Saturday, November 10, 2007

Paint it yellow

It's 10-Eleven, and it's not a man's world. Today's the day we meet at Dataran Merdeka at 3pm and walk from there to the Istana - in yellow and in peace - to send an urgent message from the people to the Agong.

A team of high-powered civil society and political leaders, including Wan Azizah of PKR, Teresa Kuok of DAP, and Maria Chin Abdullah of Women's Development Collective, will submit the memo to the Agong.

Monitors present
Lawyer Edmund Bon, who is chairperson of the Bar Council Human Rights Committee, said the Bar will deploy a team of monitors, consisting of lawyers and law students, during the walk. These monitors can be identified by the tags and arm bands and court attire.
"Their function is purely to document and monitor. (The monitors will be) adopting a non-interventionist approach."
Bon said the Bar opposes the necessity of police permits to assemble, and this position is the way forward if Malaysia is to become a developed nation by 2020.
"... we have participated and witnessed many assemblies in the country which were planned, and turned out to be peaceful. The last major one of course was the Bar's Walk for Justice. A common thread in these assemblies has been the commendable, non-interventionist approach taken by the police, Special Branch and FRU."


  1. Anonymous3:11 am

    cant wait to go. cant even sleep now. so excited. power to the people!

  2. Anonymous3:47 am

    reading that bernama report that you've put on the side feed...

    make me feel like we better boycott those traders... saying what bersih going to do is no benefecial is like saying what we are doing is utter stupid. like what we did is to make them suffer... Goddamn those traders...

    They're surely a hell of a a*** licker!!

  3. 10eleven it is, bro.

    Now I got to figure out how to turn my blog yellow.

  4. 10eleven it is, bro.

    Now I got to figure out how to turn my blog yellow.

  5. Anonymous6:20 am

    Awesome, Rocky!

    Love, love, love the golden color to shoo in the gelombang...

    Peaceful Power to the People!
    Go Gelombang Kuning!

  6. WAAAH,,,,, nice yellow!

  7. the red herring will be in black

  8. Anonymous10:34 am


    Looks like they have taken the pre-emptive strike by throwing the traffic into chaos. It was only 10am just now but scores of FRU had taken positions near the istana. I doubt if they were clearing the traffic to make way for the Walk.


  9. All the best guys
    Painting the city in sea of yellow
    Marching through people’s concerned
    About events in the country

    I pray the BN leaders listen
    What the people have to say
    All the times they believe what they make
    All the craps only pocketing in their minds

    Wave the sea of yellow
    My spirit goes with you
    Like an eagle flying in the blue sky
    Spreading words of encouragement
    One fall many to take the call

    10 eleven it is
    The day the city turns yellow
    The King should come out in support
    His subjects he must see

    The marching of yellow
    On the streets of the city
    The blue gangs playing with their music
    The yellow marchers dance the joget
    All the way to the palace

    Wave the sea of yellow
    The people must get back their rights
    The King should come to support
    The people He represents too

    10 eleven
    The sea of yellow waves
    Marching on the streets of the city
    Let the world know
    We want to make it right

  10. Anonymous11:25 am

    my yellow T may be cooler than yours, but your blog is definitely cooler than mine (echoing shar101 above, don't know how to make it yellow) urrgh!

  11. I was told that bloggers on Wordpress can't switch to yellow or any other colour. Wah, so rigid ah?

    For Blogspot users like me, click Customize on top-right of your screen, then choose a yellow for your "Background". So simple and so superior.

  12. Anonymous11:59 am

    its 11.57am now. police blockades towards KL in place since last nite. terrible traffic jam along Jalan Damansara towards KL from PJ.

  13. Anonymous12:30 pm

    The agong is in taking part in the Horse Endurance race back it KT this weekend la

  14. For wordpress just change the color header. Tat will do bro.

  15. Hi,

    God cleared the sky for us and gave us cool weather.


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