Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cabinet's 3 steps to beat JB's crime

More cops, more cars, more hqs. The Cabinet approved today 3 immediate measures in response to reports of growing crime in JB:
1. Lease shoplots to establish three new district police headquarters [in JB Timur, Nusa Jaya, and Kulai] as soon as possible;
2. Deploy 400 more cops; and
3. Send 200 more patrol cars to the city
In case you are wondering, Nusa Jaya is Johor's new administrative capital, the nerve centre of the Iskandar Development Region. I am not certain of the crime rate in that place or if the measures are sufficient or if the situation in JB is as bad as reported.
But a blogger, in his posting earlier, advised Singaporeans to stay away from the IDR in view of the recent crime spree in JB. The IDR is meant primarily to atract Singapore investors.

Read Big Dog's Singaporeans, better stay away! and the Bernama's piece here on the Cabinet's move.


  1. Anonymous10:48 pm

    That's great!

    But on top of that, what the Police Force really need is the integration of C4I (No, not the "plastic explosives"! Its the command, control, communications, computer& intelligence) into a physical unit. to combat crimes, which is getting sophisticated and complex.

    Now that is something worthwhile.

  2. Anonymous12:12 am

    Didn't you recently blogged as follows:

    "I mean, why bring back the Clob issue, for heaven's sake? And why touch on Johor's crime rate again? Is Singapore a crime-free country? Singaporeans don't commit crime in Johor?"

    Looked like everyone knows Johor is just unsafe except for a few.

  3. Sdr Rocky Bru,

    Masalahnya bukan JB sahaja dilanda jenayah. Kuala Lumpur apa kurannya? Putrajaya pun sudah mula merasainya. Seluruh negara kini diancam jenayah.

    Perdana Menteri sendiri mengesahkan hal ini dalam jawapan bertulisnya kepada Parlimen pada 24 April lalu.

    Beliau memberitahu bahawa sebanyak 198,622 kes jenayah dilaporkan di seluruh negara tahun lalu. Ini berupa peningkatan sebanyak 41,163 kes atau 20.7 peratus.

    Hal ini dinyatakannya ketika memberi jawapan bertulis kepada soalan wakil Barisan Nasional Kapit, Nanta Linggi.

    Beliau berkata jenayah paling banyak dilaporkan adalah curi motosikal (64,858 kes), kecurian lain (37,128) dan pecah rumah pada waktu malam (19,060).

    Tiga jenis jenayah itu adalah yang paling banyak dilaporkan sejak tahun 2002.

    Pada pendapat saya, antara punca peningkatan jenayah adalah penjagaan keselamatan yang tidak berkesan, pengangguran yang meningkat, kenaikan kos sara hidup dan kemiskinan, penagihan dadah, kemasukan penjenayah asing dan sikap sambil lewa orang ramai.

    I am afraid our quality of life has suffered as a result.

    If the police is increasing its patrol in JB, what about other crime-ridden areas around the country?

    Takkan kita nak jaga keselamatan orang JB atau rakyat Singapura yang melawat JB sahaja?

    I sometimes wonder why so many police cars are parked at police stations instead of being on the road patrolling.

    Takut-takut tak cukup minyak dan pemandu terlatih atau kedua-duanya sekali.

    Thank you.

  4. Anonymous12:31 am

    But bigdogdotcom I heard that a Melayu-mamak Tan Sri from Penang had been given a billion-ringgit contract to do just that. No open bidding. Only kawan-kawan kira.

  5. Anonymous12:34 am

    its not just the infrastructure and hardware or the numbers alone. Quality and usage of the resources are equally important.
    To give you an example. Ia am not mause evrtytime when I see a troop of traffic police in Bukit Kiara going after "speedsters" there. For goodness sake, its a 6 lane carriageway with 80km speed limit and they time you at a strategic spot (ie as your car comes down fom the slope). Even if you argue that rules are rules, do you need a troop of traffic policemen there. Can these resources not be deploy elsewhere for other more important duties such as crime prevention. your take IGP.

  6. 90k workforce, only 8k are field cops, 4k are SB. Big Dog, the 'C4' won't work if the 'mentality' doesn't change. IPCMC is the only way to keep them in check, probably cost way less too.

  7. Anonymous7:44 am

    bigdogdotcom remarks has this wording "really need" and similar in line to AAB "should have" or Samy's "if". This is Bolehland.

  8. I am not really sure if this is sufficient. I would put intelligence gathering, a reliable data of fingerprints/DNA, police going about incognito and the attitude of police personnel as being more important steps to combat crime and criminals.
    Anyway lets wait and see.

  9. Anonymous9:10 am

    Hi Rocky, this is great. Certainly positive steps are being taken to address the problem.

    But feel other areas such as Bukit Mertajam, Puchong, Klang and Cheras have more violent and serious crimes.

    Why does everybody harp on JB?

    How much can the police do?

    Residents - please wake up and form RT, vigilante groups. Liaise with police and Unity Depts on this.

    Then u see how things improve. Dont keep on putting blame on police.

  10. Crime waves in Johore
    Lack of supervision
    Lack of coordination
    Lack of public support
    In the end what one sees?

    Crime lords rule the day
    Let the runners ruin the state
    Police always play safe
    Don’t disturb the sleeping giant

    When the Johore people staged protests
    When the people expressed their fears
    When the eyes started to observe
    When the minds started to raise issues
    The Cabinet decides to boost the force
    Directed to lease/rent buildings for police stations
    Give extra police personnel to combat crimes
    Give enough money to fight the demons on the loose
    In one voice the government hopes it will make a difference

    This is a tragedy
    No proactive methods in place
    It is just giving the shot
    And wish everything turns out fine

    Planning for state developments
    There must be police beat in place
    When the crooks smell the sweet honey
    They come in droves to make a pile
    And the government doesn’t take it seriously
    Until it is now speeding out of control

    What happen to Rela members?
    They want to play policing the state
    Why not now use these people?
    Crack the whips make a face
    In the end Rela will get its shine
    Combating crimes

    Crime waves hit the streets
    Take the lead don’t waste time
    Don’t say lack of manpower
    Don’t say lack of time
    Crimes won’t wait for you
    It comes unexpectedly all the time

  11. Anonymous9:57 am

    all this for Singaporeans!!! What about us Malaysians in KL, Penang etc who have to deal with crime. WE are not human? Or our life is less valuable compared to Singaporeans?

    This cabinet has got their priorities wrong, they want to make Pak Lah program work for Singaporeans while we Malaysians can suffer from all the crime. BTW Selangir has higher crime rate than Johor. Semuanya OK!!!! Piiiilah!!!

  12. Anonymous10:16 am

    I can understand siting a police station in Nusajaya if the reason is because it is far way in no man's land and is in the heart of IDR. Staying nearby, I doubt that the reason for a police station there has anything to do with high crime rates there. It is again dubious decision making to benefit vested interest i.e. hoping to help the carpet baggers to sell their land in Nusajaya by hoping to convince the potential Singapore investors that their security is well protected by a police presence there.

    It is disgusting that even in the face of so much public anger at the failure of the police to combat the rise of violent crimes in JB, that a supposedly remedial action could be manipulated and twisted for self interest. I am all for promoting IDR but at this juncture with scarce resources, surely the security and welfare of the citizens of Malaysia must first be taken care of before we prostitute our naked greed for foreign money by prioritising their needs? Furthermore, few Singaporeans visit the half developed Nusajaya anyway. More likely you find them in Taman Sentosa, Johor Jaya and Taman Pelangi areas. That's where they will be robbed, not Nusajaya.

    You are only fooling yourselves.

  13. Anonymous10:35 am

    It is not just adding numbers that the issues will be solved. In fact the more you add, if not properly managed, the more problems you will have. It is a classic management fact that in any organization, 80% of the problems are created by poor management or the management themselves. Adding more police cars for example is pointless if the policemen are sleeping in their air cond cars under the trees in a remote area. The senior police management should have a tracking system to monitor the movements of their vehicles and ask the policemen to explain if they are stationary for more than say, 30mins without radioing in on why they have stopped. The top brass should drive around those areas in the vicinity of Taman Sutera Utama next to Taman Tun Aminah. You are likely to find patrol cars parked under the trees in those areas under construction and the policemen are sleeping in their cars.

  14. Anonymous10:37 am

    Great news, finally something is moving unlike the rhethorics of the past few weeks.

    I have actually opened a Laundry and Dry Cleaning center at Nusa Jaya(WPI) for about a year now and I did it with my own resources i.e no NEP required here. Really, I don't know about the high crime rate hu, ha in JB but my business here is doing OK, no crimes around this area to even small talk about with my multi ethnic Malaysian customers.

    Anyway the additional police initiative would be a boon to the business and rakyat in JB here. Perhaps more people will migrate to JB from other states and OK lah, Singapore also, to set up business and that will get the WPI going somewhat. Thank You Najib.

  15. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Thia is like slapping a band aid on a wound of a diabetic patient. JB residents are angry not only with the high crime rates but the tidapathy attitude of the police manning the frontlines.

    During the dialogue with the police at the Wisma Tiong Hua, the police sent to speak was not proffesionally trained and pressed all the wrong buttons with the crowd. Not only did he did not stand up while giving his speech, he also sneered at the crowd with his comment that he did not came from a rich background unlike the businessmen in the hall. He went on to infuriate the crowd by saying he joined the police force just to cari makan. Although we think he did not meant it that way, his lack of profiency in mandarin talking to the chinese crowd did affect the police image.

    The police department should train PR savvy personnel for this type of fire fighting business. The people just want more transparency in the crime fighting business. They must be able to answer for the actions taken or not taken.

    In the end, it is also up to us, the public to voice out either sonicly or by the stroke of the pen, to make the changes.

  16. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Please, please my friends do not discourage our Pembesar2 too much about this their action to curb the so called crime wave in JB, granted there are problems every where else but too much criticism may make this Government make another Uturn decision. Give us a break lah, we JB folks are just getting over the trauma of the last U turn decision you know.

    I note that some friends out there are making it as if our men in blue are not doing their job as they should. Well I beg to differ, I believe a big majority are honest dedicated civil servants who sacrifice their time away from their families to make our life more safe and for that we the rakyat should be thankful and should encourage them rather than endlessly criticising the police force.

  17. Anonymous4:22 pm

    perumpamaan Melayu :

    Anak dirumah kelaparan, berok di hutan disusukan.

  18. The Israelis sent agent provocateur acrossa the border to Gaza and the West Bank disguised as Hamas or Arabs to cause mayhem, and in Johore the same tactic is employed!

  19. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Another knee jerk reaction that might just end up as a flip-flop.

  20. Anonymous7:56 pm

    Your comments are a bit far fetched there saudara Rusdi, are you suggesting that our not so friendly neighbour are sending in gangs of bad hats(agent provacateur) to spread the so called crime wave in JB. I am not a Singapore apologist but no I don't think they would be dumb enough to do that. Old man Lee is too smart for that. Singapore can only thrive in the long run when their neighbors are stable security and economy wise. Theirs is as a reputed blogger pointed out is a nation with limited trading services to offer and I must add that their very existence depend on a stable and secure environment.

    Anyway I just love what our Minister Nazri said in Parliament while verbal jousting with Kit Siang recently about corruption in Malaysia as compared to neigboring countries quote"“Singapore is not a real country, it is a small island. Singapore’s population is just three to four million and there are no opportunities for corruption, unlike in our country"unquote.Thanks Nazri, you and Najib made my day today.

  21. Anonymous10:59 pm

    """No such thing as high crime rate in JB. All Singapore/Chinese paper/DAP propaganda. What? Star paper this morning report 2 more rape case in JB? The Star must also be a Singapore mouthpiece! I also hear Singapore send their own 007 & CIA to steal handbag.

    These JB-ians only think crime is high. I don't care about their grandfather-grandmother story about getting mugged & their flat broken into... I don't see any crime from the lofty perch of my luxury condo. Also why are these plebians so stingy to fork out RM70/month to hire security guard? Don't they know my golf kaki is paying RM120 at his gated community?

    Let them eat cake!



  22. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Maybe have another badge beside the one “Saya tidak Rasua”? for example the new badge can be “Saya tidak Malas”?

  23. Anonymous11:21 pm

    RM 6 million budget to rent a few shophouses is not bad, issit?

    Told you we are a rich nation!

  24. Public confidence is a critical ingredient for any government department like the police to function well.

    And the perception of a higher crime wave in JB has definitely deterred some Singaporeans from coming over, thereby affecting the local economy.

    People in KL just do not realise how important the mighty S$ is for the local businessmen. I worked in KL from 1971 to 1988 and during those years Singapore was never part of the reading.

    The government needs to do more than simply throw more money at the problem.

  25. Anonymous12:40 am

    Bro, you hit it on the spot with your reply " rocky said...

    all this for Singaporeans!!! What about us Malaysians in KL, Penang etc who have to deal with crime. WE are not human? Or our life is less valuable compared to Singaporeans?"

    The government does almost every thing in Malaysia for foreigners. If its not for Singaporeans as in this case, then, its for the foreign tourist. Never mind the people, they deserve only crumbs!
    Wake up Malaysians!

    As for the extra police force, if that's not enough, then bring in the army, air force and navy (all the way to Segamat!).

    If that is still not enough, bring in the Singporean armed forces. After all, it is the lives of their citizens that's threatened. And perhaps, while they're there, why don't they lay sovereignity as well. (Harap jari ni tak masin le).

  26. anon 12.40am,

    like you, i quite agree with this rocky. but you must know that rocky isn't me. this rocky is a commenter who was around in blogosphere before i started blogger.

    i use Ahirudin Attan when responding to comments here and when i post in other bloggers' comment section.

    thank you.

  27. Anonymous1:48 pm

    "If the police is increasing its patrol in JB, what about other crime-ridden areas around the country?"

    Tuan, kalau takde pihak berkuasa meronda / mengawal keselamatan di ' other crime-ridden areas ' might as well hand it over to someone / group to do the job. Hand over the power to them, i am sure there many qualified pesonnel for the job!

  28. Anonymous5:17 am

    I am a visiting muslim woman from dubai....i experience crime in Johor where i was assaulted and robbed...if not for some Chinese ladies who happened to come to my aid...I would probably be raped or murdered. The attackers are definitely Indo/Malaysian of muslim. I am ashamed of calling them my muslim brothers when they do these things...i will never come back....Iwill warn all I know about the crime infected place JOHOR.