Thursday, April 03, 2008

Azalina punishes five states

"But (phew!) no total boycott."

Thursday April 3, 2008

Azalina: Tourism MoUs with Opposition-ruled states to be terminated

“Maybe we have to look at other venues or options. But there is no total boycott in tourism. We have to play it by ear and see what these state governments do,” she added.
Azalina said industry players she met recently, including hoteliers and travel agencies, had expressed concern over tourism in Opposition-held states, given the players’ huge investments, especially in Penang and Kedah.
“They hope there will not be any negative policies in these states that will affect tourism,” she added.
On PKR, DAP and PAS’ decision to form Pakatan Rakyat, Azalina said it would not last long given their different policies, unlike Barisan which had the same manifesto for all.
“Politics is a marriage of convenience. Politicians can say anything they want to gain the people’s support.
“Maybe Pakatan Rakyat will work for a month or a year but it will break up in the end as they are too different,” she added. - Cick HERE for the full story.

So, if foreign tourists stop going to these FIVE states, who will suffer? Penang, for examplel, is key to Malaysia's health tourism (300,000 health tourists visited Malaysia in 2006 and spent over RM200 million). The state accounts for 10 per cent of tourist arrivals under goals set in VMY 2007.


Anonymous said...

Instead of punishing people for voting against the BN, she should be trying her best to woo them back.

Are people like these the ones
who should be made Government

Chow Kit Cowboy said...

Tsk, tsk tsk, Azalina.

I am surprised a Minister like Azalina can have so narrow minded, shallow view of things. She has still not appreciated the significance of the March 8 tsunami.

Why do these stunted politicians view the Opposition PR with so much contempt like they are not fellow citizens and the Opposition controlled states not part of the country?

Soon we might need two passports - one for BN controlled states, and another for PR controlled states.

My pocket is getting too thick with these sort of idiotic behaviour and statements.

Gawd, these people need to fall, the sooner the better for the sake of the whole country.

jediraj said...

Hell Hath No Fury Like a UMNO Lesbo Scorned !

Anonymous said...

BN mah, do anything you want lo. for sarawak that contributes so many seats to keep it in power, they get so few ministers in the parliament. sarawak perhaps will be the next state to go opposition. then bn will really be in trouble.

Anonymous said...

tu yg susahnya kalo makhluk dua alam jadi Menteri..

talking tongues said...


What a moron? She doesn't listen, does she? Her victory came too easy for her.

In fact, the whole UMNO just don't listen, they are still big-headed, they want to be hero, they want to use our money to send a rombongan to London to save a British girl that carries a "Malay" sounding name, whilst they allow those prostitutes in TiongNam area to rot, they refuse to free any detainees under ISA(not restricted to HIndraf only)... so on and so forth.
Rocky, when are all these going to end? When will our hearts stop bleeding? When will the insult to our intelligence end? Is there an end to our suffering?
Only possibility, Rocky, is to make sure they are not the government. We should all start campaigning again, this time, for GE13.
I am fed up.

Anonymous said...


“Politics is a marriage of convenience" - well at least they are married and they learn of give and take and other things better than those who are still single.

As for tourist, they will go even to Timbaktu. With ICT, no gomen promo required actually nowadays. BN or BR, they don't bother as long as they are happy with it......... and they don't even know who is our PM after Mahathir.

Who cares

Anonymous said...

Azalina act stupidly. She on payroll of the tax-payers and she has the gumption to do such a thing.
Again I say LOSERS are are getting big posts in BN.
Talk like a dumb bad loser - immoral.
Anyway hotels and other pay taxes to the Fed. govt. not the State govt so we have such dumb Minister for Tourism. Best she resign now and look after her house - easier job than minding such a big portfolio.
But I do not think in the long run it affects the industry as the states can come out with their own initiatives.

caravanserai said...

When losers talk
It gains no publicity
BN marriage on its way out
Look at them
Never want to see
The cracks in their marriage
For over 50 years
UMNO whipped MCA and MIC
This isn’t a partnership
This is slavery!

UMNO leaders never learn
They still think they are made in heavens
Creating fear and policing tricks
The people have enough
Time these party leaders must go

Pakatan Rakyat will work
Like marriage of olden days
It takes time for love to blossom
BN has forgotten its early years
When one forgets one root
The soul will die midway to its bloom

On the river of different stops
Putting up tolls enriching their coffers
And the leaders are so afraid
They begin to doubt their operations
The cracks have finally broken
On March 8 a new chapter to write
In the lives of all Malaysians

Pakatan Rakyat
The wings of many colorful feathers
Like the magnificent eagle in Kuah
Legend will be told
Today a new eagle flying in the sky

Anonymous said...

"Politicians can say anything they want to gain the people’s support."

Sounds like most of the people in her party. Has she looked in the mirror recently?

caravanserai said...

When losers talk
It gains no publicity
BN marriage on its way out
Look at them
Never want to see
The cracks in their marriage
For over 50 years
UMNO whipped MCA and MIC
This isn’t a partnership
This is slavery!

UMNO leaders never learn
They still think they are made in heavens
Creating fear and policing tricks
The people have enough
Time these party leaders must go

Pakatan Rakyat will work
Like marriage of olden days
It takes time for love to blossom
BN has forgotten its early years
When one forgets one root
The soul will die midway to its bloom

On the river of different stops
Putting up tolls enriching their coffers
And the leaders are so afraid
They begin to doubt their operations
The cracks have finally broken
On March 8 a new chapter to write
In the lives of all Malaysians

Pakatan Rakyat
The wings of many colorful feathers
Like the magnificent eagle in Kuah
Legend will be told
Today a new eagle flying in the sky

Anonymous said...

Azalina still have not learned her lesson despite the worst defeat to BN.Very childish thinking.
Who is paying for their salary ? UMNO? It's our taxpayer's money lah! So, are the govt implying that people of the 5 PR controlled states exempted from paying taxes? Azalina, grow up or else don't become a minister.After all, we don't know how popular you are as you never won it under contest!

busymum100 said...

These arrogant "so-called leaders" will only learn their lesson (if they eve do) when the Fed Govt is no longer BN!

Make it difficult for the 5 states to function, one day, the rakyat will just think "why so difficult? let's vote BR for both state and parliamentary seats"!!

Very, very, narrow-minded :-(

Malaysian Joe said...

jediraj! you said it my man!!!

Lets not worry about it. She is still thinking or was it a he? No no.. its a she... gosh...

punishment as such can bring the states back into BN's fold? Please feel fortunate that come May, you do not end up in the opposition's bench Azalina... what goes around.. COMES AROUND. Screw and being Screwed..... (geez pardon my language)

Anonymous said...

chow kit cowboy

why should you be surprise? look at what the education minister did? now, its the tourism ministry? who's next? Ministry of trade?
let them do it. come next election, boot this spendthrift lady out. at least, there wont be anymore overpriced screwdrivers or stupid non-starter project in england.

caravanserai said...

Tourism business will flourish
No matter what Azalina wants to say?

The industry players will sit it through
Change colors flow with the tune
It will be business as usual BN or PR
Tourists just want to have a good time

Local politics
The tourists don’t care much about it
They come for holidays
Give me the products worth my money
The tourists will come here
For the sun, beach, hills, shopping
And entertainment of many shapes and sizes

She talks rubbish
Aren’t the opposing governments Malaysian made?
UMNO leaders haven’t learned a bit
They still talk arrogantly
When tides have changed
The holes have been drugged
It is just a moment to unleash
The symptoms of the drug addicts

And we have the Minister of Tourism
Branding her narrow minded view
I thought she should know by now
We are Malaysians
Maybe she isn’t; she is a Malay
Living in Malaysia……

The witch crystal ball is clear
The end is near for BN and UMNO
If not this year
It will be GE 13
The people will decide
The fate of the country

Anonymous said...


umno lesbo? uncomfirmed and rumours only. please watch your tongue (or pen) as this may get rocky into trouble. by the way, as a matter of interest, it was reported that Rafidah cant even confirm whether this spendthrift minister belongs to umno wanita! Ironic?

Anonymous said...

Did Sarawak or Sabah Tourism state promotion agencies and the local tourism industry ever depended on the Federal Tourism authority in increasing tourism dollars to their state accounts?

I think they have acted mostly independently in the past, and with much success compared to the mega-expenditures with little returns of the 'borokratic' and ponderous policies of the federal government of the day. Look at the 'success' of the Monsoon Cup..& compare that with the Sarawak Regatta....whose local people are happier, ah?

If from this one industry, these states can be self-surviving, their successes can be replicated in the other industries too.

Eventually, they can resolve to be totally independent from the more and more stupid & myopic federal govt.

And you can guess where this can lead to...




BN still sleeping and instead of Pakatan Raktyat reach pact deal on how to manage country properly. They don't even bother that tourism contibute a value added toward the macro economic. Does she know that if she don't support tourism then what a waste tax payer like we now here.

Wake up Azalina, take least married than she will be know how to share.

manamanu said...

Its a reflection of the many pea-size brain running ministries.
Its such a damn stupid way of wooing back the supporters of BN. ---because thats what you'd have to do woman ! Woo them back ! Not Shoo them away !

Still the same bloody arrogant i-rule-the-world thinking !

Malaysian Joe said...

anonymous 2:17

They (govt) can send 5 to Kamunting because some people claim that these 5 are related to LTTE.....

They can conduct an investigation on Lim Guan Eng for sedition even though Bernama has apologized for taking his statement out of context....

And on these two as well as numerous others it was the charged that got to prove his/her innocence. Now that jediraj has said it, I guess, its for her to prove its otherwise... no?

old jurongian said...

Tell that to your boss, your boss' sil and the singaporeans politicians !

Anonymous said...

"....Politicians can say anything they want to gain the people’s support."

Precisely, so our PM told the people, we have made many promises during the last election and we have fufilled them all!!! LOL

“Maybe Pakatan Rakyat will work for a month or a year but it will break up in the end as they are too different,”

Azalina the prophet, please mind your own business and look into the reforms urgently required within UMNO instead.

Go ahead to punish the people and make life difficult for PR now!

And come 13th GE, we, the rakyat, will bury BN, including you!!!

cherry tree said...

such predictable behaviour. how come all the BN leaders are so vindictive? she has such a short-sighted, narrow-minded view on things - no heart whatsoever for the rakyat.

Old Fart said...

I was there when a once upon a time UMNO connected person heard of this two days ago. He was fuming!

Aza, what you are going to see in response will I hope stun you.

zealot said...


azalina made a stupid move. should not be a minister in the first place.

but, again, pak lah wants someone who can represent both worlds in one 'entity'. so, jeng..jeng..jeng, we get azalina, a perfect paradox, neither right, nor wrong.

we are doomed bro. looks like we are in a twilight zone!

Anonymous said...

Don't people ever read the news properly? Or maybe they just don't have the time and only read the headlines.

I'm not in favor on Azalina myself, but she did say she forming a separate committee on tourism for these 5 states.

BN Fed, BN State.. easy.. all can close one eye and take orders directly from Patrick Lim. BN Fed, Oppo States, all have to do work properly or don't do work.

In this case, form another committee comprising of BN and industry representatives so that all can take instructions from Patrick Lim directly.

Money will still be spent, but the old way.. So what's the problem?

malayamuda said...

What Azalina doesnt belong to Wanita UMNO ? says Rafidah?

She definately doesnt belong to Pemuda nor Putera.

Is Grandma Rafidah trying to tell something to the rakyat about Azalina ?

tehsin mukhtar said...

Yup, they never learn their lesson...their petty vendetta and arrogance supersedes their concern for the nation as a whole...tak pa...still need to sweep out the last of the parasites and hangers' on...

Eh, I heard rumors the next Gay and Lesbian Parade will be held in Malaysia? God no.

Navi said...

After the screw up in the Ministry of Youth and Sports, she is looking for new pastures - in the Ministry of Tourism. Cock it up she surely will, as it is her nature. She can't stand criticsm; remember she challenged Citizen Nades to stand for election when he questioned her on the International Youth Football.
She wanted to start a Training centre in Brikenberry, UK and came up with aat leasta dozen foolhardy ideas to spend taxpayers money.

Anonymous said...

Polisi A zlina seharusnya menjadikan Malaysia sebagai destinasi utama pondan dan pengkit seluruh dunia. Azlina juga harus mengadakan festival Gay & Pengkit setiap bulan di seluruh negara Ini akan mendatangkan hasil yang amat banyak kepada negara. Jalan Raja Laut dan Jalan TAR harus dibangunkan untuk tujuan ini. Hotel-hotel, bistro khas serta kedai-kedai menjual gajet seks harus diberi pengecualian cukai
Ketua-ketua agama di Malaysia boleh dipujuk untuk mengawinkan gay dan pengkit ini. saya rasa cadangan ini akan menjadikan Malaysia sebagai pusat pelancongan utama dunia dan

ycg said...

MoU only what. memo of 'understanding'. nothing binding also, cancel la...who cares. even if the federal govermnet did not cancel it, i'm sure the new state government will look into it to see if this mou is really a common 'understanding' or is it a 'I say u understand'

Anonymous said...

WHY?? She was appointed as the Minister of Tourism MALAYSIA, not the Minister of Tourism of BN-lead states.

This is what I've got from KLPost
"Menteri berkenaan Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said berkata tindakan itu diambil kerana kementerian tersebut bimbang strategi dan pelaksanaan pelancongan negara tidak dapat diterima oleh kerajaan negeri Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Perak, Selangor dan Kelantan."

Have you met the CMs/Excos of the said states to discuss this, Azalina?

Same old "shoot first, talk later" attitude.

Anonymous said...

Now, Azalina can be sure that the 5 states will remain with PAS/PKR/DAP after GE13. Also, Terengganu and Perlis will also go to PAS after GE13. I am also pretty sure Melaka will be at high risk during GE13. Wonderful job, Azalina. With leaders with monkey brain like Azalina, Malaysia is better off replace the BN govt.

Anonymous said...

I don't know WHY BN gov't is so stupid!!! Grow up, as:

a) Should any of the 5 opposition states failed ECONOMICALLY, the whole Malaysia would crumble like a stack of cards (as Penang, Perak, Selangor contribute to a lot to the Malaysia's GNP)

b) Who do you think you are?? Ur salaries are being paid by taxpayers (which 50%) rejected BN!!

A better suggestion for BN, since JOHOR is such a strong BN stronghold, maybe you should propose moving the capital KL/Putrajaya to Johor, and move the KLIA to JOHOR BAHRU instead. Stupid Cow!!

Anonymous said...

this "no use" lady shows disrespect to the rakyat's choice in selecting their governent through a democratic process..

she's is screwing up malaysian tourism the very same way she screwed up malaysian sports...

such unethical arm twisting tactics only goes to prove that she is not a professional with the nation's interest at her heart.
Our sleeping PM selected a cheapskate lady to represent Malaysia in the eye of tourism world... a bunch of BN losers

Anonymous said...

what a stupid move ... "macam la budak main masak masak ... i tak mau kawan u... sebab u bukan kawan i" so ..kurang masak kepala otak..
how can u have this type of people as your govertment???

Gan said...

such is orang BN punya mentality !!

cut nose to spite the face ...

well, apa lagi bolih hairan from somebody who was going to spend loads of the rakyat's money on a sports project in UK?

Anonymous said...

Instead of bashing a useless and deaf minister (too much vacuum between the ears?), let's promote tourism to the beautiful states run by Pakatan Rakyat.

A politician shouldn't have called another politician names, it takes one to know another. Why is she still a minister again? She's not Puteri, not Wanita???

Sam Tam said...

Azalina and all the rest of the BN "ministers" and "deputy ministers" should be aware that all Federal posts are meant to serve the WHOEL country and not only BN controlled areas. As a tax payer residing in KL, my tax money was not meant just for the benefit of BN instituted programs or BN projects.

If, however, all the BN "ministers" and govt organs think that this is the way to go, then they should not collect taxes from the non- BN areas. And all tax collected from non BN areas should only be used in non BN areas.

These people just do not know how to differentiate between Govt of Malaysia and Govt of BN. They are not one and the same.

Shame on Azalina!!

Anonymous said...

*roll eyes*

Pop quiz hotshot: Whose land did you build the KLIA on? Yes. Selangor. Yes, it belongs to People's Alliance.

You can't simply boycott these 5 States. Penang is still one the places to visit in Asia, and Langkawi is getting its name out there. Boycott tourism to these 5 states will mean you boycott tourism to Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

It is ok. Let them do whatever they like but dont forget the wheel is round. SO if one day the PR comes into power and just let's say these numbskulls only retained Johor, we the PR shall do the same to them.

BUt will the PR stood so low as them?

Perhaps it is time for us not to pay taxes to the govt. We pay to the states we like. HEck, if I am staying in Selangor and paying thousands of RM these money wont even be channeled back to development my area.


gurlshunter said...

this is our minister & MP. where they put their brain? when will they learn?

Anonymous said...

"Politicians can say anything to gain the peoples' support"... She's a politician herself - I wonder if she understood what the implication is here...he he

ting tong guy said...

YB Azalina is the epitome of "bodoh sombong" culture that is prevalent amonst UMNO ministers.

What she should do is that seeking clarification with these states whether the understanding can be prolonged and if yes how best can it be executed under present situation!

I can summed up only 1 of these 2, either Azalna is too stupid or too arrogant....but "bodoh sombong" means these two together.

meesh said...

It's at moments like this Rocky, I wish we had just voted them out completely. Such bloody sore losers. They intend to run this country into the ground because their cronies wont get work, and the money we pay taxes to we refuse to let them squander? They never intended to serve us anyways, it's quite apparent. They don't even care about the livelihoods of their people in any way. I hate them.

drMpower said...

this is why i dont like our law makers, a.k.a people in power

some of them even just 'lulus sekolah menengah'.

this fella showed how long they will go. how they will punch well below the belt for their purpose.

i am a malay and i support the ruling racial party. and i dont have any crumb of pity to slog her out for this kind of craxp.

they dont even know how to talk properly without giving other people reasons to hate them.

its like menarik benang dalam tepung. benang tak putus, tepung tak berselerak.

i am not promoting any boycott or whatever but please think before u say something.

she should go and learn with 'Guruku' (mohd taib refer dr M as 'guru') on how to do politic without damaging something.

Anonymous said...

It's called Tourism Malaysia, not Tourism BN....
What a sore loser..... She herself is not showing good sportsmanship.... She should not be a leader, she does not posses winner behaviour...

If I were a guy, she would not be my chosen one.

rational thinker said...

another abuse of federal govt power?

are those funds from tourism board/ministry hers/umno's or Bn's?

it's the PEOPLE's MONEY. don't think of political affliation, think the best for the country, bi**tch

hang kebun said...

Wat a waste... Dr Rais hard work going down the drain in jus a split second.
I would have tot a Minister appointed is for the benefit of the Rakyat, doesn't matter who you voted for during election.
But it is also good if you have Ministers behaving like this...
It's jus spell the End is coming for this kind of government.
Sori guys.. I am a staunch supporter of Good Governance, whether its Present,Past or Opposition government.

Brandon said...

Azalina's objective is to destroy BN.

Anonymous said...

on the other hand, bagus juga, kalau berjaya tourism di lima negeri tu nanti, federal tak bolehlah claim itu usaha mereka :-)

Anonymous said...

The same bully big brother talk c**k kind of UMNO politicians. Must be the upbringing during her school hostel days. Which school was that? MCKK? RMC? Ooops sorry.

Starbug said...

This shows that they are still arrogant till the end.

You can never teach old dogs new tricks.

They will never learn unless Pakatan Rakyat becomes the federal government and BN becomes the opposition. Maybe then, they will wisen up, maybe.....

malaysianminx said...

wonders never appalled! such a careless statement from her and she is the tourism minister? was surprised that she was given that post when they announced the new set-up, but was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt...

but now...**sigh**..

luv yo said...

well done...afterall nexr GE you'll be sitting on the opposition bench!!

buckshots said...

what rubbish coming out of her mouth! Alamak Pak Lah another brick off the wall. very soon soon no bricks anymore la.

These people never learn from their mistake.C U at PRU13.

Goodnews for PR!

No wonder she's not married. Tak pandai cerita sentimental!

Hope you hear more of them saying the wrong things to malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Azalina for proving to us that UMNO can never change. By the way, just heard that Shimah will not defend the ketua pemuda seat. Why don't you try your luck, may be you could do something better with the keris.

skilgannon1066 said...

Azalina should be thankful that there is a Tourism portfolio in the Cabinet!

Pak Lah should have followed the example of Singapore and folded the Tourism portfolio into the International Trade & Industry Ministry.

And Spore is doing a much better job of tourism promotion (integrated resorts, F1, regional venue for concerts and shows, air links with key tourism markets, safe and secure image, a public transport system that works well, etc) than Malaysia.

Maybe Azalina should do a lawatan sambil belajar to Spore to see just how it is done.......

Anonymous said...

can't wait for the next tsunami

penangboyumno said...

I am living in Penang. So I support her. Let we in Penang be shut from tourist so that all our restaurants and hotels could be closed down. It is good for us as many feel that tourism bring only bad things and bad culture.
Those who voted for BN also will be victimized as they are unwise.
Now we can have our vision to make Penang an Islamic State. Long live YB Azhar (I would like to know what is his comment regarding this).

bayi said...

As usual, UMNO ministers talk through their backsides. That's where their brains are...

Anonymous said...

please ask the aunty to keep her comments to herself. as we know it is always a lie that BN policy is for all. we know it never was and never will

Anonymous said...

An unintelligent decision on the part of a minister. Hey! I thought they rid themselves of not so bright ministers?...apparently not. Rid the government of another not so intelligent PM, then perhaps we are on the road to recovery.

Anonymous said...

Well lesbo was "lucky" she didnt have to contest in GE becos someone conveniently "pulled out / disappeared" as a candidate.

If she was contesting the fair way, i doubt she would hv a job to do today.

Anonymous said...

people from opposition ruled stats aso pay taxlah. Its the moral duty of the govenment to provide for the people.Its we who put u there. We van also remove u...So don't triy to be so cleverlah BN so called minister!

badok said...

Do we hv better person to be elected as minister now days??.. Yes, but not in BN/UMNO constituency...
SO, Azalina the remainder they hv. bodooolah has to make himself bodoh one more time.

Anonymous said...

This is what we don't like to see , hear nor will we support them in future. We are all MALAYSIAN. We should work together regardless of race or party we support. If they can think like this, we can see they had drawn a line between them (UMNO Malay) and us.It's about time all malay should wake up and kick their butt out.Malaysia is not just owned by UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Azlina, is your salary paid by taxpayer or UMNO ? Is your ministry funded by taxpayer or UMNO ? Alright, you can withdraw everything but re assure that we will make sure we withdraw all our vote from BN and divert it to Pakatan Rakyat. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

malaysian joe

how is it for her to prove? get married and have a kid? that doesnt prove a thing either.
anyway, who cares about her private life. she has all the liberties to do what she wants. i am not bother about her inclination. but, it affects me when she embarks on nonsensical projects for which the rakyat has to pay.

Anonymous said...


simple formula. no spend, no income. somebody gotta earn their fat income when there is a deluge of wastage. who is the fat cat? its for the people to investigate and get the truth out.

suaramalaysia said...

puteri umno bun kissers like Azalina need to be treated like overgrown lallang and weeds that clutter the padi field.

such backdoor politicians are an insult to both men and women, and her attempt to penalise the five states that did not buy the umno/barisan deeception is typical of barisan malice.

boycott such mental-midget excuses for politicians and make certain that they are pulled out before the padi is harvested. feed the rakyat with rice of high quality.

get rid of vendetta-driven politicians. women like these leave a bad taste in the country.

Anonymous said...


are you gonna stoop as low as them and have a tourism program for states under PR only?
or are you gonna be a fairminded person even in losses?

Anonymous said...

this is what u call 'sitting on your brain'.....u idiot, the govt. will not get the income in taxes and it is the UMNOPutera's who will suffer. When there's no money to hand out, what are the putra's gonna do???


ROY's said...

i think all the politicians, young and old, girls and boys are going nuts these days. Sad that PM reminded Guan Eng to be careful with speech and statement while he(Pak Lah) and the cabinet of his are totally moron..... Moron to the highest order that no word could ever describe....

What Azalina's trying to do? Mark my word, she'll retract her instruction by saying she is misquoted or admit that was a wrong statement...
Eating a humble pie is common nowadays from PM, Minister, MP, Adun etc... Sad but puxxle, where they pick all these clowns?

Malu nak komen tetang sibangap ni semua...

BrightEyes said...

Azalina will set fire to the house she lives in just to get back at her roommates she fell out with...

How many % of tourism revenue does Selangor, Perak, and Penang contribute to Malaysia? Does she realize how much irreparable harm this potentially causes to our COUNTRY'S tourism industry? We will just fall further behind Thailand & Singapore.

I'd won't be surprised if the funds going into the TACs instead will just be another front for her lackeys to suck off on. More RM250 screwdrivers coming your way. Maybe add in a 'Made In China' pipewrench for RM500.

What next? Maybe the Federal Govt will move the capital to some BN controlled state? Then my April Fool's article will become reality.

Anonymous said...

Azalina is day dreaming, she does not fit to be a minister of the rakyat when she still think in that BN hat for the BN voting only citizen of Malaysia.

Does she not see tourism in Kelantan? That the hotels are booked even during regular weekends? That it does not need a Monsoon Cup once a year to fill up the hotels in KB?

I too want her to resign, before anything else, she had already shown the true face of her selfish BN side.


Anonymous said...

BN is still in the "blame mode" so do Azlina. Glad to have this kind
of ministers whom keeping blaming Opposition PR instead of searching their soul.

Trust the rakyat, the next election in five year time, BN will be branded as "OPPOSITION".

Anonymous said...

“Politics is a marriage of convenience"

True. Very true. At least in Politics they do get married. Dedicated and married to their job.

I am not GLAD on her decisions... sorry.


toyolbuster said...

Perhaps this fella, I mean lady, I mean, shit never mind, does not understand that she is a federal minister (should it be ministress). Its her duty to the country, thats Malaysia in case she forgets, to develop the tourism industry for the country. She's (hope I got it right this time) been paid by the Rakyat of all 13 states and WP. Thats treason for her.

Pesa said...

This is exactly the kind of treatment which Tok Guru led Kelantan state government has been treated for the past 18 years. The BN federal government cut funding, channeled it through JPP (with UMNO warlords being the vultures), meddle with JKKK, blocked investors and trying every ways to make the Kelantanese 'repent' for choosing PAS...Ingat rakyat makin sayang ke? making menyampah ada la...jangan mimpi la UMNO nak menang balik in Kelantan!

I'm not sure which school of psychology these UMNO goons trained in but they definitely not making the Malaysians like em more! God willing, with the correct approach, the PR states will be able to come up with a solution for tourism pacts between these states...there's a lot of potentials to be tapped regarding the coordination and cooperation between these 5 states. Good luck and God bless!

Anonymous said...

This smacks of the usual tactic of channeling the federal grants through BN cronies. She reportedly said that new committees will be appointed in those five states to help develop tourism in those states, presumably with federal monies channeled through these committees. Don't they already know the people in those five states elected the former opposition and the people want this coalition to run their state affairs? By setting up a duplicate BN representative offices in those states where funds can be dispersed, the Federal government is going against the will of the people, not to mention the amount of duplicity and waste involved. These silly tactics are similar to what BN implemented for federal grants to Kelantan and for converting petroleum royalty to Wang Ehsan after PAS took Terenganu in 1999.

I'm not a legal trained professional, but any lay person understands that whichever party wins a state government, all contracts that the previous government entered into have to be honoured and fulfilled. If that isn't the case, how do we like to boot out the BN federal government in the next election and say bye bye to the foreign debts that we owe to the World bank, Japanese banks etc.? How about the people in those five states pay half the income tax to the federal government and another half to the state government in order that the state coffers have receipt? It's incredible that the BN politicians can act like tyrants and hold the people at ransom in order to prove who is really running people's lives and to channel the people's funds to friendly party.

Anonymous said...

Why when the govt does this everbody criticising. What about the ketua kampung di negeri bawah kerajaan baru kena buang takda siapa yang bela?

Mcmana? Double standard ka?

SansPrejudice said...

Another salvo from a loose BN cannon. Does she want to demarcate Malaysia into 'us' and 'them'?
Please remember the operating budget comes from the rak'yat and not from BN’s pockets.
That's the problem for being in power for too long and not understanding the proper workings of a responsible and elected government.
It will do the PM tons of goodwill to prevent such ministers from uttering 'sour grapes' statements that will not go well with the people.
It may be BN's death wish to be in the opposition after GE13, if they continue to pursue such shallow thinking.
After all, I am sure the most revenue comes from these states in question.

tehsin mukhtar said...

anon at 5.28pm

bukan kena buang la si ketua kampung nih..depa sendiri gatai nak resign sebab depa2 ni semua kuli batak umno at lowest level..nak bela amende!


this Azalina dont use her head when she talks.

duo-duo boh-duo!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Azalina we appreciate her confidence in independent state.
We know she is only trying to minimise the coruption records found if the MOU were to continue.
Does this mean that the State will get cash percentage of income tax for the money not spent on MOU?
Well I might as well pay my income tax, road tax and other taxes to the state goverment and only give a percentage to federal goverment.
GOOD LUCK Azalina working for the people of malaysia for only you can answer to your god.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 5.28pm

Kesian la kat kau ni. Mangsa penipuan media arus perdana. Nasihat aku pada kau, kalau kau masih berpegang pada gebang media perdana ni, minda kau takkan berkembang. Buktinya, kat sini orang tengah sibuk mengkritik tindakan menteri, kau sibuk pertahankan tindakan ketua kampung. Apa la kau ni.. buat malu je.. said...

All this while I had been a fence sitter during the 2 previous PRU and I must admit my vote "swing" either way based on my judgement at that time.

Although I'm a high tech guy, my daily feed of current affair is mostly from the MSM and at that time I really can not understand what's all the fuss about those alternative news. I only began approaching the alternative news after PRU12 and oh my, now I know how much I miss out on getting a balance news!!

No thanks to the events (I'm particularly irked by the racist demo in Penang which try to incite racial tension) and responses by the BN in the aftermath of PRU12, they had help to cemented my future vote to "Any Party Other Than BN" which in short, I called it "apot BN".

They really make me feel I'm such a fool for voting them as I thought they have the people's interest at heart...

So from now on, instead of "support BN", I will now "apot BN" !!

All right Azlina..good 4 you said...

Serve you idiot right. So we are UMNO we are not stupid enough to serve you DAP...dont be dumb. You vote DAP you get DAP. We vote UMNO we get UMNO..

biccaneero2006 said...

Azalina is a "Sapu semua peduli apa kat depa" ("eat everything don't leave anything to anybody")type of Minister. Sad sad thing to have her as our Minister.

Anonymous said...

i thought the readers of this blog support democracy and human rights... what is up with all the anti-homosexuality remarks?

Anonymous said...

You are worse than Toyo who presented a broom to the best civil servant as an attempt to motivate the rest to reach greater heights. Just wonder where he learned the art of motivation from.

Just appointed as Tourism Minister and hardly warmed up your chair, you are chastising the five states' governments under the Pakatan Rakyat.

In my opinion, PM has made a great mistake by appointing you. You just do not have any clue in the tour and travel business, let alone running a ministry that is too big a cap for your head.

By your action, you merely display your immaturity and deeply-seated vindictiveness within you. How could our country progress with such a person like you.

You have to, for success, move away from party and racial politics which were the main ingredients that led to the dismal performance of BN at the last general election. If you and the like are not going to change your values, attitude and conduct, BN might even lose more states at the 13th G.E.

As a Mnister, you must think and act like a Malaysian and not behave like a bigoted racialist who the nation abhors.

We have just given you a mild dose of our frustration and disappointment over the general arrogance of the BN leaders and their nonchalance for the welfare of the rakyat.

Remember lady, the money that you are going to spend comes from the tax-payers pockets and we have a right to see that the money that is allocated to your ministry is properly spent and accounted for at the end of each fiscal year.

The States' EXCOs are elected by the people from the respective states and they have had the blessings and confidence of the sultans. By not recognising and co-operating with the said EXCOs, you are insulting the intelligence and wisdom of the sultans, for who, I urge, you shall continue to respect.

I shall be taking an interest to watch the overall performance of your ministry. For the sake of the nation, be sensitive to the wind of change. This is the 21st century in case you have forgotten!