Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Jeff 4 Parliament

We were on the way back to Kuala Lumpur from Bintan last week. Jeff Ooi had just told me his plans to announce leaving Gerakan for DAP, which he did this morning under the glare of the BBC and local tv cameras and almost the entire Press corp, minus two or three mainstream media.

"I am thinking of starting another blog on politics," he said.

Jeff was asked about this new blog at the press conference attended by Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Nathaniel Tan, Harris Ibrahim, activists, party supporters, well-wishers, and half the protem exco of the National Alliance of Bloggers (Jeff is the vice president of All-Blogs). He said he created the new blog so as to assure his readers that he would not leverage on the popular Screenshots for his new political career. Screenshots draws over 300,000 unique visitors monthly.

Visit Jeff 4 Malaysia. Find out why he has opted for active politics, why the DAP, and why he left Gerakan.

At the do in PJ, Kit Siang called on bloggers to emulate Jeff and to take a stand for a fair and just Malaysia. He came over to me at the end of the function and asked me, point blank. "So when's your turn, Rocky?"

I have already taken my stand: I will walk with Jeff.

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  1. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Rocky, you have the support of the people irrespective of whether you join which party. You have taken a long, long journey in the struggle against deceit, lies, treachery, greed, hypocrisy, idiocy. You have decided to fight the good fight by aligning with the righteous. You could have been a fairly rich man had you taken the easy road via Umno. You could have been a contender (with apologies to Marlon Brando). We will walk with you, we will stay by your side, Rock.

  2. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Jeff ideas are noble and hope he will not be swamped by internal politics in DAP.
    Jeff, give your best shot and may something good come out from this rough and tumble journey.
    Best wishes Jeff and to you too Rocky for walking with him.

  3. Come on Rocky, accept Kit Siang's offer. Sometimes we really need to look things from every angle, in order to understand it.

    About internal politics, it is there everywhere, be it office, organisation etc. It is difficult to avoid, after all we are human beings. There is no perfect place in this world, unless Heaven.

  4. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Relieved to know you're walking with Jeff and not behind him: although it's one thing to walk with a friend and another to join the DAP. Politics corrupts and political parties absolutely corrupts.
    Good luck

  5. YB
    Dah betul-betul buat keputusan kah nak join politik. kawasan mana yg dipilih. di subang ada seorang boss besar NST tinggal. boleh ajak dia bertanding sama.

  6. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Rocky, its time.. Rock the Parliment! cheers

  7. Anonymous4:41 pm


    You said 'I have already taken my stand: I will walk with Jeff...'.

    Are you declaring that u r joining DAP? This is indeed news, Rocky. All this while i thought you were never political. Why now? Because the general election is just around the corner? Because maybe, just MAYBE, if u get elected, the suit against you would be dismissed? Do not 'ikut perasaan' bro...STAY APOLITICAL and shoot from both hips, i say...


  8. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Include me, I will walk with you and Jeff too, Rocky.

  9. Rocky, I am humbled by your answer "I have already taken my stand: I will walk with Jeff".

    I was at the PJ do this morning, and wanted to go and shake your hand, but there were too many people busy with you. The next time, perhaps. My prayers are with you.

  10. Anonymous4:58 pm

    what a day!~

  11. Anonymous5:23 pm

    The Site Jammed Already lorr... cannot access ... so fast ahh

    Jeff should put it up a bigger server now .. hehe ...


  12. another heavyweight enters the ring.

    change is in the air.

    we will walk with you.

  13. Anon 4.41: When we talk about "walking with Jeff" it is a parlance amongst blogger since the day both Jeff and Rocky were charged for defamation, to mean "we will support you through hell and high water." Just that and Rocky has no intention of getting into politics........yet.It would however be Malaysian's gain if the likes of Rocky, Haris Ibrahim and Malik Imtiaz add more color to an almost communal party. Jeff, work on that; making the DAP more "colourful".

  14. Rocky,

    "I will walk with Jeff!"

    What a noble answer! If DAP manages to convince you to join Jeff, Tony and host of others, I think Malaysia might still have a chance !

    Welcome aboard, Jeff and may you be as forthright in your new role as you are at Screenshots.

  15. One more good reason for not reading the controlled media such as The Star, The Straits Times, Sin Chew, Nan Yang, Oriental Daily, Berita Harian, Utusan etc.

    Good on you Jeff, now if only the likes of Rocky and Haris Ibrahim will consider DAP.

    A Malaysia for Malaysians.


  16. Anonymous5:59 pm

    ROcky as the individual I know is a true Journo, and will not let his own sentiments cloud his reader's judgement.
    Rocky as the Protem President of All Blogs, instill that all blogs will remain non partisan.

    Jeff in joining the DAP outline his own beliefs. In setting up parliament.jeffooi.com, he clearly states his integrity, and this man deserves support. Not leveraging on his immensely popular screenshots.com deserves applaud.

    It clearly does not mean that you have to be an opposition supporter to see that these men means what they say! I will walk with them, for I truly have found my band of brothers.

  17. bro Rocky, you will be a awesome politician.
    A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.-Lao Tzu

  18. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Remain the devil's advocate, but don't sup with the devil.
    Write and right the wrongs but keep your head and integrity above the water line dividing trash and justice.The truth can be very fickle and ambiguous depending on whose agenda you're signing up to.
    It's a lonely and sometimes unrewarding task, but someone has to do it and that is your jihad. (I'm referring to the actual meaning of jihad, not the bloodthirsty version that people prefer to describe)

  19. there's jeff in and he's the voice to speak out for bloggers in the parliament for a better Malaysia.

    give those so call bolehland guys there a punch that they will never forget!

  20. Anonymous6:25 pm

    2/3 MAJORITY.

    If this can't be breached, all the Opposition hoop-la and self-congratulation ain't worth a hill of beans!

    And given the demographics of the country, and the inherent conservatism of the rural voters, I don't see this majority being eroded anytime soon.

  21. Anonymous6:29 pm

    I am touched when I read you have taken your stand and will walk with Jeff. My family and I salute both you and Jeff and all those who have made sacrifices, give up a lot of things in life to fight for our beloved country. Our prayers are with you too...........

  22. Anonymous6:33 pm

    salam bertaut bro...

    "I have already taken my stand: I will walk with Jeff"....uiiii dlm maksud to bro...banyak dah pikir ke bro.. jgn Duk Atas Pagar...pasai duk atas pagar ni dari dulu duk try ..bro lagi banyak ilmu..pandai-pandai la bro..


  23. Anonymous7:45 pm

    I can imagine parliament with the likes of Jeff Ooi and Rocky. A dream team, a first class tag team. I think i have run out of superlatives. Dream on brudders. One day our dreams will come true.

  24. Anonymous8:02 pm

    From a Blogger 2 a Dapper? Wow!

    Watsup doc?

    A little advice though:
    "Politics corrupts, and power absolutely corrupts!"
    "Those who play with the sword, die by the sword!"

    Don't let tat b d Prophesy!

    Go get 'em, John Wayne!

  25. Anonymous9:17 pm

    I have never voted BN. But, with Jeff and Rocky joining DAP, I will vote BN out.

  26. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Good Luck Jeff. Think twice Rocky.

  27. Let's be hard-nosed about this DAP thingy. Let's just say every one of the "famous" bloggers join up with opposition politics, and you then line up a dream-team of faces for the general election.

    Do you seriously think this can make a dent in BN's take of the votes? It will be interesting to figure out the spread of the voting consitutuencies of all these blog visitors. You will find that a lot of people still have their constituency in their out-of-town. The people's voices are spread so thin that it will barely make a dent.

    The mass of anti-BN rhetoric in these blogs do not translate to votes that matter.

    I, in fact, would propose a grass-root, social networking method to pass the word along i.e. if you really want to teach the government a lesson, tell five voting friends to vote the opposition wherever their constituencies are. Let it be people power to force the govt to really share power with the leaders (opposition, NGO, an heaven forbid, BN as well) of competence and integrity.

    It can work. How about it?

  28. Rocky!

    Remember this: One of my most admired person still living, Pak Samad Ismail was one of the founder member of the PAP, yes S'pore People Action Party and I still believe he was made use of by LKY to garner the support of the so called Malay "leftists" in S'pore at that time. After succeeding LKY turned around and stab Pak Samad in the back and he was banished to Malaya, so I am not saying the Chinese cannot be trusted but as the adage goes "East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet" or somethng like that! The DAP, that used to be called PAP will make use or will mislead anyone only for its own advantage and with due respect to Lim Kit Siang the Malays will excercise its own "Samson Option"* before they allow LKS to be a Prime Minister of this country, once called the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu! Hey! Why fix the house if it is still standing! Why are we so unhappy!

    * Samson Option is in reference to Israelis policy to blow up the entire Middle-East if attacked by Arabs. Remember the biblical Samson who brought down the temple rather than giving up to his enemy!

  29. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Everybody have the impression that DAP is Chinese based party, Rocky you should join DAP to prove them wrong.

    At least we can fight for a just and fair Malaysia.

  30. Anonymous10:36 pm

    I agree with Zorro, it will be Malaysia's gain if DAP can rope in candidates of other races.

  31. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Good Luck to JO for his new pursuit! I can only wish him all the best. I've been an observer of politics for years and have seen all kinds of drama and sandiwara. Politicians come and go all the time. Many people go into politics for different reasons - make a difference, change the world, power and influence, money, to serve the people and what have you!

    Politics is a different kind of ball game. One must be prepared to get dirty and one must have the funds to get ahead. Often, noble intentions get clouded by all sorts of promises and mind games. Often too, politics have a way of changing a person from one with righteous intentions to one with dubious objectives. JO will say that he's different from all the others. I don't want to put a dampener on JO's plans but the politics are governned by a different set of rules, ones that change according to the personalities and costs! JO as a blogger may get a lot of support and following but JO as a politician may not necessarily get an automatic endorsement from those who follow his blogs.

    Then again, things may change and JO could very well make the transition from blogger to politician successfully. And success in politics is best measured by a winning seat whether at the state level or parliament. JO will have to win over the DAP rank and file before he can get a seat to contest. It remains to be seen how he takes to the DAP crowd and vice versa. Good Luck!

  32. Rocky!
    Once in Canada 20 years ago a Chinese friend from Sarawak who later joined the DAP and became a successful MP,upon arrival back in Malaysia asked if I would like to join the DAP and I told him I would if I could contest in Chinese areas such as Kepong or Jinjang, the answer was if I recalled "Cannot the two is a very Chinese areas only Chinese", I also told him that even if I had wanted to join the DAP I would have to consult my entire Minangkabau clan for their permission, and the answer would definitely be an emphatic no! My mother would say remember your uncle who was put in a gunny sack to be speared with a sharp bamboo shaft by his childhood friend who was a member of a Kuomintang Army or Bintang Tiga! I am not saying we cannot trust the Chinese but past action and history speak volume! Anyway Sim and I still see each other for a glass or two of guiness at Delaney! Well East is East my friends, or morons to be exact!

  33. Oh PS!

    By the way, DAP will always be a Chinese-based party and many token Malays in the past were just that, tokens!

  34. Rocky,

    U have my vote! I would love to see u in active politics.

  35. Anonymous12:20 am

    Hi every one!

    My apologies for and out-of-topic message: but webtv8 at http://wtv8.tv/v1/ had a one-on-one with Raja Petra ealier today (31.07.07) and is now screening the first part under ‘now showing’; watch it on the main screen. - Amir

  36. Anonymous2:36 am

    The problem now with the DAP is that the top hierachy has been in position for waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. Kit Siang has basically been rooted to his post. And the roots are strangling the party and impeding it from moving forward or adapting.

    Aside from new blood, they also need some change to become more of a REAL multi-racial party. Sadly as of now, they're no real multi-racial parties in Malaysia at this time.

    Anyways, I know I'll be saying NO to UMNO's BN... and I'll pass over Pas.

  37. Anonymous2:36 am

    I never believe DAP as a strong party. They are just there to spice things up. And I also do not believe in the Malaysian Malaysian agenda for it is just to break the Bumiputra.

    But if DAP puts Jeff as candidate PJ Selatan, it gives me a stronger reason to vote DAP this time around. Ok with the current MP but we need to balance off the Parliment. Adun? he should get out as i dont see him relevent at my place.

    Resident of Section 5

    p/s: better if jeff can go for both state and federal seat.

  38. Anonymous2:39 am


    If you jump into politic, go as calon bebas not DAP, not even PKR. Being independent, you can be true to yourself.


  39. Anonymous7:33 am


    Instead of criticizing DAP people should look at the bright side of things. Stop hurling all these outdated criticism that’s has no applicable benefits.

    If DAP is considered as a chinese party then people should change it and make it multi racial one.

    If DAP is not a good party make it a reasonably good one so that it can be a watch dog against the rotten BN.

    It is that easy - so whats the problem?

    For good or for worst everything rest in your hands, people.
    The fact is what can you do?

    Think smart.


  40. Anonymous8:11 am


    Can you vouch/guarantee that Jeff Ooi has the integrity and moral uprighteousness referred to in Raja Nazrin's dare and challenge to the government (NST Pg 8 today)?

    The test of "true" integrity is when you are confronted with an issue or situation that requires you to act with the highest standards of sincerity, honesty, responsibility and truthfulness. And you do it without hesitation or doubt, fear or frustration! You do this without prejudice and in good faith!

    How many of us can do this? Can you Rocky if you say you are going to "walk with Jeff"?

  41. Anonymous8:29 am

    Hello Pasquale, years ago I was also 'invited' to join the PAP but my refusal was not as well put as yours. Luckily I was too young and hedonistic to be interested and the 'invitee' was a nasty piece of Javanese who used his brother's position in the party to shirk and make life easy for himself.
    Isn't it uncanny that the perpetrators of a 'Malaysian Malaysia' are still alive and kicking while other Malaysian PMs have either passed away or graciously retired? Also they have passed on the batons to their sons like some kind of Emperor Dowager. So what Dynasty will LKS promote and perpetuate?
    Talk about wolves in sheep's clothing and who are the sheep in wolves' clothing?
    Merdeka Malaya

  42. Pasqual asked: Why fix the house if it is still standing? Why are we so unhappy?

    Cancer, termites....heard of these...they bring you down, building and all but i m p e r c e p t i b l y.

    Why are we so unhappy? Because thee is little to be happy about....go ask your master Najib. Or why not you tell us.

  43. Anonymous9:28 am

    I don't see Lim Kit Siang making his presence felt in the parliament anyway.
    There were even talks that he may well have been buttered by the badawi clan (thats what umno has become).
    So really the DAP has become so insignificant as the other opposition parties - just like in our southern pimple state neighbour.
    We're really becoming more Singapore for our own good. (Who knows - we may even have a Senior Minster or a Mentor Minister (whatever that is) in future )
    Just grovellers and lickers--saying yes to everything as if the sun shines out of badawi (kj?)'s ass.

    There must have been a lot of greasing done in this regime.

  44. rocky,
    matlamat anda telah jauh tersasar, ask back yourself yout it better....

  45. Anonymous10:06 am

    We believe in you Rock......!

  46. "Making a Stand and Walking the Talk".

    You inspire me Rocky. I'm with you.

  47. Anonymous10:39 am

    =>If you jump into politic, go as calon bebas not DAP, not even PKR. Being independent, you can be true to yourself.

    ... lol ... i can still remember one of the candidate that stood in Hong Kong ... check out his hair style like Rocky ... i think he won a seat ... i could be wrong in this because i not into political stuff ... ;)

  48. Anonymous11:13 am

    Geez, is it just me, or is pasquale spreading FUD?

  49. Urban renewal project.

    Vote an independent candidate into parliament. Rocky?

    Use the blogs to disseminate the message for change.

    After the next GE, let's work on rural revamping.

    One step at a time.

    No mega projects in politics, please.

  50. Zorro!

    Why on earth do you think Najib is my master? My master is my maker and no one else, so I reckoned you have another good 10 years or so to live so make good with the time you have to stop insulting people that you do not know, and you do not know me and do not insult me for I have never insulted you!
    Thank you

  51. mr. nobody,

    "If you jump into politic, go as calon bebas not DAP, not even PKR. Being independent"

    Politic is not blogging. That's why there are so many bloggers on political issues but no much of them are true politician. To survive and to be able to express your view, no one can do that alone. Not even Mandela and Gandhi.

  52. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Thank you Rocky and thank you Jeff. My spirit is renewed. I can now look forward to a better Malaysia.

  53. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Saudara Rocky,

    Sebagai blogger, anda sememangnya berkesan didalam mengembangkan syiar kebenaran dan ketelusan.

    Anda telah disaman kerana tulisan anda tetapi anda kuat mengharungi cabaran sebagai blogger yang mahu berhubung secara terus dengan orang awam bergelar 'Malaysians'.

    Saya kagum dengan perjuangan anda dan berharap usaha murni saudara membawa hasil dan berkat lebih di masa hadapan.

    Daripada penulisan saudara saya tidak dapat 'read in between the lines' sekiranya saudara berminat untuk terjun ke dalam arena politik.

    Sememangnya hati kalau sudah berang, macam-macam kita hendak buat. Tetapi, syor saya adalah agar saudara dapat timbangkan buruk-baiknya memasuki arena politik secara aktif.

    Saya bersetuju dengan pandangan 'philashio' bahawa perlu ada penekanan kepada melebarkan kesan mese-mesej dalam semua blog-blog kepada serata pelusuk tanahair ini.

    Oleh itu, pada pandangan peribadi saya, saudara boleh menjadi seorang yang lebih berkesan sekiranya usaha kearah menyebarkan kebenaran dan ketelusan dipikul oleh saudara sendiri tanpa menyertai mana-mana parti politik ataupun terjun ke dalam arena tersebut.

    Tetapi, apa pun keputusan saudara, saya bersama anda dalam perjuangan menyebarkan hak-hak bersuara dan kehidupan bermaruah.

  54. dear Pasquale,

    would you believe you are wrong on Samad Ismail's role in PAP?
    LKY did not use Samad to get the Malay votes.
    No, LKY was in no position to use the man who was influential among the Chinese.
    Yes..can you believe that Samad, a Malay, had the trust of the Chinese...i.e the Mandarin-speaking CHinese?
    Did you know that in those days, Utusan Melayu was well-respected by the Chinese middle schools?
    Samad and LKY parted ways due to differences in opinion and also when Samad got closer to Lim Chin Siong, a socialist Chinese.

    cheers, Pasquale...education is a never-ending journey.
    from one mo(ron) to another.

  55. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Rocky - DAP or indy, I will vote for you!

    Go Rock the Parliament Bro!

  56. Pasquale,

    I hope you dun use anything Japanese made cause they invaded us during the WW2. Jus because some Chinese pigs murdered you relatives doesnt mean all of us are the same. You are nothing but a slave for BN propaganda of using hate, to make ppl side with them.

  57. Anonymous4:10 pm


    since you are such a close budy to "YB" (Yang b...) Jeff Ooi, can you please ask him: Up to now how much has LG paid Jeff Ooi for the prominent he has been gving to LG in his blog? Is LG also an indirect supporter of the DAP through Jeff Ooi? Since he is now a card carrying member of the DAP and DAP's top leaders always ask the BN to be transparent, let see whether ROcky's friend will show his transparency before he start his political career.

    Bearing in mind those (like Kua Kia Soong, Lee Ban Chien, Teoh Teik Huat, Wee Choo Keong, Kerk Kim Hock, Ting Chiek Ming, Fung Ket Wing, Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye and Liew Ah Kim and so many other to list) that have been politically killed by Lim Kit Siang and his son, I hope that Jeff Ooi will succeed in his political career in the DAP against the norm.

    As long as Jeff Ooi plays the role of a "Yes man" to Lim kit Siang's son then Jeff Ooi will definitely go places in the DAP.

    Rocky, I hope that you will restrict your movement to "only walk with Jeff Ooi" otherwise you will loose all your credibility altogether if you were to walk with the DAP.

    Now I await to see whether Rocky can persuade Jeff Ooi to be transparent and give us answers to the 2 questions that I have posted.

  58. Okay Rocky!

    Okay Nuraina as an independent Malay who loves history, Malays especially, thats what I believe and gathered and sorry if I am wrong, but I still believe thats whats happened to your father, whom I admired!! it would be a nightmare for LKY if your fahter had been an influential man in the PAP! BTW my late father was also your father's friend when he was living in Singapore! My late father was a good friend of many persons at Jalan Ampas, according to his diary, he was a good friend with Usman Gumanti, Ahmad Mahmud, Haji Mahdi, Aziz Ishak and many more!

  59. Anon 4:10!
    You asked: "since you are such a close budy to "YB" (Yang b...) Jeff Ooi, can you please ask him: Up to now how much has LG paid Jeff Ooi for the prominent he has been gving to LG in his blog? Is LG also an indirect supporter of the DAP through Jeff Ooi?

    I'm not sure if Jeff would want to share that info. In any case, it's advertisement on his blog. I am pleased to know that LG is advertising on the blog. More companies should spend to advertise on blogs: it's so much cheaper than advertising in the traditional media and you get a good number of eyeballs. Screenshots gets - what? - easily over 300,000 unique visitors a month and these are people who have Internet access, which means they probably have purchasing power and are affluent. A monthly high-end lifestyle magazine with a circulation of 100,000 would charge a company RM12,000 to RM25,000 for a full page ad. A blog probably does that for a fraction - with probably greater results.

    Also, Anon, it's "rezeki yang halal". The money that Jeff earns from his blog can't be much (certainly not RM100K a month as some bl0ggers cum foreign agents reportedly get from their foreign masters) and I'm sure the amount hardly covers his beer expenses. And Jeff doesn't drink much, in the first place.

    Let's focus on those who get RM9 million just being a dopey-eyed son-in-law, or who carry millions in mixed currencies in their briefcase, and those who waste the taxes we pay the government on study trips abroad or projects that do not benefit the rakyat.

  60. Anonymous8:40 pm

    I am a Malaysian currently living overseas. been reading many blogs like yours and Jeff's. My reaction always was that there was nothing we don't already know or expect. However, Rocky's somewhat 'I stand with Jeff' statement took me by surprise. If (there are) 5 people like Rocky and Jeff join DAP and form a truly multiracial party without racial factions, then I for one will definitely give up any foreign PR and return to Malaysia.

  61. Anonymous10:23 pm

    "since you are such a close budy to "YB" (Yang b...) Jeff Ooi, can you please ask him: Up to now how much has LG paid Jeff Ooi for the prominent he has been gving to LG in his blog? Is LG also an indirect supporter of the DAP through Jeff Ooi?"

    His political blog is separate from his own personal blog. JO was professional enough to separate the two.

    Also, what has LG's advertisements have to do with anything? Popular bloggers get income from advertisers, and it's up to the bloggers to make a deal (or not). So, what's the beef?

  62. Anonymous8:49 am

    Dera Mr Rocky

    I am sure that Jeff Ooi, who is now an aspiring politician is capable of answering the two questions posted by the anonymous (1. how much Jeff ooi has been paid by LG for the advertisement in his blog? 2. whether LG is a supporter of the DAP through him?)

    I am sure that Jeff Ooi believes in transparency.

  63. Anonymous9:31 am

    by way of empirical observations and past behaviour, i have been led to this conclusion:

    pasquale exhibits very real psychotic tendencies.

  64. Anonymous9:38 am

    pasquale might also be delusional.

  65. Anonymous9:39 am

    Salaam Ahiruddin.

    You should join Pas as it is the only party that can bring change to Malaysia.

    Pas seeks to establish a theocracy where Allah will rule via his Ulama class who will implement his Sharia.

  66. Anonymous9:40 am

    to nuraina a samad:

    is yr dad really Samad Ismail? there is an ongoing effort to collect alternate versions to LKY's "Singapore Story", perhaps you could give yr input

  67. Anonymous10:09 am

    I am a fan of jeff and an avid reader of his blog as well as yours. I too agree with many of his point of view, but I don't see myself in voting for him. I did not like the way DAP do things and the fact that what DAP is.
    I don't believe DAP is the party that could Unite Malaysia, not when they do not receive the support from the largest group of people in Malaysia. The champion the term Malaysia Malaysian but vehemently defend the Vernacular system and even go against the concept of sekolah wawasan where intergration could be done. You just cant call yourself Malaysian party if your stance is like that.

    I don't know what you mean by walking with him, but I hope you are happy with that decision. Personally I prefer if Jeff was an independent blogger but I guess things change.

  68. I will to my part for the nation by coming out with a series of Get Voters Poster.

    Please feel free to us them in your blogs or email them to your friends and families to get them to vote for a better tomorrow.


  69. Kindly be advised that comment made by "Hafiz Noor Shams" was done by an impostor. Please visit this post for more information.

    Would you be kind enough to remove the offending comment, sir?

  70. rocky and all bloggers,

    this is a plead for all respected journalists who fight for the sole cause of journalism to be Apolitical.

    stand firm in your path, the people will stand behind you.