Monday, September 24, 2007

Dr M is OKAY

Vicious rumours. The former Prime Minister is in ICU at IJN, making steady recovery after the 3-hour surgery over the weekend. He is making slow but sure progress.

It is not true that the Tun did not make it.

Daughter Marina says please check regularly with her blog for updates.
"... he is doing fine according to the doctors. I know there are wild rumours .. but as I said, please check here. We would never hide anything very major from you.

"Please do continue praying for him. He needs all that love to keep him going. And we are always telling him that all you folks are willing him on."


  1. Sepotang jantung kawan berdobar ...

  2. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Rocky, what's happening to Cannot log in.

  3. Rocky,
    What's up with Malaysia Today? Cannot log in.

  4. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Yes, keep us informed as to the progress, good or bad.

    But if his time is up, well, He decides and we just have to accept.

    All the best.

  5. Hello, ahirudin attan!

    Thanks for your work, very good.
    Have a good day

  6. Anonymous2:02 am

    Tun M is going to be fine, InsyaAllah. Let's pray for his continued recovery. The man's a fighter, as we all know!

  7. Hi Rocky,
    The people who send those sick sms about Tun condition is in the same category to those evil who kill arwah Nurin!

  8. Anonymous8:34 am

    Thanks for linking the entry to MM's. Get well so soon to Tun Dr MM. And to you my dearly bro, please take a good care of yourself ;)

  9. Good to hear the old man is still around. I'm sure he has a lot more to say to all of us (whether we like to hear it or not). :)

  10. Anonymous11:31 am

    It looks like has been blocked!!

    The government is preventing ppl from signing the petition to the agong, and to get the news exposes of what's happening in Malaysia!

  11. Anonymous11:39 am

    I completed painting two protraits of Dr Mahathir and one was presented to him when he officiated the Malaysia Incorporated forum co-organised by ASLI and others. During the painting which took weeks, I had to look hard at him, noticing every curve and texture of his facial features. I can now close my eyes and see him vividly as I pray for his speedy recovery.

    But I also wish to add that as Dr Mahathir lies in bed, his legacy of his judiciary system will take on a battle as the event of the Wall of Justice march takes place tomorrow. A coincidence of irony? Divine laws take place stranger than fiction! I hope it takes place temper with much compassion to our former prime minister. Divine justice always has compassion.

    May he speedily recovers.


  12. Ada dua kemungkinan:

    i. Khabar angin disebarkan oleh orang yang lak loq;

    ii. Khabar angin dicipta untuk "mengalihkan" tumpuan daripada beberapa isu yang BESAR

    Sendiri fikirlah.

  13. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Aren't some people kind of envious that news now has to be sourced from Blogs that they have to some how tarnish it? Should not The NST, Bernama, or The Star or Berita Harian or Utsan Malaysia be th purveyor of news, especialy of Tun Mahathir?

    So, maybe its just an attempt at discredting news sourced from blogs?

  14. Get well, Dr M...
    We pray for you to get better and stronger..

  15. Rocky,

    Some people is suffering from too much pahala (good deeds) collected during this Ramadhan, that they have no choice but do worldly sins, like spread RUMOURS about Tun's deteriorating condition or much worse, to 'balance out' their state of pahala-over-bearingness. I guess these people simply what to be mere 'mortals' again.

    Otherwise, how else can anyone explain what scare these people caused from what they did.

  16. Anonymous3:14 pm

    My prayers are that Dr. M will recover well and get back on his feet soon. He has and always will be a towering Malaysian, the man who transformed the nation from a mere satellite, a provider of natural resources to other technology-advanced nations, to a respectable manufacturing and much respected trading nation, and with considerbale international voice in many worldly affairs.

    His strength and willpower as well as God's blessings will make sure that Dr. M will fully recover soon.


  17. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Jaga-jagalah mereka yang sengaja menyebarkan SMS dan email yang karut mengenai Tun Dr.Mahathir.
    Jangan sampai EMAK AYAH kamu pula yang terkena sumpahan berjuta rakyat Malaysia (dan rakyat negara lain) yang sayangkan Dr.Mahathir.

    To those of you who have sinned by spreading 'sick' rumours about Dr.Mahathir, you better repent and seek for God's forgiveness while you and your parents are still alive.

    God Is Great.


    p/s - just a reminder to those bas3rds who spread da rumour. I would pray dat yr loved ones are taken away and u suffer for years to come.

  18. Anonymous3:41 pm

    I was listening to the news on the radio yesterday afternoon and didn't quite like the phrase they used ... "keadaan beliau dilaporkan stabil". Like they didn't really believe orang yang melaporkan bahawa TDM adalah stabil.