Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blogger lodges police report over death threat

"Bloggers will be put to sleep". Blogger Ruhanie Ahmad, a former Member of Parliament, lodged a report at the Kajang police headquarters late yesterday afternoon over an SMS that he said contained threats on his life.
Ron went to the police station by himself, unlike Mike Tyson who had to be accompanied by supporters and journalists when he lodged a report against RPK late last month.
"I'm not seeking publicity. I am lodging the police report because I don't think I should take the SMS threat lightly. I think the police can help ... the phone number is there, I have given them everything."
I was there to walk with him. If he had let me, I would have brought along a platoon of bloggers to show Mike Tyson that we have bodies, too, not just brains.

Read Ron's posting here.


Mr. Smith said...

If the SMS is from an UMNO guy, I can bet my last ringgit that nothing will come out of this report.
It's PDRM an UMNO wing like Permuda, Wanita and Puteri.

Voon Tek said...

I bought a new phone recently, while using a prepaid card was made to registered to the authorities, name, IC and address, funny that this applies to me but not "Hamba Allah - 016-3929760"

I must be in Bolehland, for only bolehland practices double standards.

A Voice said...

Now Lim Kheng Yaik is on the line. He got prepaid registered, when his Gerakan Presidency was under attack.

Its time for goofy to proof his words.

Mr. Smith said...

My last sentence in the above post should read:
"Isn't PDRM, an UMNO wing like Permuda, Wanita and Puteri?

Pasquale said...


This is when the police force can vindicate it self from being tagged now as the most corrupt police force in the region. PDRM seize the opportunity and catch the culprit, or forever we will believe we are living in a fascist and police state! Investigate and do your job make amend and show the rakyat the accusation thorown at you is wrong!

alliedmartster said...

Yes, in this day of High tech no borders, there shall be no place to hide.
Hold on...does that apply in Malaysia?
Didn't we just hear 'Could not locate witness recently'??

freelittlebrain said...

what's wrong with our society now? even threat can be sent by SMS. Making the police report is a correct move. we think the relevant and ability authorities will take the necessary actions as SMS can be trace. a peaceful and harmony society is far needed by Malaysian.

BrightEyes said...

Back then when Guna from TheSun made a report over some guy who wanted to "shoot this Gunasegaram for good", almost everyone on JeffOoi's site said he was overreacting.

Put to sleep can have many meanings. It can mean making one drowsy through long boring political speeches for example.

But anyway, at least you guys have a number: (016)3929760. prank calls, anyone?

caravanserai said...

In my time in the village
Kampung gangsters threw threats and meant it
One wouldn’t want to mess with those thugs then
The consequences were too great to ignore

Seriously threats are real
Only the physical injury delays
One shouldn’t ignore those warnings
It is like a ‘fatwa’ you got no place to hide
Like what Khairy said of Anwar
‘….until there is no place for him’

In this instant I guess it could be
From Datuk Ruhanie own party
Somebody is trying to control
Their own people not following orders

When the ruling elite feels out of control
Threats and intimidation the order of the day
Make it looks like ‘Taliban’ ruling
Then nobody can usurp the authority

It is best he made his police report
So that the shadow could be checked
If possible, the police could unmask
But I think you know the answer
“Orang tu tak dapat dikenali”

Long time ago
I had Malay thugs in UMNO as friends
One word from the leader
These people could do damage
Physically and emotionally
They were the ‘soldiers’
Taking orders without question

And these thugs are protected silently
In every level right to the top
Some we have seen in Ijok buy election
Going rounds intimidating voters

So Datuk watch your back
If threats don’t move you
Black magic will
In what you take and drink
Especially drinks in black…

shar101 said...


If you have the read the original message as transcribed at Datuk Ron's blog, the 'meaning' is clear as to what was 'intended'.

Your 'interpretation' does not come close.

Nice try, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Dang Wangi police have confirmed that the wife will be interrogated as well

Johnny Ong said...

hahahha...like the part where Pak Ron went alone bravely..... compared to a mike tyson with a rombongan.... hahaha

nocrid said...

We got foreigner blown into pieces... so anything is possible in this country. Expect a hell lot's of "julung julung kalinya..." in this place. So just be careful and erm I hope my vote can keep the House balanced

negara busok said...

Make police report? Than must bring teh or Kopi O lor!

Ini keran mereka dahaga mereka mahu minum teh Ataupun kopi O nak tambah gula ke tidak Kalau tambah gula mulut mereka akan senyum dengan engkau Apabila engkau nak pergi Dia akan ucap TATA.



the SMS that Ron received was a threat. Or it was not. No matter. Good thing that Ron made the police report.

it is sad, tragic that people in power are intolerant of divergent views that are not in sync with the mainstream.