Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Distributed Denial of Service.A DDoS attack on a site results in your inability tYB Jeff Ooi'so access that site. I have been informed that YB Jeff Ooi's Screenshots has been DDoS-ed since early morning. It's still down.
Cybertroopers at work?

p.s. YB is, for now, Yang Berblog.


  1. Anonymous12:21 pm

    YEAH! I notice it since yesterday... what a bunch of illiterate mangonel UMNO thugs!

  2. It seems to be OK now. Just surfed the site.

  3. YAB Rocky,

    No you are not quite PM material...yet. Actually YAB stands for YangAlwaysBlog lah.

    Bersama berjuang dengan Rocky!

    Heard of Mamula Moon? If you have not, go to this link and be SURPRISED!

  4. haha! thank you YB Wielmaja. And yes, Mamula Moon. Hidup Mamula!

    And thanx Zawi. Yep, his site's up. YB Jeff's server is hosted at the MSC. He's one of the few I know who does that. The rest of us are hosted in Singapore, the UK, the US. If the cybertroopers can launch DDoS attacks on websites that are hosted in Malaysia, we can bet that soon the small number will be even smaller.

  5. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Yang Berblog, that is a good one rocky, as original as you can get. Go easy on the latte.

  6. YB = Yg Berblog...
    Hahahaha... but for some
    YB = Yg Berbohong

  7. Anonymous3:39 pm

    hahaha kelakarnye rocky.. yb - yang berblog

  8. Anonymous4:23 pm

    don't forget bro,cybershooter is around.

  9. not only DDoS attacks
    but they are trying to block sensitive blogs as well.... suggestion is to mirror your site.

  10. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Thanks Wielmaja for the link!
    never heard of that song before but wow!....made me wonder! Really love it. I am a sucker for any hawaiian love song!


  11. Anonymous11:06 am

    Their reckless, ruthless and cowardly actions will only empower him and his readers more.
    Hidup Yang Amat Berblog kita!

  12. Anonymous4:33 pm

    thank you uncle wielmaja for the song. your blog is cool, uncle.

  13. Anonymous10:38 am

    don't forget bro,cybershooter is around.
    let me be one of the shooter.

    dia panggil goblok sesuka hatinya,mak bapak aku takde pun panggil aku goblok.
    gobloklahh lu sendiri.