Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Invisible ink won't appear

4/3 The Election Commission has cancelled the use of the indelible ink during polling day citing public order and security issues/STAR

How much did they spend on the ink, did you say?

Pas' Vice President Husam Musa has issued a statement:
Saya berharap semua penyokong Barisan Alternatif dan NGO yg bergabung di Bawah Payung Bersih bertenang didalam menerima keputusan SPR membatalkan penggunaan dakwat kekal dlm PRU12. Saya suka ingatkan maklumat yg kita terima bahawa BN mencetak 2000 tshirt Bersih. Ini adalah satu provokasi tetapi kita harus fokus dan 116 kerusi dewan rakyat kini hampir menjadi milik kita.

midnight update, from Kota Bharu (where I am now).
"There is a possibility of certain actions by certain quarters that could give rise to chaos and there is a likelihood that those who want to vote could not do so as their fingers were already stained with ink..."
The Prime Minister said he had also read a report prepared by various authorities in connection with the possibility of some groups wanting to thwart or sabotage the general election, especially in Kelantan, by bringing in the indelible ink.
Read the full report by Bernama here.


  1. How about Transparent Ballot box? Last minute change to the old one?

    I have a feeling EC is not making decision for the good of the community at large. Do you feel the same?

  2. Anonymous6:28 pm

    These bloody stupid idiots........this is what they are good at. Thats why people called Rashit........" In Mandarin, we call it "rubbish".

    If still someone voting for him, they must be blind then....hopelessly blind.

  3. Anonymous6:38 pm


    You all better be also prepared for 'insufficient transparent ballot boxes' which will then mean that the 'old' metal boxes (that you cant see through) will be back!

    And then, be prepared for 100% voting by postal voters.

    Wow, what a way for the incumbent ruling party to take the lead.


  4. Anonymous6:42 pm

    ...let the cheating begin!! As I had expected all along, this election will be the dirtiest in the history of this nation. Shame on you SPR!

  5. Anonymous6:45 pm

    This EC chairman behaves like KJ, a pugncious element. He is destroying this nation. Pliz, my dear citizens, do something. It is now or never.

  6. Anonymous6:47 pm

    If this is not blatant cheating and lying, what else can we call it? WTF!

  7. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Maybe the secret ink remover did not arrive in time.;)

  8. Anonymous6:55 pm

    BN is feeling the heat now. To ensure wins as 'predicted' by Pak Lah and gang of Kelantan and Terengganu, the ever dependable hantus will be re-employed.

    The most significant hantus are the mobile ones ie. those travelling in groups of five or six in a car. These hantus can be voting in 20 voting centres at a minimum. The busses are just distractions to deflect attention from these significant hantus.

    Maybe there is a way to counter check the Mykads these hantus use to get their voting slips. They will be using different Mykad at different places so each of them will be carrying multiple Mykads. That explains why there are funny looking KP numbers in SPR listings.

  9. Anonymous6:57 pm

    well, Rashid just answered that for u, "Argghh not much.." was what he said.
    gimme that money can buy many many many designer shoes and bags.. man!

  10. Anonymous7:17 pm

    I feel sickening that they didn't do a proper study before buying the ink. Now, millions of ringgit were wasted. Who is responsible for this oversight?

    One more thing, I have just recieved letters sent to my house, signed by our PM justifying why we should vote for BN.

  11. Dear Rocky, I am very worried now. It seems that the ruling party wants to ensure they will win at all costs.

  12. this is the strangest excuse ever!
    why oh why have we the citizens of malaysia been insulted so? why are they treating us like cows !

    what could indelible ink on your finger nails possibly create public order and security issues???

    i think spr and dolah badawi's BN has gone too far this time...

    every right thinking person MUST teach these bastards a real lesson... VOTE the fuckers out.

    it's lucky that malsyians are peaceful lot... in other countries these people will be shot or bombed to smithereen.

  13. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Gila! SPR dah pupus idea. RM2 juta duit pembayar cukai yang dibayar untuk bekalan dakwat tu diibarat air kotor yang dibuang ke longkang sahaja.

  14. Anonymous7:46 pm


  15. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Just goes to show that the Bersih rally was all in vain, the Agung is powerless to act, the EC has a signed sealed and delivered agreement with the ruling coalition the minute the Bill was passed to 'extend' his tenure! The rakyat has been conned BIG time! Talk about 'nail polish' etc was just a red herring, next thing is that the transparent boxes will not have arrived in time or supplier problem or some other excuse..be prepared for the invasion of the ZOMBIES...or walking dead..or dopplegangers...check their teeth, they are rotten.

  16. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Why do I get this feeling that I'll wake up this Saturday and go to my local polling center, only to find out the Elections have been canceled.

    Then, I turn on the radio and SPR has declared BN the winner by 99%. And then Badawi has declared himself Tun Sri MahaBesar Pemangku Islam Hadhari Generalissimo Maharaja Negara; AMN, DB, PMN, PJK, KMN, LOL, WTF, STfU.

    Anyway, what are they gonna do with the ink they spent RM2,400,000 on?

  17. Anonymous8:18 pm

    If SPR does not use the ink, then some bozos who come out with the idea without much thought should drink it.

  18. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Saya suka ingatkan maklumat yg kita terima bahawa BN mencetak 2000 tshirt Bersih

    The BN is bankrupt of idea. They are printing the BERSIH T shirt and give them to the MAT REMPIT so that the Mat Rempit can cause trouble and the ACTUAL BERSIH gets the blame.

  19. do i understand this correctly? is BN planning any demonstration with the BERSIH shirt and blame it on the group ?
    are there any more rabbits in the bag ??
    i fear that we are now suffering from the mistake that we have done for the past 50 years...

  20. Sdr Rocky Bru,

    I am less worried about the cost of importing the indelible ink. That will have to be accounted and presented to the public by the Election Commission when it presents the 2008 report of the General Election.

    But what voters should worry is why the use of the ink was suddenly withdrawn.

    What possible national security and public order issue the use of the ink has?

    Instead by going back on its promise, the Election Commission is causing uncertainty and fear about the transparency of the voting process.

    This could have security and public order implications.

    Another spectre of the election is the transparency of the postal votes. There were 200,712 postal voters in the last election.

    It could have major implications in marginal seats in the hotly contested states.
    Thank you.

  21. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Brighteyes.......you still keep me laughing out loud...real rib tickler !!! The titles are real killers.

    BTW....as for the ink...let dem drink it.

    It will be Tun Ra-shit soon !

    Rastaman JB.

  22. Bro,
    What happened to the team of International Election Watchdogs who are supposed to be here to monitor the "free" and "fair" election ??
    How come nobody is talking about them anymore ?
    Is Transperancy International supposed to say say something about this ...or are they just another "toothless tiger" living-off the scraps thrown in ?
    Sheeesh ! man they've screwed us yet again bigtime !

  23. hi fellow malaysian,

    Excuse me to use some nasty words.
    This fucking idiot trying to play with fire. He mention public order and security issue, was he sending any message out to all. I dare not to think anything worst will be happen if the BN loss this election by the word this idiot put it public order and security issue?????
    Just vote opposition, you will be no regret for sure, give them a try not always the fucking BN.

  24. Basing on 4 Police reports (similar Ink had been purchased) the IGP used the Bogus Fear tactic that “confusion and suspicion as to the status of voters“ would arise to convince the EC & AG that the used of the INK is not advisableMore details at Updates inGo H E R E
    Plus PKR view that “BN intelligence must clearly be showing a swing towards the Opposition, thus forcing them to resort once again to phantom voters and other forms of cheating to minimize the electoral losses”

  25. Anonymous9:14 pm

    What the fucking shit! How can EC play a fool with general election. This is not about Rashid's ERECTIon bloody hell!

    Are we supposed to get ready for more surprises?

    Maybe bcos the opposition have been able to thwart their dirty plans like eliminating phantom voters, postals votes duplication, they are at wits end. Now they hv no choice but to do away with the ink so that they can use pahntom voters to the max.

    Bloody Hell!

  26. Anonymous9:15 pm

    UMNO Sudah Terdesak.

    UMNO yang mengarahkan supaya membatalkan penggunaan ink.Mereka betul-betul terdesak di Kelantan dan Terengganu.Begitu juga dinegeri Selangor dan Kedah.

    Ini Satu lagi projek Kerajaan Barisan Nasional yang menipu rakyat.SPR sepatutnya digantikan dengan pemerhati Bangsa-bangsa Bersatu supaya kita mendapat pilihanraya yang adil.

  27. Anonymous9:16 pm

    What the f***..?

    This Rashitttt guy is definitely mad, just a word and the whole RM 2.4 millions goes into the drain. If given a chance, i will not only throw one but 2 slippers straight onto his face...As*holes, idiot....(*&^&$@&^%#@%$@&^%.

    "...."From a practical point of view, the issuance of a ballot paper to such a voter would render the EC's proposal meaningless and will not bring about a positive result, whilst having the potential to create misunderstanding as well as altercations and arguments at polling stations," he said."

    ".........the EC had previously said that it would buy approximately 48,000 bottles of indelible ink worth RM2.4mil from India."

  28. Anonymous9:23 pm

    i m doing this in BM ...
    adeii..buat malu melayu aaa..2 juta burn nak buat apa ngan ink..buat swimming pool soh ko mandi ramai2..maahaiii... ikut lg laa pak lah and co. mampuih...

    berapa byk kali melayu nak tanggung malu pesai hampa buat taik nih.. adeiii ki*&%*& laa

    i think its time for 2nd Bersih gathering.. this is too much..


  29. Greetings Bro,
    I must say I am not surprised by the sudden withdrawal of the indelible ink by SPR at the very last minute. Just goes to show how desperate BN are in staying in power. I reiterate we the rakyat must be very aware that BN will go to hell and back to ensure victory. With Bersih t-shirts being printed by BN one wonders what else they will come up with to smear this peaceful group who only wants free and fair elections. BE REMINDED MY FELLOW MALAYSIANS!!! A REPEAT OF MAY 13TH will also be on the minds of BN as a last resort to call for martial law so that they may stay in power!!!

  30. Anonymous9:41 pm


    There seems to be a clearer explanation on themalaysianinsider.com

    Don't know why it took so long to decide not to use it though.

  31. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Pak Lah said, it's been four good years. And Rashid desroyed it just in one minute.

  32. Invincible……………
    BN rocks it again!
    BN wants to rule
    By every trick in the book

    The rat smells the cat
    Roaming near its hole
    Shivering in its tail
    It finally gives up
    Changes its habits
    Let the cat sleeps in peace

    What trick imagine!
    Throwing money to the drain
    A $2.4 million of taxpayers’ money
    The sleeping beauty better slumbers for good
    Don’t plead with unclean spirit
    It shows in his eyes

    It is time to spin another album
    A new DJ should gets into it
    Let the new songs march the peoples’ ears
    Listening to a new horizon
    Something good we must change

    Let the Titanic sinks
    Into the rolling waves bashing every way
    Let the change takes its hold
    In our hands we vote
    The shaft of light into the darkness

  33. Anonymous10:47 pm

    David Copperfield's secrets are now no longer secrets anymore ... Rashit somehow had access to them. Making indelible ink disappear is certainly much easier that making a Boeing 737 disappear.

    Rashit's new name: Dawierd Rashit Tembagagagak. harrghh pfftui

  34. Anonymous10:55 pm


    you people were right in tearing his picture to pieces. may i add further that you all should have taken the torn pieces to wrap some soiled diapers. befits the name too ra-SHIT.

  35. Anonymous10:57 pm

    What a nonsense reason! SPR claim that:
    - they had info somebody had purchased the ink overseas
    - then those people will convince villagers not to go out to vote and will also ask villagers to mark their fingers with these ink.
    - It will create havoc when these villagers turn-up to voting venue
    My stupid question to stupid SPR and those involved:
    - If you have those advance info, what did you do?
    - Do you have evidence?
    - Did you report to IGP or any police?
    - Don’t police set-up a team to tail and catch those culprit?
    - Don’t you think that police could set-up the trap and work closely with the villagers to catch those culprit?
    - Do you think that Malaysian and the world believed that the supplier will simply sell the ink to anyone?
    - If they did, don’t you think that it should be reported to world organization that the using of those inks is not practical as the supplier selling it to anyone?
    - Don’t you think that some villagers nowadays using expensive mobile phone with camera? Can’t police advice them to take photo of those culprit when they approach?
    - Can’t police also warn villagers that it is an offence to cooperate with such culprit?


  36. Anonymous10:58 pm

    I have read the www.malaysianinsider article but it still makes no sense. If they have discovered that some elements are trying to disrupt village voters by marking their fingers BEFORE the vote, then go after these elements, rather than cancel the use for the whole country. Send the police to track down these so called elements in the north and arrest them! That is what the police is for.

    Its a no-brainer! Its like if the police discovers illegal guns in society, they then go and ban all guns! Kepala Udang ke?!

  37. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Didn't The Star recently splashed a photograph on its front page of three SPR Malay girls showing off their inked fingers?

    Now it is clear!!

    They were saying to the Opposition supporters:

    "Up Yours"!!!

    Naughty, naughty.

  38. Anonymous11:22 pm

    what the fucking shit this Rashit is trying to do. I curse that he will have a horrible retirement after this GE. I curse that he will go to HELL.

  39. Anonymous11:23 pm


    The BN and their servants have lost their "Maruah" completely. These bunch of crooks are ready to conquer this country in whatever means. Two days after nomination EC withdrew its ruling on stamp duty and four days to go for election, they have decided to do away with indelible ink.
    I say "Cheyyy, dogs".

  40. Anonymous11:26 pm

    how kemenanagan nak jadi milik kita kalau the elections are SHIT. Umno and BN SHIT!

    I voted for the opposition last time. This time, I just want to stay home and solat hajat for the bastard corrupt leaders to go to jahanam.

  41. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Pak Lah said good four years - for him and his family obviously!
    He really gotta go or else Msia going under. May God Save Malaysia from going deeper than 6 ft under...


  42. Anonymous11:44 pm

    Now that they are afraid of losing, it's time to CHEAT! Tak malu!

  43. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Who is responsible for the ink? Abd Rashid? I think there is callaboration going on and sounds very very funny.

    Bodohwi is accountable of extending Abd Rashid's appointment. Maybe this is what MCA was talking about BN would take counter action against the Opposition in last week's Chinese press. Sounds Fishy, Looks Fishy and it's sure Fishy.

  44. Anonymous12:59 am

    but... but.... where is the ink???!!!!

    i know they said they spended some 2 million on the ink....

    but where is the ink???!!!

    and they are gonna store the ink in the storeroom till next election???

    or the YBs gonna drink the ink in the newly formed parliament???

  45. Anonymous1:17 am

    Hey the day PM extended his unwelcomed stay as SPR dickhead, he was gvn a rm2.4mil bonus. Just order those indelible ink and gv the govt the receipt. No need buy la. Just get a fake receipt will do. So many govt depts doing it what. Fake receipt how difficult is it for one to get.

    We are all PHARK LAH!

  46. Anonymous1:39 am

    Stay calm. Adhere to Husam's advice. Let's vote them out. Let's teach them a lesson once and for all. Enough of all these shit.

  47. Anonymous3:34 am

    so much for transparency, now you see the ink, now you don't. what else is new with the Barisan national fraud machice?

  48. Anonymous4:08 am

    Kerajaan telah di bubar. Kenapa this Rigging Rashid follow their order.

    This Rigging Rashid are not capable to lead SPR even for banana republic.

    Your report card show that your calibre is equal to peon of kerajaan utan.

    This Rigging Rashid better serve for Kerajaan Langit.

  49. Anonymous5:40 am

    guess what....?

    the sign of downfall of BN and the monkeys is now clear ahead of us all.

    let us all make it happen, and they the BN (along with monkeys) now worrying that they are going to lose their job and looking haggard as they already are.

    just be patience, be smart and tactful on the way to casting vote.

    leave home early as there could be 'acting accidents with tow trucks', road blocks at those certain Barisan Rakyat sure winning spots.

    leave early and always watch your back!

  50. Anonymous7:03 am

    Ini semua sandiwara UMNO. Depa dah lama practice hal-hal gimmik ni haa. Maverik dalam hal ni pun bukan calang orang ..Tun M jugak. Tun M pun masih sama. Hari ni depa kata tak kampen anak depa. Besok depa jugak. Tak dak hal. UMNO punya stail memang cakap tak serupa bikin. Yang hang bodoh semua laa telan jugak. Yang la ni lagi laa ..kata wartawan berwibawa. Tengok bengkok dia tak macam wibawa pun. Sama la jugak depa-depa yang dia hantam dengan jugak yang depa bodek. Akhir kata semua Melayu jugak. Lingkop.

  51. Anonymous7:21 am

    this is real security problem..the bloody Rashid dreamt last night that anyone inked will become a security threat..like maybe become a terrorist..so we cannot have ten million voters suddenly becoming terrorist.

    Rashid ....as a muslim is this what your religion teach you.? to cheat? I don't think so. Have you sold your soul to the devil. Or is the caretaker govt holding you by the balls. Correction..you have lost your balls..so which part are they squeezing you. You are a disgrace to your race and your family.

  52. Anonymous7:58 am

    who gives the truth fact ? BN leaders or PAS leaders ? Vote for money or for attitude ? which one good for long term ? http://malaysian-choice.blogspot.com/2008/03/bn-and-pas-which-one-true-fact.html

  53. Anonymous8:23 am

    kempen jahat utusan malaysia... bodoh, kalau nk provoke pun agak2 la... hal2 melibatkan tokoh agama sensitif la sikit... bangang punye pemberita... bodoh ! tak blajo ke !! takde agama ke !! bangang !


  54. Let me get this straight: The four being questioned by the police were the ones who lodged the reports in the first place?

    So, effectively the police have no leads, no evidence (not even the obligatory circumstantial bottles), and effectively no case for criminal prosecution. On what basis then does the EC justify withdrawing of the ink?

    Are we also to infer that an important new aspect of the Federal electoral process can be subverted by nothing more than a mere rumour?

    That said--while I agree with Bersih's request since we have little choice how we go about laying phantoms to rest--I find the use of indelible ink in an general election to be, in principle, extremely third-world. The fact that we can't even manage this little procedure is extremely depressing.

  55. Anonymous9:09 am

    Phantom voters are not a spree.
    Many, many more than before must be planned. Bersih should come out and protest against EC (BN running lap dog).

  56. Anonymous9:22 am

    Pak Rocky,
    Pada saat ini, Soal kos pembelian dakwat hitam tersebut tidaklah sepenting mana sangat berbanding dengan motif sebenar penarikan balek penggunaan dakwat yang boleh mencegah berlakunya undian duakali. Sebab soal kewangan , akan Ada instrument yang boleh kita gunakan melihat soal kos dakwat ini semasa SPR mengemukakan laporan PRU nanti.
    Mengapakah penggunaan dakwat itu tiba-tiba sahaja di tarik balek? Inilah Persoalan pokok yang kita tanyakan kepada SPR ,Bagi kita yang ingin melihat proses pengudian yang dijalankan secara telus dan adil penarikan balek penggunaan dakwat ini sungguh-sungguh aneh dan mendatangkan prasangka jahat.
    Kita tidak Nampak alasan yang diberikan itu adalah munasabah. Apa kaitannya, penggunaan dakwat ini
    Dengan Keamanan nasional ?
    Sepatutnya undi poslah yang ditarik balek pemakaiannya, memandangkan kita sudah mempunyai teknologi yang boleh mengangtikan pos.
    Tetapi, semakin Negara kita maju , semakin mundur pula Negara kita kerana masih menggunakan cara mengundi yang lapuk.
    Ada lebih 200,712 undi pos pada pilihanraya yang terakhir dulu, dan undi ini boleh bergerak seperti surat yang di Pos kemana sahaja pemerintah mahu alamatkan. Dan tentunya sahaja untuk kepentingan undi pemerintah itu.
    Nampaknya pemerintah, melalui SPR sengaja mahu mencari alasan untuk tidak menjalankan proses pilihan raya yang adil bukannya mencari jalan bagaimana pilihanraya ini boleh dijalankan dengan telus, adil dan bersih.

  57. Berita mengejutkan tapi masih dalam jangkaan saya adalah pengumuman oleh pengerusi SPR petang semalam berkenaan dengan penggunaan dakwat jari ke atas pengundi. Tidak ada angin dan tidak ada goyangan tiba-tiba penggunaannya dibatalkan atas alasan mengelirukan pengundi terutamanya pengundi di kawasan pendalaman. Juga dikatakan terdapat khabar angin ada pihak-pihak tertentu yang telah mendapat bekalan bahan kimia untuk menghilangkan tanda dakwat.

    Reaksi saya: "Poorah", bodoh punya alasan!!! Dan nampaknya rakyat sekali lagi ditipu hidup-hidup.

    Sebenarnya, tatacara penggunaan dakwat ini telahpun dimasukkan ke dalam silibus kursus petugas SPR dimana bahagian kuku jari telunjuk akan dicalit sedikit dakwat sehingga kena sedikit kulit. Petugas SPR terutamanya kerani pengundian dan Ketua Tempat Mengundi telah sedia maklum tentang tatacara tersebut.

    Sehingga peringkat itu semua menganggap dakwat akan digunakan. Sehingga di mana-mana sahaja kursus PACA yang saya sampaikan itulah antara soalan yang biasa ditanya.

    Jawapan saya mudah sahaja. Saya tidak percaya tatacara tersebut akan digunakan kerana sehingga semalam, tatacaranya tidak pernah di'gazet'. Maksudnya tidak pernah dirasmikan oleh kerajaan.

    Akhirnya, keluar pula tatacara baru bagi sesiapa yang tidak mahu jarinya dicalit iaitu mesti mengisi borang 10A sebelum diserahkan kertas undi. Nampaknya tatacara tersebut pun terbatal dengan sendiri.

    Jangkaan saya akan timbul kacau bilau pada hari pengundian.

    Perlu difahami bahawa ramai di antara Kerani Tempat Mengundi dan Ketua Tempat mengundi yang dilatih oleh SPR adalah 'first timer'. Malah ada di antara mereka baru sahaja layak mengundi. Dengan tatacara yang berubah-ubah tersebut, bukan setakat petugas kita marah, petugas lantikan SPR pun akan bingung.

    Oleh itu saya menyeru semua petugas terutamanya PACA, mesti sentiasa peka terutamanya terhadap pengundi 'X' dalam culaan.

    Kita buktikan hantupun tidak akan bolos.

  58. Anonymous9:44 am

    it is not like we dont want to vote them out but what are our chances now? It is like going into a boxing match when the referree is baised and supplied his kaki with a knife to stab his opponent even before the bout started. And after losing, then only complain? Havent we learned before? There wont be any grounds for us to make noise by then. Rallies will not be permitted. Meeting Agong by then also no point. They will just set up royal commission to look into it and drag the whole thing 3-4 years while they gv us anal treatment daily.

    So maybe time the oppostion parties listen to us Rakyat, get an injunction and stop BN's charade. I dont like losing in an unfiar battle ground. If like that might asa well send me to afghanistan.

  59. shanghaistephen, didn't you read in malaysiakini that MAFREL (malaysian for free and fair election) will be making a press statement today? bk ong, our northern region MAFREL coordinator rushed from penang to KL last night to join the MAFREL HQ for the press conference. let's see what they'll say.

    i'm sure too other election watchdogs will speak up soon... don't be too impatient.

  60. Auta betul SPR nie.Mereka yang tak bermaruah boleh menggunakan macam2 taktik kotor untuk menang dalam pilihanraya.. tetapi mereka jangan lupa... kuasa kemenangan itu di tangan Allah. Sama2 kita doakan semoga BN kalah teruk dalam pilihanraya kali ini.


  61. Anonymous11:02 am

    since when does watchdog has a say? EVen TI, foregin watchdogs, all kinds of dogs also no use when we are facing the RUN DOG of the nation.

    I wonder why our Agong is silent on this unfairness?

    Are we sitting ducks? Is there really no more hope for Msia? If they can get away with this GE, so what guarantee can we hv that they wont do the same in the next GE?

  62. Anonymous11:41 am

    RaSHIT indeed, penipu yg tak malu.

  63. Anonymous11:42 am

    EC did not gazette the use of inedible ink. Therefore, i can refuse and create a big huh ah during the election. In India where there's no IC or BC they still can conduct election using inedible ink I wonder why Mlaysia Bodah?

    Maybe we should visit rayudulabs.tradeindia.com to find out if they supplied us the inedible ink. Maybe that's the only company supplying the said ink in India. Did Rashid say RM2.4M for 48000 bottles? RM50 for one bottle? mmmm

  64. Anonymous11:51 am


    if you guys really believe SPR is conspiring with BN to cheat and win the GE, why bother turning up?

    have a good day.

  65. Anonymous11:53 am

    if BN wins big and Pak Lah still in power , i think its time for us to gather again. Remove Badawi. Umno cant do it.GE cant do it.

    the police can shoot me, i just cant stand my country being run by an asshole...


  66. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Remember these 2 incidences:

    1. when Ezam was detained at the height of Reformasi era, he was accussed of hoarding all kinds of weapons which were later found to be unsubstantiated,

    2. the HINDRAF was accussed to have ties with the Tiger Elam terrorist and again found to be not true

    So what do we make up out of these 2 incidences. The police are the tools for BN in lies and deceit. Similarly, the so-called security breached theory expounded by the police is equally as insane as any others ..... Vote BN out!

  67. Anonymous12:16 pm

    if SPR is a bussiness entity, this kind of u-turn announcement... stock mesti menjunam, holders mesti lari, kapal mesti tenggelam..

    apa daaa... poraah..wat statement tak pikir...

  68. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Hmm, looks like the sleeping PM has woken up and realised that he may not get the results he want from his rakyat. Time for him to unleash his army of phantom voters!

    This indelible ink business was just a charade from the beginning. If there was intention to use this indelible ink in the first place, the rakyat would have been properly educated on the whole process. After all, there is an arsenal of MSM for such purposes, not to mention an entire year of publishing time.

    All these insults to our intelligence by the former government is getting way overboard.

    In the meantime, I shall now be preparing for the Election Day by SPLASHING my fingernails with nail polish.

  69. Anonymous1:39 pm

    It was to be expected. BN desperately needs phantom voters and postal votes as well. The only was is for all the normal Malaysians to go out and vote opposition.

  70. Anonymous3:27 pm

    The only hope now is the living out numbered the hantu. Those who love this country, please vote against corruption and injustice.

    Remember it is sinful to vote in corrupted people and corrupted government. If you don't do it for the people, please do it for your good soul.

  71. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Now more than ever people, we must unite and take back our country from the corrupt BN, EC, PIG and AG.

    Lets get as many people as possible to vote for BR.

    Power to the people!

  72. Anonymous4:11 pm

    What is there to be said but that the incumbent is a bastard government?

    How can they cheat, rob, lie and slander without consequence? WHERE IS JUSTICE?

  73. Anonymous1:45 am

    if the election commission (EC) is unable to provide concrete evidence of the so-called individuals or incidents to "sabotage" the usage of ink in the elections, then the EC must be charged with fabricating unsubstantiated allegations and party to fraud.

    The people of Malaysia will not tolerate such high handed debauchery and corrupt practices from an office elected to conduct itself impartialy in the election process.

    This ugly incident proves again that the EC is an organisation directed by an unseen hand. It is time for the rakyat to act against such blatant violations and duplicity. We will not tolerate another Pakistan here.

  74. Anonymous10:58 am

    After all that has been said and done, I think the most honourable thing the SPR can do is for the Chairman, Tan Sri Rashid to resign.Itu sahaja untuk SPR nak 'save face'.

  75. Anonymous1:28 pm

    now we not only fight with BN but with SPR s well...

    raSHIT SPR!!!!