Sunday, March 23, 2008

Apology to Tun Saleh Abas?

Zaid, the new de facto Law Minister. He didn't waste any time to try and deal with the issue that suddenly cropped up on Malaysians' conscience last year - the 1988 Judiciary crisis.
Expressing his view that the government had made a mistake in sacking former Lord President Tun Mohd Salleh Abbas in 1988, he said the interference had brought disrepute to the judiciary, which was hardly restored until today.
"The biggest mistake was to sack Tun Salleh Abbas and suspend several judges. But that was 20 years ago, now we open a new chapter.
"We appologise to those affected... We will repair the damage, change our attitude and our ways," he said.
Mohd Salleh was sacked while five Supreme Court judges were suspended during the judiciary crisis of 1988. - BERNAMA [full story here]
But Saleh Abas' story is not as black-and-white. I met with the man a couple of times some weeks before the general election to assist him with his memoir. He is a man of great honour caught in a web of deceit and lies, and between desperate politicians and corrupt judges.
Dr Mahathir is said to be the man responsible for the Malaysian judiciary's decline. He was the Prime Minister then, the head of the Executive.
But the Malaysian judiciary could not have been brought down without the help of the Judiciary itself. But there were also desperate Judges then who had no qualms about stabbing a friend in his back in order for their own dreams to be fulfilled.

Read Tun Saleh and I which I wrote for the February issue of the Tell magazine.


  1. the teaser has the hallmark of an engaging thriller albeit a bit out of time and thus maybe derelit of the wow effect but shud be pretty exciting still in light of current events

  2. Anonymous12:29 pm

    What this Zaid trying to do?

    Trying to make TDM looks very bad to divert the attention of the people????

    Apology only.... How about RM1billion as compensation for the damages caused?

  3. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Ah, I was right then...this judiciary issue should be timely remembered and highlighted per my earlier comments.

    Who can forget and forgive this historical event?

    As such, Tun M holding hands with Ku Li cannot be seen as compassionate veteran leaders' feeling of restoring back UMNO's dignity. Both have their own motives. No sincerity in my book of conscience.

    My 2 cents thoughts.

  4. Anonymous12:55 pm

    This apology is long overdue, but better late than never.

    Bravo Zaid Ibrahim.

  5. Anonymous12:59 pm

    In my humble opinion, apologies alone are not enough. Those who are still alive, sharp and worthy of holding high office, should be re-instated, well at least be offered something befitting their previous standing and where they would have been now, had they not been sacked.

    Two, Tun Saleh as the original drafter of the Petroleum Act should be allowed a free hand to re-instate the 5% per annum Petroleum Royalty which had been debnied to Terengganu but not to Sabah & Sarawak.

    The people of Terengganu do not want the poorly administered and much-abused Wang Ehsan. They want a transparent, properly administered and accounted for royalty.

    Three, together these eminent legal personalities should help in the clean-up of the judiciary so that there's no more V K lingam tape business.

  6. Anonymous1:16 pm

    I am of the opinion TDM do not hold the moral high ground in whatever he does or say in the present political climate. As the PM then, he was the man singularly responsible for bringing our judiciary into ill-repute and ridicule for his own political survival in the heydays when he was locked in a bitter struggle with Tengku Razaleigh.

    He was the man who who sold his wretched soul to the devil and as a result of his actions or rather inactions, CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM AND CRONYISM becomes the order of the day and part of the inherent culture in this country until this very day.

    The reputation and honour of the judiciary can only be restored by the vindication and restoration of Tun Salleh Abas and the other sacked judges (some posthumously) who were embroiled in the political controversy of the 80s created by TDM.

    For justice as the axiom goes, must not only be done but be seen to be done. The departed soul of the once-honourable judiciary of this country must be laid to rest in peace and the spirit of its integrity and honour set free once again to bring about fresh changes to our country.

  7. Anonymous1:19 pm

    All filth comes from one source - Mahathir 22-year legacy.
    He was the only one who should take responsibility for not only the judiciary decline, but all other areas corruption, ISA, etc...
    The only one useful thing he did was not to allow DSAI to borrow funds from the IMF, otherwise we will still be in the grips of the IMF (Illuminati-linked org.) as Indonesia is still in.

  8. Anonymous1:32 pm








  9. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Serious ah Bro Rocky, now that Zaid is in the cabinet he thinks an apology is sufficient for Tun Salleh? I see this as mere political maneuvering than anything else as the man very prominent in the VK Lingam tape scandal is now the Secretary General of UMNO and BN so if you offer an apology to Tun Salleh but have Tengku Adnan around as one of UMNO's head honchos it does not go far enough to make the judiciary great again. In fact macam lepaskan batuk di tepi tangga sahja, more like nak bantai Tun Mahathir sahja.

    Anak Jawa Johor.

  10. Anonymous1:37 pm

    This is Good.
    The whole nation needs this.
    And sincerely.
    People have just given up on such "puttin things aright" kind of thinkin.
    Yet here we have a fresh and acceptable face tellin us that this will be.
    So i say "Yeah, let it be and keep them comin".

  11. Anonymous1:38 pm

    I believe the apology is still not enough, as the damage done resonates until today. This scar on the judiciary caanot be made to heal until all the perpetrator(s) are brought to justice.

    Lingam, Vincent, the judges and especially the mother of all - Dr Mamak should be re-judged and sentenced (if necessary)for the abuses they have created. These people are still free and powerful.

    Pray - make this happen.

  12. Anonymous1:39 pm

    a tiny, but very important step by Zaid (on behalf of UMNO? the govt?). An admission of wrongdoing by those who were in power. Now let's wait 6 months - sincerely wish him all the best.

  13. I have been faithfully following the events in our great country and dont understand one thing though. Perpetrators of injustice are not being brought into accountability. There seems to be either a lack of understanding of this subject or a fear of implicating greater powers than that of the perpetrators. Injustice was done to Tun Saleh Abas. Sorry is one thing but what about the entire system of events and strategy that was put into place to subvert and interfere with the syetem of justice and the independence of the judiciary? Even the Lingam gate event..... will Linggam get away scott free? Somebody suffered considerably because of gross interference in a 10 m $ libel case. The perpetrator still sits at home sippinh his whisky on the rocks. There seems to be nothing of the sort in our country that seems to require that someone has to pay for their works of inequity. Now why is that?

  14. Anonymous2:05 pm

    Raja berpelembagaan ....RAJA ADIL RAJA DISEMBAH ... RAJA ZALIM RAJA DISANGGAH ... tUN tUAH...

  15. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Apology? Apology?

    You think this will be sufficient?

    Don't you think a full and proper review and accounting for the misdeeds, if any, should be carried out? What of the roles of the politicians in power then?

    No more dubious courts or tribunals. Just a proper investigative and objective panel to determine if there ever was any misdeeds. Full accountability, transparency and integrity. Only then will a person be vindicated, or not. Justice must be seen to be done.

    What about the roles of the others like Haider, who hid the seal and closed off the Court?

    Last I hear, the Haider Commission panel members have now got cold feet especially after the March 8 political tsunami. They are now revising their views to accomodate the changed political situation. They know the people will not accept any more bullshits and they are trying their best now to flow with the wind and be good boys. Else they be in big trouble. Haidar especially.

  16. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Father-in-Law of Scomi MD getting an apology from Pak Lah govt.


    Sandiwara lagi. In fact, Salleh Abas must already be on good terms with Pak Lah cos his SiL and Kamal Abdullah are making tonnes of money together.

  17. Start with Mahathir first...

    Then clear up high profile cases like Altantuya, Lingam, Nurin, etc

    After that, not sure there's enough Menteri to run the government...Hahahaha

    Hey, we've Barisan Rakyat to run it for you...

    Mission accomplished!

  18. Anonymous3:02 pm

    An apology is needed, but never enought to wipe away all the ills of this country. We need ACCOUNTABILITY, and we need it fast.

    All the perpe-"traitors" of injustice, starting from the time of Tun Saleh's inappropriate dismissal to the relevations from the Lingam tape enquiry MUST BE brought to book. This is the only one and honorable way to bring back credibility, respect and dignity to our courts, our judicial system and the our country.

    The indifference we are seeing and the paralysis to take immediate and corrective actions is really disappointing and defeaning.

    If Zaid Ibrahim is serious about his moral vision, we need him to start asking for accountability and penalising the guilty ones, whoever they are, whatever their positions. Then and only then can we exorcise the hantus and restore our country..

  19. Anonymous3:02 pm

    An apology is needed, but never enought to wipe away all the ills of this country. We need ACCOUNTABILITY, and we need it fast.

    All the perpe-"traitors" of injustice, starting from the time of Tun Saleh's inappropriate dismissal to the relevations from the Lingam tape enquiry MUST BE brought to book. This is the only one and honorable way to bring back credibility, respect and dignity to our courts, our judicial system and the our country.

    The indifference we are seeing and the paralysis to take immediate and corrective actions is really disappointing and defeaning.

    If Zaid Ibrahim is serious about his moral vision, we need him to start asking for accountability and penalising the guilty ones, whoever they are, whatever their positions. Then and only then can we exorcise the hantus and restore our country..

  20. And now for the chorus:

    we won't stop until somebody calls the cops
    and even then we'll start again and just pretend that
    nothing ever happened

    we won't stop until somebody calls the cops
    and even then we'll start again and just pretend that
    nothing ever happened

    Juno, yo!

  21. Oh no, not just apology. They have to pay. What about the victims of bad judgements by corrupt judges? There are so many of them you know.

    Oh yes one more thing:
    Desperate politicians and corrupt judges? Isn't it corrupt politicians and judges?

  22. Anonymous3:37 pm

    This is not a time of blaming others; it is a time we want to see a reformation in our judiciary systems. The damages had been done to our country. We are not interested in UMNO's conflict?
    I have a suggestion to you. Instead of apologizing to Tun Salleh, the government should appoint Tun Salleh as a head of a new committee to restore our judiciary system.

  23. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Apology? Fine.

    Now, restore the judiciary. That is paramount.

  24. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Apology? From whom? To Whom? Finish off your boss's one of the many tribunals first. You alone cant be judging who's wrong or right here? Rule of cowboys here, eh pea brain?

    While it was the then TDM's to RECOMMEND what but was sole perogative of the King of Malaysia then to appoint and to discharge any judges. Whatever you may claim about TDM, at least Tun Salleh was dismissed thru proper procedure. Can you say the same?

    A lawyer you say you are?

  25. My problem with this is the timing and the situation Badawi and the UMNO led government finds itself in.

    Zaid was an UMNO MP the last 5 years. He could have but failed to bring this up then. Does not matter if he would have been beaten. I suspect Zaid would have had these sentiments all along that Salleh Abbas had been wronged. Maybe the opportune moment did not present itself.

    Badawi and UMNO need desperately to slow down the Mahathir jaguernaut. If this were the first motion in parliament, it will easily be popular and calculated to get the full house to agree on it. Not that half the UMNO MPs necessarily make sense of all this. But Badawi needs to silence Mahathir.

    This will also receive popular support from the Bar as well as the blogging community. Well, one way to get our sympathy.

    Leaving all that aside, this apology is long overdue. Badawi should not be credited with anything for htis. Obviously he had the benfit of almost 5 years to have done this, but I suppose only now he finds he urgently needs to do this, not to do right, but to save his own hide!

    As for Zaid, why should he care if Badawi is saving his hide. He sees that he is doing the right thing, now that UMNO needs him more than he might need UMNO. To give Zaid the benefit of the doubt I would like to think he may not have been abe to carry this through when he was just another back-bencher.

  26. Anonymous4:06 pm

    looks like when it comes to money and power, all the others, God, religion, laws, judiciary, friendship, country can go into the rubbish bin.

  27. Leaders must know
    Win or lose is part of political game
    When it is over
    They have to go to the ground
    Helping the people once again
    Even they have to work along with the winner

    But as you are aware
    You don’t find one who thinks beyond party line
    These losing leaders will try to make the people suffer
    They cry and despise whenever they can
    “Who ask you to vote the opposition?”

    Time you will proof them wrong
    When a person fights for the people
    When a small step makes a lot of difference
    Like giving alms to a poor guy
    You can see his eyes light up
    Even though the amount is small
    It is the spirit of giving that counts

    Racial base parties
    It will be history as far as I am concerned
    UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP
    And other small parties in the coalition
    The earlier these leaders realize it
    The better for them as leaders of these parties

    I wish you a better day ahead
    Let the light guide you too
    For a small part you do
    You help many to understand

  28. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Wow , what's the story between the PM and Tun Salleh. Is that why Tun Salleh decline to be nominated in the 2004 election. I hope he is a man of integ. rity. I hope he can clarify his relationship with PM in his memoir. Remember it's not one fault to be related to someone else. Honesty and truthfullness that matters. No hanky panky. May Allah guide Tun to do the right thing. AMIN.

  29. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Well, Zaid since you think it is necessary to apologise to Tun Salleh please consider also about apologising to:

    1. Anwar Ibrahim.
    2. The Late MGG Pillai and his family.
    3. Mrs Boonsom Boonyamit who lost her land in Penang to a gentleman who sold her property by falsifying her signature. (Read Adorna properties v. Boonsom Boonyamit)

    Thank You.

    Anak Jawa Johor.

  30. Anonymous5:09 pm


    Cukuplah janganlah nak salah kan semua ke atas Tun M. U have to admitt lah if a Leader who can last for 22 yrs , do u think he can did it all ALONE kah , its TEAMWORK lah and we (RAKYAT), were not suffering then as it is now.

    Think again lah why he managed to sustained as a CEO that long if the stake holders (we the RAKYAT) were not happy with the results . Only a couple of Board Directors (Cabinet Ministers ) and competitors (his enemies) were not happy .Now compare that to the current CEO (PL), not even a few years the company already heading for trouble and is sinking fast with all typhoons are on its way . Buka lah MATA dan TELINGA lah bang. Look around the world what is happening to the world economy now. The current CEO has NO direction & don’t give a dam about the company’s fate at all.

    The stake holders (RAKYAT) need a new very capable CEO & Board Directors (Cabinets) now. We don’t want to look back and harping on old issues , it wont do the company any good . The worst is yet to come, believe me. The world economy analyst predict this will be far worst than THE GREAT DEPRESSION in 1920s. I think the CHAIRMAN ( Yang Dipetuan Agung) is a very wise man . The stake holder (RAKYAT) desperately need your intervention and appoint a very capable CEO now before its too late & all the signs are on the wall already. There wont be anything else left to fight for ,PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zaid, Just when we thought u were not like those other bootlicking UMNO LAWYER BUROKS, u re turning to one now. So , DROP ALL these shits now & look forward & start cleaning up all those dirty laundries in our legal system , that’s if u ve the balls, LOL. So JANGAN NAK JADI PENYAPU BARUK LAH . STAY FOCUS.

    Tun Salleh has been well compensated lah with all those big fat SCOMI’s contracts or unless those 4th floor KJ goons have got in to u. Then we are all back to square one, May God Save Us.

    Rats Tracker

  31. Anonymous5:11 pm

    'sejentik ikan dilaut sudah kenal yang mana jantan dan yang mana mana betina' Zaid.

    Timing salah Z! sekarang bukan masanya but K.I.V agenda

  32. Anonymous5:25 pm

    oldman tun must be regretting big time for retiring early. well, he deserves it, isnt it. what goes round will come around, tun mahatir.
    your demolition of the august institutions are legendary. now, they are back to haunt you. please stay healthy to see whats unfolding, tun.

  33. Anonymous5:32 pm

    I do hope ZAid is sincere. It is not ony the judicary that was affected by the DrM's addminstration..almost everything. The OSA, ISA abuse of the DEB, marginalizartion of non Malays and Non muslims raping of the Constitution to suit the name a few. What appology? How can Tun Salleh Abas be compensiated with that for all that he went through??? Government or Dr.M has to do that I wonder. And who will have the guts to question the mighty man Dr.M and make his responsible for the present mess in the BN? Yes it all roots down to the 22 years of iron grip teaching his chronies and obidient politicians to follow and rape the country of democracy and freedom. Now he is like 'ketam menyuruh anaknya berjalan dengan betul!'

  34. Anonymous6:51 pm

    you think the UMNO flers will let him has his way. even when the tape came up..AAB was dilly dally with his own committtee.

    All said ...Zaid is saying it for shyiok sendiri. In UMNO his hands are tied.

  35. Rocky,

    I do not see any condemnation in you posting on Zaid and his proposal! The way I see it he (Zaid)should have just let a sleeping dog lies instead of waking one up and I do not see you coming to TDM rescue either, in fact I do not see all of you TDM supporters condemning Zaid.

  36. Anonymous7:57 pm

    It amazes me that we talk about a mortal lord president as almost infallible, or even "maksum"! With due respect to the then lord president Tun Mohd Salleh Abbas, I got sick to the bone that we forgot that he is a mere mortal like the rest of us and as mortal he too could make mistakes, could he not? I always believe that there are two sides to the coin... and we have heard enough one side of the coin in all these years... come on lah, the problems we have with this & past administrations are beyond the lord presidents... its about corruption, greed, etc. not because one lord president happened to get fired (or is he/the position above the firing line?).

  37. History has recorded
    Over 2 decades ago
    Why now to apologize?
    Tun Salleh had gone over it

    Maybe he still feels bitter
    About his life in the Judiciary
    As Lord President then
    Got sacked gone down in shame

    Water has meandered along the streams
    Taking with it the hello and goodbye
    Of events shaking down the judges spine
    Now the BN government wants to say sorry

    Is it to shake its public image?
    Badly bruised lately trying to get breathing space
    Or else why come out to say
    What is there to temper justice now?

    The only person is Dr M
    If he knows he has made mistakes
    In his premiership 22 years ago
    Of what was then what is now

    My friends
    UMNO and BN
    The parties will be swept away
    When the next twister comes again

    UMNO and BN
    Just wants breathing space
    Cooking up something hot
    Knowing people will catch it on

    Let the work begins
    Govern it with fairness to the people
    They are the ones who make you there
    Don’t twist around say otherwise

  38. Anonymous8:46 pm

    yoo zaid.. pig flies ehh..
    nothing more than a political clown ..its written on your forehead"GET TUN" .. anyway this the guy whos company doing the legal stuff for WPI?.. manyak masyuk...

  39. Anonymous9:07 pm

    what is there to rescue? tun has abused and turn every institution into his own and we are now suffering from it. imagine having a lawyer writing decisions for the judges. goodness, what else is happening in the dark corners of the judiciary.
    no, if history is to be rewritten to ensure that future generation does not suffer such injustices again, then it must be done. and those that suffered injustices under his bloodied hands must be given back their pride and dues.

  40. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Talk is cheap.

    Zaid should know that by now.

    Is this Zaid's personal view or does he have the backing of the PM and the Cabinet for his statement?

    Will he move a motion in Parliament for an apology to Tun Saleh Abas and the other judges who were sacked?

    Is the PM willing to ask HRH The Agong to agree to the setting up of another Royal Commission to look into the judicial crisis that culminated in the sacking of Tun Saleh Abas and some of his fellow judges?

    Will TDM be called to testify?

  41. Anonymous10:22 pm

    yes what this zaid trying to do?
    he's playing to the gallery.
    tun salleh abbas had breached the constitution and he deserved to be sacked!! this judges who supposed not to play politics were playing politics during the Mahathir era. its was proven further by his behaviour when he joined pkr and contested in the general election after he was sacked. what right zaid has to apologise on mahathir's behalf? he must remember he's in bodowi's era!!! let mahathir apologise if mahathir feels what he did to salleh was wrong!! but i doubt mahathir will apologise because he knows salleh was in the wrong!! so mr zaid!!! you must be sincere dont play politics just to please the people!! and you must question the courts if you feel the courts have erred!!! you are a lawyer and you know what happens to people who are in contempt of court!!


  42. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Anak Jawa Johor miss out another person:

    Wee Choo Keong

    I think an apology will hardly suffice to the victims who have endured much suffering and damages.

    Can Zaid travel through time to undo all the wrongs ?

    And who will shoulder all the monetary burden due to poor judgements? People's money again ?

  43. Wah Caravan 2 poems today ah... Sunday some more,

    You must be on a roll today.. Hahahaha....

    Oh on Zaid say sorry to TUN Salleh..

    My view : "Okay......"

  44. Anonymous2:40 am

    Zaid didn't waste time to defend the Sleepy Head by thinking of enacting an Anti-Hoping Law.

    He should be talking about setting up a Royal Commission to look into the hanky panky in the judiciary.

    We all know that wuite a number of those judges are corrupted and yet Zaqid is not talking about getting rid of these corrupted judges.

    You trust Zaid Ibrahim but I don't. He will move with the wind and position. Now that he has got the minister post - just wait and see him playing his usual game. After that the bloggers will only be disappointed.

  45. Anonymous4:20 am

    Tun Dr Mahathir, say somethinglah, you fuck the judiciary and now diam-diam buat baik konon, pariah.

  46. Anonymous7:14 am

    Salleh Abas and his cohorts also have to apologise to the Malaysian people for their so-called "development justice" when they were in high offices. They subverted the clear words of the Constitution to keep that twisting mamak TDM happy. No need for an apology to him if he is not willing to come clean.

  47. Anonymous8:47 am

    I hope Zaid Ibrahim is reading.

    If he is reading, I ask him: What basis is he apologising? Based on allegation only? Based on so-called victim's version?

    Just because Bar Council think so? Pleaseee ... they can't even get quorums for their meetings!

    Zaid should set up a proper enquiry and get ALL the papers and documents released for experts to examine and then a proper open enquiry held.

    How can he simply apologise without first deciding what actually was wrong with the process?

    The way I understand it there was justifiable cause for the judicial enquiry (if that is the correct term) on Salleh Abas.

    Insider source was saying there was, NOT one letter BUT, two letters sent by Salleh Abbas to the Agong.

    If the letter sent by Salleh to the Agong that brought the wrath of the Agong is not brought forward, then it is also a traversty to justice.

    With Salleh Abas temporarily suspended before waiting to face the judicial review, PM Mahathir would naturally rely on the next in command to initiate the formation of the judicial review. The person is Tun Hamid.

    The self appointment of Hamid himself on the member of the Judicial Review had brought some eye brow for it is ground for conflict of interest.

    Then there was the disappearing of the court seal for the lawyers to register their complaint.

    It was alleged that the whole issue began from the case of UMNO sued in court by 11 of its members. So there is a political dimension to it. Making this move is not likely not to have its own political dimension.

    In the case, Zaid Ibrahim was a lawyer for UMNO, if my memory does not fail me. Zaid was then still a two bit lawyer based in Kg Baru, KL. He was later handsomely rewarded with the PLUS legal works for the acknowledgement of his work in the case.

    The mastermind behind the lawsuit was Radzi Sheikh Ahmad, a Musa Hitam man who recently becasme the former UMNO Sec Gen and was a former S46 member.

    In the first place, is there a basis to claim it stem from the UMNO case itself?

    It is not simple Zaid. And you, Dato Zaid Ibrahim, are personally a party and not really independent in this case. May I say benefit from it too.

    Before you jump on it, remember that the credibility of Government is at stake. With an apology, there are other consequences. Lots of it ...

    Welcome to political office, where everything is not black or white, right or wrong, guilty or innocent, ...

  48. Anonymous9:31 am

    Mahathir is so funny. I just noticed he sacks EVERYBODY! Ha ha ha. Damn hebat la the dude!

  49. One more thing Zaid. It is more urgent that you push the government to release the Hindraf 5as well as other Kamunting inmates before apologies are said to Tun salleh Abbas. I am sure he would not mind waiting a little longer for it. But to deny liberty to those in Kamunating because Badawi is on a flight of fantasy is uncalled for, cruel and sinful!

  50. Anonymous10:54 am

    Now that Zaid has said he will suggest that an apology be made to Tun Salleh and the people,he should fast forward to another recent case which is the Hindraf 5 detainees and ensure that they are released.
    The Malaysian population has already made known their displeasure over these two issues above and many more and since he is thinking in the right direction, he should not waste time and do something NOW to ensure that this displease does not SWELL UP FURTHER.
    Speedy gonzales.

  51. Zaid sikalang tarak bole chimply mintak maaf.

    Bukti itu salah dahulu.

    Ini mahu kasi malu mahathir saja lah.

    Kasi lah mahathir cakap dulu.

    Itu dalam mahkamah ada ciakap ... innocent until proven guilty.

    Tanya salleh abbas, misti kata tarak betul.

    Tanya jemaah mabuk (bar council), misti kata salah. Jemaah mabuk otak selalu tak siuman.

    Orang islam mahu sunat anak pun jemaah mabuk kata salah... melanggar hak anak untuk simpan kulup lancau.

    Jangan main2 tuduh sibarang ...

    Kalau ada orang kata ada surat OSA tak boleh tunjuk, itu tarak adil lo ....

  52. Anonymous11:59 am

    Lim Kit Siang raised the issue of introducing laws to prevent the defection of MPs and state assemblymen back in March 1978.

    To read his parliamentary speech about it, go to:

    It is interesting how his call was ignored, whereas Zaid Ibrahim is lauded for expressing the need to introduce such laws now, a solid 30 years after it was brought up by a senior member of the Opposition.

    Incredible? You bet it is.

  53. Anonymous1:27 pm

    husin....oi...husin, bila nak buat fitnah...ingatkah cuc-cicit dulu, ini mcmkah tauladan yg nak tunjukkan ka...!!

    kalau hang suka sangat tu kulit lancau..... buat ape nak salahkan jemaag mabokl tu, aku pun boleh tolong carikan utk mu....nak tolong suapkan ka mulutmu pun boleh juga, tapi tolong janganlah buat fitnah ..... Allah paling benci tu bangsat yg buat fitnah...okie !!

    Jangan main2 tuduh sibarang ...nanti lancau pun hilang....!!

    Dah .....sudah sampai makan ubat....lepas tu pegi tidor.....!!!

  54. Anonymous2:35 pm

    I agree with mu fan that someone told me that zaid was the lawyer on umno side prosecuting the five judges. Someone please research this before z gets away with murder. If it is true, what a hypocrite!

  55. Anonymous2:37 pm

    I agree with "mu fan without clp" that someone told me that zaid was the lawyer on umno side prosecuting the five judges. Someone please research this before z gets away with murder. If it is true, what a hypocrite!

  56. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Adakah ianya tanggungjawab pentadbiran Abdullah Badawi untuk memohon maaf kepada Tun Salleh Abas?

    Tidak sama sekali. Wakil-wakil dari pentadbiran lepas yang terlibat dalam penganiayaan dan pemecatan Tun Salleh Abas serta hakim-hakim yang lain yang seharusnya meminta maaf.

    Menurut Param Cumaraswamy, bekas pelapor/penasihat khas kepada PBB (United Nations) untuk kehakiman dan peguaman, pihak yang harus disiasat berkenaan krisis kehakiman tahun 1988 tersebut adalah Tun Dr. Mahathir, Hamid Omar dan Abu Talib Othman. (Sila rujuk Malaysiakini:

    Malah, Karpal Singh (dari DAP) juga berkata bahawa kenyataan Zaid Ibrahim tidak tepat. Beliau berkata individu yang harus meminta maaf kepada Tun Salleh Abas adalah Tun Dr. Mahathir, bukan sesiapa dari pentadbiran Abdullah Badawi (sila rujuk New Straits Times:

  57. Anonymous8:13 am

    TDM: "I don't remember having done such a thing." Selective memory loss, end of story!

    Better a late apology than never. PakLah can apologise for other things he did during his 1st tenure, like the nude-squat-gate, PKFZ-gate, constitution amendment for 1 man's sake, etc. etc. (too many to list down)

  58. Anonymous1:56 pm


  59. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Dr M speaks up on MB issue


    A concerned Malaysian has expressed his worry over the role being played by Sultans in the appointment of the Mentri Besar.

    His Royal Highnesses have clearly refused to take the advice of the chief minister, that is the Prime Minister. Instead, they have chosen on their own a member of the state legislature to head the Government.

    We hear a lot of opinions on the propriety of the action by the Sultan. Some say he has the right to do this while others point out that as a constitutional ruler he could not do this.

    The Constitution says that the Ruler or Head of State must choose the elected member who enjoys the support of the majority of members in the legislative body to be the Prime Minister or the Mentri Besar. Subject to this provision, it is the Ruler who chooses and appoints the Prime Minister or Mentri Besar.

    The Prime Minister, as Prime Minister has no role in the choice of the State Mentri Besar or Ketua Mentri. His naming of a candidate who should be the Mentri Besar is purely a party matter. Obviously if the state is captured by the Opposition party he cannot name the candidate.

    However, if the Ruler chooses someone who does not enjoy majority support that person could be deposed at a sitting of the legislative body through a vote of “no confidence”.

    After that another member can be appointed by the Ruler to take his place. But if for some reason there is no other candidate or the candidate with majority support is considered unsuitable by the Ruler, a new Government cannot be formed. The Ruler may then dissolve the legislative body and a new election may be held.

    This new election may lead to the same impasse. The Ruler may not like the member with majority support.

    However, it should be noted that this kind of thing never happened during the premiership of the four previous Prime Ministers. Concerned Malaysians should wonder why.

    Is it just that the particular Ruler is being difficult, unwilling to accept the principles of democracy, wanting to return to feudalism and the absolute authority of the monarch?

    I do not think so. There must be a reason why the Ruler refuses to accept the candidate named by the party. But the Ruler chooses not to reveal the reasons and indulge in public debates. He merely expresses his displeasure by refusing to do what normally the Rulers would do.

    Concerned Malaysians must ask what has the particular candidate done which is so wrong that it incurs the displeasure of the Ruler.

    There is a lot of talk in the town. Terengganu is blessed with petroleum deposits. It should get 5% of the total earnings from oil production. The Federal Government, fearing the previous PAS Government might use this money wrongly, had withheld payment.

    But when the Barisan Nasional regained Terengganu, the money, now called “Wang Ehsan”, was lavishly spent by the Federal Government on Terengganu. It is not a small sum. Over these years “Wang Ehsan” totalled several billions.

    We know that since the Barisan Nasional regained Terengganu in 2004 all kinds of projects have been developed in Terengganu. This includes The Monsoon Cup, luxury housing for sale to foreigners, Crystal Mosque and theme park, university etc. Some of these projects are very good but many are totally unnecessary and wasteful.

    But what the Terengganu people are saying is that all these mega projects costing billions of Ringgit have been contracted out to people outside Terengganu. Terengganu contractors got practically nothing.

    But additionally they say the contracts all went to one person and they are suspicious that behind this person are members of the first family. The rumours also say that the previous Mentris Besar were responsible for these things happening and of course they think that he might have benefited financially. The rumours went on to say that the Prime Minister might have influenced the Mentri Besar into doing wrong things.

    These are all rumours. It will be quite impossible to prove anything as the perpetrators are skilled in hiding themselves.

    This is not good for a Government keen to abolish corruption and be transparent. To clear its name an investigation should be made.

    But the public is leery of investigations by government agencies and departments. Even Royal Commissions are not highly regarded. The people believe, not true of course, that the Government has been interfering with the work of the Anti-Corruption Agency, the Police and the Attorney-General’s Chambers. The say this is borne out by the results of investigations by these agencies.

    When a Deputy Minister was accused of accepting money for the release of a detainee, the Attorney-General said there was no case because the detainee said he did not give any money to the Deputy Minister. It is so easy. If you have a case involving someone, all the enforcement agencies need to do is to ask him whether he was involved. If he says “no” then there is no case.

    For some reason judges are finding that people accused of murder are not guilty because of insufficient evidence by the police. Yet people who are totally not involved in a case, who were not accused of any misdeeds and who did not appear in court at all and been given a hearing, are found guilty and publicly condemned.

    The public cannot be blamed for not having faith in government agencies conducting investigations. The public cannot be blamed for suspecting cover-ups by the Government or, worse still, that the Government may be using these enforcement agencies to threaten people.

    To clear its good name, the Government should get credible foreign agencies to conduct the investigations. Of course they must be given full access to the documents etc.

    Now my detractors are going to say I did worse things when I was Prime Minister. Well if that is so let us have the foreign agencies investigate me also. I am aware that people are looking into possible misdeeds by me during my 22 years so as to threaten me and ask me to shut up. So far they have not found anything.

    Not only have I not taken anything that was not due to me while I was Prime Minister but I have given back to the Government and the people everything that I had received as gifts during my tenure. The Government had offered me land in Kedah and Langkawi and I had refused to accept. I have a five-acre piece of land in Putrajaya which I paid for even though the Government was offering it to me free.

    Unless there is a frame-up I think there should be nothing to pin on me. Even other accusations against me including the dismissal of judges were not my doing and I do not feel obliged to apologise. Ask the Tribunal to apologise.

    The person asking that the Government should apologise for what happened to Tun Salleh Abbas may have forgotten that as President of the Muslim Lawyers Association, he fully supported the action that was taken. He castigated the Bar Council for condemning Tun Hamid Omar over the dismissal of judges. Now he wants to be more correct than correct. I wonder why.


  60. Anonymous12:59 pm

    it's very interesting that zaid didn't make any protest initially when the chief justice was sacked and according to lawyer friends did not even go the extraordinary general meetings of the bar council at that time to show his support. one wonders why when it was obvious that an injustice was being committed.

    tun salleh abas deserves an apology particularly from dr. m who did plenty to screw up justice in this country ...