Friday, December 28, 2007

Pakistan's woe

Benazir Bhutto, June 21,1953-Dec 27, 2007
She was the youngest person - and the first woman - to be elected Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1988. Her father, former PM Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, was hanged in 1979 and two of her brothers died under suspicious circumstances [read here for her Wiki profile].
I had the privilege of meeting her in person in 1989 when she attended the Commonwealth Heads of Governments Meeting (Chogm) in Kuala Lumpur.

Follow reports of her assassination in blogosphere here.


  1. innalillahi wa innalillahi rajiun.
    hopefully, with her passing, the pakistani extremists will be contained.

  2. Anonymous1:21 pm

    My deepest condolences to the family members. May she rest in peace and may our heart be lifted by the sadness.


  3. u met Bhutto in 1989? that time i was a 7 year old kid.

    may her soul rest in peace...

  4. A Leader of the People Lost Forever ... "Every soul shall have a taste of death: and We test you by evil and by good by way of trial. to Us must ye return." (Holy Koran 21:35)

  5. Anonymous5:30 pm

    Innalillahi wa innalillahi rajiun. Condolences to her loved ones and supporters.

  6. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Bila tiba Ajal kita, kita sendiri akan pergi kepadaNYA. Innalillahiwainnalillahirojiun. Takziah kepada keluarga beliau. Semoga Allah swt akan mencucuri Rahmat ke atas Ruh beliau. Al Fatihah.

  7. Very sad indeed. I heard it live on AL Jazeera last night and couldn't help feeling sorry for her family and country. A very capable lady and likeable too.
    Perhaps we can learn a lesson from Pakistan. When democratic institutions are curtailed, shackled and diminished the nation tumbles.

  8. The Muslim nations in turmoil
    Don’t they understand Islam?
    Jihad on what oh people of the faith?
    Killing each other to satisfy some one need!

    Suicide bombers believing they will go to heavens
    Killing people sacrificing one’s life
    This is murder any which way one looking at it
    The roads for these people are in hell!

    No wrong will make it right
    Two wrongs will not settle a score
    It is best to say “I am sorry”
    Then continue to find ways to ease the conflict

    Jihad only for Allah domain
    No human should take it from there
    Learn it well oh people of the faith
    Islam a shining light for the world
    Now it is darkness dimly lit by the wise people
    Believing Satan has brainwashed the minds

    So it is seen
    In Pakistan Benazir Bhutto killed
    In Iraq many innocents died
    Will there be more…………?

    The Muslim Nations must realize
    Use Jihad for greed and personal glory
    It is downward spiral to hell
    Stop it and think about the future
    Paradise is doing good deed all the time

  9. terrorism blows.

    Gaawd i love Malaysia!

  10. Anonymous9:18 pm

    Benazir...thankfully gone down the road of all corrupt leaders...Educated in the west, adopting the manners and practices and lifestyles of the west...then back to the suffering nation to serve the WEST at the expense of the people they barely care about...Go Imran go!

  11. Anonymous10:18 pm

    innalillahi wa innalillahi rajiun. It was not unexpected though. Sadly, I doubt her death would lead to any positive outcome.

    The socio-politics of Pakistan is extremely difficult to dissect. I doubt that handing the country to a democratically elected government would solved the problem. The country contains too many groups (including Al-Qaeda), with opposing stance, who could never sincerely compromise in the event that they lost in the election.

  12. Anonymous11:54 pm

    My deepest condolences to the family of Benazir Bhutto and the people of Pakistan. Once again the world witnesses how regimes employ hitmen to assassinate potential opponents or Opposition to their rule.

    This dastardly assassination has the fingerprints of an all too familiar execution. No regime is going to sit back and allow the voice of liberty or freedom to operate. It was too much of a risk to allow the people to be freed from the clutches of dictatorship.

    Musharaf is an example of what happens when a country allows its judicary, milatary, police and media to be instutionalised. Do you see a similarity between Pakistan and Malaysia's ISA, OSA and the Barisan regime corrupt rule?

    Malaysia is not too far behind such tendencies. Her peoples should stand against the tide of such leaders while there is still room to act. The only reason for evil to prevail is for good men and women to do nothing.

  13. Anonymous12:27 am


    A fiery death for father and daughter. It'll not end. Indira Gandhi and son also met violent death. The Indian sub continent seems to have this rather regularly. And always, Uncle Sam always have something to say that will impact the politics here. Let's hope these violent deaths are not in vain. Thousands of Iraqis have died, and the country is nowhere near stability and peace. Habislah...

  14. Anonymous12:29 am

    Please. She's no saint. She has many faults and misdeeds. She merely had mass blind loyalty as is common in her society.

    But I feel sorry for the way she went.

  15. Anonymous5:27 am

    SHE lost her life!!!
    Pakistans lost their Soul!!
    Every person with a heart and Soul turned to HER!!
    Those being oppressed cried out for HER!!

    Sorrow from every Democratic World!
    Cutting Boundary of Religion and ALL!
    The Respects not any Pakistan have before!
    The Respects not only to a Pakistan Wisdom!
    But to a Human Rights Savior they long for!
    The Savior that all oppressed people in the World will long for!

    The hate of Bullies will grow!
    The Fire of Human Rights will glow!
    The move has yet to be seen!
    Tsunami of sorrow will come!
    Drown the Bullies and their dogs!
    If no Fair Election be done!
    More heat will roast the Government to WELL DONE!!

    In Memory of the World SHE lives!!
    More Human Rights be heated!!

  16. I care not for Benazir Bhutto politically, but her assassination through suicide bombing (if it is true) has shown how thoroughly faktap the Muslims society at large has been, because some Islamic scholars has deemed that suicide bombing is allowed.

    I do find it sad that she was killed. In politics everything is necessary (as in all is fair in love and war), but suicide bombing is not part of my faith.

  17. Anonymous9:40 am

    In Pakistan, there is almost a medieval-like divide between rich and poor.

    The ruling class aka landowners continue to exploit the general population, corruption is rampant and the vast majority of the people live in abject poverty.

    Their loyalty is only as said by Anon at 12.29am...blind, blind, blind mass loyalty and mass hysterics...I don't think even they know why they are rioting and wailing over this woman twice dismissed for corruption and found guilty of money laundering by a Swiss court...

    I guess, she wanted a larger standing in life than just living on the blood, sweat and tears- stained money of the Pakistani landowners in Western affluence..

  18. Anonymous10:41 am

    I am sure it was a great comfort to the people of pakistan that she was killed by fellow Muslims...may be from Al Qaedah or even the Pakistani secret service. Bhutto had good reason to believe that the present Govt of that Islamic democracy did not like her and would most probably facsilitate her death.

  19. Anonymous10:54 am

    We are definitely not like some of the western countries when it come to democracy. However, the difference between Pakistan, Bangladesh or Mozambique, and Malaysia is like earth and sky. Comparing Malaysia with these countries in an attempt to stress his/her point of discussion on how undemocratic Malaysia is, only reveals the person lack of insight, the naivety, and the inability to accurately weigh information.

    There is a trend in some so call "politicians", whose gist for life appears to be the glory of being supported by the thousands of their fanatic supporters. They have this tendencies of allowing their supporters to become unruly, and they could not care a damn about the welfare of the population as whole. The end justify the mean; hence, it doesn't matter if the country are destroyed in the process.

    The so call political leaders are even willing to die themselves, believing that they are the only one who could correct the ill of their beloved country, hence, an honorable death.

    Well, this is not a wrong concept. Unfortunately, it would only bring chaos and chronic anarchy (like in Afghanistan) if the leaders do not possess all the combination of the correct characteristic to become a leader.

    This is the problem with most of the leaders of the so call political parties in Pakistan and other chaotic countries, selfish in their own way.

  20. Anonymous12:49 pm

    cik putra siti, it would be good to reflect on some of the statements i had made between Pakistan and Malaysia. Before you dismiss them as "between earth and sky" may I urge you to take a closer look at how dictatorial regimes are born and established.

    Firstly, regimes like Pakistan chose to "outlaw" the proces of free democratic elections. This process was instituted gradualy. Secondly, martial law was imposed and as they say the rest is history.

    Now, the comparison with Malaysia is this: the corrupt practices of the Election Comission in Malaysia has long been broought up through legal chanells but the EC has refused to acknowledge it and continue to work with Barisan Nasional to ensure that it win elections through gerrmanadering, phantom votes, postal votes as well as a host of other illegal and corrupt rigging practice.

    This is a well-documented reality and the people of Malaysia have faced threats, and imprisonment over brring it to the relevant authorities. Secondly, like Pakistan, the Malaysian judicary, police and goverment has had a history of corrupt practices that it has concealed or classified as "closed".

    These unresolved scandals like Perwaja Steel, BMF as well as other financial crises have not been dealt with. There have been numerous killings of civialians in prisons as well as people in different regions. Calls for a just solution to these and other crises are met with threats and the ISA.

    The third factor Malaysia has in common with Pakistan is the country's use of the Police and Milatary against civilians, to crush dissent and as in the Anwar case to use both physical violence and false allegations and the judicary to impronsen them.

    So kindly try to think out of the box over these issus.

  21. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Extremist country only fit to be ruled by extremist leader or dictator.... Even Iraq only fit to be ruled by the tyrant Saddam..see where they come today after Saddam executed..

    That's why wise Muslim Malaysian cannot have chemistry with the current govt or any extremist group whatsoever..

    Equalizing the majority Malaysian Muslim people with terrorism is a totally non-sensible & nuisance!

    Worst we had people who talk about Islam but do not even know the true fundamental teaching of Islam..

    Who are the bastards who said Phrophet Muhammad s.a.w condone extremist?

    Do any of these bastards ever learned how Muhammad s.a.w built the religion? He was also marginalized by his fellow Quraisy people for bringing Islam in Mekah..

    Just in 23years He succeed in changing the Arab society landscape... can you do that? Did He stay there in Mekah ranting, babling & complaining his fate and asking mercy from people to help him or even curse the God?? The answer is NO.

    Yes idiot..he migrated to Madinah..started a new state ..built a new society & economy..enstrength the Madinah state in economic & military..but never fail to do good diplomacy even with the people who wanted him dead..

    And with wise strategy He conquered Mekah without bloodshed! From that, Islam expand to almost 2/3 of the world..even the Western scholar also studying Muhammad s.a.w strategy in their universities on how he expand Islam within less than a century.

    Never ever the Phrophet send any rascal (suicide bomber?) to create chaos or do sabotage in Mekah as it will only bring more bad picture than good to promote Islam even they are being oppressed by the infidels majority..

    Its a wise 'marketing' strategy of Islam by Muhammad s.a.w..people are always skeptical about something they do not understand. The bastard so called Muslim terrorist fail to understand this..They do not even fit to be called a mentally weak!

    Bastard are everywhere nowdays spewing all bad things about the real cock a lot when inside they understand none!
    Thanx to the bastard extremist also who carried the Islam label, giving Islam a bad name..

    Even for the Malay Muslim...go & study the 5 Rukun Islam 1st before talking cock about Islam & spoon feed idea..! Even the ustaz kampung also do not fully understand the fuck about this fundamental yet talk a lot about jihad..

    Fanatics only suits for idiot who better have their brain flush inside the toilet bowl!

    Islam is more that the serban pak haji you moron..Islam is about a system of living.. 13 century has proven it succeed until the Ottoman empire collapse from inside.. where got any other religion that have its own Financial System or political guideline, and Holy Book full of science stuffs and history for its believer to study..

    Why suicide bombing only have Islam in their picture?

    What about the IRA in Ireland, Tamil Tiger in Sri Lanka, or the assination of Gandhi decendent PM by Indian own people (still the India people worship Gandhi after killing his decendent?)..or even Japanese in WW2..way before al-Qaeda even exist!

    There you see who are the real bastards..tapered ground when it come to Muslims..Why should I be so apologatic to this kind! I rather blow their mind out than be so stupid to blow my body to kill them as well myself..

    Precious life while you still have it..

  22. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Like Indonesia, Pakistan have many talented peoples, abundant resources and huge population (domestic market). Alas, the never resolved 'internal conflicts' bring them nowhere - a 'wasted' Muslim nation.

    I am sad and shock the way Ms Benazir went. I will remember her famous words - 'I didnt choose this life, it chose me'.

  23. Bagi pehak,

    kami dari lake garden taiping ingin merakamkan sekalung takziah kepada seorang pemimpin wanita Islam yang sanggup berjuang demi negara dan agama..

    Semoga Allah rahmati Rohnya...amin

  24. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Malaysia is better!!
    They have much more bloggers to tell the truth where officially be hidden or side away.
    They have more educated people with the understanding of this and that but not in the logic of the public to understand.
    They have bigger scandals to talk even louder than Pakistan could talk or would talk.
    They have a bigger space for idiots to voice even idiots made no mistake to be called!

    A bigger Democracy for so?
    A bigger Democracy when virus of mind can go around
    or poison of speeches and talks can be poured right down
    or physically Water Cannons and Teargas guns?
    A bigger Democracy when cans of worms to be hided under Constitution?
    Or exposed only to the shivering of those who watch
    and not to those who should catch?
    With artificial votes in Parliament to match?

    Where is that "Democracy" be defined?
    In the book of the people, or the book under the so called "God"?
    Or be in place being so confined that only a few can touch?

    The type of "Democracy" to remind People of the Bullies and inequalities, if not with scandals or conspiracies?

    The type of "Democracy" should rest in a place called "cells" and not for a bright society to sail!!

    Nevertheless, Has Malaysia a better hope than the rest?

  25. Anonymous6:16 pm

    Thank god Jinnah decided to leave India and form Pakistan. See the turmoil. Never ending bombing and mayhem.

    The last time I read that from Pashtun to Pakistanis they can never find anything right with their leaders. Sad!

  26. Anonymous9:35 pm

    cik Siti, while you are meditating on the similarities between Pakistan and Malaysia, may I suggest you do a little research on Malaysia's famous exports: Azahari and Nordin Top.

    And don't tell me that these guys are ignorant mat rempit types, Azahari was a honours student in Redding and as far as any uztaz woth his beard will tell you, they knew their Islam better than the average Ali or Ahamad and they did what they did untuk ugama, bangsa dan negara.

    Don't try to sweep Islamic fundamentalism under a genie carpet, the more you do it will explode in your face. Attempt a little courage and unplug the ticking bomb of religous and political extremism before it dawn in your city.

    Malaysia cannot afford to look at this assassination with any sense of smug self-righteousness or to claim that we don't have our very own Kumpulam Milatant Malaysia or groups that have been demolishing Hindu temples and Christian churches. It takes a sense of courage to expose these incidents that will never be reported in the goverment-controlled media.

  27. Anonymous10:19 pm

    This reflects there is definitely something seriously wrong in Islamic education. Just look at statistic of Islamic nations and those practice Secular states, which are relatively more peaceful?

    This definitely points to the it is harmful to involve religion in politics. Great nation like USA does not declare itself as any specific religion state. So, why is it so proud that Najib declared Malaysia as an Islamic state?

    Muslims can only be proud if Islam can contribute to the peace of the world, not Jihad in the name of Allah.

  28. sorry bro ,, have to say this .. ITS GOD'S WILL !!! Why Question That ??

  29. Suaramalaysia and etc are people who are totally ignorant and are the exact types of people who would believe all the crap thrown at them about Muslim extremism and the likes of Nordin Md Top and etc without using their retarded brains, falling prey to the exact spin and media manipulation their are whining and braying like asses about...

    ...macam Anonymouse says la...extremists and suicide bombers cut across all religions, peoples and beliefs.

    I'm sick of Muslims being singled out by these narrow minded people who are blinded by their own fanaticism and hatred.

    I also don't approve of a "secular" or "liberal" Muslim label. It's contradictory to being a Muslim. It's a label that was created in order to get the approval of the rest of the world, a label that we must live up to and have pasted on our foreheads in order to have Islam accepted and practised the way everyone else who doesn't understand anything about the Deen wants us to!!!! It's a label accepted by the apologists in the Muslim world who worship and pride western values and ideals more than Allah SWT. I want the right to practise Islam as Allah SWT ordained it and not in a way to that other peole will approve based on their own beliefs and mindsets!!! What IS a fundamentalist anyway? A person who practices Islam in the purest form? Is that wrong?

    Rasullulah SAW was the greatest example of a statesman and those who care to read an unbiased history of Islam will attest to the beauty and fairness of this peace-loving religion. There exist people who manipulate the Deen for their own purposes, as in all religions.

    If at all the Al-Qaeda boogeyman Osama said, it's because they want the invaders and murderers out of their lands. And although I don't agree with suicide bombings killing innocent me there is no bloody difference from bombs being dropped at a cowardly distance from fighter bombers, sent from submarines, warships, etc. They kill millions of innocents as well...the hell with the "collateral damage" excuse...they are human beings as well!!! What other mode do the Muslims being invaded have to fight with? They don't have missiles from gunships at a cowardly, safe distance as the Israelis and the Americans! All they have are their bodies to fight with!!!!!! With all the sanctions and bullying of the superpowers, in order to protect THEIR own interests and feed their greed for resources, the Muslim world has been effectively emasculated and unable to protect itself like any other nation.

    So look at the BIG picture and see why all this is happening in the first place before being caught up so easily in the massive tide of manipulation and deceit.

    Anonymouse...good point about the Hijra...maybe some people will understand it for what it means and stands for..instead of creating trouble and bloodshed for the whole nation and peoples, its better to make hijra and a new life in a safe haven where your beliefs and practices are protected!!!! In fact, many of my muslim friends have migrated even with Muslims being a majority here because they feel their needs are better served in other Muslim nations, instead of instigating and threatening to turn to violence like Hindraf.

    THINK! Malaysia is the only nation I think that even recognizes and allows for ALL the religions holidays and permits houses of worship for other religions to be built in numbers that far exceed that in other nations. The actions of a few overzealous officials should not be manipulated to create trouble for all. AND the other parties should not purposely create issues to be manipulated as in the case of the kelantan org asli church...dah tak dapat permit, buat gak!!!

  30. ""We are definitely not like some of the western countries when it come to democracy. However, the difference between Pakistan, Bangladesh or Mozambique, and Malaysia is like earth and sky. Comparing Malaysia with these countries in an attempt to stress his/her point of discussion on how undemocratic Malaysia is, only reveals the person lack of insight, the naivety, and the inability to accurately weigh information.

    There is a trend in some so call "politicians", whose gist for life appears to be the glory of being supported by the thousands of their fanatic supporters. They have this tendencies of allowing their supporters to become unruly, and they could not care a damn about the welfare of the population as whole. The end justify the mean; hence, it doesn't matter if the country are destroyed in the process.

    The so call political leaders are even willing to die themselves, believing that they are the only one who could correct the ill of their beloved country, hence, an honorable death.""

    Siti Khad, I agree with you.

  31. Anonymous12:25 pm

    suicide-bombing, jihad killing of so called "infidels" and so-called "enemies" of islam has become a way of life for some muslims. They see this obession to eridicate muslims as well as non-muslims they view as enemies.

    And the so called claim that they don't kill "innocent" people is a whole lot of pig dung. All they consider "innocent" like the Bali bombers is theie own kind, in other words, the only "innocent" are muslims, and muslims of their persuasion.

    So, Sitit and company, get your carpets out, 72 "hourein" virgins and boys await you in Jennah for your role in getting rid of us "liberal" muslims or infidels or Jews or Americans or the rest of the world who don't agree with you.

  32. Anonymous1:39 pm

    suaramalaysia has expressed it's "sumbang" (out-of-tune) voices again...i am in favour of freedom of speech...but once you put your ass in your mouth, it's time to better shut up..what a pathetic Anwar's Keldaian donkey we have here...

  33. Anonymous2:03 pm

    My greatest admiration to Allahyarham Benazir for her bravery and resolute. May she rest in peace in heaven.

    I like to reply to Suaramalaysia. The issue pertaining to the difference between Malaysia and Pakistan is petty, but my response is an attempt to focus on the methodology of arguing one's point. It irks me to my core, to note the tendencies of some people to justify points by using weak or inaccurate evidence.

    We are all unhappy with whatever injustices and unfairness, but in trying to correct matters, it is not going to help by being unsubstantial with our arguments.

    In response to Suaramalaysia's suggestion, I have made an honest re-evaluation and re-analysis of my argument comparing Malaysia to Pakistan, taking into consideration your most recent points of thought. However, my impression has remained unchanged:

    (1) The injustices described by you do occur in our country, which we are all aware off.

    (2) The difference between Malaysia and Pakistan is like earth and sky, even when it's narrowed down to the issues pointed by you.

    I have a suggestion: An eye opening trip to Pakistan, whether you have been there or not previously.

    When you reach Pakistan, stay in the poorest part of the country for example Peshawar. Make sure you mix with common folks. You will not see anything if you are comfortably tucked in Hilton, in the middle of Islamabad, surrounded by the diplomats, and chauffeured around by your Pakistani driver, who treat you like the colonial master. Forget the trip to scenic Punjab. Also, don't mix with high raking army officials, less you would not be able to feel for the poor as you would be treated like royalties.

    If money is an issue, you could forget the trip but instead go and talk to the many Pakistani or Malaysian Pakistani graduates.

    I am grateful that my work has given me opportunities to spend time with the poor in Malaysia as well as elsewhere.

  34. Anonymous2:35 pm

    hahaha my condolences without sympathy. in every neutral sense, her story is inspiring, yet filled with credible evidence of corruption during her tenures.

    she was prepared to gamble everything possible for whatever it is she desired.

    gutsy, yes.

    and thats about it.

    no loss to the people of Pakistan nor the muslim world for she is the Daughter of the West.

  35. Anonymous8:46 pm

    Pakistan and the rest
    who are driven more spiritual with political than realities, can hardly rest!

    The realities of livings in a mess!
    How can spiritual get their rest?
    When spiritual to the direction of Politic in priority to the rest!

    Unless living in reality prior to spiritual be the policy,
    The fire will not rest!
    Only the right choice shall make the best!!

    Price increase and bully projects are cutting realities of life towards the "bad"!
    Will patience last? Need a bet!!

  36. NURAINA A SAMAD said...
    one very brave lady!!! You're Right...
    one very brave DEAD lady!!! She should not have got out of the Sun Roof !

  37. Anonymous10:32 pm;jsessionid=GWMRS5H3C1KGVQFIQMGCFFWAVCBQUIV0?xml=/opinion/2007/12/30/do3003.xml

    Interesting piece by Jemima Khan

  38. Does everything have to be made into a political or religious debate?

    She is dead.

  39. Anonymous4:46 am

    Pakistan did not get where it is today by accident. My comparison of Malaysia and Pakistan is not an unreasonable one. No country reaches a state of turmoil at identical pace, yet the contagion of such religous and jihad cancers should not be dismissed as "earth and sky" apart.

    Every autocratic regime is seen as benolovent while the virus is being fertilized. It is unwise to sue a doctor who reports that a biopsy report indicate andenocarcinom in the upper-lobe of the lungs. A wise patient will seek the best possible remedy without seeking legal retribution.

    It takes me to varying degrees of hilarity and sorrow as to how some umno putras here choose to label me an Anwar supporter because of my views. This sort of adhomenin attack reminds me of how some semi-illiterates argue with reporters over realities the whole world witnesses. When a blind man curses the rainbow, the one with sight is not under compulsion do likewise.

    It is a tragedy that some choose to see only what they are prepared to see. They fail to see the rot of a political system and argue that similarities are not at critical levels yet. Well, I have good news as well as bad news for you.

    The good news is that when you are prepared to see only what you are prepared to see, you may not necessarily need to seek any treatment for the contagion all around you. The bad news is that, when it does eventually reach your nose, it would have ravaged multitudes you were not prepared to see or listen to in the first place.

    Homophobic, i do hope you will get strength to overcome the unsavory tendency to substitute body parts and profanity to express yourself. It could be the effects of not being properly potty trained as a child. Malaysian toilets indicate such an epidemic among those with uncontrolable urges.

    Siti khad, siti and the merry team, we wish you a happy new year and may your foresight be as strong as your hindsight. Those who fail to learn from history will continue to repeat its trajedies. May we have the courage to stop the vicious cycle of corrupt regimes.

  40. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Let us all learn from history and also let us not be consumed with the self idolation of thinking that only us could see the wrong, while others are all blind.