Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dr M's first cup of coffee

Breakfast at ICU. "Two slices of bread, two boiled eggs, one cup of dadeh, COFFEE!", wrote Marina in her posting this morning about what her dad just had for breakfast, a week after the surgery-after-the-surgery. "If we weren't fasting we'd all tuck into the same thing just to celebrate," she said.

Well, tuck into her blog here to read more about Dr M's progress.


  1. The food there is not bad; just need a bit more variety. The ice-cream should be colder and harder, though.

    For wound healing, there's a fish which can be cooked and served with noodle soup. Nice to eat, and the wound closes much faster after the meal, within three days.

    Actually, if they can increase the reading collection in the library on the ground floor, that will be swell - some thrillers and bestsellers to sit nicely with the three issues of Harvard Business Review should do it. And the poor librarian girl should close one eye if any old patient wants to log onto the internet at her place without having to pay those charges as pricey as a box of tissues in the shop nextdoor. Also having only one working plug-point is a no-no if people walk in with their laptops. Heck, there's a link to a manual on critical treatments in ICUs and that's something the first floor people should see. Maybe they can get some tips from it.

    I know, sick people should rest more; the place's not a hotel (but his room IS one!); however, a dvd player hooked to the tv can allow old folks to see some movies when they're not sleeping, watching the bland tv programs or doing their physio. So long it's not Blue Lagoon or Last Tango In Paris, that should be alright. No?

    Those who are going there should realize there's only a slim chance of getting parking; the admin should remove those dividers and let people park wherever cars can squeeze through, even outside the fenced area. If one misses the parking, one will have to drive round the entire block or make a double-u turn to get back and then what? (so i heard).

    And maybe they should bring in a good bomoh to make some appeasement for the place, now that a new wing is being built next to it.

    In the other hospital nearby (GHKL), some of the 'white figures' could be seen at night.

    I am being serious here.

    hi, i am walla.


  2. So The Old Man is up
    Feeling great to know he is there
    Taking his breakfast thinking what he should do
    I suppose he will be fine now

    The dark clouds had gone
    The new light of something shine
    In his eyes I am sure he will
    Right the wrongs he sees fit to correct

    In a few months
    The Old Man will come with new light
    Something telling me he isn’t going to keep quiet
    He has much to do
    He doesn’t want the country going to the dogs

    Now I pray for his full recovery
    As with others on the same mission
    May Allah always take care of Tun Dr Mahathir
    In the years beyond we will hear
    The elder statesman says what he thinks
    The country is going under the sleeping beauty

  3. Anonymous1:57 pm

    alhamdulillah dr m dah bule makan benda2 nie...