Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wee's Q of the Week

The MP asks, you answer. YB Wee Choo Keong, the new MP for Wangsa Maju, has created a novelty on his blog called Your MP's Question of the Week.

Go to his blog HERE to find out. It's in 3 languages.


  1. Anonymous8:29 pm

    UMNO as a party which claims to uphold the institution of the Malay rulers should show utmost restraint and give the Advisory Council's decision due respect.

    As Dato' Seri Rais Yatim reportedly said recently the appointment of MB is the only real power left with the Sultans.

    If Perlis ADUNS were "statesmen" enough to concur with the Raja's choice, why Terengganu UMNO ADUNS must behave otherwise?

    Leaders come and go (unless Terengganu is so devoid of leaders of calibre who can be the new MB) but the relationship between the rakyat and the Sultan ought not be severed.

    In the past few years it is believed that there have been enormous negative talks on Idris as an MB. If that is so, it is not so much a question of personal differences between him and the palace.

    The Terengganu palace recently issued a statement that it is the wider interest and welfare of the rakyat which are paramount.

  2. WM is quite a melting pot brother, that's why I've added a translation tool to the Wangsa Maju for Malaysia site too (no guaranties for accuracy of translated version though-hehe). Frankly, it's great to have a big bro Rocky watching over us here.

  3. Dear Bro,

    Permission to link.
    Its a new blog just created to extend services to the general population but it remain IMPARTIAL/BERKECUALI.

    Will keep posted ASAP.

    Wassalam and Thank You

  4. Ok. Good question. So what's the answer?

  5. Anonymous10:11 am


    The answer is no more subsidy or help from teh BN government and Airasia must pay back all the subsidies that they have received so far like the RM40 million granted for the FAKS rural flight services for Sabah. It must also pay back the cost of building the LCCT.

    Once this is done the son in law will be f...

    Airasia is a can of worms ok.

  6. Anonymous10:37 am

    Amir you are a dog!

    The answer is simple - merge the two. Like they merged the three plantation companies to create Sime Darby, they should create the two airlines to create Air Asia.

    That was the plan, anyway. That's why Tony Fernabdes had to bring in Kalimullah Hassan as the chairman. Kalimullah is the PM's friend.

    Also they planning to merge Tune Money with bigger companies and create Tunenaseng.
    How did you think ECM-Libra became big so fast? They merged the bootlick company with the much bigger Avenue Asset ma.

    Under Pak Lah, Kali boleh.

    And Tony Fernandek said he didn't used no political cables?


  7. Looks like Wee's question is spilling over to Rocky's blog.

  8. Anonymous2:47 am

    I am sur ethat Kali becomes tak boleh when the new parlaiment sit with 82 Opposition MPs.

    I am sure that the Opposition will not spare the Tony, SIL and Kali.

    Well, Tony has ceramah for Sharizat and I am sure he will be given a seat next election. In the mean time, YB Wee and company please roast him!

  9. Anonymous2:49 am

    Tony Fernadez's Airasisa is a con job ok. Please check their account and you will see the nonsense.

    I hope that YB Wee will knocked TOny and SIL in Parliament and make sure that the stupid PM, who refused to resign after losing 5 states, stop helping Airasia at he expense of MAS.

    Kill Airasia and we will see Tony and SIL crying, if not they will be laughing to the bank!

  10. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Airasia cheats the Malaysians. The stupid PM allow his friend, Kalimullah, and his son-in-law to bleed our nation wealth by helping Airasia.

    We better keep an eye on Tony, Kali and son in law. These are the culprit when you mentioned airasia.