Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kickdefella leaves All-Blogs

Sheih the Kickdefella. I opened his blog a while ago and learned that Sheih has decided to resign as a pro-tem committee member of the National Alliance of Bloggers over a cyberspace row over The Gremlin.
Sheih was there with Jeff Ooi and I from the start and his decision saddens me. But I am grateful to know that he will still walk with us.
See you soon, bro.


  1. Anonymous11:53 am

    It's not over yet brother.

    We will still always be with you and also walk with All-Blogs in the blogosphere.


  2. Anonymous11:57 am

    Is this another of Sheih's "wayang"???

    Same 'wayang' he dramatized how he was 'hunted' and 'harassed' by 'authorities' last last year, till Paul Yusof picked him up and brought him to Rocky.(Paul Yusof was another grim episode in Sheih'
    s bloggingism!)

    The 'wayang' about taking the Bloggers United logo down.

    Then there was this 'wayang' about doing the 'Cantona'.

    The same 'wayang' how he dramatized his migration to Kelantan.

    Then there was this over-dramatization of how he wrote to Sazmi Miah, then to PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi asking Sazmit o be sacked becoz of the Lojing case.

    The 'wayang' where he wrote an satire called "Kenapa saya menentang Rocky" and e mailed to top bloggers when these people no longer frequent/respond to his blog!

    Again one must reiterate vehemently here in Rocky's, is this another of Syed Azidi Al Bukhary's 'wayang'????

    Can anyone please enlighten the rest of us, confused?

  3. Anonymous12:00 pm

    It is indeed very sad....sheih was one of the first with loads of gung-ho fighting spirit who helped bloggers realise the need to unite.
    It's tragic that this spirit is somewhat broken or dented bcos of an old man's rantings.
    Can't we just "one ear in, One ear out" when it comes to this old man's foolish rantings? I mean we do that in real life, why can't we just tolerate this guy? I've read some of his comments and frankly they are irritating...I just bypass them. No point getting all worked up over nothing right?
    Anyway, to Sheih and the rest of the gang, KEEP THE FLAMES BURNING !!!

  4. Anonymous12:33 pm

    The ill we reap from intolerance when we could have simply closed one eye. But no, we had to whip up bad Karma, making spectator sport of villyfying those we can't tolerate, along the way, who cares if those who tolerate get hurt? Nay! They too must pay for their tolerance. You are ither with us or against us? Collateral damage? One casualty now..

  5. Anonymous12:35 pm


    sad indeed. It was a choice between SSGOh/Monsterball and you guys at All-Blogs.

    The only sense it makes to me is that there is a lot more than meets the eye between SS Goh and Sheih.


  6. Anonymous1:09 pm

    yea sheih, whatever the reasons are, maybe you felt its the right thing to do from your part but kickdefella is still enjoyable to read. no grudge against you brother. all the best.

  7. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Enough is enough Rocky! Sheih benefitted more by associating himself to you and Jeff. Wasn't it you that highlighted him gone missing? And how that made him even bigger than ever? He is a true movie man. Everything about him is so movie like.

  8. Anonymous1:27 pm

    I think Sheih the Kickdefella shouldn't resign. Diversity is important, wether AllBlog is SaPo, New Media Journalism or otherwise. This is just my opinion ... cheers for the day ... :)

  9. In my opinion that was a rash decision by Sheih. He (and the rest of you, ha ha) should have just ignore and ban monsterball@SS Goh from your blogs, and similar treatment should be given to anyone that you don't like. After all, a blog is *your* domain, your house, your castle.

    In the Usenet days, the likes of monsterballs are just trolls that are quickly and summarily dismissed by everyone.

    With blogs, you and I have more power to ignore him and his kind (the trolling kind)

  10. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Bila Sheih menyatakan “It is now clear that my relationship with Mr SS GOH has cause so much tension and this may disrupt the unity that I dream within the blogosphere.”, begitu bijak dan halus sekali cara dia memutar belitkan fakta.

    Sheih, “relationship” itu hak peribadi anda dan tiada siapa mempertikaikannya. Ini tiada kena mengena dengan “relationship”. Jangan lah berbolak balik Pak Sheih. Cukup la wayang yang telah anda sajikan kepada kita semua selama ini.

    Yang dipertikaikan selama ini ialah cara anda menangani (lebih tepat jika dikatakan tidak pernah) isu-isu berbangkit yang membabitkan Monsterball (MB). Ramai telah menyuarakan rasa kurang selesa dengan komentar2 yang telah dibuatnya, yang sering bersifat perkauman, menghina ugama dan serangan peribadi keatas para-para komentar yang lain dengan pengunaan kata-kata kesat. Semua ini terjadi diatas kegagalan anda yang bersikap begitu berat sebelah apabila tidak memperdulikan luahan mereka yang sebenarnya amat begitu perihatin dan mengambil berat dengan apa yang terjadi di blog anda.

    Tiada sesiapa pon yang meminta atau menyuruh anda memutuskan “relationship” itu. Yang mereka mahukan hanya sekadar anda “moderate” ruang komentar di blog anda supaya komen-komen yang keluar lebih bersikap bertanggung jawab.

    Kalau Pak Sheih masih keliru dalam hal sebegini, ini saya sertakan satu contoh yang pernah saya lihat cara terbaik untuk menangani orang-orang seperti MB. Pernah, apabila MB cuba menggunakan ruang komentar di blog ‘Zorro-Unmasked’ untuk memulakan serangan berbentuk peribadi ke atas saudara Shar101, begitu cepat dan berkesannya Uncle Bernard mencatas perbuatan dia. Baca sendiri petikan pada 21 March 2007 (GOOFER OF THE WEEK AWARD) ini:

    monsterball said…

    I wish shah101….the potential Malaysian Brutus can come out and champion fair and square deals for all Malaysians….and stop talking cock!!

    March 22, 2007 1:55 PM

    zorro said…

    Monsterball, I take great objection to your comment about Shar101, Of the many who visits this blog and contributes a lot of good sense and impactful observations, Shar 101 is one of them. Dreaming is a natural process, but day-dreaming is the pastime of the unfocused. Take your pick.

    March 22, 2007 4:05 PM

    zorro said…

    Monsterball, Shar101 has not commented on this posting and it is not appropriate that you use this particular posting as a vehicle to vent your anger or disagreement with him. I appeal, as owner of this blog for some propriety and professionalism. We Band of Bloggers of Bloggers United must continue to be blog responsibly and leave personal vendettas outside our blogs.Peace to all men of goodwill.

    March 22, 2007 4:16 PM

    Belajar lah dari mereka yang lebih matang, Pak Sheih. Hentikan permainan ini yang anda begitu pakar sekali. Gunakan kepakaran yang ada untuk kebaikan, bukan untuk “spinning” Kerana kini, semuanya sudah terserlah.

    Dan tak perlulah menggunakan ruangan blog anda untuk mensensasikan “resignation” sebagai ahli Protem All-Blogs. Tidak perlulah semuanya di wayangkan!

  11. Anonymous2:49 pm

    i personally do not condone the bickerings that are happening. Yet, those who are behaving like monkeys should know who they are themselves and rein in their mindless tirades against another blogger.

    i have always maintained and will continue to do so: it's not who is right but what is right.

    Let sanity and unity prevail, brothers and sisters. Have a good day.

  12. Brother, He is being honest. I salute him. Anyway, he is still with All-Blogs.

  13. Anonymous5:30 pm

    Monster blog might have extreme opinion but I don't think it is right for Simon Wee to reveal personal infomation about Monsterball. If a blog owner do not like what a commentor have to say then, they do not have to publish it. Simon Wee seem to think it ok to publish personal information about Monsterball for all to see in his Blog and calling Monsterball names. Please be responsible for what u write in your blog and have self sencorship if not maybe one day the authority would put act on blog. Be a responsible blogger or don;t blog at all.

  14. Anonymous5:45 pm

    When ignorance is bliss, its wise to be folly!

    In this episode, who is ignorant, who is wise and who goes folly?

    And ya lah, is this for real or another wayang????

  15. Dear Rocky!

    I DONT TRUST SHEIH because i think he's a spinner par excellent and sadly, after reading his explanation( in his blog, which contains not just the letter BUT also his explanaition) cum justification for leaving All-Blogs, MY SUSPICION IS FURTHER REINFORCED.

    To my mind,the way Sheih presents to his readers the conflict that has erupted between Monsterball and the scores of individuals that that Monsterball has provoked is BIASED, LOP SIDED and ultimately MISLEADING. Of course, it is done INDIRECTLY, by using the spinners standard fare of innuendos, insinuations, false metaphors and non-analogous anecdotes. In modern parlance it is called SPINNING, but old fashion folks like me, use to have another word for it-ie LYING.

    To me, by using his parents as an example, Sheih is trying to portray( or spin- to some,same difference ) that people who cant stand Monsterball are people who cant stand differing opinions- and by exposing the Monster's personal details, are willing to use underhanded tactics to settle the score. Really?Is this an accurate representation of the conflict? I want to ask is it true that people who disagree with Monster cant stand differing opinions? Or is because they cant stand his rancid OBNOXIOUSNESS and his RACIST sentiments?

    And wasnt it MONSTER WHO CHALLENGED SIMON TO SETTLE ON-BLOGG disputes, OFF-BLOGG?So, if one wants to insist on appropriating blame, if the FORMER made the challenged and the latter accepted it, who's fault is it?

    Again by using his dad as an example( and maybe also as a shield and smokescreen to allay people from the real issue- after all since his dad is no longer around, people would be circumspect to disagree with him openly due to not wanting to be construed as being disrespectful or insensitive), he further implied that old people like Monster have earn the right to express his opinions because by being old they are partly responsible for the the things we are enjoying today.Hah!!..Using a jerebu as a smokescreen!

    Yes, old people, more than other age groups, have a right to express their opinions. BUT IS THAT THE CRUX OF THE ISSUE AT HAND?


    Just because they are old, does it give them a carte blanche, to use the following words on others, which in the case of Monster, are sometimes provoked BUT most of the times not:

    4.Horny bitch or any one of its colorful connotations
    7.pussy or ask others to drink their own excrements many others to mentioned

    By using such words to people who have differing opinions, who is the one who cant stand differing opinions?

    Does being old and having contributed to society, give old people the right to make racial and religious insults with impunity or insult our parents and our beliefs and the beliefs of our forefathers and our community, directly or indirectly? In fact, though Moses, Mohamad, Jesus, Ghandi,albert Schweitzer and Einstien have contibuted more than most of us put together, i dont think even that gives them the right to brazenly disrespect others.

    Even coming from them, we shouldnt tolerate it,and neither should we tolerate it from Monster, my father or Sheih's father regardless of their age or contributions.

    To my mind, unlike my understanding of SHEIH’S POTRAYAL OF THE ISSUE, people's disdain for Monster, HAS NOTHING TO DO with their inability to stomach differing opinions.

    After all, having gone against the tide of popular opinion before on many occasions, i am living proof of it.

    In other words, people cant stand Monster NOT because he has different opinions.

    RATHER people CANNOT STAND Monster because he is exactly as his moniker describes himself- a monster- and the ocean of filth and hate that he spews out and its accompanying cluster of prejudices and profanities proves this.

    Thus, what this latest episode further illustrates is that if Monster or anyone else wants to make a strong provocation, then expect a strong retaliation. Regardless of however old u are, if u play with fire u are bound to get burned and have only yourself to be blamed for.

    In fact Sheih and others like him could have prevented this from escalating to the level that it has now, if only he had discouraged some of Monster’s worst excesses by words or deed. Instead,in my opinion, more often than not, he choose to do the opposite.

    For the record, i would further add, that it is good that sheih is leaving All-Blogs because in the final analysis , Monsterball and his ilk, can only become a vexation to others, with the TACIT SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT ,of a blog owner.This is the height of irresponsibility, and goes against the grain of what All-Blog is fighting for- responsible blogging!

    If u feel insulted by Monsterball because he had insulted you, your beliefs, your race or your religion, by using profanities or other means, pls remember that he can do so because the blog owner allows him to. They can curb, minimized or even stop such insults being thrown your way by any number of means- a mild warning, a stern reprimand to indicate they mean business, a temporary quarantine and if he or she proves to be unrepentable- a ban. Uncle Zorro’s( u don’t know me Sir, but I hope u don’t mind me refering to you as uncle) blog is a good example of how to ensure Monster doesn’t cross the line of acceptable MISBEHAVIOUR.


  16. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Just tell me how did all this start?

    First there is Bloggers United, then we have National Alliance of Bloggers (All_Blog) followed by BU 2007 (Engage & EmBrace Nite on May 19).

    Subsequently there seems to be a falling out between Susan Loone & All_Blog & she came up with P.A.B.S.

    So am I missing something?

    What's the quarrel all about?

    Is it over Monsterball or is it a proxy fight between Susan & All_Blog in which MB is being used to whack especially bro Rocky (who is All_Blog protem president), at her (Susan's) Free Speech Zone & at Sheih's Kickdefella?


  17. Rocky bro,

    sometimes i think i am a bit dumb.
    i'm sure i'm missing something here becos i really can't and don't see the connexion bt shar's posting on the troll and allblogs.
    so why has sheih resigned from allblogs?

    oh well, guess it's his prerogative.

    what a shame that he is involving allblogs in this.

    cheers, bro.

  18. Dear friends,
    I'm signing in as a kingyakin, i do NOT prepare to let you know my identity just yet, if you all decided not to allow me into your game and play ground because i do not WISH to let you guy know my real identity, please let me know first, so i can play else where, please do not RAPE me by disclosing my identity without my consent.

    Thank you very much.

  19. Anonymous7:45 pm

    patah tumbuh hilang berganti,,

    alam barzahk menanti


  20. Listen up motherfuckers!

    What you guys need that you all did not have during your childhood is love and attention! Yes! You guys need to get laid, so stop being a pathetic lot and grow up! I am beginning to sound like that Malay Male!!!! Stop it you motherfuckers and get a real life! Stop dreaming ask somebody to give you all a blow jobs! Sheesh! Fuck this monster ball, if I am Rocky (who is also a wayang expert BTW) just ignore this motherfucking bald and pot bellied monsterball, allright!

  21. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    In my opinion, all of you bloggers who attended the first all blog gathering has got a common cause and responsibility (thats why all kind of bloggers gather that night. Hope not for the free drinks and food). And those elected to the protem comm have bigger responsibility towards that cause and to those who have elected you.

    I do believe personal relationship and conduct should not be mixed with the association. Is a personal relationship with one person more important than a responsibility given by so many?

    Give it a thought.

  22. Well said Mat Rempit Hubris,Carthage. I couldn't have done it better. I have a blog coming justifying what I did as many have condemned me for the unethical approach to deal with an old man. Reading is a art as well as a skill and it would appear also many other bloggers lack that. Footnotes must be read as well to get a complete picture. rgds Simon Wee

  23. rocky,

    unfortunate that our brother sheih decided to quit All-Blogs.
    I, however, respect his decision.

    Thank you

  24. first failure eh bro?...first failure to unite all the bloggers eh?..herm...

  25. Anonymous10:49 pm

    it is perfect timing to make an exit. it is only appropriate for shieh to leave.

    he has embarked on a new venture and it is indeed wise that he make it clean now rather than when a conflict of interest arises sometime in the future.

    his current postings said it all. although i sense he has an "agenda" still what he presented was facts.

  26. Anonymous10:54 pm

    At last, someone came along and kick-this-fella

  27. Anonymous11:53 pm

    tidak ramai yang disini menganjurkan suatu persefahaman antara bloggers, menjernihkan suasana yang keroh malahan banyak pula yang membuka pekong, mencalit dengan cerita lama, membongkar segala yang terpendam, sedeh,..sedeh yang amat sangat, yang kawan suatu ketika berubah menjadi pengkritik agong atas nama free of speech tanpa mempedulikan perasaan, kawankah itu? Mengapa? Marah orang lain orang lain yang jadi mangsa. Inikah budi, inikah pekerti, inikah adab? Bersihkanlah hati, bukalah minda jangan diikut perasaan, bertenang dan anggaplah ini suatu perjalanan yang berduri, lupakan sengketa agar tiada siapa menjadi mangsa. Semua blogger owner harus bersatu, manakala pelawat hormatilah rumah orang bak kata RPK pelawat tidak mempunyai hak tetapi hanyalah keistimewaan sebagai pelawat. Bro Rocky pls talk to Sheih to change his mind about quiting. All of you at NAB are GREAT & SPECIAL

  28. There are many paths that leads to Rome, ..Sheih is just taking a different one.
    We have our goals and objectives, which most bloggers support.
    We have taken another positive step yesterday, and we have many more hills to climb.
    Save your energy, best not get distracted by these sideshow.

  29. Fellow Bloggers, let Sheih go in peace. He has a job to do. Wish him well. Sheih, for the good times, though brief.

  30. I don't wanna friend you ... childish...childish.. wanna see real man visit :

  31. Anonymous10:25 am

    Sheih--good luck to you. Pretty sure many of us have no malice against you.

    However---for you to pick that wet fart as the reason for this ----i don't understand. Don't fall for his 'father' / 'son' approach with you. I wouldnt want a 'father' who uses foul language the way he does. I would be ashamed, embarassed and failing in my duty as decent human being to give such foul-mouthed monsters any respect. He doesn't act his age. Like a Malay old-saying, he has one foot in the grave and still hasn't learn the grace of life. It would certainly help if all blog-site owners simply black-list him.
    Let him go on the rampage in his usual site. (He's already running out of blog-site to got to. ) Soon he'll be out of breath as well. There are people who will leave this world unrepentant.

    Again, Sheih---he is not worth it !!!

  32. Anonymous10:36 am

    For bro rocky & rakan-rakan sepejuang:

    by Sidney Russell and Robert Scott, (C)1977 Harrison Music Corp., Jenny Music (ASCAP)

    The road is long
    With many a winding turn
    That leads us to who knows where
    Who knows where
    But I'm strong
    Strong enough to carry him
    He ain't heavy, he's my brother

    So on we go
    His welfare is my concern
    No burden is he to bear
    We'll get there
    For I know
    He would not encumber me
    He ain't heavy, he's my brother

    If I'm laden at all
    I'm laden with sadness
    That everyone's heart
    Isn't filled with gladness
    And love for one another

    It's a long, long road
    From which there is no return
    While we're on the way to there
    Why not share
    And the load doesn't weigh me down at all
    He ain't heavy, he's my brother

    He's my brother
    He ain't heavy, He's my brother

  33. Do you guys realised that some of you have been attacking Sheih since before he resigned as pro-tem committee member of All Blogs? All this criticisms is because of his association with Monsterball? As zorrow said, let Sheih go in peace.

  34. Anonymous11:50 am

    Ditto what Anonymous (10.25am) said...

    "Again, Sheih---he is not worth it !!! "

  35. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Looks like a lesson learnt.

    Please don't play games with no rules and standards in place.

  36. Anonymous2:48 pm


    `` Don't fall for his 'father' / 'son' approach with you.''

    pertanyaan untuk sheih:

    bapa jenis apakah (monsterball) kalau di mulutnya tak lekang mencarut, memaki hamun, menghina kaum lain, menghina agama lain?

    sheih, kalaupun nak cari `bapa, carilah yang boleh mendidik kita dengan `ilmu' yang baik.

    maki hamun, mencarut, menghina kaum dan agama lain bukan `ilmu' yang baik sheih!!!!

  37. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Uncle Rocky, allow me to copy-paste a comment found at O.B.E, by Akademi Monstersia, who had a first-hand experience dealing with Sheih, which I thought can shed some more light into understanding who Sheih really is. And this "father & son" I've been reading about, I can't help wondering how wonderful a "son" Sheih would be if only Uncle Bernard of Zorro-Unmasked being his "father" figure. Guys, just take a look here (despite Sheih's "father" been very nasty with his remarks with regards to Zorro elsewhere), Uncle Bernard still have kind words for Sheih. That to me, makes Uncle Bernard many times a very good father figure for anyone who is need of a father to look up to. Makes me feel like wanting to adopt him as my dad too.

    June 15th, 2007 at 3:17 am
    Akademi Monstersia

    Hello Shar,
    If Sheih wants to leave All-Blogs, its NO LOSS, but actually a NET GAIN.

    You are losing some one who doesnt understand the meaning of collective RESPONSIBILITY, FAIRNESS or HONESTY- prerequisite ingredients for any organizational position.

    In fact I would say he is a DOWNRIGHT LIAR!

    YOU SEE, I AM SAYING THIS NOT FROM SECOND HAND OPINION, or thru surfing the blogs, which is implicating enuf.

    I AM SAYING THIS FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE- i was a victim of Sheih’s malicious lies.I felt his vindictiveness up close and personal

    From January to early March, i was a regular at Sheih’s.

    i left many comments on Shieh’s and of course, i did come across Monsterball and on many occasions, cross swords with him.No suprises there- after all no self respecting person wouldnt.

    BUT however much i disagree with Monty’s racism and stupidity, never once did i ask Sheih to ban him.
    However much i disagreed with Sheih giving Monty special privileges, i never once voiced out my disagreement.Nope, no siree. As far as i was concerned, though Sheih was practising double standards and blatant cronism, it was his blog.

    So with regards to Monty, I kept my silence.Monty was just not worth it.

    Monty after all was a loser, a stupid one at that, who had three chances at marriage and couldnt even get one right.Additionally, all his life, Monty has been living with a face soo ugly only a mother could love.

    Just imagine this- He has been living on this corporeal plane for close to seven decades and NOT EVEN ONCE HAS HE MET A MIRROR THAT LIKED HIM! Trust me folks ,if u look like him, 68 years is a very, very long time

    So, I was sympathetic to his frustrations- even the Elephant Man was!

    BUT when Sheih’s postings began flip flopping on his reasons for supporting Rocky and Jeff, i coudnt keep silent no more.

    And when he began fibbing on his reason for starting Bloggers united, a initiative that i believe in very strongly, every ounce of moral fiber in my body demanded that i speak up.

    Thus on March 3rd, 2007, in Shieh’s posting titled “Sheih 101:Introduction to the Crazyfella”, i did just that.

    I replied and spoke my mind.
    And SUFFERED THE CONSEQUENCES for crossing the path of Syed Azidi.
    I wont bore u guys with the details of my criticism of the said posting- u can read for yourself and make up your own mind.To me whether i was right or wrong is NOT RELEVANT to my earlier claim that sheih is dishonest.

    What is relevant though is his reply to my criticism.

    Sheih DID NOT CHOOSE to rebut my arguments.
    Sheih DID NOT CHOOSE to answer the issues that i raised.
    Sheih DID NOT CHOOSE to ignore me either.

    Instead Sheih CHOOSE TO LIE ABOUT ME…or rather about my identity.
    He said i was using the same IP address as several other commentators- one by the name of Yusuf, a person whom he was having a feud with, and another as Firewall.He implied that i was whoring about giving comments as 3 different persons.

    This of course made me lose all credibility. My message no longer became the issue.Instead it was my character.

    It implied that i had a dubious character, that i was willing to give the false impression that whatever i wrote had support from other commentators, when in reality all those other people were me.It implied that i was dishonest and a liar.

    And ofcourse, the other commentators no longer focused on my message but rather channel all their energies in vilifying me as a liar.The vilification and scores of insults that i received were of course led by Monsterball.

    And u know cruel he can be when he throws his insults.

    In the case of Yusuf , whom( saya tak kenal dia ketika itu) later i found out was responsible in alerting Rocky and the blogger fraternity when Sheih went AWOL, the attacks went personal.Priviledge personal info that Yusuf confided in sheih was used to run Yusuf down by Monty.

    IF PEOPLE FIND SIMON WEE’s treatment of Monty distastefull this was worse- Yusuf never challenged anyone to bring on blog disputes into the real world.N never once did he resort to profanities or was belligerent in any way.

    And in my attempts to set the record straight, I discovered that it was deliberately orchestrated by Sheih.To me it was the logic of the situation.

    You see, i COULD NOT set the record staight.

    I COULD NOT tell them that I wasnt yusuf or firewall.

    I COULD NOT because Sheih DID NOT ALLOW IT.


    He DID NOT WANT ME to set the record straight.I even offered to meet up in person to show i was not yusuf, BUT it was IGNORED!

    In other words, for all intent and purposes, he wanted people to make all those cruel insults- my silence would be taken as admission of guilt!It will also expose him as a liar!

    U can even say, by using Monty as a proxy, it will also means that all the cruel personal insults and expose hurled my way and Yusuf’s by monty, was Shayh’s!

    Itu teknik Shayh yang patut di copyrightkan- How to insult people by proxy!

    SATU PERBUATAN YANG TAKDA MARUAH, KURANG AJAR DAN TAK ADIL!Keturunan nabi tapi darah yang mengalir adalah darah penipu!

    Of course, i wouldnt be surprise that if he reads this, he may actually edit or delete the page( Introduction to the Crazyfella) retrospectively to get rid of the evidence!Or he may insert new comments under my name to cast aspersions on my charecter…it wouldnt be beyond him.

    Infact he did just that with some of my attempts to set the record straight- some of my explanations he banned and some of my comment which will make me look bad, and make him look good, he later let’s thru!When that posting is no longer attracting traffic he will even allow more of my spam comments to filter thru

    He defends Monty under the name of free speech BUT HE HAS NO QUALMS IN DENYING ME my right of reply to let other’s know that he was lying!HE HAS NO QUALMS IN DENYING ME MY FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

    A person who is this dishonest and slippery, is dangerous Shar !It is better he leaves All-Blogs, this musang berbulu ayam.The position that he holds in All Blogs was a position of trust and that is the last thing anybody should entrust him with.

    To forearm is to be forewarned. Be wary of this guy folks- trust him at your own peril.

    PS- I have a lot more to say especially about his resignition letter, but enuf for now.

  38. Anonymous1:47 am

    Dear MRH,

    (I'm so delighted to see you posting, that I decided to chip in too.)

    You caught the whole sorry ballgame in a nutshell! :D


    Dear Rocky, Jeff, the Protem Committee & AllBlogs members and supporters,

    Only the most artless and, of course the most artful, equate differences of opinion over inconsequentials with disunity.

    And this resignation, where even the reason cited does not square with the real picture, is just so much histrionics.

  39. Anonymous4:18 pm

    i'm glad this guy decided to stop blogging. his english is scandalous! to think that he used to teach!

    ask him to do what he does best - dream up those posters ! he gets his messages across better that way.

  40. Mekyam!

    Ah, you must be a linguistic sorcerer who beguiles her audience with the aplomb of a true master

    Reading aloud your Delphic pronouncements is like receiving mana from heaven, an auditory elixir that soothes my threadbare soul.

    I would say its very educating too, but, i need to equip myself with a dictionary or three, to justifiably say that.

    Alas, even in this modern age, that is the price that one must pay to glean the wisdom of an oracle.

    But, in your case, no price is too high- oracles after all are becoming an endangered specie:)

  41. It's so funny to see the so-called Blogger's Alliance so disunited and easily splintered because of a few trolls. Now imagine what will happen if the power-that-be really wanted to wreck havoc with the blogger's. It so simple really because many of you guys have egos as big as Samy Vellu and easily get involved in trolling, bashing, cyberwar, worked up, take things so seriously etc. In fact I've many ideas on how to get you guys worked up and if I could think of it surely the 4th floor could too.

    What a useless waste of time. Lighten up, every day brings you one step closer to death so why waste your time on pettiness? Agree to disagree and leave it at that.

  42. Anonymous11:55 pm

    i believe All-Blogs is not in tatters over this storm in a teacup. you will need king-size tornadoes to shake its foundations.

    i see the issue over the troll Monsterball as a process where bloggers are ironing creases on this white cloth called All-Blogs. it's crispier and nicer now.

    sheih's resignation is a mystery, though. perhaps - and i'm only guessing here - he wanted a window to jump out and saw the banishment of the troll as an opportunity to call it quits.

    we must remember he has a job to do. even his blog is now all about husam (in the posting) and monsterball (in the comment section).

    don't get yourself worked up by his absence from All-Blogs.

  43. Anonymous12:32 am

    I just say good riddance to sheih if he wants to leave All-blogs.

    As someone here says it's no LOSS but net GAIN.

    There's nothing much in his blog any more: it's all about Husam & the comments section filled with the rantings, as usual, of monsterball.