Monday, May 05, 2008

The Potters are back!

After 23 years ... Stoke City are back to English football's Premier league. Can't believe I had to wait half a lifetime for this moment! Read here.
Eat a football, Zorro, Azam, Dergak, and all of you non-believers!!!


  1. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Potters? Are they like the clan of Harry Potter? Footballer wizards?? never could understand the hysteria over men in shorts running after balls. Ah, its the "balls" connection...I see now

  2. Anonymous5:39 pm

    jimmy greenhoff, gordon banks, alan hudson, those were the days

  3. Anonymous5:51 pm

    don't u worry - stokes will be back down the ladder next season.

  4. Anonymous6:05 pm

    if it last more than a season in EPL, then baru boleh cakap, else as good as back in the championship.

  5. bruder Why stoke ?? blog about it la

  6. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Peter Shilton once played for Stoke

  7. Anonymous6:23 pm

    We drove to Stoke City many times -but we had no inkling that it has a famous football club. Saw the imposing Brittania Stadium from the motorway, but didn't get the inclination to drive near it, unless if it's Old Trafford. I guess one is either potty about Stoke City, or the Portmeirion Potteries.

  8. Anonymous6:59 pm

    I remember watching at the Aristocrat pub near Malaysia Hall in 1979, I think, when Stoke City last got into the First Division(now the Premier League).
    It was a last-minute goal (a header) by Tony Richardson that put them in.
    Never forget the decibels that night!

    Welcome back Stoke!

  9. wow.... that's is loyalty man....

  10. Whilst the Red Devil is on two fronts - Premier League and European Champion League.

    Alex Ferguson may have heeded to my advises - play Park Ji Sung and advise C. Ronaldo to train harder. they are reaping the fruits of the hardwork .

  11. Good on them. Question is, will they stay there for 23 years?

    The Premier League is too predictable now. The top 5 change positions. The bottom 5 change leagues. The rest run around the mulberry bush.

    Even the bookies are scratching themselves to offer attractive odds.

    Let see if Nottingham Forest can do the same in a year or two.

  12. Anonymous7:25 pm

    jimmy greenhoff, gordon banks, alan hudson .... exactly ... and peter shilton of course ....

    make the most of it rocky ... next season will be painful (as much as we would like Stoke to prove me wrong)

  13. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Congratulations.. if you support Stoke City, you have to be a true fan, unlike the so-called Chelsea fans, post-Abramovich, there are no Chelsea fans in Malaysia during the time when they played at the bridge, there's few cars parked right behind the left goal post... The team i supported, Forest Green Rovers FC is still in the non-league, 7th in the Blue Square Premier League, no chance getting into League 2 next season... Someday... i hope...

  14. You buy the football? Let's compromise. It is cheaper to buy a bottle of single (1 litre) than to buy a Nike football. Buy the litre and I will invite Azam and Dergak to join us....this way you also will be invited to partake....always go for a win-win....what say you guys.May Stock City last for more than one season. But for your perseverance, I might sponsor 1/2 litre. Cheers buddy.

  15. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Stoke my ass. Zorro can eat the football, for all i care. But Stoke City should be renamed as Stoke Village! Cheers bro!

  16. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Ya, Ya.. Stroke that City! Stroke it babeh. Stroke it, stroke it....

  17. They had finished 5th/6th season last , indeed hearthening to see a team with very fine pedigree make it back to top flight.

    Morning line has the Potters at very generous odds to actually stay up. Imagine that ! Wishing all Potters near and far, a productive season ahead.

    Many cheers.

  18. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Stoke, never heard about it. But if they can get into Premier League, they deserve our support. They are the classic underdogs. And in this day and age, underdogs deserve our support. Long live Stoke. Stoke who?

  19. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Stoke is famous for pottery thus the football team is nicknamed the potters. Small city, humble football grounds and very friendly and lovely people the locals. Good to know that it is now in Premier division.

  20. Anonymous10:04 pm

    Congrats and salute to you on your continuous loyalty to Stoke City after all this years.
    Don’t worry, The Potters can’t be as worst as my fav team (Hint. They are the worst team in the EPL history!)
    BTW, I did see a car (Model Kia) with a Stoke City banner. So, you should start a Malaysia Supporters Club!

  21. Anonymous10:20 pm

    congrats Rocky...hope they will stay there after next season...

  22. Anonymous10:25 pm

    they do have a great history. somehow they lost it and now good times are back. me no stoke supporter but what the heck, welcome back to the good times.
    and so must my country, malaysia.

  23. bro, i wanted to break the news for you but yesterday's latest posting had nothing to do with footie. its going to be touch for the Potters to keep up with the pressure playing against the Big boys but hey, its always free to fantasise.

  24. 100 bucks they'll only stay in the premiership for a season. on?

  25. Anonymous6:18 am

    Stoke city? The draw specialist before they went down 23 years ago.
    Boring team to watch...will be lucky to pick 38 points in EPL next seasons
    Btw good luck rocky

  26. Anonymous8:33 am

    another pretender in EPL ?

  27. Anonymous9:05 am

    Read in the NST this morning that Stoke is the new Derby. They will go down in no time.

    Someone there really hate you Rock.

    Go Melchester Rovers!!!

  28. Anonymous11:56 am

    English Footbal is really-realy damn sick!!!!!! EPL is just another football reality show and money printing machine.

  29. I know you were greatly inspired by the goalkeeping antics, or brilliance is perhaps the right word, of Gordon Banks and later Peter Shilton during your goalkeeping days!

    Do they still wear the red and white stripes or have they reinvented themselves to adapt with the times? Wear orange for example?

  30. Anonymous1:19 pm

    i support Norwich but it seems they still need a long time

  31. No kidding Rocky, Stoke's back,
    Just got back from a business trip down south and was a happy camper when my blackberry delivered the news Stoke 0 Leicester 0, THATS IT!!.......

  32. Anonymous2:43 pm

    u have my biggestz laugh hahaz! why stoke,bro?

  33. Stoke city dah kena "stroke" lah, bro ?
    Hehehe... good to have them back but for how long is the question !Why don't you back Spurs huh ? The future is Spurs !

  34. Not just Peter Shilton but 1966 World Cup winner keeper Gordon Banks !

    Also Martin Peters and Jimmy and Brian Greenhoff before moving to my club in the 70's.... Man Utd !

  35. MU, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea are looking at stoke to boost their goal tally.

  36. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Aiyah let them enjoy a season of EPL, make some money then go back to where they come from. They will be like Derby County. Just that I hope they won't lower the standard of the EPL by being there - haha!!!!

  37. Anonymous12:06 am

    kalau benda orang putih semuanya teruja.. sama ada pernah lihat permainan mereka atau tidak, do not know.. tapi kalau benda orang putih semua teruja.. kadang-kadang pernah singgah kencing dalam perjalanan ke Bideford pun dah anggap pasukan kegemaran.. barang orang putih semua baik ye tak..he he

  38. Sorry headliner,

    Get your facts right.

    Martin Peters was never on Stoke's payroll lah.

    He was a darling of Ron Greenwood at West Ham and later he moved to Spurs and Norwich (they wore a nice Admiral kit). The Press liked to quote Alf Ramsey as describing him as someone who was 10 years ahead of his time. His main asset was the ability to make late surging runs into the box.

    Also Brian Greenhoff began his career with United, whereas his elder brother started his at Leeds before moving to Stoke City.

    One former Stoke City player was here as a manager. He coached Selangor for a brief moment.

    I don't think even Rocky knows who this person is. Hehehehe