Thursday, February 28, 2008

A little girl's open letter to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

From an 11-year old whose beloved teacher has lost her husband to the ISA, for 6 years now.
Rocky's note: This letter has been mailed to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Internal Security Minister responsible for signing documents that have sent scores of people to detention without trial, the latest being the 5 Hindraf leaders. The little girl's name has been changed for this posting, for obvious reasons.

Kepada YAB Perdana Menteri Malaysia Dato' Seri Abdullah bin Hj. Ahmad Badawi, semoga berada dalam jagaan Allah SWT selalu.


Saya, Sakinah, pelajar sekolah swasta tahun 5, ingin menulis surat tentang guru saya, Cikgu Norlaila.

Saya ingin menceritakan peristiwa semasa saya mengikuti kelas daurah/usrah di mana sewaktu kami berehat, cikgu berkongsi yang dia amat inginkan seorang anak perempuan seperti kami, anak murid perempuannya, kerana dia inginkan seorang anak yang lemah lembut.

Cikgu Norlaila menceritakan kepada kami (anak murid perempuan) bahawa malangnya suaminya ditangkap di bawah ISA lebih 6 tahun dahulu. Suaminya belum dilepaskan atau dibicarakan lagi. Saya amat sedih mendengar cerita itu kerana saya terbayang bagaimana anak lelaki tunggalnya terasa.

Setiap hari, ayah saya balik, tetapi ayah saya selalu balik lewat malam kerana banyak kerja. Saya amat merinduinya, tidak sabar menunggu kedatangannya dan ingin memeluknya.

Bagaimana akan perasaan anak Cikgu Norlaila pula? Inilah kasih sayang antara seorang anak dan ayahnya.Seperti ayah saya dan saya.

Ibu saya serta guru-guru saya memberitahu saya Allah suruh kita adil, bercakap benar, menolong orang lain tidak kira ugama atau bangsa, dan tidak menyakiti orang lain.

Saya doa Allah lembutkan hati tuan Perdana Menteri supaya membebaskan suami cikgu.

Jadi inilah tujuan saya menulis surat ini. Saya berharap agar tuan melepaskan suami cikgu kesayangan kami supaya anak cikgu dapat hidup bahagia seperti keluarga saya.

Yang benar,
Warganegara Malaysia

'Rasalah simpati;
Demi Jiwa dan Diri'


  1. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Hi Rocky, I think she's a standard 5 student, not a 5 year old. She wrote "Pelajar Tahun 5". Perhaps you can just edit that :-).

  2. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Hi..this email has been going round. Not sure how reliable it is?

    go to
    key in the ic and you'll see.....

    IC 890211050014, 961022505236, 971219750079, 991230710156, 991025740081

  3. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Pak Rocky,

    Kalau tidak silap, saya ada jumpa surat yang sama dalam tong sampah di belakang JPM.

    Nanti saya check semula ya Pak. Kasihan saya pada guru tersebut.

  4. Anonymous1:19 pm

    "When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?"

  5. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Rocky, 11 year old la...tahun 5..bukan 5 year

  6. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Can anyone make an English and Chinese Translation?

  7. Anonymous1:46 pm

    wow, this five year old is a genius can write such excellent letter. my five year old cannot even spell properly, left alone, write a letter.

  8. Anonymous2:10 pm

    This is a very touching letter...

  9. Anonymous2:48 pm

    AAB doesnt even have the time to read Ezam's 600 page report. Even if he does, he will just read the first line then fall asleep.

  10. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Rocky, I think the girl is in year 5 (standard 5) not 5-year old.

  11. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Bodohlah Babiwi...

  12. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Standard 5 and not FIVE years old lar bro...amazing vocab and articulation for a 5 year-old don't you think?

  13. Anonymous3:02 pm

    bro, wa sedih la bace letter nie..BABI PNYE PAK LAH!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous4:21 pm

    'jangan kacau saya tidur lah........'

  15. Anonymous5:19 pm


    Dr Mahathir admitted that he used his power to jailed AnwarIbrahim...that not fair...
    kejamnya Dr Mahathir


  16. Anonymous5:32 pm

    the letter does not "sound" like its written by an 11 year old.

    "sounds" like an adult's writing trying to "sound" like an 11 year old.

  17. Anonymous5:36 pm

    ya ya bla bla bla cikgu my a$$...

    somebody asked a little girl to write a letter?

    bad people rot in hell...err in Kemunting...

  18. Sorry guys, my mistake ..
    She is a Year 5 pupil NOT 5 years old.
    I have made the correction.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Anonymous11:54 pm

    anti-bodoh, u r the asshole...budak ni ada conscience, bukan macam ko,bangang, bebal,diri sendiri bodoh, tak nampak.

  21. Anonymous11:56 pm

    sekarang tdm mengaku anwar tak bersalah, cuba suruh dia mengaku pasal org2 yg dia sumbat dalam kamunting sejak pemerintahan dia. adakah depa2 ni bersalah wahai Tun?

  22. Anonymous11:57 pm

    anak anti-bodoh ni bodoh. tu dia tak kenal tulisan dari hati budak yang takberdosa. dia ingat semua anak2 bebal macam anak dia.

  23. Anonymous12:22 am

    Anon at 5.32pm and anti-bodoh:

    Know what? Let me tell you the truth. This letter was written from the heart by my daughter, Nursakinah.

    As an innocent, unlike you jaded/old farty idiots, I am PROUD that she has the capacity to feel something for another human at such a tender age and the need to speak out for someone else and what she feels is a hurt to someone else after hearing her teacher's story.

    I encouraged her to write to the PM and I was the one who requested the post here for it to reach a larger audience.

    These were her own words, and I merely edited some tenses and suggested to her to include a reminder to the PM about his duties as a Muslim.

    So I guess you people are the idiots. Maybe you should teach your kids well so that they can have a heart as big as my beautiful daughter's.

  24. Anonymous2:12 am

    Regardless who wrote and at what age, it doesnt matter. Most important sadness and the emptiness one has to bear for cruelity that other has put it into his hand w/out mercy as human.

  25. Anonymous3:53 am

    Pak Lah did let Anwar Ibrahim out. So whats the big deal Rocky? After he came out, we have had HINDRAF bombing down the streets and many unnessary rallies endangering Malaysan public.

    HINDRAF boys were getting druk at collection points for bus rides into town like my neighbourhood at 8am and causing a ruckus, scaring off people with abusive behavior.

    To beat the system, you have to be the system. Not revolt. Peace, Tolerance and politics is the way to change the BN rule.

    Not taking to the streets like BERSIH getting kids and students alongside anarchist and extremist like Abdul Hadi Awang and Anwar Ibrahim and oppurtunist like RPK and Jeff Ooi.

    RElax, think and manouver to beat the system, not act like war torn africans or or Balkan bloodthirsty warmongers. It is a civilised world we live today.

    ISA takes care of ppl that unbalances that peace and stability this country needs.

    Increase the peace!!!!

    Azman Suleiman
    Kelana Jaya

  26. Anonymous8:52 am

    siapa suruh bikin salah
    kan sudah kene tangkap
    padan muka

  27. Anonymous9:14 am

    If you can't beat the system , you damn well fight it. We have a moron as a prime minister and if he very well carried out his duty well , people need not go to the streets. By the way Hindraf once again I repeat to all idiots who still don't get it(keeps bringing up their name for every darn thing) - was created because Indians are and been pushed to the edge and stepped on by the government(MIC and BN) for years. It's so simple that some of you still keep harping that we out there to create ruckus. ISA does not take care of any shit except that it throws people in a wall of shame ,for those who fights for justice. If you speak so much of living in a civilised world then tell me why people need BERSIH and HINDRAF to rally for justice ????????? Azman please go back to be loyal to your goverment because from the sound of comments you care two shits about anyone except yourself. Don't talk about peace and tolerance when for god damn 50 years we have been f&*^%&&^ tolerating this bloody government and their atrocities. So save your freaking lecture for your children.

  28. Azman,

    There are many other avenues and legal ways provided for to deal with perceived troublemakers/threats to the nation. Round them up by all means, but give them a fair trial (quite impossible, we know, with the allegations of a pimped judiciary), instead of throwing them all into detention without trial for perpetuity under degrading/abusive/torture/dehumanising conditions which is definitely not part of the Islam Malaysia professes as its official religion. (neither is Islam Hadhari for that matter, a deviant/bidaah/ajaran sesat/innovation/insult to the already complete DEEN...but that's another topic lah)

    Even the greatest warrior/leader of all time, Saladin Ayubi dealt with his opponents/prisoners and threats in a just and humane manner.

    ISA has been around even before this current administration and used without a second thought under the guise of "we know better", "threats to the nation/stability" etc2.

    It is always easy to justify such actions when it is all viewed in a detached manner, and from afar.

    When those close to us are affected, it then opens our eyes and we wonder if there should be a better way. There always is.

    The leaders should ask themselves too, why people resort to the streets and to violence. It's almost always as a result the people's desperation due to the prolonged/ingrained inaction, extreme corruption and apathy on the part of the leaders themselves.

  29. Anonymous10:05 am

    Cyber trooper,

    Thanks for the comment, i believe you have been reading newspapers and not attending hindraf and bersih yourself to realize the truth of it.

  30. I dont get it. Rocky said the girl`s name has been changed and the name used is "sakinah".

    Then we have a person who claimed to be the parent of the girl named "nursakinah". Not much cover there!

    Anyway, what I find ineteresting too is that "cikgu norlaila never told her students why her husband was detained under ISA for the past 6 years."

    Was her husband into terrorism, gansterism, money laundering , deviant teaching, etcetc or a mere person who one day happened to wacth an opposition rally and got caught by mistake and was thrown into detention under ISA?

    On another note I find it funny that members of the public condemn detention under isa selectively!

  31. Anonymous10:46 am


    nursakinah and sakinahkan tak sama. if i call you nurwarrior2, kan tak sama.
    aiya. what's you point anyway? make yourself clear, boy, and don't waste rocky's and our time.

  32. I am against using an eleven year old to gain sympathy for some adult political drama. Whether it is her father who encourages her, teacher or whomsoever.
    Just as I am against when the letter of one of the Hindraf leader's kids were used for propaganda.

    I may sound cold hearted, but I don't think doing this is right. Thats all.

  33. Anonymous3:35 pm

    anonymous 9:14 AM

    Just a thot - to what extent has the Malaysian Indian community been marginalised by it's insistence on maintaining it's right to vernacular education in the form of Tamil schools?

    After all, fluency in Tamil (or any other Indian language, except perhaps for Hindi) is hardly a pre-requisite for being competitive in a globalised world. Fluency in one's mother tongue is for keeping one's roots and retaining one's culture, and, maybe, for preserving a sense of racial pride. Nothing more.

    I think that the Malaysian Indian community would have been much - better served if they had insisted on retaining the right to education in English at all levels - from pre-school to tertiary.

    But that's just my idiosyncratic view, based on my education (in English) in one of the then premier schools in the country.

    And not strictly relevant to this thread.

  34. Anonymous4:07 pm


    Why don't you go ask these ISA detainees families why? I don't think even they can give you an answer.

    Macam tu la. Too detached, stupid, arrogant, indoctrinated, mindless, gutless, brainwashed unmocrat.

    Number satu Tuhan korang is UMNO. Like some mindless unquestioning, boxed in, hypnotized, blind cult member. Cult sembah duit.


  35. Anonymous5:56 pm

    why using an 11 year old kid for this purpose? how do you think the experience that she goes through will help her be a good citizen or law maker later in her life? does anyone know what the teacher's husband did that he got thrown into kemunting? maybe i should ask my small kid to write to my boss and ask my boss why he didnt give me any raise,.... but that sounds so stupid, isn't it? hello u all out there, please lah dont be selective when u want to condemn anything, in this case ISA detainees. Anyway, I wish the government will get a lesser majority vote this time, because they really need a schock treatment to wake up from a long sleep.

  36. Anonymous8:00 pm

    agree with sinatra_z. its child exploitation to gain sympathy.

    "These were her own words, and I merely edited some tenses and suggested to her to include a reminder to the PM about his duties as a Muslim." wonder ada orang comment said it does not really sound like an 11 year old. the content sudah di edited. TM, sepatutnya you jangan edit the original letter.

    i initially also doubted its an 11 year old. but kalau dah parent-nya kata betul...betul la.

    but still, cikgu apa yang cerita pasal ISA kat budak budak sekolah?

    matapelajaran ISA di sekolah TAK RELEVANT! leave it to the adults. let kids, be kids. too many parents nowadays corrupt young minds with negativity and their own frustration.

  37. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Budak darjah 5 tulis surat macam tu?... nampak sangat menipu. Rocky tak payah la publish surat yang kononnya ditulis budak darjah 5.. kot je nak simpati dan menipu.. jangan lah perbodohkan orang lain.

  38. If a familly member is detained under ISA and when you go on a road tour to tell the world about it or write a letter about it, by all means, tell the whole story that your familly member was detained because he/she was just an innocent bystander or he/she was into terrorism or deviant teachings etcetc.. Dont hide material parts!

    On being selective, for deviant teachings or terrorism, you people never lift a finger to protest. But just because an 11 year old wrote a letter to the PM to seek help for an ACT which was not told, you people jumped!
    Thaose are my points!

    Dont you people look before you leap?

  39. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Who writes that letter or reasons why the teacher's husband is detained under ISA is not a real issue. Every child needs parents, father and mother. That's what was written. Secondly, ISA is irrelevant.