Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Azalina eyeing Wanita Umno top post?

Round 2? News that former Puteri Umno chief and alleged party Cybertrooper boss Azalina taking on the formidable Rafidah Aziz should get men, women and those in between throbbing with anticipation.
The first time the two fought it out was when Azalina wanted to form the Puteri movement. She had the backing of the then Umno president and prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Whose backing does she have now?
Check out Kuda Ranggi's latest posting, here.


  1. Anonymous7:39 am

    Azalina is never a person that can be considered a cybertroopers! what cyber? i didn't see any... couple of millions ringgits thrown by UMNO to azalina doesn't make her a troopers.. far off a cyber person.

    what cyber? wheres the web? wheres the article wrote by her? bulls**T

  2. The Iron lady marches on
    The Cyber trooper boss eats mails
    What the outcome in next year poll?
    Will there be a challenge of Wanita Chief post?

    The groundwork is laid
    The grumblings go to the women
    Fight it out in the ring
    The guys ogle in silence

    The supporters and detractors
    Each claims to know the truth
    Nothing will be known
    Until the powerful lord says it so

    The women fight
    The guys watch in spirit and dime
    With popcorn in paper bags
    Pop it up let the changes light

    The Iron lady watches
    Rust succumbs on its railings
    Aging process time to go
    Enough has been said
    Exit the door before it collapses

    The Cyber trooper’s chief
    Gear it up in space
    Mischievous devices plug-in holes
    Time to go up
    Otherwise go down in empty space

    The traffic signals a race
    Will there be a F1 car?
    Will there be a super-bike face?
    It is too early to decide
    The light is still red
    The contestants just warming up
    Putting perfume and scarves
    Waiting for a signal
    Then they will decide

    The windy wind crying
    Cloudy clouds misty sky
    The temperature is rising
    Hot or cold nobody knows
    Every one waiting
    For the flag to signal
    Let there be a race

  3. Anonymous10:53 am

    The Challenge on Rafidah is a red herring. In my opinion, she's gunning for the No 2 post, so Sharizad better ring the alert.

    In any case,the Sports Minister must defend against all the allegations by the Auditor-General first. The overpriced equipment, Brickendonbury are issues which somehow have been hyped as the responsibility of the Sec-Gen in her ministry, but how can the Sec-Gen make decisions without the ok of the Minister?

    If they probe deep enough (apologise for the pun), some interesting facts might emerge!

  4. Anonymous11:35 am

    Azalina is unpopular amongst Wanita UMNO. She has no power base what so ever within the Kaum Ibu arm of the Malay nationalists party.

    Maybe this is an agenda for UMNO Cheras Division Head YB Senator Dato' Syed Ali Al Habshee to kill its Wanita Head, Dato' Faridah Abu Hassan, a Dato' Seri Rafidah Aziz strongest supporter. Apparently, Dato' Syed Ali wanted to put his own people in the Cheras UMNO G7 but some of these people not in tandem with what Dato' Faridah's feelings.

    How possibly Azalina can wrestle position as top Wanita UMNO position when she is not even an Exco member within Wanita UMNO and never has been. Women Development Minister and Wanita UMNO Deputy Head Dato' Sharizat Jalil and Wanita UMNO Exco Senator Dato' Dr. Noraesah Mohamad have better standing within Wanita UMNO for the Head post if and when Dato' Rafidah Aziz leave.

  5. She is now a mother of adopted children. I guess she is feminine enough to be a full fledge Wanita UMNO. Shd be interesting twist in upcoming UMNO politics. KJ people steamrolling the veterans.

    Itulah sokong Pak Lah lagi ...
    Feudal Malay's blind loyalty
    Akhirnya makan diri
    Dah terlambat, baru sedari
    Bahaya KJ bapak Jibrael Ali
    Kemerdekaan negara negeri dicabuli
    Asal kaya berkuasa tidak berperi
    Jaja oxford mcm dia sorang ada degree
    Selagi pak mertua tidor bermimpi
    Ingat hebat sangat agenda islam hadhari
    Diketawa dan di sindiri
    Tapi tak sampai, terus perasan dia lagi
    Rakyat menderita harga macam2 di naiki
    Dia peduli apa asal dia perdana menteri
    Hanya perlu berslogan dan berjanji
    Banyak senyum dan cakap yang difahami
    Stail kampong kesana kemari
    Termakan janji dan tipu mereka undi
    Bila menang lagi apa dia peduli
    Asal kamal kaya dan kuasa pada khairy
    Rakan dan kenalan ah ... lagi penting kali
    Sentiasa kamu tipu diri
    Itulah sokong Pak Lah lagi ...

  6. Azalina may not be the apparent candidate but BigDog, she had 22 Wanita meeting invitations to officiate. That's something to talk about, and with the UMNO elections still far off, she'll have time to ring up more support, especially with the backing of you know who.

    Traditionally, the division can't do a thing about who is nominated because the power lies with the Wanita wing of the division.

    Those in the know would realise that Syed Ali is just spitting in the wind.

  7. Anonymous5:29 pm


    Azalina is an UMNO Supreme Council member and a Cabinet Minister (one of ONLY three UMNO women). Of course she get invitations. Mukhriz Mahathir who is not a Supreme Council member also get inivation to officiate Pemuda UMNO Division meetings.

    What is 22 out of 191 Divisions?

  8. langkah bendul la minah ni...whats going to happen to akak sharizat kita?

  9. Anonymous6:37 pm

    just put KJ on the list,he'll win unopposed for sure!!!~

  10. Anonymous7:40 pm

    Who cares if Azalina challenges Rafidah or not! What I care about is the blatant manner in which the stupid law minister is covering up for the conniving Lingam and the crooked chief judge. Who wins in UMNO is immaterial... the losers each time are we ordinary citizens. Umno will continue to elect thugs and robbers as its leaders... so, vote Opposition.

  11. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Sorry Rocky, this is off-topic but it needs to be done:

    Tomorrow is Sivarasa and Sim Tze Tzin's deadline to squeal on the name/s of the bearer of now infamous V K Lingam's damning video recording to the ACA.

    Go here and give them your support: (Many thanks, all.)

  12. Anonymous1:55 am

    A lot of fat lady's supporters here! I wonder what hope do they get from the old woman..APs?


  13. BigDog,
    Mukhriz is the highest elected executive councillor of Pemuda. Naturally he gets to officiate the pemuda meetings. Azalina doesn't even sit as an ex-officio in the Wanita Wing so it's like comparing oranges to apples. In fact it's more natural for her to officiate divisions than the wanita wings being a supreme council member.
    I hope Mukhriz managed to officiate more pemuda meetings as an exco member than azalina's 22. Otherwise, that shows that Azalina is more popular in wanita being outside the wing than Mukhriz is inside Pemuda.

    As I said, you have to be in the know.

  14. Terry , u dont get what the cyber trooping is all about,, ask ok.

  15. Anonymous1:23 pm

    didn't think much of this lesbi but then again that fat c*nt didn't have much class either.

  16. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Dear Rocky:

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to thee.

  17. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Sure, Azalina will be vacating her ministerial post for big time SIL, and he will spin more ringgit. With or without screwdrivers

    youth and sports donkey