Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Minister, sec-gen may face ACA probe

Screwed. The Youth and Sports Minister and her secretary-general face a certain probe by the Anti-Corruption Agency following revelations in the recent Auditor-General's report, if this report, here, quoting Nazri Aziz, the de facto law minister, is to be taken seriously.
The AG report singled out a case where Azalina Othman's ministry had paid RM224 for a set of screwdrivers which cost only RM32.
Nazri did say, however, that "... just because there is some mismanagement at a certain ministry, it does not mean that the minister is corrupt."
It's good if we all take heed to that remark.


  1. Anonymous2:06 pm

    lets say the minister is not corrupt. is she going to be accountable for the monkeying in her ministry? or the usual BN style of pointing fingers a others.
    By the way, just wondering why this Nazri always have and spend the time defending his colleagues. birds of the same feather flock together?

  2. Anonymous2:14 pm

    I do believe that the former Minister of Education is the one that should be questioned as the leaks happened during his watch.


  3. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Boy, do I love dog fights and cat fights. Lets have some fights. Yeeeeah!!

    (Figuratively speaking, tho).

  4. Anonymous3:52 pm

    The newspapers have been fair with their reports. The contract was awarded back in 2002 and it must be made who are the people at the helm. Its call fairness.

  5. Whoever said Ministers are corrupt? Malaysians know for a fact the all UMNO Ministers are sinless angels who never did anything haram in all their lives. They have special places in heaven, even if commit murder or adultery . God loves them for their immense contribution to race, religion and nation.

  6. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Lets have some investigation but this time lets give the investigators the freedom to do the work AND to file an honest report....

  7. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Rocky, just wondering if you have any scoop on the Chan Kong Choy resigning story by Sin Chew.
    Some wagging tongues are talking about a leadership tussle brewing...

    I read it here

  8. a damn good set of screwdrivers will definitely cost more than the one sold at "Kedai RM2".

    Furniture used at PM's house is 2,000 times more than whats available at Court Mammoth.

    Nazri Aziz's fleet of cars cost more than what i have over the years.

    If prices are excessive and there is indication of malpractice / manipulation, by all means, please leave the practice of direct nego, or whatever term MOF uses to that effect.

    Do we really expect anybody to be jailed out of auditor's findings?... At times nice guys will be jailed, and bad guys run free. I just say what i feel. Sorry.

  9. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Ini hanya data corruption oleh ikan bilis.Sebok nak highlight screwdriver, handjack,manual dll.Mana report corruption oleh ikan jerung,bapak jerung dan bapak paus oleh kementerian masing2.Auditor General juga kena hantar report salah guna kewangan kementerian untuk kepentingan peribadi.

  10. Anonymous6:31 pm

    The ACA is smelling a scent..otherwise they wouldnt go in here as they have too many other things to do. They should investigate the proposed sports project in Brickendonbury as well. Any resident in that area can tell you that it is a heritage area and that the Local Building Council will never pass such a sports project.
    Yet, the Minister insists on spending millions to do a feasibility study.

    Oh yes, what about the late bid by Malaysia to host the Olympic Youth Games, against the advice of the OCM? No prizes for guessing whose brainchild this is! Where there is money to be made, approving any project will do!

  11. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Ha,ha,ha .... mana boleh tutup PEKUNG. Lama lama pecah juga.

    Kalau mau baca komen-komen yang bernas tentang MPs , sila layari

    au lagi

    The rise of the Knowledge empowered Citizens

  12. The devil sits alone
    Smiling at his food
    Plate full of sins
    Of people who wants his grace

    A long watch
    A long life
    It is there
    The powerful never lie
    Sad in our nation
    Figure pointing never to themselves
    Nobody wants to take action

    Saying something as if it will happen
    How many times report like this done?
    Then it died quietly on top of others
    The devil smile smokes his pipe
    Dream on creatures
    You wont know the reasons
    No matter how much you try

    The sleepy head groans
    One day in the early morning
    Then every one acts on it
    Searching for clues yet it is nothing
    The devil watches eyes full of greed
    Knowing his creatures get licked in the end
    Of his ways on his grace
    The devil sweeps them all
    Giving them a sense of pretence

    Then in the corridor of power
    The road to Putrajaya
    The hidden agenda hides
    The taxpayers pay
    Complaining till the light disappears

    In the end it is business as usual
    The show must go on every time
    Nobody will take action
    It dies in taxpayers’ money
    On the road to Putrajaya

  13. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Dear joran,
    Chan Kong Choy has no choice but to resign becos his ministry had make so many bluster and blunder.
    Remember the JPJ/PDRM fiasco, MAS debacles and of course the latest one, being the sleepy bus driver calamity.

    He better resigns before more lives are lost because of his INCOMPETENCE !!!!

  14. Anonymous11:21 pm

    In this country even a minister who rape an underage girl can go free, a crime is not a crime unless you are not with UMNO.

  15. dear helpless..

    Raping an underage girl?. Can i suggest a nicer one " Memadu Asrama dengan Gadis Bawah Umur". Masa kes tu jadi bukan dalam bulan puasa ek?. Bukan ek?

    Tak baik ngata-ngata. Maaf.

  16. Anonymous11:53 am

    What corruption?

    Have you all heard "Willing selling, Willing Buyer"?

    This is BolehLand.

  17. Anonymous6:59 am

    ACA why waste the time?..The Auditor general's report is just another report. We have had so many malpractices reported in many previous reports. Year in year out. How many cases have been instituted based on these reports.

  18. Anonymous8:46 am

    The PM orders the ACA to investigate.The ACA reports become classified documents and the public will never know the truth. Before the ACA can prosecute it has to submit its case to the AG's chambers. The AG takes order from the executives. It is back to square one and nothing will happen and they live happily ever after for having done such a fantastic job. That is Malaysian transparency,integrity and responsibility.