Sunday, January 13, 2008

Yellow Carnival, Feb 23, Stadium Bukit Jalil

No more street demos for us, thank you. Bersih, which organised the massive Yellow on Nov 10 last year, will be applying for a police permit to hold a Pesta Rakyat at the Stadium Bukit Jalil, which has a seating capacity of 110,000 people.
According to this blog, 23rd Feb 2008 is the target date for the carnival. Generally, people expect Parliament to have been dissolved by then to pave the way for the 12th general election.


  1. Great Idea!!
    I wish I could be there to witness all these great things thats taking place in our country

  2. Anonymous4:44 am

    Yes. Go all the way. But there will be roadblocks leading to KL and Bukit Jalil.

    Next, have state level carnivals at all state stadiums.

    Fit in nicely with coming elections campaigns.

  3. Anonymous10:01 am

    LKS asked this.."Will Samy Vellu contest again in Sungei Siput?" ..I try to response but were cut out .. maybe he does not like my response.

    I wrote .... Samy vellu will not run away form his "FORT" unlike LKS who have been running around from PJ to Kota Melaka to Tanjung and to IPOH. The BIG Q .. where will LKC be contesting this election.. bet he will once agian run to Penang since his dream is to be the next CM .... SO to LKS before you ask Samy ... you must ask yourself.. where am I going to contest?

  4. Anonymous11:41 am

    "Jom BERSIH" is the official name!

    Polling should also be done by e-mail and SMS, therefore, more can join.

    Major cities should have the same as this should be a demand by every constituency.
    By Internet conference, the others can be related to KL at the same time to cut unnecessary traffic into KL.
    If they want to activate the Police, they then have to activate Police in all cities!

    Any Constituency agreeable, should contact Bersih for the idea!!

  5. Don't be surprised if Bkt Jalil is 'scheduled for repairs' in the very near future...

  6. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Aiya, as one earlier poster said, "sorry for the inconvenience, place is under repair". Permit boleh kasi tapi tempat talak.

  7. Anonymous2:45 pm

    I suggest that PLAN "B" be prepared to overcome the dirty tricks that's bound to be hatched against us. All of us should go to the stadium fully prepared with full tank of petrol, fully stocked up with food and water, the occupants of the car each donning a yellow shirt, and each car to come prepared with a medium sized yellow flag. Should we be unduly held back by the appointed time by whatever tricks that they hatch, we just relax and picnic in our cars while flying the flag. Let it take the whole day, who cares !!!

  8. Anonymous4:55 pm

    The stadium manager that dare to rent it out to bersih...will be sacked.

    Or conveniently the stadiums all over malaysia will be scheduled for repairs

    Bersih will not get any stadiums

  9. Anonymous6:14 pm

    aku pelik EL diabalo keliNgo dari el chicago wishinggo he could be here wittnessing oh GREAT THINGS .. ENDing with our COUNTRY !!! NIAmahhKAHcHOWhoooo !

  10. Anonymous7:34 pm

    even with police permit, authorities aint gonna lease the stadiums to you guys. back to square one. and the loud mouths from BN will shout how democratic they are.
    you guys gonna fall into this trap?

  11. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Hello, wait first and see if Samy Vellu can get permit to convene only 15,000 at Bandar Tun Razak, K.L to show support for the PM.

    If that one jadi, then can try fr other bigger things lah.

    And who says, any request not from government side will be approved and it will be smooth sailing all the way.

    Think of the challenges:

    a. Acid rain
    b. Suddenly no electricity/water facility
    c. Venue pre-booked for a national level pasar malam
    d. Car Parks around stadium used for other events - so no space for car parking, and therefore no venue
    e. Traffic congestion around venue, which incoveniences residents of Bukit Jalil, so no permit
    f. Crowd size cannot be greater than that of any pro-government event, therefore cannot have event
    g. Likely Danger of 'infiltration' by Hindraf supporters out to create trouble
    h. Venue already booked earlier for football practise by the teams formed under the KJ project

    And the excuses will go on.

    Try harder folks.

  12. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Every Step is a Track
    To Demand for Rights & Fairness to be acted!
    They can play tricks
    to testimony their ignoring the Rightful demands and their Duty to protect!
    It justifies more protest
    and gone with those who had neglected!
    So no hesitation to skip those to be elected!


    It is his show time before us!
    A Monkey, or Donkey, or others,
    he has a choice to make!
    Or, he has no more excuse that Rally should be on the Street!!

  13. Is the yellow "Bersih" tshirt on sale?

    Where can i buy one.


  14. Yellow Carnival
    Wave the yellow flags
    Don the yellow t-shirts
    Trooping in to say a piece

    Police will give permit
    This time there is no excuse
    A permanent place to hold rally
    Everybody can come to jam in

    Now will the stadium board agree?
    How much will the board charge?
    Crowd control and damages
    You never know…………

    You think you will drive in free
    Bear in mind of Police road blocks
    2km away from the stadium
    Creating chaos and traffic jams

    Then who will call the blame?
    The culture of blaming society
    Somebody has to take the fall
    The ruling elite will heap pile of dung
    Then something else will come about

    Hatch plan B someone says
    Apply for two at least
    Then see what happens
    Who will dare to dream?

    Yellow Carnival
    The trumpet of new age
    Will it be there as one claims it?
    Or the old songs keep playing?

  15. .......jangan cabar saya.......,saya ngatuk...........

  16. Anonymous2:00 am

    i am all for BERSIH but m skeptical of it so call leaders...hw BERSIH are they...n i bet te stadium will be in used for sportin a event even if they had to organised one all year round....

  17. Anonymous2:00 am

    i am all for BERSIH but m skeptical of it so call leaders...hw BERSIH are they...n i bet te stadium will be in used for sportin a event even if they had to organised one all year round....

  18. Anonymous4:36 am

    if this news is true..
    then finally, the dunggu's came to their senses. want to protest then do it in a stadium and dont disrupt everyone else that lives in KL. other ppl have better things to do than to have our businesses disrupted and to be stuck 4 hours in traffic.

    you people want to waste time shouting and punching the air so that u can claim that 100K people support anwar then go ahead, but dont disturb us other million or so KLites

  19. Anonymous6:54 am

    just organise a picnic or bersih family day in lake everywhere..anywhere if the stadiums are not available

  20. Anonymous1:06 pm

    If there is no permit, I think we should all tie a yellow ribbon on all trees near our own housing estate to show the government that we really do want a clean and fair election!

    Those who can't make it to Bukit Jalil should also support Bersih by tying a yellow ribbon where ever they are.

  21. Yo Johari, don't blame us. Blame the police.

  22. Anonymous10:35 pm


    Let's be serious. Give us some feedbacks. I sincerely believe that there's at least three good alternatives to think of to overcome the inevitable hurdles. Better still, with fine tuning they can be put to practice side by side. Don't wait until the last minutes. We are running short of time and opportunities !!!

  23. Shame on me, I'll be at the Jay Chow concert at that time.

    - yc