Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bloggers for peaceful march

Calling all bloggers! When was the last time you had an afternoon stroll in the park?
Come to the Dataran Merdeka this Saturday at 3 pm. Meet others who share the belief in fair and clean elections, and let's have a walk to the Istana.
Come in yellow and in peace.
It should be a walk in the park except for those who don't believe in fair and clean elections. Johari Baharom* says here Bersih, the organisers, have not been given a permit to organise the gathering but have applied for one.

*Johari's Umno division allegedly conducted a less than clean and fair Umno-G7 elections last year. A police report was lodged yesterday (not reported in the Press but read it here) against an Umno Supreme Council meeting linked to that particular election.


  1. I'd like to join. Except that I'm not sure if I want to march behind politicians. As I understand it, this is a march by the rakyat yet on other blogs I see politicians like anwar, guan eng, pas leaders and all wanting in. The philosophy behind the peace march I like. But I don't want the march hijacked by a few politicians/political parties.

  2. Anonymous7:17 pm

    They are also rakyat and equally have the right to participate in this march. However, no party attires or flafs are allowed .....

  3. it is a peaceful march.

    i believe in you, rocky.

    so i'm in. see you there!

  4. Wakil Rakyat Bendang..

    50 tahun akan datang umno masuk ke fasa 2 ... bangsa melayu meneruskan perjuangan..Melayu bangsa yang ada hanya kuasa politik..

    anih dan unik.. bangsa ini tidak ada pengkianatan kepada bangsa lain.

    UMNO perlu banyakan wakil rakyat bendang..

    wakil rakyat jenis ini.. perlu kerana wakil rakyat ini..rajin..melawat kawasan dan menjaga keharmonian rakyat..orang melayu memang hebat..telah mencipta rekod dunia politik dunia..hanya umno sahaja parti politik tertua di dunia.. biar pun tua.. tapi waras..perjuangan. bila kuasa di beri kepada bangsa lain...jadi lah macam singapore.. melayu di sana menjadi spisis terlindung..hari ini UMNO.. berjaya masuk ke fasa ke 2... "MOGA ALLAH SEJAHTERAKAN.. MELAYU ISLAM UMNO...


  5. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Is that true ? Politicians are marching as well ? You can count my hubby & me out then.

  6. Jom pi ramai-ramai! Bagi betui-betui ramai!

  7. BERSIH is a coalition of NGOs and political parties (opposition only obviously). Since they are a part of BERSIH then its only normal for them to be taking part as well.

    But I see your point because PAS is mobilizing 100,000 of its members to join the march so it will probably be more of a PAS march rather than people's march.

    But that's not going to stop me...

  8. The marching on the streets
    100,000 strong arm in arm
    The colorful races join the congregation
    For an afternoon walk to the palace

    It starts at 3 in the hot sun
    Maybe it will rain before
    Then the sky will by cloudy
    The people can march peacefully

    The government leaders trying to derail
    The marching of 100,000 beats
    Rocketing on the streets
    The echo in the cloudy sky

    The monkey says arrest them
    Who is he for heaven sake?
    Now we know who is running the nation
    No portfolio no job yet calling the shot

    The hypocrites in the leadership
    When will they ever learn?
    I guess Allah has said it before
    If you forget Me and My way
    You won’t know what I do
    Unless you repent and be good

    On 10 November 2007
    A peaceful walk of 100,000 people
    Vibrating the streets every part of it
    The BN leaders and the police say
    There is no permit to march
    Do we?
    When we go for an afternoon walk
    To the palace let the Agong knows

  9. Anonymous10:02 pm

    ehehnana, I do agree with you. I do not wnatto be led by such politicians like Anwar and Lim Kit Siang/Lim Guan Eng, they have no credibility. They are only interested in politicisng for their own interests. Both Anwar party and Lim Kit Siang family party (DAP) were never critical about Badawi, who is the root of all problems in this country.

    So how can I trust these two opportunists, one play politics all the way and the other only interested in protecting his son to be secretary general!

    My piece advise to the organisers, please keep party politics out from the march. No party flas or banners please otherwise it will be man ipulated by BN. Then the march will lose its impact.

  10. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Could I make a suggestion or two so as to be in absolutely sure that "NO Trouble" arises?

    T0 counteract UMNO's underhand-tricks,

    1. all participants should carry the folowings:

    PHone camera
    Digital camera

    Make sure you have it turned on at all times to capture any unsavoury characters or events. First sign of trouble,go straight to your nearest cybercafe and upload it to your blog if you have one! Remember pictures will put the government on the spot to explain!

    Always be on the lookout for UMNO "Rent-a-mob" and capture them on camera! This will also act as a deterrence to anyone intent on causing trouble!

    2. Get as many foreign press agencies as possible to be present at the march.

    Most important of all, have the evidence at hand, and have it on the Web fast! Don't hand it over to the authority until it is safely on the internet! And be sure to let everyone know you have the evidence!

    It is time for the rakyat to reclaim their rights and self-esteems.

    We the citizens are the rightful masters and the rightful heirs of the nation. Not the politicians!

    Anyway, it does not matter if any political party(s) joins the march. The aim is to achieve a clean & fair election. Consider that as making use of the politicians for a good cause. Hey, they have been exploiting us in the past, haven't they?

  11. Anonymous11:10 pm

    people power has arrived in malaysia. we are walking into democracy. the will of the people shall be heard.

  12. Anonymous11:55 pm


    I'm an UMNO member for Pahang. I'll be there in yellow..
    Calling all other UMNO members to join this peaceful gathering too!

    Don't worry.. Joe will not make Malaysia as another Myammar! I guess, he is much more civilized than his counterpart from Myammar!


  13. Anonymous12:35 am

    BERSIH official website

  14. tintin, I would advise you not to go to the march. Stay at home and make love to your hubby. This march is only for people who are willing to risk prosecution for the future of the country and their children. We do not need chicken-hearts.

  15. I may be away in the UK for studies, but I'm totally with you in spirit.

    Bangkit Bangsa Malaysia!

  16. Anonymous2:02 am

    malaysiakini quoted "If Burmese monks can march", but i don't want to be like myanmar monk died in the jungle unknown.....

    there for sure wouldn't be peace with 100k ppl march, don forget about agent provocateur lingering around, and when snap gov will have excuse to declare emergency tangkap all pembangkang and sumbat to kamunting, ban all parti pembangkang and make bn and sole party. aab islam hadhari rules ....

  17. rocky lu turun tak?

    kalau wa kat kl mesti wa turun punya. teringat zaman reformasi... orang buat turun beb. raspek wa... wa pikir, kalau FRU bunyi loceng, orang celik pun larik tak cukup tanah...mana la orang buta tu nak cabut! moral of the story is, stand up for what you believe in, too much bollocks for too long is bad.

  18. Anonymous8:03 am

    be brave and of course prepare to face the consequences .... BUt I an sure if ANWAR is man enough to join in. As always he is one man who instigate people to d things but he will alway stay away from the actual event about "perjuangan" ANwar!

  19. Din!

    Gua mesti turun! Bila lagi nak pakai t-shirt warna juning beb?

    Btw, I agree with you guys who do not wish the rally to be hijacked by the politicians. That goes to both BN & Opp politicians.

    At the same time, however, these politicians should put on their yellow t-shirts and turun padang to march with the rakyat.

    From Nik Aziz and Husam to Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim and Wee Choo keong, they are the ones, especially, who should be walking their talk.

    No speeches for them, though.

    And let's not speculate that Umno or the government will do anything rash with the marching rakyat. The marchers represent the majority, so they better respect them.

  20. Read my plea and hope

  21. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Look at what's happening in Pakistan.

    Benazir Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party (PPP) is planning a huge rally in Rawalpindi tomorrow to protest against the imposition of martial law by President Musharraf.

    The rally has already been banned by the authorities.

    But a defiant Ms Bhutto said:

    "This is the fight for the rule of law - we are under attack.

    "How many people can they put behind bars? We will produce so many that they will not have enough jails."

  22. Anonymous2:09 pm


    I'd really love to go, but have urgent matters to attend to. Honest. But I'll be there with you guys in spirit.

    All the best!

  23. Check out these tributes to BERSIH gathering, taken from youtube:

    Take The Power Back

    Perhimpunan Rakyat Aman

    Iklan BERSIH


    It is nauseating to read the comments of reactionary minded clowns (some of them presumably UMNO's Cybertroopers at work) who appears or pretended to be overly excited to participate in BERSIH demo while wearing their dunce hats.

    This is what these clowns actually want to achieve, to prolong a form of subconscious fear of offending the authorities - such as demanding that political leaders (the oppositions) not participate and not have the right to speak and address the people.

    This is the mindset that we have been conditioned by the BN government for the last 50 years, where we start behaving like meek and quiet subjects of authoritarian regimes.

    Political leaders have every right to speak, especially when they have been working everyday, mobilising members, leafleting the public, organising this event and most importantly, creating awareness about the rampant abuses of fraudulent practices in our electoral system. They are the ones mobilising security, marshalls,issuing statements, negotiating with the police, materials, etc.

    In our culture of media censorship, Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim, Guan Eng, Mat Sabu, Tian Chua, Sivarasa Rasiah, Karpal Singh, Syed Husin Ali, Mahfuz Omar, Saari Sungib and many more have been silenced. They are the ones who have been victimised, arrested, tortured, brutalised and imprisoned for having the courage to stand up and speak truth to power.

    We have been silent for too long. Godammit, it is our time to speak out.

    These reactionary groups are the ones who derail every attempt for a significant change, by promoting false consciousness and false hatred towards leaders of the oppositions who had fought tooth and nail to defend and to ensure the rights of the people are protected.

    Sorry to disappoint these reactionary groups. The facts are that:-

    1)There will be political speeches, by political & NGO leaders

    2)The gathering will led by leaders of BERSIH; comprising of 70 NGOs and 5 political parties.


    4)The reason why these people formed BERSIH is because we are not happy with the way UMNO & BN jokers run the country, thus we want CHANGE within our constitutional framework by allowing the OPPOSITION to have a FAIR CHANCE in the coming election, so that we, the PEOPLE, can have a chance to fairly elect the leaders the country deserves to power.

    This is not a funfair event, with joyrides and cotton-candy floss. Real change demands real sacrifices, just as the opposition and NGOs leaders have shown us with their example eg:- imprisonment, beaten, charge under false accusations etc. Real change won't happen on a sunny day strolling in the park attitude, expecting things will suddenly be better.

    Those who will be in Dataran Merdeka on Saturday, will risk body and liberty to ensure that the electoral system is free and fair.

    They are ready for change. I am ready for change, as with thousands of other participants who will come as free people, who won't have any qualms but to welcome the speeches and presence of the opposition leaders.

    If you are not, then don't come. Yes, don't come. It will be a nuisance for you to come and later bitch about the presence and speeches made by the opposition leaders on blogs such as this.

    The best thing to do for you guys is to shut up and continue with your pathetic lives under the rule of BN for the next 50 years.

  24. Anonymous4:04 am




    PIIII DAH!!!
    GO FLY KITE!!!

  25. Anonymous7:27 am

    ha!ha!ha!oi simpang kiri!sudah ada orang marah!oi simpang kanan,keluar lah kamu,oi semua simpang,kita jumpa disimpang ampat.

  26. Anonymous said:


    Ironically, you're anonymous. You're also crude.

    We're not going to let BN come and thereaten our families with their thugs, or bankrupt and charge us under the 'law' which they claim is so just.

    Just because we're anti-BN doesn't mean we're stupid. Our time will come, and our names will appear - when it serves us and not our enemies.

    As for you, go start a blog. We'll meet you there. I personally challenge you and your friends to a debate on mine. All with names/blogs/nicknames are welcome to comment, swear words and foul language will be deleted.

    Simpang-kiri, I have been in protests before and some of the arguments put forth are valid and very relevant as well. These issues do need to be addressed and it will take a very organised group to do it. I'd like to discuss it with you, if you would continue to post on this site.

  27. Anonymous9:09 am

    Susah betul massa bersatu untuk satu tujuan yang murni. Sepatutnya setiap warganegara@rakyat Malaysia yang menginginkan pilihan raya yang bersih dan adil, tanpa mengira pembangkang atau penyokong kerajaan, parti politik atau NGO digalakkan hadir, terutamanya pihak SPR.
    Kalau beginilah sikap kita, kita tak akan ke mana-mana. Maka AMENO@BE END akan terus memerintah negara.

  28. Ahhh...Simpang-kiri is here too with the same message.

    Hence, I'll repeat what I wrote at Zorro's.

    'Looks like Simpang-kiri is still in the box and not thinking'.

  29. sekatan dari kerajaan menunjukkan kerajaan takut dengan perhimpunan aman ini...kucup keris bagai pahlawan konon tapi penakut...nak buat apa..?

    Anwar Ibrahim mana? harap dia dapat turut serta...jangan cakap pasal perjuangan kalau dia pun tak ada kat sana....

  30. Pesanan berguna:
    Pakai boxer, jangan bawak banyak sangat duit dalam wallet - nanti 'cikgu' pau - based on gua punya experience, kalau nasib tak baik kena cekup. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. Gua bertuah dapat merasa bro Tian Chua dengan bro Malik Hussain as cell mate.

    Lawan tetap lawan. OKT black 14