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Bernama apologises to Penang CM

March 14, 2008

YAB Sdra Lim Guan Eng
Chief Minister of Penang
28th Fl, Komtar
10502 Penang

Dear YAB,

On behalf of my colleagues in BERNAMA, I would like to congratulate your team and you for the recent victory in Penang.

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise for the sloppy editing in the news story of March 12, 2008, which we mistakenly quoted you as commenting on the May 13 incident as well. The inclusion of the fact was intended to give background on the establishment of the NEP in 1971. Nevertheless, upon a thorough review, the inclusion of that fact along with your quote may have been inappropriate.

As we move forward, I would like to ensure you of BERNAMA's co-operation for your newly-formed government and shall always endeavour to help you promote the well-being of Penang and its people.

Yours sincerely,


YB Jeff Ooi has the story. He wrote, "I hope the next time Umno leaders took to the streets to stoke people's sentiments along racial lines, you know who is to blame."
I have something to say about this to my bro but I'll do that when we have a tete-a-tete, or when the Penang Government invites bloggers to a session. We have time.

p/s It's brave of bro Yong to own up, and in black and white. I hope there won't be too hard a backlash from his embattled bosses.


  1. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Dear Rocky:

    This development supports my statement at 5:37 pm regarding your 'Apology .. to Sultan and Regent' post.

    In it, I had advised applying adequate care when sourcing and interpreting press statements and releases, lest we hastily jump to wrong conclusions.

    As Anwar Ibrahim has put it a recent press statement, let us give the 4-day old Chief Minister a fair chance at carrying out his duties. Let us not make premature dismissals. Let us not allow our communal loyalties and insecurities overcome reason and judgement.

    The new government of Penang has clearly expressed its desire to improve the welfare of all the downtrodden and poor, regardless of race.

    Thus, whence the fear that the Malay's welfare or rights be neglected?

  2. Anonymous1:11 pm

    No Need to Apologize to LEG. We KNOW what he meant when he wanted to abolish the NEP. Jeff Ooi Shut Up!!!

  3. Anonymous1:37 pm

    If DAP/PKR/PAS sincerely want to retain their current state governments and expand their rule, they need to publish their own newspaper, one that is unbiased and objective rather than racist and provocative.

    And yes, they need to stop bickering!

  4. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Gosh no more BN controlled media.

    Well Mr Yong if they still kacau you, you can be Mr Rocky Bru Style.

    If they don't let you write, you write your own

  5. Anonymous2:05 pm


    Please ask Yong whether this goes down well with Bernama chairman Annuar Zaini?

    Did Yong get this apology through with Annuar. If not then Yong should be extra careful..his job will be seriously on the line..for doing the right thing which to some is almost politically wrong..

  6. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Ya...correct correct correct!

  7. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Utusan should have the guts to own up their mistakes too. Very sensitive headline the other day "DAP BIADAB", and the contents really try to fan up the Malays sentiment.

  8. Anonymous2:31 pm


  9. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Pig Brain wrote:

    "No Need to Apologize to LEG. We KNOW what he meant when he wanted to abolish the NEP. Jeff Ooi Shut Up!!!"

    You can't even get the YB's initial right. It's LGE, you ignorant fool. You should shut up first.

    Zym Zym

  10. Anonymous2:54 pm

    Anonymous said...
    No Need to Apologize to LEG. We KNOW what he meant when he wanted to abolish the NEP. Jeff Ooi Shut Up!!!

    1:11 PM

    deyy!! anonymous 1:11PM, u shut up your gap! U orang BN kan? free sangat ke take lain kerja

  11. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Anonymous said...
    No Need to Apologize to LEG. We KNOW what he meant when he wanted to abolish the NEP. Jeff Ooi Shut Up!!!

    1:11 PM

    Trust me you have no idea what you meant , when you post today ..!!

    I am nor yellow, brown ,black or white....but trust me, I will tear this country asunder if racist UMNO prick like you continue to rule tis country...!!

    Once again trust me ...U really have no idea...!!!

  12. Anonymous3:35 pm

    tak kiralah siapa yang dapat kuasa sama ajelah gelojohnya,, 'absolute power corrupt absolutely'

  13. Anonymous3:38 pm

    see this

  14. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Bernama says..sloppy editing. My foot!

    This is just the spin that has pervaded Bernama from the MSM.

    Dont forget that Kali was one time the head honcho of Bernama and the current Chairman is a close friend and associate of his.

  15. Anonymous3:55 pm

    jeff oii..
    no need lah...
    im not an umno supporter before and never vote...
    next time ah... dap can step down
    just take a look at that poor minorities...panjat bangunan komtar pon takleh buat apa2
    busok oii dap...
    bebudak mckk...anwar...hishamudin rais..raja petra....royal blood apa...,
    to all malay professionals out there wake up..join PAS or UMNO..for the sake of our heritage..

  16. well , damage has been done ..whats the point of apology ? how could they give such unprofessional and irresponsible statement...if this is in Singapore ..the newspapers would be bankcrupt son for huge defamation suit . Cant we do that in malaysia ?...and plus I thought we have the ISA which we are so proud of and do not hesitate to use whenever people try to create racial tension ? so where are they now ? What is stopping the Federal Government from putting these irresponsible low life in jail for their actions ?

  17. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Talking about street protest in Penang, RTM is using the term "perhimpunan aman" now when the one that protesting is from UMNO (who shamelessly claim to represent Penang Malays when Penang Malays support other parties as well). But if the one that protesting is from BR it will become "perhimpunan haram".
    *pukes in a pail*

  18. Bro,
    I must admit I must agree with Slade. He or she knocked the nail on the head by saying we have to give LEG to prove himself. Only four days and the knives or in our case parangs are already out. Change is hard, takes time. Just don't take too long.

  19. Anonymous4:34 pm


    Some say I never give up. Others say I never learn.

    Some say I am multi-faceted. Others call a Jack of All Trades

    Some say I am eccentric. Others call me a weirdo.

    Some say I am an Anglophile. Others call me an Englishman wannabe.

    Some say I am an avid reader. Others say this is just escapism.

    Some say I am a writer. Others say I have too much time on my hands

    Some say I am a patient man. Others call me willing door mat.

    Some say I am the strong and silent type. Others say I am too dumb to have an opinion

    Some say I am an accomplished karateka. Others say I am just a thug.

    Some say I am a leader. Others call me a pain in the ass.

    No wonder I’ve stopped listening to people

    Me.even husband and wife cannot agree on which is the green nite
    extract from

  20. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Message to my dear sisters and brothers in Sarawak and Sabah
    Friday, March 14, 2008

    They do not have many Sarawakian or Sabahan Ministers, do they, at the Federal level? If they had, they are given unimportant Ministership as Minister in the PM's department like Bernard Dompok and Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Joseph Entulu Beluan for window dressing, and are you all only good for that? . You guys gave such a big win for UMNO , you do not have proper representation in the Cabinet to depict the power you hold over the coalition. UMNO makes you look like wimps. The combined total of your seats in Sabah is 24 seats and Sarawak is 30 seats. Which totals 52 seats. Then why are there NO East Malaysians not being a Prime Minister or the Deputy Prime Minister. Okay, go down one rung, why are you not good enough to be at least the Deputy Prime Minister?

    The UMNO strong hold of Johore has only 25 seats, initially 26 seats. The myth of that is that UMNO is very strong there like a fortress, will not fall. Well, a foothold has been gained, one of their seats has fallen to the DAP, so it can be penetrated. You have the greater weight. The Barisan National has a total of 140 seats. The opposition has 82 seats. Demand from UMNO that the post of of Deputy Prime Minister be given to an East Malaysian. Without you in this coalition, UMNO being the big bullly will have only 88 seats, that is inclusive of the motley crew from MCA and MIC.

    While at this, being an ex- soldier and all, I have seen many East Malaysian Officers serving in combat units, why did not any one of them make it to General? Not good enough? Look at how brave, loyal and patriotic you are. Go to the archives.

    How are you going to get UMNO to agree to that? Just tell them that you want to cross over to the Barisan Rakyat, if they do not appoint a Sarawakian or Sabahan to be the Deputy Prime Minister.

    Just cross over and the opposition will have 134 seats to form the new Government of Malaysia. Ask Anwar, I am sure he will be agreeable to an East Malaysian being his Deputy. Whilst at it, ask for the Defence and Education portfolios too. Do not accept less then the Deputy Prime Minister's post. For good measure, demand for Finance Minister's portfolio too. Can you even imagine, in one stroke you can uplift the sufferings of the poor in both Sabah and Sarawak ? You will have all the financial resources at your finger tips, ushering a new dawn for the people of Sabah and Sarawak. Have an imagination.

    One more thing, do not let them cheat you by saying they will give you the post of Deputy Prime Minister 2. It will take away the ooomph of being the only Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. If you become Deputy Prime Minister 2, they might not allow you to use the helicopter or the executive jet. As Deputy Prime Minister 2, they will ask you to use the long boat when you vist Song, Kapit, Ulu Baram or Long Danau (have to walk long distances to, carrying your own fuel). You do not get to be Acting Prime Minister of Malaysia when the Prime Minister is out of the country. Or when he visits Nasi Kandar Perth.

    You were elected by the people, I am sure you want greater things than the peanuts that are being thrown to you. They have been sidelining you as a non entity. Never giving you due prominence and the respect due to you. You are just someone to wipe their shoes on, once elections are over.Umno has only 78 of the 117 parliamentary seats it contested (67%). What is the diffrence? You have only two states and 52 seats. UMNO has the whole of Malysia and has a pathetic 78 seats, a difference of a mere 26 seats! Do you know how many Johoreans are Ministers, with their pathetic 25 seats, 7!

    Are you East Malaysians going to continue being the foot stools for UMNO? For them to keep on holding to power. Can you imagine it, the Prime Minister from Peninsular Malaysia and the Deputy Prime Minister from East Malaysia, we will be bound from across the South China sea as one people. Just cross over to the Barisan Rakyat, if UMNO does not give in to your just and legitimate, demands. You are smart and intelligent, stop being taken for a ride. You are as good as a politician from Semanajung. Maybe even better, so what is it to stop an East Malaysian from being the Deputy Prime Minister, only UMNO. Stop being used, chew on this and think BIG.

    posted by Ranger

    Anwar's game plan strikes fear in Umno

    30 something - that's all the MPs Anwar Ibrahim needs
    to be the probable Prime Minister

    KUALA LUMPUR, March 14 - If there is one name that has pushed Barisan
    Nasional leaders out of their comfort zone and caused confusion and anxiety,
    it is Anwar Ibrahim.

    When he said on Tuesday that the Opposition should be referred to as the
    government-in-waiting, he was not referring to five years down the road. He
    was referring to the next few weeks or months.

    He knows that if he manages to convince 30 Members of Parliament to cross
    over, the government of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will fall.

    Since the PKR-DAP-PAS alliance that he cobbled together won big on March 8,
    taking 52% of the popular vote in Peninsular Malaysia and snaring 82 of the
    222 seats in parliament, Anwar has become the most mentioned name in Umno

    Along the corridors of powers and in Umno circles, there is a belief that
    the former deputy prime minister will not rest and settle for second-best,
    not with the momentum of being a reformer on his side.

    He knows that the troops of the BN war machine are demoralised and its
    leaders still reeling from the psychological scars of Election 2008. He will
    go for the kill, rattling the coalition's cage, creating the impression of
    an inevitable wave that some fickle-minded BN MPs will be tempted to abandon
    the BN ship and join the Opposition.

    An Umno division chief from Pahang, who requested anonymity because of the
    sensitive nature of the information, said: "The talk on the ground is which
    MPs Anwar is going to approach to join PKR. Everyone says that Sabah and
    Sarawak MPs are being targeted. But I think everyone except the PM and DPM
    are targets.''

    Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, in a letter asking Abdullah to resign, noted that a
    move has been made to woo BN representatives to join the Opposition. The fea
    r of crossovers is palpable.

    Among the senior leaders of BN, the question being asked is this: who can
    take on Anwar?

    Increasingly the view is that no one individual is strong enough to
    withstand the momentum of the former deputy prime minister. Abdullah is like
    a general who has been badly wounded in battle. He needs time to recuperate
    from the deep wounds he suffered - time which he may not have.
    If Abdullah steps down and Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak takes over, the latter
    will be vulnerable to a personal and potentially costly onslaught by Anwar.

    During the election campaign, Najib was assailed by Anwar over the murder of
    the Mongolian model and over a few defence deals. Expect the ferociousness
    of the attacks to multiply if Najib becomes Number 1 now.

    Even the return of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad could be counterproductive.

    The Malaysian public believes that Anwar was wronged by Mahathir. This was
    evident during the election when attempts to paint the former DPM as a
    charlatan, racist and chameleon failed miserably.

    So who can stop Anwar?

    Professor Shamsul Amri Baharuddin, a political commentator, says that only a
    united Umno and BN can hold the line against the Anwar-led Opposition.

    "Anwar is pressing BN at 20 different points. Only if they are strong and
    united can they survive. But can they stay united?'' he wondered.

    The next few weeks will be important. If the new Cabinet catches the
    imagination of Malaysians, the morale of the ground troops will improve and
    it will boost the confidence of BN's leaders.

    Otherwise, the grumbling against Abdullah will grow into a crescendo and it
    may embolden Dr Mahathir or Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to step forward to "save
    the party'' - a situation which could lead to a party split like in 1987.

    Such a scenario will be heaven-sent for Anwar.

    Umno politicians believe that any upheaval in Umno or BN will convince the
    weak-hearted that it may be prudent to cross the Parliament floor.

    Within the higher reaches of Umno, the strategy appears to be to rally
    around Abdullah, go down to the ground and get the troops ready for war. But
    for Umno and BN to prevail over Anwar, they will need a few conditions to be

    1) Abdullah must be able to hush his band of critics in Umno.

    2) Abdullah must be able to inspire the troops on the ground.

    3) Abdullah must be a strong leader and reform his party and the country.

    4) Anwar and the Opposition need to commit a few major mistakes.

    5) For the public to fall out of love quickly with the reform-minded

    POLITICS-MALAYSIA: Anwar Ibrahim - Man of the Match
    By Baradan Kuppusamy

    KUALA LUMPUR, Mar 14 (IPS) - Anwar Ibrahim, the man credited
    with radically changing the political landscape of Malaysia, could not
    contest the Mar. 8 general elections that saw the ruling coalition lose five
    state governments and its long-held two-thirds majority in parliament.

    There is a story in Ibrahim's having been crippled by a five-year-ban on
    contesting elections, as a result of having had to serve time in jail on
    criminal charges, trumped-up by his political opponents.

    But the former deputy prime minister fought his way back to the political
    centre-stage and overcame ten years of virulent government propaganda
    mounted against him to forge an alliance and establish a powerful opposition
    in parliament.

    "He is clearly the man of the hour, he made it possible," said Steven Gan,
    editor of the independent online news provider "He glued
    together a viable opposition, set a common theme and led the opposition to

    After Saturday's opposition successes politics in Malaysia will never be the
    same again and it was made possible through Ibrahim's multi-racial People's
    Justice Party which won the highest number of seats on the opposition
    benches in Parliament.

    Together with the pro-Chinese Democratic Action Party and the Islamist Pan
    Malaysian Islamic Party or PAS, the opposition commands 82 seats, just 30
    seats short of capturing the government.

    It is the best ever showing by the opposition since independence in 1957 and
    heralds a new era of transparency, accountability and clean government that
    Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi promised but never delivered. The voters
    punished him, sending his ministers and his state governments falling like

    "He has made a big comeback and has given multi-racial politics a firm
    foothold," said Gan. "Now a two-party system of politics is possible not a
    single domineering entity that is corrupt and dictatorial."

    During an interview with IPS, Ibrahim pledged to defend and promote
    free-market economy, foreign investment and continue the development
    process. But he emphasised that progress and wealth will now benefit the
    poor of all races, not the rich and ruling elite.

    "We are confident that under our leadership and working closely with our
    partners (in the opposition) we will begin to implement policies to ensure a
    stronger and more vibrant economy in Malaysia," he said.

    "We will ensure that investor confidence remains strong during the
    transition period and also to identify areas of concern that our new
    governments (state governments) will address in enhancing and improving
    their operations and performance in Malaysia," he said.

    The opposition is now busy forming coalition governments in the five states
    it won and is promising a new economic agenda to the people, mainly by
    eliminating corruption. "We will have zero tolerance for corruption and this
    will have a big impact in reducing business costs and build confidence in
    small and medium enterprises," Ibrahim vowed.

    "We also plan to divorce government employees from doing business with the
    government, thereby reducing incentives for cronyism and insider deals which
    are plaguing the current administration," he said.

    Ibrahim's comeback is astounding, considering that he spent six years in
    prison, unfairly accused and convicted on corruption and sodomy charges --
    now proven to be motivated by a political conspiracy at the highest levels
    involving judges, crony tycoons and political leaders.

    A former Islamist student activist who turned Malay nationalist, Ibrahim has
    successfully reinvented himself as a leader of all of Malaysia's races and
    campaigned on a reformist agenda.

    "The result of the election is testament to Anwar's acceptability as a
    leader to all Malaysians because his agenda is fair and just and involves
    all races, especially the poor," said Ragu Kesavan, a human rights lawyer.

    How did Ibrahim manage it? What is his winning formula? Political analysts
    say a key was his success in persuading the Islamist PAS party to drop its
    fiery rhetoric demanding a theocratic Islamic state -- an agenda that
    usually drives the all important Chinese voters, about 30 percent of the
    electorate, into the arms of the ruling National Front.

    He then forged a loose opposition alliance of three parties, allowing each
    to mobilise its supporters but campaign on a common theme, attacking rising
    prices of food and fuel, cronyism in the ruling United Malays National
    Organisation (UMNO) party and equality for all races.

    Religion, Islamic theocracy or parochial and racial issues did not figure in
    the opposition campaign this time, giving no ammunition to the government to
    exploit. Ibrahim's message of change resonated with ordinary Malaysians
    irrespective of their race or religion, observers said, because it touched
    on rising food and fuel prices which affected all people. They said people
    were aware of the real danger of their prosperous country going bankrupt
    through the pursuit of narrow policies. "Voters voted against Badawi because
    of his inability to deliver on the promises he made in 2004, including the
    promise to fight corruption, the promise to reform the police force, the
    promise to be a prime minister for all ethnic groups, and the promise to
    improve the civil service," said political researcher Ong Kian Ming.

    Chinese and Indians, descendents of immigrants under British colonial rule,
    who have long felt treated as second-class citizens rallied to Ibrahim's "we
    are all equal" banner.

    He also won over urban Malay voters who had not benefited from the New
    Economic Policy (NEP) -- a Malays first affirmative action policy -- by
    saying the benefits had been hijacked by the Malay elites.

    Early in the campaign voters were wary of Ibrahim's reformist agenda and the
    turnout at his campaign rallies seldom reached 1,000 people, but midway
    during the 13-day campaign the turnout steadily swelled to over 30,000.

    Although Ibrahim did not contest, he is the de-facto opposition leader. He
    is unlikely to formalise his position by contesting in a by-election and
    return to parliament as opposition leader.

    Pressed on this, Ibrahim told IPS: ''I rather look at myself as an
    alternative government or a government-in-waiting than an opposition

    He also surprisingly did not rule out accepting smaller political parties
    which are now members of the ruling National Front into his opposition
    coalition provided they subscribe to his reformist agenda.

    Political parties, now partnering the substantially weakened ruling
    coalition, may switch allegiance and join Ibrahim. Crossing the floor is not
    without precedent in Malaysia and even the beleaguered Badawi has come down
    to saying that anyone crossing over from opposition benches would be

  21. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Damage done, and with the 'serangan bertubi tubi' by the government controlled media, this new state government be alert and on it's feet 24/7.

  22. Anonymous5:07 pm

    brave mr yong? what, only after they worry about sales in selangor and penang do they apologise?

    they should have assumed accountability and responsibility a long long time ago.

  23. Anonymous5:31 pm

    enouh is enouh let go to work for the betterman of malaysia.....give pkr/dap pas to rule the own way lah....umno no more lah,,,just get the good one lah enough

  24. 1. The norm of Bernama is : Let Sdr Lim sue first, then decide on the next course of action....

    2. But because my learned friend Yong is a professional, he chose to apologise first before any Letter of Demand arrives at Jalan Tun Razak KL.

    3. I think the press need not apologise for adding - without mala fide of course - some paras in a news as a kind of flashback/backgrounder....

    4. But I must admit that at this point of time, every mention of May 13/ racial clashed/Mageran etc is sensitive.

    Having said that, I am very proud that the majority of our rakyat are already matured politically. They know their targets in making their decision, and understand well that ordinary people of all races are not to be blamed.


  25. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Aiyerrrr.... such a reputable news reporting agency do evil things like simply put words in people's mouth. Hmmm... no wonder my mama always say don't believe everything you read, don't believe everything you hear.. don't believe everything you see... Aiyah.. like that means, everything also gotta CSI?? Damn mar farn (troublesome!)

    For crying out loud!! BERNAMA out to shoot itself in the head and drop dead for doing such unethical thing!

  26. Anonymous6:35 pm

    I think LGE should be more carefull with his words regarding the Malay issues. Certain quarters would use it to stir racial unrest, a scare tactic which helped the BN to stay in power for donkey years and do nothing. Talking about the NEP, I think it had not helped the Malays very much. We all knew who benefitted from the NEP. If the NEP had been effectively implemented transparently, I think we wouldn't be seeing "Bersamamu" prgramme on the tele.

  27. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Last paragraph in Yong's letter, shouldn't it be "I would like to assure you" rather?

  28. Anonymous7:00 pm

    I hope like Penang state government, Pak Lah comes up with good Federal cabinet. I agree with this blogger's proposal:

    Maybe we all should give our list to Pak Lah before he close decision making for cabinet posts.

  29. Anonymous7:16 pm

    This does not go down well with Bernama staff.

  30. Tellingly, Mydeen wonders why no one noticed nor commented that the Penang CM was addresed as Saudara instead of Encik. Could Mr Yong be giving the socialist comrade a message here ?

  31. Time and again, the trouble-makers are the MSM. There seems no exception!

  32. Saudara!

    Hatta, disuatu ketika di masa yang lampau orang Melayu suka berKUGIRAN di Singapura, tiba tiba suatu pagi yang sepi mereka bangun terpegun bila mereka di maki hamun oleh China Singapura! Mereka, Melayu Melayu yang bebal ini, tidak kesedaran bahawa Temasik telah di di landa dan telah dijajahi oleh todak PAP!
    Melayu di Malaya ini pun maseh Bebal lagi dan maseh tidak sedar lagi negara semenanjung ini juga sedang di landa todak DAP! Wahai bangsa Melayu yang bangsat jika kamu tidak juga mahu menerima kesimpulan yang kamu memang bebal dan boleh menerima hakikat yang kamu semua masih boleh kepangkal jalan belajar lah dengan apa yang keturunan dan saudara kamu mengalami di Singapura!
    Masih boleh mengubah keadaan, bersatu lah orang orang UMNO suruh lah Pak Lah berundur!

  33. I just don't get it. Maybe because I am a mere female that I don't get it

    Do people like journalists and editors of Bernama, Utusan, Star, & Politicians like Hisham, and Najib think that

    Power and Greed reigns so supreme that they MUST INCITE disharmony until blood is spilled before they are happy?

    Are they so sure their own kinfolks will not be hurt in such a melee if the worst happens?

    Where is the Social Responsibility of anyone here?

    MUST there ONLY be the glory of One race or One religion to triumph before there is Peace?

    Regardless of color or faith, don't we cry when the blood of our brothers and sisters are spilled for the sake of Power and Greed?

    ALL I WANT IS TOLERANCE & RESPECT -or am I too simplistic?

    Can Anwar, Najib, Kuli, AAB, Shahidan, Khairy, Mahathir, LEG & LKS..

    ALL these savvy politicians SWEAR they ONLY have the good of the Nation at heart which is why they are BICKERING & inciting the people?

    Or can these ppl sacrifice everything and everyone for the sake of their Ego and Pocket??

  34. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Dear YB Lim GE, Uncle Lim KS and all BARISAN RAKYAT's Leaders,

    First, for the agreement achieved in Perak’s MB and related issues.
    Second, for the brilliant strategy of branding DAP to the RAKYAT.
    I strongly believed that some of the issues brought-out by DAP in purposed.
    Peoples are closely monitoring all elected PAS, PKR & DAP MPs and ADUNs and expect them to perform well. On the other hand, the BN’s leaders & supporters are hoping that The-Brand-New-BARISAN RAKYAT-Government to perform otherwise. WeThePeople will then analyse and decide whether to maintain or to change the government again. No doubt that the excellence performance of PAS governing Kelantan for 18 years had proven being accepted by many including Chinese, Indian, minority Thais and others. Don’t miss to check this out:

    WeThePeople also believed that we are supporting the-Government-In-Waiting i.e. BARISAN RAKYAT. We are prepared for BN’s funeral and we are also prepared to give more support to BR.



  35. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Saudara Rocky,

    Saya melihat perkembangan di PP dengan penuh risau. UMNO PP nampaknya cuba mengapikan perasaan perkauman antara Cina dan Melayu setelah kekalahan teruk BN di PP. Apa yang cuba dikatakan oleh LGE dalam ucapan dasarnya adalah untuk tidak meneruskan dasar DEB yang hanya menguntungkan golongan tertentu dalam UMNO. Yang dikehendaki adalah tender yang telus, terbuka dan tiada kaitan dengan ahli politil tertentu seperti yang berlaku sebelum ini. Saya hendak bertanya dengan UMNO PP, selama ini, Melayu PP hidup dalam kedaifan tapi apa yang pernah dilakukan oleh UMNO PP untuk mereka? UMNO PP cuma tahu untuk jaga poket mereka saja. Jawablah dengan terus terang dan berani jika ini tidak benar. Ini bukan saja untuk UMNO PP tapi kebanyakan UMNO negeri lain. Siapa yang dapat projek projek kerajaan ? Berapa banyak habuan dan komisen yang ahli politik UMNO dapat? Jadi, Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB) bukannya untuk orang Melayu tetapi pemimpin UMNO saja. Ahli UMNO biasa dan Melayu bukan UMNO macam mana??? Inikah DEB yang kita hendakkan? Nampaknya UMNO PP hendak menyimpang dari kekalahan yang teruk di negeri PM sendiri dan membuat isu yang tidak benar.

    Selama ini , bila UMNO PP tidak menyertai majlis angkat sumpah Ketua Menteri baru di hadapan Yang Dipertua Negeri, tiada yang kata UMNO PP BIADAP ! MCA , MIC dan Gerakan lainlah sebab tiada calon mereka yang menang di PP tapi UMNO PP ada yang menang. Tiada pun kelihatan akhbar Utusan Malaysia dengan tajuk 'UMNO PP BIADAP' yang terpampang di muka depan. Saya cuma memberi pandangan yang bernas dan tidak berat sebelah dalam isu ini. Akhbar arus perdana kenalah berhati hati dalam memberi pandangannya. Jangan cuba mengambil kesempatan untuk mengapikan kemarahan 2 kaum terbesar di negara ini. Akhbar melayu bukan saja dibaca oleh kaum melayu, tapi oleh semua kaum.

    Kalau DAP sudah menang dengan majoriti di DUN PP, terimalah sebagai kenyataan. Biar LGE diberi peluang untuk menerajui kerajaaan negeri yang baru. Kita kena menghormati suara majoriti. Kalau ada keputusannya yang tidak betul, kita boleh menyuarakan tapi janganlah baru mengambil alih saja, kita telah menghentamnya. Ini sudah tentu tidak adil untuk dirinya. Jangan kata LGE saja, MB negeri yang lain, yang telah memerintah begitu lama, ada kalanya kita cuma membisu. Begitu juga dengan PM kita, banyak dasarnya yang tidak betul dan tidak menguntungkan rakyat, tapi tak nampak pun ahli BN yang berani bersuara.

    Berkenaan dengan protes dari UMNO PP di Komtar pada hari Jummat yang lepas, nampaknya UMNO PP cuba mengambil kesempatan untuk membuat huru hara. Kenapa tidak mengambil iktibar untuk berjumpa dengan LGE dan berbincang dengannya mengenai kenyataannya? Kalau ahli NGO Melayu PP boleh mengambil keputusan yang waras dan berjumpa dengannya tanpa perlu adanya perhimpunan haram ini, mengapa tidak UMNO PP? Apa hasilnya dengan perhimpunan haram ini? Berbaloi ke? Kalau di KL, sudah tentu yang berhimpun akan disembur dengan air pancutan dan dipukul oleh cota FRU ! Nampaknya pihak polis juga tidak adil dalam kes ini. Macam cuma tutup satu mata saja. Apakah peniaga yang menpunyai kedai berhampiran KOMTAR tidak terjejas perniagaannya? Janganlah kita berat sebelah dalam kes seperti ini kerana pada masa depan, jika pihak BERSIH hendak mengadakan tunjuk perasaannya, apa pula kata pihak polis?

    Inilah curahan saya , dari pandangan mata kasar ke atas perkembangan politik masakini. Janganlah kerana PM hendak mengalihkan fokus pandangan serong penduduk M'sia dari kekalahan teruk parti BN, maka isu perkauman pula yang cuba dibawanya. PM sepatutnya tidak menjadi peneraju dalam isu perkauman ini. Kenapa hendak mempersoalkan tentang dasarnya terhadap kaum Melayu dan kaum minoriti di PP bila LGE telahpun berkata yang dia akan saksama terhadap semua kaum di PP. Saya disini ingin mempersoalkan pula tentang dasarnya terhadap kaum Melayu, Cina dan India di M'sia. Jika beliau telah berlaku adil terhadap semua kaum di M'sia, kekalahan teruk bagi BN tidak mungkin terjadi! Tanya diri sendiri terdahulu sebelum mengajukan soalan yang sama terhadap pemimpin yang lain.
    Saya cuma berharap yang semua penduduk M'sia akan bawa bertenang dulu. Jangan ungkitkan isu perkauman. Biarlah semua Ketua Menteri dan Menteri Besar peluang untuk memerintah untuk tempoh 5 tahun ini. Kalau tidak suka, maka PRU akan datang, pangkahlah pihak yang lain. Sekian.
    Dari Yang Resah

  36. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Lim Kit Siang explains the Perak issue and DAP's stand on it in his latest blog post entitled 'Time to Move on into the Uncharted Political Waters'.

    The following comment, made in response to this blog post, is worth reading:

    # Noor Aza Othman Says:
    Today at 18: 50.18 (3 hours ago)


    I have written before the election all over that PAS is double-face, no different to UMNO. It is only interested in gaining as much ruling power as it can and will say anything to gain that power. It is a party like Umno, that is based on racial, religious and ultra-nationalist (of a supreme Malay-Islamic nation-state) politics and hence will forever stands in contradiction to a mature and progressive nation-state of truly democratic Malaysia in the future that promotes true equality and liberation for all. I do not think it is too late to rectify this grave mistake of having PAS in the Opposition coalition in the first place as I believe if Anwar & Keadilan plus DAP stand firm with their conviction (I applauded Anwar’s and DAP’s brave stand against the racial based affirmative action New Economic Policy i.e. NEP); there is great potential for Anwar to intensify the effort of changing the mindset of brainwashed Malays. Especially within the ordinary population; who are still brainwashed into supporting the undemocratic and unjust NEP and “Ketuanan Melayu-Islam” (i.e “Malay-Islamic Supremacy”) ideology. For many educated Malays, NEP & such racist, sexist and fascist ideology are no more relevant since many have been exposed to liberal and progressive democracy system and universal human/women’s rights as initiated in the west. (I am talking about the progressive west here in the EU such as the Scandinavian countries). And these Malay educated population are the ones who might be able to influence their parents or relatives from the Malay rural population and low income communities particularly. It is worth a try, and why not?

    And to also have in mind that Umno is going to play more dirty in the next election by having “indigenous/bumiputera/Malay” identity as constructed from religion rather than from race/ethnicity. This is the reason for the founder of so-called “JUST” Malaysian NGO, Chandra Muzaffar’s dirty and deceitful outburst against Anwar; in order to prepare the groundwork for enabling Indian Muslims to gain such “indigenous” identity in exchange for loyalty and support for Umno. Whilst their elite-class enrich themselves of course with all the privileges. This is also very dangerous for the opposition as this will enable Umno to buy increase voting support for them in the next election. Besides granting citizenship and possibility of such “indigenous” identity to only Muslim migrant workers from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Indonesia, and Muslim refugees of Burmese, Filipino and Southern Thai background including in Sarawak and Sabah, in order to also garner that increase votes and loyalty to Umno (this also explains partly the big winning in Sabah and Sarawak for the ruling Barisan National coalition i.e. BN as I noticed when in Sabah and Sarawak how surprisingly many such migrants easily attain citizenship). So I fully support the bravest and wisest opposition leader of all, Lim Kit Siang for taking such a firm stand against PAS on the issue of MB Perak’s position. Besides, there you can see how greedy for power and double-face PAS is; they already gain two states of Kedah and Kelantan. Why can’t they back-off and compromise on the Perak MB issue if they are genuinely co-operating with the coalition partners especially since DAP won the most seats anyway? I never trust PAS and never will; because I have grown up and realize true democracy and universal human rights that cut across race, religion and ultra-nationalism are the greatest rewards for humanity. Particularly in a world dominated by greed, arrogance and selfishness. And as long as the capitalist-elite system and class rules the world and humanity! And male politicians including from the opposition; please do listen and take advise from the women sometimes.

    And long live DAP & Keadilan! At least, I could breath again a little bit in this sorry nation-state!

  37. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Headlines on mainstream papers can sometimes be more dangerous than even a public gathering or a public walk to an embassy.
    Yet from time to time one's early morning read can turn out to be a shocker especially for the peace loving.
    Why pour petrol into a slow flame??
    I suppose now that we have the alternative media, sometimes where opportunity arises there will be bloggers who may resort to do the same to gain somehow and yet at other times where it concerns another entity or community they choose to keep silent.
    BODO WE.

  38. Anonymous11:12 pm

    it is appaling to witness how the low the mainstream media aka known as the Barisan propaganda machine has stooped in order to fabricate and manufacture allegations and selective slanted news reports.

    the tirade has raged for decades against the oppostion leaders and parties as well as NGOs and those who call for transparency and integrity in Barisan Nasional

    now that Guan has exposed Bernama's dastardly fabrications, it is hoped that with this written acknowledgement of their underhand works, it would lead the Penan goverment and other opposition ruled States to hold such pawns credible to public accountability.

    the media has long being hijacked by the Barisan regime and for it to unshackle itself and function as a free media will be a challenge. it would be like helping a battered and caged dog to accept and value freedom.

    some caged species like Datuk Wong may prefer a caged enviroment as his master still feed him sweet barisan nuggets and tidbits.

    it would be premature to assume that such running dogs would want to embrace a media that stands on its own feet and embraces the old tradition of reporting both sides of the story without fear of favor.

    the rakyat must be the catalyst of spearheading a media of the people by the people and one that rejects corrupt and impotent clones of the barisan regime media.

    let there be a clear message sent to these coward remenant media like the fallen Star, the Staid Times and utusan bodowi.

  39. Anonymous11:42 pm

    Reply to Anonymous on JeffOoi-shut u.

    I think you should shut up first. Jangan nak menghasut the Malay professionals to vote for BN or PAS. They are intellingent and knows what is best. You still don't get it? They do not want racial politics anymore. NEP is not relevant anymore if Malaysia is to discard its third world image. There is no shortage of intelligent Malays around. So stop the double standard in the gradings of SPM and do not waste the peoples hard earned money (taxes) in sending someone unqualified overseas. Remember the case where the student with 20As or so which was sent by the foreign university?? What a disgrace to Malaysia!!

    The Chinese has this saying, " we do not offend people who do not offend us". Rest assured that if Malaysia is ruled unbiasely, the Malays heritage will always remain. They respect that from the start.

    To people like you, go back or join the UMNO and rot like them.

  40. sloppy editing? more like intentional. these fuckers are known to be a bunch of unprofessionals who licks for a living. nothing new there.

  41. Anonymous1:08 am

    I was informed from a reliable source that more paid cybertroopers are being engaged to inundate the blogsphere now than before the election. So becareful guys.

  42. Anonymous1:14 am


    Protest in Penang, and racially insensitive comments by leaders on both sides are adding unnecessary tension to an already tense situation. Why can't we have intelligent politicians, on both side of the camp, who would actually THINK before speaking up? Could it be entirely possible that the leaders whom we so "admire", lack the necessary management skills and natural intelligence to be articulate and thoughtful when coming up with statements to the press?

    More work, less talk is better for them I guess. Oh, talking about people who talk a lot, where's KJ? He's been pretty much under the radar (so unlike him) since the election. Probably for the better, considering the weird circumstances surrounding his win in Rembau. Hishamuddin, why so quiet? This is the time for you to show your strength...or is there something out there that we don't know about? The drama could rival Mis Tres Hermanes, and it makes for great viewing for all of us!!


  43. Anonymous1:32 am


    'Those who come to Equity comes with Clean hands'

  44. Enough is enough

    We got children to feed.

    'In the name of humanity either resign or reclude'

  45. Anonymous1:40 am

    It is just a "Thiunama".

  46. Anonymous2:06 am

    i don't think guan eng is wrong by saying that the new penang gov is going to dismantle NEP. Dismantling the NEP was one of the manifesto for the GE. Hence, if the rakyat supported the DAP, it means that the majority of rakyat wants NEP to be abolished in Penang. DAP is just carrying out their promises, as wanted by the people. if they do otherwise, people will accuse them of not walking the talk.

    afterall, malays should learn to do without NEP. i seriously don't believe that eradicating poverty needs the NEP. it can be done in many ways, at the same time not limited to just a race. it's he gov's resposibility to take care of the wellfare of everyone.

    hence, i personally do not agree with the NEP. i am 22 years old this year, grew up in malaysia not understanding why skin colours play s apart in determining your fate. born here, grew up here, pure bred malaysian, yet not treated like 1. hence, i do not believe the NEP work anymore, especially when it makes people like me not appreciated by the country,furthermore we should not be subjected to the same policies which was inflicted on on fore fathers. they came from china. I came from Malaysia. and Malaysia is all i know

  47. Anonymous9:01 am

    Well... politics is politics. They'll always bite at one another. I'm still too young to vote so I can't help yet xD.

    Anyway...This feels like political manipulation but i suspect Bernamas fixing itself too. o_O. We'll have to wait and see.....

    One things for sure, we have to get the governments running in PEACE or we're so screwed with a relapse of history. (< you know what it is)..

  48. Anonymous10:18 am

    Attentions Lawyer - quickly move your based to Penang because the will be a new era of doing business there. Era of defamation suits just like what our Lee Kuan Yew or PAP did in Singapore. So to all politician and journalist please get prepase and filter what you want to write or say.
    I don't see why the letter should be put here hy not just say LGE accept Yong apology to the matters and if people dispute then only show ma. BAD PR from DAP just prefer to do BASHING. Aperson who made mistake end then acknowledged and apologised is wiser than who asked for apology and the do different thing behind. LGE also dont be to egoistic man.

  49. Anonymous11:44 am

    1. Whats all these nonsense. Mengaibkan sianu dan siani? PAS, PKR, BN, DAP... tak segan siluke? KAN INI AMAT BERCANGGAH DENGAN AJARAN2 ISLAM, CHRISTIAN, BUDDHA, HINDU dan lain2. Beria2 benar nak membela nasib orang2 miskin, sampai terpaksa bertikam lidah, berebut2 jawatan bagi membolehkan mereka membuat demikian? Ya benor mereka2 ni..

    2. Shame on you, CLOWNS.


  50. Anonymous1:25 pm

    jeff oii..
    no need lah...
    im not an umno supporter before and never vote...
    next time ah... dap can step down
    just take a look at that poor minorities...panjat bangunan komtar pon takleh buat apa2
    busok oii dap...
    bebudak mckk...anwar...hishamudin rais..raja petra....royal blood apa...,
    to all malay professionals out there wake up..join PAS or UMNO..for the sake of our heritage..


    Cis .... kalau bebudak mcm engkau ni bukan kaum bangsat UMNO .... ku kira kau ni mcm Ku Klax Klan , janagan lupa bawa topeng bila keluar bandar hari ni...!!
    Jangan lupa "brainwash" anak-anak kamu pegi benci itu Cina babi atau India Keling ...okie...!!!

    tapi kalau hang & kawan kawan hang dari UMNO dtg ka Sabah & Sarawak, mu semau akan balik tanpa kepala kosong mu tu.


    Semoga ALLah melaknat UMNO & pengikut-pengikut najis UMNO......

  51. Anonymous1:44 pm

    haha kesian saudara yong! beliau hanya menjalankan tugas mengikut titah perintah bosnya. yang patut kita condemned ialah bosnya yang bergelar panglima annuar zaini yang titlenya diperolehi dari km sabah musa aman yang hendak membodek bodowi kerana dia tahu panglima itu kononnya kawan rapat bodowi ataupun musa aman termakan yang panglima ini mempunyai kuasa mempengaruhi bodowi. ini pasti berita ekslusif yang diperolehi oleh yong ini diaturkan oleh panglima dan konco2 di tingkat 4. all plantedlah... panglima ini bijak sentiasa berselindung dan menggunakan aparatus bernama mempromosi bodowi dan dirinya juga.... anda semua harus waspada dan mesti baca dua kali apa2 yang dikeluarkan oleh banana jika ia berkaitan bodowi....dan juga diri panglima yang gila nama, kuasa dan pengaruh...,tetapi pelingkup Melayu Perak, tanah Universiti Malaya dan lain-lain...


  52. Regarding the UMNO led protests in Penang on Friday, I'd like to ask the PM why the double standards? Look at how cruelly the peaceful assemblies by BERSIH and HINDRAF were surpressed. Even an assembly to present roses to the PM was disallowed. So why wasn't an injunction against the UMNO led protests in Penang issued by the police?

  53. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Rocky Bru,

    Yong can send apology letter on Bernama's behalf coz Menteri Penerangan on leave prior to retirement ha..ha..