Sunday, October 28, 2007

NURIN Alert, update, 28/10/2007

Working group meeting, Nov 10. Some of us met yesterday to discuss the next course of action and have agreed to invite about a dozen or so individuals to a Working Group on the Nurin Alert initiative.
These individuals will include representatives of the police, the media houses, corporations (telcos, newspaper companies, television stations, etc), non-governmental organisations, and the government.
Those interested to chip in please visit and send us a mail from there.

By the way, did you know that Nurin Alert was the topic for last Tuesday's Wanita Hari Ini? The half-hour programme featured the movers of the initiative - Nuraina A. Samad, Jasni Jalil and Kamal Hashim. Blogger Penarik Beca did a posting on the programme Nurin di TV3.
Syabas TV3!


  1. would love to be counted. will keep in close contact with Kamal FND for more info on this.

  2. The case is still unsolved. We need continuing publicity to keep it alive so that the despicable perpetrators can be brought to justice.

  3. Anonymous9:35 am

    I did not get to view the programme because of working but I support Nurin Jazlin Alert 100%. I hope nobody is going to commercialise it to get profits. As a citizen I did not mind contributing but it should be as a basis of charity. The advertisment shown on nurinjazlin blog is not encouraging.


  4. I volunteer for the Working Group if accepted. But dont feel obligated if you have enough of the right mix.

  5. thanks bro zorro, appreciate it.
    but let's spread our resources. you focus on Bangsa Malaysia, and in getting rid of the Jerai MP at the next GE, and let Nuraina and our other blogging bros and sis deal with Nurin Alert.


  6. rocky,

    thanks for posting this, bro.
    and also Penarik Beca.

    Nurin's killers are still out there.


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