Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Did you know?

... that the Sedition Act is 60 years old (two years older than Raja Petra Kamarudin), and that it was introduced by the British in 1948 with the intent of curbing opposition to colonial rule? And that Malaysiakini was shut down for a period in 2003 under the Act after it published a letter questioning Malay special rights and for equating a Malay party's youth wing to the KKK?
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  1. "... that the Sedition Act is 60 years old (two years older than Raja Petra Kamarudin), and that it was introduced by the British in 1948 with the intent of curbing opposition to colonial rule?"

    it still is, innit, brother rock?

  2. Anonymous2:57 am


    You mentioned the shutting down of Malaysiakini in 2003, which came about when UMNO Youth lodged a report to the police against Malaysiakini.

    That incident actually was a blessing in disguise for Malaysiakini. Readership went up and subscription went up and there were volunteers willing to host the website overseas.

    For those who do not know the history of this first attack by UMNO/ UMNO Youth on internet, click here to this website, which collected all the news story on the shutting down of Malaysiakini,including the said letter.

    UMNO Youth and Shutting down of Malaysiankini 2003

    Then, it was internet news websites that buggered up the UMNO YOuth wannabees

    Prior to March 2008, it was the BLOGGERS that UMNO and UMNO YOuth with the support of the police had a dislike for.

  3. Anonymous3:16 am

    Hi rocky. Check out malaysiansoapbox.blogspot.com for a logical Definition to this sedition charges

  4. Anonymous4:15 am


    Convenient tool to shut one up for good so they can go on abusing their powers.

    This must be the work of the spineless and useless dpm.

    He epitomizes wolf in a perfect sheep skin.


  5. Anonymous4:22 am


    Ceratinly his “bathe in the blood of others” slogan must be worst than what was written about him.

    hope u wont censor my post.


  6. Anonymous7:03 am

    Did I hear many said to lets keep Dolah Badawi becasue he is more open?

    Yes ... Bar Council President Ambiga said that.

    Yes, hidup DOlah Badawi

  7. http://mahathirtruenationalist.blogspot.com/

    Monday, May 5, 2008
    Pak Lah Plays the Malays out.

    The Council for Malay Solidarity said one thing actually. Pak Lah, you are not defending the Malays. Mahathirism has always beg the question of wether our weak PM is the President of Umno or Pakatan Rakyat? His focus in on non-Malay issues (which only gets to the point of mere sensational announcements anyway) at the expense of the poorer, less skilled and real second class citizens of this country -the Malays. If anything, the Chinese and to a lesser extent the Indians have better quality of lifes than the Malays.
    PM wants to talk poverty? He is creating more poverty in a reduction of economic opportunitites and flip-flop policies.
    Pak Lah has completely lost the political plot and Najib Razak will inherit a shell of Umno. Umno will be blasted into oblivion. Dont just take it from Mahathirism. Gapena President Tan Sri Ismail Hussein said the Council for Malay solidarity was necessary because Malay-based political parties were too busy running the country to concentrate exclusively on Malay issues.
    The judgement is out on this one. Pak Lah has let down the Malays..

  8. Anonymous7:39 am

    By throwing raja petra in jail, will this improve the image of the government? is this the way to buy the Rakyat heart by putting more petrol in the fire? OR is Petra caught in the midst of a wayang to shift our attention? 5 years is not that long! The rakyat will swing all the way if the government is not careful!

  9. Anonymous8:39 am

    I do not mind living under a dictator rule as long as my life is like living in the garden of Eden..

    God Himself is a dictator..

    But mortal are NO GOD .. they may think they're are great in their own self-idolization view but forgot that the err is a nature for a mortal..

    but these fucking creatures still try to play God..pathetic!

  10. Anonymous9:26 am

    Em, dude. Having worked with Wikipedia for three years, I have every reason to thread carefully when reading Wikipedia articles. Fortunately the Sedition Act article was written by a good writer (johnleemk) who cites sources. People like this are in very short supply, especially on articles relating to M'sia. They either suck writing them, or never bother to do anything in the first place.

  11. How do people justify laws used to enforce colonialism one day and then stoke nationalistic passion by reminding people of colonial oppression the next?

    Hell, even our former colonial masters have shed off these anachronistic laws (including detention without trial).


  12. The Sedition Act might have been introduced to curb opposition to colonial rule. But now? Maintained to curb opposition full stop. Methinks it's just inferiority complex within the government rather than fear of the unknown, by maintaining that and all them draconian acts.

    Am more into the Seductive Acts.

  13. Anonymous9:49 am

    i would say such act is still needed because we are not that mature yet.

    those in power are not that open to receive anykind of critism, be it solely stupid ones, or the membina ones.

    and also the oppositions, still playing stupid politics and will never be appreciative whatsoever provided by the government until they become the people of power themselves.

    and rakyat oso not ready to mature yet. and still can be manipulated easily by people with specific agenda.

    dont come and bark to me about last PRU. that is not a signal about they switching support to the oppositions. they turned their back from the norm because of THE ONGOING UNAVOIDABLE CONFLICTS.

    i recommend the act to be utilise to the fullest.

    if u want to bark about its utilisation, just leave it to another day.

    for now, the act is still needed.

  14. The present gov thinks that they still need the Act. This will at least instill fear to any person who tries to publish a no-no story about them....
    So much for democracy...

  15. Rocky you will have to make up your mind whether you are "with us or against us", I am talking about being a Malay that is. I will or may have to draw a line between us and on the Malay issue at one point or another, when push comes to shove on the issue. It seems that you are now more bend on this populist path not trying to anger other races and you are doing a good job at it. Blogging is not just about how many million hits that you have and can get. I have been observing your line of thinking for years now and I dreaded the day when I have to make up my mind over our friendship. Now then, the Sedition Act is, yes, 60 years old and so are many of what appears to be our antiquated laws that are still kept and in use and are meant to be there for a reason. You are insinuating that Raja Petra is being accused of something by mean of a useless piece of legislation? Think again! Raza Petra made many unfounded accusations, one is our police force kill people then bury them without any shred of evidence to support his allegations, now that is a serious charge.
    It also as though Raja Petra has written something without any insurance to fall back to, now that is a freedom of expression gone awry. Rocky I dont care if I do not have a real Chinese or Indian or even Malay friends, or friends for that matter, who do not, or refused to, use their power of reasoning and their intelligence when deciphering or dissecting issues.
    So my friend please do not fall to trap of your own making!
    As for me I will refuse to be popular at other people's expense, I will always own up to what I believe. I still believe in the Malay cause, just as there are people like MCA vice president Ong Ka Chuan who said in all earnest(y) that no other races are allowed into MCA, as it is a racialist party. And yet Rocky here you are advocating all Malays should be a bunch of bleeding heart liberals. I don't think so!
    Having said all of the above I just hope RPK will not be charged under the Act, for if he is and found guilty, shit, to the dungeon he goes!

    Cheers man!

  16. Sedition……..
    Only the leaders have no guts to face off
    Hiding behind laws to make a point
    Democracy is a two way lights

    We are 50 years old
    Yet the leaders in government thinks like 5 years old
    Still looking for mommy and daddy
    ‘Where are the toys?’

    Silencing the critics
    Finding for an easy way out of a dilemma
    The government leaders will use it
    So nothing can challenge them
    Of things they do and say

    When they find no faults
    They use Sedition Act to stop criticisms
    Put fear into their lives
    This is what the leaders wanted
    Put a person in court
    Let the person argues the case
    And they watch in the distance

    Sedition Act is 60 years old
    A piece of legislation left behind by the British government
    Yet Malaysia finds no excuse to say goodbye
    Though condemned the colonial administration then

    Sedition…………..a tool to clamp your thoughts
    When challenges arise, it hides behind the law
    Talk about democracy but deny the choices
    They want us be like frogs
    Only know within our vision………….

  17. Yes, Sedition Act is obselete. However, those who walks the Corridor-of-Power still keep it to maintain their status quo in power. Damn! These BN government should go comes next GE!

  18. Anonymous11:36 am

    Please update what is happening in the court...We need the brave men,
    Raja Petra.

  19. Anonymous11:42 am

    just answer in court.
    if guilty, what to do.
    if not, good for RPK. then he can write even more. others can follow.

  20. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Sedition: what it means --> http://ssquah.blogspot.com/2007/12/sedition-what-it-means-from-wikipedia.html

  21. If one got problem with the ACT. Then leaves it to the politicians of your favor to help in getting it reviewed. If they cant do it or do not how to do it, then maybe our beloving Rocky can teaches them how. If that doesnt work either, then stop the rotten in the next coming election.

    I wont mind having the seditious Act intact and in place. If we've done nothing wrong, what to be afraid of then? Seditious act is common in all countries. Some of them were introduced and unchanged for much earlier period than ours in some other countries.

    If an act of a person is wrong, he is wrong then. No two ways about it. If we can simply labeled others as wrong and guilty (without the need for trial in the court of law), then we too must learn to accept being on the opposite and receiving end.

  22. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Next up - Karpal Singh?

    I note that Perak Umno Youth has lodged a police report against him, alleging he made seditious remarks vis-a-vis the Sultan of Perak.

    Sdr Karpal chose to make these remarks outside Parliament, which means that he was aware of the possible consequences.

    Looks like the DAP is playing big-time poker here!

    And the hapless Perak MB is caught in the middle!

    The underlying principle is sound - the rakyat elect their representatives to the state assemblies and Parliament. Compromise on this principle and you call into question the whole edifice of parliamentary democracy.

    Sdr Karpal would love to drag this into court and get a posse of constitutional lawyers to argue the case and the issues involved all the way up to the Federal Court.

    I wonder how Anwar Ibrahim is going to resolve this one? Or if he would even want to try?

  23. WE must fight this charge against RPK together. We must NOT allow the govt. to cow the alternative media. It was RPK and bloggers like him who gave us the breathing space to VENT our frustrations on the govt. DAMN the govt.

  24. Anonymous2:13 am


    i had no problem with free press or free blog because this is for the good of people.In fact RPK proof a point during RTM interview But this guy also love to add in a hearsay and spread concocted of lies.
    Common rocky where is the intergrity........