Monday, December 17, 2007

My sympathies for the A-G

Updated, 19/12/07 at 4am
Bernama reports here:
Sepang: Asked whether the decision to reduce the charges against the 31 people suspected to be supporters of Hindraf was made following several requests, the Prime Minister said
the decision was made by the Attorney-General.
"He must have considered what to do when he brought the case to court. He made an appropriate decision and he gave the reason why the charges were reduced," he said.

Original posting
Charges against Hindraf 31 dropped.
Why my sympathies for Gani Patail? Because today he's no longer just a laughing stock. After this day nobody will take the Attorney-General seriously. They'll say he gave in to pressure from the PM. Compromised.

I welcome the decision to drop the "attempted murder" charges against the Hindraf 31. In my earlier posting here I clearly stated that the A-G's excuse of charging the men for attempting to murder a cop on Hindraf Sunday "sucks big time".

Gani had been so cock-sure. "They threw bricks at his head. Do you think it will not cause death?" He didn't count on the Prime Ministertaking pity on the Hindraf 31.

I pity Gani Patail because in my eyes, and probably in the eyes of many, he's lost a hell of a lot today.

The 31 must thank the PM. For his firmness or his softness, he got the A-G to drop the charges. But the PM will not come out of this smelling entirely like roses, at least that's not what Big Dog the rabid pro-Umno blogger has to say here:
"This news shall be received adversely by many quarters as they see the 'Flip-Flop' Prime Minister Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi turned soft and ‘conveniently forgiving’, despite so many parties, including within UMNO leaders and NGOs representing a wide spectrum of the rakyat, vehemently made calls for stern and decisive actions be taken against people deemed 'extremist militants' and 'guilty of high treason'.
The principle of the 'Rule of Law' must be observed and practiced, to give confidence to everyone that they are protected under the Constitution and no one shall have any veil or exception of this rule, even when their representatives go pleading to the Prime Minister."
For now, the People rest their case.
31 demonstrators acquitted and discharged of attempted murder - Bernama


  1. Anonymous8:48 pm

    waa.. i tot only agong can pardon people.. it seems Dollah also can.. more frustrated DPP laa macam nih...

  2. What else to say? I humbly state here that our beloved country is run by a weak leader. The weakest PM in the history of Malaysia. Tun Dr Lim Liong Sik once chose a good Italian proverb: "When a fish rots, it starts from its head"

    A weak leader will never ever rock the boat. He will not make courageous decisions for fear of failing. He prefers to keep things as they are, even if the system is not working all that well. A weak leader will always (almost) follow the same old tried way of doing things.

    May God bestow our PM the strength and wisdom to be a good leader. AMIN.

  3. The AG is all at seas. Does he really knows what he is talking about? Isn't he supposed to be independent? Can he suddenly change his mind when the big boss decided to go softie?

    The whole thing stinks! Another sandiwara Pak L_ar!

    Must be the faulty work of the 4th floor boys. Charge the 31 with a filmsy and silly charge like attempted murder. Then drop the charge and suddenly the PM and MIC Samy come along, smelly like non-fresh roses and claim credit. It will be all over the MSM (mainstream media) tomorrow. The MSM will proclaim them to be great heroes of the Indians.

    The whole sandiwara certainly gonna make the AG look silly.

  4. bro,
    SHAME !SHAME !!...shame on the Judiciary !Sack this "lallang" of a A-G who can't stick to his principles and can bow down to a PM...independent judiciary ???...MY ARSE !

    He should'nt have open his big smelly mouth in the first place to comdemn the 31 ! And NO the 31 don't deserve the "murder" charge in the first place ! And the likes of bigdog are ready to persecute all but his own kind of shit within UMNO or BN ! Put that dog to sleep and do this world a great favour !
    woof...woof !

  5. Anonymous9:34 pm

    For me, the whole was staged from the beginning. It was designed to make the PM look good.

  6. Anonymous9:36 pm


    The AG should now sleep better. I say that because he no longer has to agonise over similar cases like this. The fact that he wanted to charge the 31 Hindraf fellas with attempted better is definitely debatable, but the fact that the Executive is clearly interfrering with the Judiciary doesn't lend credence to whatever attempt there is at trying to instill an independent and fearless Judiciary.

    At this point in time, forget about everything else that the Judiciary hope to stand for. I remember some months ago about a newspaper (I won't mention its name cost you may get into trouble la Rocky) having an article written by its senior staff which says something to the affect that "what the time wants, the PM gets." This is quite close to that.

    Questions that a well-trained journalist in the mainstream media should be asking:

    1 - What is the basis for the AG's decision to drop the charges? Isn't he not aware that by so doing, his credibility would be gone? Doesn;t he care about his credibility and of the office that he stands for?

    2 - Was the AG summoned by the PM which led to Gani dropping the charges? If so, how was this conveyed to the AG? Again, if so, what did the AG say to the PM? Was it the PM himself who spoke or met Gani or was it someone else?

    3 - Or did the AG did so out of his own accord? That he had suddenly realised that he had erred and therefore had wanted to make amends?

    4 - Can this whole issue be seen as a morale victory for Hindraf fighters? Would this soften Hindraf's demands or stand (which I personally doubt).

    5 - Is the PM trying to please hindu votes by doing this? Will this help swing Indian votes to the PM and the BN (which I again doubt very much).

    There's a thousand questions waiting to be asked and one can't be sure there will be answers. Will any of the mainstream papers be carrying a special editorial on this? Will any of their columnists be commenting on it?

    What gives Man!!!


  7. Well, whose fault is it? The government went overboard by throwing a ridiculous charge at 31 people that would seriously never stand up in court. If they just went with the more reasonable 'public disorder' or 'rioting' thing, the outcry won't be so bad...

  8. It is payback time
    In those years of Anwar Ibrahim’s case
    See how he did it
    One by one came to pay

    AG got it off lightly for now
    I think there are more on his way
    Wrong charging thinking it was good
    Fixed the ‘hooligans’ right on the spot

    The fire burning for awhile
    Then came the BOSS
    “This isn’t the way
    You make me look bad”

    The court jesters wanted to debone the meat
    Saliva flowing mouth wet for the taste
    Then it is taken away eyes glowing with hate
    The BOSS says ‘don’t make me look bad ok?’

    The hard and soft approach
    The police work every victim falls for it
    Sweet words plea bargains
    One looks bad; one looks good in the end
    The people and families of 31 lost souls
    Saying thank you to the BOSS

    The BOSS did it right
    Now his rating will shoot high
    But don’t go to sleep yet
    There are many on the plate
    You have to decide…………

  9. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Rocky and the rest,

    Let me make one thing clear here. It's not about the PM being sympathetic or doing a flip-flop that matters here. IN THE FIRST PLACE, IT WAS NOT ONLY RIDICULOUS OF THE ag TO HAVE CHARGED THE 31 WITH ATTEMPTED MURDER, BUT IT WAS ALSO A TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE.

    Samy Vellu says it was the sympathy of the BN government that got them freed. What he has admitted, in fact, is that the BN government influences the courts and the AG BIG-TIME. That seems to be obvious in this whole episode.

    In that case, it must have been the BN government that must have forced the AG to charge them wrongly with attempted murder in the first place.

    The AG has been used as a pawn to try and show Malaysians that BN is a caring government. AG now says they could not pin point which one of the 31 threw the brick and that was why the charges were withdrawn. This is absolute CRAP reasoning. We now know what happens in the government agencies which are supposed to be INDEPENDENT. B---S!!!

    Even a non-lawyer or law-student would have known this before drawing up the attempted murder charge. The AG has been made to look silly - this is what people who attempt to pervert justice get. We have seen many examples. mY ADVICE TO JUDGES, MAGISTRATES AND POLITICIANS, DON'T EVER MESS AROUND WITH JUSTICE. WHEN IT STRIKES, IT STRIKES REAL HARD AND YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET UP. THAT'S GOD'S LAW.

    The whole episode has backfired. Has exposed how shitty our whole system is. It simplY shows THAT the BN is the INVESTIGATING OFFICER, PROSECUTOR AND THE JUDGE. IT REALLY STINKS.

    Members of the royal commission, please take note of this episode. The courts are the last bastion of integrity in the country. Please save it.

    To the brave 31, I can understand why you would have made the statement. BUT let me tell you that your 14 days or so in prison was not in vain. A BIG THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE. GOD WILL ALWAYS BLESS YOU.Those responsible for your incarceration will pay for it.

    It has opened the eyes of justice-loving Malaysians on how our courts appear to be misused and abused by the powers that be.

  10. Bro Rocky,

    Gani Patail should know that to charge a man for attempted murder, there must be presence of Actus Reus and Mens Rea, in particular, Mens Rea (Intention to Kill).

    Gani knows there is no case, even when it goes before a Judge but the strategy will work bcoz the courts will take 4 years to dispense with the case, and the 31 Indians will be in Sg Buloh jail for 4 years. At such, the "Goodwill" will be appreciated, not bcoz, the 31 are guilty but bcoz the legal system is bogged down with backlogs and incompetency.

  11. Anonymous10:44 pm

    I am not the least surprised of the PM's seemingly "soft" take pity stance release of the 31 Hindraf supporters.

    As you have pointed out your view on Ghani, as not worthy of respect, I would state that he is not the only one who has lost credibility in this pernicious episode of our nations' history. This is clearly a sandiwara to gain or should i say "regain" the votes of Indian voters.

    The calculated move against Hindraf began way before the street March. Its dedication in exposing injustices against the Hindu Indian community was deliberately misconstrued by the government and propagated as a threat against national security.

    The government has failed to respond to the legitimate reports against "shoot to kill" reports against Indians and prison deaths in lock-ups. It has also failed to address the numerous reports made over the past five years against illegitimate Hindu temple demolitions as well as the racially motivated killings of Indians and their families in the Kampong Medan incident.

    Instead of investigating these documented reports, the government went on a nationwide smear campaign to demonize Hindraf and its leaders as well as the thinking Indian community.

    Ignoring the voice of over half the population of the Indian community as irrelevant is to mock the fundamentals of democracy as outlined in the Malaysian Constitution.

    The ruthless attacks Hindraf was carried out by a weekly media blitz through government-controlled media and support from its agents in the various government support machinery. These corrupt agents must be brought to justice to answer for their unsubstianted allegations in a court of law, preferably not on the BN payroll.

    I would strongly suggest that the 31 Hindraf supporters counter sue the government for falsified allegations of murder, for humiliating them through the government-owned propaganda system, and for its continued disregard of the injustices that were presented to the Court.

  12. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Justice in this country has been reduced to a farce. It is being used to further one;s ambition. It is being used as a means to an end. It is being used to suppress the people. It is being used as an end to justify its means. It is being used by unscrupulous politicians to prolong their power. Justice is being used to make the people grateful and support the government of the day.

  13. Anonymous11:23 pm


    Don’t even think about giving pm the credit for the crap he started in the first place.

    The charges were dropped because there was no case against them in the first place.

    Oh yeah thanks to the PEOPLE’S AND OPPOSITIONS pressure that smack some senses into pm’s empty head. The people and oppositions have shamed the pm and the ag for being deviously vicious liar for fabricating charges instead of charges per facts.

    The ag have shamed the country and the constitutions and should be send into early permanent retirement.


  14. If Gani A/L Guni had two cents worth of self respect left ..SIR ! Please watch A Few Good MEN ..and do what Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson did ,, when the Code Red went wrong.It does'nt matter who you live with Sir , but seriously " how do you live with yourself ?

  15. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Putting up attempted murder to show their power,
    their manipulation of court without manner.
    They got a "deal" to save their face and to prepare for GE the first place.
    Holding 25 to keep Hindus and lawyers with no ease.

    Any more walk?
    They forget GE is the real walk!!
    Grievances down the throats?
    with witness of many many more!!

    AG slap the dignity of the 5+31?
    Or slap his boss?
    Jailed up had told freedom to be the most precious of all.
    No talk in court!
    then talk to the ballet box!!

  16. Anonymous11:54 pm

    saya keliru ... Bro cakap dia setuju dengan tindakan AG. bagus. tetapi pada masa yang sama Bro hina AG kerana tunduk pada tekanan PM. Jadi macam mana tu? Kita tidak pasti jika AG telah tunduk kerana itu memang sudah jadi tindakan yang akan beliau ambil. kalau AG tidak maka dia akan dituduh tidak sensitif pada kehenda PM ... habis ,,, macam mana sekali pun ..apa sahaja yag dibuat ,, Bro akan tetap hina AG .... rasa itu nasib AG ...

  17. ........dah agak pun.........

  18. Saudara , anda berkata ...AnnoyingUs said...
    saya keliru ... Bro cakap dia setuju dengan tindakan AG. bagus. tetapi pada masa yang sama Bro hina AG kerana tunduk pada tekanan PM... hmmm ... NAMPAK nya saudara tidak habis perguruan saudara dari kampus SI BUTA DARI GUA HANTU and by that you end up annoying US .Dont listen to what Elders say ,,, listen to what they mean. .

  19. Anonymous1:38 am

    why are you guys ranting about this? with this distraction as cover, do you know that this AG has personnaly written to the deputy minister to release a known underworld kingpin who has been placed under restricted residence. an dthis fell with a chequered history is now a free man and all those who squell on him will not see daylight.
    ask RPK who has a bloody hand on this!

  20. Anonymous2:28 am


    The principle of the 'Rule of Law' must be observed and practiced, to give confidence to everyone that they are protected under the Constitution and no one shall have any veil or exception of this rule, even when their representatives go pleading to the Prime Minister."


    Since when umno has observed the constitution? … LoL

    If umno had observed the constitution than none of this would have happened.

    The people would be allowed to observe their rights to rally, demonstrate, etc.

    Someone has to stop the dog from randomly crapping on the front lawn.


  21. Anonymous7:40 am

    Maybe he's hoping for the same quality of mercy when he, his son and the sil get charged in court in future for all the wrongs--God willing.

    And by that time i hope common sense and logic would rule this country again.!
    So--lock themup--and throw away the keys !

  22. Anonymous7:45 am

    Can't that bloody cup of jelly that we call our prime minister realised that he cannot please everyone !
    Sure--he has licked the hindraf supporters---he has forgotton about the many others who are dead against the hindraf. Lick them also !

    What is he going to do ? Hes going to run out of tongue for jean by then!!

  23. Anonymous8:10 am

    Rocky here's another perspective

    Gani’s Mistake but Pak Lah is paying

    Thanks to the Attorney General, Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail dropping the murder charge against the 31 supporters of the extremist group Hindraf, people will now point to his action as proof that the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi interfered in the workings of the legal system and pressured Gani to act in the interest of political expediency.
    When the Prime Minister spoke on national television, saying that he would reconsider the charges against the extremist group, Gani must have jumped for joy and wasted no time in making arrangement to drop the attempted murder charge.
    You see, the attempted murder charge is one of the most mind boggling decisions that the AG has made in his career.
    Ask most lawyers and they say that the AG has about an ice cube’s chance in hell of making the charge stick because it would take a miracle to convince a judge that the 31 men actually had the intention to kill a policeman by throwing stones and other things at them – for that is murder.
    Manslaughter is another matter, you only need to prove that the accused committed the act that resulted in the death and there is no need to show any intention to kill.
    If you are careless when driving and hit someone and he dies, that can be manslaughter, if you are playing a practical joke on a friend and things go wrong and he dies, that can be manslaughter.
    For it to become murder, it has to be premeditated and the prosecution would have to prove that you intentionally turned the steering to point the car at the victim and mowed him down with the intention of killing him, the same goes for the practical joke.
    “He must have filed the charges out of political expediency, without thinking about whether he had a reasonable chance of making the conviction stick. Well you know what they say, file a case in haste, repent at leisure,” says one lawyer.
    The fact is, Gani Patail’s action has caused untold political damage to the Prime Minister.
    While on the surface it may look like the PM pressured Gani, the reality is that they were charges that the AG was more than happy to drop because they are likely to become permanent stains on the records of the Deputy Public Prosecutors who were going to work the case.
    While the 31 supporters of the extremist group Hindraf and their families may be celebrating the decision, it has also caused anger among a section of the community which had wanted the Government to show a firm hand in handling these extremist elements.
    At the same time the Opposition will stop laughing at Gani Patail for filing the ridiculous attempted murder charge and now point fingers at the Prime Minister as meddler.
    Bear in mind that the Opposition mindset is not fixed on the notion that the country is facing a judicial crisis and any legal misstep by the Government is likely to fan the flame further.

  24. Bro,

    I am sick of all those involves in this particular issue:

    The 31 supposed to be hero of their people and at one time "dare to do anything" in this world to claims their right, chicken out after being charged in the court. All kind of excuses such as they have health problem, still studying, etc. etc. were mentioned to solicit forgiveness and symphatize from EVERYBODY.

    The people who try to champion these accused by promoting their "health problem, etc.etc.) - bloggers included (as though we can get acquited by giving these reasons to the judges).

    The judiciary/AG for charging these people even before he can satisfy himself that he can prove his allegation against them in court (he said he cannot pin point which one of the 31 that throw brick to the police).

    All of you are wasting my time!!

  25. bro

    another U Must Never Object Plot success in diverting BERSIH issue...

    yeah go figure

  26. Anonymous8:45 am

    It all goes to prove that:
    The judiciary is influenced by the politicians.
    Law is in the hands of the powerful and mighty.

    I wonder now, will it set a precedent. Will all the families of those who are charged with attempted mureders (of the criminal kind) seek Pak Lah's help in securing for a lesser sentence??

  27. Anonymous9:19 am

    ano 11.45pm..

    Kau saje sorang keliru..kite yang lain2 semua tidak. Kau keliru sama mcm AG ,PM orang2 UMNO BN dll semua dalam keadaan keliru dan blurr....pasal tu laa...
    Jangan cuba nak keliru kan kami pulak ye....

    Hehehe jangan marah...kalau marah kena jual..

  28. Anonymous9:49 am

    Come on, Rocky, you should know from your time as an MSM editor that sometimes 'national service' sucks...

    I'm guessing the charge in the first place was to diffuse the 'tense' situation of the Malays wanting to wade into the fight.

    Yes, it was an abuse of the justice system. But if Malays could learn not to threaten to 'amuk' everytime another race tries to speak up, all this wouldn't have to be deployed...

  29. I agree with NSTMan here. I mean, Cmon!! Attempted murder??? If the charges were allowed to proceed, it would have made a mockery of our Judicial system! Errm... hang on...Isn't our Judicial system already compromised?

    One can clearly see this whole this was staged from beginning to end, just like the timing of the implementation of the ISA arrests and the voice of the Silent Majority of Damai.

  30. Another classical staged from BN !
    When are they going to come up with some new ideas?? Should not have charged them using such absurd grounds at the first place....

  31. Anonymous10:40 am

    The first thing that came through my mine is that the Prime Minister now has the influence in justice proceedings. So it means that the AG does not decide but the PM. So why do we need AG who suppose to act as an independent body but decided by someone else. I wonder this work the same for ACA and others so called independent agencies....

  32. Anonymous11:04 am

    murder charges against hindraf 31 dropped coz AG cant determine who threw the stones/bricks. then why in the first place charged them and denied them bail. if I were the 31 fellas, first thing i do is to sue the pants out of the AG who clearly abused his power to satisfy his political master.
    juxtapose against the other headlines of the day. 2 murder cases thrown out by the courts! why? simply because of the incompetence of the AG and police. Looks like Gani will claim the ultimate prize which is to have the most murder trials thrown out by the judges duirng his TENURE. What a title, Gani but then you truly deserve the shit, isnt it?

  33. Rocky my friend, and to all of us law abiding morons! Never thought I will
    say this, but what the heck, here it is! MALAYSIA is one big NATIONAL LAMPOON!!!

    I and my group will have illegal protest soon and throw bricks at the police, and then I will ask for forgiveness from my prime minister, why not it has been done.

  34. Anonymous11:40 am

    Whatever it is, all these wayangs' definitely hurting the rakyat's pockets. And the sad thing is that there's going to be more wayangs to come in anticipation of the coming election.
    This PM is not only the weakest, he's the most useless and its so frustrating that one can't even get rid of a useless employee (or a whole bunch of useless employees, for that matter).

  35. Anonymous11:55 am

    Remember Pulau Batu Putih a.k.a.Pedra Branca? In Malaysia's submission to the International Court of Justice, we used a doctored photo which was taken from the site of a "German" blogger who claimed he has not been to this part of the world. The IP address of the blog was later traced to Puchong. This shameful shenanigan was exposed by Singapore at the ICJ.

    Ladies & gentleman, presenting the man who led the Malaysian side to the ICJ...Tan Sri Gani Patail..(clap,clap,clap).

  36. The MSM headlines should read: COURT JESTER AT HIS BEST.

    If the PM incurred the wrath of the public by charging murder on the 31, he has definitely caused concern among UMNO members as regards to his leadership qualities.

    Incidentally, whatever is done by the PM doesn't constitute an act by UMNO in general because not all his actions are condoned by the party grassroots. He wasn't UMNO's favourite pick to be PM yet the old geaser before him went against the general view and appointed him as his deputy and later PM.

    The root of all our problems is not UMNO or Pak Lah. It is Mahathir Mohamed Iskandar Kutty. He was the one who chose Pak Lah and he was the one who changed the constitution to make it difficult to dislodge the UMNO President by imposing a minimum number of nominations to qualify anyone to contest for the post.

    Incidentally, for those who admire Marina Mahathir, why don't you enquire why she's so quiet on the VK Lingam case and if her father were PM, what do you think his actions would be and if she felt the same about the demonstrations that were headed towards Seri Perdana under Anwar when she was living in it?

    What a hypocrite!!!

  37. Anonymous1:13 pm

    sympathies for this AG? rocky, this time i disagree big time. hey, if you live with the sword, then be prepared to die by the sword. he has lost immense credibility by fabricating the frivolous attempted murder charges knwoing full well that it will never stand up in a true courts of law. didnt he admit now that there is no way to pinpoint the person responsible for the cop's injury. to whose benefit politically is he doing for by initially play tough and denied them bail? its all well and clear now that from day one he is in cahoots with the political establishment to set up this charade.
    simply, he is no longer fit to stay as the AG for another day. no, i am not sorry a bit if he gets the boot tomorrow coz he has knowingly disparage the AG office with his actions.

  38. Anonymous1:15 pm

    ketua kerani,

    If I were PM, I wont sacrifice myself for a bungling civil servant!! Let him suffer for his own stupid mistakes.

    But you do have an interesting point of view there.

  39. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Can anyone lay out the possible offense or breaches of Penal Code or whatever MR AG had done?
    In legal terms please!

    In parallel, to go along with the malicious charges He put on the Hindus!!

    Justice should not be conducted in the confined and manipulated court
    but by the People!!

  40. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Maybe Gani Patahil should do the most hnourable; apologize and resign. The AG Chamber and the PM are a laughing stock. Now nobody is safe. For spitting on the pavement you can be charged with attempted murder because your germ-infected spit can cause death to others. Bravo Indians, you guys won. Sayadahbosan...spare your prayer. Don't waste your time.

  41. Rocky

    U sound like MSM with your "31 should thank the PM".

    He is the cause of them being inside lockup. You should have sensed the stupid spin doctoring.

    Its like a cheap movie.

  42. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Like this I also can...find a policemen... pick one huge stone throw at him....then when i got caught i said i was trick by someone else to do in favor of leniency of Badawi I might as well find myself not guilty

  43. Anonymous4:29 pm

    The Government is shooting itself in the foot. Now everyone knows that the PM is interfering with the judiciary. I really cannot understand why they made a mess of things in the first place by cooking up a attempted murder charge which to most people look atrocious.

  44. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Gani Patail who? Amno's puppet?

  45. Anonymous5:27 pm

    Very big wayang this one.
    Lead Actor: Today you become bad man okay? Then later,I become good man okay?

    The audience sure gerenti like one.
    Expect more bigger wayangs coming.
    Like this baru can win elections mah!
    So easy only. No need to crack head like blardy fools.

    Protest somemore lah.
    Sure got lagi more chan to make bigger wayang.

  46. rocky,

    ramai nya orang yang bodoh yang tak faham your sarcasm...

    i don't know-lah. are they for real or are they cybertroopers simply buat kacau....

    eesh eesh eesh

  47. If they wanted to proceed with the charges then they must find 31 finger prints on the one brick that hit the policeman on the head. Just like they found 31 patches of Anwar's seman on a piece of mattress.

  48. Anonymous11:57 pm

    it was obvious that the Sleeping PM interfering with the judiciary and AG when the attempted murder charges against the 31 Indians were suddenly dropped.

    To solve all the problems in the country we must get rid of the Sleeping PM and thereafter, prosecute Khairy, all the 4th floor boys and Kalimullah. The country will only be on its feet when these traitors are procuted and sent to jail.

  49. Anonymous10:34 am

    how nice if the case went court and then we can SHOW THE WHOLE WORLD what the police did to the hindu flers at batu caves, how they locked them up and fired water cannon and tear gas into the temple compound. and yes, add what musa hassan said that they did not use force at all.

    from a no case, now they made the pm someone with compassion. yah right..

    this coming GE, i hope if BN continues to put a monkey under the dacing, i pray the folks will be smarter this time around.

    Vote Opposition, to deny BN 2/3rds majority!

  50. Anonymous10:35 am

    In the first instance, the "attempted murder charge" was the shocker and had MANY shaking their heads over this dubious charge.
    To them, for this to happen now is not at all shocking but "recovery" and saner management of duties.
    Not that management on the whole is sane but on this matter for now.
    There is no need for any sympathies as he was just correcting an " error made in the course of his duties.
    In this he is not showing weakness but strength,which many in these days lack due to "other erroneous bigheaded ego problems". ky..

  51. Anonymous1:43 pm


    So who pays for the wrongful detention and the enotional pain and sufferings endured by the 31 and their family members when they were wrongfully and stupidly detained?

    For a top dog who has been entrusted with a major role to dispense justice without fear and favour, he has to take the responsibility for such a stupid mistake.

    Most honourable men (NOT MALAYSIANS!!) in his shoes would step down gracefully.

    This is not being hard or cruel but it is simply fair.

  52. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Well you BN guys are homicidal - therefore, I'll charge you under the non-existant Section for "Attempting to Murder Justice and Democracy".

    The Court is adjourned until Mr Prime Minister says it's not. Bersurai.

  53. Anonymous2:40 pm

    It is very shameful to the judiciary. There must be a separation of power between judiciary and executive. Since when can the executive meddle with the rule of law? This will only set a very dangerous and bad precedence. Every criminal will start to line up outside PM's office asking the same.
    Or is this already being pratice ? Will the same apply to VJ's case ?Perhaps in the future, other political group will do the same.

    As for the 31 accused, I believe in the first place , AG has no case.But because of the pressure from the executive, he went ahead as a warning to others.It will be hard for him to prosecute them, so this is the best option. Discharge them. Win win solution. PM gets his Indian votes back and AG save his face from losing the case.

  54. Anonymous3:24 pm

    I doubt it was an error in the first place. They were thus charged with one and only one motive, to inflict as much pain and agony as possible on them before letting them off. With a serious charge like attempted murder, it then became very easy and convenient to oppose bail and incarcerate them into the dungeons. The fact that there was never any evidence to support the charge do not matter at all for the case will probably take years to complete and at the end of the day, the 31 gets acquitted, so what? When the 31 started to grovel and pressure from certain quarters becomes more unbearable, they then want to play "good cop" and "reduce" the charge to the approriate charge, ie the charge which should have been used had these bastards been fair and played by the "rule of law".
    Such dirty tactics are often practiced by lower rung enforcers and the AG's duty is also to prevent its prevalence. But here we saw the AG himself doing it, probably on instruction from someone. Whatever it is, he do not deserve any sympathy but my curses.

  55. Anonymous11:30 pm

    yahu yahu i'll be pardon too for not doing my job and yet many people have die.
    if i only one of the ybs'.

  56. Anonymous9:27 am

    no sympathies for him..he brought it on himself..he sold his soul to the devil.

    Don't think he sleeps easy..if he claims he is a man of the legal profession.

    This Gunny guy can go on sucking..

  57. Anonymous12:42 pm

    "I am perplexed here."
    What do you mean by " the AG did not count on the PM taking pity on the Hindraf 31 and that the 31 have to thank PM in persuading the AG to drop the charges...
    To be blunt the above stinks.
    If you are saying pity bcos they were wrongly charged, then YES. hERE the executive's intervention must be gladly welcomed then.
    But it is erroneous to say "for the PM firmness or softness" becos rightly the PM shouldnt interfere with the judiciary. The firmness or softness factor does not have any consideration "legally" here.
    For your information,rocky, the charge on the 31 for attempted murder just should not have happened.Now that it has,and with this new drama evolving,it "seems" that there are new clowns (including bloggers) being unmasked, lately.

  58. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Mr. Rocky, here I am visiting your blog. LOL. Bro, have u ever heard about " Political Safeguard For Democracy " This is somehow associated with the next General Election. To comment on this issue, A-G and newly appointed CJ are taking good care of Pak Lah's ass.

  59. thank you for dropping by, dear bugger. hope it's cosy .. merry xmas to you.