Sunday, May 04, 2008

Rais, the ladies aren't amused

A Most Silly Idea. Rais Yatim's ratings with Malaysian women took a nosedive into a dried-up swimming pool today. His ministry's proposal to compel every woman to get a written consent from her family if she plans to travel abroad alone has been described as nuts and biased.

"One step closer to Saudi Arabia," one commenter wrote to Nuraina A. Samad in response to her posting last night here.

Marina Mahathir, who says she travels abroad alone almost all the time, did not conceal her disappointment with the Minister in her posting here. "I have to say that I always thought that Dr Rais was much smarter than this."

Another blogger, here, suggests that "all Ministers and politicians DECLARE what they bring in and out of the country, where they are going to, and who they are going with!!! To make sure these jokers don't songlap anymore of our money or have sexcapades at OUR expense!!!"


  1. Marina thought that Rais was smarter. Well, the truth is he actually was until he became totally committed after rejoining UMNO from S46. He contracted the super virus that attacks the human brain cells resulting in the depletion any form of intelligence. That explains the behaviors of the rest. The carrier must be that Nazri guy who seems to be most affected.

  2. Anonymous8:55 pm

    While new kids on the block such as LGE and Yusmadi are getting good press in both new and traditional media (I chanced upon that delightful coverage on Yusmadi while seaching for Dina Zaman's Stories From The Palace), seasoned UMNO politicians are going downhill. Is it too much to expect sense and sensibility from them?

  3. Anonymous8:59 pm

    that i think is the stupidest thing i have heard in my whole life. s if an adult woman does not know how to look after themselves.

  4. Anonymous9:01 pm

    he is concerned, not just plain silly. feminist , please get a grip.

  5. He forgets women voted him
    Now this is how he repays them

    Women have their rights
    No guy should come to say
    “You cant do this and that
    You need approval……..”

    Women I believe
    They don’t need male power play
    Underneath the order
    He wants to show concerned

    He is misplacing himself
    Is he suggesting women go back in their shells?
    Be the good wives and girlfriends
    No need to travel here and there

    He has to do it himself
    Asking his wife to travel
    Write a letter she says she is okay
    Then he can travel………..

    And he should ask his cabinet colleagues
    Practice the same ruling………….
    Write out where they want to go
    Whom to carry along and how long

    Don’t just talk
    I have enough of listening
    Yet BN leaders don’t think through
    They harp on it but they don’t do

    So I suggest practice amongst the ministers
    See how they react, how their wives say
    You see women need challenges too
    Dare to fail; dare to take the risks
    Dare to make it; dare to go alone

    Women are a force now
    They don’t need guys to tell them what to do
    They don’t hide behind guys’ shadows any more
    So Rais Yatim better think it through
    Don’t make your last job
    Where women hate you so

  6. Anonymous9:38 pm

    I wonder why the good minister thought of this proposal.
    Like whether its got to do with a number of cases (many infact) of women (Malaysian girls) squatting in prison cells of many countries where they are awaiting their cases to be heard in respect of their bringing in parcels which they claim they did not know the contents therein.
    If this is the case, then maybe he's being thoughtful and proactive here.
    Some may then ask what about men (boys), well ?! i donno??
    maybe men are not easily duped !!
    i said maybe, okay.

  7. Well folks, Rais is exactly the Minister we always wanted in Bolehland! This is the product of UMNO, and I am sure in months to come, more Moron Ministers will come up with brilliant ideas on how to keep us safe...sigh!

  8. I cannot believe this. Minister with no brain. He just insulted half of all Malaysians. Pls sack him.

    If this is the calibre of our cabinet, we are doomed. Help!

  9. Anonymous10:12 pm

    To this smart Alex the Rais, may I propose that his department issue out lock to all women in Malaysia so that they can lock the women together with either their parent or hubby? I am sure the women will be very very safe.

  10. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Biasalah...Orang Umno.
    Malay in disguise who brings down every real malay(non-umno)in this country....SEXIST!!

  11. Anonymous10:30 pm

    It is good to let the families know where you are going to but not with a letter of consent.

  12. Anonymous10:32 pm

    How about this...
    The govenment should make it compulsory for women who cannot find any family members to accompany them, appoint a chaperone to travel.An agency will be formed to register and select among reliable and noble men for this purpose.Those who are interested in performing this national service can start registering with the Home Ministry for screening.
    ...hehehe..jangan mareh..

  13. Anonymous10:34 pm

    I always thought Rais was the only brainy guy in Umno. I have been proven wrong. My message to Umno is very simple = close shop and merge with Keadilan. Umno is gone, it is finished. Finis (in Italian).
    Adios, Umno.

  14. Anonymous10:53 pm

    A very senior politician, highly intelligent, excellent academic credentials with all these qualities our Dr.Rais could only come with this 100 year old proposal.
    I'm lost for word!!

  15. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Rais Yatim probably has a hidden psychotic fetish for collecting women's panties and other such underwear.

    Such rubbish talk coming from his mouth so soon after ex-Minister Jamaluddin Jarjis was investigated for molesting another female acquaintance? No end in sight to what extent the wretched UMNO goons will go to violate the privacy of the opposite sex.

    By doing the numbers of the female population that goes abroad, he hopes to trace the beeline in the boarding houses, brothels and motels abroad to collect his fetish stuffs. His behaviour belies the not unusual UMNO mindset of Command, Control and Conquer.

    No wonder the Women's Protection Act never see the light of day in its proper pronouncements.

  16. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Another very clear pointer that BN is indeed in auto self-destructive mode ... More on the way...

  17. What we have now is the ridiculous going down to the sublime
    With thinking older than the hills and clifts made of stony lime
    Instead of solving modern problems in keeping with the time
    We hear of suggested bureaucratic bungles not worth a dime

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 040508
    Sun. 4th May 2008.

  18. Anonymous11:33 pm

    This is the minister from the dinosaur era,he can't fit in unless he comes up with his dinosaur mentality to safeguard the woman and run his ministry, this won't be last,there will be more damning statement coming from him next.After 20 years ,he is back to the ministry that he was handling,now don't we have any other capable Malaysian to handle this job that we need to get this old screwball back?.This was the minister who wanted to break the colonial building of Capitol cinema when he was holding the Culture Ministry .The public outcry and protest put a stop to that idea.Well can't wait for the 13GE to kick out BN for good.

  19. Anonymous11:47 pm

    "all Ministers and politicians DECLARE what they bring in and out of the country, where they are going to, and who they are going with!!! To make sure these jokers don't songlap anymore of our money or have sexcapades at OUR expense!!!"

    My my..wouldn't your best friend and basketball buddy Azalina head the list :)

  20. Anonymous11:50 pm

    artificial intelligence is no match to natural stupidity. do politicians like Rais actually enggage brain before opening mouth? the country is gagged with a belly aching burecracy and red tape, and we have to put up with this nonesical limitation on women travelling abroad.

    the atrocious assumption ascribed here is that all Malaysian women, have "familes", and that they live with them, or that getting "permission" is in any way going to impact the issue of narcotic trafficing.

    like Marina, i must say, i have lost any little respect i had for mental-midget Barisan Nasional politicians.

    may i humbly suggest that all Barisan Nasional politicians get a written permission from a certified physcologist to ascertain that they are satisfactorily intelligent to serve in such a capacity as member of parliment or as leaders?

  21. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Good idea, Rais ! How about starting this with your own wives,daughters,mothers and sisters.See how it works for a year ,to prove to the rakyat that your " brainy idea" works !

    Please start now and we are all watching.

    all man are equal.

  22. Anonymous11:58 pm

    only umno politicians can come out with these kind of bankrupt ideas.

  23. Anonymous12:06 am

    Hey bro,

    Your team, Stoke City, will be playing in the Premiership next season. Congrat..

  24. Anonymous12:38 am

    Im shock by his proposal..sounds logical but unehtical.This kind of minister are product of 50years of independence with sheer low lever of thoughts and inteligence..same goes to SIL and FIL when the former propose that rich with big cars should pay more for fuel when method to control pricing is impossible to be was seconded by FIL the very next day.It seems our policy makers are like an amature surgoen cutting off your hand to ease the pain when there is a cure for it.

  25. Anonymous1:49 am

    I used to have a lot of respect for Dr Rias Yatim. What an idiot! Are you mad? Is this the creeping Islamisation that most non-Muslims fear. Concerned? No I don't think so. He wants control. MCP perhaps!

  26. In the 17th Century a person of stature, put her thoughts publicly about life at that time, by the name of Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle (1623-73). As found in a book, Women's Political and Social Thought, she said:

    "Nevertheless, Men are so Unconscionable and Cruel against us, as they Indeavour to Barr us of all Sorts or Kinds of Liberty, as not to Suffer us Freely to Associate amongst our own Sex, but would fain Bury us in their Houses or Beds, as in a Grave; the truth is, we live like Bats or Owls, Labour like Beasts, and Dye like Worms."

    Wake up, silly! Do you know what day it is anymore?

  27. Anonymous2:17 am

    First things first. We need to protect the rakyat's money from all these bitches in Balkis, Bakti, Bunga Tanjung, etc.

    Let's have a firm and comprehensive monitoring system for them first before we focus on the 0.00000000001% of Malaysian women who become drug mules. Better to whack the corrupt donkeys first.

  28. Dear All,

    If they are still on "self-Denail" mode, there is nothing we need to or can do !

    Just keep giving them more rope & they will continue to incriminate/ hang themselves further.......

    We just sit back & watch the action !

  29. Anonymous2:51 am

    Way to go, Minister Rais!

    I can see just see drug smuggling rings around the world furiously texting each other to stop planting drugs on Malaysian females travelling alone after this.

    "abort use of msians females. they got permish fr parents n shit. that like sue reed's invisbl shield y'all. only badder!"

    Yep, they're must surely be texting while rofling and wetting their pants...

  30. Anonymous5:49 am

    What makes the minister think that the 'mule' women drug carrier would not carry drugs even they have a letter of consent from parents or employer?

    Please Mr minister, it is greed, fast money. guilble and ignorance.

    Stop insulting the intelligence of others. Sad day for women.....

  31. Anonymous9:35 am

    If any of you think Rais' idea is not good, please give alternative. Don't just critize. I see none of the comments above provide any suggestion to the problem. Semua nak critic saja. Paku dulang, paku serpih...

  32. Not surprising stupid suggestion one after another from Umno ministers. That's why you need to work with Opposition. Oh ya...then you may even look more stupid. I always thought you to be one of the smarter pathetic

  33. Anonymous10:11 am

    And this government wonders why they did so badly in the last election??!!

  34. Anonymous10:51 am

    this is the world's most ridiculous idea. Understandably it's due to silly women being conned by drug addicts, but then these are innocent ladies whom were dying for a free flights and a couple of bucks. However, me and many others, business people going to travel without our husband or even vacation, and still need family consent. It shows how ministers are so desperate to make a change, even if it is a lousy one.

  35. bru,

    whilst Rais statement might sound *sexist*; consider the other paradigm; many ladies have languished themselves in jails like in China for unknowingly become a form of drug-mule that I have read many moons ago. Whilst it might be life-sentence in Thailand; China's punishment is capital in nature.

    Poor things.

    Any1 whom wished to criticize please do but you got any better suggestions ?

  36. Anonymous11:08 am

    Look at the positive side: At least Rais is saying something to safeguard our Malaysian Women. What is wrong for our daughters to inform us, their parents, whenever they want to travel overseas? For those who were so proud to say that they have money to travel themself, go ahead! We dont really care about you! BUT if something happened to you, TANGGUNG LAH SENDIRI BEB..!

  37. Anonymous11:18 am

    the egregious slogan of "ketuanan melayu" has transformed into the cryptic reality of "ketaunan buah layu"

  38. Anonymous11:28 am

    Now, where is our grandmother going to get her letter of consent if our grandfather is not around? I suppose we will have to get Rais to issue it.

  39. Anonymous12:24 pm

    That is a joke!
    Dear Minister Rais Yatim, dont speak just becoz you have to say comes out smelling like dog poo! Even if its only an idea but biar la masuk akal!

    The WOMEN are not amused!!

    Yours Truly,
    Shaa the Avid Traveler

  40. Anonymous12:38 pm

    No Brother, Malaysia is NEVER any step near Saudi. Believe me in this one. It will never happen. Marina, Nurina..they will never be Malaysia is ever Malaysia is as Saudi. Malaysia is Malaysia and Leave Saudi alone. Saudi is a true Islamic country and we as Muslims should all be glad for that. Thats why they are the custodian of the both the holy lands. Please respect and Thank them for their roles.

  41. Anonymous1:08 pm

    A Foreign Minister said this? Of which country? Malaysia-BN part.

    Heard somebody twisted his ears last night. Made him do the frog-squat too. Adoh!!

    Next he will suggest Mamula Moon be the National Anthem.

  42. sorry of topic and Bro have no need to promt this post to the public.

    I've sent you an email.

    thanks in advance

  43. Anonymous1:50 pm

    This is hardly surprising. If you voted for UNMO then this is what you get. For those of us who were wiser, there is no better suggestion than for Ministers to get a letter of consent for the amount of money they bring out of the country when they travel. Now THAT's a really useful law. Hey, give this person a seat in Parliament!

  44. berok...

    i suggest all politicians esp umnocrats isi borang and get letter of consent from the rakyat sebelum pi overseas...and then only we women will also consent to get letter of consent from AG every time we wanna travel...I hope he won't die before i get enuf money to travel to damascus...frust la...

    constructive or not?

  45. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Common sense and for safety reasons, I do believe that anyone who travels abroad, man or woman, should inform their family members unless one has hidden agenda.

    And common sense tell us that we should also inform our loved ones that we've arrived at our destination to avoid unnecessary worrying.

    But to get a letter of consent to travel abroad? Fine, make it across the board please and see if Rais like the idea himself of having to get his wife's consent!

  46. Anonymous2:28 pm


    this is another circus clown.

    if that statement came from year 6 boy, I would say that his thinking process is progressing.

    if it comes from someone who has passed a 'childish' phase, a politician and minister, i don't think it is 'progressing'. it's disappointment.

    Bro, in simple words, umno encapsulates the third class mentality malays with assortment of stupidity and moral impairment.

  47. weiii...apalah kerajaan Barisan Nasional ni.. Nak kuar ugama (non Muslims) tak payah bagi tahu famili pun, tapi bila nak kuar negara nak bagi tahu famili... wakakawakaka..nyanyuk ke pe

  48. Datuk Sri Rais, you sure you or your Ministry officials are proposing this lunacy to the Cabinet. It seems most likely that your tea person or your Ministry's 5-star jamban cleaner made the suggestion to you and you accepted it most irresponsibly.

    Just imagine this scenario: 5 ladies aged 22 who have been childhood friends and have gone through Tadika, Primary & Secondary schools as classmates and now in their sophomore year in University. Come holidays and they decided to go abroad together. To the authorities they are travelling alone and require a Letter of Consent from their Parents. What IDIOCY is this and besides how will the Authorities verify such Letters of Consent? Pray tell Datuk Sri? Then again, even if the five ladies are SISTERS, they will still not be allowed to leave the country because the authorities will insists that their Parents are present as well to show their valid BIRTH CERTIFICATES which is still no good as the authorities are not convinced that their parents are legally married. So their Parents MARRIAGE certificates would then be required to be produced. There seems to be no end to this as by the time everything has been verified, the plane, the train, the cruise ship, the bus would have gone as they simply wait for all this Malaysia Bolih business or should i say UMNO Bolih business. And thats still not all because there may be thousands of illegal Muslim marriages performed illegally by high-ranking Islamic Religious officials as evidenced by a Chief Kadhis and Syariah Court Judges being charged recently for such abuses. Anyway, thats beside the point. I think we Malaysians should strongly proposed to the PM that you be honoured with a TUNSHIP for having such infidel thoughts and proposals Period.

  49. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Hep...hep...hoooray......a gold medal to Dr????? Rais Yatim.
    What a smart minister!!!!
    Any more brilliant ideas to be closer to Saudi Arabia's mindset.

  50. Anonymous4:26 pm

    "only umno and BN politicians can come out with these kind of bankrupt ideas."

    I remember a *now* pakatan rakyat leader who had the decency to segregate genders in supermarket lines.

    Heck, other party members make stupid decisions too, what's the difference?!

    We have PEOPLE who make stupid decisions, not "party leader" of such and such.

  51. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Me..only better: Of course you need not inform your family whenever you want to travel overseas, I guess you dont have one.... In that case who cares maam! Go ahead!

  52. Anonymous5:01 pm

    At least they have cheaper petrol in Saudi & nobody dare to do snatch thiefing publicly there..

    Its totally different from Bolehland, one of the world so-called oil producing country ..

    for those idiotic blind who thought they've seen all or probably seen enough & already got the feel-good elevated feeling to dictate about others ..enuff bitching lah..yup, that even include for well-known bloggers?

    What's the commotion to associated all this shit words coming from a minister mouth with Islam?

    WTF..ain't blind bitching anyway

  53. The issue is that our girls/women are being used as drug carriers. The minister are suggesting a solution. And you are are talking about gender equality? Is gender equality and "your rights" is more important than safety of our girls? The suggestion might be silly, but don't just comment or look down at the suggestion without thinking.

  54. Anonymous6:07 pm

    How about these allternatives to Rais idiotic proposal:
    1. Highlight examples and consequences of drug smuggling in the media.
    2. Highlight tactics used by drug smugglers to dupe the gullible into becoming mules for them in the media.
    3. Start the education regarding this danger at all levels: in schools, in institutions of higher learning, at community centre and during community functions, in places of worship and etc.
    4. Put up posters at the entry and exit points of all airports in Malaysia to warn travellers against unwittingly becoming mules for drug smugglers
    5. Distribute or place brochures to warn the public against unwittingly becoming mules for drug smugglers in public places.

  55. Anonymous6:20 pm

    eh, 'berok':

    what are you going on about? How can a consent letter actually 'safeguard Malaysian women'? If my parents consent to my travelling alone which, incidentally, I do a lot of, what's to stop me from going astray and suddenly deciding to carry drugs? Being a drug mule has got nothing to do with some letter my dad signs. It boils down to that person herself. If someone snaps or suddenly becomes an idiot and agrees to deliver a parcel for someone else, how can that situation be avoided by a consent letter? It is up to that person to think rationally and not do anything silly when she's overseas.

    secondly- no, there is nothing wrong with a woman telling her family where she's going. I always tell my parents where I'm going and they've never had a problem with me being on the road. What i find ridiculous is that i have to go beyond that, i have to get them to sign a letter and then show that letter to the government?? If my mum and dad trust me enough to let me travel for months, why do I need to show proof of that to the authorities?

    If the objective is preventing Msian women from becoming drug mules, it's the individual that needs to be sorted out. The letter is not going to change the way a person thinks.

  56. Anonymous6:37 pm

    This minister is a true and fair reflection of BN. This is not the first time we hear dim witted suggestions!

    And remember another dim witted order from the whole cabinet that says you cant use certain word and have to resort to the court of our country? what a waste of public funds and time.

    No wonder our country is at the state that it is.



    The fisherman.

  57. Anonymous7:39 pm

    to Samuel Goh Kim Eng who wrote, "What we have now is the ridiculous going down to the sublime..."

    do you actually know what sublime means?

    guess not!

    Gooogle it.

  58. zainal a kasim - who I feel is implying we woman are the "weaker" sex needing protection &

    anon who says we only criticize the govt without constructive suggestions

    Yes I am a woman
    Yes for the past +20 yrs I have travelled everywhere in this world - and very often - on my own


    NO I have never been accosted to carrying contraband or drugs

    (despite SOME men who seems to think single females travelling must surely be looking for "action")

    And I have travelled everywhere from Europe to Africa to China to India to USA

    Man! And I have not even had 1 moment of grief or fear I can not handle on my own

    I am SURE, I am like millions of single lady travellers from Msia.

    The point is
    How many of us have "succumb" (or sink down) to making "easy" money*

    And who doesn't want to make easy money? But the majority do not want to make $$ the easy way

    So - Why is this really an issue ie to "protect" women?

    Because the ladies arrested now "looked" innocent?

    They don't know anything and got conned?

    COME ON!!!!

    Never seen innocent and sweet-looking prostitutes?

    Never seen innocent and sweet-looking drug users & peddlars??

    OK I can understand maybe some of you men knows only the purest, sweetest, most innocent ladies. No problem!

    Ofcourse. You & Rais Y have every right to look after and dictate what you want for your own family of sweet ladies

    But plse why can't you leave the rest of us ALONE???

    Aren't there any young or old Msian men who has been caught traficking/carrying drugs/ contraband/suitcases of money?

    Why don't we extend this "protection" them too?

    You know what the issue is?

    That some great looking but dumb "naive" women got caught for doing a criminal act.

    Come on. Let's be democratic and extend the protection to ALL persons who are

    - under the age of 21
    - over the age of 75
    - of unsound & feeble mind
    - with a criminal record
    - drug addicts
    - alcoholics
    - bad credit record (to protect them from getting into more debt)

    But Let's not just stop at protecting women!

    Let's protect ALL Malaysians

  59. Anonymous10:19 pm

    I am really ashamed that we have idiots like Rais Yatim as a minister, if he shut his damn mouth we still think maybe he has some substance, he just confirmed how big an ASS he is.

  60. Anonymous12:29 am

    going down to the SUBLIME???


    laughing fish

  61. Anonymous10:35 am

    Sdr-Sdri, As a parent, I am gravely, distressed by this phenomenon.I think in my days as a student, in the UK we were noted for other types of notoriety, but never where co0riering drugs were concerned.I think what all this hue and cry is about very serious issue.I travel to Europe to visit my kids quire often and I wouldnt wanted to be subjected to immigration checkpoints at every nook and coener.I think there are greater issues surrounding us.

    I totally think that the suggestion by the Minister must be taken in the right context, as many minors ( I think that is what he said) are now so inticed by the commercial worlsd of glit and glamour that they would do almost anything to gain a few thousand bucks.

    I think the old man rais did the right thing as I wouldnt any of my friends kids or my kids for that matter to be languishuing in some prison like the one we see in Prison Break in some part of South America or elsewhere...

  62. Anonymous11:37 am

    this is a no brainer, everything seems to be taken out of proportion, I think it will be very interesting to note that wne our loved young ones are sidetracked and diverted in this sleezy orientation.I think we have a duty of care to do something, we also have to know that time will tell when we have to undergo stringent checks and be subject to interrogatory issues when we visit certain countries no thank to this mules...

  63. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Assalamualikum,dua tahun kebelakangan ini, ramai telah di tahan di luar negara kerana terlibat dalam pengedaran dadah.Mereka ini telha di pergunakan sebagai sindikiet antarabangasa utk tujuan pengedaran dadah di luar negara seemakin menjadi.Mungkin ada di antara pemblog -pemblog yang sedia ada yang mungkin boleh memberikan komen atau pandangan macam mana kita dapat membendung perkara ini yang memudaratkan imej kita di luar negara.Mungkin pemblog di kalangan kita boleh sarankan cara-cara utk mengatasi krisi kita di luar negara

  64. Anonymous6:40 pm

    the thought procation that comes out of this very interesting to note,maybe in the not to distant future we would have to be treated like some third world country when we have to apply visas and be at the behest of stringent admninistive inconvenience in our travel itineraries as if this abuse of our m'sian passports continues we shall all say thank you

  65. Anonymous10:56 pm

    This Rais fellow cos he speak good english he must be smart and cunninglah.

  66. Anonymous8:28 pm

    in reply to Anonymous said...
    10:19 PM nad the rest of you...

    First and foremost,I think it takes a bigger idiot to know that this sort of derogatory comments have no constructiveness if at all any proper thinking or rationale.

    Perhaps idiots like these who post blogs to ridicule the learned man rais should do a bit of research, just google 'schengen' and find out what the implications are...i thought Nuraina and Marina and the rest of you who hide behind anonymity were smarter than allowing this sort of comments to surface.

    Comments that have no thought values...please see the Sun news on Wednesday May without borders page 6 and see what the bigger picture is.

    As a former student of the old man I must state categorically that he is one of the few distinguished and learned men left in the august get your facts right before you shoot your mouth matters contructively and with purpose ...many will soon be in jeopardy...your children be they daughter or sons may be one of them...pregnant and in jail on drug couriering charges...

    Anonymous said...

    10:19 PM