Thursday, September 20, 2007

Excuse me, WTF registered me as a voter?

I, Phantom? I have never registered myself as a voter in my entire life.
So how did I get my name on the Election Commission's voter roll?
Someone must have done it for me. Who?
I have never been to Rapat Setia, for heaven's sake.
My address on my old ID and on my new MyKad is Puchong, Selangor.
I have never lived in Perak.
My kampong is in Melaka.
So who did I vote for in Gopeng? And in Simpang Pulai?

Is someone walking around with my ID, my MyKad?
Am I really who I think I am?
Was I a Phantom Voter in the last general election?

Excuse me, Mr Election Commissioner, YOU HAVE SOME EXPLAINING TO DO HERE!

I've always been skeptical when people talk about phantom voters being used to win elections. I have always been sympathetic with the EC when people accuse it of flaws in the electoral process. With millions on the electoral roll, surely honest mistakes can be expected here and there.

There's nothing honest about the EC's mistake here.


  1. Owh dear me...this is amusing as well as very disturbing indeed~!

  2. Anonymous3:11 am

    BUSTED!!! (go ahead and pun it, if you want! :D)

    Rocky, I'm off to check if I've been phantomed too.

    Manalah tahu...

  3. Bro,

    Are you sure you are what you are? Jangan-jangan you're from another planet. Better do DNA test to verify. Kalau tak phantom, could be alien from another planet.

  4. Aiyoh, Rocky.

    Your story is going to bump the VK Lingam tape story off the newswatch lah.

    But pursue this you must, with the EC.

  5. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    I am not particularly sure if you're talking about the real thing or a hypothetical case.

    I think it's better to register as a voter. Whether you go out to vote or not is another matter.

    When you register, no one can steal your identity because you can check it regularly.

    I have been a voter in Selangor since the early 1980's and I check my registration regularly.

    I hope nobody has stolen your ID to elope with a starlet and get married in a neighbouring country or to start a multi-billion dollar scam to export nuclear warheads.

    Good luck Bru.

  6. AKJ, I think the real issue is not whether a person SHOULD exercise his duty as a voter or not. By your suggestion, it's equivalent to saying if you don't put your money in a bank, I am going to rob you off. Yours is a good idea, but it's not the solution.

    This country has been hijacked from its people for a great many decades now. EC has never been an honest and independent body.

    So who the Rakyat can fall back to now?

  7. Busted, indeed!

    Datuk Kadir, this isn't hypothetical. I went to the Pejabat Pos (the one near our place) and sheepishly asked if I could register as a voter.

    The young lady was very sweet about it and asked for my Mykad. She must have met many late bloomers.

    She punched a few keys on her pc and then turned to me, a little frown there. Our conversation went on like this, more or less:

    Young lady: Tapi Encik dah register. (But you are already registered).

    I, Phantom: Betul ke? (Is that right?)

    YL: Ye, Encik mendaftar kat (something) Rapat.
    (Yes, you are registered in something-Rapat).

    I, Phantom: Kat mana tu? (Where is that?)

    YL: Perak.

    I, Phantom: Tapi saya tak pernah mendaftar? Bila saya daftar? (But I have never registered myself as a voter. When did I do that).

    YL: Itu Encik kena tanya SPR. Kat sini dia bagi tau Encik dah daftar saja. (You have to asked the EC that. It only says here that you have already registerd).

    I, Phantom: Silap kot? (Could it be a mistake?)

    YL: Ini bukan IC Encik? (Isn't this your IC?)

    I, Phantom: boleh saya tengok skrin komputer awak? (Can I take a look at your computer screen?).

    She said she couldn't turn the screen around so I craned my neck, my upper body over the counter, to look at the screen. True enough - correct spelling of my name, exact new IC no and old IC no. Later, after buka, I logged into the SPR website to double check.

    I am going to the SPR today to get details as to when I registered as a voter and where and how.

    Like Rauff said .. Disturbing.
    And yes .. What if I'm actually married to a starlet, too?

  8. Anonymous6:34 am

    Where've you been lah? This shit was going on even during Mahathir's time. Yes, the era you miss so much. I suggest you make a police report which was what my family did for the THREE times the EC tried to rob my family members off their identities in the past GEs.

  9. Anonymous6:46 am

    Okay Rocky, first thing first.

    If you are absolutely sure you didn't doppelganger yourself to Perak at any time in this century or the last to register, I think you need to lodge a report with the police that you have concrete, ok virtual, evidence that someone had used your ID/MyKad to phantom.

    Election devilry aside, surely identity theft/fraud is a criminal offence in Malaysia kan?

    Ne'ermind the starlet la. What if she haunts you at home, at the bloghouse and at all your other watering holes, demanding half? Even half of your mee rebus at Kak Ton's... you may end up hiding a bald top with your ponytail, Rock. How silly is that. [And OMG, the image! ROFL!]

    P.S. Of all the people to phantom! Hahaha! I believe a Higher hand had guided you to check your voting status la, Rocky. Inikan bulan puasa... manalah tahu Tuhan nak tunjuk. Kalau pecah pekung orang2 yg terlibat, padannya muka masing2!

  10. Aisay rocky,
    you got same date birthday with TDM lah! he he he.
    Got to check mine too now!

  11. rocky, I hear there are quite a few plots of agricultural land with river runnig thru it, one of them may just be registered to 'Ahirudin Attan'!
    i suppose if they made use of 'your vote' then you might as well claim it too!

  12. Anonymous8:51 am

    hahahaa...spr...itu la dulu wa tak mau percaya ini barang tapi...saya punyer bini lagi best..sudah daftar 3 tahun lepas ini check anda belum mendaftar server spr kena hack or been mirror..kelakar..lepaih satu-satu kantoi pak lah ooiii...aper citer ni beb..kalu otai pekembar tak sedar lagi...lebur la hangpa kali ni..menang-menang memang boleh terlepas..peehhh akan jadi igaun buruk bagi hangpa...dulu,kini selamanyer...sudah jadi dulu ok.kini ada was-was dan selamanya..kena pikir la dulu...

  13. Hmmm,

    Looks like PHANTOMS OF THE SPR (does rhyme with OPERA come to think of it) phenomena is more common than we think, bro'. Thank God's I'm still the real me, flesh and blood. Err, but better go check.. just to be sure.

    But seriously, this raises serious questions. Don't tell me there's someone, somewhere about in Simpang Pulai with an exact IC such as yours in his wallet? Better watchout, bro' - your IC could also be unscrupulously used for any number of shady transactions. But hopefully it's just confined to this SPR business...

  14. Anonymous9:28 am

    election coming, they will strike harder this time.
    thanks for the awareness rock!

  15. Bro' Bru...

    Oleh yang demikian, bagi yang pengundi berdaftar dan juga yang belum lagi daftar sebagai pengundi, klik dan menyemak, kalau-kalau lah awak dah di pindah... atau dah daftar bagi pihak seperti Rocky, kot.

  16. Bro,
    better delete your IC number from the pic. Someone, somewhere will use it again and pretend to be you someday.

  17. That's really you Bru!

    For me, phew lega!

    I've neither been "phantomised" nor "sodomised" in the EC's roll.

    I am still Abdul Kadir bin Jasin, the real "elector."

    Checked online and my name, my Mykad number, my constituency (in Selangor) and my voting station are still there, intact.

    I suggest that all readers of this blog do a quick check even if they have never been registered.

    Better still inform Sdr Bru if their IDs have been stolen.

    It's easy. Punch "Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya voters", the page appears with a box. Type your IC number and click "search". Try several times.

    Sdr Koolgeek, thank you. Some people don't want to vote. They don't have trust in any of the political patry.

    But if they don't register, somedody may steal their identities and make mockery of the election.

    Thank you.

  18. Anonymous9:51 am

    By not registering as a voter, you have dismissed your responsibility to this country in the selection of the country's administration. We can complain all we want but if we are not a registered voter, our option in selecting the powers to be is as equal as the foreign workers in this country.

    My one vote may not count much, but I make bloody sure that it will never go to the scums.

  19. Anonymous9:55 am

    hahhhh ... that it lah ... hah, hah ... ;D

  20. Anonymous9:56 am

    Is my long dead grandmother still voting somewhere?

  21. Bro,

    It is to be expected.

    What is really shocking is the fact you look so old for you age....

    Especially a virgin! ROTFL

    Pursue the matter to the end of the earth!


  22. Anonymous10:09 am

    agree with Kadir. But what about those without access to the internet and of course the ignorants and the "tidak apas". their votes being hijacked?

  23. Anonymous10:12 am

    Bro, make a police report! But inform us first. Mayhaps, some might want to tag along...I know I would. - Amir

  24. Anonymous10:15 am

    Hi Rocky, 2 weeks back my friend told me she'd discovered that her daughter is a registered voter in Johor, she never stayed there nor work there before, puzzling isn't it? Like you, she too wonders whether was she a Phantom Voter in last GE?

  25. Anonymous10:16 am

    Insyallah will do the needful and register as a 40-something but first time voter after work today. Am anticipating with bated breadth. Hope the result is NOT phantom-positive.

  26. Anonymous10:30 am

    So your roh probably voted for
    Parliament - Tan Sri Dr Ting Chew Peh(MCA) , DUN - Mr. Chan Chin Chee (MCA)

  27. Anonymous10:41 am

    This reminds me a lot to Sandra Bullock's The Net..

    it said..

    'you have been deleted..'

    the same goes here,

    it says..

    'you have been phantomed..'


    on a rather serious note, EC should re-check again the system. if u are installed as voter in DUN Gunung Rapat, then who would be your 'phanto-vote-leader'? and that parlimen is Gopeng, is it? who is the lad in Gopeng?

    ps- better still this way, no need to adjust buses or logistics or scared of being stopped on the road by opposition. hohohohoh. if it is true la..

  28. No bro, you are NOT a Phantom Voter, you are one Phantom Blogger!!! ha, ha....

  29. Anonymous11:00 am

    Was I a Phantom Voter in the last general election?
    I've neither been "phantomised" nor "sodomised"

    Excuse me, Mr Election Commissioner, YOU HAVE SOME EXPLAINING TO DO HERE!
    YES BRO!the explaination means a lot to us too.

  30. dah selama ni duk hu ha sana sini ttg politik Malaysia, tapi dia tak daftar mengundi pun!!??

    Buat malu je. Mmg patut la nama kena curi. Dah hang tak daftar!

  31. Anonymous11:12 am

    Got back from the post office, a samll one in a provincial town. An elderly in white kopiah who manned the counter said "Kami tak boleh buat. Tak dak surat watikah. Dulu ada, tapi depa dah tarik balik"
    Will go to another post office in the main town later. Meanwhile, harap bersabar ya. Keputusan akan diumumkan selepas iklan-iklan kantoi giler dari penaja-penaja utama.

  32. Anonymous11:21 am

    Dear Rocky,
    Hah hahahaha
    It has been my suspicion all along. The Samurai San that I met at Petronas station cant be Mr Ahiruddin that he claimed to be. There is a Yeop in Simpang Pulai that been blogging too under a Pseudonym of Rockio.

    He is infact registered as married to one called Salbiah with two school going kids.

    The one who has been blogging here is an unknown entity .

    I agree with Dato' AKJ that Mr Ahiruddin has been "phantomised and sodomised"

    What should I call you now?
    Not to worry though ,you are still a nice person ...


  33. bro Rocky...don't worry, i'll be voting in the same constituency as well. maybe u want to carpool with me when i go back there to vote! in the mean time, can show you around the place since you're now a "stakeholder" of that constituency. kekeke!

    jokes aside, this is neither unexpected nor shocking. the counter-story to this are cases where voters who have registered AND voted for years in a constituency found themselves suddenly moved out so another state (not another area next to their usual ones), or totally taken out of the roll with no explanations at all. i personally know of two cases where their names have been struck off the roll, even when they've voted for the last don't know how many times.

  34. Rocky!

    I recently registered my self to vote for the first time at KLCC Post Office. This was how it went. I took my number and waited. My turn came I went to the counter and said I wanted to register as a voter. Asked for my MyKad and the postal person proceeded to type in my details and then he printed it in triplicate and then I had to sign it, repeat sign, witnessed by the lady Post Master. I was given the copy and I have the copy with me.
    Now then, the onus is both on you and SPR to prove that you did not register in Rapat, Perak if the signature in the form when you purportedly to have registered, is not yours or a fake! Then you have a case, for every registrant at anywhere you must sign before you are given a copy of proof of your registration. If the signature is indeed yours, then my friend you will be on upshit creek without a pedal, and be very careful.

  35. Hahhahahaha.....
    Rocky, don't throw punches in SPR ok?
    The law will be suffice on your side.

  36. Anonymous11:37 am

    It's okay bru.

    Come election day, I will treat you mee bandung muar at simpang pulai.

    It is simply the best in town....

  37. This is what i read from SPR site:

    Q: What is meant by “ Phantom Voters “?
    A: The term “Phantom Voter”, if it is to be used at all, can be taken to mean a person who is not eligible to vote resorts to using a false Identity Card bearing the name and particulars of a dead person whose name is still listed in the Electoral Roll


    You can't possibly be a phantom voter, unless they treat you as a dead person.

    Are you dead ,Rocky?

  38. we have to vote anyway...

    alhamdulillah my details are correct... in Perak...

    datuk kadir, thank you for coming to PLF yesterday for the prize giving ceremony...

  39. rocky,

    this is a very serious matter. two things could have happened.
    1. someone had details of yr IC and registered himself as voter. Very unlikely. why would anyone want to do that? Nope, don;t think this was the case.
    2. Classic case of phantom voter. your IC being used to register as a voter.

    It would be interesting to find out when Ahirudin Attan in Rapat, Perak, registered as a voter.
    Hmmm, wonder who he voted for.

    That ahirudin attan is you, rocky because it has yr IC number(s).
    but it was not you who regsitered.

    You know, I don;t think anyone actually registered for you. Your IC was used and registered.

    that post office clerk must have been so relieved you did not kick up a fuss.

    Hahhaa...of all people, it has to be YOU!

    jangan2, ini satu komplot nak perangkap you.....

  40. Hollywood Movie:

    Woke up from a hangover to find themselves in bed with a women and a ring on fingers. Urghhh married at one chapel in Vegas.

    Rocky version:

    Just woke up from one long hangover to find himself a voter in Gunong Rapat. Urghh realised you may have busted into an SPR office and signed up? :-)

    I'm checking mine today.

    My experiance in registering is that it took 2 general election before I can finally vote.

    SPR is a typical Goverment office, screwed up record keeping.

  41. Anonymous12:06 pm

    You must be really pissed, you dont even answer text messages.

    BUSTED! They are busted! Cant wait for their explanation...

  42. Anonymous12:19 pm


    Welcome to the real world!!

  43. Rocky, I am indeed surprised that you have not registered. Every citizen who care about this country must be a voter and do his/her duty during election.

    For those who have yet to know their status check at this site

    Go and vote come the next election. Have a nice day.

  44. Anonymous12:23 pm


    this is enough evidence to demand "NO ELECTIONS" until the database is cleaned up..

    can we take an injunction to stop the elections...

  45. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Are you certain you know who YOU are? YOU could be the imposter.

    Slap yourself a few times. Wakey ! Wakey!

    Check your passport. Check your MyKad. Check your birth certificate. Ensure that there are no duplicates around.

    Ah, the wonders and heavy reliance on that microchip.

  46. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Dear Ahirudin Attan (regardless the real or phantom one),

    Why not you make a Police report on this matter? Have this issue recorded and let investigations be carried out as there an element of fraud. negligence or systems failure (as Pasquale, the blabber-mouth-birdie pointed out!).

  47. Whoa've just opened a huge can of worms..Oh my God !! can you do this to us ?...Now YOU are responsible for putting a BN rep. in Parliament and I'm not amused !

    BTW who is the BN moron from Simpang Pulai and Gopeng YOU voted for, huh ?? Everytime I look at BN reps in parliament from now on I'm going to wonder how many YOU, helped him be there in the first place...sheesh this really stinks, man, like bucket of shit !!This certainly is very disturbing bro. The EC head-honcho has alot of explaining to do or his head must the EC ! Are you going to sue the EC and the government ? Transparent eh ? heheheh what a joke !
    Selamat berbuka puasa !

  48. Anonymous12:54 pm

    i had registered as voter for 5 months but SPR still havent update the Election Commission's voter roll.
    i checked from SPR website, the answer is still" rekod tidak dijumpai"

  49. looks like you have an evil twin from rapat setia. or even worse, you are the devil of the two...hihi...

    chill, bro. get to the bottom of it and see how those EC fellas would react and struggle to explain on this one.

  50. Anonymous1:02 pm

    My wife is from Terengganu, we moved to Shah Alam about 10 years ago. 1999 she registered as a voter with our new address on the IC which was Shah Alam, meaning we would be voting for Shah Alam Parliament and Bandar Anggerik State constituencies. Just before the GE we logged into the EC site and lo and behold she us now from Kg Baru Hamid Tuah, Klang...

  51. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Based on comment from Pak Idrus, I checked my status. Yes, I'm already a registered voter in Parlimen 118 - Setiawangsa, and my daerah mengundi is Taman Setiawangsa. Yes, I've lived there before in ..(may be I shouldn't reveal the exact year yet), but cannot recall exactly whether I did the registration. Can we find out when we were registered as voter? This is quite an enigma.

  52. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Rocky and people!

    Be very careful I was told by someone that I know I can trust anytime that there is someone in your midst of circle of "friends" who is really big, really really big, who acted as though he is bitter with the government but in reality is being paid by the BTN to spy, especailly on you Rocky, and the rest of the bloggers! I was also told that this big fat person hates one other guy in your circle who seems to know more about this big fat person real background. He said, quote "he is more to it than meets the eye, he is like one big mother of a fucker robot doing the government bidding". You should really be very careful. Now I have said.

  53. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Salam Ramadan, Bro.
    Bersabar banyak-banyak, Bro. Tapi gua memang tabik pada lu. Betul, gua tak sindir lu. Gua betul-betul tabik spring 3 kali. Sebab apa? Sebab lu jujur mengaku yang lu tak pernah ngundi dan baru nak daftar jadi pengundi. Kalau public figure lain, entahlah... mungkin tak mengaku atau malu nak mengaku.

  54. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Shanghai Stephen,

    Why must it be a BN moron to do this in Gopeng? Why can't it be an Opposition moron instead?

    You think Oppositions don't do these sort of things????

    Of course they do!

    Everytime they lost an election (esp by-elections), they will cry "Phantom voters!". BUT when they win, there's none!

  55. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Could be few possibilities:

    1. Someone used your ic to register as his/her wish.

    2. EC just pick up from anywhere whoever IC and register. Unfortunately (Or fortunately) it was yours.

    3. You suffered memory lost - you registered in Simpang Pulai when you were on your way to Perlis (Nak kawin tak payah mintak izin isteri pertama), but you forgot about it - poor you

    4. You did registered in Simpang Pulai and Did voted for a BN candidate (that was before), but now you've changed, so you want to erase that nightmare (of voting that BN candidate, so you fabricate this story.

    5. EC can just tell you that the time you logged in, the server was hacked! They will ask for your forgiveness this Hari Raya... maaf zahir batin...

  56. bigdog, who has total control and access of the National Registration of Births and Deaths Department at their disposal ?? the Opposition? Get real the opposition can scream and accuse BUT in reality the Government of the day has the sole privilege and right to alter, manipulate, change and amend records of persons "living or dead"!Where have you been ?

    You sound so naive ( or are you really a moron pasquale would say !) in the matters of sure sound like an opperative here !
    woof..woof and cheers !

  57. Macam ni, brader.

    Dulu, aku pun buat kerja ni. Tapi sumpah, hang punya kes, aku tak masuk sebab aku buat kat Penang, tahun 92-93, bukan kat Perak.

    Aku bagi satu kes.

    tahun 90, Kit Siang kalahkan Chong Eu kat Padang Kota. Tahun 92, kami dapat tahu, Kit Siang dah mula pasang kaki kat Tanjong Bungah, untuk lawan Koh Tsu Koon. Bos aku pun panggil dan suruh mulakan projek. "Tambah penyokong BN kat Tanjong Bungah". But this is a contract work.One off. Anything happen, mati katak. Macam UTK lah.

    Kat Air Itam, DAP menang dengan majoriti 20,000. So my Boss said, Gerakan is willing to forego Air Itam, and transfer as many voters to Tanjong Bungah.

    Macam mana nak transfer? Tak susah, cuma dapatkan borang tukar tempat mengundi kat SPR. Satu borang RM10.00. of course, back door la. kalau nak transfer 2000, baru RM20,000. so cheap, what! so, kita pun ambil daftar pemilih dan transfer mana yang kita kenal. tak susah, sebab ketua cawangan banyak.

    Tak cukup, baru kita 'cipta'. tak susah nak dapat IC number, just go to MPPP, PBA, Telekom. All your particulars are there. Tapi kena bayar la. Real IC? No need lah. As long as we get your name into electoral roll, cukup.

    Come election day, I have my list. Kertas undi? get from SPR. another RM10.00/pc. How to put into the box? well, I'm also Pegawai tempat mengundi, what's the problem? Just tarok lah.

    Hey, presto!! Kit Siang kalah kat Tanjong Bungah tahun 1995! Sorry bro. Kit.

  58. Anonymous3:01 pm


    Are you who you really are? Maybe you're the imposter, no? hehehe

  59. Hahahahahahahahaha!

    Rocky, I think you just got punk'd by the EC.

    On a serious note, just imagine if the EC is actually NOT updating the electoral roles because there are still about 5 million newly eligible voters who may have registered but not shown as such in EC's records.

    Gerrymendering may not be confined to constituencies alone.

    What's next EC? Indelible ink on our Mykad?

  60. Anonymous3:43 pm


    I can fully understand how you feel. This is the state of affairs in our political landscape. You have been one of the few thousands, probably, who had been registered without your consent and knowledge. There are also thousands of malaysians who had been registered as political party members without their knowledge. And maybe your handphone has been used other than yourself too. I received an anonymous call via my handphone asking whether I had made a call to that anonymous guy and supposedly told him that his wife was admitted into hospital. When asked what number had called, he cited correctly my handphone....but I never made that call neither do I know that guy who questioned me. Or maybe our Mykad number had been used for whatever purposes. It's a very sick and exploitative society we are in.


  61. one more thing, brader.

    Bila pi kat SPR tu, beli hard copy. Latest edition, 31 March 2007. Beli kawasan tempat mengundi tu pun dah cukup, tak sampai 20 ringgit. Kadang-kadang, daftar online ni tak boleh harap.

    Aku tengok, caption kat atas tu menunjukkan "Electors roll as at 1st quarter year 2007". Sedangkan daftar tambahan 2nd quarter 2007 dah keluar.Aku pun dah dapat.

    Ini menunjukkan, daftar yang ada kat online tu outdated. Ada pengundi yang ada nama bila check online, tapi bila check hardcopy, nama dia tak ada. Ada yang nama dalam hardcopy, tapi online tak ada. SPR ni pun macam Chipsmore.

  62. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Oh God!

    I knew it Big Dog a government pet poodle! He gives me the jeebies every time! Time to move on to a new watering hole man! Rocky you are playing with fire with these people who will sell their mother for their undying belief in the govt!

  63. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Hi Rock, you sure you do not sleep walk? Maybe you sleep drive all the way to Rapat and registered yourself there, drove back and woke up in court being sued by NST and co.

    Jokes aside, this is serious. I quickly went to check my registration and breathe a sigh of relief as the records say I am who I am. But this incident indicates that either someone else has a fake copy of your Mykad or worse still, Big Brother is behind it because only they can verify which Mykad holder is not registered as a voter and use your ID to register a phantom.

  64. remember the whatever security guardhouse thingy??

    They use to ask us to give them our IC... in exchange of a "visitor pass"...

    Kind of scary thinking back... but most of the guardhouse still ask for your IC even though some of them ask for Driving License instead...

  65. Anonymous5:27 pm


    How dare they did this to you! Sure didn't realise the extent of what Rocky can do to them as well as the SPR ...Now I pity that stupid SPR more! But I walk with you Rocky.


  66. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Aha Rocky! Kantoi-ed by SPR. But very worrying nevertheless. Whatever the political apologists say, this is a violation against you.

    Do something man!

  67. Anonymous5:52 pm

    I am truly shocked to know that you have never voted and have never been bother to register.

    Wow!! That surely makes me and thousand other readers a big fool.

    Man, how can you even have the dignity to comment about the present goverment when you did not even play your role as a responsible citizen all your life??? man, your credential just goes down the drain.

    I am truly dissapointed with you and myself for reading your blog.

    You, for not voting in the election even once in your life, has NO right to give any comment or judgment to the present goverment or the policies of the goverment.

    You sucks man!

  68. malaysia is indeed a very haunted country...

  69. Anonymous6:08 pm

    your apathy in not registering to vote is disgusting!!!!!!

    That does not warrant you the rights to comment the present goverment or its policies.

    Malu sikit lar.

    this is no umno cybertrooper damn it.

    I read your blog religiously but not intending to do so starting today!!!!

  70. Anonymous6:17 pm

    We're know that bits a serious case of controlled memory and personality alterations brought on by surreptitious interventions of mind and personality altering drugs by medical technicians from the British MI6 since y 're temporarily domiciled in the UK while working as a London correspondent for the New Straits Times.

  71. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Shanghai Stephen,

    SPR or EC is an independent commission. Its not a component party of BN.

    Its run by Civil Servants, as the administrator of the commission not politicians.

    Since when does Civil Servants take instructions from politicians? Can you pls prove any shred of evidence that any politicians can instruct a civil servant, as and when and also prove any shred of evidence a civil servant MUST obey any instructions from any politicans?

    You moron of what????

    BN leaders run agencies like Akademi Pemuda, not Govt agencies. Civil Servants such as Chief Secretaries and Director Generals run Govt agencies.

    Get your facts right! Just because your moronic mind believe in something, doesnt mean it is.


  72. By the way... the registration thingy will put you onto the voting district according to the address on your MyKAD...

    So Rocky do not need to go Rapat Setia to register but instead he just need to have an address of Rapat Setia...

  73. Anonymous8:07 pm

    No wonder our population is already 27 million. There are zombies, phantoms and duplicates around.

  74. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Its really not impossible to have a "spare" around.

    Didn't you see the movie "The Island"?

  75. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    I know that place and I hope you didn't come out from Kellie's Castle some 10 km away. he he he....

    As I see it, there are 2 ways they control the outcome:

    1. they add phantom voters for the unsuspecting.

    2. they bump opposition voters off the list.

    You have been one type I the other type. As for EC being independent? ROTFLOL! These people also want to get their extra salaries lah. Need to elaborate more?

  76. Anonymous9:23 pm


    If Rocky registered himself long time'll never know about the reality of Phantom voters in this country! Rocky has done a great thing (on purpose!). So now it's up to you people to judge!

    For me, Nurin will not suffer if the systems in this country are working well! Look at the the number of fatalities on the highways, which is so much lower as compared to the federal roads!Same drivers what! Why? It's because the systems on the highways are so much better! Dont put the blame totally on the drivers ..or in Nurin's case, the parents! Systems bro, systems! Our security system is rotten!


  77. Me as a voter but never vote. That's how I excercise my right as a voter. You want me to vote for the f***ing BN? No. You want me to vote for PAS? No. You want me to spoil my vote? why must I waste my time lining up in the hot sun just to scribble on that piece of paper?


    SPR an independent body? No. BN component party? partly.

    Yes, it is run by civil servants, but even the judiciary which supposedly independent is not independent.

    Since when civil servants takes order from politicians? Ask UTK in Altantuya's case.

    You don't need any evidence whether civil servants obey iny instruction from politiciancs or not because they themselves are politicians. Remember when Puteri Umno offered to volunteer for SPR?

    Shit! Some people still live in caves.

  78. Sure you've no clones, Rocky?
    I thought I saw you near the TV tower in Berlin yesterday. :)

  79. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Hope you can find the rest who face the same problem with you. if not then your accusation is not strong enough. good luck!

  80. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Since when does Civil Servants take instructions from politicians? Can you pls prove any shred of evidence that any politicians can instruct a civil servant, as and when and also prove any shred of evidence a civil servant MUST obey any instructions from any politicans?


  81. Anonymous11:02 pm


    You think the mainstream newspapers will pick this up as a possible follow-up? It'll be newsy. Unless the likes of Manja, Syed, Khalid and Chun Wai can no longer see the news value of this incident! Maybe try the smaller papers like Sinar. Not Metro and Kosmo, they don't see this as news
    'cos you are not trashy enough!

  82. Phew~! I went and checked. Mine is correct. I remember regstering as a voter at the EC's office @ PKNS Shah Alam.

    I did not go there to register actually but to do a research on it's records management. But the Makciks there asks every single person coming in if have they registered as a voter or not. That was a good 2 years ago...owh and when you register they will print out a copy which you have to sign. One you keep and the other it's for their keeping.

  83. Salam Rocky:

    Please make a Police Report on this matter. This is something serious. Now that you are convinced there are phantom voters on the electorate, its time to hit SPR hard and really exposed this problem. For so many years the govt and SPR denied this allegation. Now its time to expose their dirty work/tactics.

    maybe you can make an online survey, how many bloggers or your visitors had become a phantom.

  84. Apa kata all 'phantom' voters band together and ramai-ramai go complain? Tarik all the press also, let everyone see how weird the electoral process really is. One man, can sweep under carpet, a hundred? Jawab SPR jawab!

  85. Anonymous7:30 am

    Bigdog said
    SPR or EC is an independent commission. Its not a component party of BN.

    Its run by Civil Servants, as the administrator of the commission not politicians.

    Since when does Civil Servants take instructions from politicians? Can you pls prove any shred of evidence that any politicians can instruct a civil servant, as and when and also prove any shred of evidence a civil servant MUST obey any instructions from any politicans?

    Slow smirk, building into a laugh and rolling on the floor guffawing...
    Do you read what you write you know what you are saying??? WTF do you think Malaysians are bodoh or do you get up in the morning and look at yourself..sheesh

  86. Anonymous9:56 am

    Look at it this way Bro Rocky. You worked for NST before. NST HR has ALL the information needed, and NST IS a GLC. (better still UMNO owned).

    The rest of the story is up to your imagination as to what NST can do with those information.

  87. Anonymous11:25 am

    this is very disturbing indeed. is there anyway we can check online for our voting status? reason being, some of us maybe overseas.

  88. Anonymous12:07 pm

    wow... what a can of worms you just opened up bro...

    I can imagine shipload of Ghost Voters, not unlike the Army of the Dead summoned by Aragorn in Return of the Kings, voting at the ballot stations.

    Am glad I am not part of the -Elected-Quick-Scheme.

  89. Anonymous12:24 pm

    My name didn't even appear in the database after I registered.

    But I e-mailed SPR and they said that my name is in their database, that they haven't uploaded it online.

    In this case, however, I would definitely recommend you go and talk to SPR and file a police report.

    I think identity theft is still a crime, is it not?

  90. Anonymous2:40 pm

    "Since when does Civil Servants take instructions from politicians?"


    Civil servants are employees of the state. The state is run by elected (wait for it)... politicians!

    Ministries are headed by politicians, who supposedly represent the people, and the civil servant's duty is to do what the minister says.

    "Can you pls prove any shred of evidence that any politicians can instruct a civil servant, as and when and also prove any shred of evidence a civil servant MUST obey any instructions from any politicans?"

    Yes. The PM is a politician, is he not? He is also Finance Minister. If he tells the Finance Department to enact a new tax, reduce petrol subsidies, or whatever - they *have* to do it.

    The problem is that Umno/BN has been in power so long that there is no effective distinction between it and the state. And perhaps some people forget that those in charge are not permanent employees of the state, but in fact citizens temporarily occupying positions of government.

    Therefore, yes - civil servants take orders from politicians.

  91. Anonymous3:33 pm

    hey - im a phantom voter too??!! ive never registered to vote but have a registration

  92. Anonymous7:28 pm

    somebody sill live in caves?

    no, they are not that stupid or ignorant. so happen they sold their entire body to the highest bidder and therefore has to defend the indefensible.
    best thing is to ignore his comments. i have stp visiting his site, anyway.

  93. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Now Rocky, are you the real Ahiruddin bin Attan? Better keep your birth cert handy as back up just in case.

  94. Hey Rocky, you might want to blank out your IC no and other details (fake or not).

    There's a risk of ID theft, you know. Plus someone might just sign you up as an UMNO member. ;-)

    I had blogged about a similar case earlier this month:

  95. Anonymous10:02 am

    Rocky never vote before???????

    Rocky never even registered to vote before??????

    wow.. and here he is championing to fight the gov.

    hypocrite at the highest level.

    malaysians are really pathetic.

    Cakap tak serupa bikin.

  96. Anonymous10:15 am

    Pegi pejabat pos, just tukar your location back to Melaka or where you wish to vote dah lar.

  97. Anonymous10:17 am

    Bro, using your ic, i check your saman, ada satu kat bangsar, potong double line, rm300. Tapi nama situ tulis Aitan, bukan Attan, better check :-)

  98. Anonymous6:22 pm

    enter these ic number in SPR website and make your own conclusion...

    IC: 991214740101
    IC: 910815750017
    IC: 981231081137

  99. do u knw wht a phntm rocky can do? he can go into a polling station with a pc of marked ballot paper in the right side pocket of his pants.he would then placed the empty ballot paper into the left side of his pants n withdrew the marked ballot paper out.he would thn proceed to insert the marked ballot paper into the newly designd ballot box which will break if it is kept in an air condition room for 24 hrs and then walked out of the room with an empty pc of ballot pper to be passed on to his political master for another rocky to repeat the process. so, now u know why the barisan govt will nevr lose the election.