Thursday, November 01, 2007

Acting CJ

"We allow the sentence and conviction to be set aside. We find the High Court misdirected itself. He (Anwar Ibrahim) should have been acquitted." - Judge Abdul Hamid Mohamad, head of a three-judge panel that overturned the former Deputy PM's sodomy conviction on 2 Sept 2oo4. [click here to read an article]

Abdul Hamid Mohamad. 1/11 Court of Appeal President Datuk Abdul Hamid Mohamed has been named as Acting Chief Justice following Tun Ahmad Fairuz Abdul Halim's retirement /STAR
Thanks Zorro, SK for forwarding me the Star's sms alert.

And there you are - someone's wish for an extension did not come true!

Bernama has the full story here and reports that Tun Ahmad Fairuz's position was not discussed at Rulers' Meeting.


  1. Anonymous8:47 pm

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  2. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Let just pray that the next CJ will be a God-fearing man that will not allow any hanky-panky either in the judiciary or executive.
    Otherwise the so-called judiciary crisis in Malaysia will never end.

    Bob from Kuching

  3. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Court of Appeal Judges: YA Datuk Low Hop Bing and YA Datuk Mokhtar Sidin: Why are both of you so extremely quiet? Was it a lull before the storm?

  4. Anonymous9:56 pm

    [Anon who left this comment, I had to xxx-ed a few of yr words. Thanks for the views - Rocky]

    Dear Rocky

    Congratulations to YAA Datuk ABdul Hamid Mohamed. You are an honest and sincere man. We salute you. Pleae do not let Bodowi and company to influence you in anyway.

    Thank GOD and the Rulers that Ahmad Fairuz didn't get the extension. Let it be an example to other judges that if they are xxxxxxx like Ahmad Fairuz then they had to resign xxxxxxxxxx.

    You have wrongly predicted Zaki as CJ and you have screwed his chance altogether. Of course, Zaki will still have another chance when YAA Abdul Hamid retires.

    In any event, why Bodowi did not appoint YAA Abdul Hamid as CJ and why just acting. What an indecisive PM we ever had. Normally you have an acting CJ when the present CJ dies in office. Whereas in this case the Government had the time in the world to consider and decide the right candidate.

    The decision to appoint an acting CJ speaks volume of the Government. It is now very apparent that we need a Royal Commission to look into the appointment of judges. We all msut still march to the Istana on Novemebr 10 to ask for a Royal Commission and also to thank our Agong for standing up firm against Bodowi.

  5. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Wow..everybody is jumping up and down just like when Dzaiddin was appointed.

    Let's see why Mahathir still calls Anwar guilty of sadomy despite he being acquited.

    Thanks to the person who said this " While the testimonies of Dr. Mohd. Fadzil
    and Tun Haniff and the conduct of the first appellant confirm the appellants’
    involvement in homosexual activities, such evidence does not corroborate
    Azizan’s story that he was sodomised by both the appellants at the place, time
    and date specified in the charge."

    So I will hold my celecbration or now.

  6. So it goes temporarily to one of the judge that freed anwar.

    I hope he is truly God-fearing, honest and sincere as what the two anon posted comments.

    Is there a link to get the background of this judge?

  7. Anonymous10:33 pm


    It's quite funny to watch TV3 prime newa today. While Ahmad Fairuz did not get his wish, The sultans present AAB with a 4th anniversary cake.( of being a PM)

    You can see it in his face...... as the cake means a thousand words if not the taste.

  8. Anonymous11:33 pm

    First there was Zany Zam, now we have Zombie Zak. Gosh, now we are full of zilchs. What's next? Absolutely Bonkers Bodohwi?

    Temporary Sanity for now!

  9. Anonymous12:14 am

    Just wonder is there any reason why all Judges are Malays? I am no fan of racist. Please don't link this to it. I just notice it so. Why not Karpal, the one someone said God punished him to sit on wheel chair?

  10. Anonymous12:16 am

    acting means temporary. Pak Lah has the intention of putting somebody else soon. That's why we must continue fighting ....

  11. Anonymous12:29 am

    To A Voice:

    I understand your fear on the acting CJ who may turn out to be a monster later. Knowing YAA Datuk Abdul Hamid Mohamed, he is definitely God fearing.

    Of course, he may make msitakes sometime in his judgment as long as it is an honest/genuine mistake we can live with it becasue: To Err Is Human.

    What we do not want and cannot tolerate is what we have heard and seen in the Lingam video clip, which we all knew it was a
    Ahmad Fairuz was on the otherside of telephone. In short, we want
    a judge of impeccable character.

    Therefore, the appointment of YAA Datuk Abdul Hamid does not mean that all is well with the judiciary. Far from it. It is just the begining of a cpring clenaing to flush out judges of questionable character.

    We do know that after Ahmad Fairuz have gone there are still quite a number of judges of questionable character sitting in the Court of Appeal, Federal Court and High Court.

    We also know that a few months ago Ahmad Fairuz have appointed several Session Court Judges of questionable quality as Judicial Commissioners (High Court Judge under contract).

    We know that of two ex-Session Court Judges (from the East Coast)are very close to Ahmad Fairuz.

    We hope that YAA Datuk Abdul Hamid will immediately examine the qualifications of the recent promotion of judges recently by Ahmad Fairuz.

    This must be the immediate task of the Acting CJ to work towards restoring confidence in the judiciary after Ahmad Fairuz and Eusoff Chin.

  12. Anonymous1:50 am

    Anak Bapa: You are absolutely right. Acting means temporary. Badawi still want a UMNO CJ to do protect him and Khairy.

    Therefore, we must go all out to demand that judges and promotion opf judges must be done by a committee and not by a PM.

    We cannot depend on the PM to look after the interests of the rakyat. We must fight for our rights.

    Let march on November 10 to demand for a Royal Commission to look into the judiciary especially on the appointmentof judges.

    I also agree with Abdul Hamid must look into the recent promotions of judges from Session Court to High Court, and High Court to Court of Appeal. Many of them being promoted wihtout merit. Just like Ahmad Fairuz himself, who was not fit to be a High Court judge let alone CJ!

    Lets check on the newly appointed Judicial Commissioners.

    Can someone tell us more about the recent appointment of judges?

  13. Anonymous1:57 am

    Anon 9:56

    Why are you mentioning about the two Court of Appeal Judges, Datuk Mokhtar Sidin and Datuk Low Hop Bing, whom we do know is close to Eusoff Chin?

    Why are they so special and got special mention?

    Any leads folks?

  14. Anonymous2:50 am

    I think the answer to the responses here on Justice Dato' Abdul Hamid Mohamed ascension as acting CJ is well explained by Pasquale @ 2.08pm in early article of "Zaki for CJ?", here in Rocky's Bru.

    To the majority here, everyone and everything is wrong!

    Anon 12.29am,

    Former CJ Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Halim is a God fearing man too. His father was the Grand Mufti of Kedah and his family is very respectable.

    His decision on the Lina Joy's case at the Federal Ct on 31 May 2007 with the quote “In other words, one cannot embrace or leave a religion according to one’s whims and fancies.” is definitely not music to some minorities. However, the majority Malay Muslims of Malaysia concur with decisions like this.

    This illustrate his God fearing decision, based on provisions provided by the law.

  15. Anonymous8:06 am

    For some, they are equally god fearing and money/power/position loving, how oxymoronic that is.

    Don't think that the 'religiousness' quality of the parent/s are of value to their kids.Plenty of example here:

    1.Tun Fairuz, son of Mufti
    2. IGP son of prominent Quran teacher
    3. PM himself.

  16. Anonymous8:33 am

    I am not able to access malaysia-today's article. Server dia down ke?


  17. Anonymous9:41 am

    Tun Ahmad retired - ok this is good news.

    what bothers me most is the temple demolition. very depressing.

    they should build new temple before demolishing it.

    very sad to what is happening.

  18. Cannot access Malaysia-Today website.

  19. sikenit said,"This illustrate his God fearing decision, based on provisions provided by the law."

    Friend, to fear God is not confined to one or two aspects of live. It is one whole gamut of issues, behaviour and actions.
    Is indulging in 'judge fixing' prove that a man is God fearing?
    Is declaring the loser in an election as the winner to please his political masters, a decision from a God fearing man?
    I donate millions of ringgit to charity but I am corrupted and a womanizer. Am I a God fearing man?
    I pray five times a day without fail but rape my maid? Am I God fearing.
    If I may ask all the Ministers in the cabinet, the IGP, the ACA Chief and AG this question, " If you are not corrupt, cast the first stone at Comm Datuk Ramli Yusoff.

  20. Don’t sing our celebration yet
    One never knows what the end will be
    This is an Acting job
    There must be a reason to pin on the wall

    The sleeping beauty is buying time
    To figure out who will be his best choice
    The CJ must be one of absolute integrity
    Showing no fear and favor to anybody
    Be it Prime Minister or powerful taiko
    He makes it his business to dispense justice

    There is a temporary light now
    The sleeping beauty makes up face
    Doesn’t want to look absolute disarray
    In the eyes people marching one day

    Brewing statements
    Nobody can believe now
    Absolute honesty is the way
    In bringing truth to justice

    The pillars of success
    Practicing wisdom of Allah/God
    Know His words remember it too
    When conducting affairs of state and people

    So don’t sing our celebration yet
    There will be time for it
    Right now the pm wants his beauty nap
    Let his pilots handle the air-craft

    A temporary gain
    A big tsunami on November 10
    When concerned people go marching
    Thundering the ground vibrating loudly
    He wakes up
    “Wh…..what is happening?”

  21. Anonymous10:28 am


    gotta separate personal beliefs and professionalism as a judge which is to uphold the Constitution. By making judgement based on his so-called god-fearing, he is doing nothing but imposing his beliefs onto others.
    by the way, by compromising the judiciary, is this in accoradnce with "god-fearing".
    he who lives in glass house, dont throw stones.

  22. Anonymous10:34 am

    Mr Smith,

    Is there solid evidence that former CJ did "judge fixing"? Or is it mere hearsay only?

    Otherwise, your opinion is as good as mine!

    So what is God fearing then????

    Give a khutbah and later sleep with other peoples' wives and wife's own personal driver!

    Give sermon and let himself silly on the coffer meant for orphans.

    Bad enough, some men chose to remain celibate for God but instead scoff on little choir or altar boys, for 'fun' and/or 'entertainment'.

    Some people antagonise religion and believers, quoting from New Testament and Quran, from the perspective of Civil Liberty over glasses of local beer.

    Yes, CJ decided in favour of the official religion of the Federation. This is a decision that majority of Malaysians, who are Malay-Muslims concurred. To present the communal interests, in extreme diversity, is "God fearing".

  23. Anonymous11:49 am

    So, the ex-CJ is gonna be allowed to quietly walk away from all of the wrongdoings that he have done?

    Crime does pay in Malaysia.

  24. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Ahamd Fairuz is God fearing. What a big joke? Joke of the century! If Ahmad Fairuz is God and from what we heard from the Lingam video clip, I can only come to one conclusion that there is no God in this world. The fact that Ahmad Fairuz (at the tail end of his career) had to leave the Palace of Justice in disgrace, this shows that there is still God, the Almighty!

    Now we must concentrate on what this cor... CJ had done during the last few months in office as this will affect the independent of the judiciary.

    We must first of all look at the appointment of judges and Judicial Commissioners. I have heard that Ahmad Fairuz had promoted all his boys to be judges and Judicial commissioners.

    Court of Appeal Judges Low Hop Bing and Mokhtar Sidin are "famous" and implicated in poison letters. It was an open secret that Low Hop Bing was extremely close to Eusoff Chin, the CJ before Dzaidin and Ahmad Fairuz. Eusoff Chin had also been accused of going on holidays with VK Lingam. No wonder someone in this blog was asking about Low Hop Bing and Mokhtar Sidin.

    The government must set up a Royal Commission to investigate into all the allegations concerning the judiciary not only duiring Ahmad Fairuz time but also Eusoff Chin's time.

    There are several judges who are not fit to sit in the Court of Appeal and Federal Court. How shameful?

    What is the sleepy PM is doing about the present state of the judiciary?

  25. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Ahamd Fairuz retired in disgrace. It is a good news for the nation. We need judges with impeccable character. But it will be better if a few more judges in hte Court of Appeal also resign now for the sake of the judiciary and the nation.

    Please, I am not talking about Mokhtar Sidin and Low Hop Bing OK! Both of them are only close to Eusoff Chin only so what!

  26. Congratulations to all the ROYAL HIGHNESSES Agong and his fellow Sultans for being firm in their decision in the CJ extension ...

    It's a smack on the old man's face as he gave his speech with the 2 Angkasawan clowns on TV3 yesterday . . As all of us can see he is just trying all his best to cover himself from further embarrasment by saying " i thank the CJ for a job well done and for his utmost contribution to the judiciary " and bla bla bla ....ha ha .

    Cut the crap la Mr. PM , ur really living in ur own wonderland by being misled by ur precious Khairy and his gang . . Not once in the history of this country that we've such an incompetent and uneducated PM like u , sir . . We can accept mismanagement , we can even accept mistakes fr yr fellow goverment colleagues due to some unconsistent procedures layout fr the top people but one thing we can;t accept is the country Top Leader is a Hypocripe , Not A Decision Maker by Himself Bcoz He Allowed others to make the decision and run the country on his behalf and most important we can;t accept is a PM whom can;t face and handle the the truth and continue to lie to the public for the sake of staying in power .....

    Round One of the CJ Case-Royalty Vs BN : 1 - 0 and the show must go on ..........................

  27. Anonymous10:33 pm

    God less teh Malaysian judiciary. It is just too famous for the wrong reason. Thanks to the Mr I do not know PM and the 4th floor boys.

    Ahmad Fairuz had to disappear in disgrace. So the power that be please take note that you may be in power and you will one day have to also disappear in disgrace if you are like Ahamd Fairuz.

    Now that Ahamd Fairuz had gone down but there are still a few more rotten apples left.

    Of course, Low Hop Bing and Moktar Sidin (Ct of appeal judges) must be worried by now. Both of them shouldn't be because they are are Mr Clean in the judiciary!!!!!!!! They are only close to Eusoff Chin that was a plus.

  28. Anonymous12:01 pm

    'We cannot depend on the PM to look after the interests of the rakyat. We must fight for our rights.'

  29. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Lim Kit Siang was playing game again when he issued a statement to say that "I have seen part two of the Lingam tape and it depicted senior lawyer V K Lingam who in post-call conversation said the person he was talking was former chief justice Ahmad Fairuz Sheik Abdul Halim."

    Lim Kit Siang furhter said in his statement: " I can vouch the esxistence of another six-minute sequel to the eight minutes of Lingam tape released by Anwar Ibrahim ... as I have seen it." What a bullshit!!! Who is he trying to fool?

    The classic Lim Kit Siang's statement of trying to jump on the band wagon or hijack the issue from Anwar/Keadilan.

    Since Lim Kit Siang had said he had seen the (part two) whole of the Lingam video clip:

    You should pose a very simple question to Lim Kit Siang why he kept mum about this issue for quite sometime and only the last few days he struggled so hard trying to get credit for the non-extension of Ahamd Fairuz as CJ.

    From what I have heard was that for quite sometime Lim Kit Siang had the 6 minutes VK Lingam's video clip, that Anwar exposed, but he did not do anything. WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY????????????

    I can only think of two senario that Lim Kit Siang did not want to expose this video clip.

    1. The video clip also showed that Wee Choo Keong, who was sacked by Lim Kit Siang, was a victim of a conspiracy to disqualify him as MP and further it will also show that Lim Kit Siang has been a fraud because he didn't lead the DAP to protest against Ahmad Fairuz, the Election Judge, after having disqualified WEE as the duly elected MP, and appointed a losing BN candidate as the duly elected MP. It would appear that at the time when Ahmad Fairuz appointed the BN candidate as MP, Lim Kit Siang was behaving like a political novice for not appreciating that MP should be elected and the DAP as an opposition party must campaign agaisnt this injustice and undemocratic decision.

    2. Lim Kit Siang dared not do it because he wanted to protect Badawi for he knew that if this video clip is exposed Badawi will not be able to handle it. Why did i say this? You will see in your own blog and other blogs that throughout Badawi premikership, the public knew that Lim Kit Siang never directly or indirectly attacked Badawi of his own scandal like the bunglow in Australia, Khairy and Kalimullah scandal in ECM Libra, Scomi and other issues that have been brought up by Tun Dr Mahathir. Lim Kit Siang only complaint was Parliament roof "Bocor". What a joke from an Opposition Leader? Instead of following up with what Tun Mahahtir had accused Badawi, Khairy, Kalimullah and Kamrudin of, Lim Kit Siang attacked Tun Dr Mahathir. Further, there were many other scandals that appeared in the blogs and yet Lim Kit Siang pretend he does not know about it at all.

    Please publish this copmments so that Malaysian public would read and understand Lim Kit Siang better.

    So I would also like to add that YB Jeff Ooi and YB Tony Pua will take note of the above and beware of what will happen to them in the future.

    A shameful DAP Supporter