Thursday, April 17, 2008

Judicial reforms

Leslie Lopez of Spore's Straits Times has the story.
• Judicial Commission to appoint judges
• Greater independence for the judiciary
• Financial compensation to sacked judges
• Expression of regret by PM Abdullah

FIGHTING back stiff opposition from his own Cabinet and administration, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is set to unveil major reforms to the country's much-maligned judiciary ... [read the whole article HERE]

While NST busy itself with promoting what Kali says: Get On with the Job, Leslie reaffirms my belief that the real news about our country always appear first in foreign newspapers.


  1. Anonymous1:04 pm

    That is hy the Barisan Nasional got whacked in the last GE. Because Kali and his cronies carried stale and lop sided news in the NST Group of papers while the whole world was reading blogs for the truth!!!

  2. Anonymous1:08 pm

    that's sad...

    oour country REAL news come out in other country newspaper!

  3. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Actually if what is reported and is going to happen tonight then its definately a good sign.

    But for the two judges who had passed on, (the late) Tan Sri Wan Sulaiman Pawanteh, (the late) Tan Sri Abdoolcader - they died being "wronged". Some of Malaysia's greatest left us "broken hearted". But at least for now they did not die in vain.

    I still believe that the PM should form a commission (similar to the South African model) to look into the "dark and toxic 22 years"

  4. Anonymous2:22 pm


    Tun Salleh Abbas @ father-in-law of Shah Hakim Zain @ CEO of Scomi @ co partner Scomi @ Kamaludin Abdullah @ son of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi @ Father in law of Khairy Jamaluddin.

    So in Malaysia - It's about family matter.

  5. Anonymous2:44 pm


    what the hell judiciary issue got anything to do with the PRU 12 results? none I can tell you that.

    This is a classic example of political diversion. Luckily Pak Lah doesn't send us to go to war with another nations for the sake of self survivability.

  6. Anonymous2:50 pm

    We should move on...hope this election serve a LESSON TO ALL, opposition or the ruling party. Don't take RAKYAT for a ride!!

  7. Anonymous3:14 pm

    dear PM,

    you have exactly 1 (one) more shot at making a genuine attempt at reformation. the judiciary is a good start.

    but screw this one up, you'd better start preparing for early retirement...

  8. Hi Rocky, I am quite excited to see what is going to happen in J.W Marriot tonight.

    Nonetheless, why is it "greater independence"? instead of complete independence? Isn't Judiciary supposed to be totally independent?

    I hope Badawi is dead serious about renewing trust in our judiciary. After 20 years, we have had enough. That will be one real good present from Badawi.


  9. That story sounds like live fish
    PM is forever flip flopping

    If & when REAL reforms in justice systems REALLY happens, gimme a collect call

    anon 2.22pm
    Tun Salleh Abas (TSA) took a stand, for which he was punished - not under 1 PM but under 2 PMs.

    What proof do we have TSA's SIL profited fr his influence?

    When did SCOMI become big?
    TDM's or AAB's time?

    1 brought TSA down, the other did nothing (until maybe now?) to restore him or his reputation.

    Also how can we "fault" TSA for having relatives who benefitted without (seemingly) his influence?

    maybe anon 2.22 you can better clarify as I don't see how TSA assisted his SIL

  10. Thursday, April 17, 2008
    The Arrogance of Karpal Singh.

    The pro Badawi spin doctors published this piece. It shows the new found influence and self-importance of DAP politician Karpal Singh thanks to Abdullah Badawi who has done so much for Pakatan Rakyat. Abdullah Badawi might as well be President of the opposition parties..

    Karpal threat to haul up judge to Parliament

    Karpal Singh, offended by judge's commentsKUALA LUMPUR, April 17 — Karpal Singh is threatening to haul a High Court judge before Parliament – unless he retracts certain comments made about the Opposition politician’s law firm.
    At the core of the matter are some comments the judge allegedly made during a rape case hearing in March, several days before the election. Datuk Muhamed Apandi was reported in the press to have been irked by the late show by lawyers from Karpal & Co for an appeal for rape conviction. He also wanted to know why the firm had not provided written submissions by Jan 13 as agreed.
    He allegedly said that this was not the first time counsel from the law firm had "acted at the last minute". "I am very disappointed with Karpal & Co. Please pass the message that no matter how senior you are, the court does not wait for the counsel."
    These comments have fired up the MP for Bukit Gelugor. The Insider understands that he has demanded a retraction of the comments, pointing out that his firm had written to the court on Feb 19, seeking an adjournment on Feb 19.
    The letter was received by the court two days later, and an adjournment was granted with the condition that the written submission for the appeal be filed before the next trial date. Karpal is scheduled to have a press conference today.
    With 82 MPs in Parliament, the Opposition has the muscle now to haul the judge before Parliament for misconduct. It is unclear whether Karpal will go ahead and push for this outcome, knowing that it could be interpreted as the Opposition abusing its new found political power.

    Posted by Mahathirism at 12:13 AM

  11. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Nothing short of a full investigation into the whole affair can bring a closure.

    Apologies are welcomed but will never be sufficient.

    So lets see whether the government is brave enough to go the whole distance.

    What has Pak Lah to lose? It wasn't him. It was his former boss who did it.

    And what about the Lingam tape thing? Will a revision be necessary in the light of the March 8 tsunami?

    And that Altantuya case?

  12. Anonymous4:04 pm

    At last, Pak Lah is going to do the right thing. So, keep our fingers crossed.

    I guess Mahathir is shivering now.

  13. this tun saleh abas bringing up matters really something, tried to shut somebody really tight is it?

    conspiracy that is traced from the beginning of time...

    -melayu mudah lupa-

  14. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Dear Bro. Rocky and pals,

    I am embarrassed to see Malaysians getting excited about articles on domestic issues written by Leslie of NST Singapore.

    In my opinion, we should never take in total anything written by foreigners whose ulterior motive could be to fan the existing fire fiercer!

    Leslie, please write more about your own backyard. In Singapore itself, there are plenty of interesting topics such as unresolved social and political predicaments you could choose as attention grabbing stories. Find out why these happen and make them known in open. You may perhaps probe into issues dated as far back as 1960s. That’s where social injustice in Singapore began.

    Shame on Malaysians to use foreign news as a source to vent your anger. What do they know about us than ourselves? Go on, express your anger but never be triggered by an article from a foreign source. Don't you all agree that we are smart enough to realise and know what to say, do or react when something is amiss in our own backyard rather than having to be reminded by outsiders?

    As we head towards becoming a more civilised and developed nation, please use our emotional intelligence more than chaotic emotion to reflect ourselves as citizens of such stature!


  15. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Reading the above letter has really made me feel both angry and sad with this BN regime. Stop poking your stinky noses in other peoples business. I don't give a shit if it's about the Palestinians, Guantanamo Bay, Chechnya, Darfur or any other God forsaken land where human rights abuse are a norm. If this letter is anything to go by, we have what can be considered as crimes against humanity going on right in our own backyard.

    How can this BN regime allow a 15 year old boy to be whipped?! The thing that really makes me sick is that the BN government says that they are merely acting on the wishes of us, the Rakyat. Is that really what you want my fellow Malaysians? You know what I believe? The SOB who whipped the poor kid and the entire BN regime will be cursed with the tears, sweat and blood of not only this poor kid but also all those who have suffered in the hands of the police, the immigration department, RELA and the country's prison system. This also includes those who have been unjustly detained under the ISA.


  16. Anonymous4:34 pm

    This no doubt explains why Mahathir has been a tad agitated of late.

    Hey! Siapa makan cili, dia yang terasa pedas.

    If you are not in the wrong then why the fuss?

  17. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Anon with undersigned Zaib,

    If the Straits Time news come out to be true, how would you react?

    Judicial Reform is such an important matter and yet no news in our own MSM, how can?

    I think you are just being jealous of our neighbour, who is many many years ahead of us. Please change your mentality.

  18. Anonymous4:53 pm

    is this the same guy who say sorry to China 'coz a malay lady was recorded naked in Malaysia lock-up?

    Whay you guy so happy about when he say sorry???


  19. Anonymous5:39 pm


    please don't malign tun salleh.
    yes, his son-in-law is shah. he married her way before he ws in scomi. and he was in scomi before abdullah became PM.

    and tun salleh took nothing from scomi or his son-in-law, or the PM of kamal. and he does not want to, or need to!!!!

    you can whack Pak Lah and Kamal, even Shah....don;t drag tun Salleh into it!

    Be fair!

  20. Justice at last or ...

    Pak Lah will be joining Bar Council members , opposition party members , Tun Salleh dan his brother judges for a nice day in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday night . The new Law Minister has said that the PM will be making drastic changes in respect of the Judiciary in the wake of the disastrous result of the recently GE which costs the Federal Government to lose it's precious 1/3 majority in Parliament.

    Let's hope that the dinner will not be just a 10 course chinese dinner but a dinner that will put back the judiciary on it's former glory and independence.

  21. Anonymous5:42 pm


    yes it si a good thing that Pak lah is doing this! But let me ask you, why is he doing it only NOW? of course, better late than never.

    Pak Lah is trying to save himself politically.

    It is Zaid who talked him into it!

  22. Anonymous5:44 pm

    rocky, know who feeds the singapore guys...

    no-brainer-lah, bro!

    singapore kan ada agents at NST and in this country...

  23. Anonymous5:45 pm

    anonymous 4:13 PM (aka Zaib)

    I am curious - just what are these "unresolved social and political predicaments" in Singapore that you refer to?

    Could they be, by any chance, related to Singapore's resolute refusal to adopt a policy of "affirmative action" or by the perceived "marginalisation" of certain groups in the republic?

    Come on, don't be coy. Please elaborate on your posting, for the benefit of us all.

  24. Anonymous5:59 pm

    The occasion tonight can allow the PM to change his political fortune. The decisions he takes will have a strong impact on the nation's direction! May his sense of fair play and his love of the nation prevail.

  25. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Looking at Bolehland from KwanYewland make the whole picture clearer. Now Syed Alibaba Hamid doesn't want the Indians to get the news from Makkal Osai so hope Rocky's bru can have an Indian version.

  26. Anonymous7:07 pm


    Tun Salleh Abbas @ father-in-law of Shah Hakim Zain @ CEO of Scomi @ co partner Scomi @ Kamaludin Abdullah @ son of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi @ Father in law of Khairy Jamaluddin.

    So in Malaysia - It's about family matter.

    2:22 PM


  27. Rockster, the news came out in the malaysian insider lah -

    but i guess you dont't read it so you might not know about it.

    then again, ignorance is bliss.

    whatever it is, the message is always more important than the messenger.

    guess you know that already, being a journalist and all that. when will you start a newspaper or portal eh?

  28. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Those with NST shares better start to dispose them off before the price drop like hot potatoes once BN sink.

    Is better to get your news from Malaysiakini.

  29. Anonymous8:37 pm

    Losing 5 states and having two of your own not listening yo the PM sounds like strtong enough reasons to quit. Making judiciary reforms is good. but this doesn;'t absolve AAB from losing those states. He should quit and let others reform the judiciary.

    NST - no story time! if got story, info minister shabery cheek said not credible!

    lawyer burok

  30. Anonymous9:32 pm

    actually guys, there is a story in nst today that PM will announce some judicial reforms at the dinner. It just didn't go into any details.

  31. If indeed the reason for Karpal Singh's anger at the particular judge, which Mahathirism said, that I quote below:

    "I am very disappointed with Karpal & Co. Please pass the message that no matter how senior you are, the court does not wait for the counsel."

    I think Karpal should thank the judge for not citing the counsel for contempt.

    The judge was perfectly right in ticking off the counsel in question. Court doesn't wait for counsel but vice versa. The best thing Karpal should do is to apologise instead of showing his arrogance by threatening to haul the judge to Parliament. He is a senior and reputable lawyer. Surely he knows appearing late in court is not only unbecoming but also disrespectful to the court. Counsels are officers of the court and as such are duty-bound to uphold the dignity and decorum of the court and NOT putting the already-ailing judiciary into disrepute.

    I like to remind Karpal that he is not a politician while in court but officers of the court. In Parliament he is but not in court.

  32. anon Zaid
    Why are foreign press more credible?

    1. Foreign journalists are not gonna be under fire or be fired for writing the truth about Msia

    2. If Spore can destablize Msia by reporting facts, then we DESERVE to be destabilized

    3. A Destablized Msia ain't gonna be helping Spore much .. or AT ALL!!

    No Zaid. Many bloggers here are not foreign-arse lickers.

    Our "intelligence" comes from gleaming info from many sites. So what IS it about foreign reporting that bugs the s**T outta you?

    p/s Did they not teach you at amno-camp that people outside of amno have brains too?

  33. Is the grass is always greener on the other side of the hill?

    The moon can't be bright if the bright sky doesn't exist. How real is the real news written by foreigner?

    Brother, dun underestimate yourself, your news too is real?

  34. Anonymous11:31 pm

    media spore sekarang dengan media singapore dulu sama ke wibawanya? Banding dengan masa Rocky kat Malay Mail dulu la..

    Baca sekali dua kali artikel Singapore serupa macam apa Utusan buat masa zaman Gus Dur dulu...

  35. Read a bit on the report from the highly publicised dinner, apparently Dollah got a standing ovation from the Bar Council ma. Its a welcome respite for Dollah, probably lift his spirit up a bit from the almost daily bashing he got from UMNO grassroots call for him to retire immediately. I think I like what Dollah said tonight though, but like many others I think it is about four years too late. I Don't think the feel good thingy felt by some former members of the judiciary or the bar council tonight will translate into votes for Dollah in UMNO though, just a slight delay in the inevitable as I still think he would not be around as PM come December 2008.

    By the way James Joyce I am very curious to know what you meant by the "dark and toxic 22 years' are you trying to equate Dr Mahathir's Prime Ministership with Apartheid or what.Give it a rest lah bro, Dr Mahathir brought much progress and positive things to Malaysia in his 22 years as PM, he may have his faults but I am sure he did whatever he did for the good of the Rakyat during his time. We should be grateful for the many good things that Dr Mahathir had done for this nationlah and need not demonise him like what Dollah's ungrateful close advisers are doing now. Its just not cricket.

  36. Anonymous11:44 pm

    Just watched Badawi gave his speech live over Astro Channel 502. I was wondering why RTM and the other channels do not consider this newsworthy of a live telecast. I shed a tear for Tun Salleh and the other judges for their 20 years of incarceration. I have to thank Badawi for having the moral courage to do this tonight and attempting to heal Mahathir's sins. However, there is still a lingering doubt in my mind that if BN had not lost so disastrously on Mar 8, will this day happen? We have to thank the lawyers march and Makal Sakthi for this day. Thank you Bar Council.

  37. Anonymous11:54 pm

    It is time to educate the ignorant ppl of malaysia who have been staying in this multicultural country....

    for those ppl who come from
    1.PUNJAB are known as punjabis and their religion is sikhism

    2. those come from bangladesh, or certain part of east india.(eg calcutta) are known as Bengalis

    3. those from Kerala are known as keralites.

    so in future if anyone do open his mouth plse get's their facts correct.

    and plse dont call ppl Keling , bengalI, MAMAK...ETC..tht's are racist remarks ..till u know their origin. If you malaysian are in canada or australia sure you already been charged under their law.

    so to all my humble malaysian plse dont be racist with ur racist remarks..bottom line dont be IGNORANT...plse learn and diversify ur knowledge...

    from a malay muslim who is not ignorant.

  38. sad indeed...
    the world is watching malaysia...
    if the australian pm could say sorry on behalf of the previous administration, why not our present administration?
    saying 'sorry' is the first step to recovery and reform.

  39. Anonymous12:35 am

    as an aside, rocky, i feel so down now that another innocent kid is dead because of this disastrous National Service Program. Todate, at least 20 young malaysians have lost their lives and Najib/Chairman Lee still want to continue this russain roulette program. in the name of national integration, these two persons are prepared to sacrifice more innocent lives.
    rocky, i really hope you will blog about these unnecessary deaths.
    thanking you in advance.

  40. Anonymous1:18 am

    Judicial Commission? Oh... another so called "effective" Commission under Pak Lah Govt..ops not the Govt but his family & cronies ... then set another Commission to look after this Judicial Commission... then we go to NOWHERE or WORST coz this commission will be influenced by some groups....Foreigners or BN or the Oppositions or lawyers or liars or criminal protectors.

    I think Malaysia going backwards in the next few years, increase in poverty, crime rates and social problems... under this "Judicial Reform"

    Life was much more easier then... under the dictatorship of TDM

    Anyway... who drafted Paklah text... Singapore?

  41. Anonymous1:40 am

    Stunning accusations
    Tuesday, 26 September 2006
    salleh abasResign or face a Tribunal, a stunned Tun Salleh Abas was told by then premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad at a private meeting on 27 May 1988. Mahathir alleged, among other things, that Salleh, the then Lord President of the Supreme Court, was biased and therefore not qualified to sit on UMNO cases.

    We produce here exclusive private notes made by the meticulous Tun Salleh:

    When I arrived at the Prime Minister’s Department I was met by a policeman who took me by lift to a waiting room. After waiting for about two or three minutes, I was shown into the Prime Minister’s Office by an officer, whom I did not recognise. There I found YAB Perdana Menteri (then prime minister Mahathir Mohamad) seated at his table with YAB Encik Ghafar Baba, Timbalan Perdana Menteri (then deputy prime minister) and Tan Sri Sallehuddin Mohamed, Ketua Setiausaha Negara (the then chief secretary to the government) seated at the same table opposite the Prime Minister. When I entered the room I gave the Prime Minister and the others my salam very loudly and he replied my salam. (Peace be on You).

    After I had taken my seat, the Prime Minister told me that he had an unpleasant duty to perform and on being asked what it was, he replied that he had been asked by (the then) DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di Pertuan Agong to tell me that I should step down. I then expressed my surprise in an Islamic way saying “Glory to God, who is free from any partnership.” Then I asked him for the reasons and in reply he said that he was not prepared to argue with me, but finally he said the reason was that I had written a letter to DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di Pertuan Agong regarding the state of relationship between the Judiciary and the Executive. I told him that I wrote the letter simply because Judges, at a meeting on 25 March 1988, had informed me that they were very concerned about the present situation and asked to express their views through me. YAB Perdana Menteri then said that I made speeches indicating that I am biased and I am not qualified to sit in UMNO cases. I told him that I said nothing of that and the speeches I had made only dealt with the criticisms levelled at the Judiciary. I am not at all biased or bipartisan in political matters. While all this was going on, YAB Encik Ghafar Baba kept his head down while Tan Sri Sallehuddin was writing in a note book, which he was then holding.

    When finally I said I would not resign, he told me that if I stepped down I would be given everything that I was entitled to. I told him that I was entitled to nothing since I was not yet 60. Obviously, he was surprised when told I was not 60 yet. Finally, he said that if I did not step down he would institute a Judicial Tribunal with a view to removing me. I told him I would not resign because if I did, I could not show my face to anyone and I might as well die.

    He said that I could see the Agong if I wanted to and he would not stop me from doing so.

    I told him that I would not be resigning and he could do what he pleased with me, including going ahead with the Tribunal. As there was nothing else to discuss, I finally said “Datuk, I should not waste anybody’s time”, and I shook his hand, also Encil Ghafar Baba’s and Tan Sri Sallehuddin’s. None of these three looked me right in my face and I could detect Encik Ghafar Baba was strangely silent and Tan Sri Sallehuddin only caught me by the side of his eyes but he too appeared to be subdued.

    The Prime Minister himself, from the beginning to the end, did not even look me in the eye. He was looking down at his table all the time.

    I left his room and I only saw one policeman outside his room who appeared surprised to see me there. When I went downstairs there was nobody even to see me off and no one called for my driver. I had to go out to look for my driver.

    My future is tied up with the fate of this country. I come from an unknown family and I have reached the top of my profession. I have no desire to leave until I have reached the age of 65 like my predecessors, except the Sultan of Perak, who vacated the job because of a call of duty to be the Ruler of Perak. I leave my fate to the judgment of Allah and as it is Friday, I wish to quote the Quran, which says, “No misfortune will fall on us except what has been decreed by Allah. He is our protector and in whom the believers should place their trust.” This passage from the Quran struck my heart as I entered the door of the Prime Minister’s Office and it remained with me during the course of our discussion till the end, and to my exit from his room.

  42. Isu-isu Islam Semasa boleh dilawati di:

    Entry terbaru bertajuk: "Apakah pandangan Lim Guan Eng tentang Islam?"

    Blog ini akan memberi laporan harian berdasarkan isu-isu Islam Kontemporari. Adil, Fakta, Tidak berpihak.

  43. Anonymous2:51 am

    Kaligula and his NST are making a last stand to defend PakLah, even if it is at the expense of running down UMNO. Many may see this as a new shift from NST for having the guts to deride UMNO and some of its leaders. But on closer look, it is a call to absolve PakLah of all blame for the PRU12 debacle.Take notice, theres not even a mention of KJ.
    And that Leslie's 'scoop' from down south, it is just a distraction.Nothing much will come out of it .Some token judiciary reforms will take place and thats it.
    A spin is still a spin.

  44. Anonymous5:19 am

    Two sides, to Mr Badawi, merelu reinforces notion, this man is desperate to hold on to his job either for the love of it, or to keep skeletons where they belong. Mr Badawi wants to heal the judiciary, yet isnt he the same man who engineered appointment of appointed Mr Zaki Azmi as high court judge and to months latter as Court of Appeal president. Mr Zaid, before the law minister, had this to say about Zaki : Zaki not morally fit to be deputy Chairman of UMNO Disciplinary commitee.

    The question we must ask now is: If Zaki is morally unfit to serve in UMNO’s disciplinary board, how could he be considered morally fit to be a federal court judge, not to mention his lightning elevation to the No.2 position, and anticipated imminent rise to the top job in the judiciary.

    By the way, Zaki was adirector of the investment vehicle — Hottick Investment Ltd of Hong Kong — which borrowed the RM 3 billion and embarked on the acquisition of National steel, which was bailed out by government.
    Zaki Tun Azmi made history on 5th September, 2007 by being the first lawyer to be appointed directly to the Federal Court without serving as a Judge in any capacity by passing at total 48 High Court Judges and 21 Court of Appeal Judges.
    Zaki Tun Azmi was appointed the President of the Court of Appeals on 5th December, 2007 exactly 2 months after being appointed as a Federal Court Judge, by passing the Chief Judge of the High Court for Peninsular Malaysia, the Chief Judge of the High Court for Sabah & Sarawak and 7 other Federal Court Judges.

    What is Zaid and bar council doing about Zaki? Tun Salleh is not a surving judge, but zaki is.

    Dont forget, Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor. the guy mentioned in lingam tape was made Umno secretary-general by Badawi

    And, oh talking about fairness, equality, one wonders why no action was taken against Khairy Jamaludin, on gate crashing Condoleeza Rice in KL, but cops are hell bent on questioning Wan Azizah on Black 14 gathering.

    Bottomline, Mr Badawi, make ACA anwserable only to Parliment, its the only cure to what ails Malaysia. I do not see you as a healer, at this point, a manipulator...a strong perhaps.

    IS Badawi healing the judiciary or taking people for a ride?

  45. Anonymous8:00 am

    Bru, Apa yg NST kata pasal Umno adalah kerja KJ/Kali. Senang nak cari salah org lain bila nak tutup kelemahan Dolah dan kerja kotor KJ dan penyamun macam Kali. Wahai ahli Umno sekalian reject aje penyangak2 ni demi masa depan anak bangsa Melayu dan rakyat Malaysia amnya. Bangsa Cina dan India dah tolak Dolah dan penyamun dia. Jangan tunggu lama2 nanti...

  46. Anonymous8:06 am


    dont think rocky is quibbling about the message -- i think i can see that he acknowledges that the message is VERY important and in fact should be a lead story. the fact is that Singapore ST has that impotrant story.
    And of course, know who runs the malaysianinsider? you'd think that Kali would get NST to play the story up. But no... he got the malaysianinsider (thru his machai, brendan) and of course, compuslory to tell Singapore ST...

    that's the whole point...priority is to tell Singapore...

  47. Anonymous8:28 am

    this thing will backfire on PM and Son In Law one day... i tell u that!

  48. Yalah Wak Segen, I tend to agree with you, the NST articles by Kali basically tries to absolve Dollah at the expense of running down of UMNO, I further venture to note that if you want to see a very public sabotage of UMNO then this NST article "Get on with the job" says it all:

    Special mention were made of Hishammuddin brandishing the Kris and not surprisingly venom was poured on Dr Khir Toyo after his blog calls for the immediate retirement of the President. Dr Khir(an UMNO MT member) is now "credited" for allowing "desecration" of temples in Selangor while hiding the fact that temple demolition was done in Negeri Sembilan, Perak and everywhere else also. Suddenly the Penyapu award is a big issue also when the award was already agreed by the Selangor PBT beforehand. I could only guess that someone is already campaigning for KJ for the Umno Youth Chief post.

    It pains me as a 20 years ahli to see a hapless UMNO being run over by untouchable Kali led NST which is supposed to be owned by "UMNO" and not its President.

  49. Some sparks
    The sleeping beauty finally said
    Judiciary Reforms
    Give the judges the trust and accountability
    Let the judges decide
    They are the letters of the law

    Admitting mistakes of past
    It doesn’t bring down the house
    It makes good sense
    At last the ghost of 1988
    Finally finds way to rest

    At least now
    I should say the sleeping beauty wakes
    He finally did something good
    I hope he doesn’t stop it there

    Corruption and accountability
    All his people must declare
    Catch those leaders quickly
    Let the judges decide

    And also stop wasting public funds
    Like some of his ministers do
    Every year publish a statement of expenses
    Let the public know

    It is a good start
    March 8 GE 12 sinks into his head
    There are many he has to do
    2004 till today………….

  50. Anonymous11:18 am

    regret ain't good enuff, you should be really really sorry mate.

  51. Hi Rocky, it was a pleasure meeting you and Noraini last night. Hope to keep in touch.


    Thursday, April 17, 2008
    Singapore Knows What's Best for Malaysia

    Are we so ready to concede more land? Pulau Batu Putih has always been part of Malaysia. Even if you are pro-Spore you have to admit this fact. Unless you subscribe to the version of history that teaches that Chinese seafarers and traders were first in Spore even before the Malays.. So, if we loose, Spore extends her maritime boundary and control of the Johor Straits. Are they going to charge a toll? Send their new attack warships to patrol it? Incorporate this into their 'Forward Defence' strategy?

    How come Singapore Straits Times always has the scoop first about what PM is planning?

    Friday April 18, 2008
    Malaysia, Singapore to accept ICJ’s ruling on island

    SINGAPORE: Malaysia and Singapore will accept whatever decision of the International Court of Justice in the Hague on Pulau Batu Putih in the Johor Straits.
    “Whatever is the decision, we will accept it,” Singapore Foreign Minister George Yeo and his Malaysian counterpart Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said yesterday.
    Warm welcome: Hsien Loong (right) welcoming Dr Rais at the Istana in Singapore on Thursday. — Bernama
    “We both agreed that if Malaysia were to win, Singapore would congratulate Malaysia, and if Singapore were to win, Malaysia would congratulate Singapore,” Yeo told a media conference after Rais called on him at his office.
    Rais, who is on an introductory visit to Singapore since his appointment as the new Foreign Minister, earlier met Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the Istana.
    Yeo said the judgment on Pedra Banca (as Singaporeans call Pulau Batu Putih) would likely be made by the ICJ in the middle or end of next month and the outcome would not affect bilateral relations of the two countries.
    “Nothing should change,” Yeo said, adding that this was the common position that both countries agreed to take and declare it to all Malaysians and Singaporeans.
    He said the lighthouse to whoever it belonged to would continue to provide valuable facilities to all navigators.
    Both countries have put their claims on the rocky outcrop which had been developed into a lighthouse for sea route navigation into the straits during the colonial era.
    On his visit to Singapore, Rais said the visit was very important between the two friendly countries which needed to further step up their close ties.
    Rais, who was accompanied by Malaysian High Commissioner to Singapore Datuk N. Parameswaran on his one-day visit, later met Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew at the Istana and Deputy Prime Minister Prof S. Jayakumar at his office. – Bernama

  53. Anonymous1:07 pm


    Kenapa paklah baru buat semalam?. Kenapa tak selepas menang besar 2008?.

    Baca balik apa hubungan CEO scomi dgn Salleh Abbas dan hubungan paklah dgn scomi.

    Kalau nak betul..bukan paklah ada kuasa nak bagi imbuhan kpd orang yg dah dipecat secara sah melalui undang2. Sebaliknya usahakan untuk perbicaraan semula ...

    Niat tak ikhlas..percayalah hanya kerana dendam kat TDM semuanya taka akan ke mana...

  54. Anonymous1:30 pm

    It's not just about judicial reforms. If you reform the judiciary but leave askance the integrity and incorruptibility of enforcement, you will only solve one part but let the other abuse power against the rakyat.

    In this case, the problem seems to lead all the way to the top.

    For the sake of those policemen who walk the beat wearing those buttons and badges which shout they are against corruption, the Anti Corruption Agency is now asked to investigate the following.

    If the ACA fails to do so to the satisfaction of the rakyat, then the ACA also stands in the same row as the top brass which runs the enforcement and executive office of this country.

    Enough is enough-lah:

    Subject: Conflict of Interest alleged over police choppers
    Conflict of interest alleged over police choppers
    Jan 8, 08 5:43pm

    Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan and a member of the powerful Police Force Commission (SPP), Othman Talib, have been implicated in allegations of power abuse involving a company linked to the latter.

    Web Power Sdn Bhd, a company that lists Othman as one of their directors, is said to be currently engaged in negotiations with the police to rent 31 helicopters - a lucrative business deal that will generate RM400 million annually for the company if sealed.

    In making the charge, DAP MP Teresa Kok said she had run a check with the Companies Commission of Malaysia and confirmed that Othman is indeed one of the four directors of Web Power.

    She said that there was suspicion of foul play as Othman was appointed as a member of the SPP last year after he became the director of the company on June 2, 2006.

    The SPP is the body responsible for the appointment, confirmation, promotion and transfer of all members of the police force. Disciplinary action against errant policemen also comes under its purview.

    The commission has four permanent members including the IGP and the Internal Security Minister, his secretary-general and a member of the Public Services Commission. There are up to six non-permanent members appointed by the King on advice of the government.

    'Those who appointed him as an SPP member knew from the beginning that Othman had a stake in Web Power and yet approved of his appointment,' said Teresa at a press conference held at party headquarters in Petaling Jaya today.

    IGP's 'enthusiasm'
    Aside from that, Web Power is also alleged to have been picked by the police force as the service provider of the latter's sophisticated e-Police Force Solution, a digital wireless networking system.

    This system is said to be able to provide voice, data, graphic, biometric and DNA data and assist the police in solving and preventing crime.

    Though having the system is a positive move, Kok said there was suspicion over the police chief's '... display of unrelenting enthusiasm to have a company owned by a member of SPP appointed the service provider for the e-Police system'.

    Kok said this 'enthusiasm' was evident as the IGP did not undertake the necessary procedures when awarding the e-Police system to Web Power.

    'Musa had addressed the Letter of Intent and Letter of Award directly to the prime minister when he was supposed to have addressed it to the chief secretary of the government,' noted Teresa.

    According to her, the procedure for a business transaction involving the Internal Security Ministry - under which the police force is under - is for it to first write a Letter of Intent to the chief secretary.

    The latter will send the Letter of Intent to the finance minister and only after approval by the finance minister can the Internal Security Ministry begin to announce the tender.

    No answers

    Kok, member of parliament for Seputeh, said Musa bypassed this procedure and had asked Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to directly issue a Letter of Award handing over the tender to Othman's company.

    She also said she had requested answers from the Deputy Internal Security Minister Foo Ah Kiow during Parliament's sitting in December last year but has yet to receive any explanation regarding the discrepancies.

    'I questioned whether a conflict of interest is implied when a member of the SPP who is listed as a director of the company is currently in business talk with the police?'

    During the last Parliament sitting, Kok had also demanded explanations as to why there was a need for the police to rent 31 helicopters when they had only asked for eight under the Ninth Malaysian Plan.

    Kok said the deals involving the police choppers and computer system were a blatant case of power abuse and said the prime minister himself should look into the matter.

    'I urge Abdullah to recommend to the King to terminate Othman's services as a member of the SPP,' she said.

  55. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Dear Pissed off, Gobloking and surfers,

    Referring to your comments. I’m not querying whether facts in articles written by foreigners are right or wrong. What matters is firstly why must we react to news written by outsiders who have limited knowledge on local issues when we can depend on local writers who have better understanding of local issues? Do we still lack of sources from within which the new media has allowed wider dissemination? Or do we still lack of competent local writers to carry out in-depth studies on whatever local issues in question, make our own evaluation and come out with our own conclusion? It does not matter how harsh the probable comments would come from such articles written by Malaysians, but not out of writings of foreigners whose ulterior motive is subject to question (yes they may present factual info, but why bother us when their own backyard is also full of shits and may be used as topic of their writings???).

    If it's from Malaysians, we'd know that it is probably because their interests are at stake. What is the interest of those foreign writers? Do they present extra facts which our local writers lack?

    I am adaptable in my thinking, but will never be bent by issues brought by outsiders because I believe our local people are intelligent enough to know between what is right and what is not. I also believe that we have many competent and patriotic local writers and analysts with local interests’ conscience, who we can depend on, to open up our mind. When I trust the work of Malaysians like you and I here, why then must I change my mind? Have confidence of Malaysians pals!


  56. Anonymous5:17 pm

    bacalah tulisan leslie lopez ni...ini orang pun satu tali barut...mana boleh dia dapat information ini kalau tidak daripada dalam. sebut sahaja perkara ini terbayang wajah keje, kuali, zahead, camel, tingkat 4 (kat mana ni eh). jelas perkara ini sudah dirancang dan diplanted...semua bertujuan untuk memulihkan kedudukan packlah dan bukan kerana kebenaran dan kejujuran sejati!!


  57. zaib
    OFCOURSE our Msian analysts and journalists are competent

    Journalists in the mainstream media are so competent that

    They are IMMDEDIATELY out of a job for wanting to write Objectively (let alone the truth!)

    Ditto to the mainstream papers which are all printing ONLY on the courtesy extention of their permits by the Govt

    Yes...what about the net?
    Who needs a job with the mainstream kan?


    Rocky and Jeff Ooi has a suit against them

    Raja Petra has a suit or 2 or 3 (lost count)against him

    Malaysiakini too has suits

    And so..WHERE EXACTLY do you recommend that responsible and ethical journos publish their pieces?

    If not overseas?


    Like someone said, who do you think are supplying foreign reporters with the info bro?