Friday, May 30, 2008

Malaysia's fastest-growing blog

M hits the Big M
Dr M hit 1 million hits (with extra of 11 thousand ++) as of 11.01 am 30th of May. In 30 days the old man gets a million hits.
Even after retirement and expulsion of UMNO Dr M still pawn your asses! Wohoooo
Dr M + Internet = Win!!

By the way, did you know that ...
Jewish students held a demo against Mahathir in London recently for his purported anti-Semitic views? Read Chedet's latest posting here.


  1. Anonymous12:24 pm

    you'll never walk alone lah Dr M.
    Gua caya sama lu.

  2. Anonymous12:36 pm

    He made us proud to be Malaysians. He is no angel though - throughout his years as PM he might have done few mistakes.

    Overall I would rate him 8/10. He's definitely a better PM than the current one. I just hope we won't face an economic crisis as worst as the 1997.

    I don't trust this Park Lah can't handle such situation - we might end up worst than Indonesians.

    I'm still saddened by the lost of Batu Puteh - how could it happens. We have seen enough. The of lost Batu Puteh, I'm afraid will trigger another attempt by Gloria to lay claim on Sabah.

    Why are we losing a lot under Park Lah...

  3. I would have got a million hits in one month if i have 'Prime Minister 1981-2003' in my tagline


  4. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Rocky bro
    Are you surprised?

    With such divisive, controversial character, a PM of 22 years,with a chip on his shoulders, a hatred for a sitting PM, whatever he says will be read and read.

    And if he starts a blog. Sure he hits a million in no time.And UMNo wants to know what he has to say... to hammer him or to support him.

    If there is blogging in Tunku's time. Tunku's blog would hit a million in no time.

    When all the controversies die down and when Mahathir has nothing more to add to the racial divisions and political crisis, his blog will be back to normal rate of hits or even less than yours, bro.

    Look, even a book that is yet to hit the shelves in America, by a former Press Secretary of George Bush, hit the best seller list already. That is Scott Mclelllan's book, What Happened.

    Prominent public figures, politicians especially, controversial characters always make good reading.

    Even Khir Toyo's blog had good readership... and you would wonder what new will he have to say, besides being more controversial.

  5. What I don't understand is, why did he remarked about 'possible unrest' here in Malaysia when the theme was to talk about making war a punishable crime as reported couple of days ago?

    Politicians will always have their personal agendas pushed through at any opportunity they get.

  6. Anonymous2:29 pm


    (TRUBLU JOHORE, formerly anak melayu johore)

  7. Brother Rocky.

    Tun Mahathir was very happy when the jews demonstated against him in London. They were taken up by his baits.He would even appreciate if the whole of Israel an USA stand up and condemn him.

    After destroying some of the states institutions during his tenure as PM,what he want now is to be remembered as the Malay saviour.

    The leopard never shed its spots.

    Thank you.

  8. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Aiya Rocky,

    Why you and the MSM so biased one. Show only Dr M's blog visitor. You should also show how many Dollah's warkah untuk hit also la. And don't forget also to show his son in law KJ blog punya visitor sekali la.

    What la you. ery unfair lol

  9. Anonymous3:20 pm

    psychologically when the hits reach 1 million in less than 1 months.. that means malaysian still listen to that old man.. old else.. he will just faded away.. and still ppl tends to be unjust in giving comments about this thread.. i wonder why.. jelous maybe!

  10. I never miss reading brother Rock's blog and blog .

    Umno menang menentang Malayan Union ( orang putih ) but lost to batu putih.

    What if all those 60 years old and over knows how to surf websites and open their own blogs , the hits could be more than 1.5 million.

    Make Malaysia your tanah tumpah darah young lads.Don't hisab darah seperti yang berlaku sekarang......aku masih bangang dengan RM 3 billion duit royalty minyak terengganu yang haprak mana perlarikan.So far tak pernah dengar kerajaan nak menyiasat haprak mana yang sapu duit itu.

  11. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Anything under the sun said against the Jews is always considered anti-Semitic..They are built-in with racist & paranoid towards other races in the world..but when they talk about others, it is always OK..& must be accepted as a norm..
    Eh, does this sound similar in somewhere..... ? Ooo..I know..its Bolehland, isn't it ?

    The hebrew word Semetic is similar to the Arabic word Samawi.. i.e agama "wahyu" ?

    That includes Christian & Islam..the people of the Books (Ahlul-Kitab).

    Wonder why there is NO such terms as anti-Samawi (anti-Islam)..

    See who are the world propaganda master..?

    Way to go TDM. Now I understand why you are so hardcore anti-Semite.

    This Mahathir phenomenal mega-hit sure gonna yield some magnitude of richter to that fella in Putrajaya who happen to be a backbone-less leader.

  12. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Oh you guys,

    Even during his tenure as a PM, I know a lot of people who eagerly waited for his appearances on TV.

    With PakLah now people are just turning their TV off.

    Anwar Ibrahim has a blog and I don't see him reaching one million hits...

    Pak Lah doesn't need to start a blog, it's already enough of an indciation to see that people are stopping to buy the mainstream newspapers and stop watching news on TV.

  13. Anonymous4:15 pm

    aiya...what the big deal, If 5000 ppl visit his blog 5 times a day, sure hit 1 million mark one!

  14. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Hello red1:

    Don't hope lah! Not necessarily, do you have the charisma to attract a million visitor.

  15. Anonymous4:39 pm



  16. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Three quarters (3/4) of his visitors (not commentators) are his enemies. So it does not hold any water. They are checking what the old snake is saying or ranting about so that they are in a better position to respond if need be or just laugh at his sore complaints like a bay denied candies and thus throwing tantrums.

  17. Anonymous5:27 pm

    Not bad for a "South Indian muslim" who had conned the childlike malays that he was (and still is) their saviour from the evil "others" while plundering the country for family and friends. I wonder who really got sodomised, the nation or that former driver of Anwar's ?

    shaf the taff

  18. Anonymous5:32 pm

    1 million hits just means that he's got major profile. it doesn't mean that all visitors agree with Dr M, altho' some comments left there shows serious "sucking-up". hmmm...cronies still live?!!!

  19. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Indeed this is something worth celebrating, but each time, when I read through the comments posted in his blog, I somehow feel an inevitable sense of hatred and prejudice.

    I'm no fan of Tun, but when he talks about the decriminalisation of war of which Rocky highlighted it, especially the part where he was almost barred from delivering a speech at Imperial's and wanted to point out the lack of freedom of speech, I can't help but to ask, "Is the same standard being applied in this country?" If Tun cannot guarantee the kind of freedom during his time, i.e: the use of ISA, operasi Lalang, Anwar's and so.. funny how he was pointing the finger at others.

    IMHO, while I believe no right thinking person wants any war whatsoever, I'm not so sure what people can or cannot do to stop war. Just like I wanted everybody to live in racial harmony, there bound to be people 'out there' who go the extra miles to fan racial hatred like what we have read and seen lately. You tell me what can I do?

    History has taught us enough so long if the 'people at the top' cannot respect basic fundamental rights, and decided to go on a killing spree, no matter how much you want to decriminalise it, it is still of no avail. The killing of Pol Pot for instance, Suharto, Ratko Mladic... what happened to these people? Has justice been served?

    Sensing a certain rhetoric in Tun's speech, if by any chance you're reading this, Is Tun directing his speech towards the US for its invasion of Iraq, the Guantanamo Bay and so on, if what you did during your administrations is justifiable, then perhaps what they did is also justifiable lar, since if you believe you are self-righteous in all you've done in the name of national security, then what they have done, they are doing it for the sake of world's peace.

    dream big.


  20. Anonymous6:06 pm

    eleh sukanye rocky bru.....

  21. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Part 2

    also, if people like Tun who made it known to everyone that he is anti-semitic and nurture this hatred feeling in him and started spreading it all around with more racial speech 'on the way', no wonder we all start hating each other and waging war with everyone. Maybe it's best if you should start with yourself the message of peace and love, not hate.


    P>S: Does anybody feels the same way?

  22. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Mahathir's Rock! We are behind u!!

  23. One million visitors indeed ?!
    That's an easy number even for a common blog to reach.........Haaaaaaaaaaaa.......i mean number trick-lah........

    Hope you won't get mad at my words.

    Millions words not even purer than one word " Truth " in your heart.

    So , if you are really RAKYAT saviour........please do it right.

    Rakyat love you

  24. Salam Brader,

    1. Bagi saya jumlah angka '1juta' tersebut masih kecil sebab beliau 22 tahun sebagai Perdana Menteri.

    2. Sepatutnya ia mencecah 2.2juta?

    3. Ok, jika begitu minggu depan minta RTM jemput Dr.M sebagai tetamu Rancangan Blog 20 minit.

  25. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Dear Bro Rocky and Mr Marican,

    I wish to add on Mr Marican's remark.

    Anwar was an UMNOnian who subscribed to the ideals of the party which he once believed could lead him to premiership. However, things wasn’t on his side. He was expelled and put behind bars (whether it was on moral ground or a political assassin; is not a question here - a risk he should be aware of as a pejuang bangsa).

    From an anti DAP, he befriended them to gain their sympathy. He knew that DAP was pursuing for Malaysian Malaysia since 1964 and never changed their stance till now. It is ironic that he now buys the idea which he once condemned while in UMNO.

    To win their support and fulfil his ambition to become the PM of Malaysia, he suddenly closed one eye on the social contract agreed upon by past leaders during pre Merdeka where we requested for special privileges in exchange for non-Malays' citizenship.

    In pursuit for equal rights among races, he has forgotten one important factor - " to compete for an appropriate slice of the nation's economic cake we have to be sure that the competition is on level playing field basis". The problem now is its hard to achieve within a short period of time when entrepreneurship among the Malays is still low (he was the Finance Minister perhaps he knows why) and Malay entrepreneurs are still disadvantaged in terms of dominance of value chain in many business sectors.

    How could he forgo this Special Privilege simply to win support of Non-Malays?

    I would therefore say he dislikes UMNO and TDM out of vengeance and therefore wouldn’t mind to let go his original principles.

    Orang berjuang atas nama dendam lebih daripada keperluan agama, bangsa dan negara tidak akan diberkati Allah!


  26. By the time Pak Lah gave up his Premiership, Tun Mahathir probably gotten his ONE (1) Billion readership hits.

    I am believer of Tun Mahathir. He is a man of results and deliverables.

    Pak Lah on the other hand is casket craftsman!

    OK; don't laugh at my joke!

  27. As the article in

    "Biasiswa bukan Melayu naik 45%"

    Why can't you mentioned "Malaysian Chinese or Indian or Iban and so on ?! but you keep calling " bukan Melayu" ?

    Actually ,Melayu means Singapore Melayu next time you should say Malaysian Melayu , because not all Melayu belongs to Malaysia and not all Melayu eligible to get the same right as Malaysian Melayu too.....

    Haaaa......hope you won't get mad at my word.Everyone learning from young till old.

    All are Malaysian.All Malaysian has the same right.

  28. Anonymous9:33 pm

    You tak faham demokrasi ke?

    People are free to support who
    they like. Hence, janagnlah nak
    paksa orang mengikut aliran
    politik anda.

    You tak faham kebebasan media ke?

    Media yang bebas ialah media yang
    melapurkan berita tanpa mengira
    warna politik mereka. Jadi, ikut
    suka Rocky lah nak lapur apa
    benda yang dia suka.

  29. Anonymous12:51 am

    "With such divisive, controversial character, a PM of 22 years,with a chip on his shoulders, a hatred for a sitting PM, whatever he says will be read and read."

    Anwar is a more controversial figure as he is percieved as a saviour and he claimed to be prime minister comes September, and thus changes the federal government, wow!!!

    But Anwar's blog has yet to reach 1 million, though been around longer.
    I visited the blog many times, doesn't interest me though as it is packed with twisted facts and lies, it is just a tool to manisfest Anwar.

  30. Anonymous1:35 am

    bodoh punya melayu masih diperbodohkan oleh mamak india itu..apakah itu Ketuanan Melayu?inila dia Ketuanan India ala Mahthir..

  31. Anonymous2:12 am

    Errm.. I can't help but to wonder if you have been hired to be Mahathir's new publicist? Coz it sure looks like it now that you are even blogging about a comment from sinatra-z praising Mahathir.

    One million hits in a month? That averages up to 30,000+ hits per day. Hardly impressive given the context: a former PM who claims to have a lot of UMNO supporters and is attacking his successor and playing the racial card to stir up sentiment. Is this so called achievement really blogworthy?

    I have read various reports of Malaysia-Today getting anywhere from 150,000 to 1.5 million hits PER DAY. So in a month that's like between 4.5 million to 45 million hits per month. From a non-politician and former non-entity no less. Even Kenny Sia, a regular civilian blogger from Kuching gets about 20,000 UNIQUE visits per day which adds up to 600,000 unique visits per month. I wonder if Mahathir's visitors include repeat visitors or unique?

    Side note: I dropped by Mahathir's blog as I thought with 1 million visitors Mahathir might actually be blogging something of value. How wrong I was. It was the same old racial/anti-Pak Lah rants coming from this old monster. Nothing new at all. Won't be going back there again.

  32. Whatever negative comments some of you guys have on TDM, his blog speaks for itself.

    To those who thinks he is "irrelevant", eat your heart out...

  33. Anonymous8:20 am

    Rocky jadi peminat setia Tun M nampaknya

    asyik mempromo dia jer

    apa la Rock hilang hormat sama lu bro

  34. Million !?
    1,000 000 = One million
    1000000 / 30 days
    = 33333.33333333 visitors per day

    33333.33333333 / 24 hours
    = 1388.888888888 visitors per hour

    1388.8888888888 / 60 minutes
    = 23.148148148 visitors per minute

    Wow !.....this is another
    " MALAYSIA Boleh "

    Keep in mind millions talk nothing purer and greater than your own "truth" .

    Hope this million able to transform to million of love to the RAKYAT.

    Have a nice weekend.

  35. Hi ! Bro Rocky,

    Ooop.......... Hope this million is a million of good hope to you and the whole nation.
    Not million of super lies indeed !!!!

    Malaysia Boleh.........!

    Have a nice weekend.

  36. Ahh……It’s like the top hit song B.B.C (Benci Bilang Cinta) by the Indonsian rock band, Radja. These people who say they benci Tun’s blog are actually in cinta with it, that’s why they came back repeatedly to see what’s new in the mamak’s blog after having food at the mamak shops. No wonder business is doing so well at the mamak shops irrespective of spiraling prices; perhaps every time these B.B.C people makan at the mamak shop, they only feel ever closer with their love for Tun.

    To Tun, continue with your blogging; it’s most effective in championing your cause without fear and favor and as always the majority of the Malaysian people are with you. The Jews are not with you because they are the minority. So is DSAI, he’s a minority because he’s seen as a lover boy of the U.S. Administration.

  37. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Ask why in this country, the government is practically want to be involved in key business sectors either through Khazanah, MOF Inc etc????

    I noticed that when the commercial and society interests are on a collision course, the people's interests become non important. What is important is the investors' interests, the achievement of KPI of the GLC's CEOs etc.

    The governwent's main role is to regulate business not involves in business. That is how it can only claim that people's interests are paramount to their existence!!!!!

  38. Anonymous9:17 pm

    Yes, but a "nobody" like Raja Petra gets over 1 million per day on his site.

    That may explain why the malaysia-today portal ranks among the top 10 political sites in the country in terms of hits – it gets some 1.5 million hits a day.

    Lol, maybe that means RP is more qualified to lead the country than Dr.M. >:P

  39. If Hitler were to be alive today, and he were to start a blog, I am sure his blog will register a million hits in one week. What does that tell you?


  40. ada sesiapa peduli yang yahudi telah menduduki dan menakluki bumi palestin secara haram selama 60 tahun serta melakukan pembunuhan.

    bila mahathir mengeluarkan kenyataan yang dikatakan anti yahudi semua orang kecoh. orang malaysia pun tumpang kecoh. ada sesiapa yang ada sedikit simpati terhadap rakyat palestin.

    ada sesiapa tahu mengenai sejarah orang yahudi mendapat israel? negara mana yang menjadi perancang utama? cuba bandingkan dengan negara malaysia. sekadar untuk difikirkan saja.

  41. Anonymous1:33 am

    On his talk on criminalising of war, once again vintage Dr. M exhibits his skills in taking someone else's idea and claiming it to be his own. This theory is no big revelation as pacifist worldwide has been expounding it for a long time while Dr. M is busy plundering his own nation.

  42. Anonymous11:44 am

    i tak suka orang jew anyway.

  43. Judging by the EMO-outpouring from visitors, wonder if the Malays should be forewarned of the deep-rooted animosity of some Malaysians.

    Perhaps it is time to replay History where the immigrant workers brought by the British were given citizenship on the CHEAP. Now they are going back on their agreement.

    Sadarlah Melayu - this is the only land where you can preserve your culture.

  44. Anonymous8:53 am

    He is the smartest PM but sometime I think he is stupid for criticizing the policies of the west whom he single out as a murderer for bombing Nagasaki and Hiroshima. If US did not bomb Nagasaki and Hiroshima Japanese would have invaded South East Asia and there would have been no Malaysia, No UMNO, No Dr. Mahathir but Japanese rule.