Saturday, May 31, 2008

the walk is ON

Walking the Talk. The organisers of the Walk for Media Freedom never called off the walk. The only thing we changed is the starting point for that walk.

Originally, we had asked you to begin your walk from the big flagpole in Dataran Merdeka. From the start, we had said there would be no assembly.

After consultation with the cops, the organisers agreed that those who wish to walk can start from anywhere (but the flagpole). Meaning, you can start your walk to the NPC from wherever you park your vehicle or from the nearest LRT/bus station. If you are coming to the National Press Club by cab, tell the taxi driver to drop you off 500 m or 1km away so you can walk the rest of the way to the clubhouse.

There are limited parking lots at the NPC so we advise you to park your car at the underground car park at Dataran or at Padang Merbok.

Me, I am going to walk from the NPC to Dataran Merdeka, maybe make one big round or two there, and then walk back to the clubhouse for the talk. Around 9.15 or so.

Let me recap:
The Walk for Free Media is ON.
Time 9 am onwards. Start anywhere. Destination the National Press Club

The Talk on Free Media is ON.
Time 10.30 am. Place the National Press Club
Breakfast is ON
from 9.15 am at the NPC


  1. Anonymous2:33 pm

    LANGUAGE for Sunday talk at Press Club.. Invitations to members are in English; can anyone tell me what will be the main language of speakers including Zaid please? Is this p;anned as an English--speaking event, or Malay or a combo?

  2. hey, it is our right to walk wherever we want to...our land, our flag,our independence...even gather peacefully if we want who has the right to tell us not to...ceh.

  3. BTW, why the hell can't i walk from the flagpole??? I will walk from anywhere I want's my dataran and i will walk wherever i want to...

  4. Salam brader,

    1. Rugi kerana I'm not in KL tomorrow morning. I sampai KL in evening.

    2. Jika tidak tentunya no problem I can be 'Advance Guard' that walk.

    3. So please walk for me too. Tq

  5. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Freedom of Speech and Independent media for all!

  6. Anonymous8:07 am

    We should ask why cannot walk from Dataran.

    If cannot walk from Dataran..can we gather at Lake garden and walk from there?

    Stupid excuse to call off the walk.

    Next time... media people can walk alone.

    At a time when we are fighting for more democratic space, we have people licking the hands of the @$$holes

  7. Imagine the nation's biggest flagpole
    Cannot be a happy children's maypole
    To dance happily around the pole
    To gather quietly beneath the pole

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 010608
    Sun. 1st June 2008.