Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Universiti Malaya in Sepang

Better feng shui? It's an unconfirmed "sources" story, meaning that it could be bullshit or a rumour. But we all know better about rumours after the rumoured Jeanne-Abdullah's love affair turned out to be true, so we all forced to consider the likelihood of Universiti Malaya being shifted to Sepang, perhaps for better feng shui and rankings, and its existing site turning into a multi-billion RM real estate.
[Read the story Guocoland in bid to develop UM land? in Ruhanie Ahmad's blog].
If the PM okays this, betcha there'll be fresh attempts to build on prime sites such as Lake Garden and Zoo Negara.


  1. Anonymous8:29 pm

    As we all know bro, rumour in malaysia has a different meaning, because it is in most cases more reliable than fact or spin.

    In the stock market punters or players (but always errorneously referred to as investors) always buy on rumours and sell on fact.

    Latest rumours there: EPF, MRCB buying into Equine; Equine to develop Penang airport. Let's see if these are just rumours...

  2. I was schooled on the streets
    I know how the ground works in tandem
    With money and strong arm tactics
    Promising heavens digging up diamonds
    Eyes growing big seeing the magic glow

    That was years ago
    The place I did stand
    It had all gone
    High rise buildings shop houses
    My playground all disappeared
    Where is my history now?
    It is just a memory

    Now the government wants to sell UM
    The first university in the country
    The history to countless graduates
    Lecturers, deans and professors
    What will become of our history?

    The government for the people
    It is only mere slogan
    In the hands of the greedy
    UM will disappear in our screen

    UM is our heritage
    The mother of all universities in the country
    How could a government do it without soul?

    Don’t listen to the businessmen
    They don’t know about history
    They only know about money
    Growing in the banks

    So rumor always is true
    UM will have no footprints
    Like me of my playing grounds
    It is just a memory
    If UM is really sold
    For a place in Sepang
    Of feng shui
    That must be the magic in the eyes

  3. Anonymous10:07 pm

    All the top universities in the world pride themselves on their history and their traditions including their locations and buildings. They are instantly recognisable from an iconic view of a well known feature of their campus building. These traditions are the soul of the university.

    If we can uproot UM so easily and move the university, it goes to show how much of its traditions has eroded. It is little wonder it has slipped so badly in world rankings because there is simply no pride left in the university or its traditions. Its soul has departed.

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  5. Anonymous11:11 pm


    You know the Parliament is also on a prime real estate. The National Monument - what's that? - is eating up valuable land, too. How about Lake Garden, a sure waste of land, right?
    National Museum? Who goes there anyway. Dataran Merdeka? waste, waste, waste.

    Well, I suppose there is no more time for civility. So here goes .... F*CK THEM!!!! F*CK THEM and their cronies. F*CK THEM and all their GRAND DESIGN.

    But I'll take the F*CK THEM back, if it is not true. But, what the hell, F*CK THEM anyway.


  6. Rocky,

    expect this to happen, bro.

    under this administration, it is not about fresh ideas, but about taking over, changing, replacing etc etc existing projects and structures.

    if there is billions of ringgit involved, this will happen.
    it is all about money, bro. plain, simple greed.
    no pride. none at all.

  7. Anonymous11:32 pm

    These days, even rumours can get me very scared loo! because, we seem to have no brain to fight the brawn, no balls to make the calls.

    If this one get through, like you said Mr Rocky, Zoo Negara and Musium Negara will follow next. Maybe this time, move to Bukit Beruntung? or my place - Guar Chempedak, Kedah.

    I heard one Black Musa called for Malaysians to let go of nationalism and national pride in order to make rooms for progression and development. Well, there is a reason why black is closely associated with evil and represent death or mourning.

    Please for God's sake, stop this Mr Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister or any ministers, if this rumour turns out to be the real thing.

  8. you bet, if this is done then it will set a precedent and like you said rocky all the prime area such as lake garden,zoo negara,tasik titiwangsa or even HKL will be relocated too.

  9. Anonymous12:50 am

    hey,if they can denounce whatever researches we do,they can shift us anywhere they want.politicians are gods in this country

    -jibam,researcher (packing his bags for sepang?)

  10. Anonymous2:02 am

    Anon said "Latest rumours there: EPF, MRCB buying into Equine; Equine to develop Penang airport. Let's see if these are just rumours..."

    For one thing, Eqiune Capital is not in the strongest of financial shape, but it's a flegling goose that is about to lay golden egg.

    It's a company closely linked to AAB's family.

    But can EPF and AAB/Umno-owned MRCB buy into Equine which is building new race course at Batu Kawan to replace Batu Gantung which is privatised to it?

    Equine being close to AAB is the company on the go. Kak Endon's penyayang hq is located at Equine Capital's project in Pucong.

    Wonder if Kak Jeanne (hasn't she got a Malay-Arabic name?)will have any role in Penyayang. Or will Nori take it over.

    Now Chinese companies are so daring. They don't think of people's sensitivity anymore like Quek Leng Chan who was formerly a crony of Anwar Ibrahim. Quek helped Anwar gained control of NST and TV3 using MRCB.

    I think all Malaysians must oppose this plan. UM is special. It for all Malaysians. Soon they will even propose to relocate Masjid Negara and Istana Negara using globalization excuse and PFI.

  11. Sdr Rocky,

    Cukuplah pembangunan raksasa yang berkepadatan tinggi seperti Mid Valley yang dulunya kampung Melayu menyebabkan kesesekan lalu lintas yang sangat teruk.

    Kalau UM dijadikan projek komersil, KL-PJ akan menjadi kawasan sesak rimba konkrit dan jalan rayanya menjadi free parking lot seperti Lebuh Raya Persekutuan.

    But most of all, UM and its current site are iconic. I can't imagine Hong Long and Quek Leng Chan would be so bold, berani and insensitive to public sentiments.

    If the UM is given away in exchange for whatever alternative site, no public sites in KL like Lake Garden, Dataran Merdeka and Istana Negara are safe. The greedy land grabbers will move in. And why not Masjid Negara, the churches and temples -- they too are located on prime sites than can be turned into malls and housing projects?

    I can't imagine the secrative and reclusive Quek being so audacious. But like your posters said, in Malaysia these days, rumours and denials often turn our to be true.

    But I hope this one is not the case and I hope the NST report is wrong.

    Finally since this public land and the proposal is supposed to be under the PFI, the government has the final say.

    Will the government dare to betray public opinion and the wishes of the rakyat for the sake of PFI and investment?

    I sometimes wonder if those billionaires vote at all. Or that they care about the feeling of the people. Of course they donate big money to politics and politicians.

    Remember many areas which were meant for the public use or were acquired for public purposes in KL and PJ were secretly privatised for commerecial purposes? No wonder KL is sinking. Mungkin ini balasan Tuhan dan kemarahan alam.

    Have we lost our sense of morality and fair play? Have we become the slaves to money?

    Think. Thank you.

  12. Anonymous2:39 am

    Oooooi kaki bebal, apa lah kamu ni. Nak bincang pun tak tahu. Ini bukan pasal universiti rating la. Ini pasal rompak tanah. Pasal kerajaan half past six jual negeri dan jual maruah. Pasal itu tauke-tauke yang sudah naik tocang. Pasal itu perompak korporat sangat berani pasal kerajaan half past six. Awat pergi sepang rating boleh naik ka. Marah nyamuk bakar rumah ka? Inilah kamu semua kerajaan half past dan KJ boleh main kamu semua. Kamu pun lagi teruk half past six punya kes. Ini bukan pasal UM teruk. Ini pasal Quek Leng Chan roboh UM dan bikin ganti di Sepang supaya itu tanah UM bikin dia lagi kaya. OOiiii bangun tidur la.

  13. Kalau lah sikit sikit pasal PFI, habuan duit berbillion billion dipindahkan UM ke Sepang, baik di lakukan sama Taman Tasik Perdana dan kawasan disekelilingnya. Sebaliknya usaha perlu ditingkatkan untuk memperkukuhkan UM sebagai satu satunya universiti yang disegani.

    Its not about the hardware, its the software. I think the emphasis is all wrong if the rumour about the relocation is true.

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  15. Anonymous8:04 am

    Last Sunday I tooke a drive along the old road to Kuala Kubu Baru for a short get-away.

    Passing by Templar Park, I couldn't believe my eyes at the development. I always thought that this area is a forest reserve area. What has happened ?? Housing estates to the left and to the right !!!
    &%#@*&^%@# !!!!

    curese the people respomsible for this. May they burn in hell.

    And now UM. Is there nothing left in their feeling anymore ?? How greedy can you get ?
    Turn it into a national heritage or something -- keep these fuc.... vultures away from this Educational Institution. Where are all thge past graduates ? Show your love for this instition. There must be thousands of them.

    I'm not from UM, but I feel for it. Each time I drive through its campus, I get a different feeling -- can't explain it. But i feel the thousands of graduatres trained under her , that went through her. I feel the immense world of knowledge that exist here. I almost feel it as a place so sacred.

    Damn you PM --should you ever give the green light !!

  16. oh but of coz anon,

    come to think about it, how many of our bumbling political figures / elite that has actually graced through University Malaya's Convocation ? But I do know that the current PM himself did graced through the said university's convocation

    "He received a Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies from the University of Malaya in 1964. He originally wished to pursue a degree in Economics but did not meet the required standard after failing his statistics paper."

  17. Dear Rocky,

    I am not from UM either but have been there for many other reasons and am quite proud of it if only for the reasons that it has been there from the time i could remember.

    This rumour could be true. Since this kind of things will only be published for public consumption when the approval has been given and there is nothing that one could do.

    One example is the Millenium tower shopping complec + offices + apartments right in the middle of Sec.14 residential area. (one has to see to believe it) the shops are not completely open yet and i am awaiting for all hell to break loose.

    The Pj residents fought hard for nothing probably with the junior officers while the decision makers were dreaming of the things that they could do with the monies already in thier pockets.

    While Pak Lah's love affair, i was not bothered to do anything about, this is something that i believe we could do something about.

    Have you got any ideas to get the balls rolling?

  18. Anonymous10:25 am

    "BN has never been satisfied with its excellent track record. WE CONSTANTLY look for new ways to RENEW and IMPROVE." (BN Manifesto 2004)

    Or have you all forgotten?

    "Towards a Malaysia of Excellence, Glory and Distinction" (Unquote)

  19. Anonymous11:33 am

    Jolly good ideas since University Malaya's world ranking has sunk into oblivion. Moving to sepang would help speed up the process of disappearing from the radar scope.

    Well done the work of genius-guocoland.

  20. Anonymous11:41 am

    Datuk Kadir Jasin said "....the govt has the final say". But this is precisely why we are worried, Datuk!

    Yesterday the foreign minister said the report on malaysia being among the countries with the worst human trafficking problems is "one-sided". I guess only if the report is in our favour it is fair.

    He brushed aside the report saying the govt is only answerable to the electorate. I think this is our problem - relate everything to politics and votes i.e their survival. What about the public at large who for one reason or another are non-voters? Don't their opinion count?

  21. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Can you imagine Cambridge or Oxford University move to a Ulu place????? In BolehLand any thing can happen?

  22. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Mark my words, sooner or later, Parliment's marked to go too. That piece of land is too valuable to consider nationalism and patriotism.
    The BN monkeys are really reaping it in before their demise, aren't they.

  23. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Actually it was not just a rumour, it was reported in the nst. So some insiders must know what we don't. Of course with the public reaction to it we hope the project will not see light of day.

  24. My University has all been abroad but it was at the UM library that I got to do me research for my masters.

    Save UM from scrupulous Hong Leong, whose boss Quek Leng Chan whose cousin Kwek Leng Beng heads Hong Leong Sore Grp. Leng Chan was born in Spore.

  25. Anonymous5:01 pm

    MOLTEN CAKE kato:

    apo nak dikato an laie? maso dio ado pawer ni dio buek lah apo dio nak buek, jawab dapek nyonang kan kojo dio dan konyangkan poket kaum kerabat dio.
    kalau dio gadai gak lah MU tu den raso memang inilah keputusan paling bangang yang dio akan buek.
    cam manopun kito bising2 ni dio ado ko nak baco dan nak fahamkan bantahan ni? entahlah, apo nak jadi malaysia ni...mungkin iyolah hujan lebat, banjir kek badarayo kl ni adalah pembalasan allah swt pado pembangunan bangang dan perancangan bangang org bijak pandai kek ateh nun.
    Ya Rabbi selamatkanlah maruah negara ku yang tercinta.

  26. just a note for the benefit of those who does not subscribe to the NST.

    Today's Business Times edition has reported that the plan to develop and relocate UM to Sepang by Guocoland was misported.

  27. Anonymous11:32 am

    Dear bro,
    Just a brief response to drmpower- I agree that perhaps soon enough the true colours of black moses will be made apparent. What can one truly say about an individual whose main preoccupation happens to be popularity at all costs! Apa nak buat talam dua muka!

  28. Anonymous5:33 pm

    By the similarity this subject is publicized with the recent Sports Training centre project in Brickendonbury, London, you don't have to wait for the answers to your fears. The sports project also appeared as rumours at the start. Despite The DPM's assurance that it would not be proceeded with until a full study was made, all we heard next was that millions of ringgits have already been spent on it. By the bragging of the husband of our former sports queen, the project "sudah diatur" and must have started much earlier to the news' appearance in the dailies. Could he have done something like that all alone with his wife ???