Wednesday, May 16, 2007

NSTP annual general meeting

Hot AGM. That was the headline I used for my posting on the NSTP's annual general meeting last year [read here]. Since I am embroiled in a defamation lawsuit involving the media giant and 3 of its top execs and a former group editor, I am not too sure how much I can contribute. But I'll be there tomorrow morning way before ten, nonetheless. If only to meet old friends and collect the door gift.

In any case, watch for my lunchtime posting tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous6:46 pm

    All the best for tomorrow bro. Remember to live up to your name and do the thing Rocky of the trilogy movie fame would do.

  2. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Rocky, live up to your name. We want you to come out swinging, and hopefully, score a few knockouts. But of course, dont get knocked out yourself. Also on the agenda could be the move to privatise NST. Keep us informed.

  3. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Hahah, I like your chutzpah. It's your right as a shareholder and your calling as a journa-blogger anyway. Keep up the good work!

  4. Anonymous2:13 am

    Rocky you are a prick.


  5. We are with you, Rocky!

  6. Rocky,we across the causeway(Spore) are with ya...and waiting anxiously for yr lunchtime posting.

  7. Anonymous12:09 pm

    And then there was the man who hid his hand after throwing the stone.

    If you can call a man a prick, be a man and stand up and be counted la. Don't be like a mudpacker. Show your balls. Show you have the guts.

    Wel, that could be a tough one if you don't have them...

  8. heh. thanks freespace nerd. am working on the nstp agm story/ies now.

  9. Anonymous1:37 pm

    haha..buta buta kena prick..nie macam zaman sekolah only..kanak kanak ribena la..oh well, its entertainment i said before, even better then those Spanish dramas..haha!

  10. Rocky's a pri*k?

    Quick, tell the ladies.

    Where were you all this while, Anon-RSN? Hiding under the BOD's table?