Monday, June 04, 2007

The Bahasa Melayu is dead! Long Live Bahasa Melayu!

It's Bahasa Malaysia (again). The operative word is "again". How many times, from Tun Razak's days, have we changed our reference to the national language from Bahasa Melayu to Bahasa Malaysia and back to Bahasa Melayu? I think we even settled for neither and briefly called it "Bahasa Kebangsaan" during the 70s.
What's our problem, really? And Screenshots has a point, why are we doing it so quietly that only The Star and Sin Chew Daily had the story today? [click here]
Zam said the Cabinet had decided on this switch to Bahasa Malaysia in April and has just been quoted by Bernama here as saying that he was disappointed that the media are still referring the to Bahasa Melayu. Read also the Star's front page here.


  1. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Saya Sokong,saya sokong, finally something sensible from our Dear Zam.I do hope the cabinet don't make another flip flop decision.

    Long Live Bahasa Malaysia.

  2. I think there is no difference whether the language is called Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Kebangsaan or Bahasa Malaysia. What is more difficult is to call ourselves Bangsa Malaysia or Malaysians in the true sense because of the chasms we live in. For that we need a great leader to bring it to fruition. Yet to see that leader in horizon.

  3. Flip-flopping syndrome?

  4. Somehow I felt it's a hidden jab against Anwar

  5. Anonymous10:07 pm

    That's why Singapore worry about our flip-flop policies.

    Does it inspire confidence?

  6. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Vote to drop AAB and we will revert back to Bahasa Melayu, believe me this is a cycle round and round to remind you who is supreme....haha! Anwar will agree with me, so as Najib.
    Dayak Wizard

  7. Anonymous10:37 pm

    BTW, what happened to Bahasa Baku?

  8. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Is this a case of flip-flops again?

    Notice little substantial achievements this administration managed to notch it self. The lack of achievements clearly shown when UMNO people start to name the flag, name the Keris, et al, when the leadership is weak and not able to drive towards more progressive level.

    Then too much is focused on disunity and efforts towards that when the NEP is questioned by some quarters based on their skewed calculations, IPCMC, Inter Faith Commission, UMNO GA not allowed to talk about issues raised by Tun Dr. M that they end up talking about the Keris, May 13 revisited and latest, the handling of the Lina Joy cases. Absolute freedom of expression and transparency may not be good after all if certain quarters use it specifically to irritate others.

    The seeds of disunity is being pollenised with the inherent symptoms.

    The Government must lead the way for unity and closer inherent cultural, political and racial gaps between the ethnic groups.

  9. It would appear that the legacies of Anwar would be stripped one by one. The reference of the Malay language as Bahasa Melayu, an initiative of Anwer, is now banned list.

    "Malaysia boleh" if I am not mistaken, is also a slogan coined by Anwar. So is the reference to the ringget as "RM". They are waiting their turns as the game of musical chairs where individual Malay fortune is determined, is being played out for all to see.

  10. Bahasa Malaysia is more correct than Bahasa Melayu cos Melayu is not homogeneous. But then, it may not go down well with the Melayu purists or more correctly the Umno diehards. That's why the announcement is meant for non-Malay English speaking. But why NST didn't carry the news or their newsdesk miss it?

    However this is best left to the Malays to decide so as not to fan sentiments.

    They used Chinese and Indian languages as examples to support their argument for Bahasa Melayu. At best they didn't know the official language of communication of the Chinese is Mandarin. Bahasa Cina is too generalised as we have so many dialects. Tamil is not the only Indian language.

  11. guys, it took them 6 months, 14 days, and 16 hours to come out with that mother of all solutions to our problems.

    how dare you guys mock them? fuck, man.

  12. hi&lo,

    you said:"However this is best left to the Malays to decide so as not to fan sentiments."

    dude, see what the system has done to you?

    you're pretty badly fucked in the head if you asked me.

  13. It should've remained Bahasa Malaysia.
    That's why I hate these political leaders. They change things when they are in power. And then, somebody will change it later.
    I find this to be so typical of Malaysian policies. One thing today, another tomorrow.

  14. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Hi & Lo

    Not quite. The 'Bahasa Malaysia' term was introduced by YAM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra somewhat 40 years ago.

    True some UMNO and very purist Malay (as you put it) will argue that Bahasa Malaysia is actually Bahasa Melayu.

    Some want to differentiate it as Bahasa Melayu is also taught in schools and widely spoken, in Singapore.

    Also, when Sukarno achieved independence for Indonesia 60 over years ago, although he himself was Javanese, he chose Bahasa Melayu, as the lingua franca of Indonesia and calls it Bahasa Indonesia. Bahasa Indonesia is actually Bahasa Melayu and its closer to the language used by Riau people than any other ethnic dialects in Indonesia.

    Bahasa Malaysia is a good unifying factor although some older Malaysian have limited command on the language.

  15. called it whatever they like, yet lim keng yek and samy velu command of the language still sucks.

  16. Anonymous12:31 am

    it's has always been bahasa malaysia since and was named by tunku abdul rahman till anwar changed it in 1986.

  17. Kept flipping the burgers til it's all burnt and nobody gets eat a decent meal! Hungreeeee...

  18. Anonymous1:08 am

    kalau nak tukar pun siasat dulu, periksa pelembagaan malaysia. Bahasa rasmi adalah bahasa melayu, dalam pelembagaan tak kata bahasa malaysia. ramai kata Constitution is a supreme Law, jadi ikutlah pelembagaan, kalau nak tukar juga kenalah pinda pelembagaan

  19. Anonymous1:22 am

    They can call it whatever they one, don't they hv other better things to do? Where/when is Bangsa Malaysia? i am begining to wonder what high did this Zam fella study to?

  20. Anonymous1:28 am

    Salam Rocky dan rerakan pelawat Bru,

    Aaaah... kalau saya Malay Male, pasti saya terlatah ke Bahasa Carut membaca ini.

    Bukan saya tak setuju dengan langkah ini. Malah sejak ada yang memandai2 menukar Bahasa Malaysia ke Bahasa Melayu tempoh hari, saya berbulu semacam. Rasa saya semua orang yang tak sasau tahu yang Bahasa Melayu itu seharusnya tidak boleh kita bolot sebagai nama bahasa negara kita seorang. Toleh saja ke seberang empat penjuru tanahair kita, mereka2 itupun pun cakap sejenis Bahasa Melayu juga.

    Tapi ini tidak... dah elok2 panggil Bahasa Malaysia, tetiba entah pembesar mana terkena gatal kebangsaan, suruh tukar panggil Bahasa Melayu, semua menonong ikut. Tak silap saya, tidak ada seorang pun pakar bahasa/linguistik dalam negara, baik DBP maupun tokoh2 media yang hari2 gunakan BM sebagai bahasa perantaraan (kalau ada, satu minta maaf), buka mulut untuk menerangkan yang jelas lagi ketara mengapa langkah itu gopoh dan tidak menunjukkan taakul. Termasuklah Zam sendiri. Rakyat tak payah diambil kiralah. Kita yang hari2 pakai bahasa ini mana diminta pendapat pun.

    Agaknya ini "gatal kebangsaan" itu dah reda atau mungkin ada alasan PR lain. Tup..tup.. tukar balik. Peduli apa jiran dan dunia garu kepala pandang kita dan persoalkan kematangan kita atau ingat negara kita skizoid...

    Di saat2 begini, saya kesal tak pandai carutspeak macam Malay Male. :D

  21. Anonymous2:11 am

    nampak gaya semua perkataan yang ada MELAYU nak dihapuskan, persekutuan tanah melayu, keretapi tanah melayu dah tinggal KTM aje, kolej melayu kuala kangsar tinggal mckk, surat khabar utusan melayu pernah mati tapi nasib baik dihidupkan semula. kata DPM kerana rungutan kaum lain jadi kenalah tukar, dia takut kat minoriti jadi korbankan aje bahasa melayu, nak tanya kat thailand banyak juga kaum minoriti tapi semua boleh cakap bahasa siam, dia orang tak cakap bahasa thailand, bahasa siam. Melayu dan Malaysia juga Siam dan Thailand berbezakan? Orang British bahasanya English bukan Britain beb!

  22. Anonymous7:01 am

    Someone thought that the Bahasa can go international like English, Chinese, Franch, Japanese where school boys in international school can get to study all over the globe and by naming it Bahasa Melayu that will make the race stand tall but unfortunately no rightful minded cares to bother. So the venture had failed and so before losing more face better rename it so that the "face losing" can be share with brothers like Sammy or Kar Ting. That is the good part of BN.

  23. Hoi. Apa bahasa melayu. Bahasa Semenanjung lah. Atau orang Sarawak panggil "Tutur Melaya".

    Before Malaysia (before 1963, for you guys weak in our national history), there are no such thing as Bahasa Malaysia, because the word "Malaysia" did not exist in its official form before then.

    Malaya was then known as "Persekutuan Tanah Melayu" or in English "Federation of Malaya".

    We Sarawakians till this day still refer to Peninsula Malays as Malayans (Orang Melaya).

    Why can't we be like Indonesians, who are staunch in their defending and usage of the Indonesian language, in every God-damn aspect of their lives (from technical to daily use?)

    Because the Malay elitists in this country prefer to communicate in English, because our forefathers (on both sides of the South China Sea) communicated in English. Do you think other races (sorry) want to defend the usage of Malay?

    The failure of Malay as a language is due to the fact that it was/is used as a tool to control the population and not as a need for a lingua franca. As in all things, all tools will fall from disuse when it is not used extensively.

    Why the need to call Bahasa Melayu Bahasa Malaysia? You do not hear Americans speak American, Philippines speak Filipino, nor do the Chinese speak Chinese. They speak English, Tagalog and Mandarin (among other dialects).

    Bahasa Malaysia is not even in the constitution. Let Zam/Cabinet do what they want.

    The rest of us should just exercise our voting power, so that Zam/Cabinet heed our voices.

  24. I think we must retain Bahasa Melayu since originally this country is called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu and the Melayus were homogenous race at one point or another, but then if you call it in what ever name and it will still be Bahasa Melayu to me! So whats with Malaysians!!!!!We are so hung up and strung up on simple and stupid things!Grow up Morons! I am typing this in Taipei and the keyboard is in Chinese characters and English and I am struggling but hey what the heck, I can still write this so on with Bahasa Malaysia!

  25. Anonymous8:56 am

    I hope we will not be called the land of the wishy-washy. Now should i write my feelings ? Naw ! What the heck for ! I won,t waste my time. Now, on the other hand , I really should .
    You fool, don't you know they will change it again--so don't bother.
    Hmmmm--this new disease s certainly catching.
    Now u see : now u don't.

    Oh , is it true that the bahasa Baku is now 'beku' as in frozen?

  26. Anonymous9:22 am

    salam semua,

    ala tak gunanya bahasa melayu ke, bahasa kebangsaan ke, bahasa malaysia ke............kalu sema dok reti nok cakap bahasa tuh..........kalu cina duk sembang bahasa dia jer, nak cakap bahasa malaysia pun berbelit belit, india pun sama, yang melayu plak mengada ngada nak "speaking london" kononnya berabuk la tuh pandai sembang mat salleh, tapi tak sedor kediri..........pak pak menteri, samy vellu ada betui ker cakap bahasa melayu..........hampeh.......sampai ke bahasa pun nak dipolitikkan........cancibai betui laaaaa...........

  27. Anonymous9:34 am

    For me, all along its BM, Bahasa Malaysia from my primary to secondary schooling days. No matter what the politicians wants to call or name it. These people got nothing better to do. Mau nama saja.

  28. Anonymous9:45 am

    Salam bro.
    Saya kurang setuju dengan pertukaran ini. Saya sokong pandangan anonymous 1:08.
    Yang betul dari segi ilmiahnya berdasarkan kajian oleh ahli linguistik adalah Bahasa Melayu. Pendeta Zaaba, Tokoh Bahasa Pak Asraf, Prof. Nik Safiah Karim, Prof. Abdullah Hassan, dan ramai lagi ahli linguistik tidak pernah mengetengahkan bahasa Malaysia tetapi bahasa Melayu (Malay language not Malaysia(n) language). Bukan Anwar Ibrahim yang saja-saja menukarkannya, tetapi berdasarkan ilmiah dan pandangan ahli-ahli linguistik.
    Bigdogdotcom betul tentang keadaan di Indonesia. Sukarno mengubah daripada bahasa Melayu kepada bahasa Indonesia kerana terdapatnya beratus-ratus suku kaum/etnik yang menginap di ribuan pulau di Indonesia demi nasionalisme dan perpaduan di sana. Kalau dia memilih bahasa Melayu, kurang senanglah orang Jawa. Kalau dia memilih bahasa Jawa, kurang senanglah orang Madura, Batak, Flores, dan sebagainya.Tetapi keadaan di Malaysia berbeza.
    Begitu juga, bagi orang Cina dan negara China, bahasa standardnya atau bahasa bakunya adalah bahasa Mandarin. Bagi orang India, bahasa Tamil. Bagi orang Filipina Tagalog. Bagi bangsa Perancis, French. Bagi kebanyakan negara Amerika Selatan, bahasa Latin. Begitu juga bahasa Inggeris (English) untuk negara England dan Amerika Syarikat.
    Jadi, tidak timbul soal 'purist Malay' atau Melayu radikal atau 'racist Malay'. Dalam hal ini, saya mengesyorkan para blogger memikirkan isu ini dari sudut ilmiah dan bukan dari sudut bangsa, warna kulit, dan sebagainya.
    Politikus seperti Zam dan yang yang seumpama dengannya lebih mengutamakan kepentingan politik mereka, kononnya demi perpaduan. Atau mungkinkah kerana pilihanraya semakin dekat dan hendak memancing undi?
    Terima kasih.

  29. Anonymous10:02 am

    And these are the people supposedly leading the nation... what'll become of this country i wonder?

    Fools they are!! All utter fools!

  30. We should start our very own Malaysia Book of Records on Unintentional Jokesters and their Shenanigans

    We can start with the longest poll and biggest Malaysian flag they put in Dataran Merdeka many donkey years ago.

    I'm sure the book will be filled in no time. Maybe a slot in Wikipedia too for all to contribute.

    The Bahasa Baku fiasco.

    The longest kebab in the world fiasco.

    This Bahasa Malaysia-Bahasa Melayu-Bahasa Malaysia thingy.

    What's all the fuss about man? I just think that this is yet another superfluous effort by some folks who wants to be 'heard as doing his job'!

    How about putting their effort in something that's much more direct and makes much more sense such as repainting (at government's expenses) all worn down flats in KL and other areas which have been absolute eyesores - so much for Visit Malaysia Year!

    Design this 'Malaysia Book of Records on Unintentional Jokesters and their Shenanigans' under an absolute masquerade of Freedom of Speech. - that what 'they' want right?

    What say you ppl?

  31. Anonymous10:37 am

    may god bless Bahasa Malaysia and Loga.

    alleycats for life

  32. Anonymous10:43 am

    Bahasa Melayu has been well butchered and murdered long time ago. Look at how the Melayus treat their language, replacing the Melayu words with Engish sounding word. Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka is supposed to be the guardian of the language and DBP allowed the Bahasa Melayu to be raped and sodomised beyond recognition.

    So what is there to be 'diperagungkan'? With such words like korupsi, translasi, komuniti, personaliti, where is the real Bahasa Melayu. Worst of, if you able to read some of the sms msg sent to message board by the Malays themselves, what is there to be proud of?

  33. Anonymous10:53 am

    If this is true, B. Melayu exists officially only in Singapore and spoken by less than half a million people.

    Long live Melayu Singapura!

    Can someone tell me is Zam a Malay?

  34. Anonymous11:01 am

    "Bahasa jiwa Bangsa".

    Kemana jiwa Bangsa Melayu di Malaysia kalau Bahasa Melayu sudah berkubur?

  35. Anonymous11:07 am

    Official Language of China is Mandarin

    Official Language of India is Hindi

    Official Language of United Kingdom is English.

    Even though there's whales, scotland, england and northern ireland.

    Even though there's tamil nadu, malayalam etc...

    Same goes with China.

    But we didn't see people changing it as United Kingdom Language, or the CHINA language. The united states calls it English and not American.

    What is so wrong with simply leave the language as what it was named, Unity is indeed important but so is identity. I thought it is agreed in Malaysia we are to achieve Unity but also keep our Identity. I don't see how naming the Language as it is Bahasa Melayu will cause havoc and murder and mayhem nor will naming the language Bahasa Malaysia will suddenly make us united and patriotic.

  36. Anonymous11:20 am

    It should be bahasa melayu...

    No such thing as 'bahasa Amerika' or 'bahasa Australia''s 'bahasa Inggeris'.

  37. Hi Bro,
    Since everyone is harping about their prowess in bahasa melayu and bahasa malaysia, all of you need to take 'bahasa baku' lessons from Amir aka Malay Male...deciding to speak and write in a certain bahasa isn't going to change the fact that we are pasquale puts it ...MORONS. !cant you see the top moron Zam is doing a number and a diversion... right now after 50 years,talk to me... is it so important to speak and write in a certain bahasa so as to solve all the crap he's been spewing on the rakyat ? time spent to clean-up his act would be more wise !No point uniting Malaysians with 'one bahasa when there is racial slur ang disunity orchestrated by these same morons-in -suits in the august house everyday !
    Sheesh...maybe we should all speak french like Maurice Chevalier !

  38. To 'blackout' this piece of news from the Malay community is deliberate.
    I don't there is any other country in the world that has changed the name of its national language that many times.
    Flip-flop is a fitting name for this government.
    I sat for Bahasa Kebangsaan in my Senior Cambridge and my Malay class mates sat for Bahasa Melayu.
    I am really confused. What exactly is our national language then?

  39. hahah....

    bila sorang bersin,semua nk turut bersin...

    benda kecik nk dipolitikkan
    zam nk tiru paklah... "hey,its my idea.."

    bahasa malaysia atau bahasa melayu... tengok dalan komen2 di sini pon rata2 tak menggunakannya...

    jadi,kenapa "give a shit" dalam hal mcm ni,sedangkan masing2 kembang bontot hu-ha-hu-ha dalam bahasa inggeris....

    lantak laa bahasa melayu ke bahasa malaysia... korang peduli apa,kalau lidah tu dah gaya lidah omputeh,jangan nk tunjuk tera kata itu ini,martabatkan dulu bahasa kebangsaan tu,baru bole nk mengomel sana-sini....

    jadi persoalannya... mana pergi bahasa rasmi negara... kalau penduduknya pon rata2 nk "in english please.."

    tepuk dada,tanya betul ke tak diri sendiri...

    sekadar sekupang dari saya

  40. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Bahasa malaysia is appropriate! cos, then it is to each his own! Malays - B.Melayu, Chinese- mandarin. Hokkien .cantonese etc,Indians. Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi etc, Dayaks, Muruts, all speak their own language, but since we live in malaysia, the whole rojak becomes - Bahasa malaysia! Malaysia Boleh! what foresight?

  41. Anonymous12:44 pm

    I think Anwar did the right thing. It's Bahasa Melayu, or more rightly Malaysian Bahasa Melayu, different from the Indonesian Bahasa Melayu. In English which we don't call it Bahasa England, we know it is dffrent though really insignificantly, from American English. And for Chinese, we have Mainland China Chinese and Taiwan Chinese and Hong Kong Chinese, which are not much different from each other.

  42. Anonymous1:20 pm

    rocky, I fully support the cabinet decision to called it our national language bahasa Malaysia instead of Bahasa Melayu. Indonesia called their national language Bahasa Indonesia so why not Malaysia called it's national language after the country name.

    Charanjit Singh

  43. Anonymous2:27 pm

    Well, i think its a good change for the start.
    Tats sumting we should do 2 unite de multi-races country, start from the term we used to the policies implemented.
    I dun wanna guess wat hidden political jab it carries, just read it from the pure.

  44. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Wonder why USA does not change "English language" to "American language" in 1776?

    English language is colonial symbol to Mayflower & gang, right?

  45. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Altantuya, Altantuya
    Ayah Pin Abu Ya
    Bahasa Melayu
    Bahasa Malaysia
    Tukar sini Tukar sana
    Itulah sebab tak ke mana-mana

    Altantuya, Altantuya
    Ayah Pin Abu Ya
    Perdana Menteri kita dok tidur lena
    Bahasa negara lebih kurang serupa.

    Altantuya, Altantuya
    Ayah Pin Abu Ya
    Korporat guna kerana terpaksa
    Dalam TV caca merba
    Dalam suratkhabar sama saja.

    Altantuya, Altantuya
    Ayah Pin Abu Ya
    Tukar nama tak ada guna
    Kalau nawaitu tak kena.

    Altantuya, Altantuya
    Ayah Pin Abu Ya
    Kalau bahasa jiwa bangsa
    Sebab apa cakap kita tak serupa?

  46. Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia, people like Samy Vellu and Lim Kit Siang and a shocking number of Malay 'leaders' need to brush up on what is called our national language.

    Let's not look at the form, but the view the substance instead.

    p/s: God bless your soul Loga!

    -The Man Who Sold The World-

  47. Anonymous4:39 pm

    charanjit singh
    Brittain - English
    Germany – Deutsch
    Spain - Castilian
    China - Mandarin
    Israel - Hebrew
    Iraq - Arabic
    Pakistan – Urdu
    India – Hindi Bhojpuri
    Mangolia – Dongxiang
    Cambodia - Khmer
    Norway - Bokmal/Nynorsk
    Philiippines - Tagalog
    Iran - Farsi
    Hungary – Magyar
    Indonesia - Bahasa Indonesia
    Malaysia - Bahasa Melayu

    why must we followed Indonesia?

  48. Anonymous4:56 pm

    No big deal...our official policies always look like a dying "fish-out-of-water",flip flop, making u-turns. Always impressionistic and superficial. If a mere language can unite people or a nation, it would have been successful 50 years or decades. There would not have been world wars and civil conflicts. What simplistic thinking, child like faith. We have seasonal policies. Boring

  49. Anonymous4:58 pm

    In China, they don't call their National Language as Mandarin, but rather PuTongHua (Common Language) to promote national unity.

    BTW, ever wonder how the term MELAYU come about? Go do some research. No ill intention though. Purely academic.

  50. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Malaysia a nation. Our nation. It belongs to indigeneous Malays, Malays, chinese, indians and all those who are born in this land. I hope this is a definition acceptable to all. What does this nation and its people aspire to be? What kind of quality of life what kind of dreams? All fight to better it though each approach are different and with different focus or agenda.
    Sometimes we focus on what divides us rather than unite us. Sometimes we resort to hate first. What is the nation for? All have a stake , all have a say. Hopefully calm minds prevail

  51. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Malaysia a nation. Our nation. It belongs to indigeneous Malays, Malays, chinese, indians and all those who are born in this land. I hope this is a definition acceptable to all. What does this nation and its people aspire to be? What kind of quality of life what kind of dreams? All fight to better it though each approach are different and with different focus or agenda.
    Sometimes we focus on what divides us rather than unite us. Sometimes we resort to hate first. What is the nation for? All have a stake , all have a say. Hopefully calm minds prevail

  52. Anonymous5:44 pm

    I am not at all surprised to read that Bahasa Melayu is now called Bahasa Malaysia since the law can define a Christian (Lina Joy) a Muslim.

    Malaysia is not called Bolehland eh.. Bodohland for nothing!!

  53. Anonymous5:53 pm

    melayu mudah lupa..

  54. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Whats in a name ? Isnt this just like us. We spend a lot of time (and money) on a lot of little petty niceities.

    Look at any function and you see our vips with the stupid looking plastic flowers on their chest. Some actually nearly half the chest. I almost believe that the bigger and longer flowing the flowers are --the more important the vip is. ( I wait for the day whensomenone come up with he idea of hanging a wreath of funeral flowers round the vips' neck instead.

    Next, just watch any launching events--the sure ingredients are smoke, laser lights, chipping of the ice and so on.

    So is the national language (because that is what that language that we are talking about is )another issue of a bigger flower or a more intricate launching system? Like someone wrote here--the Americans do not call their lingua franca Amercan language and so on...

    Could go on with this---
    eg. why 'patriotisma' when we have 'kebangsaan'.
    like i said ---whats in a name , huh ???

  55. Anonymous8:26 pm

    I think Bahasa Melayu is the correct term to use for the Malay Language.

    It is after all, the language of the Malays, which is what the term means. And the English version is "Malay" or "Malay language", not "Malaysia language".

    Giving those behind this "Bahasa Malaysia" move the benefit of the doubt, I would say the sentiment (better for unity) is praiseworthy, but inappropriate.

    There are many other better ways to help unite the nation.

  56. Sigh...we can't even agree to call the national language
    Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Kebangsaan or Bahasa Baku...when there are more important things to think of and/or to strife for.

    Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia.

  57. oh no! if the constitution says its bahasa melayu means its illegal to call bahasa melayu as bahasa malaysia! no lar the learned ministers are more knowlegable than all of us so we better not question their wisdom ok!

    PM ok-ed this changed and since he is the top leader of this country we must respect that and not critize the erasing of Melayu from Bahasa. Our King and Sultans did not seem to object to this so who are we to question them!

    So there we have it a Christian is a Muslim by law and Bahasa Melayu is Bahasa Malaysia by law? did they change the constitution yet?

  58. Anonymous9:41 pm

    I agree with Leithaisor, the story telling Lee. This language is really a language of one race and nothing to do with the other race. For unity and progress English is really a better alternative. Even the high class Malays love to communicate in English.

  59. I just hope this flippy-floppy thingy on BM is not going to cost the tax-payers an arm and a leg.

  60. small thing la.

    why zam complained that the paper didnt cover it big big?

    because it was meant to be a distraction from lina joy's case, right?

    small thing la.

    lets go back to lina joy.

  61. Anonymous11:19 pm

    The Accountant says,


    The politicians can say what they want, Malaysians will still refer to it BOTH as B. Malaysia and B. Melayu.

    Most people I know always say Bahasa Malaysia when speaking in English dan bila mereka cakap dalam Bahasa Melayu, mereka kata 'Bahasa Melayu'

    For what it's worth, and at the risk of starting a flame war, I would really love it if Malaysia recognises the inevitable, which is the fact that English will probably become the World language, and take the bold step of using English (or Ingerris or Manglish, I don't care what they call it) as the language for education.

    Imagine what this country will achieve in just one generation. Has Mandarin (or the dialects) disapeared in Singapore because they primarily use English in schools?

    I appreciate my (supposed) mother tongue despite not having been taught it in school or even spoken it at home a lot.

    I only use it to communicate with my mother and a few other relatives.

    Because the rest of us spoke English in the house from birth, we've done pretty well in life. Heck, even my mother picked up English.

    Language is all about communicating not about patriotism or nationalism. Let's just use the best language we have today to communicate among us and with the world.

    But that unfortunately is too big a decision for the politicians to take.

    Sigh ... how did I digress to this?

  62. Anonymous11:44 pm

    Salam Bro,

    Merafak sembak menjunjung Duli,
    Paduka Seri membaca warkah,
    Tak malukah rakyat pada diri sendiri,
    Jawi dimertabat disinggah-sana Istana.

  63. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Its not the label of Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Malaysia or bahasa kebangsaan. The most important fact is the ability of Malaysians to speak or communicate in Bahasa daily among we Malaysians. What is the point of having the language being the official language when most of the time we speak in English or some other language or dialect to communicate daily. We teach our children some of the basic points of our Constitution such as official language and official religion. Thats about it. Because the reality today, most politicians just know how to make pronouncements without thinking. The dumb Minister of Information is either missing the point or just trying to gain some political points.

  64. Anonymous11:56 pm

    pemuda pemudi sekarang suka menghisap dada.

    in defense of datuk sri Samy Vellu, i dont see any grammatical error in that sentence.

    so mari kita sama2 nyanyi utk tan sri..

    na dada raja na dada..
    na dada raja na dada..

  65. Anonymous12:12 am

    Lets use English as the national language lah, we can give it a bit of local flavour like calling it "Bahasa Malagish" and mix a few Malay words into it also can, eg. "I need to pick up my Kerata from the mechanic so you can go for your roti first?"
    It will really help us to move fast forward and united too, just like our little brother Singarapo.

  66. Anonymous12:18 am

    Apa bezanya?

    Yang penting mereka ambil satu dan pegang terus kepadanya. Dulu, tukar kepada "Bahasa Malaysia", kemudian balik kepada "B Melayu". Skarang "B Malaysia" lagi.

    Just make up your freaking minds!

  67. Anonymous12:57 am

    im a 15 year old kid,surfing the internet.Until i saw this.whats the different if i may ask??as long as we use it properly,still it wont be any different.and y the politicians making this the center of intention?its not like kids these days is going to care about it.instead they would say "rivers are being polluted and forest are being cut down illegally in Malaysia and the politicians are worrying about which name they gona put 4 our national language??".All that i cn do or say is wat the heck is going on Malaysia??

  68. Ahyo-yo you forgot Bahasa Baku?

  69. cukup-cukup la tu. sebelum ni dok belasah muslim, sekarang belasah melayu pula. yang bukan melayu ambil kesempatan kononnya sangat prihatin akan perpaduan. sudahlah cermin diri dulu... kalau tak ada muslihat di sebaliknya kau orang tak kan nak ambil kesah pasal ni semua, baik pergi cari wang lebih baik...

  70. Anonymous3:54 am

    Shar101: I just hope this flippy-floppy thingy on BM is not going to cost the tax-payers an arm and a leg.

    Shar, to the tune of RM300 Million at least. And that doesn't even touch the burden on poor parents. For shame!

    According to Puan Ainon Ahmad (one of Malaysia's lexicographers and co-author, with well-known linguist husband - Prof Dr Abdullah Hassan, of many Malay dictionaries & grammar guidebooks) on her site

    "Perkataan `Malaysia' Dianggarkan Bernilai RM300 juta

    Adalah dianggarkan, apabila perkataan `Melayu' pada istilah Bahasa Melayu ditukar kepada `Malaysia' nilai bisnes yang dicipta adalah sekitar RM300 juta. Itulah nilai buku-buku sekolah yang mesti dicetak semula dan dibekalkan semula kepada Kementerian Pelajaran."

  71. Anonymous11:30 am

    Hahaha! Saya, ada cakap. Saya menteri juga Malaysia duduk. Tiap tiap tahun saya kasi itu tol naik. Saya cakap pada itu rakyat Malaysia, saya tadak boleh buat apa, ini baik juga untuk rakyat.

    Hahaha! Saya tadak kisah pasal nama itu bahasa. Kasi bahasa apa pun, saya sama juga cakap. Ini sama cerita sama semua wakil rakyat itu parti ada dacing! Kita cakap kita suka, apa peduli rakyat!

    Hahaha! Biar kasi rakyat gila! Kasi gaduh sama sendiri kicil punya hal. Nanti undi masa, kita kasi pancing pakai itu umpan ikan bilis, rakyat kasi undi balik kita. Hahaha!

  72. Anonymous11:59 am

    ahm said...
    cukup-cukup la tu. sebelum ni dok belasah muslim, sekarang belasah melayu pula. yang bukan melayu ambil kesempatan kononnya sangat prihatin akan perpaduan. sudahlah cermin diri dulu... kalau tak ada muslihat di sebaliknya kau orang tak kan nak ambil kesah pasal ni semua, baik pergi cari wang lebih baik...
    ahm, you are one paranoid fella!

  73. "Perkataan `Malaysia' Dianggarkan Bernilai RM300 juta

    OMG!!!! ta da ti pu ke ma ti gu pu du it.....

  74. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Hmm... I don't think the name of the language has much impact one way or another, at least not for me. Another person said we should invent a new language called Bahasa Malaysia - that'd be cool.

  75. Hi Rocky (and friends),

    Don't know if u've known about this but here's an interesting take on this Bahasa Melayu - Bahasa Malaysia fiasco:

    Perkataan `Malaysia' Dianggarkan Bernilai RM300 juta
    by Puan Ainon Mohd

  76. Kawan2,

    Saya orang Melayu dan memanggilnya Bahasa Melayu. Tapi teman2 Cina dan India saya suka memanggilnya Bahasa Malaysia. Tak kisahlah kita memanggilnya Bahasa Melayu ke Bahasa Malaysia. Yang lebih penting adalah untuk kita semua termasuk rakan2 Cina dan India menutur BM. Jom kita semua cakap BM.

  77. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Entah apa-apa jak dikata kitak orang di semenanjung. Mun sik mauk makei kelakar melayu atau kelakar Malaysia, pakei ajak kelakar kamek orang di Sarawak tok. Susah-susah ajak nak bertengkar nyawa. Polah ajak bah kelakar Iban kah, kelakar dak sessang kah, kelakar melano kah jadi bahasa kebangsaan.

    Apa-apa pun nok dipolah tok Zam, sik ada beda nya. sama ajak. Sik orang mauk peduli gilak samada makei kelakar B Melayu atau kelakar B Malaysia. Sama juak bahasa yang sama dipakei. Remeh nar juak barang pakei kitak orang debet.

    Cam kamek orang di Sarawak tok, dah berapa taun masuk Malaysia, nang sik ada endiat bagus nya. Nang sik ada reti. Semua kitak orang mauk bolot. Mun kamek orang semua dolok sekolah tinggi, sik kamek orang mauk masuk Malaysia. Semadi dak nenek kamek orang sik sekolah sik tauk reti apa-apa. Mun kedak kinek nang dilawan menar.

    Apa-apa pun perauk dah juak terlanjur, sik dapat patah balit. Teruskan ajak tapi kamek orang sik mauk gago ngan kerja sikda reti kita orang. Jangan embak UMNO masuk ke Sarawak. Hancur kitak orang kelak entam kamek.

  78. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Allah jadikan hamba-Nya bersuku2 berbangsa2! Mengapa pihak yg berkuasa /yg nak berkuasa - yg mengaku melayu menafikannya.Sebut tentang melayu dikatakan pelampau, asabiah dsbnya.Sekolah/bahasa cina n tamil boleh dikekalkan yg bersangkutan dgn melayu mahu dihapuskan semuanya! Akan dtg tukar semua:
    baju melayu, kg melayu, sej melayu dan apa2 sajalah tukar jgn tak tukar!

  79. Dirgahayu Bahasa Malaysia!

  80. org Cina ada bahasa Cina (Mandarin atau Kantonis), org India ada bahasa India (Tamil), mana bahasa utk orang Melayu?
    dah elok2 perlembagaan cakap, bahasa rasmi adlh bahasa Melayu, ikut je la. yang bangang buang masa pegi tukar tu buat hape? payah betul la org Melayu lupa diri kat Dewan tu. semua nak tunjuk power, semua nak berlagak konon masing2 ada sumbangan, perlembagaan letak bawah tapak kaki. raja2 pun batu, takde yg nak menegah.
    semua ni bukan masalah Malaysia, tapi masalah orang Melayu. pasal Melayu dah tak nak jadi Melayu...

  81. hayatilah hasil tulisan Za'ba dari bukunya "Pelita Bahasa Melayu":
    "...Dalam pada itu wajib-lah di-ingat bahawa walau apa pun kulit-nya, yang isi-nya sama juga ia-itu bahasa Melayu: jika bahasa Melayu yang baik tetap-lah baik juga walau pun kulit-nya Rumi atau Jawi, tetapi jikalau bahasa Melayu-nya kochar-kachir-ke'araban, keinggerisan, dan sa-bagai-nya-maka tidak-lah boleh jadi baik hanya dengan sebab kulit-nya di-rupakan dengan tulisan Jawi atau tulisan Rumi pun."
    maka, sedar dirilah wahai orang Melayu...

  82. Anonymous2:01 pm

    SESUATU mesti dilakukan untuk memartabatkan Bahasa Malaysia kerana terdapat LEBIH 12 SEBAB KENAPA BAHASA MELAYU (Bahasa Malaysia) gagal dimartabatkan setelah 51 tahun Negara mencapai kemerdekaan!

    1. Sikap orang Melayu sendiri mengagung-agungkan bahasa lain seperti Bahasa Inggeris (BI).
    2. Pemimpin tidak bertutur dalam Bahasa Melayu baku (Bahsa Malaysia) semasa majlis rasmi mahupun semasa bermesyuarat termasuklah semasa bersidang di parlimen.
    3. Kerajaan tidak mempunyai dasar yang jelas dan tetap dalam pemartabatan Bahasa Malaysia (BM).
    4. Bahasa Malaysia tidak menjadi bahasa perpaduan iaitu kebanyakan pihak swasta menggunakan Bahasa Inggeris dalam pertuturan dan urusan surat-menyurat sedangkan pihak kerajaan menggunakan Bahasa Malaysia.
    5. Tiada saluran TV yang menggunakan Bahasa Malaysia 100% baku. (Orang Sabah dan Sarawak boleh memahami dialog seperti yang dituturkan dalam filem-filem era 60-an terutama filem Tan Sri P. Ramlee, tetapi tidak lagi memahami filem zaman sekarang. Fikir-fikirkanlah)
    6. Tiada orang Melayu yang mempertahankan kedaulatan Bahasa Malaysia.
    7. Penggunaan istilah Bahasa Melayu yang tidak dipersetujui oleh kaum lain (Cina, India, Kadazandusun, Iban dll) menyebabkan Bahasa Malaysia (bahasa yang diperkayakan istilah dari semua bahasa di Malaysia) turut tidak mendapat sambutan.
    8. Usaha Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) yang dipandang sebelah mata bukan sahaja oleh agensi swasta tetapi juga oleh agensi kerajaan sendiri.
    9. Siapa mahu pandang Bahasa Malaysia! Ianya sekadar bahasa yang melayakkan seseorang boleh bekerja dengan agensi kerajaan. Bahasa ini tiada martabat alam industri lain (perniagaan, pelancongan).
    10. Bangsa lain seperti Jepun dan China bangga dapat bertutur Bahasa Malaysia tetapi bangsa Malaysia sendiri bertutur dalam Bahasa Indonesia.
    11. Wawancara oleh wartawan berbahasa Malaysia dijawab dalam bahasa Inggeris oleh artis Melayu (termasuk juga orang ramai yang dilahirkan di Malaysia).
    12. Pada pendapat saya, Bahasa Melayu adalah bahasa yang dtuturkan oleh orang-orang Melayu menggunakan perkataan-perkataan setempat seperti perkataan apo (apa), saye (saya), hang (engkau) dan lain-lain. Apabila orang Melayu ini bertutur dengan orang Sabah dan Sarawak (yang menggunakan sebutan baku), mereka tidak berkompromi untuk menggunakan Bahasa Malaysia tetapi sebaliknya meneruskan perbualan dalam bahasa Melayu dialek negeri masing-masing. Orang Sabah dan Sarawak semestinya terpinga-pinga mendengar pertuturan kaum Melayu ini kerana tidak memahami.
    13. Guru semenanjung tidak bertutur dalam Bahasa Malaysia dengan betul. (Guru semenanjung kalau mengajar Bahasa Malaysia, biasanya membaca dalam loghat semenanjung. Beginikah sikap seorang guru? Saya istilahkan sebagai ‘udang mengajar ketam berjalan dengan betul’!)
    14. Papan tanda berbahasa Malaysia tidak dapat difahami oleh kaum lain selain Melayu. Maka perlunya papan tanda dalam tulisan atau bahasa lain.
    15. Papan tanda yang ditulis dalam BM tidak jelas maksudnya dan perlu ditulis dalam dwibahasa samada BI atau bahasa lain.
    16. Risalah yang ditulis BM tidak sah sebagai rujukan. BI menjadi bahasa rujukan jika terdapat kekeliruan.
    17. Dalam sistem perundangan, BI tetap menjadi rujukan yang sah.
    18. Surat yang dikeluarkan oleh peguam ditulis dalam BI mencerminkan BM tidak layak sebagai bahasa perundangan
    19. ‘Welcome to..” lebih mudah dan jimat kos penulisan berbanding “Selamat Datang Ke…’
    20. Nama-nama kedai ditulis dalam tulisan lain (dan bahasa lain) walaupun ianya didaftarkan di Malaysia.
    22. Belum pernah ada pemimpin yang berjuang menguatkuasakan penggunaan Bahasa Malaysia sekalipun Menteri Pelajaran ataupun Menteri Kebudayaan. Perjuangan dilakukab bersendirian oleh sasterawan.
    23. Istilah yang lebih menyatupadukan adalah Bahasa Malaysia dan bukannya Bahasa Melayu. Ini kerana orang-orang Melayu sendiri kekurangan istilah (maknanya miskin bahasa) Disebabkan itu, istilah Bahasa Malaysia lebih sesuai digunakan apabila ianya mulai meminjam bahasa sukuan dan bahasa-bahasa kaum lain.
    24. Penggunaan istilah Bahasa Melayu dengan jelas menafikan hak kaum lain untuk berkongsi membangunkan Bahasa Malaysia.

    1. Gunakanlah satu Bahasa Malaysia yang disebut dengan betul seperti yang ditulis dalam BUKU TEKS di sekolah demi perpaduan satu bangsa Malaysia.

    Yang benar,
    Orang Sabah.

  83. please teach me how to write bahasa melayu penulisan.