Sunday, March 09, 2008

Chegubard to the People: I am sorry

The man who took on KJ sent me this sms earlier today:
"Maaf sgt saya gagal hentikan menantu dlm keadaan p/raya penuh ketidakadilan. Namun janji saya terus bjuang - cheGuBard."
[I am so sorrry i failed to stop the son-in-law, in an election that was filled with dirty tricks. But I shall fight on."]
I told him he may have lost the election but he has won many, many hearts. And he's inspired millions, me included.


  1. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Chegubard is a hero.

  2. you inspired me too , che gu bard!
    dont worry!
    may Allah bless you and your family!
    I wish all the best!

  3. Anonymous9:33 pm

    I don't think he has anything to be sorry about. Right now, the Opposition has been given the responsibility to fight for our rights. They should work hard and keep their promises. This is the opportunity for them to show the rest of Malaysia what they can do. Do it and do it well and who knows, come next GE, they might take over.

  4. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Do not feel bad or blame yourself.

    You are still our hero even though you lost.

    Let him be grilled in Parliament by our elected MPs.

  5. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Chegu, We are still with you!
    And you can walk with your head held up high.

  6. Anonymous9:44 pm

    I honestly didn't care who else losing for BN anymore. But the seat I'm watching very close to lose is Khairy's at Rembau. And that didn't happen. I'm dissappointed at the residence in Rembau who voted him in. He will destroy BN. I'm very sure with his nonsensical voice in Parliament will send BN in fear of losing more seats on the next election. Noone can take Khairy at present time.

    I have no idea if he'll repent. But I support Badrul for his effort in the fight. He'll have my support on the next election too.

  7. Anonymous9:44 pm

    No, CheguBard........No need to say sorry. You fought a good fight. You stepped into a BN stronghold. With the intention to stop this "family business". I doubt that KJ, despite the big mouth of his, would dare to even venture into the opposition's area. KJ hanya tahu cakap tapi sembunyi belakang FIL.

    So, hold your head high. To me, you are still the hero of the PRU 12 .

  8. Anonymous9:45 pm


    Nothing to be ashamed about. You gave a good fight and I suppose Khairy was not taking anything for granted unlike Samy Velu.

    Do visit Mindacergas for my analysis on the Elections

  9. Anonymous9:48 pm

    You can hold your head up high!
    Especially with your five-figure budget against an opponent with bottomless pockets!

    You can bet SIL is very hurt...his bruised ego cannot accept the fact that, with all his millions and gangsters, he did not get the overwhelming majority that his ego demanded.

    Personally, its good that we will see him in Parliament and watch him perform his juvenile antics in front of the wiser MPs.

  10. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Chegubard, congratulations and job well done. We should also discuss about possibilities of appointing a non bumi to be MB Perak since DAP holding the most state seats. The way it goes we are actually modelling the BN also. Now we really will see how sincere is their political alliances. Are we fighting for a better Malaysia or fighting for personal/party gain.
    The Chinese communities is waiting to see the development since it chart the new political history chart for Malaysia.
    Will the Chinese regretted by swingging their votes. Just wait b'cos my guts feeling more have regretting to have uprooted the tree instead of only shaking it a bit.
    Give the Perak MB post to DAP.

  11. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Don't be despair, you got to strive to achieve it some day.

  12. Anonymous9:52 pm

    "Chegubard to the People: I am sorry"
    No, do not be sorry, you have only lost a battle, the war is still on. To Quote Gen Patton," Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more".
    Keep on attacking, you will win the war, next time around. You went against a formidable and an opponent with bags of dirty tricks. I salute you.

  13. I think CheGubard did remarkably well. Mind you the opponent is the SIL and a heavy weight.
    When his FIL goes, SIL too will go and with him Kali and Patrick and the 4th floor boys.

  14. Anonymous9:58 pm


    What do you mean ..?


  15. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Mr. Badrul Hisham,
    Please do not apologise. Thank you for putting up a good fight. All is not in vain. Now let us fold our arms, sit back and watch KJ being battered by his own kind. See what he can do without 'protection' from his now defeated father-in-law.
    You have ventured into territories that most dare not. And for that I admire you. Fight on!


  16. Anonymous10:09 pm

    I was pretty irritated the fact that KJ won his seat. After recounts. That should spell foul play in my book. Same goes for the Florida electrorate in America where Bush gets a few recounts and win the Presidency. I cannot believe he stooped so low as to play recount tricks. That will definitely gives a lot of people things to talk about.

    Be aware of backlash from BN. They now are pretty embarased and will start to plan more dirty ways to sabotage the states like Perak, Kedah, Kelantan and Penang. Doubt they can do much against Selangor, since majority part of Selangor is part of Klang Valley.

    The fight must go on. This is the time for the opposition to show what they are made of. Gerakan through Lim Chong Eu changed the face of Penang, building Penang to one of the biggest state, now if DAP can build it back to the glory days of Penang, would be great repo for them.

    I hope we now see cleaner government, though I still doubt it will be.

  17. Anonymous10:12 pm

    no no rocky. BA will form gamen in a few states. ppl like chegu will be needed. i am sure there's a role for him somewhere. perhaps some form of appoinment as secretary to the opposition leader etc. etc..... persevere chegu. all is not lost. and work towards the next election.......

  18. Anonymous10:17 pm

    there is a role for chegu. maybe as a assistant to some YBs. maybe as a secretary to the opposition leader. press secretary to the MB of selangor? do not despair. persevere. and work towards the next election. all the best chegu. sincerely yours. take care.

  19. Anonymous10:29 pm


    You did not fail just that you did not manage to gain bigger votes in your favour. The fact that you have reduced tremendously the majority votes as compared to the previous GE have had send your opponent feverishly shivering.

    It is not easy to defeat an opponent whose financial asset is limitless. You have managed to a him a give a STERN WARNING not to mess around with the rakyat with his arrogance. Had the playing field is level, he would have been in the list of those who are sent to pack up and shut up.

    Do not be discouraged for there will be a day you will be rewarded with victory on behalf of the rakyat.

  20. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Chegubard, you have worked hard. No need to apologize we know your sincerity. Take the good that came out of this atleast you know how to position yourself for the next election or perhaps by some divine chance a by-election!!! Please can you enlighten us Dirty Tricks 2008?
    Thank you for being humble ..that makes you victorious. Take on that beruk KJ again you can do it.

  21. Chegubard did not fail. He has succeeded as the legitimate "wakil rakyat" over the fraudulently prostituted "wakil". Chegubard may not be present at the August house, but to the people of Rembau, he is their champion.

  22. Anonymous10:33 pm

    I am proposing Chegubard to prepare for Tun Razak seat. He can win this one and face KJ in Parliament. Live to fight another day. Khalid Ibrahim has his hand full running Selangor.

  23. The campaigns never end
    Even the victor and loser stand
    It is much work to be done
    The people won’t let you rest

    When you lose once
    Don’t get disheartened at all
    Learn the lesson well
    Come the next round
    You are well prepared
    To do battle once again

    When you lose a second time
    It is God’s will He tested you
    You have much to learn
    Though you thought you did

    When the third time comes
    You never know the outcome
    You have tasted defeat a few times
    One more makes no difference
    It is the believe you got a try

    The winning is starting today
    The preparations for any eventuality
    Winning and losing is part of a life
    There is something to be learned
    When one walks the road

    Sometimes we see people win
    The first time they try
    It is the star alignment correct
    On the right time and moment
    The winner takes all….

    Yeah this is life
    We can’t predict the outcome
    We can only plan and do it
    The journey is right ahead of us

  24. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Dear CheguBard,

    You are a hero to us.. Keep up doing what you believe in. Also keep on fighting for the people and no matter how dirty they can play the game.. at one point the truth will prevail.

    We know who's the real winner..

  25. Anonymous10:44 pm


    To me, you are the winner (never mind the underhanded tactic which is to be expected ... btw, was there a blackout at the counting station before the recount?)

    i don't root for losers.

    In my blog where i hand-picked 17 potential 'catalysts for change,' including the MB of Selangor, i had 2 casualties. No, to be correct i only had one which is you; the other is the man behind this blog himself and he cannot be considered a real 'catalyst' because he did not contest any seat.

    All said, you took on a formidable giant and you were not afraid. That was good enough for me. i wished i had the gumption to do what you did should i have been a candidate.

    Yes, you are the winner to me. i wished that beruk was man enough to accept defeat and not resort to the usual chicanery.

    My support is still with you. Keep up the berjuang. Next time i will give you a little more than what i contributed. Thanks for putting up a good fight.

  26. Anonymous10:53 pm

    i really hope the all the opposition who won to know that the victory is a ticket to serve and they still have to prove themselves to show they are worthy of the votes given them. it is still what you will contribute to your electorate that will determine what you are, opposition or not. always remember that. otherwise your head will roll too someday.

  27. Chegubard, you are a hero. There is no need to be sorry. We thank you!

  28. Anonymous10:54 pm

    chegu will have his laugh in august.. its hammer time...

    in a way we will see this punk get slaughtered in parliment.. hahah

  29. you are on right track! you are a real hero....we support you 1000%!

  30. Anonymous10:58 pm

    chegubard, on the contrarary you did great! Rembau was suppose to be a safe seat for KJ and yet you managed to force him into a recount when everything is against your team! YOU DID GREAT! your contribution here will be set in stone and may your future in the political arena be fiery and bright as 12th GE! HIDUP RAKYAT!

  31. Anonymous11:00 pm

    No apologies required. BTW i'm a bit confused from Bernama report. 3 MB from PAS; 1 each from DAP and PKR. PKR got Selangor but where does this extra MB seat come from. Did PAS declared MB for Perak by winning 8 seats only. This is pretty interesting.
    If Lim Kit Siang saying that yesterday was the `Poliical Tsunami' then we all must be prepared for the ~After Effect~.
    Perak MB must go to DAP if everybody in opposition is fighting for Democracy and don't talk only. Its time to deliver

  32. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Look at it this way. KJ's patron is in trouble. The guy who is the reason he's been able to get this far in UMNO faces a bleak future, with the many sharks waiting to take a bite out of him.

    When the new bosses take control of UMNO, do you really think the SIL'll get away scott free, aftr all the toes he's been stepping on these last four years?

    He'll be brought down by the more experienced -- and now extremely hungry -- warlords. And Malaysia will watch as all this happens.

  33. Anonymous11:05 pm

    The failure was;

    They did what should not be done, yet they didn't do what should be done.

    Buat apa tak patut buat, tapi, tak buat apa yang patut kena buat.

    In summary,simply fail to think over the period of past four years.

    Please think what the people want, rather than giving things that you think the people want.

    We need leaders to show directions and not leaders giving instructions. We vote for leaders and not directors.

  34. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Chegubard, Congratulations! You did not fail, you almost send the wolve to the slaughter house. Though you loose, we all believe you won... now there are jobs waiting for you at Shah Alam - there are more shit to be cleared...

  35. Anonymous11:17 pm

    This fella is a mere cog in the wheel. What he and this blog and the rest of the Malay bloggers have done have been to dance to the tune of DAP and the chinese. So now you are ruled by the 26% chinase immigrants! Come to think of it the Fijians had at least a better deal, the indians there cannot own land. Here the chinaman takes all, and you Malays can maybe tanam jagung at your little squatter land. Good night .... yawn

  36. Anonymous11:24 pm


    jangan terlalu opologetik, che gu telah berjaya menyampaikan
    Mesej yang tajam, menusuk terus kehati pemimpin-pemimpin kita.

    Bahawasanya, Rakyat tidak terima kepimpinan Pak Lah, atau kepimpinan siapa saja yang Lembik;

    Bahawasanya Rakyat tidak terima polisi Pak Lah atau kepimpinan Najib yang celaru;

    bahawasanya Rakyat tidak mahu usaha menaikkan keluarga dan kroni berleluasa seperti yang diamalkan sekarang ini,
    Apakah erti kecewa kalau harapan masih ada di tahun-tahun mendatang?

  37. Anonymous11:24 pm

    Salute CheGu. You are my hero.

    On another topic: Hey, ppl, we forgot big mouth nazri. Not a beep from him. Heh heh heh

  38. Anonymous11:27 pm election, try again. FULLY SUPPORT!! Next mission, where Khairy Beruk goes...we sent Chegubard again to face one more time, if fail...again, if fail, again we sent with full power of MAKKAL SHAKTI!!!! PKR+DAP+PAS to whack this Khairy of the political sphere of Malaysia. We will try again and again until Chegubard beat Khairy!!! Don't worry!

    It doesn't matter PAS or PKR or DAP...the most important is MAKKAL SHAKTI!!! The common enemy here is BN!! You practice what you preach!!! WORK TOGETHER!!! Position is irrrelavant!! Consult each other, when doing policy for the state...hand in hand!!!! It doesn't matter you are taiko or 2 kor or Sam kor....same boat. If all rock the boats, everything collapses

    Have you guys not realised this lesson in BN??? Barison concept is relevant. It is when UMNO start rocking the boat and after 50 years, the rakyat has HAD EXPLODED in 8th of March 2008. TO be sejarah in textbook of Malaysia learn by our children in the future.

    Consult, take care of all aspect of the doesn't flow to "individual" pockets then we all benefit...our small sampan, become big sampan, later motor boat...later bIG steam ship, then TITANIC and from that TITANIC, able to launch a ROCKET(DAP) to reaching MOON(PAS) with EYE(PKR) watching our beautiful Malaysia in peace, harmony & prosperity!!!! That's the ideal.....BN has sadly CORRUPTED...and will never achieve this again. In future, people will say BN is the pariah political party that is only relevant at certain time and later begin the burden that is until 8th March 2008

  39. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Chegu Bard,

    Dont despair. Dont be sad. The battle between you and him is like you are driving a SAVVY 1.2cc AMT and him driving a Ferrari 550 i.e 5490cc Maranelo.

    Of coz he is faster. But he has to pay high road-tax and high fuel consumption.

    You pay small little road tax and your fuel consumption is 8 sens a kilometer. You arrive later but safer.

    He arrive quicker but at manumental risk to other road users.

    Later when he is in the Parliment, there are Porsche 998, Carrera GT, Lamborghini Garlardo, Pagani Zonda`s, Bugatti Vyron, Aston Martin, McLaren, Jaguar, F60 Enzo, Skyline etc to play with and fight.

    He has got lots of enemies that is waiting to place the Savvy exhaust pipe in his big dirty mouth.

    Anyway, his FIL days are numbered. When his FIL is gone, he better start joining MLM business to earn a living and try to get a few downlines...

    Teruskan Perjuangan...

  40. Anonymous11:32 pm

    I shed tears on your loss, Chegubard.

    Carry on fighting for what you believe in. As long as your conscience is clear you had fought a clean battle, you are my hero!! :}

  41. chegu, time is very much on your side, macha. cheer up, the battle is far from over.

  42. Anonymous11:45 pm


    I thank you for your battle taking the fight till the end despite the many shortcomings> Many would have chcikened out like some PKR candidates who withdrew at the 11th hour (bribed or lost their balls)

    SInce u hv documened so many of KJ's dirty tactics, you shld go lodeg a report with SPR though we know SPR is just another component in BN. Make all these dirty tactics known to all. For if one can play so dirty at campaigning stage when he has power, imagine what he will do when he has absolute power one day.

    This KJ must be stopped and the time is this next 5 years!

  43. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Can AAB weather a potential storm brewing in Umno? If he can't and he goes - and that's the general feeling - there goes KJ. Or perhaps AAB may have to clip KJ's wings to bargain for his own survival? Let's wait and see how this plays out by august ...very interesting.

  44. Anonymous11:51 pm


    you did well. tahniah. it's ok if you couldnt tumpaskan KJ. But look...despite the limitless funds, he got just over 5,000 majority compared to that obtained in 2004. very much reducedd.

    we shall wait gleefully to see him whacked in Parliamnet by 82 oppositin members.

    Padan muka! Siap! Ndak sangat jadi MP. Entah ada atau tidak pak mertua...
    nak lari kat mana lagi, Khairy?

  45. Anonymous11:58 pm


    I'm an UMNO member, but kudos for you from me and my family for standing up against the hated SIL where UMNO youth itself couldn't do nuthing but you show them everything.

    God bless u bad and we'll meet again.

  46. Anonymous12:01 am

    I dont know what DAP supporters are up to? You want to have MB post in Perak? You need to have a 2/3 majority to change Perak's constitution . Just concentrate on ruling the state and stick to the status quo for the mean time. prove to the people that BA can rule. Later when you have 2/3, just do it.

  47. Anonymous12:03 am

    dont be sorry. we are all with you.

  48. Anonymous12:03 am


    Though I am disappointed with the result, but you are still a HERO!
    You have given me the inspiration that we have the power to decide, and the guts to accept change.

    Hold your heads high, you deserve it!

  49. Anonymous12:05 am

  50. Anonymous12:07 am

    Chegubard, you have nothing to sorry and your running mates have the best results ever...capturing 5 states and denied BN 2/3 majority. In your part, you are winning in the eyes of those who have X you. Continue the call of duty and be prepared to win big in the next GE round!

  51. Anonymous12:07 am


    Not to worry. We will support you anywhere you stand.

    The son in law is only brave with his mouth but a coward at heart. If he thinks he is powerful, he should have gone to one of those hot seats.

    You may have lost, but you have won us all, in taking on the arrogant son in law.

    God bless.

  52. I don't know what DAP supporters are up to. Still fighting for MB's seat in Perak. We knew they're the majority seats holder but please bear in mind that DAP, PKR & PAS are under BA. DAP got PAS' Votes and vice versa. Why people gave those votes? To deny BN Hegamony. And now DAP start claiming their SOLE victory? They reality! In perak constitution, MB must be a Malay. and if DAP want to change that, they need 2/3 majority in DUN to change that. Or else, fill a Malay blood from DAP if they have one. What they need to concentrate now is to stick to the status quo until the time comes. The most important thing now, don't let the BN use this as an evidence of a handicapped coalition within BA. Rakyat is waiting for this moment. Don't spoil the mood. And for now, keep working.


  53. Anonymous12:14 am

    OK guys, whilst lamenting over this loss at one seat for parliament, do not forget that the BN needs only 8 seats to get 2/3 majority.

    Its now the time of scouting around for 'weak links' - BA MPs who may have 'minor' skeletons in their closets.

    The BN is very famous for capitalising on this and making sure such candidates first come out of BA to remain neutral.

    Later, after observing how 'effective' the BN is, they will decide to join the BN, thus giving it the 2/3 majority within a year.

    If you guys are not familiar with this, check back how PBS/Sabah had a simple majority after a state election and yet the elected PBS members chose to walk out of PBS, leading to its downfall.

    DSAI should know about this - he and Dr M were very much engineering it that time. Dr M even remarked that Pairin was forcing his elected reps from leaving, even though they wanted to do so!

    Guys, remember history!!! That will help all to be better prepared to counter same eventualities, now that the BA is going to rule in 5 states.

    Take the DAP also. Very silly of them not to field Malay candidates in Selangor and Perak. Had they done and sincerely campaigned for their victory, by now we could have seen DAP Menteri Besars in both these states, aprt from Penang. DAP has not matured yet in this aspect. Good lesson for them. So near and yet so far!!!

    On that score, PKR leads - although being the youngest entrant to BA.

  54. Kita rakyat menunggu analisis selanjutnya daripada chegubard ...

    sementara itu, saya yakin chegubard seorang winner - berbekalkan RM 32000 dari RAKYAT JELATA anda telah bertarung dengan seorang lawan yang telah mencurahkan berjuta-juta untuk memastikan kemenangan, itupun akhirnya dengan cara yang cukup jijik sekali.


  55. Anonymous12:32 am


    'Kau Pembuka Mata.'


  56. Anonymous12:54 am

    You've done your part so hold your head up high cause you've given ur best! Continue to champion the rakyat! We're with you all d way. As for KJ,we'll b monitoring d drama that will soon unfold in UMNO!

  57. Anonymous12:55 am

    The fact that you dared to stand up against someone possibly to be future Malaysia PM and came very close to topple him already made you people's hero firmly in the hearts & minds of millions.
    Thank you and thank you!

  58. Anonymous1:00 am

    you make us proud cheGuBard.............u're not a loser, but u're the one who show there is still a light at the end of tunnel..............


  59. ...chegubard,u had the guts,thats great enough...

  60. Anonymous1:13 am

    chegubard...the 1st battle may be lost but your mission will be accomplished...hang in there and don't stop fighting

  61. Anonymous1:14 am

    hi chegubard,
    do not be discouraged. we know you gave all that you had.

    as long as we have put our foot down for righteousness and goodness, there will always be others that will follow us.

    he may have won this battle but the war is about goodness and it prevails because it is right.

    i wish you peace and joy.

  62. Dear Chegubard,
    No need for apologies. You did very well against this tyrant, who has all the unfair advantages over your goodself. Take a cue from Dr Jayakumar in Sg Siput. The word is perseverance. You will succeed. You may even be the next PM.

    Vincent Cheah

  63. chegubard...u did win!

  64. Anonymous1:34 am

    Walaupun kalah, perjuanganmu tetap kami kenang :) Ya, che'GuBard mungkin kalah kerana beliau bukannya menantu somebody seperti KJ. Yang patut mengucapkan sorry bukannya che'GuBard, tapi kita. Yes, we feel sorry to Rembau-ans for their vote to KJ.

    Sesungguhnya rakyat Malaysia masih memerlukan orang muda yang berani seperti che'GuBard. Ini bukanlah suatu pengakhiran, tapi sebenarnya ia baru bermula! Siapa tahu, che'GuBard bakal menjadi MB Negeri Sembilan kelak.

  65. Anonymous1:43 am

    CheGuBard said..."I'm sorry"

    What a humble, gentle and simple message that couldn't be said by the looser Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi to his supporter and the whole Malaysian.

    He lost his state and caused many BN candidates lost because:
    - He do not want to admit his mistake
    - He do not want to listen to the hardwork reporter who face the people
    - He's not smart enough to make used of the reporter to be his eyes n ears
    - He didn't use his power to ask the media to report his MP & ADUN wrongdoing in daily nor tv resulted many holes left uncovered
    - He didn't ask Samy Vellu to nicely maintain the road around Malaysian Most Proudest Building, KLCC...
    - He instead busy asking Samy Vellu to prepare launching mock project in Kelantan and ask Samy Vellu to attack HINDRAFF
    - He didn't ask his looser son-in-law KJ to help him retain Selangor, Penang, Perak & Kedah...instead...
    - He gave green light to KJ to attack CLEAN Kelantan PAS government
    - He refused to hear voices of Chinese in Kelantan whose saying that doing business in Kelantan is easier than other BN (used to be) govern state because CLEAN Kelantan PAS Government is CLEAN from corruption...........

    The list could go-on but what can I say....we are human being. When come to natures call, we need to go...Now, the most important thing for me is to go 'pansai'...We feel good to release our anger to PM Abdullah Badawi n BN racist government but we feel better after we release our liability in the stomach...Email me if you want to comment privately..

    I'm out of here...

    p/s: Rocky...exellence job...thanks fr yr contribution and making many Malaysian happy with the GE12 result

  66. Anonymous1:50 am

    Chegubard, don't give up. To me, you won the election not KJ. You'd done a good job and inspired us all. Thanks.

  67. You live to fight another day. Press on. The rakyat are with you.

  68. Anonymous1:57 am

    Who on earth said you lost to kj? your handicap is 24.........

  69. Anonymous1:57 am

    You put up a good fight.

    You have won a different way.

    You are a hero.

    No doubt the SIL have won the seat but because of him, his FIL lost the battle.

    Just see how long his FIL will last.

  70. Anonymous3:06 am

    20 000+ REAL and VALID ppl voted for you... only SIL knows how many of the same had that same confidence in him... Bet you, he can't get it up tonight!

  71. Anonymous3:55 am

    Dr. M has said that Khairy is one of the main reasons for BN's defeat. If we can get Pak Lah to resign, and if he does step down Khairy will have lesser power. Correct me if I am wrong.

    And so, if Khairy is one of the reasons for BN's defeat, and also many people hate him too, is there any way we could also make him step down so Chegubard could take over the Rembau seat? Or maybe that is for UMNO to decide what to do with him?

    I dunno... I am speaking my mind. I am inexperienced in politics...

  72. Anonymous4:08 am

    chegubard, you are the man. You rock bro. You gave the guy with no bin to his name the shivers,he won but with a substantially reduced majority,kudos to the rembau folks who basically tells khairy that he is not welcome.

    I do not think khairy will be around next election but I do know that being the opportunist that he is, he won't tempt fate by seeking reelection in rembau next time round.

    Chegubard the war is not over yet there are many more political battles ahead and you are one of our commanders to lead us in battles.

    Anak Jawa Johor

  73. Anonymous6:01 am

    allahu akbar...allah maha melihat...allah maha mengetahui...allah maha adil...tahniah che gu bard...teruskan perjuangan anda...anda cuma kalah di pilihanraya sahaja...yang mana perjuangan anda masih panjang lagi...semoga bangsa malaysia terus maju,bersih dan berjaya dengan adanya pemuda seperti anda

  74. Anonymous6:46 am

    I'm Malaysian chinese but I really admire your courage to bring that son-in-law down!

    Since he will be in the parliament soon, let that son-in-law "shame" himself in parliament like those bocor MPs & lunatic Nazri.

  75. Anonymous7:09 am

    We can't change the history. This PRU12 is just the beginning. We look forward for your contributions at PKR Selangor/Perak.
    You are most welcome.

  76. Anonymous7:18 am

    you are a winner the very day you decide to contest against KJ, you stood up against rogue monkeys..that is brave. Never mind this time. Next time we wallop him and send him back to Nori. Take a look at Sungai Siput. Hang on in Remabau. Do your work now onwards, next election, I can bet KJ without his FIL will run awat. KJ is only where he is as husband of Nori.

    May God bless you for standing up to then might of BN..Good Luck, do not stop the fight against arrogance and the kurang ajar KJ.

  77. Anonymous7:32 am

    I am with the rest telling Che'guBard that he need not feel sorry at all, instead we are very thankful to him for his courage to fight someone with limitless accounts and full control over the machinery.

    "Khairy is part of government," so said the DO of Rembau, Mohd Rawi Baharom when che'guBard questioned why he was not allowed to hold ceramah at the padang majlis daerah when sil can.

    ct tanjung perak

  78. Anonymous8:05 am

    fight on..we'll pray for you

  79. Anonymous8:21 am


    You did well. Very well!

    In the eyes of the people, you won! You are now Pendekar Chegubard!


  80. Anonymous8:51 am

    Dear Rocky

    I am worried about the ties between the SIL and Mat Rempit.
    If one looks at the history of European fascist movements, they used toughs and hoodlums to threaten and beat up political opponents. Perhaps the SIL is trying to cultivate Mat Rempit for the same purpose.

  81. Anonymous8:57 am


    Dont feel are already my hero and I am sure the future is brighter for you than the SIL....Keep up the good work..
    We want more people like you

  82. Anonymous9:07 am

    Chegubard is the real warrior. Failure is not an option. Lawan tetap lawan.

  83. Anonymous9:16 am

    CHE! you won with dignity!

    The first count, we all know the monkey lost! What a cheater.......

    All the respect for your, good job!

  84. he has all my support :)

  85. Cheguard ...

    apakah kekalahan BN di negeri-negeri masih tidak adil ...

    Nampaknya ... puak pembangkang memang pandai bermain dan menari untuk mendaptkan sokongan ...

    Kalau sudah kalah ... berusaha lebih giat ... jangan salahkan orang .. ALLAH masih tidak memberi rezreki kepada kamu....

    Tapi mungkin orang seperti kamu selalu melawan takdir .. kawan-kawan lain berusah dan menang .. kamu kalah .. tidak boleh menerima dan masih lagi riak dengan diri kerana menyallahkan rezeki kamu ..

  86. Bro, ask CekGu to be cool. He's not a losser. He's the winner of all again KJ.

  87. Anonymous10:29 am

    Chegubard, don't feel sad, SUE SUE SUE. KJ won because it's so obvious to everyone he cheated!!!

    The recount is bullshit. How can anyone be off on their numbers. How about his budget? I'm sure its more than 100k spent. Next election will be a different story. We'll clean up the EC.

    I just feel sad for the ppl of rembau. 4 years under the SIL. oh the horrors.

  88. Anonymous10:31 am

    Chegubard lost not becos he failed but becos there were dirty tactiks at hand!!! How can someone who lost by a few hundred votes at first count, win by a few thousand votes after recount!!!! It's scandalous!!!

    Chegubard should continue his fight....SIL will be his own worst enemy!!

  89. Anonymous10:35 am

    Please fight for a better tomorrow!!! Will support Cikgu Bard for PRU13!! SIL will be grilled by BR MP..

  90. Anonymous10:36 am

    Chegu Bard,

    You are still have 20,000 voters to serve. You are still a YB (Yang berkhidmat)

    contact me at I have a plan for you.

  91. Anonymous10:54 am

    'has won many, many hearts. And he's inspired millions, me included.'
    same here!

  92. Anonymous11:19 am

    Chegu inspired so many people including myself. I was genuinely gutted when I saw how he lost. What was up with the recount giving KJ 5000+ majority?? Can someone please provide more info on that? I'm assuming that KJ cheated and won on postal votes.

    Rocky, can you do an interview with Chegu, pls? I'm sure we'd all love to hear more from him. THANKS!

  93. Chegubard,

    You did not lose. You fought a good fight and prove once and for all to Malaysians that we need to have that little gut and courage to stand up for what we hold dear. BRAVO!

  94. Anonymous11:40 am


    u don't have to feel sorry, you're still a hero in my eyes..don't feel've done the right thing. KJ won by postal votes..main tipu memanglah dia boleh menang

  95. Anonymous11:47 am

    Rumour has it that Chegubard has won, but was bought over last minute by his opppsition. True??

    The Disappointed..

  96. Anonymous11:59 am

    I want you to know u have many supporters....altho we do not live in your constituency....

    the fact that he won by 5k majority speaks volumes.

    chegubard, we all know how dirty it was, malaysiakini showed he was losing by 800 then leading by 800 and suddenly up by 5k...what a joke...same goes for his f-i-l....

  97. Anonymous12:11 pm

    i do sympathise but fret not as you have win the hearts and minds of the marhaens of rembau.

    but i think all this have ben rigged as everyone know KJ is a AAB's machai. He will make sure his SIL win by all means.

    How about another recount?

  98. Anonymous12:18 pm


    You are my hero, You loose a battle but not the war. I will continue to support you and if there is a by-election i hope PKR will put you as their candidate, i;m sure the rakyt will make sure you will meet KJ in the parliament. Walk tall brother.

  99. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Saya bersetuju.Pembangkang menang besar kerana penipuan dan pengundi hantu.Mesti ada buat penipuan

  100. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Tak apa Cik Gu, biar KJ menang, biar budak tak mature tu kena belasah dalam parlimen oleh wakil-wakil kita nanti. Kalau budak tu tak dapat masuk parlimen, tak dapat wakil-wakil kita semua nak "check" dia.

    Kasi "GEGAR" sama KJ.

    Saya pengundi atas pagar.

  101. Anonymous12:32 pm

    You won the moment you filed your nomination. Nothing to be sorry. Hope you continue your fight and in the next elections,you'll win god willing.

  102. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Salaam Ahiruddin.

    I voted for Khairy rather than Chegubard in the Rembau elections since I view KJ as a deeply religious man and a true Malay nationalist.

    Also, it is rude and dishonest to accuse UMNO, BN, and the SPR of "dirty tricks" when it was Chegubard who used dirty tricks against BN. I am glad such tricks did not influence the rakyat who showed their support for Khairy by crossing the dacing on March 8, 2008.

  103. Anonymous1:30 pm

    can't a police report be done to investigate the votes counting??? the postal votes is a scam!! this is worse than MLM... chegubard is a real hero for taking on kj !!

  104. Anonymous2:26 pm

    Chegu Bard
    You may have lost the seat but you have won our hearts. You went in as underdog against SIL knowing dirty tricks abound. You have inspired us. Thank you.

  105. chegubard
    You did very well!!

    I Admire your GUTS
    YOU really ROCKED my world!!!!

    Had AAB's SIL been someone like you - history may not have been rewritten this way!

    YOU were 1 person (of 3) I was absolutely supporting to WIN. And before this election I have never even heard of you!

    Not only because you were up against Khairy but because I truly believe you are a Good Person.

    You young man WILL GO FAR!

  106. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Chegu, rakyat tahu siapa sebenarnya menang. Kamu wira di mata kami.

  107. Dude Chegu,

    You won. Period. Any person with his/her brain in the right place would know what caused the ridiculous 5000+ majority win by Khairy.

    You tried on all Malaysians' behalf, and you have all our hearts and prayers with you. Keep on trying, we're right there with you :)

    You were and still are truly an inspiration. Thank YOU for all your efforts.


  108. cHEGU, you fought a good fight. Take consolation in that. If it was a clean fight the outcome would have been different. WE FIGHT ANOTHER DAY SON.

  109. Dear Brad, not to worry. We are behind you. Keep walking. This test of time. Not to give up. You represent the new generation of Malaysians willing to take on the giants. I'm sure the you will be much wiser and experience by next election. You an inspiration to all young Malaysians. We will be with you. You can always count on us.

  110. Anonymous5:00 pm

    You fought the good fight, Chegubard.
    Come back and fight another day. Cheers.

  111. Anonymous6:00 pm


    He is already a hero just by going to the battle. :-)

    he should keep his spirits high.

  112. Anonymous7:38 pm

    If you drop the Che-wannabe personality and stick with the ol' good people-fighter Cikgu Bard, I will consider myself among the inspired ones...

  113. Chegubard
    In the hearts and minds of the Rakyat, you are the winner. Know that, and stand proud.
    It was never a playing field from the start; with the Govt.'s sudden anxiety to extend the tenure of the Chairman of the Elections Commission, revelations of "hantu hadhari" (FWIW, I received an email with a list of 4 known examples, which I have verified on the spr website as well, - all were over 100 years old, and registered in Rembau!), to the reversal of use of the indelible ink.
    You did not have the resources of a gift of free shares in a public listed companies, nor access to a war-chest funded by GLCs. Only what funds the Rakyat could spare.
    Yet when the first count came in, you inspired hope. Defeat only came late, after a seemingly long recount; - and tainted in my opinion.
    You will remain a viable leader. You have only lost a battle, not the war. Rest and prepare for the next battle.
    Sleep well with the knowledge that your opponent will not be sleeping as fitfully as you, and that his victory has indeed been a hollow one, with the patronage of his father-in-law in jeopardy, and the keris of his fellow party members at the ready to stab him in the back when the coup comes.
    That, my friend, is poetic justice!

  114. Chegubard
    In the hearts and minds of the Rakyat, you are the winner. Know that, and stand proud.
    It was never a playing field from the start; with the Govt.'s sudden anxiety to extend the tenure of the Chairman of the Elections Commission, revelations of "hantu hadhari" (FWIW, I received an email with a list of 4 known examples, which I have verified on the spr website as well, - all were over 100 years old, and registered in Rembau!), to the reversal of use of the indelible ink.
    You did not have the resources of a gift of free shares in a public listed companies, nor access to a war-chest funded by GLCs. Only what funds the Rakyat could spare.
    Yet when the first count came in, you inspired hope. Defeat only came late, after a seemingly long recount; - and tainted in my opinion.
    You will remain a viable leader. You have only lost a battle, not the war. Rest and prepare for the next battle.
    Sleep well with the knowledge that your opponent will not be sleeping as fitfully as you, and that his victory has indeed been a hollow one, with the patronage of his father-in-law in jeopardy, and the keris of his fellow party members at the ready to stab him in the back when the coup comes.
    That, my friend, is poetic justice!

  115. I think CheguBard did a fantastic job against all odds.

    In the words of M Bakri Musa, "Mainstream media readers may not have heard of “Chegubard” Badrul Hisham Shaharin, Khairy’s political opponent in Rembau, but ‘Netizens are very familiar with him. They also contributed substantially towards his campaign. Had indelible ink been used on voters to prevent repeat voting and had the Elections Commission not have spare postal votes handy, Chegubard would have handily crushed Khairy."

    Way to go, CheguBard. In my eyes, as in the eyes of all of us, you are a WINNER!

  116. Anonymous9:21 pm

    As I said in the other comment, first thing before next election, call for postal votes to be counted first, before everything else.
    Then KJ calls for recount, they count everything, not add postal votes and count again.

  117. Anonymous10:30 pm

    PKR can still elect Bard as wakil in Rembau...people can still mengadu kat dia and Bard can tolong bawa mesej to kerajaan yang 4 itu.If you do this, next election Bard will be Negeri Sembilan's MB pula.Remember some of those who won this election had lost twice.It's 3rd time lucky.With Bard it should be second time lucky, InsyaAllah.Mata Luyu tu tak sehebat mana.

  118. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Chegubard - no need to say Sorry! U did yr best and many of us were with u in spirit!!
    All the best!

  119. Anonymous1:21 am


    No sorries man...keep fighting.
    You did well, you even won and I firmly believe it, that bitch of a monkey cheated to topple you.
    You did damn good....and keep doin damn good....cause you definitely got that bitch shit scared of you.

  120. Anonymous2:28 am

    Please check this news.. We know that KJ was lost initially by a small margin, however, when it was announced, it was a hefty votes.. I wondered why and I was told by trusted source that KJ bought the votes and paid our hero or PKR mentioning RM mil.. It was comfirmed by PKR member to me this morning too.. If it's true, then PKR =UMNO.. sob sob.

  121. Anonymous6:56 pm

    No need to say sorry. Chegubard did not lose, just a conman won thru cheating. U inspired a lot of people. May the SPR do the right thing and restore the good name of SPR.

  122. Anonymous1:31 pm

    thank you chegubard! you may have lost the battle, but in the meantime you inspired us and wait.... you may yet win the war! and let our rembau rep get roasted in parliament - for sure one his stupid words!