Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Consolidation is next!

Next court date, 19 June 2007: The Consolidation.
As expected, blogger Jeff Ooi this morning successfully withdrew an application to strike out the original claims in a defamation suit filed against him by NSTP & 3 Others, with no order as to costs. This is a similar outcome to my own case that was heard on April 2. The date for the hearing of the new striking-out application will be fixed later.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007
will see:
1) the mention of the inter-parte injunction
2) the hearing proper of Jeff Ooi's application to consolidate our case and for it to be heard in KL High Court before Justice Hishamuddin Yunus.

Meanwhile, the ex-parte injunction that resulted in Jeff Ooi having to take down 15 allegedly defamatory postings from Screenshots still stands.


  1. Rocky,
    If you are uncomfortable with my above posting, please remove it.

  2. Thank you mr smith. I was comforted by your comments but unfortunately won't be able to publish them for fear of being in contempt.

    Thank you for your support for Jeff and I.