Thursday, February 28, 2008

The BIADAP award

Anugerah Barisan Insan Awasi Drama Ahli Parliment. It's going to be a regular award to be given to the worst peoples' representatives in the Malaysian Parliament. Today the People's Parliament announces its first recipient.

And the winner is .... click HERE!


Anonymous said...

next year winner is the BN REMBAU MP

Anonymous said...

Elakkan kesesakan mengundi, naiklah LRT.

the indie story said...

(foto-foto azmin ali berkempen di Hulu Kelang 2 malam lepas)

Anonymous said...

This PM ( puppet menantu ) deserve the award. In fact he can take it tanpa perlu bertanding for next year as well.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Maybe we should get El Zorro to stuff this fella into the infamous Mexican Chamber and stay there till after the election.

Pak Zawi said...

The recipient is the most apt person to receive the award. Thats my frank opinion.

lanaibeach said...

The award goes to…..
Tearing the envelope
Every eye staring at the stage
A quick smile and the voice
‘It’s the sleeping beauty
He enjoys has frolicking in the Land of Kangaroo’

This is the man of 5 corridors
In a maze he doesn’t know which way to exit
He stands looking worried as he tries to navigate
The 5 corridors will suck him to the ground

When he opens his mouth to say
He blames others for BN hiccups
Opposition spreading lies on divide and rule
This is the man who lived and ordered it
BN divides and rules the people
Dishing one sided statistics to fool the people
Telling them how BN had helped
Yet BN doesn’t tell the whole truth
It is coined in lies and deception
The sleeping beauty feeling so proud
Saying it out loud

In his hands the innocents go
Into darkness grouping alone
On the paper he signs
Without knowing the truth
Without showing his leadership values
Without knowing it is the people
They are the ones put him up there
For a term
Yet he arrogantly dismissed them
Calling them terrorists
When they only walked peacefully for a cause
Like what UMNO did during the British regime
Now BN says it is not the culture in the country
What lies BN spins to keep the power
And the wealth that comes with it

Know the truth
BN only says the half measure
Telling what they had done
BN never tells you about
The phantom voters in the current list
BN ignores it…….

The sleeping beauty wants your vote
When he gets it, he forgets about his promises
He will go back to his snoring in Never Land
So make it right once in your life

Anonymous said...

Some folks dont even deserve such award. Why waste time and money on fanfare to even focus on this matter?

Move on:

Did you all notice that while the MCA advertised that they got XXXX number of JPA scholarships for Malaysian Chinese, the MIC could not come out with such kind of notice?

That shows how much they have NOT done for the Indians.

Even the so called private universities and colleges that they may want to brag about - these are the blood, sweat and tears of the simple folks who were 'forced' to donate towards such things where the properties were directly or indirectly under the very same culprits who fleeced the masses.

What have they said in their advertisements? Subtle threats!

Dare come up with stats on how many additional Tamil schools they have championed for? They always hoodwink the public about 'new' schools when its the same old school that gets a new building.

The fools continue to lie saying that new buildings for existing old schools are 'new schools'.

Same goes to temples that get demolished.

The buggers cant even reason out in the parliament or state assemblies that many of these existed very much earlier than the time the so-called Malaysian companies took over.

Only much later did these so-called Malaysian companies converted the lands for housing, factories, golf courses and in the process evicted the workforce that toiled to give profits for these companies.

So these buggers must argue the case assertively at these forums to be seen as championing for the folks they claim to represent.

But where got such thing?
When structures are torn down, then only they show up and do some stunts? But strutures torn down do not come up again. They are gone forever.

Same goes for Tamil schools. The buggers want to be in the forefront to showcase that they are custodians of the schools and everything about the schools muct make reference to these idiots.

The buggers do not even learn how new Chinese schools are built, with the donors maintaining low profile and even the MCA not shouting about it.

Take a look at the MIC ads again in the media. Nothing tangible to shout about. All threats and fluff only.

And the fools do not want to place such ads in the Tamil media. The folks know already that it is bullshit.

Taking care of day to day needs of Indians is a great achievement?

Where is then the long term plan and action - which cuts across political divides? Real fools arent they?

If at all you really need to give the award - give it to MIC. They have been sleeping on the job for far too many years than the PM!

Anonymous said...

KJ will be the sole recipient for the Award next year.

Other candidates will give him the "laluan". A deserving award, I must say!

Anonymous said...

why waste time thinking, discussing, and promoting the BIADAP award after all... we all very well knows that the Sole Winner is "BODOHWI - The Man".

who else dare to make themselves dumb and daft like Pak Lah, the Ah Lah aka "BODOHWI - The Man"....?

looking at this person BODOHWI, one can tell that he is a failure; simple as that.

well that is my view, and may be incorrect... if you see the great person behind BODOHWI, then you are The Man!

it is you that matters.