Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sufi's latest letter to Kali, unpublished

A day after I posted Kalimullah admits "it was incorrect" Sufi, Dr Mahathir's aide, sent this letter to the author of the farcical June 11 (2006) article seeking a clarification. It looks like the letter will not see print in the NST so I am reproducing it in full here. - Rocky's Bru, June 16, 2007.

Ybhg Datuk Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan

Deputy Chairman,

New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad
Balai Berita
31, Jalan Riong
59100 Kuala Lumpur

June 12, 2007

Dear Sir,

Re: Kalimullah admits "It was incorrect"

I refer to the above item that appeared in the blogsite dated June 11, 2007 and I quote;

Kalimullah's June 11 legacy. Extracted, from court documents filed recently by Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan in his on-going suit against lawyer-author Matthias Chang:

"It was incorrect as I subsequently found out. And this issue was subsequently clarified in the New Straits Times."

The NSTP former Group Editor-in-Chief and now Deputy Chairman/Editorial Adviser made this admission in response to an Interrogatory filed by the Defendant asking Kalimullah whether what he wrote in the June 11, 2006 article in the Sunday Times about the meeting between the Prime Minister and Dr Mahathir in Japan was correct.

[Please read the "incorrect" article, Sunday Column: And who, really, is demonising whom?]

2. As I clearly recall, when the New Sunday Times (June 11, 2006) published the Sunday Column: And who, really is demonising whom?, authored by yourself, I had then written a letter to point out and clarify certain factual errors.

3. The paragraphs in the original article that became a point of contention to me were;

"The Prime Minister was in Japan shortly after the Malaysiakini article appeared and was told that Dr Mahathir wanted to come and see him.

Abdullah, in the midst of breakfast with aides and officials, immediately put on his tie and told the ambassador that he would go and see his ex-boss rather than let Dr Mahathir come down and see him.

Yet, less than two weeks later, Dr Mahathir invited the foreign Press to his office and lambasted Abdullah and his administration."

I had then pointed out that;

  • Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad did not seek an appointment with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi while both leaders were in Tokyo attending the Nikkei Conference.
  • Dr Mahathir did not invite the foreign Press to, in the your words, "lambast Abdullah and his administration". The Press conference on June 7 was called to announce the Perdana Leadership Foundation's Global Peace Forum to be held from June 20-22.

4. The following day the New Straits Times published my letter although it did not apologise to Dr Mahathir. Instead, there was a footnote at the end of the letter which read:

(We have received many letters in support of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Because they express similar sentiments to the correspondence already published, we have decided to bring this subject to a close. — Editor)

5. Subsequently, Prime Minister Yang Amat Berhormat Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, referring to the meeting with Dr Mahathir in Tokyo on May 26, 2006 was quoted by the New Straits Times (July 20, 2006) as follows;

"I did not ask him to come and see me. I went to meet him. As a gesture of friendship, just to exchange greetings," he said.

6. Following the PM's remarks, I again wrote to the NST pointing out that since the PM had given his version, it had then been proven beyond doubt that the unqualified and misleading statements contained and written by you and published in the Sunday Column (June 11, 2006) can only be read as intending to cast aspersion on Dr Mahathir. I had also said that given this development an unreserved apology was due to Dr Mahathir. Unfortunately, the NST found it convenient not to publish the letter, nor was an apology ever privately or publicly offered to Dr Mahathir.
7. Given the latest development as published in rockybru, I seek clarification to the statement
"And this issue was subsequently clarified in the New Straits Times."

8. I stand corrected. I do not remember having read anywhere in the NST or in the New Sunday Times of any clarification with regard to this issue. Unless of course my letter and the PM's statement is regarded as "clarification".

9. What I would understand as clarification is that if you, Datuk, as the writer and author of the original article had retracted your statement and offered an apology to Dr Mahathir for the misrepresentation of facts in a subsequent publication of the Sunday Column.

10. That I would understand and accept as clarification as I would be somewhat assured that your readers, not necessarily readers of the NST, would then be "informed" that what they had read in your column on June 11, 2006 was indeed a misrepresentation of the facts, and not true.

11. Unless and until that appears in the Sunday Column I do not consider the issue as "clarified".

Before I end, let me quote you a paragraph from the Sunday Column: Rumour and the Ugly Malaysian, that you had written dated Aug 7, 2005;

"This is a country of rumours. This is a country that has a large share of people ready to believe in anything, and this is a country where there is a larger proportion than norm of people who take delight in spreading vile rumours and slander ."


Sufi Yusoff

Office of YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad



  1. Oh! Face!

    It's hard work making you look bad.

    Don't be bringin' that weak shit in here. This is MY house! Booya!


  2. Anonymous8:05 am





  3. Apa yg diketahui Kali sudah melakukan penipuan. satu dunia sudah tahu. apabila mathews menyamannya, ia tersepit. takkan dalam satu masa yg melibatkan mahkamah, dia akan bercakap dlm dua versi. mahkamah bukannya NST group. kita mahukan sangat agar mulut dia menelorkan perkataan 'maaf'. dia beritahu orang, anak dan isterinya diajar dan tahu mohon maaf. takkan dgn keluarganya dan kpd tun, dia sendiri tidak mengajar dirinya memohon maaf. inilah masanya masyarakat ajar dia bagaimana utk memohon maaf.

  4. Anonymous9:42 am

    C'mon Kali, get on with it. Do the right & manly thing - apologise! It's a burden to you, all that stress/guilt of demonising Dr M, so much so it is crippling your neck/spine. Don't you worry looking like DSAI or a semblance of that once, great Malaysian hype? I guarantee you that if you let your true conscience take over and not your greed and loyalty to SIL, your ailment will be alleviated overnight, your neck brace will be gone and you will almost certainly appear more handsome. Of course, by making that burdapologising you'd be embraced by the opposition but trashed as a betraying pariah by SIL and his ilk. But then, conscience is such a precious soul. And so is your health.

  5. Anonymous10:52 am

    Maybe to Mr Kali, apologizing to Dr Mahathir is like losing his manhood. (has he ever has any before?)

    but the truth is, he screwed up and screw people apologise.

    next time, watch out your words coming out your mouth. or u may lose your manhood.

    like mr kali is now.

  6. Yep Mr Kali, you have to apologize or face the consequences. No two ways about it.

  7. Anonymous11:51 am


    what can I say?

    Liar liar, your pants on fire.

    and everybody knows it, bro.

  8. Anonymous11:53 am


    just apologise and be done with it.

  9. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Riong Kali thrives on deception and dramatization of events and his "perception" of what actually transpired.

    Its NOT his fault he is like that. Blame the person who vehemently 'defended' Riong Kali to stay on there, where else everybody in town telling him Riong Kali shouldn't be there in the FIRST PLACE!

    Everyone knew the story how Special Branch "advised" then DPM Ghaffar Baba who Riong Kali was when Ghaffar tried to bring Riong Kali as his Press Secretary some 20 years ago.

    So is that idiot up there's fault! "Dia kawan saya", is the excuse the idiot keeps telling people who begged him to remove Riong Kali.

  10. Brother, what can we expect from a man who is afraid to accept and face reality. He should look back, way back to the Pengkalan Hulu days, the days of trading in shirts and jeans across the Thai border at Betong and then to the days when as a young boy, he followed the India-based Jamaah Tabligh movement. Now, he is totally a different man. So, what can we expect from him, to admit his mistake and say sorry? No way!

  11. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Kali apologise?

    Not in a 100 years!

  12. Anonymous3:00 pm

    You're no good, Kali. Where's your dignity man... ^*%$*&*?@ coward!!! Don't be hiding behind asses...

  13. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Kali be a man and apologise to Dr.M

  14. Anonymous10:05 pm

    looks like kali has to amend the contents of the suit again. how can rocky/jeff be lying and slandering him on the "tokyogate" when he has now admitted that he is incorrect.
    whats next from kali except for apologising to Tun. Btw, I am not a fan of Tun but hey what is rite is always rite.

  15. Anonymous7:57 am

    After every prayer, I pray for peace, justice and retribution to those who deserve it. May all this happen in our lifetime. Amen.

  16. You see...

    Kali knows how to say the country is full of rumours.

    So, who is creating a rumour now?

    So, who is the one who likes to talk of others but do not reflect on himself?

    So, who is the liar and the unethical?