Thursday, May 29, 2008

Media Freedom's Walk the Talk, this Sunday

Walk at Dataran, Talk at Jalan Tangsi.

Date: Sunday June 1, 2008
Walk, 9.30 am to 10.15 am at Dataran Merdeka
Talk, 10.30 am at National Press Club

The two events are actually ONE:-
The Walk for Media Freedom is organised by media activists, including Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ), Writers Alliance for Media Indepdence (Wami), National Alliance of Bloggers, and BENAR, a cyber group for "free and fair media".
The Talk on Media Freedom is hosted by the National Press Club (NPC) and the National Union of Journalists (NUJ). Jalan Tangsi is where the NPC's clubhouse is located and the NUJ is the biggest body representing mainstream media journalists in Malaysia.

The journalists' bodies and the media activists have always worked separately to pursue the Press Freedom agenda. This is the first time they are working together.

The Walk, an idea initiated by Benar, will be the first part of the programme. Journalists, writers, bloggers and anyone who believes in Media Freedom are free to take part in the walk. No banners, no spanners. Those who expect water canons and tear gas will be disappointed. The walk starts anytime after 9.30am. It's only 10 minutes to Jalan Tangsi.

The Talk is where breakfast will be served. Senator Zaid Ibrahim, the de facto Law Minister, is scheduled to give a talk on Media Freedom. The NPC will be inviting Editors from the mainstream media to attend the talk (invitation for the walk is sent by the CIJ). Several Editors have already confirmed their participation. The talk starts at 10.30AM.

Zaid has indicated to one of the organisers that he might like to take part in the walk, too.

p/s At an NUJ forum I attended earlier this month, KJ the Son-in-Law also called for a revision of press laws to give way for a freer media. Will Zahid be singing the same tune? Will the two walk the talk?


  1. Khairy appointed him. Will he criticise Kalimullah and NST? Kali, his boss's Singapore liaison officer.

    The manner he hit Tajuddin Rahman and Mukhriz is as though he can't be questioned. Is democrasy is only for opposition and not for BN members?

    Looks like he is Abdullah's barking dog and bodeking the man.

    He should explain properly the the inconsistencies in his apology but no apology. Explain the exchanges between Matthias Chang and Tun Salleh Abas.

    Is it legally feasible to hold a Royal Commission?

    What basis is the ex gratia for? Otherwise my uncle/aunties and parents who are civil servant would want it too.

    Is it not a payoff?

  2. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Thanks, Rocky.

    Will highlight this event in my website too.

  3. Anonymous5:41 pm

    hi there.. great initiative! i'm Say from Mapdoo and let me know asap if we could be of any contribution on directions or mapping etc.

  4. Anonymous5:46 pm

    This item meets most of the basic journalistic requirement: Who, What and Where - but WHEN please?

  5. bru,
    more importantly, will they even walk to listen to the talk?

  6. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Zaid Ibrahim has no locus standi. When he was Halim Saad's adviser when Halim controlled the NST and TV3, Zaid was all for muzzling and controlling the journalists.
    He has no respect for journalistic profession.
    But when NST journalists fought back, he started to move to their side and blamed Halim.
    Now he's using you bacause he needs the media to legitimize his senatorial and cabinet appointments.
    He has no credential to be a minister. Ask him about his money politics case in Kota Baru Umno Division.
    Why dropped Rafidah and not promoted other MPs? Why Zaid?
    I think bloggers, the Press Club and NUJ are being used by Zaid. He has the money to pay you guys. He's wealthy thanks to Umno and Halim Saad.
    Zaid has bought the Bar Council. Now he's buying you, the NUJ and Press Club.


  7. Thanks, John Weinthal.

  8. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Thanks for the thanks Rocky - but I still know not WHEN! What day, what time - I gather time is 9.30am or thereabouts - but what day please?

  9. Anonymous7:22 pm

    Prison Dept not denying detainees medical treatment

    PETALING JAYA: The Prison Department has hit back at accusations that ISA detainee P. Uthayakumar has not been given medical treatment during his detention period.

    In a statement here on Thursday, the department said it had not stopped any ISA detainees or prisoners from getting the medical treatment that they deserved.

    "Up until April 14, Uthayakumar had been given about 10 medical treatments at government hospitals and clinics outside the Taiping detention camp," it said, adding that the detainee was also given medication.

    However, it said that Uthayakumar had refused to take the medicine given by the Taiping Hospital but instead wanted to take those provided by his family, which was not allowed by the prison due to safety and health reasons.

    The statement said Uthayakumar later accepted the medicine given by a medical officer who went to the prison to provide consultation to him.

    "Last month, the Home Affairs Ministry had also given the approval for the detainee to be sent to the Penang Hospital and the National Heart Institute for check-ups but he rejected the two offers.

    "We hope that with our explanations, the public and the relevant parties will stop making baseless allegations against our department or the Taiping detention centre regarding Uthayakumar's and other detainees' health condition," it said.


    tolong bagi tahu semua orang.


  10. zaid tu kan lawyer. kalau tanya semua orang siapa yang paling mereka tidak percaya selepas ahli politik. jawapannya lawyer.

    biasa dengar joke antarabangsa pasal lawyer?

    beberapa hari lepas seorang hakim kanan kata mutu lawyer semakin teruk. ada juga yang membalas hakim pun lebih kurang sama. lepas tu senyap saja. zaid tak nak jawab ke?

  11. Yoh! Bloggers & Commentators!
    ZI, "no locus standi" etc! Hold On!
    He is attempting to make a difference! Halim Saad or Not!
    Now, exgratia etc aside, is it not more important to check him out, support him, and if he does a number, crucify him.
    I believe Zaid Ibrahim has the gumption{the balls} to make a difference!
    & all u who crucify him, aside from the fact that u hide behind "names", Zaid Ibrahim has come out in the open & dared to try at least to make a difference!
    For God's Sake! Talk to the Man in Cyberspace! Strange Fellow, I admit he is but hey, arent u all! But at least Zaid Ibrahim does not hide!
    Hey, Bloggers! Come out!

  12. Anonymous9:58 pm

    Just keep in mind the adage [tinkered abit to suit the occasion]...

    If you walk with dogs, you may catch fleas!

    Bring anti-fleas protection, Walkers. Or at least, BE MINDFUL! :D

  13. for full details of the walk, please visit the benar's blog at:

  14. erk. rocky, where is this jalan tangsi? maybe u can provide a simple map,malas nk google map or wikimapia. hehe

  15. Anonymous11:59 pm

    the hope that it will never be an endless walk.

  16. I like the modus operandi. On your own but for the same purpose, The Walk. It's like people with different ideas, different understanding, different background, gathered having the same purpose for the good of all as in free and fair media.

    You spelt right, ZI stands wherever benefits... wherever opportunity appears to side.
    His moves are for the beneficiary many times over i.e. ZI.
    Having said so, when you said "Zaid has bought the Bar Council.", it does seem like going the other way round too.

  17. Isn’t Media Freedom under the Home Ministry’s portfolio? Is the Media Freedom such a small issue that the Minister concern did not take up this up but the Prince of Darkness? Similarly are there many issues of law concerning Media Freedom that the defector Law Minister has to poke his nose into the affair on that bright Sunday morning? Funny, a without credibility SIL needs the support of a without credibility Law Minister!

    Indeed the two will walk briskly and then thereafter one will talk NUTS while the other…….who knows, maybe he needs to just show his face around to be noticed, a publicity stun to groom his battered image organized by his fellow Singaporean pr advisers!

    However I hope none will be dismayed with their morning walk and the talk.

  18. Anonymous1:07 am

    Hoping for Tony Francis to be there.

    At least he can answer why he is the CON-sultan for various bodies and does he really preach total freedom?

    What's the big idea of Media Freedom walk talk etc etc when editors have vested interests? Where is the freedom?

  19. Anonymous1:35 am

    Zaid wants to walk?

    I would prefer he talks when he walks and walks when he talks, so long as it is not cock-talk or talk-cock or talk-talk or walk-walk.

    Just walk the talk OK?

  20. So much for Govt to engage bloggers.
    Bloggers and NPC should not engage the govt or any of its representatives for mere talk on press freedom.
    They should first appoint credible journos like your goodself to run the govt controlled newspapers to replace the existing spinning mouthpieces.Then start talking.
    So Zaid?Hmm..tak payah laa...ajak minum boleh laa....

  21. Salam brader,

    1. Sorry luar tajuk.

    2. Minggu ini siapa tetamu undangan 'Rancagan 20 minit'?

    3. Untill now I dont know, so have to refer to our President Bloggers!

  22. Anonymous8:20 am

    Brunt Council doesn’t trust and hates lawyers/judges.

    Except a tiny few, most of them are scum of the earth, sipping the blood of the people and pretending to be noble in talking of justice and freedom. All the while they are opportunist who overcharge victims and suck up to their corporate clients.

    Lawyers and judges should never be accorded power. They are conniving lots that will manipulate and legally abuse it!

    I view the appointment of Zaid Ibrahim with disdain. He is a hypocrites no better than the description I gave.

    After the pretension by Shaberry and KJ, now it is Zaid Ibrahim talking of Free Press. Well, his voice for the past few years seems to indicate his is now a liberal and democrat. A Kadir Jasin described him as a liberal who hates any form of restriction and believes only in unlimited freedom. However it is ironic that he attempts to suppress the voices of Mukhriz and Tajuddin Rahman.

    He talks of justice but look how rich he is benefiting from his legal practise by pandering to the whims of corporations and overcharged clients. His firm was the one responsible for drafting the IRDA 664 Act for WPI that denies citizens the right for legal recourse against IRDA.

    He used to be the President of the Muslim Lawyers Association but he is pro Interfaith Commission that is out to suppress the power of the Religious Authorities. Did I read somewhere Islam is the religion of the federation? I look forward for his view on Malaysia an Islamic State (Malaysia style), which the PM, Mantan PM, DPM and some senior judges opinion is technically one.

    He spoke of fighting against corruption but yet he was disciplined for money politics by UMNO. Zaid must be the most despicable lot to have UMNO brand him as corrupt. He will expectedly deny that it is his money that kept his presence as an unchallenged Ketua Bahagian UMNO of Kota Baru?

    Coming back to his spate with Tajuddin, if the struggle of UMNO is to fight for the Malays and build a nation, what is Zaid doing there?

    Zaid Agenda is only out to please the non Malays, oppositions, and special interest groups for unlimited freedom.

    Just by having the freedom on the Internet, there is a tireless effort and campaign to bash and ridicule Malays.

    DEB, Social Contract and even the Constitution severely criticised now since they are now accorded citizenship (which the Malays are reluctant to give but force upon by the British).

    Malays are called lazy, poor performers at work and school, and dependents who are living on crutches. All Malays are generalised as UMNOPutra to discredit even non UMNO Bumiputera.

    In actual fact, they are actually discriminated and prejudiced at work and business, even by their own.

    Any achievement by Malay like our astronaut is not only not acknowledged but downplayed.

    Civil servants, police, and Government are excessively criticised as corrupt, inefficient and abusive because most are Malays.

    As Malaysian, we cheer and praise at every of Singapore's manouvre and victory against us just to jeer at the Malays.

    There is a lot nastier and insensitive words spewed at Malays, not to mention all the unfair criticism, ridiculing and jeering at Islam, the religion of the Malays. Before the people caught into the Yellow Wave, even the royals were not spared.

    For a fact, part of the reason for the swing to DAP and PKR is racial in nature, fanning the sentiment to hate Malay/Islam. Anwar helped along and allowed his own race/religion to be ridiculed for the sake of his politics.

    Let’s celebrate all these liberal minded lawyers and judges like Zaid Ibrahim. Hurrah! Freedom yeah!

    Give time, Melayu will go amuck, I guarantee. Good, we have the opportunity to slaughter and shoot each other. For the sake of freedom, civil liberty and liberalism, we glorify idiots and hypocrites like Zaid Ibrahim till there is nothing left but scorched earth to talk of the need for tolerance, racial harmony, sensitivity and peace and prosperity.

    There will be the voice of Zaid still insisting that civil liberty and unbridled freedom is the solution.

    I bet I would be called a racist for saying this. What do I care, a racist is the fastest to label others as racist.

    P/S I doubt Rocky will allow this comment to come out

  23. Anonymous9:31 am

    One thing that you guys have not figure out yet! Zaid Ibrahim is not a Malay, he had a tough childhood in Kelantn, he is a mamak and he has no love for the Melayu concept, let alone for being a Kelantanese.

    Pantai Cinta Berahi.

  24. Anonymous10:45 am

    Zaid?? What credibility he has?..bodek politics?..o please dont listen to him


  25. Anonymous11:29 am

    GO ON.

    jb ranger

  26. hi su-kj,

    blogger tony yew of and is ON this Sunday.

    his tv blog is also known as Yew Tube.

    tony is the treasurer for the National Alliance of All Blogs and a crucial backroom guy for many of the civil society events we saw in the last year.

  27. Anonymous1:03 pm

    The least contribution i could do is to pin the location map on mapdoo.

    the walk starts here:

    the walk ends here:

  28. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Tony Francis, huh the con-artist who's conning the whole world.

    Circulation of MM is only 17k, but they tell investors and advertisers its 25k++

    No new adverts coming in, all ripping off from off the road.

    He screwed up Malaysia Today to make it into a rubbish newspaper and now he'll do the same with MM. He's also with a motoring publisher and has a string of other vested interests.

    I too hope he'll be there..if he's not too busy conning other people.

    p/s: So Tony, when you going to open tour agency, since you best buddy is heading the ministry? Come over to Press Club and we'll have a couple of beers just like the good ol' days.

  29. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Nades knows better what evil is happening in MM today.

    And Tony Francis is doing a GREAT job flushing the paper down the toilet.

    Circulation is only 17k! That's RM17k per month!

    Shiv is speechless and clueless during meetings. Yushaimi Yahya tells the staff and the whole wide world he's a nobody despite being the 'editor'.

    Frankie and Bill don't see eye to eye anymore. In fact they don't even go for dinners and drinking sessions together anymore.

    And Umar..oh well...he's going backwards instead of forward. It's high time for him to retire and babysit Francis Nantha who might just see more stars then when he knocked himself into the pillar.

    And to top it all, Ibrahim has no idea what is going on and believes Tony Francie 100%.

    So Nades, don't bother wasting your time with a group of people who can't even earn the command and respect of each other and the staff.

    p/s: Staff tell people like Frankie and Tony F to F'*( Off on their face la...its that bad.

  30. Rocky SIR

    Is it safe to WALK AT DATARAN, and TALK AT TANGSI????

    We me and family get beaten by FRU Batons and Tear Gases.

    Is Kuala Lumpur a safe place to travel SIR?

    The MSM news looks scary though.

  31. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Zaid Ibrahim was an UMNO Ketua Bahagian but was found guilty of political money corruption bu UMNO and was suspended and suspension was lifted on mitigation but was not reinstated to his post. During last election he was suspected of giving support to the opposition to make sure his political opponent ie Dtk Dr Fatmi loose the election! Suddenly he was appointed a senator and minister by pak lah!! To me if you have flouted party rules and regulations , then you are not fit to hold any party position what more cabinet post!! Pak lah menghalalkan apa sahaj to fit his wims and fancies!!! ROMEO