Monday, December 31, 2007

"Malaysia reverses Allah paper ban"

Good call, or is it just another flip-flop? I've got to ask the question. And Johari Baharom the "junior minister" or his boss got to give me answer. Jo said only Muslims could use Allah and the Weekly Herald was wrong to use it and would lose its license to publish if it insists on using it. Does the BBC article above [click here to read] means that it is not so anymore?
According to the report quoting the Weekly Herald's editor, the Malaysian government will renew is 2008 permit, with no conditions attached. This prompted the BBC to declare that: "Now the Malaysian government has back-tracked."
So what's the fatwa, really? Is it still only Muslims who can use Allah or is it free for all now? Can someone in the Hadhari government (other than the junior minister) clear the air, please? I don't want to end 2007 dazed and confused!


  1. Anonymous3:18 am


    Morons are always moron.

    This is not a case of flip flopping

    It is more a case of moron with unsanitized cranium shooting its mouth off.

    A trade mark of umno.


  2. Anonymous3:55 am

    Perhaps it was a election ploy all along ?

  3. Anonymous3:58 am

    Is this a gesture for GE
    or admission of fault,
    or subjected to pressure of the folks?

    In all respect,
    a very bad image of the Government at least
    to his People and the world at large!
    A "high" official can spark the "monopoly" of a common word to the world at large
    trying to DIVIDE God & Allah among Christian & Muslim
    when it should be SHARED by ALL!
    Raising possible doubts on any permit approval at large!

    The echo will not rest until the Government reacts
    if any responsibility of any official for such act exists
    and what is the stand point of the Government on such a bully act!
    Any SILENCE will only post the consent of the Government on such a bully to act!
    Is this a responsible act?
    An answer before the GE
    or an point to be casted by the Votes to come?

  4. Anonymous6:03 am

    hi, Rocky.

    as a young Malaysian Muslim, I am concerned that penghayatan agama [all agamas] in Malaysia has become dangerously shallow. and it appears that public discourse on Islam particularly has become limited to angry debates on semantics rather than the finer teachings of the religion.

    and we wonder about mat rempit and corruption!

    let us try to expand our minds a bit and know that language is shared. sure, some words and concepts are particular in describing experiences within a tradition [eg: sabbath, bilal, crucifix, nirvana].

    but most words and concepts used in religion are generic, or shared. it’s the theology, ontology, hermeneutics, etc that varies.

    ‘Christ’, for example while commonly refers to Jesus, comes from the Greek [“secular”] ‘christos’ which simply means ‘the anointed one’. but the concept of ‘christos’ exists even in Judaism, that is ‘messiah’. but unlike in the Christian tradition, ‘messiah’ in Judaism does not necessarily refer to Jesus because the tradition recognises many messiahs.

    likewise, us Malaysian Muslims ‘doa kepada Tuhan’ and ‘sembahyang bila masuk waktu’ as per our practice and understanding of Islam. ‘Tuhan’ to us is the One And Only Almighty and not the animistic ‘TUmbuhan dan HAiwaN’ which the word ‘Tuhan’ most likely came from. neither do we pray to an ancestral deity called Hyang, which the word ‘sembah[H]YANG’ came from.

    what about Allah? it would be tragically shallow for Muslims to think that ‘Allah’ belongs exclusively to Islam, starting only from the time of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH].

    to think that is to

    1) deny Arabic as part of the greater Semitic language group which includes Hebrew and Aramaic; languages most likely used by the Prophets including Musa/Moses and Isa/Jesus [PBUH] in spreading God’s Message. as Muslims, if we recognise the pre-Muhammad Prophets as part of the Islamic tradition, we must also accept that they spoke to their people NOT in Arabic, for they were NOT Arabs.

    but these Prophets were conveying to the ummah of their days Message from the same God that Prophet Muhammad himself testified to. and in referring to [a monotheistic] God, they used common [Semitic] and generic [universal] words such as ‘El’ or ‘Elohim’, which in the Arabic-Islamic tradition is ‘Allah’.

    2) think that ‘Allah’ is the only official name for God the Almighty in Islam. we forget then that He is known by 99 names in the tradition.

    3) deny the recognition of God by pre-Qur’anic/Islam Arab Christians and Jews [People of the Book] who in their native language [Arabic] know God as ‘Allah’.

    linguistically, it is legitimate and reasonable that Arab Christians and Jews who did not accept Islam post-610 CE. [ie: modern day Arab Christians and Jews] to continue referring to ‘God’ as ‘Allah’.

    let us expand our minds a bit. our religion is so much deeper, profound and magnificent than just semantics.

    with that i wish you and your readers assalamu’alaikum … or should i say shalom aleichem?


  5. Don't you think Jo should hide his face in shame, if he knows what that means, now that his boss has given him the verbal equivalent of a slap right across his face?

    But, no. He is seen with the usual thick faced nonchalance, a hallmark of all BN politicians, spewing off some rubbish about the 4 JI's being freed 'cos they're not a threat anymore. Not that they were a threat in the first place. But because they were subject to that most obnoxious of laws conveniently and often used by BN politicos to keep people who step on their toes, out of sight for a couple of years.

    If that Jo fella had any decency or sense of pride he should resign for being overruled. But then, staying on resolutely despite dung being thrown in the face is also a trademark hallmark of these people.

  6. Anonymous7:39 am

    Take a vote; I say 'Flip-Flop'. And sometimes 'Flop-Flip'. They used to call this 'Double Clinton'.

  7. I heard it on the BBC World Service radio here in Singapore and asked myself, "what a government!" This turn of event further strengthens Steven Gan's great piece of editorial An incompetent, not-so-nice guy.

    It's a run-away government, where decision making process is utterly confusing and authority not clearly defined.

    If one is still scratching his head to find answer about this government, then read Lim Kit Siang's article “somnambulant governance”

    For Catholics who are direct beneficiary of this turn of event, I say "feel grateful but always remember the abusive power of BN". Vote accordingly.

  8. Anonymous8:46 am

    Thank God!

    We Catholics have been praying so hard to have this permit renewed. The paper has been our avenue to express what we felt strongly about issues concerning current development and practices that has an effect on our faith somewhat.
    Thanks Rocky for highlighting it. Wish you a joyous and successful 2008!

  9. Bro,

    Benda macam ni mana boleh buat main-main. Takkan tak boleh berfikir!!

  10. Anonymous9:13 am

    Abdullah Badawi will DEFINITELY be known and referred as the "Flip-Flop" Prime Minister!

    First it was the cancelation of the Scenic Bridge replacing the Johor Causeway, then the attempting murder of a policeman on duty by HINDRAF 31. Now this!

    The next million ringgit question: How will he handle Radzi Sh. Ahmad, his one and only Top UMNO post man handpicked (instead of elected into office) "political assasination" over media against Shahidan Kassim, UMNO/BN Supremo in Perlis?

    Unfortunate for Malaysian, he has the attention span and decision making of a five year old; what is presented before his eyes definitely

  11. Anonymous9:58 am

    this is the thing that worries me the most about over "kerajaan" they think they are raja and say whatever they want without thinking and justifying what they say. then when they realized that they are in deep shit then can flip flop... after all no harm dun mah... the total lack of accountability is the most serious illness we suffer in Msia.
    if u read the latest TIME magazine a comment by Henry Kissinger, the greatness of a leader is not his personality, it is the system and institutions he puts up to run a country, a government that would run well even when he is not around. i wish we had a leader like that.. well i am a optimism.

  12. Anonymous9:59 am

    I beg to differ with anon @ 3.18 a.m. opinion that it is a trade mark of umno.

    Sometimes, it makes me wonder is it the insecurity of the Malays (especially West Malaysian Malays) in practising the religion itself. Not necessarily UMNO politicians. There are days that I received emails that contained ~ "don't use a certain type of nail clippers cos' it has a cross sign. Don't eat a certain biscuit cos' it has a cross sign."

    How pathetic is that.

  13. Anonymous10:13 am

    It is indeed a good reversal whatever said.
    The word Allah is really universal.
    In Malaysia becos of our "katak dibawah tempurung" kind of upbringing, the majority got it wrong from the start.
    The truth in its meaning is really out there!!!
    Anyway, now that it is reversed, at least on this matter the majority has learnt that "Allah's" true meaning worldwide in that it is universal and even used by Arab Christians for a start not to mention elsewhere in ref to God.
    For those with the time, there is enough "education" on the matter in the Malaysia Today blog.

  14. When there is greed
    Either in wealth or in religious belief
    Touting one is the best
    What do you get in the end?

    The myopic view
    Across religious faiths
    The dignity of the Almighty
    His children play Him out
    So many times in Earth history

    So many prophets came
    Telling you to foster religious friendship
    Be a good people wealth will flow naturally
    Many prophets gone
    The good advice falling to corrupted minds
    This is where the ills of society arrived

    Allah wants His children
    Know Him feel Him Respect Him
    Obey His commands understand His rules
    It is for our own good

    Nay……..we have leaders
    Excluding people calling them “goblok”
    And ban other faiths from calling “Allah”
    In their prayers and printed religious texts

    When we have political bankrupt leaders
    This is where the melody would sing
    They think they are pure
    They are just a group of religious fake

    Let Allah children be
    He knows what their destiny is
    He has mapped it out
    Only the children have to walk there freely

    “There is no god but Allah”
    So let His children pray to him
    Let no idiot gives a fatwa
    The religious texts have enough of it
    So beat it!

  15. Anonymous10:31 am


    i'm of opinion, the permit issued with no conditions attached (ie silent on the use of 'Allah') is only a temporary solution. Knowing the government, they may decide to flop again when this permit expires and threaten to ban the Herald again. Therefore, the filed court case on 5th Dec 07 to clarify the use of 'Allah' should go on. Only when the court clarifies it, then there is no more argument by the little napoleon.

  16. sometimes even clowns dunno whether to laugh or cry or just give up and ...

    ...go home to mama

    that act 28 scene 88 was just a bloody confused sandiwara aka pretending to be pretending to be sleep walking

  17. Anonymous11:29 am

    Terminology aside, we all know why The Herald uses the word Allah instead of the word Tuhan.

    And while we are splitting hairs, we are actually defending The Herald’s right to this very reason of using this term.

    Flip-flops, GEs, and others are merely scapegoats, distractions, and decoys.

  18. Correct if I am wrong. Isn't God in Christianity address as God, or Lord or Jehovah?

    I would believe that Christian can address God in their Malay literature as Tuhan, or Jehovah.

    Anyway, I posted the article below in Berbard Khoo's posting of similar topic:

    Is Calling the Christian God 'Allah' Wrong?

    By Michelle Vu
    Christian Post Reporter
    Thu, Aug. 23 2007 09:57 AM ET

    One of America’s pre-eminent evangelicals is challenging the advice of a retiring Roman Catholic Bishop in the Netherlands who has raised eyebrows worldwide by suggesting Dutch Christians pray to “Allah.”

    Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, argues that it is inappropriate for Christians to call God Allah based on irreconcilable theological differences associated with the name Allah and core Christian beliefs.

    The key condition behind calling the Christian God Allah is that Allah must refer to the same God as the one in the Bible. However, this requirement presents “a huge problem for both Muslims and Christians,” contends Mohler.

    The theologian pointed out that the Qur’an explicitly denies that Allah has a son, and Islam considers the idea of a triune God to be blasphemy.

    “Thus, from its very starting point Islam denies what Christianity takes as its central truth claim – the fact that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of the Father,” wrote Mohler on his web blog Wednesday.

    “If Allah has no Son by definition, Allah is not the God who revealed himself in the Son. How then can the use of Allah by Christians lead to anything but confusion …and worse?”

    Last Monday, during an interview with a Dutch TV program, 71-year-old Bishop Tiny Muskens promoted the idea of Dutch Christians calling God Allah, believing that it would ease much of the conflict between the Christian and Muslim faiths. Muskens contended that God doesn’t mind what He is called and the arguments over what to call Him is an invention of man.

    “Allah is a very beautiful word for God. Shouldn’t we all say that from now on we will name God Allah? …What does God care what we call Him? It is our problem,” said Muskens, according to The Associated Press.

    The retiring bishop was a former missionary to Indonesia – the most populous Muslim country in the world – for eight years, where he said priests used the name “Allah” while celebrating Mass.

    In response, Mohler pointed out that it would be difficult to support the argument that “Allah” can be used as a generic term for God. The theologian said separation of Allah from the language, theology, and worship closely associated with it is difficult. Moreover, even non-Arabic speaking Muslims use Allah when referring to their god.

    Another irreconcilable difference is that Jesus commanded his followers to baptize “in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

    “When this command is taken seriously and obeyed, the whole issue is greatly clarified – a Christian cannot baptize in the name of Allah,” stated Mohler.

    “So Bishop Muskens is disingenuous at best when he suggests that God does not care about His name. This is not a matter of mere ‘discussion and bickering,’” said Mohler.

    “If Allah has no son, Allah is not the father of our Lord Jesus Christ…This is no mere ‘discussion and bickering.’ This is where the Gospel stands or falls,” the theologian concluded.

    Bishop Muskens in the past endorsed other controversial ideas which went against the Vatican leadership – such as those who are hungry can steal bread and that condoms should be permissible in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

  19. Anonymous11:58 am

    you never know what hadhari is. nobody knows and thats the reason for the confusion. you will continue to be dazed for another few years until the hadhari promoter is retired to pasture.
    after that, you will conitnue to be dazed and confused. coz the next head is no comfort too.
    good luck malaysia, whereever you are.

  20. Anonymous12:26 pm

    they jus wanna come out in a self-created mess smelling like a bunch of roses and show the rakyat how merciful our PM is. remember Hindraf when those ppl were released?

    To me the PM + his SIL + the rest of the UMNO arses are the smelliest dung i hv ever smelled. They are a pollution to the world!

  21. Anon 6:03

    You definitely possess a wealth of information and knowledge. Please continue to spread this around.

    Better still, it is opportune that you start a blog to disseminate and share with us. Rocky, will you agree?

  22. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Barisan Flip-Flop. That's what it is.

    First you create controversies. If nobody notices or complains, you got it made.

    But if the people notices and complains like IPCMC to SCC, now this "Allah" case, then you quickly
    retract and say "We in the government have BIG ears, we listen to the people, we are caring, yadda yadda yadda".

    The gomen always have a "clever" answer and never loses or does it?

  23. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Oh, yes. Now Muslims can find verses similar to this in the Alkitab (bible):-

    "Ketika mereka mendengar bunyi langkah TUHAN Allah, yang berjalan-jalan dalam taman itu pada waktu hari sejuk, bersembunyilah manusia dan isterinya itu terhadap TUHAN Allah di antara pohon-pohonan dalam taman."(Kejadian 3:8).

    And you people say, that's the same Allah as ours (as in Al-Quran)? Please read Al-Kafiruun.

    Well, I don't read the bible.

  24. Anonymous1:57 pm

    dont ask with pak lah..his well.. his more to "Jin" ..heheh

    btw.. shud read comments from MT..

  25. Islam HADARI or Islam ADA HAD ADA HARI ??? Make up your mind Guys .

  26. Hi Bro,

    You don't need to down 10 litres of beer and half a bottle of single malt to feel drunk and drowsy to start the new year. just read all the various flip-flops, in th elast three months by this Hadhari government and you cerainly will get totally stoned!

  27. nasih baik tak flop poppy...

  28. Quite a joke really. The govt. has nothing better to do running the nation. It just wants to show its powers keeping rakyat on its toes.

  29. I agree with those views that if christians dont call their god Allah or the christian god is not Allah then why on earth would you use the word?

    I also agree with the view that there is a reason why the word is used in the malay translation!

  30. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Hi Rocky

    I'm still confused. The NST has published on page 2 that "even if the renewal was given the publication would still not be allowed to use the word "Allah" to refer to God. He said that it was among four Malay words that could not be used by other religions, the other three being Solat, kaabah and baitula."

    Now i'm confused because accordingly to Star and BCC it is without any conditions and they are allowed to used the word Allah.

    Hello! Can someone clarify???

  31. This decision is in keeping with what I have been saying about what it is that is the most sacred to UMNO. No, it is not Islam, and it surely is not Allah either. And most definitely it is not the Malays or the ketuanan Melayu either.

    It is a all about maintaining their two-third majority, even if they have to give up any hope of maintaining their present 90%. the two-thirds has to be maintained.

    Not just the Catholics..but also the other Christians would be piffed..and their numbers far exceed the number of Hindus already pissed off. Can you imagine Sabah lost to BN once again? And with Christians you don't even know what kind of demographic they fall under. They are Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans, Bidayuhs, Orang Asli in the Peninsula and some Malays even.

    Its all a question of numbers. And the Christians cannot be allowed to think and take everything for granted. So this now is supposed to be a favour done for the Christians and they are suppsoed to be forever grateful to UMNO.

  32. The definition of Allah in the Quran is this :
    Al Ikhlas -
    Say: He is Allah, the One and Only!
    Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
    He begetteth not nor is He begotten.
    And there is none like unto Him.

    Can anyone tell me the definition of Allah in the bible? I tired searching it on the net but it made me more confused.
    I just want to make an academic comparison, that's all.

  33. mental jog

    but there is a flip flop in the paper too. star reported permit granted without condition, can still use 'allah' but NaSTy reported that johari said herald still not allowed to use 'allah'. which is which i wonder?

    as one who contributes articles/reports to herald regularly, i'm glad to note that herald is allowed its BM section. sometimes some of my articles will be translated to bahasa (by the herald staff).

    bottom line is that the word allah does not solely exclusively belongs to the muslims... er... malaysian muslims, so whoever wants to use it, why not?

  34. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Flip flopping is one issue. Another issue is why is there a sudden need to use the name Allah in the bible.

    Would it be simpler to stick to the norm:
    (1) Allah, reserve for the moslem
    (2) Bible, use whatever name that has been used since the Bible was first published

    We could then concentrate on other more pressing issues.

  35. Anonymous8:19 pm

    The bible in its original language never refers to God as Allah. Jehovah, Jahve, Yahwei, maybe. "Allah" is an arab word, not Malay. "Tuhan" can be a Malay word. No Muslims in Malaysia would object if the Christians use the term "Tuhan". Any other religion can use the generic term for God, i.e. Tuhan, as well. And you can have as many Tuhans as you wish, not just 3. But not Allah - you can't have allah bapak, allah anak, or allah ruh suci, whatever. Why not the Christians stick to Jehovah, Jahve or Yahwei for Malay translation instead of insisting to use the word Allah, which is Arabic. Or instead, use "Tuhan" which is acceptable as a Malay word?

    Mudah-mudahan Allah memelihara saudara-saudaraku di sini daripada terjebak kepada perkara-perkara yang mungkar. Seperti kata Saudara Zainal A. Kassim, ini bukan perkara boleh dibuat main. Kecuali kalau saudara-saudaraku betul-betul tidak mahu ambil berat.

    And I don't agree with you Lucia... Allah and Al-Quran SHOULD be exclusively for Muslims. The word is mentioned 2,698 times in the Al-Quran but not even once in any version of the bible, except of course the recent Malay translation.

  36. Anonymous8:50 pm

    u guys shud listen to the late ahmed deedat..i think u still can get his speeches on youtube.

    U can agree to disagree with his comments about god..

  37. mental jog

    hantutelur said: "And I don't agree with you Lucia... Allah and Al-Quran SHOULD be exclusively for Muslims."

    oh you mean the word allah is copyrighted to muslims? gee, i didn't know that.

    siti khaid said: "why is there a sudden need to use the name Allah in the bible."

    what do you mean sudden? the indonesian bible had been using allah for years and years. hantutelur too should take note of this since you mentioned not once did the bible mentioned allah. allah had been used by the indonesian christians for a long long time (not recent)and indonesia is predominantly muslims, yet they have no problem with that, so what is the problem with malaysian muslim? as farish noor asked 'do malaysian muslim really understand the word allah?'

    also please note that in fact allah had been used by christians arabs and jewish arabs CENTURIES ago even before islam.

    below is quoted from this website:


    The word "Allah" is the perfect description of the "One God" of monotheism for Jews, Christians and Muslims!

    Is "Allah" only for Islam and Muslims?
    [No! It is for All Three Abrahamic Faiths.]

    "Allah" is the same word used by Christian Arabs and Jewish Arabs in their Bible, centuries before Islam came.

    On page one [1] of Genesis in the Old Testament, we find the word "Allah" seventeen [17] times.

  38. Anonymous6:34 am

    They just want to point out that indeed "we do listen to the people"

  39. If these fellows need to resort to such tactics to propagate their beliefs, I pity them. Let them be lah. Allah will always protect His Deen and Name.

    It seems hilarious and sad at the same time, the way the word has beens used, deleted, abused in the many, many versions of the Bible as and when they see fit. It is only a form of blatant manipulation to confuse people seeking the truth or those at a crossroads in their lives (esp those familiar with the use aka Malay Muslims) and those Muslims with a shallow understanding of Islam questioning their religion in difficult times.

    Their using various tactics only undermines their own beliefs and shows what lengths they have to go through, aka deceit and confusion to propagate it.

  40. Anonymous9:10 am

    Couldnt agree more with Dr Mohler.
    Their characters are different, why should we give them a same name. Christianity originally was sent to the Jews, so better use the Jewish name, "Yahweh".There is no reason to use Arabic, since there is no arab christian here. If they want to use Malay, then the word should be "Tuhan".

  41. Anonymous9:17 am

    To Lucia, referring to your "why not" statement, kindly refer to Dr Mohler explanation. Please understand Tauhid about Allah first before naming them the same name. The same with Bible, you already have your name, why change it? Al Quran is only for The Holy Book of Islam, same to your Bible and Old Testaments.They are different, thats why they have different names!
    What's next, dont you want to change Christianity to Islam?

  42. Anonymous12:11 pm

    The word 'ALLAH' is an Arabic word for God and it is not a Malay word. Since Malay muslim in Malaysia inherited the Islamic religion from the Arab, they adopted the word 'Allah' to be their own, what a pathetic race. It is just a shame for the race, it shows greediness. Even other people language also they want to monopolise. Perhaps the next time they ban other race to use the 'Tuhan' because they will think that it is exclusive to them.

  43. siti khad and others - in east malaysia, we (the indigenous) peoples have been using the word Allah for the longest time - even before Malaysia was formed. As well, in the Iban culture, God is translated as "Allah Tala" (by the way, remember when the Iban Bible was banned (and unbanned later) several years ago for the same reason?? Funny how this keeps cropping during the election period!!) Your arrogance and ignorance of our culture in East Malaysia is sad, yet typical of a lot of West Malaysians.

    Tanak Wagu has written more here:

    as for the passive-aggressive comments re: "what do you think they use the word Allah for?" give me a break. Surprisingly, not everything is a conspiracy against the Malays you know.. or shall we discuss about the Orang Aslis being forced into Islam??

  44. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Bible in Bahasa Indonesia

    you can see example of how The 'Allah' is use

    Since the Gov doesnt allow Malay Bible Herald and Christians use the indonesian bible since long time ago

    there is no problem in Indonesia the biggest muslim why there is problem in Malaysia

  45. Anonymous1:17 pm

    If it is true that Arab Christians were using the term Allah hundreds of years before Islam, then shouldn't it be the Muslims who should not use the word Allah?

  46. Anonymous3:44 pm

    But why in the first place these people want to renamed their God/Lord to Allah? Muslims never renamed their God's name. Is it because of the non Muslims want to confused the Muslims with their God/Lord? Sheeesshhh!

  47. hek eleh zephyr...the teachings of Islam are a natural progression from that of Jesus, also a prophet in Islam...that is what many people fail to's the DISTORTIONS and manipulation of the texts over the years that Muslims today don't agree with..kapische? But that's a different story...

  48. I come to know a hindu teacher who always reminds muslim students at the back of his teaching notes to "perform 5 times daily prayers, be good to parents and always remember Allah, and then the effort will be blessed".
    And the deed of this hindu teacher made a headline in november last year, when SPM 2007 Add Math exam question was allegedly leaked at a mosque in Setia Wangsa.
    my argument is not about the use of the word Allah, but about the sincerity of the hindu teacher, because if he does believe what he preaches, he might as well have converted to Islam. His agenda is to earn praises from muslim parents that how thoughtful he was, and at the same time gaining marketing mileage.
    and he scored the points coz some malay parents really think he is one of a kind.
    what this hindu teacher does best is to convince malay students that he could come out with "soalan bocor", (which he really did at the mosque) while the parents are blinded by his thoughtful reminder.
    so it is just an agenda.

  49. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Anon at 12.11pm...Arabic is the language of the Quran and Islam for heaven's sake and the matter of Malays hijacking it does not arise. It's not a matter of copying Arabic tradition. Islam was brought down by Allah in the most beautiful and descriptive and rich language, Arabic and it is the duty of all Muslims to learn it.

  50. Anonymous9:00 pm

    The real issue is not whether Christians have the right to call their God Allah. As a Christian, i say we may have the right but it is still not right to address our God Allah because that name has never been used in the original Bible. The Christian God has many names, including Jehovah, El Shaddai and Yahweh, but Allah is not one of them.

  51. Anonymous11:10 pm

    all religions should have their right what names to be given to their gods. the difference is that muslims, regardless of racial background, call the god Allah, as written in the Quran.

    christian missionaries perhaps practice adaptabilities when preaching the religions to the so called pagans. therefore, in many places in the worlds, there are groups of people who go to church to worship god, while practising paganism in most part of their life (in philipines, brazil, and taroja in sulewesi).
    this is strictly prohibited in Islam, as written in the Quran.
    the god for true christians (nasarah) is the jewish god, as Isa a.s. preaches the jews, also the god for the muslim, not THREE, but ONE god, which is Allah.

  52. Anonymous9:00 pm

    Today Najib mentioned about Hadhari or had-hari.
    i am confused!

  53. Anonymous10:27 pm

    This response might be way too late, but just in case someone might still be interested.

    To June and lucia,
    Allah's name was never use in the bible when it was first piblished many hundred years later until the last many years in Indonesia and East Malaysia, when Christian Missionaries decided to use Allah's name as an attempt to proselytise christianity to the least informed muslims (young children and muslims with poor knowledge about Islam). It was an obvious attempt to confuse this group of muslims.

    Hence, my question still stand: Why is the sudden insistence to use Allah's name in the bible when it has never been used since it was first published and for many hundred years until the so many years that June and Lucia mentioned.

    The fact that Allah's name has been used in the bible for many years in Indonesia and East Malaysia doesnt support your weak point.

  54. Anonymous1:02 am

    That is why now "masalah-nya, is MASA untuk ALLAH". We formed federation of MALAYSIA. We got to understand, one and top rukun negara is "Kepercayaan Kepada TUHAN". Everybody=religion in Malaysia can use word ALLAH, its no harm for everybody. We need betterment living in this world. There is no other langguage can beat this langguage, it is the Langguage of LOVE. All ALLAH wants is only LOVE from us, to Love yourself, your neighbours and all strength to ALLAH.

  55. Anonymous1:07 am

    That is why now "masalah-nya, is MASA untuk ALLAH". We formed federation of MALAYSIA. We got to understand, one and top rukun negara is "Kepercayaan Kepada TUHAN". Everybody=religion in Malaysia can use word ALLAH, its no harm for everybody. We need betterment living in this world. There is no other langguage can beat this langguage, it is the Langguage of LOVE. All ALLAH wants is only LOVE from us, to Love yourself, your neighbours and all strength to ALLAH.

  56. as my cousin suggested, from now on we should have the word 'allah' followed by a superscripted capital R in a circle just after.

  57. Anonymous9:34 pm

    cry_wolf said that the god for true christians (nasarah) is the jewish god, as Isa a.s. preaches the jews..

    which is really stupid coz isn't Isa also a Muslim Nabi..??
    i am guessing that cry_wolf is not a muslim or christian thats why he doesn't know this.. or he's a typical moron who as a defender of his faith doesn't know his faith but is quick to judge others..

    as for the use of allah.. my middle east friends find it very stupid wats happening here in M'sia coz its not a issue there..!

    there has been Arabic Christians using the word Allah long before there were any Muslim Malays in this part of the world..

    the sad part is that Christians & Muslims both pray to the God of adam & eve... while some of u might say i am wrong but its a fact that we share with the Jews too..! Grow Up people..!