Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lingham, the CJ, and Anwar Ibrahim

Video, text and lies. I received a text message well after midnight about an urgent press conference that the former Deputy PM was going to hold this morning. At the press conference, Anwar showed a video recording that "implicates the highest office of judiciary in a conspiracy to pervert the cause of justice through the machinations of a lawyer tainted with a scandalous history involving questionable dealings and conduct that brings disrepute to the legal and judicial professions."
Go to DSAI's blog here for the rest of the fireworks. And to watch the video here.


  1. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Is tis the same CJ who wants to do away with common law and replace with the syariah law? If this is truly teh case, this CJ has no moral right to even utter the holy name of God, let alone trying to change the laws.
    I wonder if these people aint afraid that the aggrieved will one day urinate at their graveyard. At least, Ani Arope (former boss of TNB)is and I have utmost respect for his principles.

  2. Anonymous6:34 pm

    if indeed the video is true..then the CJ must go.....

  3. Anonymous6:54 pm

    why should he leave the post.

    it is part of parcel of lobbying.

    anyone who is in his position will most likely do the same lobbying to get promoted.

    it happened yesterday, today and in the future to come.

    it happened in ur office , my office and anyother tom dick and harry office so long it involve man and power and promotion.


  4. Anonymous7:32 pm

    Read Wee Chee Keong judgment(s). All of them.

    It is nice to be rich.. I got a matter before the court and I always know something is not right..but I can only pray..

  5. Anonymous8:41 pm

    Who is this "Dato", lets be clear.

  6. Anonymous9:11 pm

    After Tunku, the BN-led garblement has done nothing for the nation...

    but practices corruptions, corruptions & corruptions... to perfections.

  7. Change the government
    Vote the corrupted leaders out
    Then the new leaders
    Take the video and documents
    Let these people feel the wrath of the people

    Trial by the court of laws
    Let it be known every one treats fairly
    But before that appointed court
    Take these leaders under ISA
    Let them sweat it out in solitary confinement
    Let them feel their own medicines

    Ah I am dreaming here
    It takes concerted efforts
    To change the entrenched systems
    Every path buries with corruptions
    Misdeeds, lies and deceits
    Because power corrupts the minds
    Every power hungry leader
    Climbs the ladder shouts his time

    Time to change
    The next 50 years
    I won’t read the same story
    Of leaders trying to stay on power
    And plunder the nation’s wealth
    For their cronies, families and friends

  8. Anonymous10:05 pm

    I think DSAI should turn this a Hollywood movie ... a sequel to Watergate. Come on DSAI ..let it go ... you'll never be PM. And the video is very sketching and to have the BC to fall to this stupidity is simply mind boggling.

  9. Anonymous10:29 pm

    In Bolehland most of the top government personnel spend their time lobbying instead of doing their appointed job.

    That explain why Bolehland is in a shamble.....

  10. Rocky,
    No evidence however incriminating can bring these people down. Afterall they control the judiciary. They will prosecute only if it benefits and suits them. Otherwise why should they rock the boat?

  11. Anonymous10:47 pm

    If the Bar Council is willing to wake up from their slumber and screw their rice bowl, why not WE? If we do not screw our rice bowl now and come out of comfort zone and risk it for Malaysia, we screw our children’s future.

    Let us be true freedom fighters of Malaysia, to free Malaysia from corruption and claim independence for a transparent Malaysia ready to face globalization and a better safe country.


    ENCOURAGE ALL MALAYSIANS to SPEND 10-30 MINUTES A DAY to support political awareness and claim transparency.

    If we see lawyers, accountants, journalist, judges, policemen, teachers, IT administrators (who know the in and outs of data), secretaries —- OR COME OUT OF THE CLOSET AND DECLARE THAT THEY ARE FREEDOM FIGHTERS - we will see a NEW MALAYSIA.

    ONE DAY, we will have a chance to shout MERDEKA meaningfully!

    Wake up! Take the risk for Malaysia and not be TIDAK APA. Encourage others to do the same. CLAIM TRANSPARENCY and PUNISHMENT for those who shame us.

  12. Dear All:

    Yes, I too saw the video, very clear recording, no interference. Looks like a real video camera not a cellphone type device with video capabilities. Besides, I am not sure whether cellphone video was available then in 2002.

    Must have been surreptitiously recorded by Lingam's PA or somebody inside. Perhaps this PA or employee was not happy with his or her boss and decided to tape the conversation for subsequent use.

    Either that or this Lingam is becoming too arrogant and he wanted to record this to show off later in his retirement to his grandchildren and others about how he could "handle" the CJ-to-be! Or maybe Lingam is putting this out because he and the establishment types are parting ways. Rouges are known to do that often to each other.

    If nothing else it reveals that this Lingam character is a jerk. That is why he is such a successful lawyer, I guess!

    There is one simple way for the authorities to check on the authenticity of this tape. Lingam was talking on his cell phone and so there should be a digital trail of when and to which number he made the call. Simple forensic investigation will reveal the truth. No need for a Royal Commission.
    M. Bakri Musa

  13. Anonymous1:13 pm

    It is sad that there are bloggers who would like to create some doubt in people's mind with questions "Who is this datuk?", "No proof he spoke with Fairuz", etc. Video is very clear and what was heard actually happened. We have the biggest goon as a CJ now. Wonder whether days of Tun Suffian, or Tun Salleh Abbas will ever return. Let's see whether Pak Lah will have guts for once to do something about this.

  14. Anonymous2:09 pm

    I've watched the clip. To be fair, no one knows who realy is on the other side of the conversation. Just like a tamil movie. We can creat that kind of clip by thousands. The fact is, to assume that the other man/woman is the senior judge is very unfair for we dont really see him nor hear him.

    I just feel that, sometimes when we hate somebody, we tend to jump the gun and make judgment based on assumption and speculation....

  15. Anonymous4:58 pm

    if you asked the PM, he will tell you that bloggers only know how to spread lies and damn lies.
    and this video is nothing more than a phoney one.
    bet the last dollar he wont even lift a finger let alone remove this CJ. Justice My Foot, here we come Stephen Chow.

  16. Anonymous1:22 am

    It is time to re-think the grand design that has been put in motion in this country; and, the foolishness of "obedience" that many (I) have taken for granted in allowing the ruling party to guide us. We have all been betrayed if these findings are true. It is a betrayal bearing pain far greater than racism. What can one do now? What can one do to effect change? What can one do to facilitate corrective and constructive influence to effect "Real" change? I am left with these questions?

  17. Anonymous8:49 am

    " ... Pada tahun 1994, satu gambar menunjukkan VK Lingam dan Ketua Hakim Negara ketika itu Tun Eusoffe Chin cuti bersama di New Zealand dalam situasi yang melampaui tatasusila professional dan pengendalian yang tidak beretika Ketua Hakim tersebut. Lingam juga terlibat dalam laporan audit skandal Perwaja Steel oleh PriceWaterhouseCoopers yang dibentangkan di Parlimen yang melibatkan kerugian berbillion ringgit wang rakyat...." Taken form DSAI blog.

    BUT in 1994, Anwar Ibrahim is the DPM having been elected a year before in 1993. He is also the Deputy UMNO President. Could Anwar furnished us with information about what was his thoughts then about the merry-makers in NZ. Did Anwar ever make any comments about Lingam and Eusoff Chin in his capacity as the DPM. We would like to hear what Anwar say then that we know that Anwar has always been consistent with EVERY events that took place ... before and after his dismissal as DPM. We do not want to see Anwar making all this statements just because is no longer in the Govt. We want Anwar to show to us that if he is still the DPM (or maybe the PM now) that he will still voice out every scandalous events in Malaysia.

  18. Anonymous10:24 am

    "judge of the Day" made the most rational point so far. We speculate and hate for what? Personal satisfaction? Then we'd be no better than a lynch mob.

    But M Bakri Musa is right - the mobile records will square eveything that needs to be squared.

    Plus, ask DSAI for the rest of the tape. What was the conversation, after the conversation? And the person who made the recording needs to come forward.

  19. Anonymous6:10 pm

    READ THE POSTINGS IN LIM KIT SIANG's.... and see and understand the hatred sowed by LKS to the non-Malays against The Malays .... therefore INGAT orang MELAYU.... our votes to right party ...UMNO .....Jangan kita hilang kuasa kepada pembangkang !!!! Nanti kita yang akan menyesal .....