Friday, March 14, 2008

Shahidan: "Pak Lah Chose Me"

Northern trouble.
AAB wants Shahidan Kasim to be Perlis MB [Letter handed to Shahidan, says PM].
The Sultan had other ideas [Raja Perlis appoints Isa Sabu as MB]. "
But Pak Lah chose me," Shahidan said, as reported in the Star here, and no one should go against Pak Lah's decision, he added.

To add to Abdullah's problems, Shahidan said Azmi Khalid and Radzhi Sheikh Ahmad could be the culprits behind the Raja's decision to appoint Isa.

Pak Lah has asked Hishammuddin Hussein to deal with Mukhriz Mahathir for asking the PM to resign [here]. Now he'll need to someone to deal with Azmi, Sheikh and the Raja Perlis.


  1. Anonymous9:16 pm

    What will happen if the majority of State reps object to Isa as MB? Siapa malu? If in doubt who command majotity then consult the right personlah. We don't need constitutional crisis now.

    Only now we seeing united malaysia, like chines Indian supporting PAS and Malays supporting DAP. Isn't it nice? So why unnecessary issues.

  2. Anonymous9:23 pm

    In others, he is still letting others to do things on his behalf?

  3. Anonymous9:23 pm

    OH dear, oh dear.
    So many fires to put out. When will this country get back to work?

    Seriously, I'm getting to be more and more concerned. The protest at komtar today is worrying. I ask the organisers: What for? Suasana sudah keruh nak dikeruhkan lagi? Think of our children.

  4. Anonymous9:30 pm

    This shows that Pak Lah is not wanted, even Raja Perlis ignored him. Why should Pak Lah be afraid of Shahidan, who's the PM here. Do not underestimate the people's power, Pak Lah messed with the rakyat, he get hammered hard

  5. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Asyik suruh orang lain deal dengan masalah, bila pula dia menjalankan tugasnya sebagai PM untuk menangani masalah yang timbul? itupun gara2 empunya diri..... It simply show who is the idiot..., no one respect The Pm anymore.

  6. Anonymous9:46 pm

    A dead man walking, you can spot one by knowing him losing his influences.

    Mukhriz is waiting at the other end, while Najib is happily waiting in anticipation the right moment.

    Pak lah....all the best. Take care of Jeanne as well.

  7. Shahidan looked so sad and dissapointed, it looks as if he almost wanted to cry.

    'someone bully me!'

  8. Anonymous10:11 pm

    THE SLEEPY HEAD has lost control. Now he is asking the kerisman to take care of Mukriz. Why can't he do it? is he not the President. At least Mukriz got balls.

    Looking at the last few is evidently clear that AAB has lost his way. JUST GO LAH... PAK LAH

  9. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Pak Rocky,
    Tiba-tiba saya teringat analogi orang kampong mengenai UMNO:

    UMNO itu Timun Cina (Panggilan orang kelantan /Pantai Timur untuk timbikai (watermelon))
    Sultan dan Agung adalah topi keledar PELINDUNG
    Teringat-ingat Iklan Majelis Keselamatan Jalan Raya Malaysia, di tv beberapa ketika dulu, mengenai bahayanya menunggang motorsikal tanpa memakai topi keledar.
    Bayangkan Sebiji Tembikai jatuh dari suatu tempat yang tinggi tanpa topi keledar!

  10. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Let's see what Hisham is made of, if its true that Pak Lah has asked Hisham to ask Mukriz to resign then we also know who is going to retire forcefully with Pak Lah.

    Where is Najib in all this, the UMNO grass roots are restless, the rakyat has spoken, are you and Hisham blind to the fact. UMNO and BN is on the brink of extinction can't you see that. Najib,you are the Deputy prime minister for god's sake you are no more the Head of Umno youth where you can seat on the fence and decide at the last minute who to support.

    Mukriz has paved the way the way to a UNITED and STRONGER UMNO, he must have thought long and hard on the pepercussion of his letter to Pak Lah and I do not think he will resign from UMNO, he will rather be sacked and if that happens, Najib, you and your cousin Hisham if you are still around for the next election will be sitting as opposition MP after PRU 13 and kiss your dream of being PM goodbye.

    So Najib,Hisham and the rest of UMNO MT please do the right thing and ponder on this "What's the use of staying in political power if one cannot effectively use it for the benefit of the rakyat,religion and the nation?"

    Anak Jawa Johor

  11. That is funny. Badawi asking Kerismuddin to deal with Mukhriz!!! Should not, Kerismuddin be the first, along side Samy, Kayveas, Koh Tsu Khoon and Ong Ka Ting to resign? Guess how many votes were lost because when they laid the ballot paper on the table and picked up the pencil, it appeared to them like as if they were picking up a keris!!?

  12. Anonymous10:23 pm

    When you are weak, you are weak. When you got to go, you got to go. Nobody can shore you up, Dollah.

  13. Sure Pak Lah Chose you. Just get on with it Shahidan and don't be a whiner. After all alls fair in politics isn't it? Now its just someone else who wants a his hand in the cookie jar. You've had it for two terms. And this new guy knows he only has one term to make it for himself. He knows in another 5 years even Perlis will fall. And then it will be too late. So give chace la. Why else do you think Terengganu is also having teething problems appointing MB!

    Well, whatever you are, as long as you are a BN MP or ADUN you know you got just one chance in hell to finish off the country once and for all.

  14. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Enough is enough!! Come on Shahidan..your time is over..

  15. Be4 the tsunami, I was wondering aloud if we shoulda just let Pak become Emperor Lah.. seems I wasn't THAT wrong so far as amno is concerned...

    BUT can somebody pl just tell Shah & shah-minded amnonites the tides have turned and yeah...

    the last we looked, the Sultan - yeah party pooper ain't it? - is still very much the Ruler?

  16. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Tomorrow UTUSAN healine....


  17. Anonymous11:29 pm

    So much for being respectful to the Sultan of Perlis.

    Doesn't matter who he chose, he CHOSED.

    If Shahidan claimed that he deserved it, then... does that mean that AAB is more powerful than Sultan?

  18. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Wah, Radzi & Azmi sooooo powerful ah??? Bloggers do your job. Find out their history!Beside Normala, I mean....

  19. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Hi bro,

    Shahidan said he was still Mentri Besar for another 120 days. Cool eh?
    MB for 120 days? That's a great title for a song or movie

  20. Mungkin negeri perlis juga sesuai untuk diadakan "Sistem Demokrasi Bersultan"

  21. Anonymous12:09 am

    Dear Brother Rockybru,

    The time has come for us to show our support for our Royal Rulers, "The Holders of Public Conscience". The time has come for people power to show to one and all that our Royal Rulers have our support especially when they come under scrutiny like what's is happening in Perlis. Only the Royal Rulers can help us should our politicians misbehave.
    So for starters, I am sure you esteemed bloggers can encourage and get all Malaysians to wear YELLOW every Saturday. As a Malaysian working in Bangkok, it is with pride that I wear a yellow T-Shirt every Monday, to signify the birth day of the King, and join the millions of Thais who wear yellow every Monday. Let's get started and show everyone that our Royal Rulers have the full support of the people.

  22. Anonymous12:23 am


    what about the peple who hung up the banners, who's goign to deal with htem, AND what aboutthe milions of people who want him to step down....who's going to handle US????

  23. Anonymous1:31 am

    LOL...lawak la sgt AAB nie...nape dia tak antar org utk fired Agong? Pastu blh lantik diri sendiri as the King...

  24. Anonymous5:35 am

    Rakyat Trengganu berharap Pak Lah akur dengan keputusan SPB Agong/ Sultan Trengganu berhubung MB Trg. Kehendak rakyat Trg untuk dapat pimpinan baru perlu diutamakan.

  25. Interestingly mainstream media, especially The Star made no coverage over the tussle for the MB of Perlis.
    There was incessant highlight on the so called situation in Perak and the very-obvious BN sponsored kacau in Penang

  26. Help me to understand the mentality of some people here. When DAP voiced their opposition to PAS being the MB in Perak, Kit Siang is labeled as Kurang Ajar.

    When Shahidan cries about being sidelined, no such labeling. I would have thought that since the Sultan of Perlis has already made the decision and announced it, that would have been accepted as that is the prerogative of the Sultan notwithstanding that AAB had advised the Sultan to install Shahidan.

  27. Anonymous7:37 am

    Pak are in trouble!

    Now, even the rulers are openly defying you. No point scrambling and getting the AG to check on the Constitution...just take the hint and GO. You still have not solved the other ruler's objections for MB in the east coast yet.

    Pak should have stuck to your guns when the Perlis ex-MB was exposed on his amorous activities just before the nomination of candidates and insist on him resigning. Instead, you listened to your 'advisers' and insisted on him staying. Another boo-boo by your boo-boo boys. your heart out!

  28. Maybe Pak Lah's UMNO will discipline Mukhriz, Azmi and Radzi together with all the Perlis State Assembly men who supported Mt Isa as the Perlis MB... whoaa what an impact to BN...but, will we see this happenning?


  29. Anonymous9:20 am

    The Sultan should stick to his own choice and not let Shahidan be MB.
    Shahidan full of misdeeds and evil involving raping a minor - who knows what else he capable of doing later.
    Get him out of Perlis!!!

  30. Anonymous9:27 am

    Sadly, I think Mukhriz is in trouble. On the surface it seems like Pemuda is distancing itself from him.

    BTW Rocky, the ruler of Perlis is termed Raja Perlis and not Sultan.

  31. The little state up North
    The drama never stops

    The sleeping beauty says
    Shahidan the man for the state
    The Raja of Perlis picked his choice
    When the state assemblymen disagreed
    The man the sleeping beauty picked

    The supporters gathered at his house
    Waiting for Shahidan to say something
    When there is no respect to the Raja
    What UMNO stands now?

    It is perfectly within the Raja of Perlis rights
    To pick his choice amongst the group of assemblymen
    Under section 39(2) of the state constitution
    The Raja of Perlis knows his rights

    The BN and UMNO craic
    When it was over there is the headache
    Of what they did and continue to pull wool over eyes
    It’s time the Barisan Rakyat buried them

    The drama has gone on too long
    Over 50 years benefiting the BNputras
    Only the crumbs for the others
    Now we see the cracks appear
    On the shield of Be End

    The writing is on the wall
    The message is clear and concise
    Clean your act and make it one party system
    If BN wants to stay relevant

  32. Anonymous9:53 am

    Alhamdulillah, akhir tumbang juga Menteri Besar Wahhabi di Perlis.

    Cukup2lah Shahidan buat lawak bodo!

    Mat Nor Segambut

  33. Anonymous10:05 am

    Hazlin Hassan of the Spore Straits Times filed a report in the paper, Mar 15, which gave background info on what's happening in Perlis.

    According to her, the Perlis Sultan's younger brother, Datuk Seri Syed Razlan Jamalullail, "has also been linked to the MB's post".

    She noted that "both Datuk Seri Shahidan and Datuk Seri Syed Razlan's names were proposed amid talk that a deal had been struck for a mid-term change in the state leadership. Instead, Datuk Seri Syed Razlan was removed from the Arau parliamentary seat, and Datuk Seri Shahidan replaced him with his own brother Datuk Ismail Kassim. The Perlis prince was demoted to a state seat, a move which may also not have earned the former MB any points with the palace."

    The report also said that "there is widespread talk that the former MB (of Terengganu) Idris Jusoh may be dropped because he has apparently fallen out of favour with the Sultan for being disrespectful."

    So the BN has a crisis brewing in both Perlis and Terengganu. Both states have not as yet sworn in their Menteris Besar.

  34. Anonymous10:50 am

    Poor Pak Lah, the sharks are circling him now. The Opposition is the least of his problems now. He said during a TV interview yesterday that the BN's election disaster was due to infighting over the selection of candidates. This answer not only betrays his own incompetency but also his continued state of denial. His was the final decision in the choice of candidates and if it is the wrong decision, he has to take responsibility. And he conveniently used the infighting as the excuse because of all the squabbles surfacing after the election is over. The mess is a clear sign he has lost control. If he cannot see this, he has no business running this country.

  35. Anonymous11:08 am

    Another TWO politicians showing disrespect to royalty. How arrogant. AAB and Shahidan should remember that they can only propose, not decide.

    DYMM Raja Perlis should have the right to choose someone he finds suitable for HIS state.

    Let's see if they even apologise to DYMM for this kurang ajar-ness.

  36. The Perak MB issue pales when compared to this. BN won Perlis with a clearcut mandate, and yet within UMNO themselves are not able to come to a consensus. Small state but huge problems!

    Idris Jusoh in Trengganu does'nt look safe either.

  37. Anonymous12:10 pm

    What does Shahidan have over Pak Lah that he keeps choosing him despite his overwhelming unpopularity?
    Doesn't it make you wonder. What skeleton does Pak Lah have in his closet?

  38. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Drama pak pandir betoi la Malaysia ni. Lepaih satu..satu. Orang ingat lepaih drama kat Perak, ada la pengajaran sikit. Ini tidak…dok tak sedaq diri lagi. Oi Pak Cik Shahidan di bumi Perlis sana…bila Raja dah titah..hang jawab “titah dijunjung tuanku”. Ada paham? Awat yang pakat dok biadap sangat ni?

    Cuba baca sikit dan selami perlembagaan. PM rekomen, RE-KO-MEN (bukan maklum) pada Agong/Raja calon-calon yang berkenaan dan tuanku-tuanku akan buat keputusan. Patutnya dah jadi MB berapa tahun kot paham la sikit undang-undang/adat. Ni la bila dah jadi gila kuasa, hilang segala pertimbangan, hilang adab, hilang hormat pada Raja. Kami tak mau la pemimpin macam ni.

    Lagi satu, yang kat penang nak tahan segala projek mega apasai? Kepentingan rakyat la…hampa paham tak kepentingan rakyat? Saya orang Penang, klu hampa tahan projek2 mega terutama jambatan nombor dua…memang saya naik hantu kot.

    Pelan hari lepaih seminggu pilihanraya saya pakat dok naik angin tengok kerenah segala labu labi ni, baik BN atau BR/BA/whatever...Seminggu dok tahan emosi hari ni letup gak…

    Dah! saya nak pi urut….Labu labi ni semua punya pasal saya kena keluaq duit nak bagi hilang angin dalam badan….Ada ka patut?

    - Anak Malaysia -

  39. When the state have 2 MB...
    should be intresting.

  40. Anonymous5:58 pm

    mane bleh lwn kata RAJA..patuh je la kalau RAJA dah lantik tu..nie nak lwn kata RAJA...nampaknya paklah lebih hebat dr RAJA...

    bising2 di PERAK..tapi nampak gaya sama saje di PERLIS

  41. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Shahidan and Idris - both orang KJ la.. Apart from Perlis and Ganu, Sultan Johor also rejected AAB's choice in Khaled Nordin. That's why Ghani retains his MBship. Sultan Pahang pulak bila dengar KJ nak masuk FAM, baginda tak jadi resign.

  42. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Looks like Pak Lah is fast losing the support and command from all parties. If I read correctly the situation in Perlis and Trengaanu, both the Raja of Perlis and Sultan of Trengganu wants a new Menteri Besar. HRH do not agree with Pak Lah's candidate. And they are going against the choice of HRH. Look, who's Biadap here! Pak Lah may be left with no choice but to tender his resignation.

    As for Mukriz, will Hisham suspend him or expel him from UMNO? Will he dare to take any action against the son of TDM ? Hisham political rise was due to TDM who brought him to take over UMNO Youth after Anwar debacle of using the previous UMNO Youth leader to hantam TDM in the UMNO GA.

  43. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Looks like Pak Lah is fast losing the support and command from all parties. If I read correctly the situation in Perlis and Trengaanu, both the Raja of Perlis and Sultan of Trengganu wants a new Menteri Besar. HRH do not agree with Pak Lah's candidate. And they are going against the choice of HRH. Look, who's Biadap here! Pak Lah may be left with no choice but to tender his resignation.

    As for Mukriz, will Hisham suspend him or expel him from UMNO? Will he dare to take any action against the son of TDM ? Hisham political rise was due to TDM who brought him to take over UMNO Youth after Anwar debacle of using the previous UMNO Youth leader to hantam TDM in the UMNO GA.

  44. Anonymous10:42 pm

    stupid malaysia: did you not read the papers today? Berita Harian, NST and the Star definitely highlighted the tussle for the Perlis MB post. In fact, it's been in the papers for at least one week already. What the heck are you saying?

  45. Anonymous12:14 am

    kisah MB Perlis dan Perdana Menteri Malaysia sama seperti kisah zaman hulubalang, kisah "si Benggap dan si Toye".

    jika di baca buku buku sejarah sebelum abad ke lima belas, dapat di perhatikan wujud keadaan dahulu yang masih di had dan di hari sehingga kini.

    pada masa ini, abad ke dua-puluh-satu di Malaysia, si Benggap nya adalah PAK LAH dan si Toye pula adalah PAH SHAHIDAN.

    mereka berdua amat padan pada sifat perangai tak ubah Mr. Bean yang Bahalol si mat salleh inggeris zaman abad ke lapan-belas.

    nampak gaya, hancurlah nama dan tanah melayu (jika masih ada tanah ber melayu?) di penghujung abad ke dua-puluh-satu ini.

    apa nak jadi bila Benggap dan Toye tamak kan dunia bagai Firaun tamak kan Mesir?

    sesama kita perhatikan lungkup nya kedua-dua mangkuk ini di restoran mamak 24jam!

  46. Anonymous12:12 am

    treating Shahidan's response to Perlis's King, is he consider a "biadap", as previously shouted to Lim Kit Siang (in which Lim issued apology & clarification)? Personally, I think Shahidan is clearly being rude, and created some sandiwara to steer people away from the only issue, which is he is challenging King's decree. How to trust such people?

  47. Anonymous5:03 pm

    'The Raja of Perlis Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Putra Jamalullail has given his consent for the appointment of Bintong state assemblyman Datuk Dr Md Isa Sabu as the new Menteri Besar of Perlis in place of Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim.'


  48. Anonymous5:14 pm

    i think Shahidan is very biadap la. UMNO should show him the keris for fighting Sultan (ketuanan melayu).

  49. Anonymous5:32 pm

    "Wah, Radzi & Azmi sooooo powerful ah??? Bloggers do your job. Find out their history!Beside Normala, I mean...."

    11:29 PM

    Before finding out their history, please find out what the ex-MB has been doing and is trying to do while the new MB will be sworn in. Macam-macam cerita aku dengar dari orang kampung. Kalau dah gitu, macamana ex-MB tak kata dia banyak penyokong...

  50. Anonymous2:33 am

    Thats is crazy Shahidan....!!!!
    Very Emosional person...Why not he let the post....He is Gangster village...Very Ego