rembau" as a reason to start a case, where can be the trust and confidence?