Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bru on TV One

This week's "Blog" program on TV1 features yours truly, Rocky's Bru.

I shall be the sixth blogger to appear, after A. Kadir Jasin, Raja Petra Kamarudin, Zahrin Yasin, Nuraina A. Samad and Ruhanie Ahmad.

The program starts at 830 PM.


  1. Salam Brader,

    1. Hehehe seronok la u.

    2. Jaga rambut tu ikat elok-elok sikit.

    3. Tahu ker cakap bahasa Melayu, jangan cakap bahasa jawa pulak!

  2. Anonymous11:46 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Congrats on being invited to the show. I hope you perform well on it and help educate viewers about Malaysian bloggers and their ideals.

    Sorry to sidetrack though but please consider writing in your blog about Dr. Mahathir's racially divisive comments such as in Johor, May 17.

    Your blog is the best place for Malaysians of different walks in life to come and have a rational discussion about this and to show that they are united despite instigations of racial hatred. This is important especially when there are many such incitements going around lately. We need peace and understanding, not distrust and division.

    Please see bro Haris Ibrahim's post on May 24 in his blog about this.

    Thank you.

  3. maybe i am a little sensitive...but why is all the invited bloggers belong to the single ethnicity? mmm.

    sang kelembai (zahrin) & kudakepang (ruhanie) blogs haven't even managed to branch out to their non-core (malay opposition) readers.

    pfft to RTM.

  4. Anonymous12:29 pm


  5. Salam.. dear rocker, what the story do you discuss with TV1 to night.

  6. nak cerita apa malam ni, I rasa you patut cakap kat semua orang melayu agar buka mata hati dan insaf diri kerana pembangkang sekarang ni sedang melaga-lagakan sesama bangsa melayu untuk agenda mereka sendiri bagi menjatuhkan bangsa melayu dan kalau mereka berjaya ... suatu hari nanti bangsa Melayu akan jadi macam Palestin , merempat di tanahair sendiri....

  7. Anonymous1:08 pm

    Brother Rocky,


    Say what you have to say, say what you must, most important of all say the truth.

    Make the most out of it!

  8. Assalamualaikum Bro,

    All the best to you in tonight's program.

    Best regards,

  9. Set your thoughts free. I look forward to your appearance. Then again, I hope you will be asked the right questions.

  10. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Dont forget to say my name weblog on the air! :)
    729 NO ISA! the blog that response to the internet writing in order to give two way perspective...

  11. Anonymous3:01 pm

    Dear Rocky Bro,

    Be at your best man !

    Don't forget to take along the guitar....jez in case.

    Say your piece and hum along Kamelia of Sweet Charity fame !

    Cheers Bru !!!!!!


  12. Dear Brother;

    Hope that you can make a GOOD IMPACT on RTM 1 Tonight.

    You have our greatest Support & Blessings.

    One Up for ROCKY!


  13. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Well, Rocky, hope you say what's in your heart..tell them like it is!
    We will be watching...but hey, on what day is it?

  14. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Yep, congrats. Go Rocky - unleash your whip! Did a poster for you.

  15. Catched the later part of the show just now, you did very well rocky. Well done!

  16. Anonymous9:20 pm

    baru selesai menonton BLOG di TV1.

    saya rasa lebih baik rancangan ini menjemput blogger untuk membincangkan isu yang ditulis dalam blog.

    misalnya kalau kadir jasin tulis pasal pulau batu putih, jemput dia untuk cakap pasal isu itu. kalau rocky tulis pasal tun salleh abbas, jemput dia untuk cakap tentang itu.

    agak membosankan apabila setiap minggu membincangkan tentang blog. kebebasan blog berbanding mainstream media, berapa juta hit, anonymous comment, etc.

    yang seronoknya rancangan ini cuma kita dapat kenal perwatakan blogger itu, yang kita tidak nampak di blog. misalnya: raja petra bila bercakap, marah-marah. rocky pula bila bercakap, cool saja, sopan santun. haha.

    chamil wariya suka sebut KANNA (mungkin "bukan aaa?"). "rocky dapat 5 juta hit KANNA... media barat lebih bebas KANNA..."

  17. Anonymous9:27 pm


    I agree with wy kam. bloggers of other races MUST be invited as well. bring this issue up bro.

  18. tahniah.. abang,

    bernas abang punya percakapan..menampakan jujur dan ikhlas,,

  19. Actually the impetus for political change, and the result of GE12, was given form and voice from the bloggers movement.

    If you're looking at an increased roll for the bloggers movement for GE13, better get that branding exercise done starting now.

    'Kebebasan' is only a small fragment of the whole matter of blogsphere. They wouldn't have been able to do anything to limit it for a number of reasons. We needn't go over those again.

    What is important is what's next? Formalise and escalate All-Bloggers into a more tangible intellectual nucleus, alternative voice for the rakyat, or what? Turn it into a national, state-by-state, person-by-person, luminary-by-luminary, program.

    What starts as individual efforts and missions could easily fizzle out. Given the persistent stand of the present govt against full disclosures and transparency (eg. Project M), there should still be important roles that bloggers can play for the rakyat.

    In this country, when so many institutional checks-and-balances have been sacrificed for political expediencies of the day, the bloggers are actually the last line of defense for the rakyat.

    Time to really ramp up things. All things.

  20. Anonymous12:04 am

    Saudara brew,
    Taken aback seeing "Ramli Sarip" on the episode but a mere 20 minutes inclusive of interviews and the poll results...why oh why?
    To date, why oh why are people still playing that ethnicity card...
    Are viewers intentionally being led to believe other ethnics do not recognise Brus' postings?
    Your tour of the MSM, your host did try to snooker (pardon the pun) you into "memesongkan" have been there done it, not matter what...just live with it!
    The views on anonymous... well, the last we checked...reprisals, retributions, calling it what one may still means the same in your country!!!
    Now another Commission in the making with Changs' postings... the timing could not have been perpect! But why oh why...
    Following the Hagues' win-win, there was a "spins"
    posting attributed to Kadir Jasin... None of you including your television host comes close to Allistar Campbell!

    Now, hum this...

    "Andainya aku bertanya
    Padamu tentang bahagia
    Di mana nilai setia
    Di manakah puncak cinta

    Mahukah engkau mengerti
    Harapan serupa mimpi
    Ianya dapat terjadi
    Atau hilang tak berganti

    Sejarah mengajar kita
    Menjadi lebih dewasa
    Meniti arus angkara
    Lupakan kisah yang lalu
    Teguhkan tugu imanmu
    Doaku buat kekasih

    Yang dulu usah dirindu
    Hilangkanlah dari hatimu
    Doaku buatmu kekasih

    Yang dulu usah dirindu
    Hilangkanlah dari hatimu
    Doaku buatmu kekasih..."

    Look ahead... Sekadar diPinggiran

  21. Dear RockyBru,

    Saya ada menonton blog semalam, rasa macam sedikit kekurangan kerana isu berkaitan tidak dikupas dengan lebih lanjut. Saudara sendiri nampaknya terlalu berhati2 untuk mengutarakan pandangan, sama seperti wawancara dengan Nuraina yang lepas. 30 minit rasanya tidak cukup untuk mengupas isu bloggers dengan lebih mendalam.

    Norae Theredrainbow

  22. Stupid show lah bro. Still on WHat? WHy? When? WHom? HOw? blogging.

    Chmail shd talk of Isu-Isu dalam Blog in the manner of the interview with Ron, Raja Petra and a little bit of Zaharain.

    Has Chamil pensioned his mind after retiring?

  23. Anonymous11:24 am

    I would suggest to TV1 that they do the program in reverse. Instead of having a host posing questions to the bloggers, why not let the bloggers do the interview. Invite a cabinet minister and let the bloggers throw in the questions. Atleast we will hear some relevant and decent questions asked.

  24. Anonymous11:35 am

    wy kam,

    actually, we wanted to have non-Malay bloggers. we approached a few but they declined becos the program was in Malay and they said their Malay was not so good.

    We did try.

    however, there are not many non-Malay socio-political bloggers who have their names out on their blogs. most are anonymous. They want to remain anonynmous (with their nicknames) for personal and professional reasons.

    this week, if all goes well, we have a non-Malay socio-political blogger.

    thank you

  25. Anonymous11:36 am


    u know why so far only MALAY bloggers have been picked by RTM?

    Becos they're the ones who are a pain in the ass.

  26. Bro,

    Bagus jugak, dah tukar kepada Dato' Chamil WAriya. At least he knows what to ask...


  27. Brader, I always respected you as an independent thinker and a respectable blogger in this current political scene. Of late, the BN is trying their divide and rule in the community to achieve this objectives.

    Be fair and objective in your blog and not sucking up to the power to be.

  28. Anonymous1:30 pm

    If the bloggers themselves think that the show is rubbish, then don't appear on the show, easy! I dont get the people who are criticizing the show and yet still want to be on it or even wtaching it. If you dont like it, fine, switch on something else on sunday night. No one is forcing you to watch it!

  29. Anonymous4:20 am

    salam bro...aku tak berapa kenal ...maaf...tapi takdir tuhan nak aku kenal ko...aku terbukak tv1 tengok ko kat situ...tapi aku bukan nak komen pasal ko or blog...tapi pada RTM yang lemah...or saja nak jauhkan rakyat dari blog ko...ade ke dia letak url blog ko "" pale otak diaorang...2 kali aku send sms..tapi masih gak dia tulis blogsport...kalau pakcik2 kat kampung yang baru ade pc...mesti la tak jumpe..kecuali orang yang dah biasa ngan blog...bila sebut blogspot...mesti jumpe...tapi kalau yang first time...sure tak jumpe..pasal technical person kat RTM tu tak tau la saje ke or mmg bengepp...ade ke web BLOGSPORT oiii..ingat ape nih bloodsport nye movie ke ape?