Monday, April 30, 2007

Hello on 2

Talk blog. I'll be on RTM2 this morning for its breakfast show, Hello on Two, which starts at 8 am. This is Zam's tv station, in case you didn't know. They want me to talk about blogs. Since I dream blog, walk blog, and write blog, talk blog should be no sweat. But, really, breakfast shouldn't be too early.


  1. I will watch it at 8am. Thanks for the reminder . Otherwise, I will tune in 8pm tonight and wonder why no interview!

    Way to go, Rocky!

  2. wah lau dun get to watch, can post on youtube ar?

  3. Anonymous8:23 am


    Rocky said about my anonymous blog on national TV! Wow! BigDog mentioned on national TV! So did A Voice and Zorro. :)

    I am awed!

    Thanks for remembering us................

    P/S: I don't want to become the President of All Blogs, :)

  4. bro...already at work....
    anyone recording this? can post on you tube..

  5. Anonymous9:40 am

    Aiya, missed it laa. Only now turn on PC. You should've at least post it last nite.

    Anyway, update us, please.

    Perhaps the video recording on YouTube, may be.

  6. wah! live on TV... make sure you wear all blog t-shirt also for free publicity! hahaha

  7. Anonymous11:00 am

    now only you tell us ah?
    Say la early-early abit.
    Apala la you rocky...

  8. Anonymous11:07 am

    How to watch at 8 am. we are working. Jahat la RTM pilih time orang nak pergi kerja

  9. Anonymous11:50 am

    oh shoot i missed it. and according
    to bigdog that zorro's name was even mentioned, i missed it big time!!


  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Bro,
    Way to go lah.... only jobless bloggers managed to catch it at 8 am... hehehe..
    Good that you educated the non-blogging audience this morning and even mentioned the 13 year old blogger who has an equal voice on the web and All-Blogs..To that I say Cheers (hic)...Rocky ! at 10.45 am !!!

  12. Anonymous11:54 am

    Am glad I tuned into your blog bright & early, so was in time to watch! Are "they" trying to be blogger-friendly now? A good watch, Rocky. All the best, my dear friend.

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  14. Missed it although Big Dog reminded me. Went to wish a lady friend happy birthday last night at Subang sloshed, read Big Dogs sms but was too foggy to register. Must stop taking these spiritual trips too often.See you 2morrow for mee rebus.

  15. Dang! Missed it. Had early Monday appointment. Am not jobless but sure as hell feels like one with slooowww

    BigDog, you may not wanna be prez but nobody else make the most impressive entrance to any establishment sans holster and smith & wesson magnum 357.

    Zorro, NPC 9pm tonight. I repeat, NPC 9pm tonight. Got it? With NPC closed for two days, Thursday is like next year.

    So, Rocky. Is ZamZamAlakaZam getting mushy all of a sudden about All-Blogs and bloggers? Got slotted in at 8am which presumably has something to do with us being unemployed and never sleeping (the owl or was it, Hantu the owl).

    And yeah, way too early for breakfast especially when Tiffany's around.

  16. "Spirit"tual trips..heh heh

    Rocky publicized your age and bestowed upon you an award in his interview - the antithesis to a 13 year old.

  17. Bro, should have told us earlier.I would have watched it.RTM has now realised that bloggers are here to stay and must be given a hearing!

  18. Why ever not? High time too. Two prominent French bloggers were invited by CNN to be their commentators in an hour-long French Presidential Election special (22/04), so the broadcasting media in Malaysia, by inviting Rocky to breakfast for a start, is left not too far behind. Good for them for moving in the right direction. CNN will probably invite prominent bloggers to comment on the coming Malaysian elections too. The French bloggers are invited for the second round (06/05), and I'll be watching.

  19. Damn, I thought it is 8 pm!

    It must be that late night blurried moments, where am seem to look like pm.

    Anyway Im not likely to see it though. Wud usually be back to sleep, after my semi asleep subuh prayers.

    Rocky's mere mention of my nic makes me keen to claim my fame. Hmm ... I'll not make the mistake of that film director in Wag the Dog. He turn up dead for being overzealous to claim his moment of fame after having done a great decoy. Furthermore I don't do decoy.

    The boss say write about the truth. To those employing theatrical decoys, you are not likely to be sleeping the fishes, but you just don't know when you'll be swimming with a shoe in yr mouth.

  20. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Dear bro,

    The posting was announced at the eleventh hours. If i knew it earlier, i would watch it..Plus, its too early and i always go to my office around that time. Cant they arrange the schedule to night time? Who has recorded it? Pls post it on youtube least, for those who have missed watching it..please...


  21. anyone recorded pls upload to youtube for us to watch?

  22. Rocky...Did you mention about Sheih...Susan...Black... Elizabeth Wong and Patrick Teoh 'NIAMAH"? I am sure you can see each have special individual talents. If none were mentioned...why not? Are you not proud as President of All Blogs these talented members?

  23. Anonymous3:27 pm


    Rocky ONLY mentioned known journalists who blogs like Dato' A Kadir Jasin, Nuraina Samad, Jeff Ooi and Marina Mahathir and anonymous bloggers like BigDog, A Voice and Zorro. Also a thirteen year girl who Rocky described as "someone with matured thoughts".

    That's all!

  24. well may be we are not as important as bloggers,yes?

  25. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Rocky talks and dream blogs. That's his religion now. So many bloggers worthy to be mentioned. Some are simply at the tip of his tongue. Others, requires a mind-mapping and quick list down, in his head. In between the stage fright, two cameras, lights, a sweet compere' and probably 20 people in the studio eye-balling him, his memory failed!

    Of course the 830am appointment is also a major factor, for Rocky :)

    I am just guessing (what Rocky might say) because if anyone where to put me in the shoes which Kak Teh is, I'm be too shy to admit in the spur of the moment, my system simply failed. (I understand what Rocky had got to go thru because I am not a morning person either!)

    Probably, I dunno. Then again, what the hell do I know. I am just a dog! :)

  26. I am just a dog! :)

    better a dog than a mat rempit! hehehe ;)

  27. Guys and gals,

    Give him a break lah. I think he did well given the early morning slot. Put under the same situation, I will wilt and gabbra but not Rocky.

  28. heh! i only had 15 or 20 minutes to explain what blogging is, who are behind all-blogs, who can join and who can't, if it's safe to blog, if we need a code of ethics. basic blogging stuff. they didn't exactly ask me to name the bloggers who are anti or pro govt.

    i said there are two types of bloggers: 1/ those who blog using their own names, eg kadir, jeff, nuraina, marina and 2/ bloggers who use their nicks, eg bigdog, a voice and zorro [here i made a mistake because we all know that zorro used to be an anonymous poster but decided to show himself later as a blogger].

    i mentioned the 13-year old when i was explaining that there are young bloggers and there are matured bloggers. i cited pak idrus and zorro, two bloggers who are pushing 70. [zorro later protested, he said he is only 67.]

    i gave a list of blogs to the hosts for future reference. over breakfast, i was told that tv 2 would be keen to do more stuff on blogs. al jazeera also called me after the hello on two and told me they wanted to get bloggers on their programmes. we discussed about half a dozen names.

    looking forward to that one.

  29. hey monsterball,
    Why, is it so important to be mentioned by name only qualifies to be talented ? Monster,we are not here on a popularity poll...and if you think you are so important as you seem to brag(only as a commenter) I'm sure they(CNN or Aljeezera or BBC )will invite you to speak one day...if you can handle the pressure...on a talk show....get that in your little head and grow up please !I'm sick and tired of your constant bickering...even I am close to Rocky personally and I don't get a mention... so does it make me a lesser friend to him ? sheeesh monster !!!

  30. Rocky,

    During your 15-20 minutes of 'fame' moment, perhaps you should have mentioned monsterball's name as the blithering ignoramus that's plaguing the blogosphere.

    But then, why 'glorify' a two-bit tub of lard who hides behind freedom of speech as a means to expound vitriol laced with malicious intent.

    Apparently, his latest faux pax is his allegation that TDM got slapped by the sultan of johore without providing any proof whatsoever despite being pursued by BigDog.

  31. Anonymous1:57 am

    Way to go, Stephen! Monsterball keeps shooting himself in the foot, over and over again. He shoots this writings absolutely without thinking!

    He had to make an issue out of this? As the say, simple things pleases simple minds. Almost like dealing with a spoilt child!

    Anyway, Rocky being acknowledged by the state own TV (which is also under the purview of the Minister of Information) is a huge step earned by All Blogs and what it stood for. Rocky being featured is enough validation whether talented or otherwise, Bloggers are becoming an integral part of a Malaysian lifestyle.

    I dunno about those "commenters-non-bloggers"!

  32. hahahaha...I just put out a polite message to come a nobody side kick blogger calling me names!
    My conclusion...I am still not convinced on Rocky's explaination.!! Now I have my rights of my talk for or against...not about me.

  33. wow...That lean and hungry look shar101 have finally found his guts to talk about me again.
    StephenFish.....big I need to say more?
    Happy Wesak Day to all of you.

  34. hahahaha...One lean and hungry real idiot...hahahaha Malaysia Three Stooges!!

  35. Anonymous3:22 pm


    Well done on the interview eventhough I did not get to watch it. It shows that blog have got influence in the country.

    Its Rocky's interview and its really up to him what he wanted to say. You are not convinced on his explanation for not mentioning Sheih, Susan, Black, El Wong and Patrick Teoh as they have special individual talents. (I read your comments somewhere that the first 4 is your fav blog as they welcome you well). Well what I wanted to ask you is that how about the other bloggers besides the 5 you mentioned. Don't they have special individual talents? Everybody have individual talents so should Rocky bring a blog roll and start reading one by one? There are bigger names which was not mentioned but they do not make a fuss of it. I'm sure even the 5 bloggers you mentioned do not care whether their names were mentioned or not.

    In my rights to my own opinion, I think Monster is not satisfied because some bloggers he really hates got mentioned. And i think because he is papa monster, it is his duty to care for his son Shieh and daughter Susan in whatever cause. Kalau sheih kalau sukaneka sekolah pun sure papa dia nie dah bising kat cikgu.

    Sorry rocky but cannot tahan an aged person making a fuss of nothing.

  36. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Hi Bapak,

    Alamak, I missed the show-lah. Would you be able to put it on YouTube..for repeat?

    I'm proud of you, Bapak. Do let us know about the Al JAzeera's feature on bloggers earlier, ya? We can't missed that one.

    Take care, BApak

  37. Hey leave monsterball be. I'm not defending him (he can do it himself). It's just that a good blogging culture is much needed. Show you're bloggers with big generous hearts - like Sheih. He's unconditionally kind to monsterball and that is impressive.
    More young people are starting to blog today and they learn from older bloggers. Be good examples to them. Tease, scold and criticise each other but do it without malicious intent, and stop the nonsense of name-calling - unless you share the same reference, meaning you know each other so well that you can call each other "idiots" for fun.
    And always leave a name, fictive or otherwise. NOTHING is more stupid than addressing someone as "hey you the fourth (or is it the fifth?) anonymous up there ...

    *And monsterball, it doesn't matter who got named, Susan and Sheih are giants, who can stand all on their own without Rocky mentioning them.

  38. Thank you roxanne.
    Anon 3.22pm...I am sure there are many more equally impressive bloggers than the five I have mentioned...but those five I mentioned are definitely more impressive than Big Dog or zorro. This is my personal lets readers judge.
    I think roxanne is correct to say....none really care to be mentioned or not....but as President of All Blogs....Rocky should study well all bloggers contributions to our Malaysian readers....and their characteristics. I do not envy Rocky's post as President...but being one...he has to show his leadership is fair and equal.
    I have the rights to point out sincerely my opinion....right or wrong....meant to see united bloggers start at the right direction.

  39. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Dear all, Shar101 has started his blog.

    Monsterball should emulate Shah101, who is an excellent commentator on many blogs, by startng hiw own.

    Cakap mesti serupa bikin, SS Goh!!

  40. monsterball or shall I address you as S.S. Goh..firstly you have no balls to go by your real name SS Goh otherwise as you got no balls just go by the name of monster (minus the ball ) !You hide like a chicken behind a nick,and throw insults at everyone whose opinion you disagree, secondly get your own bloody blog lah oldman before you dish out advice to anyone....or maybe YOU should take your own advice because what you dish out is utterly stupid !Until and unless you got balls to go by your family given name of SS Goh (are you ashamed of your family name ?) get the &*%$ out of all blogs and you've got no business ridiculing any blog owners with balls...understand SS Goh ? I'm sorry if you are an old man but you got to know your station in life..get it and I'm writing this without any malice as to your age.And I hope you don't judge me for being blunt...just take my's free !
    You know , if my friend Fredo was alive today, he'd call you an eye(I) specialist...cos everything you write is a brag about yourself...I did this...I did that...I know this...I know cetera...Get it Mr. SS Goh ?

  41. Why should I copy anyone Assass?
    I like to be a commenter.
    Good for shar101 keeping his promise.
    I never said on any occasion I will start my blog....and need no one to advise me on this matter.

  42. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Monsterball is really too much. He keeps doing this, too many times, everywhere.

    What qualifications has he got to say which blogs are "talented" or "more impressive" and which are not? What are his values? What are his measurement based on? Why should everyone who read Rocky's Bru have to read which blogs monsterball's top choices? Note, no other people list their choice blogs!

    Monsterball is really nauseating. I wonder why blogs still allow an improductive (infact a counter productive!)contributor to the blogging discussions to publish his acute less than narrow minded views any further?

    Obviously monsterball suffer from acute lackofattentionitis! I must say he is incorrigible.

    Maybe one day when Rocky write a book or manual on blogging, monsterball is a clear referrence of what not to do!

  43. Roxanne,

    SS Goh aka monsterball got kicked out of MT towards the end of 2006. In fact, RPK got cheesed off with his antics that he (RPK) wrote an article entitled "The flower and the monkey". This fact was confirmed by RPK himself on 5th April'07 when I asked him in front of several bloggers.

    RPK's MT, as you may be aware, is the wild wild west of Malaysian alternative news sites. You'll get all types of 'colourful' characters there and generally, RPK will allow comments to slide through for the sake of FOS, FOE and whatever freedom anybody care to quantify.

    Therefore, for monsterball to be banned from MT speaks volumes about his divisive tirades, rantings and profanities. In the 'offline' world, he'd be classified as a social deviant. On the 'online' space, he hides behind anonymity to continue with his schizophrenic tendencies. Sigmund Freud would be turning in his grave for missing out on the 'perfect' patient.

    Recently, due to monsterball's persistent instigations including announcing his phonecalls to Sheih, the latter did something unthinkable and totally inappropriate as a blogger. Sheih went public at Susan's and villified two other bloggers, BigDog and A Voice. You're right about Sheih being a kind soul but to what extent must kindness be given freely to a recipient who has no qualms in abusing it.

    There's a dark side to monsterball which most people are not aware of and perhaps, one day, a blogger will expose him for what he is. All it takes is to gather evidences lying around the blogs and there're tons of it. Blog Ethics 101, anybody?

  44. Anonymous1:07 am

    YO, that monster ball has a name!? You means you guys knew him and he condemning all of you? What kind of a hack is this guy man?

    S.S. Goh. Where does he work. How old? Is it true he is an oldie mouldie trapped in a kiddie's weewee? hhhaaaaa!

  45. Anonymous1:12 am

    Monsterball so tak malu!

    Very childish. How possibly what monsterball is doing is good for blogging?

    So what if he likes this or that blogs. Who bloody cares????

    Which cave did monsterball crawl out from? In 1996-7, I read about internet etiquettes, featured in Time magazine and Asiaweek. Definitely, monsterball still clobbering games for stapple diet then!

  46. Anonymous1:52 am

    Roxanne said: He's unconditionally kind to monsterball and that is impressive.

    Oh ya? I was so impressed, I gagged! :D

    I'm weird that way. People who don't have a sense of proportion tend to do that to me.

    My take on this... SS Goh has a right to make an obnoxious spectacle of himself in public, even on private properties if the owners allow it.

    By the same token, others have the right to tick him off or come to his defence in any way they deem fit, even on private properties if the owners allow it.

    SS Goh made his own bed, he should be able to grit his teeth and bear any discomfort.

    On that note... unless SS Goh's dignity gauge is faulty, he should feel insulted that blog-owners and their readers are applauded for showing unconditional kindness to him -- like he is CHALLENGED in some ways or something.

  47. Have a nice Wesak Day...all of you.
    Thank you very very much for your same old nagative comments about me.Those who quoted my name have seen and talked to I am not faceless or nameless at all.
    They say ssgoh is nice guy..but monsterball is not..ask them!! Ofcourse started by Rocky...who else!!
    You go and listen to that logic.

  48. Anonymous2:37 am

    SS Goh is "CHALLENGED"! In capital letters. I like that.


    Wow. So much analysis on Monty. The emotions shown here does not do justice to what this recalcitrant commenter's this far


  49. All blazing and fire, Mek? Hahaha. I can't see myself as being "unconditionally kind" - so, to me, it's an admirable quality I wish I have and I'm always impressed by the few people who possess it.
    Btw, why so angry at a harmless, lonely old man? Have heart. Leave him be.

  50. Guys,

    Entering someone's blog is like entering the main gate of someone's house. If you scream, shout and utter obscenities, the house owner has the right to ask you to leave. We, Malaysians, beradat sikit lah. Just like you would do the same to any persons, anonymous (not referring to you, Anon) or otherwise, in your own house compound. If you want to leave an opinion, however strong, by all means write but think of the owner of the blog. How would he or she feel? Rocky has taken the step to screen and censure all submissions before posting. He could have booted out some but he did not. Most don't even screen. For those who don't, please do not abuse lest you get booted out. Kita berhemah sikit, biar orang lihat kita bloggers beradat, ada class sikit. We would like to voice our opinion online. Hopefully, it would reach someone who cares to read and respond. Hopefully, over time, our circle of influence will expand, for the good of this country.

  51. Anonymous10:31 am

    Monsterball suka bagi fakta palsu dan salah, i.e. minggu lepas Monsterball keluo kenyataan dalam blog Susan Loone bahawa DYMM SPB YDP Agong Sultan Iskandar pernah lempang Dr. Mahathir!(Astaga, sampai macam gitu sekali! Tak mungkin YDP Aging lempang Perdana Menteri Malaysia!)

    Bila suruh buktikan, berdalih. Suruh pergi tanya Tengku Razaleigh pulak. Bukan Ku Li yang buat kenyataan ini, Monsterball yang buat. Apasal haram jadah orang perlu tanya Ku Li pulak????

    Kemudian Monsterball ada kecenderungan lipat-pulas kenyataan orang lain buat untuk kepentingan hujah sempitnya.

    Juga Monsterball ini banyak kali bersifat perkauman. Monsterball amat minat untuk membuat andaian dari kenyataan orang yang tidak lengkap.

    Ini semua sifat sifat yang BUKAN menyemai budaya Blogging yang sihat dan progressif. Benar Blogging mengutamakan prinsip Kebebadan Bersuara. Tetapi tidak bebas untuk berbohong dan mencaci orang!

  52. Anonymous10:59 am

    Hi all,

    It all started when monsterball question rocky why not mentioned sheih, susan, black, e wong and niamah. And Rocky answered but monsterball is not convinced.

    Other commentators and bloggers chip in their opinion. It should end there. But what worries me is that mosnterball is takign this to personally and taking it to another blog. He even question the entire all blog org just because of this issue (

    Rocky and all bloggers, I see mosnterball as a very disturbing elements to all blogs. If there are people out there who doesn't like to see bloggers grow, i'm sure they will be thanking mosnterball soon.

    Just a humble opinion and concern from a blog follower.

  53. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Rox, and there I was under the impression I was dispassionately stating bare facts. If you actually detected blaze and fire, then I must have been more unamused that I realized. :D

    You said: I can't see myself as being "unconditionally kind".

    Guess it boils down to a difference in perspectives. What you saw as unconditional kindness I saw as, in the wake of ugly events that transpired some months back and for want of a better term, "lacking in proportion" -- the inability to strike a balance between the need to pander to one guest, for whatever reason, and the duty to respect equally the feelings of other guests. I found it disgraceful and the smarmy love-fests that followed were so stomach-churning that I could not bring myself to go back.

    The only way what I said above can make sense to you would be to have witnessed the events that transpired there several months ago or to dig into the blog's archives.

    You said: Btw, why so angry at a harmless, lonely old man?

    Me, angry? No, definitely not. I'd consider anger wasted sentiment on Mr Goh. Irritated when his inanities highjacked a discussion, yes. Embarrassed on his behalf, definitely. Sympathy for the reception he keeps getting from certain quarters, not anymore. Once, perhaps. But I have seen enough venom spewing towards undeserved parties (Rocky himself, for example) from this "harmless, lonely old man" to dull any kindly feelings I might have felt.

  54. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Being courteous is important simply because it necessitates healthy ways of expressing oneself... and also one is less likely to be easily disgruntled..


  55. I guess you're right, mek. Difference in perspective. Now I see Rocky as "unconditionally kind" too. Hahaha. I hope he'll continue to allow monsterball to "insult" him and his guests, so long as the grumpy old man doesn't break any acts. The freedom of speech is after all a double-edged sword. Rocky leaves monsterball be, and I think that's very wise of him.

  56. Anonymous7:40 pm

    Saudara Big Dog,

    Totally agree with you. Seperti yang saya katakan earlier, benda pasal Hello On 2 nie bukannya issue pun tetapi telah dijadikan issue. Pada saya beliau bersifat kurang ajar kepada tuan rumah dengan bertanya macam tu.

    Satu lagi saya tak suka cara dia nak mengajar orang lain. memang la orang tua banyak pengalaman tapi saya bukan ada jugak percakapan dia yang tak betul.

    Yang saya risaukan ialah jika semua percakapan dia itu adalah buat buat mungkin dari seseorang operative yang mempunyai agenda dan matlamat tertentu.

    Sungguh menghairankan orang yang tinggal lebih 70 tahun di bumi malaysia tak tahu berbahasa melayu dan menulis dengan betul.

    Tok nenek saya yang cina pun boleh berbicara lebih baik.

    Sekian, terima kasih kerana memberi laluan.