Monday, September 24, 2007

Why won't they let her parents grieve in peace?

After Shahrizat and the IGP, Nazri raps Nurin's parents. From where I see things, there seems to be a conspiracy among those people up there to blame Nurin's parents for her death. A cruel, concerted effort to make them pay. Shahrizat started the ball rolling and Musa Hassan, after a meeting chaired by the Prime Minister, issued the threat. Now the de facto Law Minister, Nazri Aziz, backs the IGP (whose men have not picked up even a suspect more than a month after Nurin was reported missing):
"Law is law ... nobody can slip away."
At the blog In Memory of Nurin Jazlin , her uncle had begged Malaysians and the authorities not to put the blame on Jazimin and Norazian. In one posting, he wrote:
"Let us not lose focus here, we should concentrate in tracking this perpetrator, not only to give justice to Nurin but to safeguard all other kids out there from falling prey to this monster."
Nuraina A. Samad, who has proposed that Shahrizat take a look at the Amber Alert system to deal with future cases of child abduction, slams Nazri and concluded her latest posting They really wanna get you two ... with the question:
"By the way, have you found the beast yet?"
Elviza, a lawyer who blogs, has taken the cue. "... I have to agree with Nuraina A. Samad ... Nurin’s case has indeed gone too far. If they really press charges on Nurin’s parents - I rest my case. What is the point of fighting a lost cause?"


  1. Bro dan rakyat Malaysia sekelian,

    Sekiranya perkara ini benar dan seperti yang pernah saya katakan sebelum ini, pembesar-pembesar berkenaan sungguh tidak berhati perut.

    Sekiranya saya menjadi Nazri (ataupun mana-mana pembesar lain), saya tidak akan memberi sebarang komen berkaitan dengan undang-undang yang diluar daripada fokus sebenar isu ini iaitu mencari pembunuh Nurin.

    Malangnya negara kita yang mempunyai pembesar seperti ini yang hanya akan bertindak mengikut fokus apabila ianya terjadi kepada mereka golongan elit sahaja. Sekiranya berlaku kepada orang diluar golongan elit ini (orang biasa-biasa), kita hanya tertakluk kepada belas kasihan mereka sahaja. Sekiranya berlaku kepada mereka bukan sahaja tindakannya cepat, tetapi mungkin juga akan diwujudkan Institut Kajian Penculikan/Pembunuhan dan dianjurkan pelbagai seminar peringkat tempatan dan antarabangsa. Mungkin juga akan dinamakan beberapa bangunan ataupun bilik mesyuarat dengan nama mangsa.

    Tapi kalau berlaku kepada orang-orang biasa, apakan daya kita.....

    Walaupun saya rasa, perkara ini (ancaman mengambil tindakan terhadap ibu bapa Nurin) mungkin tidak akan berlaku, sikap dan budaya yang biadap ini sungguh "mencemaskan".

    Sungguh kurang ajar.

  2. Bro,
    "Law is law...nobody can slip away", says Nazri. What can I say, my foot!
    Many "lucky" individuals has slipped away ... what is Nazri trying to proof? Bush and Blair lied to their people and the world to justify their actions in Iraq. They are, just like Nazri, politicians. Most, not all, politicians are liars. Can we trust the liars?

  3. Anonymous7:53 am

    It is bad enough to lose a daughter and worse being throw with all types od charges and accusations.

    Have those people who make those statements, ever think that "how safe is our street"?

    Are our streets safe from rapist, robbers, snatch-thieves, gangster, Mat Rempit, muggers, road bully and etc etc...

    Whose fault is it that our street is unsafe?

    Who would like to live in a place that crime rate is high?

    Yes some parents may be negligence but what happens when crime happens to an adult or teenager????

    Who are we supposed to blame and accuse????

  4. Anonymous8:36 am

    Bro..Bru..IGP shame on you...kalu olang cakap lu makan marah..ini kes lu olang tak leh settle kaa..nazri confim la lu memang tarak akai...bab kemanusiaan pun takreti nak bezakan..memang hang pa ada problem...pasai tu la org hebat-hebat duk bantai hangpa..comfirm dah dua-dua tak boleh nak pikiaq..

  5. Anonymous9:08 am

    Dear friends,

    Can we just IGNORE this BOZO named Nazri.
    He is the kind who likes attention.
    He gets his dose of satisfaction by making people angry at him.
    I know his style.
    The more we hit at him the happier he will be.
    So lets just leave his name out of your comments.



    Bro. Rocky, can All Blogs boycot Nazri by not highlighting anything about him? Let's treat anything said by him as trash.

    Thanks Bro.

  6. Rockybru,

    Let them bring the case and we will see the prosecution torn to pieces. Losing a string of high profile cases not enough?

  7. Anonymous9:29 am

    i'm going off on a slight tangent here but just go around your local pasar malam and observe the number of unattended children running around. Who are you going to blame when they go missing?

    I understand why those people are targeting Nurin's parents. Its because they are easy target and its a knee jerk reaction. Who can you scold, when you see the children running around unattended? you obviously can't scold the parents coz they aren't around.

    how is the public to know whether this is the first time Nurin has gone off on her own. People just assume that they are bad parents. but then again nobody expects bad things to happen to their family. its always to other people.

  8. Anonymous9:50 am

    The police have not found the beast that murdered Nurin and they are considering pressing charges against Nurin's grieving parents. Real idiots!!

    I think, we, the rakyat, need to collectively sue the police, the government and ultimately UMNO who we voted into office for negligence ... for neglecting to protect its citizenry from beasts like these.

    This government is going to the dogs!!! We need to vote them out of Parliament in this coming election.

    Pembesar-pembesar yang tidak berhati perut? Sekarang mereka adalah pengganas; bukan pembesar lagi! Pengganas-pengganas yang tak bermaruah. Pengganas-pengganas yang tak beriman. Pengganas-pengganas yang tak tahu malu!!

  9. Musa, Nazri, Shahrizat. Just because you people have bodyguards to look after your kids' safety 24/7, doesn't mean we neglect ours.

    We might not as rich/powerful as you people, but we have more dignity not to blame others on our own mistake!

    Correct? Aa, yes, yes, yes..Correct, correct!

  10. Nurin gone
    Life must be go on
    Memories stay
    Those who know her will

    Tears never dry
    Now Nazri wants to make parents pay
    Of negligence of child parenting
    Doesn’t he has conscious
    Of the grieving parents cry

    Why he never says about Mat Rempit?
    Sons and daughters go astray
    In the fast lane of drugs, booze and sex
    Of parents responsibilities

    About the illegal racing
    No license yet riding motorbikes
    In the fast lane dead at night
    Will he say nothing?

    About lepaking in malls
    School going children
    Smoking in groups
    Live the life nothing to worry about
    Will he charge the parents?

    Nazri never walks the streets
    In the dead of night
    Perhaps he should try
    It will open his eyes
    So next time when he speaks
    He knows what he is talking

    Now what they are saying?
    The beast(s) is free
    Catch the parents teach them a lesson
    The demon in sheep skin roaming for his next victim

    I just can’t believe it
    Punishing the wrong tree
    The bad one goes free
    The termites sing his song
    I suppose

  11. Bro,

    This is 'white noise' pumped up to the max.

    There's something brewing elsewhere that they do not want us to see or realise.

    Between the short span of time when the body was discovered and today, far too many 'bungling' acts have occurred which makes me really wonder if the DNA test was definitive and not manipulated if some way.

    This is the second 'mystery' outcome involving the RMP after the fake JG burning photo.

    With three high ranking ministers and/or officials issuing statements which can be viewed as trying to pound Nurin's parents into submission, we are dangerously looking at a government of anarchy in the making.

    What cooking? PAC's PKFZ inquiry? Or
    something else.

  12. Anonymous10:23 am

    i doubt if the police will press charges against the parents for negligence. firstly, if they do so, then they should also press charges for negligence against Najib and Chan Kong Choy for the deaths in National Service and the bus tragedy. Scondly, they are cognizant of negative public opinion.
    If and if they press charges, what are we do? My suggestion, in solidarity with the parents, lets start a fund to sue the Authorities for their negligence in security provision.

  13. Anonymous10:32 am

    let the Barking Minister do what he does best. barking. and barking nonsense.

    someone please shoot (shut up) that man for good.

    i have always had a beef on this; why would u want to prosecute the parents for some incidents that actually (the problems)had nothing to do with them?
    i might stray over the line and blame the government and the police, but i dont think it is necessary because there is indeed a solution for these kind of incidents to be solved. once and for all.

    remember these cases?
    - that Methodist girl (if I am not mistaken, Audrey-something. she was raped and killed on her way to school!!
    - Jazlin was going to somewhere very near to her house and then these things happened to her.
    - the little girl that raped and killed in the TNB substation. she was on her way to/ back from school.
    - a little kid in Sg Petani was raped and killed at the playing ground near her house in Tikam Batu, Kedah.

    I can now conclude that, it is no longer safe to go and back from school. it is no longer safe for kids to play in the playgrounds. It was very safe last time. What had happened?

    it is also, very dangerous as many of the beasts had never been hauled up by the authorities. so there is a real possibility that our kids might- i say might- end up with those 4 as i mentioned earlier.

    so, parents, dont put ur trust 100% in the hands of others. because the kid(s) is/are yours and they are the world to you.

  14. Anonymous10:48 am

    Law is law and nobody can slip away???My two left foot.he forget to mention key UMNO people have different sets of law and can slip away. remember Datuk Z, remember UMNO general assembly where seditious remarks were made but no action was taken.

    So enough is enough.This govt is bloody useless. Focusing on the wrong things and not trying to make things better to safer.

    damn Msia was a safe place to walk around till the last few years. can we ask sue the IGP for not doing his job as we are no longer safe and living in fear.Of course they will blame everybody except themselves.

    I'm voting anyone but BN.

    My condolences to the Nurin Family. Don't let this bastards pull you down. They are unable to find the killer and now are shifting the focus and diverting the issue.


  15. Hooo....I have lots to say to the IGP. Read my entry please.

  16. Anonymous10:58 am

    Nazri,s remarks,reactions and comments on a number of important issues have always been shallow, hollow and low. On Nurin,s case the Jazlins could be hauled up for negligence following her death he said.
    On VK Lingam,s incident he questioned on the aspect of authenticity.
    It is interesting to recall his comments on the judge who did not write his written judgements and yet saw fit to imprison or send accuseds for death penalty. Can,t these people or thier relative seek retrial of thier respective cases?
    I feel very strongly that I cannot go to jail and be found guilty in the absence of written judgements... HOW DO I PREPARE FOR AN APPEAL?. People are left SCRUEDUP.
    My request to Nazri please apply his expertise and use whatever law available there is to resolve pigs problem in Melaka and the indiscriminate dumping of pig waste at Pulau Indah so as to prevent the outbreak of new JE.

  17. Anonymous11:00 am

    I want to puke at the mention of Nazri. This loud-mouthed incompetent berk will stop at nothing, including turnig a tragedy into an opprotunity, to hog the limelight. While we grieve for Nurin's parents, we also grieve for this country, for it is being run by a bunch of sick weirdos who capitalise peoples' loss for their own gains.

    " Law is law, nobody can slip away." What a stupid and laughable cliche from the defacto Law Dickhead! Obviously, he is not bothered to know that so many criminals have slipped away due to the sheer incompetence of the law enforcers. Ye, as long as these bigwigs have the bodyguards to protect them and thier families, so what if our streets are no longer safe? So what if other people are living in fears?

    The least the law enforcers should do now is to restore the peoples' confidence by putting away those heartless and brutal criminals from our midst.

    And leaving the victims to rest in peace.

  18. zainal a kassim said, 'Sekiranya perkara ini benar dan seperti yang pernah saya katakan sebelum ini, pembesar-pembesar berkenaan sungguh tidak berhati perut'.

    dan tidak berkepala hotak if i may add.

    such trivial matter and those high-ups just got to be part of it. i mean, dont they have much bigger things to get it done, like pulling their socks up?

  19. this sparks of obvious hypocrisy of the highest order &/OR an amateurish diversionary tactic to fool the kampung folks , yet again

  20. Anonymous12:16 pm

    really? "law is law and nobody can slip away"?. I think kan rocky, it was taken out of the context la, i think you left out "nobody except me and my kuncu".

    can somebody throw this "law is law" crap back to his face please? please.

    ~anon 12.55

  21. Anonymous12:23 pm

    The only people slipping from his 'law is law' are rapists, murderers, traffickers and scrumbags (which include corrupt people). Why must we suffer the fools gladly? Really beats the logic out of me, period! Dear brother Rocky, please don't forget to vote this time. Voting for JO will do just fine for me. whispering9

  22. Anonymous12:25 pm

    zainal a. kasim said... Sungguh kurang ajar.

    Memang betul, En Zainal Kasim!

    Dear Rocky, I'm just too angry and upset to post a comment. In any case, the only words in my head right now are the worst of curses for those heartless sadistic politician creeps that it would be just a waste of energy.

    Ok..ok.. I better do what I come to do.

    Below is an interesting post (interesting because there are infos in there not read elsewhere) I'd like to share with all Rocky's Bru visitors. I c&p the comment from MsiaToday. It's from a regular poster at MT who happens to be a relative of the late Nurin and her family.

    TunTuah wrote:
    Dear Readers,

    This is the POLICE for you:

    A family delegation was sent to visit the father of Nurin (deceased) over the weekend.

    What we heard SHOCKED us! Not only did our visit coincide with a delegation from Puteri UMNO (who brought the Media with them) but being family, we were allowed into the small flat.

    First of all, the night market was right in front of the apartment block so ordinarily the children would go out together. Nurin this time left alone while her mother thought she was accompanied by a sister.

    The rest is history...

    1. The POLICE did NOT launch a manhunt but until 4 days had passed since her kidnapping.

    2. The POLICE actually ransacked and searched Jazimin's brother Jazlan's house thinking that the girl's uncle had kidnapped his own niece to ransom the brother (police theory). This was done WITHOUT a WARRANT. Jazlan should be able to sue for this.

    3. Up to now, the POLICE have absolutely ZERO leads, and after 30 days of kidnapping, the police only had the body of Nurin to offer the family.

    4. Therefore, the IGP LIED when he said they had leads and will be making arrests soon.

    5. The POLICE and NAZRI now say that the parents might be held up for being negligent. To the cops who are reading this now, haven't the family/parents suffered enough already? What is the punishment of negligence versus the punishment endured thus far?

    6. The POLICE should charge themselves for being negligent, and the IGP should be investigated for corruption!

    7. The POLICE just have to charge someone to hide their PUBLIC SHAME and INEFFICIENCY. Malu, malu, malu! as RPK put it.

    8. And they've got time for a political manhunt**? The INJUSTICE, THE GALL, THE CHEEK, THE SHEER AUDACITY.

    Dear DYMM SPB YDPA, Daulat Tuanku and please, please kick some cops starting with the top-dog.
    24/09 10:15:10

    ** To find out what political manhunt TunTuah was talking about, go read RPK's latest article "Who’s running the asylum anyway?" in his regular column THE CORRIDORS OF POWER at the MT portal.

    P.S. One can just imagine the kind of post-traumatic stress Nurin's parents and siblings are going through. Perhaps a drive could be started so they may be able to afford professional help.

  23. Anonymous12:52 pm

    I pray hard that Nazri's daughter would be the next victim then only he knows.

  24. Anonymous1:09 pm

    This is an open letter to Nazri of Bodoh fame. You said law is law, but how come the corrupt are walking around grinning from ear to ear. Answer me, Mr Bodoh.

  25. rocky,

    Charge the parents, Mr IGP sir. And Nazri, shoot your mouth,
    Next election, wangsa maju is gone.

    i don't gamble... but if they haul jazimin and norazian to court i can bet you, wangsa maju is history for the BN.

  26. Anonymous1:38 pm

    In the Bolehland, the police/government can only go after a "stationary target"
    i.e. the parent.

    As for the criminals (moving target) tak boleh?????

  27. Anonymous1:46 pm

    However outrageous the thought of prosecuting the parents may be, give credit to whoever came out with this innovative idea.

    Just imagine... without lifting a finger, the crime index is sure to drop. Just get all potential victims to 'buck up' and take preventive steps - no need for police to go looking for the real culprits.

    Along the same line, I suppose the authorities should charge at least RM30 for making police reports. This will ensure minor crimes will not get reported and instantly 'improve' crime index by 50%.

  28. Anonymous1:53 pm

    We have to make sure parents or parents to be know their responsiblity. Dont take easy on our children safety. The days when parent can just let their children free roaming kampung is over, now urbanization, most typical neighbour will not care more of what happen in the community. Parent should hold extra on security and safety matters. Pls. let this be example to all parents. Will you let your 8years old daughter walked 1/2km alone at 8pm? come on. I would blame the parent definately, it a jungle out there. Still, I would want to see, Gov plays role in educating us, parents & parents to be that they can be charged if proven lack of extra safety to their children, as in the case 2 small kids. 1 months age and one 4yrs old burned when their mother leave them to send her other kid to kindergarden. Children will always be children. Not much police can do before anything bad happen to our love one.

  29. Oh no.....

    Is this another 'can-of-worms' opened, especially by bastardly-pseudo-journo to two highly seasoned major bloggo-journo????

    God help us, all!

  30. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Now me as a criminal will be preying on kids having negligence parents, so I could escape from being caught. It's like leaving your handphone on the table and I snatch away. Then it's also known as negligence of not keeping it in a safe place. Also to snatch those women who carry hand bags, and it's their negligence of carrying bags which are easy for us to snatch. Maybe to steal the multi million dollar chips again in Penang, as it's the negligence of the port for having poor security. By then the govt will put the blame of the security company and the system and I get away... Muahahahaha... I love Malaysia!!!

  31. Anonymous said...
    I pray hard that Nazri's daughter would be the next victim then only he knows.

    already a victim kot.... suka sama suka..... if it's the case, then it's not the father negligence but her daughter negligence....

    we can say its a parent negligence if only the daughter is dead....

    bodo la.....

  32. the morale is whomever plan for a family way, please think twice as if anything happen to your children you will be summoned to the ncourt of justice.... sound scary.. and if you are the unlucky one you'll get fine for 5k or 2 month jailterm... even scary

    so, have they found the beast yet...

  33. Anonymous4:07 pm

    To me--let them say what they like ! Its not helping me to change my mind come election time.
    To those powerful elected people---you have not convinced me that thing are getting better. Yet again shown that compassion and humannitarian have been taken over by arrogance --- only when its election time you hear such sweet nothings from the hypocrits.
    With a shawl on the head and such a patronising smile--you will hear talks about love and blah blah blah !

    No sir--i'm not voting these guys in anymore. May just do a protest vote. My one vote may not change the results, but i still feel good.

  34. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Clueless Ministers say the stupidest things. The law is the law for ordinary folks but for the VIP crooks, the law is an ass to be abused and ignored. All those who believe VK Lingam was having a monologue as an auto-erotic experience should have their balls examined. The police never look for suspects, only scapegoats. What should they look for the beast of Kg Baru when they have Nurin's parents to bash? Have a law to punish negligent parents by all means, but make sure it's not weighed heavily against the poor who leave their children to fend for themselves not by choice but by circumstance.

  35. Anonymous4:25 pm

    More and more people are beginning to realize the "price" they have to pay to vote in a stupid government and very idiotic ministers, as a result of low quality appointments. if the leader is blind, you get a whole bunch of blind leaders, sucking up their self interests and very little benefit for the people.

    It is often said that "honor" is bestowed from people while humiliation is self inflicted. There is no end, judging from the performance of these moronic ministerial personalities (words spoken and display of arrogance).

    Some of you voted in the government you now deserve.


  36. Anonymous4:45 pm

    I'm already very very paranoid when it comes to my children....and with the rising crime rates on kids, how much more paranoid can I get?
    It's obvious in order to cover their incompetence, the police are trying to divert the attention to the grieving parents rather than get off their lazy butts and do something concrete about this current trend of beasts targeting little girls. If this beast gets away (and most likely he will), I predict it'll be little boys soon.

  37. Anonymous5:39 pm

    To shahrizat, musa, nazri - one word ( borrowed from patrick ) NIAMAH!!

  38. Anonymous7:32 pm

    what will these jokers do next ?

    blamed it on and closed down all night markets & puasa food bazaars... izzit???

  39. Rocky,
    If the government is taking action against Nurin's father for negligence, Nurin's father and his supporters should also take class action against Pak Lah and his government for failing to inform the public the streets are not safe anymore for children to go to the corner store!

  40. Sokong! Nyamah to the 3 stooges!

  41. Anonymous7:55 pm

    nobody can escape? utter rubbish. I have a friend, a foreigner, who was married to a member of the Royalty. His ex-wife physically and mentally abused, neglected, and finally abandoned their son. My friend made a police report against her and nothing was ever done.

  42. Anonymous9:02 pm

    Rocky, my friend the foreigner formally married to a Royalty, is going to make another police report based on Nazri's comments to see if these guys mean what they say. I will keep you posted.

  43. Anonymous9:03 pm

    If Nurin's parent should be sued for negligence, then our Pak hahahaha, should be sue for misappropriating our money, and trust and for neglecting his duty to us, the rakyat that gives him and his crooks jobs in paaaliaaament.

  44. Anonymous9:22 pm

    Hi Rocky, the way I see it is that these buggers are trying to pass the buck and divert attention to their incompetency in fighting the tidal wave of crime hitting the country; and all the scandals abound too.

    Is just so so so despicable on their parts !

  45. Anonymous10:30 pm

    it is a strategy - attack is the best defense - trust me no charges will be brought against any parent.

    they need an excuse to diffuse and divert the attention.

    shar 101 - spot on.

  46. ok, Musa, Nazri, and Shahrizat have said that Nurin's parents could be charged for negligence. This is what I think the parents should do. They should go to the nearest police station and make reports against themselves to be investigated for possible negligence. Let the police clear them or charge them. The parents cannot be living under this accusatory dark cloud for the rest of their lives! Clear them or charge them. I am sure they 'rela terima apa-apa aje' asal justice is seen to be done. Give Musa, Nazri, Shahrizat their pound of flesh.

    And when going to the station, tell the media to come along and bear witness. And tell al- jazeerah to come along too and record the event. What the heck, bring along a videocam and send an i-report to CNN.Show the world how in Malaysia even grieving parents are not exempt from the law.

    I am sure that would extract public apologies from Musa, Nazri and Shahrizat to the parents for their idiotic unfeeling statements. Or maybe I am wrong. Maybe Musa, Nazri, Shahrizat are shameless and will in no way be shamed into doing the right thing to make amends for what they said.

    But one thing I know is right. I know who will not be getting my vote next election !

  47. Anonymous11:06 pm

    Hamzah said...
    Sokong! Nyamah to the 3 stooges!

    heh heh !
    that should provide some inspiring thoughts to our blogging movie poster makers!

  48. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Bagilah kuasa kepada makluk yang bukan arif dan ahli nescahaya keadaan akan menjadi purak puranda.
    Hari demi hari, sikit demi sikit kita akan menjadi negara yang brpenyakit. Ini akan kita tanggung dari jenarasi ke jenarasi akibat daripada kepemimpin2 psuedo yang ada sekarang ini yang menarujui negara. Contohnya:
    *Penjaga gate lalauan keretapi jadi wakil raayat.
    *Ejen jual insuran jadi tycoon dan instrumental dalam menentukan siapa bolih jadi LP, CJ, AG, JUDGES Dll
    *Ejen insuran bolih jadi tenis parner kpd. DPM
    * Saleman/ manager jual carpet jadi menteri
    * Jual daging jadi speaker
    * saleman usedcar jadi MP
    * panjat tiang talipon jadi Adun
    * guru sekolah yg, berpendidikan tak seberapa jadi exco jaga hal ehwal agama dan menteri besar.
    Look at avery sitauation globaly. We have to be inteligently creative, innovative, competitive, agile and efficient. We therefore, need people of good substance and marterial. Belanja satay nak ambik hati orang tu pun bagus. Nak jadi pemimpin Malaysia nak bertaraf world class I would say this is absolutely absurd. The PM talks about the developement of human capital rather recently. Universally and the rest of the world have been talking about the matter years ago... probably more than 10 years ago. Are we OK?
    Banyak lagi yang pelik2 dan anih.
    Orang2 melayu,those who received higher education , trained in the specific fields such as law, medicine, engineering, detistry, finance and aacounting dll. semua nak jadi politician... kerja senang
    tipu sana bohong sini. Berjuang kononya atas nama mempertahankan maruah bangsa dan agama. Tapi sikitpun tak jujur. Mintak rasuah, kelirukan masyarakat. Dustakan ajaran tuhan. Apa semuanya ni.How on earth can we produce towering malaysians given under current cirucstances and the manner how we conduct our affairs. I thought when PM first took office he did stress the impotance of MORALITY AND VALUES... where have all the flowers gone? GRAVEYARDS!!

  49. Anonymous1:20 am

    this is what going to happen when the leaders hv no vision and are clueless about everything... their aim being leaders is for the money . B**ls**t

  50. Anonymous8:48 am

    It's no fun any more to read postings that are as bigotted and biased and shallow as the statements (taken out of context) made by the public figures they condemn.

    Why do bloggers who can lead the way in shaping public opinion/thinking allow and encourage this kind of narrow-mindedness/skewedness?

    It has become so typically boring for bloggers to hit out at the establishment without offering any constructive analysis of steps to be taken, legal definitions and procedures to look into, of how Nurin's parents can best handle their ordeal. Instead you guys add to their confusion and grief!

    Rocky, you and your blogger friends must lead the way in turning your blogs into a useful, fruitful enterprise. You must encourage rational thinkers who have more than grouses and blame to offer. You and your gang must concertedly shape yourselves into the alternative media leaders that you want to be!

  51. Law is law?
    Why was the law not used against Zakaria, of Istana Idaman?
    Why was the law not used against inciting of racial violence? Go ask Hishamudin!
    Why was the law not used against PKFZ? Kuala Dimensi? WHy why why?
    Yet they will want to charge this two poor parents, who have to endure the lost of their kak ngah...then what? What about their two remaining children? WTF!

  52. Anonymous8:56 am

    haha exactly, anonymous 1:20AM! and 'if' they have one (as they claimed), it is like a 10 y.o. boy/girl's vision!

    Anyway, it is true both parents must take responsible of the case but what about the policy makers? Our social systems are indeed horror. Mau tunggu bencana berlaku baru mau buat kerja. Management by disaster! Mana itu Pak Lah???

  53. Anonymous9:18 am

    law is law and nobody can slip away..well if you apply some grease or you are a teflon coated politicians from certain party, you can slip away. and we have seen this before.

    BTW why does the chief justice need Nazri to make comments on his behalf. Isn't the judiciary and independent body as stated in the constitution?

  54. Anonymous9:38 am

    Allowed me to be the devil's advocate .... what if her death could be avoided if the parents have been more careful. What if they busy doing something else that causes the little girl to wander alone to the pasar malam. How could parents allow an eight years old to go out alone to a public place like the pasar malam ....
    SORRY ....just to make sure parents does not takes thing lightly.

  55. Anonymous11:31 am

    I am equally dismayed when some prayed that the victim was not Nurin. The fact is, we should pray that such an act should have never happened in the first place.

    It ain't fair to blame the parents per se in this matter simply becoz it lies in the Government's hands to ensure that the country is safe and its people protected.

    If there is ever going to be a prosecution, the Government should be brought to the gallows before everyone else for failing its rakyat!

  56. Anonymous กล่าวว่า...
    what will these jokers do next ?

    blamed it on and closed down all night markets & puasa food bazaars... izzit???

    7:32 PM

    Jangan bagi idea. Nanti ada pulak pembesar yang "umumkan" cadangan baru ini. Mungkin tutup terus Wangsa Maju.....

    ... to summarize it: I am fed-up with this stupidity by our pembesar negara.

  57. Hey Guys, Remember WAG THE DOG...Thats what the Cops are doing.I dare them to arrest the Parents.Geez, they would probably arrest the Grandparents as well for raising Jazimin and Norazian.

  58. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Responsibilties that's the key word. Everybody try to play safe. So the question is who want to take the risks.All the comments on taking the parents to court is legally correct but morally wrong. The law enforcer cannot put blames to the victims e.g. WE went to the bank to withdraw some but monies but on the way out got robbed instead to deliver a safer place to stay, the enforcer is charging the victim.
    We feel safer to travel/walk alone in oversea rather in own yard.

  59. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Just heard the news about three boys who died in Seberang Perai.
    Well , looks like more parents are going to be charged .