Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tulips for critically-ill babies

KLM Annual Charity Tulip Sale. The Royal Dutch Airlines is flying in 3,000 tulips to raise money this Saturday for critically-ill children in Malaysia.
If you feel like helping, mark the following details:
Venue: Concourse Level of Sungei Wang Plaza.
Date: Saturday, 12 May
Time: 11 am onwards
The tulips are just RM6 per bloom. This year's proceeds will go to Hospital Selayang's Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit, which cares for critically-ill babies including those with low birth-weight who would require ventilation support, nutrition and close monitoring.


  1. who will be there?

  2. Thanks for the info brother.


  3. Anonymous7:48 am

    Hi Rocky, wish I was there to buy up some of those lovely tulips. For such a worthy cause too. Thanks for highlighting. Nice days to you.

  4. Anonymous5:04 pm


    I am glad JJ apologised, but bro you and I know only too well how we newsmen(former) and you currently a leading blogger, have applied the element of "seriousness in jest" to express our innermost sentiments on issues. As a politician JJ should know better than anyone that making racial barbs like that is not on. Cos there are some words that you can't take away, that some things just won't go away, not even with an apology. I am wondering if samy vellu was to have made remarks like that to a Malay, would an apology be acceptable. But I guess an apology is an apology.

    (sorry bro, can u plse insert this in the relevant blog space, i mistakenly typed in the wrong area, as usual, he he )