Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More bloggers to contest in GE?

Jeff Ooi of Screenshots will contest in Penang. But blogger Hard-T seems to think that 7 other active bloggers, including a woman, should get into the ring, too. Check out his fantasy here.


  1. Rocky, i guarantee you will win if you contest!! Just contest against a BIG-WIG for fun under an independent party.

  2. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I'm not a Malaysian but someone who lives in this country. Bro, my heart weeps for this nation as I see it going down the drain under the leadership of an inept person surrounded by a bunch of heartless elements whose sole existence is to advance politics of expediency and personal glory. Malaysia has lost its competitiveness, its relevance, its stand and its whole destiny under the leadership of Abdullah. Bro, it is immoral for you to BLAME Abdullah and his heartless, brainless and corrupt clique without you Rocky and others doing something. If you don't offer an alternative or OPENLY support those who offer it, then you are worse than UMNO scoundrels and its putras because you have failed in your Islamic, Malay, human, citizen and democratic duty to stand to be counted at the hour of need. Please, something should be done to save this nation before it is too late. Please don't leave this country under the tutelage of one Abdullah Ahmed Badawi if you are honest about a better Malaysia. God is my witness that I have cried out to you at the hour of need.

  3. Anonymous2:35 pm

    do it bro! take on useless idiots like 'nazri da grown up puppy' or even 'kapla batas'.

  4. Anonymous2:47 pm

    read these about 2008 election...

    Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes
    decide everything.

    One person, one vote... may not apply in certain state.

    To you I'm lazy; to my ppl in bn, I'm a prime minister material.

    Campaign spending: RM billions
    Having your little sil rig the election for you: Priceless.

    The current administration is like a baby:
    An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.

  5. rocky,

    balik melaka to Lubok China...get your brother's silat guys to campaign for you.

    hey.....you'll never know. there maybe still a few good men ....and women.

    and by the way...
    that one woman as a candidate Hard T suggested. Hahahaha....geli hati-lah.

    aahhh. fantasy.

  6. Do contest under the banner of a Malaysian version of Green Party!

  7. Hey bro,

    If all eight bloggers contest, would that set a world record of sorts?

    As it is, I'm familiar with seven.

    And that ain't no fantasy.
    ---------------------- 0 -----------------------------
    Yer got your 3 mill coming up soon.

    Hah! Apa lagi. Bila nak party.

  8. Rocky, please consider contesting in the upcoming election.

  9. Anonymous9:33 pm


    It is good for all of our citizens to see bloggers elected into parliament. With their competence and knowledge, more exposes of the excesses and weaknesses of our incumbent BN parliamentary lowlifes will be revealed and highlighted in future in blogosphere and people will be wiser in their future choices.

    It augurs well for the future of our fledgling democracy in this fractured country - Bolehland (semuanya OK, semuanya boleh. With the demise of the setting Sun and the death of the Star dawning on us, we look forward to bloggers giving us the news. I wish you well. I hope Citizen Nades and his cohorts will not fail us in other endeavours. They can publish their own blog or join up with you, my goodfella, and enliven blogosphere with more exposes of Khir Toyo's failings in local governance.

    I am of the opinion news and views via the blogosphere in Bolehland is here to stay. The so-called free paper is no longer a viable option anymore. Rockyfella, I believe you oughta think out of the box and reinvent yourself for a brighter future ahead. In the age of globalisation, you must stay ahead of the competition. But if you cannot beat em, join em, like they say.

    Ever thought of putting up yourself for a hotseat yourself - in Selayang, perhaps?

  10. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Rockyfella - I read "a malaysia loving foreigner" and his concerns about forging ahead for a better Malaysia. Well, my friend, that's it, that should be the name of your new online paper - A BETTER MALAYSIA.

    In the interest of a better Malaysia, you should garner and gather support for a new online e-paper, "Towards A BETTER MALAYSIA."
    All the advertisers who formerly piggybacked the setting Sun might be interested in the viability of your proposal. Get hold of Citizen Nades and gang, too.

  11. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Opposition needs to get at least half of the Parliament seats
    or no way to change those non-sense Acts and Laws!

    Opposition must be in the same Direction with Human Rights as first priority
    or GE will only be a game for politicians
    and People again be in the loss!
    Any hand with the Right mind and responsible heart are wanted!!

    DAP/PKR/PAS needs to declare their Principle and Directions to cohere more forces to get half of the Seats to fight the BN devils off!!

    More bloggers to come to walk their talks!
    Look out for the Right Strategy to go!!

  12. Dear Rocky,
    What is important now is to penetrate the rural folks where some of them have no access to internet.How do we gain access to them, it is via students of higher learning who are studying in urban areas.They have to convince their parents,siblings.relatives and friends the true picture of what is happening in the BNpultras administration in the country and how they are enriching themselves at the expense of the poor people regardless of race.We need the uprising of PEOPLE POWER via STUDENT POWER like what happened in Thailand in the past.Good luck and may God bless the opposition to stear the country in the right direction for the betterment of all citizens.

  13. Bro Rocky,

    Ramai yang menyokong saudara, apa lagi boleh try laa bro.

    Kalau kira HIT dalam blog ni, sure you sudah boleh menang bro.

    Tapi, just nak nasihat, ramai jugak yang menyokong mendatangkan rebah.

    Suruh-suruh lepas tu bila suruh contribute tenaga sikit dah macam-macam alasan.

    Tapi kalau u all yang suruh bro rocky pegi bertanding, biarlah pendapat datang dengan tanggunjawab kalau tak, kesian kawan.

    So, apa kata, u all sudah boleh start donate duit untuk Bro Rocky buat persiapan, lepas tu nak buat poster, sesiapa yang ada business printing tu boleh laa kasi free. Yang paling penting DUIT PERTARUHAN ... Parlimen agak-agaknya baru 15k..

    Yang tak ada kerja tu, boleh laa datang tampal poster, panjat pokok pasang banner untuk Bro Rocky.
    Baru laa kawan ni confident ..

    Seronok jugak melihat perubahan yang real... jangan asyik sedap berbicara tetapi amat susah untuk berbakti.. ini baru dikatakan Bloggers for Malaysian ...

    Wake UPP Beloogersss ... Masa sudah sampai .... untuk anda berbakti kepada Negara ...



  14. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Yo Rocky,

    Apparently, I am one of the bloggers Hard-T pitted as someone worthy (in his world!)to be candidate in the upcoming GE.

    If I lose, well and fine. I'll sulk in silence and fade away. In three days, everyone will ever forget that BigDog contested in Parliment Seri Anjingjaya.

    BUT what if, by the grace of God, I win???

    I can see the HEADLINES in all the media the next morning, be it mainstream or alternative..........

    BigDog wins, SIX DIED!

    Six of my strongest (I mean litterally, "Strongest"!) supporters, died while attempting to lift me up when the returning officer announced my more-than-surprise-thirteen-million-bucks-razor-thin margin win!!!!


    I'll be damned!

  15. Anonymous1:23 am

    If you and the others are seriously comptemplating this, there is not much time to waste.

    But I think you owe it to yourself to guage your support before going ahead. Reality sometimes bites.

  16. Anonymous10:24 am

    Rocky - I see many of your readers encourage you to run for office. I second them without hesitation. In fact, I should say that anyone who feels passionate about justice, fair play, and sincerely wants to put the nation on the road to progress should consider fighting for a place in parliament.

    Because for every fair-minded and just person who got voted in, one of those crooked rascals/conman/biadap sexist/racist bastards will get thrown out - and that is certainly a very good thing for the long-suffering ordinary people and for the country, don't you all agree?

    Therefore, I am really happy to see Jeff Ooi boldly stepping into the fray. Ordinary defenceless Malaysians and the nation desperately need honourable people like Jeff and you to lead them. And I'm sure there are still many others who also share your values who should seriously consider running for election.